Integration Time…Come on!

Hi there,

Good news!  Things are finally settling down for a little while as we transit out of the “Third day” and into the “Third night” of this “9th wave” time cycle.  This next 18 day period will be a time to reflect and integrate the major energy shifts that we were compelled to make over the last 18 days. While the “official” start of the 3rd night was June 7, it feels like the intense energies of the 3rd day remained until today.

It has been very interesting to observe how seemingly the entire population has been affected by the recent energy surges.  Nearly everyone on the spiritual path of self-ascension was challenged to release very deep layers of issues that they thought were already resolved.  If you found yourself feeling all kinds of old emotions, don’t fret — it was part of the process of release, not a regression into old patterns — Quite the opposite, in fact. We were given a great opportunity to look at the events of the past that we had judged ourselves or others over, and deeply forgive everyone involved, especially ourselves.

This deep level self-forgiveness is going to allow us to open our hearts tremendously and operate from a more expanded, loving state in the coming weeks and months.  Right now, we are going to get a small break from the intense transmutation and release that we experienced in the last 18 days.  After we get a couple days of rest, starting tonight (yay!) we will be gently moved into deep integration and assimilation mode, where we will begin to really appreciate just how much we shifted in the previous time cycle.

Right now it may not be easy to understand how profoundly we have shifted ourselves, but that will become apparent over the next couple of weeks, as we begin to more fully express those changes in our thoughts, words and actions.  Then we will head out of “night 3” into “day 4.”

Of course, during this “night” we are going to have a lot of eclipse activity, as well as the Summer Solstice, so we’re not going to be going inward exclusively.  Our lives will require just as much outward focus as inward contemplation over these next 18 days, so being balanced, loving, compassionate, gentle and forgiving is extremely important right now.

When I ask if there are going to be more huge energy waves coming online during Day 4, I get a resounding “Yes.”  When I ask for details about what’s in store in Day 4, I am told simply “More wonderful opportunities for transmutation and continued ascension.” Often my Higher Self likes to let me just experience things without a lot of preamble, but I’m cool with that.  🙂

Then I am gently reminded that it is imperative that I finish the final preparations to offer you the wonderful “Morning, Noon & Night Self Clearing System” package that is now finished!

That’s right, the audio recordings are done, and now I just have to do the technical side of things to allow the package to be purchased and downloaded.  It should only be a couple more days of coding, as well as a little bit of “sales copy” writing.  While copywriting isn’t my favorite activity, I promise you that I will push through and get it done so that you can have the opportunity to benefit from these powerful meditations.

You will be able to use this new package to do a quick, 15 minute meditation any time of the day, and each recording is tailored to the time of day that you will be using it.  This is truly a first for the Self Clearing System, and something that I know you’re going to Love.

I’m going to keep this short and get back to work.  Be sure to send gratitude to your Higher Self for stewarding you through the challenges of Day 3, and raise your glass (of pure water 😉 )to toast in celebration that we are going to have a small reprieve of integration time so we can have a deeper appreciation of what we really accomplished in Day 3.

By the way, if all this day/night stuff is confusing to you, check out this simple outline from Calleman’s website:

Much Love,
Cameron Day

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4 comments to Integration Time…Come on!

  • nicolas montecelo

    Dear Mr Cameron Day. HI!

    This last days the temperature of so many things was high. Even my car was very hot!! . Today I’m with fever, but I feel fine, free,its great.

    Also something ocurr to me today.
    The nines, especially 999 was near me.

    A computer that I bought 4 days ago, stop working by overheating.

    Some political topics of my country an the world was attracted to me.

    Today was a geat exlosión in the Sun.

    And “Your a tourist” from death cab for cutie was my background music in these days.

    “(This… Fire… Grows… High…)

    When there’s a burning in your heart
    An endless fury in your heart
    Build it bigger than the Sun
    Let it grow
    Let it grow
    And there’s a burning in your heart
    Don’t be alarmed ”

    I just want to share these with you and everyone.



  • Parisian Woman

    Thank you for your comments today. I really needed them to confirm that my feelings lately hadn’t just been my regression away from the progress I’ve made in the last 3 years.

  • Katrina

    Felt super junky inside, didn’t realize I was in the process of releasing it- but it’s out! I ended up taking off of work and spending 3 days on the river with the kayak. The incredibly hot sun and clear water reflect how clean and powerful I feel right now. And it gets better? Looking forward to day 4.

  • I thank you so much för your ascention help I it very useful, helping me understand what is going on with me, others and Earth… I get the bigger picure so to speak! Much appreciation and blessings !