May 20th Energy Surge & Some Side Effects

Wow, the response from you all about the May 20th energy surge has been huge!  Many of you felt the “pressurization” effect and/or saw it happening to those around you.  Several of you joined in with the group effort of “blowing the lid” off of the pressure cooker, and I thank you!

Keep in mind that a lot of people are just beginning to integrate this energy, so YOU can help make this a smooth transition to the “next step up on the stairway to heaven” for those in your life.  See the email below for more.

I also have a request:  Please share your experiences that you emailed to me as a comment below. This allows others to see that they’re NOT alone in this process of energetic refinement as we individually and collectively ascend our consciousness to its highest levels.

Email from Monday, May 23rd sent to the mailing list:

Hi everyone,

There is a HUGE influx of light energy coming in right now (since just after midnight, May 20th) that is pushing up everyone’s unresolved stuff to be examined and released.

At the same time, the “dark” forces are scrambling to “put the lid” on all energetic release since there’s nothing they can do to stop the light from coming in.

The result is that we get this situation of feeling like we’re “bursting” with all of the pressure building up around the low frequency vibrations that don’t seem to be clearing out of our consciousness correctly.

Since Sunday I have been doing a special focus to help everyone who is ready to clear things up in their sphere of consciousness and remove that “lid” keeping things stuck. I initiated a large-scale “lid removal process” yesterday with a lot of help from the Galaxy Being and over a dozen incarnated lightworkers. Incidentally, if you felt “called” to meditate suddenly on Sunday, May 22nd, you may have been participating in this global energy clearing.

This “lid removal process” is available for everyone who can accept it, and this major release is going to be accepted by a LOT of people in the coming days and weeks.

You can initiate this process right now. Just connect to your Higher Self, connect to the galactic core and say “I am requesting the lid removal process so I can fully embody the new light coming into the planet at this time.”

The just relax and imagine the Galaxy Being “blowing the lid off” of your sphere of consciousness, allowing you to let go of all those old thoughts and emotions smoothly and easily. After a few minutes, you will feel much better (if you have been feeling that pressurization effect) and your sphere of consciousness will begin to really fill up with light. It feels great and will get you “current” with the progressive planetary and cosmic energies that are in play at this time.

There will be a lot of people who can’t or won’t process these new energies, and they will probably “act out” in various ways. If you experience this, just remember what is really happening inside of them, and do what you can to help them calm down if at all possible. You can also tune into your Higher Self and ask for the “lid removal process” to be given to them IF it is appropriate for their journey.

Much Love,
Cameron Day

p.s. Thanks to Karin S. for sending me Carl Johan Calleman’s latest article about the beginning of the “Third Day” of the 9th wave that we are currently in. The third day started on May 20th, although I wasn’t paying attention. Well, the energy bottleneck demanded attention over the weekend, for sure! You can read Carl’s article here:


9 comments to May 20th Energy Surge & Some Side Effects

  • Penny Conlan

    First of all, last week it felt as if I was in a pressure cooker and my responses were less than positive…I had the urge to drink beer (I’m not a drinker and when I do, it’s not beer). Saturday morning I had a huge desire to meditate and/or journey which pretty much lasted through the weekend.

    What amazes me is that the time of the arrival of energy seems to coincide with the minister’s prediction of the end of the world. I actually think the guy is in synch…he just doesn’t realize what he’s in synch with 🙂

    So now that he’s changed it to October, will that be our next be surge of energy?

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the “blowing the lid off” technique and mental picture. I pictured it with nuts and bolts shooting out of the top of my head like rockets…and boy am I ever ready for the influx of light!

  • maryanna tracey

    Now that I think of it I did a powerful meditation on the 19th it was the full moon.I awoke on the 20th with a severe headache and I am not prone to headaches.It killed me but I had to get up for some tylenol.I live in NC and it has been an area of severe tornados.

  • Monica M

    Hi All :o)
    I got the feeling of being on a big scanner while I meditated…. energy went through ~ out ~ and up….very cool…I’ve noticed when I do readings much more vivid colors and clear meanings for the last month…places I’m seeing on other levels are clear too. I can say I shared the headache but chalked it up to a heavy atmosphere….where I live we get the sonic boom of the space shuttle when it returns to our atmosphere and that is what this felt like…only internal and I could not get back to sleep….very positive…but I need sleep :o) The Best To ALL

  • Pamela Wittenburg

    Last week (I think the evening of the 18th),I had the feeling something was up, as I barely slept at all. My head was just buzzing with energy. I was energized all the next day as well, despite lack of sleep, although there was a headache. Today, 5/24, I am wiped out, as if I had been put through the wringer. Can’t wait to see what comes next:-)

  • Thank you Cameron. I really am so thankful for this post because it is a confirmation to what happened on friday the 20th.

