The Art of Discernment: Realizing You’ve Been Manipulated

Hi there,

Today we are going to spend some time tying together some of the subtle concepts from my last few messages in order to take a bigger picture view of the world.  This bigger view is necessary in order for us to fine-tune our discernment mechanisms so that we can realize where we have been manipulated and deceived, then reclaim our energy from the deceptions.

As you may have noticed in the email/blog post from right after the Japan earthquake, I hinted that it may not have been a naturally occurring event. This appears to be partly true, as there have been huge “side benefits” to a certain group of people from that tragedy.

My intuitive discernment has shown me there was a window in time where an earthquake “swarm” was highly likely in the area of Japan.  Using advanced (and secret) technology, it is highly probable that a group with an agenda to cause destruction and chaos added energy and momentum to the area in order to produce a specific effect:  The tsunami that struck Fukushima.

If you’re still with me, here is where things get a bit more complicated.  Knowing that there is a high probability for this tragedy to have been orchestrated, we have to ask “Why?  Who benefits?”

In order to answer these questions, we have to go deeper than the surface situation which is presented via the current media circus surrounding the “ongoing release of radiation” from FS.  All the media is doing is keeping the wheel of “information” spinning faster and faster, with as much polarization and dis-information added to the mix as possible.

The polarization requires a constant stream of contradictory information, such as dire radiation fallout forecasts one moment, with an “expert” claiming that all radiation being recorded is normal the next moment.  Round and round this wheel of polarity is spun, with the consciousness of those “paying” attention to the media being stuck on the not-so-merry-go-round.

Further complicating the issue are reports of high levels of radioactive isotopes being found in various parts of the U.S. and Europe.  Some of these reports have appeared very quickly in relation to the initial reported radiation releases…too quickly, in some cases. Discrepancies like these get my discernment bells ringing.

As I plumb the depths of this issue, I come back with the same conclusion over and over:  This is an orchestrated event of the same magnitude as the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill and 9/11. (If you still don’t know that 9/11 and the Gulf were orchestrated, please look into it a little deeper…)

Huge, traumatizing events like this serve specific purposes such as inducing:  fear, a sense of helplessness, apathy, overwhelm, grief, anger, and many other low-frequency emotional states of being.  In other words, these events are orchestrated for the effect that they have on human consciousness.

Consciousness is the crucial, primary area that these events target. Any worldly advantages gained in terms of political, financial or military power for any government, corporation or secret group are peripheral to the goal of adversely affecting our consciousness.

From the perspective of inducing fear-based emotional states into human beings, a “prolonged crisis” such as the release of radiation from Japan or the release of oil in the Gulf is one of the most effective tools that the “shadow side” has in its arsenal.

In fact, the Japan situation mirrors the Gulf situation in many ways:

The media frenzy of polarized opinions. (Confusion)

The inability of the media or general public to actually measure the threat. (Disempowerment)

The “uncontrollable” nature of the releases of hazardous materials. (Overwhelm)

Absurd, ineffective solutions being tried and failing. (Hopelessness)

Computer modeled forecasts of the effects of the release being shown repeatedly. (Conditioning)

The growing sense of dread that “this will affect the entire world.” (Fear of loss)

The deeper I look, the more I get a sense that the “radiation forecasts” are deceptions designed to induce fear and that the radioactive isotopes being measured at some (maybe all?) of the locations that have made news in recent weeks was already there before the 3-11 earthquake.  That raises the question of where the radioactive isotopes came from, but that’s a topic for another day.  (For those of you with a penchant for online research, I suggest you investigate chemtrails and medical waste as two possible sources.)

If the radioactive isotopes were already there, this might mean that the frightening specter of “global disbursement of radiation” from Japan is being artificially crafted by the media.

Surprise, the media is lying to us…No, that should not be a surprise at all.  However, we still haven’t addressed WHY this is being done, what benefits come out of this bizarre behavior, and for whom.

