New Galactic Wave Is Online After 9 Days

Last week I wrote about the beginning of a new Galactic Light Wave that began arriving on earth on May 20th and was in full force by the 21st.  The 22nd saw a “virtual gathering” of lightworkers to transmute and remove the first layers of opposition to this energy.  The opposition energy was like a “lid” placed onto human consciousness to prevent the low-frequency emotions that we needed to purge from actually being released.

We “blew the lid” off that opposition last week, and things smoothed out after that…a little bit.  This energy wave took a full 9 days to completely “arrive” so there was a lot of upheaval for human consciousness during this time.

Saturday and Sunday the 28th and 29th were particularly intense, requiring tremendous purging and release. If you found yourself “flattened out” or “blowing up” during this time, please understand that it was part of a bigger release, and it was *not* simply that you were lapsing into past-based low frequencies.  Please just acknowledge the release, even if it was a bit messy and felt like the “same old stuff” coming out.

May 29th also saw another, much larger “virtual gathering” of lightworkers all over the world pooling our energies to transmute more of the “dark” side’s “energy network” of low-frequency connection points that were suppressing collective and individual human consciousness.  Thousands of us came together spontaneously, guided and coordinated by the incredibly loving intelligence of the Galactic Core, to accomplish a very profound, planetary energy transmutation.

This was a MAJOR turning point in our mission to free this planet and all its inhabitants from the repression and enslavement that has been present here for so many thousands of years.  The process is not finished yet, but we are advancing on our goal of anchoring the Universal / Galactic / Planetary unity alignment that will allow each and every being on this planet to once again have unfettered access to their Infinite Self.

Now it’s up to all of us to ride this wave of momentum and continue to anchor these frequencies into the earth through our physical bodies.  We can easily embody this galactic wave of light by consciously connecting to the Galactic Core. Please see “The Cosmic Flush” for a reminder of how good it feels to be connected to the Galactic Core.

While you’re there, be sure to use the rest of the Self-Clearing System to help you release deeper layers of energies that are ready to be transmuted.

I thank you all for participating in this momentous frequency shift that is underway at this time. Even if you’re not consciously participating, if you are reading this, then you are probably helping out while you are asleep and out of your body.

Please remember that every bit of participation helps, so even if you take just 10 minutes to “get connected” once, twice, maybe three times per day, then you ARE helping.  I am making good progress on developing a new audio package that will help you do just that. Stay tuned for more details as the project nears completion.

Please leave a comment on the blog and let us know how your weekend of transmutation went.

Much Love,
Cameron Day

15 comments to New Galactic Wave Is Online After 9 Days

  • Karin

    I felt a lot of anger yesterday that I had not expected and was very happy to see your post and get an explanation to what was going on 🙂

  • rick

    This is the most amasing ride i can ever remember,I have come in to contact with the most inspiring beings,i am over whamed like every one else an as my grandchild likes to say I LOVE every ONE. She is the future.MY daughter sorta gets it now. I just need the $$$ release, she still has 3months left of school.I need the release to expand for i know its just not about just them, i am awake and aware.I’v went from one exstream toanother.Just some sharing god bless. as one

  • Rea

    On the 25th I lit a candle (I never really know why) and it burned for days. When it was done there was tremendous peace in the house. Then I did the entire series of meditations from your website on Sunday. Today has been quiet and peaceful. Thanks for your update on what’s happening!

  • MariaNona

    Thank you, Cameron, for your contribution to the Consciousness shift. Also, much gratitude for keeping us updated.
    And yes, indeed, your info helped me understand some negative thoughts and remembrances I lately experienced just out of the blues.

  • Gayle

    Well, oh my gosh…this is just stunning.

    The transformations for me in the last few weeks have just been beyond anything I could have expected; and then on the 28th some REALLY old, REALLY bad stuff came up (brought up by Spirit, actually) that I thought I had gotten rid of long ago…with a HUGE emotional purging following on the 29th.

    And here I learn it was part of something much larger! I just… I’m gobsmacked.

    Wow. Gonna have to think about this one for a LONG while.

  • Pamela

    Cameron I was so happy to see this post. It was a tough weekend, with a lot of “stuff” coming up, especially on Sunday. I even started going through old recordings of our sessions. It helped. Thank you.

  • firdaus

    dear cameron,
    thanks for sending me the mail.u know i am in pakistan.we r affected by lot of negativities.i felt some shift.god bless u.

  • James

    Yeah…Thanks sooo much for explaining to all of us, cause it sems like most if not ALL of us were receiving purgings, and getting rid of past negativities.I also thought I had faltered…only to find out it was a purge,making me feel a whole lot of relief.Just thought I should say…I Love you all, and hope you all make it to your destinations in the coming days…it is gonna get rough for awhile…but that’s why we’re here…isn’t it?Peace…

  • Gail

    Wow, I am also glad to read this! Last week was a rough week for me! At least now I know why! Thank you and Namaste!

  • princess serenity

    omg i was just so pissed and sad like all weekend i HATED IT SOOOO MUCH
    im just happy that part is pretty much over and we all feel better

    WE WER ALL PMSing together

  • Cameron, thank you so much for this post! It came at the perfect time! I thought I was going crazy. Thoughts of just wanting to check out and get OFF of this planet was weighing heavy on me! I thought, Oh CRAP—the dark night of the soul AGAIN??!! I could not figure out why I was slipping back into lower frequencies.

    However, I did a lot of meditating to pull myself into the light, as well as sending out and grounding light. I felt a little better, but still, until I just read your post I was feeling really lost, like I being swallowed up and restrained.

    During my meditations, I pleaded for support, direction, help, so thank you, thank you so much for your on going love and support for all beings, both earthbound and Galactic.

    Much love & light,

  • Mike

    Incredible turmoil, since my birthday on May 19th… turmoil seems to be increasing… inspite of meditations and affirmation work!

  • Nichole

    Thank you Cameron!
    Divine inspiration led me here and i am amazed. I just finished 5 of the meditations in a row. I feel at ease and calm and like i have had a huge weight lifted from me. Euphoric really.
    I can’t wait to come back and finish them.
    Thank you, and many blessings to you.

  • Hi Cameron!
    I happened to be at a meditation workshop the 28th and 29th and had amazing experiences! I felt some tension on the 28th and hoped it would pass and it did. There was a huge shift on the 29th. Like a total turnaround from contraction to expansion; from closed minds and hearts to open minds and hearts. It was a great relief after the bumpy events of May 20th. So many accidents occurred that day 🙁

  • Ava

    I read the post today. I was camping for sometime, disconnected. The 28th Saturday was one of the bluest days in my recent memory. It rained like tears from the sky.
    I normally do not have days stand out with such a clear emotional memory.

    My shield of light has been very hard to access for days since. We have the ability to change this energy.

    Thank you Cameron for being our guide on this wild ride.

    Blessings and bliss to all.