2012: Disaster, Immediate Golden Age, or Something More Subtle?

I often get questions about 2012, disaster preparations, and the often-predicted Golden Age.  I want to share my perspective on these topics with you, as I feel that I have looked deeply and persistently enough into and beyond the layers of illusions that are wrapped around these themes to share some insights with you.

Let’s talk about disasters first, because they happen pretty frequently on this planet, often due to imbalances in human consciousness that affect the planetary energy fields.  I do think it is wise and prudent to be prepared for localized disasters in your area, but I do not think it is a good idea to let “preparations” dominate your consciousness.  I’m speaking from experience, as I had formerly put too much of my energy into “prepping” several years ago.

As some of you may have already realized, you can’t prepare for EVERY disaster scenario that could occur. Much better is to be generally well-prepared, then relax and work on your consciousness to be free from fears.

A few key points on preparedness:

All you really need are food, water, shelter, warmth, a way to generate electricity a garden and Love.

You don’t need an underground bunker.

You don’t need an arsenal of weapons.

You *might* need a secondary location to “bug-out” to if you’re in a city.

I personally don’t see any use in preparing for “the end of the world” because every bit of data that I get about what’s really going on here on Earth shows me that the story that we are writing for ourselves is not ending any time soon.

Even if a mega-disaster scenario such as solar flares destroying 99% of life on the surface of the planet were to occur, with the only survivors being those who hid underground until the storms passed, would you really want to live in such a world afterwards?  Keep in mind that only the military, super-rich and the super-dedicated “preppers” will be left after such a fictional scenario.  Personally, I’ll pass on that offer.

My wife and I have taken what we feel are rational physical safety precautions:

We live in a rural area with good elevation.

We have a big pantry with lots of beans, lentils, rice, quinoa, canned foods and other staple items that we actually eat.

We have a back-up generator that can run our well pump.

We are establishing relationships with local farmers for eggs, raw milk, grass-fed meat, etc.

We have a little garden.

We know all our neighbors.

My #1 preparation:  Releasing fears of the future, and persistently looking BEYOND the “stories” that are told to us on a daily basis about the nature of this world.  All of these stories are false on some (or many) levels, even if they contain some truth.

2012, Consciousness Shifts and a Golden Age

The 2011-2012 transition, very simply put, is the end of one time cycle and the start of a new one.  Many people, including “insiders” believe that this is going to result in cataclysms, and this belief is being reflected back to us in the state of the world.  This is because part of the “experiment” of this world is the “mirror effect” where our consciousness is reflected back to us by the world that we see.

Only when we are fearless will we see a peaceful world reflected back to us.  This is why it is important for each of us to search out and remove all traces of fear within our minds.

The next time cycle will see marked improvements in certain areas of human consciousness, but there will still be issues to be worked out, many very old lies to see through (and forgive), and a whole lot of figuring out what we REALLY want out of life so we can create it.

While I’m not generally interested in predicting the future, I don’t sense an immediate flip of consciousness into a golden age in 2012, but rather a momentum-building upwelling of consciousness that grows for years until high-frequency consciousness becomes the consistent state of mind for a little less than half of the planetary population.

At that point, which is probably still years away, the “100th money effect” will kick in and it will only take a few years for MASSIVE societal changes for the better to occur.  Once this period of restructuring is complete, we will be well on the way to our Golden Age.

In the future, we will look back on the years 2011 and 2012 as historic “marker points” in our collective re-evolution back into high-frequency consciousness.  We will look back at these years as the point when the wave of change truly began to be felt and lived by each of us to some extent.  We will look at this time as the seeding of Galactic Consciousness which enabled us to blossom into the highest potential of ourselves.

The future is bright and is ultimately up to us to create.  This is why I recommend taking a calm, long-term approach to dealing with the upheavals of the world so that you can set aside the ego-based worry, fear and uncertainty which are being deliberately orchestrated at this time to hold people in a low-frequency state of consciousness.

As I alluded to in my previous message, our consciousness is the ultimate prize.  If we can be manipulated enough that we believe in fear-inducing stories, then we have given a part of our consciousness to the fear-mongers.  This isn’t really a big deal, though, because at any moment we can choose to reclaim that energy!  The “hard part” then becomes persistently applying the tools of energy clearing on a regular basis.