In order to get to the truth of who benefits, I’m going to have to pull back the “dimensional curtain” just a bit, so this article is about to get a little weird.  You’ve been warned.

Hang in there with me, we have to go deeper into the shadows, but we are going to emerge back into the light at the end of this article, I promise.

The psychopaths who carry out these manufactured, mass-traumatizing events do so because they actually “feed” on the energies of fear, suffering and other low-frequency emotional states. These psychopathic “humans” are actually more like a sub-species that suffers from the inability to feel any empathy or compassion for others, meaning they have no conscience.

Because they are unable to feel many (perhaps all) of the normal human emotions, they are often compelled to seek out intense experiences in order to get an adrenaline rush so that they can at least feel something. This eventually leads many of them down a dark path of inflicting suffering on living beings in order to feel a “rush” from their dark deeds.

Ambitious psychopaths tend to rise to positions of power and influence, partly because they are not bound by human morals or ethics, and partly because gaining worldly power by defeating an opponent gives them a feeling similar to what they experience when physically harming a living being.

These psychopaths quickly begin to resonate with the “dark cloud” of negative human emotions:  fear, pain, suffering, apathy, etc.  Like a drug addict, they are constantly seeking “more” of the initial “high” that they experienced early on their dark pathway.

A Living Cloud of Shadows

In the energetic realm that surrounds us, our thoughts and emotions actually take form into what are called “thought-forms.” As low-frequency human emotions are generated on a large scale, they take form in the energetic realm.  Like attracts like, and these thought-forms congregate together into a “living” cloud of darkness.  However, the only life that this shadow cloud possesses is the energy that we give to it through our own low-frequency habitual emotions, thoughts and actions.

While normal, life-loving humans do not wish to be connected to this shadow cloud, we often feed it unintentionally through judgments of others, living in fear, “righteous anger,” coercing people in our lives and so on.  Humans are incredibly powerful, creative beings, and even though most of that power is currently suppressed, the power of our thought is still very strong. All it takes is “waking up on the wrong side of the bed” or having a bad day, and a person’s mind will hook right into the shadow cloud and “feed” it creative energy in the form of low-frequency thoughts and emotions.

Now, those who embark on the “dark pathway” learn to connect to the shadow cloud and draw power from it.  This is a twisted power that seeks to enslave, control and corrupt the innate light within human beings in order to feed more darkness into the shadow cloud.  This vicious cycle of generating suffering in order to feel more power is incredibly difficult for a person to step out of, especially if they lack empathy like the psychopaths mentioned above.  In other words, once a person goes dark, they find it extremely difficult to turn back to the light.

Being cut off from the Divine Light of creation is a very miserable state of existence. The only solace a person in this situation can find is through drawing on power from the shadow cloud, and this means they must get others to feed the cloud so it will always be a strong “food source” for the shadow-men (and shadow-women).

Due to the expansion of consciousness that is occurring on this planet (and within this galaxy), the shadow cloud is smaller than it has been in thousands of years, although it is still quite large at this time.  The shrinking of their “power source” scares the shadow-men to the core of their being, so in response they are doing everything in their power to sow chaos, destruction, suffering and death among the human population so that their food source can be strengthened.

Now, the idea that humans on Earth are being manipulated and “farmed” for their low-frequency emotions is a difficult one to even think about at first…I know.  However, if you look back at key events in human history and ask yourself “How much low-frequency energy was generated by this event?” a pattern will emerge very quickly.

This is why discernment is so very important.  Right after 3-11-11, I was concerned that an intentional radiation experiment was being launched.  Now, it seems highly probable that the experiment has been going on for quite some time, and that Japan was more about psychological conditioning than direct irradiating of humans.

However, this is GOOD NEWS, because stepping out of fear and conditioning is EASY compared to withstanding the bombardment of ionizing radiation.

Your first step, as always, is to connect to your Higher Self. This is the Divine Light within you, and it is your TRUE identity.

