Developing a Fearless Mind in a World Filled With Fear

Hello and welcome to a deeper part of my mind.  What deeper part is that?  It is the rest of my mind, so to speak, that exists all around the “daily thought bubble” of ordinary, third dimensionally-focused consciousness.  Some people call this the subconscious mind.  Others call it the super-conscious mind.  I like to simply call it the “mind space.”

This realm of the mind is very spacious indeed.  Within it, the “daily thought bubble” (DTB) barely takes up one percent of the available space.  In order to reach this expanded space of the mind, one must be willing to set aside what they think they know and who they think they are as a human being, at least for a little while.

Reaching this space is difficult when the daily thought bubble is percolating with fears, self-doubt, insecurity, judgment, defense and attack.  In other words, our ego-mind keeps us locked within the DTB so that we will not step outside of it and see a bigger picture view of ourselves, the world, the universe and multiple dimensions of existence.

The “tools” of the ego-mind cited above must be addressed and set aside in order to step out of their confines and go beyond the DTB.  We will address fear today, starting with a quote from Frank Herbert’s “Dune” titled the “Litany Against Fear.”

I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past, I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.

An awareness and deep analysis of your own daily thought patterns will probably reveal to you that a large percentage of your day-to-day thoughts are rooted in some sort of fear, usually a fear of losing something.  Whether it is the fear or losing a job, losing a relationship, losing a home, losing possessions, losing money, losing health, losing beauty, losing status, or any kind of loss, these little fears creep into the DTB in order to keep our focus confined within its limits.

At this moment in time, April 1, 2011, there is a tremendous amount of fear being broadcasted via the media and internet about the nuclear fallout from Fukushima.  Reports are surfacing of radioactive iodine being detected in various parts of the U.S., while other reports focus on the ongoing problems within the reactors in Japan.

We also have nearly simultaneous bombardments of oppositely polarized messages such as “we are all doomed” and “there is nothing to worry about.”  These polarizations actually help make the situation more fear-inducing because of the lack of clear information.

This situation is triggering our largest group of fears centered around one core concept:  Fear of death of the body.

Our body in this lifetime is our most precious physical level asset.  Without it there can be no house, no spouse, no children, no goals, and no achievements.  Any threat to our body is met with a swift response.  However, in the case of ongoing nuclear fallout, there is no swift response available.  Without an appropriate response available to this fear, many people simply shut down or do their best to forget about the problem.

I want to encourage you to take a different route:  Look right at each of those fears, and with the help of your Higher Self, reclaim all of the energy that you have been putting into them.

This won’t be a quick fix, or an overnight process.  This will take time, persistence and a willingness to be aware of your thoughts on a moment-by-moment basis.  This will require the patience to write down details about the fear(s) that you have noticed during your day.  Then in the evening, spend at least 30 minutes in direct communion with your Higher Self to address these fears.

Hand each fear to your Higher Self one at a time.  Reclaim all of the belief that you have invested into those fears, as much as you can possibly reclaim at that time.  Keep doing this daily for as long as it takes you to begin to feel the grip of fear slipping away from your mind.

As you release yourself from your fearful beliefs, you will find yourself stepping out of the DTB into your expanded mind space, where you will be able to communicate directly with your Higher Self with minimal interference from the ego-mind.

As you commune with your Higher Self more and more, you will come to realize at a very deep level that you are NOT your body, nor are you only the human identity that you perceive yourself to be.  Rather, you will come to KNOW from direct experience that YOU *are* that infinite, loving consciousness you have been communing with.  You are an aspect of this infinite consciousness, operating within the finite environment of physical embodiment.

Our level of inner freedom and connection to our True (Higher) Self will be our best protection against harmful radiation effects.  I am, of course, still taking physical precautions and I recommend that you do the same. However, physical preparedness alone cannot eliminate fears.  Transcending fear is up to us to do on a case-by-case basis, in concert with our Higher Selves.

Please do not put off transcending your fears because you are too busy.  You are too busy NOT to undertake this most important work.

In Love and Freedom,
Cameron Day

5 comments to Developing a Fearless Mind in a World Filled With Fear

  • Jeff Chu

    Thanks for this inspirational message! I have read it repeatedly several times and am already positively impacted by it. Thanks again.

  • Great message! Thanks Cameron.

  • Thanks. It’s true that fears are quietly simmering away in our mind space most of the time. Major events tend to heighten that.

  • Etta

    Thanks Cameron. I realize that I was getting sucked into all the negativity. Thank you, so much for the wake up call! I’ll start today to elevate my energy. I did the cosmic flush again!

  • Anja Britta

    Thanks for putting the “Litany against Fear” from Dune in.
    It helps.