Persistence Makes Perfect

At the end of a recent energy clearing session, the client asked me how I discovered what we had been covering.  “Persistence” was my answer.  I do not cling to or defend any beliefs that I have about the world or myself, because I know they are all based on illusions of our own making.

Instead, I persistently look deeper into everything that I *think* I know.  I avoid the temptation to believe that anything I learn or discover is the ultimate truth, but rather I acknowledge that it is simply one layer of the onion.  I also remind myself that these entire physical, reincarnational, astral, multi-dimensional and universal structures that we call reality are a product of our own creative imagination.

At the same time, it is important to acknowledge where we find ourselves at the present moment in time, and act accordingly.  At the present moment, you inhabit a physical body, which means that you must take care of that physical vehicle.  Ignoring this “fact of the moment” will result in physical pain and suffering.  Conversely, ignoring the rest of your consciousness in favor of total focus on the needs and preservation of the physical body will produce states of pain and suffering in your mind.

It is the over-identification with one’s body that leaves a person vulnerable to fear-based manipulation of their consciousness whenever one is presented with a convincing story that imminent harm or death is coming.  Therefore, it is important for all of us to realize that who we are is NOT this body.  We are not simply the accrual of experiences in this one lifetime, or even ALL of the physical incarnations that we have had.

Who we truly are is SO much more than this, and we must get back in touch with it in order to be truly free, fearless and peaceful.  I call this “rest of me” the Higher Self, which is a convenient, mental-linguistic concept to attach to something that is beyond all mental conceptions.

In order to know our true self, we have to “turn off the world” for a while.  We have to close our eyes, go within and begin the journey through the layers of illusions we have identified with, releasing them and taking back the energy we have given to them one limiting concept at a time, knowing that we are going to eventually make deeper, more profound contact with our True Self.

We have to persistently tunnel down through our unconscious mind to arrive at the prize:  Our true state of consciousness.

Words can just barely describe some aspects of our true consciousness.  It is limitless, formless, infinite, all-knowing, all-loving, all-encompassing…it is everything.  This is what you truly are, which means YOU are everything, and when you are in touch with your Infinite Self, you will KNOW that to be true.

When we are in touch with this truth of who we really are, the fear-based stories of physical world have NO POWER over us whatsoever.

This is why I recommend to everyone that they take as little as 10 minutes a day to connect to their Higher Self and release any illusory fears they may be holding onto.  For better results, we would do 10 minutes of inner focus in the morning, afternoon and before going to bed.  (Even better would be to extend one of those inner-connection periods to 30-60 minutes each day.)

To help facilitate this “10 minute spiritual refreshment” for you, I am currently putting together a program that someone recently reminded me that I promised to make long ago.  The program will have three 10-15 meditations to use first thing in the morning, in the afternoon and just before bed.  Each one will have a slightly different focus, and they will all work with each other to help you to train your awareness to more naturally reside within the all-encompassing Love and safety of your Infinite Self.

My Higher Self has given this project top priority, and has shown me that the nutritional regimen project needs to be put on hold for a while.  More blog posts will come your way between now and the release of the new 10 minute spiritual refreshment program.  Until then, please connect to the Inner Light of your Infinite Self as often as you possibly can.

Much Love,
Cameron Day

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  • AGREED Cameron! I could not have said better myself my friend. I especially resonate with illusion. The perceptions we have of ourselves; those around us,’things’ and ‘events’ happening around us has shaped, and molded us into running programs.

    The Matrix would be my best frame of reference to this comment. It seems to me that these programs are running; running on auto pilot, running in the background, running old programs with glitches and the new ones too. An analogy to the new program trying to run on the current shifted awareness would be equivalent to trying to run Microsoft Windows 98 software on MS Vista. The rapidness of the shift is breaking down the program that has been running for ions!—and I for one am LOVIN IT! BRING IT ON! It is time for a ‘hard shut down’ of the system, defrag, purge the cache and reboot baby!! Let’s get this show on the road and start Living! 🙂

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  • Izdihar

    Dear Cameron,

    I honor your spiritual knowledge and cherish your words of wisdom my Dear Brother in Light.