Next, we can ask for some help from the Galactic Higher Self, the Galaxy Being. Ahhhh, that Cosmic Flush from the galactic core is so refreshing.  J

Then we set aside the ego, which wants to engage in judgment, struggle, “fighting the dark” and all kinds of foolishness that only feeds energy into the shadow cloud.

Once the ego is muted, we can get to work REFUNDING all of the fear-producing energies that have been broadcasted to us from the media, governments and the trans-dimensional “Handlers” behind the bigger agenda.

Then we can set about RECLAIMING all of our energy that we have allowed to be put into unproductive emotional states of fear, repression, anger, depression, self-doubt, judgment, anger, attack, counter-attack, etc.

If you don’t know how to do all of that, please go to the zero-cost Level 1 Self-Clearing system at to learn the basics.

I urge you to join the millions of people world wide who are choosing to stand strong in their Inner Light, who accept only the authority of their own Higher Self.

I urge you to “debug” your own mind and patiently root out all of the imprinted falsehoods of the ego thought system which has been tainted by the “shadow dwellers” so that you can stop being manipulated into fueling the shadow cloud with your thoughts.

Finally, I urge you to be the Divine being that you really are, and forgive those pathetic, hungry shadow dwellers who have fallen so far from grace that they do not believe they can ever be redeemed.

We do not need to fight them.  Indeed, we must not.  Direct opposition and conflict will only strengthen the energies of polarity and feed the shadow cloud. We simply need to stand strong in our Divine Light and completely stop feeding the cloud, regardless of what criminal acts these shadowy figures commit in order to trick us into hating them.

Please stand strong, and do not hate the shadow dwellers. Hate simply feeds the darkness, no matter how justified it seems.

Eventually, the shadow cloud will implode on itself when it is sufficiently weakened due to human self-empowerment and non-compliance, leaving the shadow dwellers without a power source.  Perhaps when confronted with the inevitable collapse of their dark power, they will turn back to the Divine Light that nourishes all of life.

Much Love,

Cameron Day

14 comments to The Art of Discernment: Realizing You’ve Been Manipulated

  • Diane Molt

    Hello Cameron,

    Thank you for a fabulous email….

    Wow, everything you said in this email sounds, and feels, so Right On!!

    Love is the Key!!! Yes??

    Thank you so much for sharing. I appreciate knowing and hearing truth as it helps me stay centered and balanced everyday.

    Many Blessings,
    Diane Molt

  • David

    Thank you! You have put words to what has become my personal process over the years. Somehow, seeing this in print has confirmed and validated my guidance on, well, mass-hypnosis. For me, these days, anything fearful is suspect, by definition. Thanks, again for a sane voice out there.


  • Wayne Deitz

    Whether the earthquake was manipulated action, or divine intervention. I heard the path of our solar system was adjusted slightly in order to bring us into a better energy fields, who knows?. Regardless, the [cause – effect] of negativity we need to condition our selves around, in order to maintain higher vibratory frequencies.

    I just wrote something related to this, about the affect of today’s corporate structure.

    The stock market, industrialization, and the corporate business structure where profit is held as the most important goal of the corporation is to maximize profits for the stockholders. It is not that they do not deserve the money for their investment but in today’s times the security of the worker that has devoted them self to supporting the corporation can not depend on the corporation for any security.

    The results of this corporate mentality affects us all to different degrees. Some families are so greedy that no one will come to the rescue of a member who has hit tough times regardless of how much they may have.