    I had a small motorcycle accident and it was very weird because nobody seems to know how it happened only that I was suddenly thrown off my moped and onto the street. 10 minutes later a truck went by and the entire bottom part of the truck broke off and went flying into the other lane forcing a car to swerve away from it just a few feet from where I had fallen.

    I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, so I asked for spiritual insight and got a vision of a black ball like a mass of black energy bouncing around. An hour later, my friend’s grandmother fell to the ground and broke her leg. And then a few hours later I heard of another friend whose car suddenly went out of control and she said she’s miraculously alive. She cried through the entire yoga lesson (I am a yoga teacher).

    During class meditation I saw something I’ve never seen before: a white glowing man standing in the far distance watching me. I observed and waited for a message or something but nothing arrived. I was concerned because I thought maybe I had escaped death in same way. While I was lying on the road I think I left my body for a second and saw myself lying there and said “get up or you’ll get run over” but I couldn’t move- my thoughts were quicker than my body. Then two men arrived like angels and pulled me up and moved both me and my moped out of the road.

    I have two other friends who are very intuitive and had a “brush with death” as well although they were spooked a bit more than I was while I was a bit confused since I always felt my mission was to help bring in the new era.

    I added a yoga and meditation class on Sunday morning the 22nd and during meditation my third eye starting spinning like crazy. My other chakras spin regularly but the third eye was out of control. That evening there was a strangely strong pressure in my head but eventually the headache was healed with some Reiki.

  • Cesar Brauer

    I am amazed but it feels so obvious now: I had 2 ‘all night long’ dreams on the 21st and last night. In both I was in a kind of tourist resort, 2 different ones. In both dreams people had physical bodies but I almost did not see lower bodies but faces, chests and arms … all communication was pure telepathy, amazing ‘sensations’ exchanged. And in both a happy party like dynamic was going on, but no sound was heard, no human nor natural sounds as we have ‘here’ … I was in a beach place with views of the ocean/mountains, a huge swimming pool, the other place was in the country, indoors and outdoors, much vegetation/gardens/meadows and more, beautiful landscapes and in both amazingly attractive/ expressive bodies, faces … I felt love (really sensual) attraction for all like minded=’hearted’ people of the dreams. I felt much sensuality in every thing and for every one – throughout both nights I felt going in and out of the dreams and during the nights I got aware of my physical sexual excitement (unusually actually:-). XXXX I meditated with a group in Brazil on the 20th and today, I saw mandalas.XXXXX I couldn’t sleep but 2 hours on the 22nd. I felt very hot at night (San Francisco, CA is not even warm!) and felt kind of bloated for 2 days. My 3 female kitties have not left me alone which I love but it has been more than the usual ‘demand’. I have been feeling very calm though, but some times elated.XXXX I literally sobbed about the tornado disaster in Missouri as I watched an YouTube video yesterday XXX I woke up today feeling my feet as I never felt before, a strange stiffness (I have no Earth in my astrological chart!). I am feeling very clear in my communications. last, feeling of total disregard for ‘bad news’ like ‘I don’t care, finally!!’. XXX Thank you for this support!!! Much (sensual:-) Love to all!

  • jennifer

    I have been going thru many changes.. not sleeping, anxious energy~~then the exact opposite feelings as if everything is fine and going to be OK… inside telling me, just be, go on your fine,,, lots of grounding and visuals of running off HOT energy. ????

  • Marie

    Cameron asked to to post this so here goes – I sent it to him on 24 June.

    At 05:27 AM 5/24/2011, you wrote:
    Incredible – I started really clearing with your tracks about a week or so ago after not having done so for about a year – been working with Tom Kenyon’s ascension tracks – so this was really surprising to me. I have been “on the boil” for a few days and then on Saturday I was in bed all day as well as Sunday doing the most amazing clearing I have ever been through but it was not mine – i just kept seeing the earth as a bright blue sphere under me with all this light coming in from the galaxy through me. It was a bit freaky but I persisted and eventually logged on to your website and started listening to your radio shows and that really helped although it was more your voice that was helping.

    Feel much better now I have an explanation. If there is anything else I should be doing please let me know. I continue to connect/ground myself as this is just going through me. Energy beam changes colour but has mainly been the colour of a blue diamond. Oddly enough I bought a high quality imitation stone for my birthday on 11 May because I fell in love with the darkish light blue clear colour of that diamond. It is the same colour of the blue beams I have had going through me. Other times they have been gold or pink.

    Anyway Cameron – thank you for the explanation and for the help, appreciated.

    What next?

    Love and light, London, UK