Frequency Update: Get Ready to Shift

Hi there,

I hope you’re doing well and navigating the currents of change as fluidly and gracefully as possible.

Despite the enormous amount of change we have experienced in the last few months, we are about to enter a new phase of dramatic, rapid changes for ourselves as individuals and collectively as a society.

The next big frequency shift happens tomorrow, March 9th with the start of the Mayan “Ninth Wave” or “Universal Underworld.”  The details of this are a little too complex to discuss in this message, but the underlying tone of this period that lasts until October 28, 2011 is that time will be compressing (speeding up) 20 times faster, which means that we will experience 20 times more change in these upcoming months than we have in the last 12 years.

Yes, that’s a lot of change compressed into a very short amount of time, so it is imperative that we be ready, willing and able to clear as much of our false beliefs, limiting programming and unconscious guilt as we can in order to make this ride as smooth as possible for ourselves and our loved ones.

One of the biggest hurdles I have been seeing for people lately is that their physical body isn’t able to change as quickly as their mental and energetic frequencies.  This can create a whole host of unpleasant physical symptoms, and what is often referred to as “Ascension Syndrome,” which can be eliminated or greatly reduced with proper nutrition, hydration and detoxification.

Strengthening your body’s organs, glands, hormonal systems, muscular-skeletal system, nervous system, elimination systems, etc has a profoundly positive effect on how well you integrate the new energies that we are all required to embody to reach an ascended state of consciousness.  We cannot leave the body behind in this process.  It must be brought along for the ride.

I have helped about a dozen one-on-one clients dramatically improve their physical health with relatively easy to implement dietary changes, and I have been repeatedly prompted to share these physical health protocols with a wider audience.

So I need to hear directly from you to find out if you might be interested in a comprehensive, digital download audio/video/pdf product that details step by step instructions for raising your body’s health to a level beyond what you thought was possible.  It won’t be free, but it won’t be expensive, either.

(The online poll for this is closed, but please leave a comment below if you want.)

If there is enough interest, I will get to work on putting the whole package together.  Please be patient, as it’s going to take a while to get it all produced, edited, etc.

With all the best wishes of abundant health and much love,
Cameron Day

7 comments to Frequency Update: Get Ready to Shift

  • Dez

    Hey Cameron,
    Yeah a health plan sounds good.
    I’ve only just started your Genius meditative program, and yet to commence self-clearing lvl 2. Yet already I am feeling the need to be healthier. I started the demo Genius in Nov last year, self cleaing lvl 1 mid 2010 and have recently been getting frequent headaches, which I attributed to dehydration. It being 40 deg Celsius plus here, of the last several weeks. except I was drinking a lot of water, regularly 2-3 liters, and at work (hot and physical work), up 5 liters a day.

    Then I read about the salt and brain dehydration, so I’m onto that.


    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the free demos, and look forward to continuing my evolution of spirit, mind and body. Thank you for this wonderful training, your help, this experience.

    And I look forward to a health plan

    Thank you again


  • Hi Cameron!

    I would be very interested in your programs…as I have similar work in progress…the more the merrier…:-)looking forward to hearing from you…really enjoy your blogs and website…

    Walk in Beauty…Peace

    Stephanie Golden-Falcon

  • mark dinus

    hello Cameron

    I missed the free demos sorry to say but I think that a personal health xcare form would be a great idea. People need to take better care of themselves and your own self is the last person that is of concern,always thinking of others is not a bad thing but mus take care of #1. Havent talked to you in a while but feel the need to get back to basics with my transformation so I have started listening to your radio shows and starting the mediations over again . In the past I have purchased the adanced clearing and thats on my list as well. I have gotten help with them before and hope to do the same again but hope to stick with it this time. Not going to bore anyone with what is happening in my transformation right now but cant say about the future posts.Good luck with your health plan and any cost would not be too much.

    peace and thanks


  • Brad

    Hey had an awakening couple months back, and I can’t eat meat anymore!!

    Here is my diet…let me know what ya think. Raw veggies and fruit, rice and pasta are my main sources of food.

    Vitamins: Shilajit, Blue Green Algea, Wheat Grass, Spirulina, Acai Berry, Fish Oil, Hemp Seed, Biotin, and Vitamin K-2.

    Let me know if I am way off on any of this if you so kindly could. Thanks for all you do man. One Love. Brad from Colorado!

    • Just be sure to listen to what your body is asking for each day. It might want some free-range eggs, gelatin type proteins, or certain cooked vegetables at some point.

      Whatever cravings occur, honor them and eat what your body’s innate intelligence tells you it needs.

  • leigh

    I, yes I would be interested in any ideas for how to help the body. Over the last 6 months to a year, but even more so in the last couple of months I have been putting on lots of weight around the abdomen – no change of diet etc – also having very strange sensations going on just under ribs which will ‘blow -up’ or swell. Even the weight around abdomen doesn’t feel ‘normal’. I’ve done all the mainstream tests and everything is normal so I know it is ascension related but not sure how to shift it (if i’m even meant to).

  • Marliese Lausch

    Hi Cameron,
    I for one would be very interested in your “health plan”. Sadly I missed out on asking you during our one on one why I have been putting on weight constantly.
    Although I am eating correctly ( I think anyway) and keeping up some form of bodily training as well. Actually this is really getting me down. I am thinking of asking the Cosmic Flush to melt that fat away for me :-))))
    The one on one Session certainly bought me forward Cameron and I thank you once again for your energy and knowledge.