    Why do we get up and go to work?
    A paycheck? More importantly: we all put forth our sacred labor in order to make the world a better place for ourselves and our fellow brothers and sisters in the family of god.

    spiritual love and light,

  • elizabeth bavor

    Thank you, thank you Cameron.
    Keep the e-mails coming.
    I’m trying to get a handle on all of this. Lightening and thunder here , more potential tornados so I’m going to enjoy, how about embrace the sites and sounds and hope the universe spares me one more time here in the midwest. I’m holding on tight to my inner light and hope the next phase will be a little easier. If the BIG wind gets me, I’ll see you all on the other side ok?
    Big hugs to you all,

  • Howard King

    Thank you Cameron.
    Great article and I think you hit the nail right on the head. I knew that 911 was staged but I had not suspected the level of complicity that the media played until I looked at a few videos from Simon Shack ( and saw things from a video editor’s perspective. It was a very bad editing job but it worked for the powers that be.
    I also remember a statement by someone to never let a natural disaster go to waste! It is fear that they are feeding off of.
    The best thing we can do is to have a quiet mind, continue raising our vibration and leave them behind.

  • Carrie Ransom

    Thank you for putting this out there, Cameron. I’ve been delving into the work of A Course in Miracles, and stepping out of fear and conditioning (from the ego or any other low vibration energy) makes perfect sense to me.
    I appreciate your energy invested in your work and your commitment to helping others, including me, see the Light.
    Sending you love and gratitude,

  • Thanks so much for this article. I’ve been working to develop this art of discernment. Whenever I came across conflicting information, I always talk to my Higher Self, and ask which is my Truth and for my highest good. Thanks so much for all your work!

    Discovering Your Authentic Self

  • Parisian Woman

    Thank you so much for clarifying what I have known all along!!! That we must self empower.

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  • nadia

    before we can ascent to 4th dimention, we have to have a closure, meaning we have to coordinate the attack on them, serving a silver bullet for each head, than pass a glass steagall, than national credit, finally a nawapa, so we can easly do it with our our new ascending MASTERS, who want to draw aout fighting energy into passive oposition. This is what that bloody church was doing to us for at least 3000 years. Just pry god will fixed for you. God give us a fist to used on those parasites from Tavistock

  • […] As for psychopaths, I define them simply as people with no ability to feel empathy or compassion towards others, who have no sense of conscience to govern their actions, and who are generally very limited in the spectrum of emotions they are capable of experiencing.   I go into more detail about them in this post from April, 2011. […]

  • Hi Cameron,

    You are one of very few people that has a gift of being able to explain things with such clarity so that all or most will understand.

    This article (and others you’ve written) finally helped me to understand why we must be in control of our emotions 24/7. I’m on High Alert now!

    I’ve had to sift through a lot of “rubble” to find this website. I’m glad I’m finally here because your tools really work. I am making them a priority in my life, not just for me, but for humanity and Mother Earth.

    I’m currently on Self Clearing Level 2. In addition to Genius Brain Power, I’m also doing the Morning, Afternoon, and Night 15 minute meditations. These 15 min meds. are really convenient!

    I realized my frequency was increasing, on November 29, 2013, when I suddenly and unexpectedly started seeing the 4D “ondulating geometric figures.” They were really pretty, it felt as if I was in an ocean. Their energy was also very peaceful. Since then, there’s a little orb, about the size of a dime that is always beside me, regardless of where I am, even in areas that have a pretty dark energy. I’ve been testing it, and I think it is aligned with the Galactic Core.

    My energy is also starting to feel lighter. I did go through a period of ‘HEAVY TRANSMUTATION,” about a week ago. For a while, I felt as if I was being sucked by a sinkhole. But happily, all is well now. I also now realize that this will be a long process. You tell us that in the meditations, but I just wasn’t “listening.”

    Your tools, mentioned above, are also helping me re-connect with my Higher Self. Throughout my life, I have very seldom remembered my dreams, except the nightmares, once in a while.

    Lately, I have been starting to remember what my Higher Self is trying to show me. H.S. showed me I was healed, and when I looked back, there was absolutely no pain left! It was amazing! And so much more…

    Thank you again.

    In Lak’ech

  • Stace

    I just thought you might be interested in the “Confessions of a sociopath” website blog. She also has a book out. I am not supporting her point of view but I think it is good to know how the psychopaths think & experience to identify and not allow them to have control. Her argument that the world needs psychopaths is a very interesting belief on her part.