“Engineered Terrorism” and Control of Human Consciousness

Hi there,

My brief comments on the attacks in Norway generated a bit of misunderstanding with some readers recently.  I would like to clarify a few details about the perspective that I take on these events, and how I arrived at this viewpoint over many years.

As a child, my parents imparted to me a skeptical viewpoint towards politicians and bankers.  I chose my parents for many reasons, and although I needed to transcend the judgmental aspects of some of their viewpoints, the idea that “all politicians are working for the same bankers” is very accurate on the world stage and has been for many, many decades.

In the years since my childhood, events such as the Waco massacre, Oklahoma Federal building bombing, the first Trade Center bombing, the Columbine shootings and 9/11/2001 were all witnessed by the world.  (There are more examples than this, but these are enough for one article…)

These events are all connected in that the stories the public was told about them were almost entirely false. In every single case, what was happening behind the curtain was that “deep insiders” with tremendous political power, influence and wealth staged each of these situations in order to elicit a detrimental effect on human consciousness, with secondary gains such as increasing their geo-political power also being made.

In Waco, the unspoken message was, “Don’t be different.  Those who form self-sustainable communities that challenge federal authority will be dealt with harshly.”

Oklahoma transmitted the message, “Terrorists look like any ordinary person.  Be afraid of everyone, especially if they are outspoken against the government.”

Columbine attempted to convince people that anyone with a handgun can kill dozens of innocent people, which cultivated more fear.

The first World Trade Center bombing began the anti-Muslim conditioning in America.  9/11 cemented that propaganda campaign.

I succumbed to serious bouts of negativity after 9/11, because while I could see through the lies, it seemed that the majority of Americans were completely buying into the “official story.”  I often entertained judgmental thoughts about the “men behind the curtain” who staged the event, told the world not to believe their eyes, and got away with it.

Whenever the topic came up in conversation, I told anyone who was interested that it was all staged.  One of my favorite lines was, “The only way it could have been MORE obvious that the buildings were demolished by explosives was if they were BOTH brought down at the exact SAME time.”

Such negative emotional intensity is eventually very exhausting, so I used the self-clearing tools that I knew to reclaim my power from those events, and forgave myself for being caught up in them.  Forgiving the “men behind the curtain” took quite a bit longer, however.

It was only after extensive self-clearing work that I was able to see the mindset of the “men behind the curtain” and how completely enslaved they are to the ego-mind, as well as their overlords.  These men (and some women) have hellish internal landscapes within their consciousness so vicious that it boggles the mind. However, I could only “look behind the curtain” when I was in a non-judgmental, forgiving, and loving state.

When I began to have compassion for these people and the terrible inner-place they are dwelling, I experienced a level of consciousness expansion that I had only dreamed about. I began to understand that these people are acting out an illness that is present our collective unconscious mind.  A simple error in misperceiving ourselves as separate from our Source and also from one another has metastasized into a severe case of unconscious psychosis.  These “tyrants” are the worldly manifestation of this internal strife within our collective unconscious.

Because we are all parts of a single consciousness, the frequency within each individual’s heart-mind complex that I call the “Sphere of Consciousness” affects everyone on the planet. My thoughts affect you, your thoughts affect your neighbors, and on and on.  Science is beginning to understand this, although mystics throughout time have always known it.

These “tyrants” know it as well, because it was taught to their predecessors and kept as a closely guarded secret throughout the ages.  Their agenda was to keep the world’s population ignorant, poor, sick, powerless and chaotic so they could “harvest” the negative energy of consciousness that living in such a state produces.

In order to keep human consciousness in a low vibration, they have suppressed free-energy technology for over 100 years since Tesla, started and financed dozens of wars, systematically bankrupted nations, held billions of humans in poverty, and performed large-scale human sacrifices disguised as “terrorist attacks” among many other low-frequency activities.

They have been very successful, up until recently.  However, the revolution of consciousness is now well underway, and the “dark” side is feeling a sense of “food scarcity” as people disengage from the ego-mindset of fear, victimization, judgment, blame, projection, etc.

The latest “lone gunman terrorist” in Norway is nothing of the sort. Two or possibly three shooters were identified by eye-witnesses, for example.  The bomb blast will also be shown to be more powerful than the “official story” will report.

These details will come out in time, but the real purpose behind these attacks needs to be recognized:  It was done to bring you, me and everyone else into a low-frequency of emotion and thought.

You will not see this deeper purpose reported upon by the alternative media, even as they expose some of the hidden facets of this situation.  This is because many of the alternative or “conspiracy” media pundits thrive on the very same low-frequency energy that they are fighting against.  It is a fact of consciousness that what we hate, judge and battle against is actually strengthened by these mental-emotional energies.

This is why I am adamant that while it is important to know that the “lone” gunman was not acting alone, nor were the events perpetrated by whatever “right-wing” group the media will try to blame, we must not fall into the secondary trap of hating the “invisible men” who planned and executed these events, just because we can see through the top layers of illusions being woven into the story.

I said it in the previous post, and I will say it again because it is so important:  If they get you to feel anger, hate, discouragement, apathy, fear, or any low-frequency emotion because of the events they are perpetuating, then it is a victory for them.

A more constructive emotion would be pity.  Pity these men, and endeavor to work your way up to compassion. They are psychopathic, diseased addicts in $5,000 suits.  They hide their psychopathy behind a veneer of wealth and legitimacy, but they live in states of extreme darkness and pain that nobody should have to endure.

However, they are not the inhuman creatures that they appear to be on the surface. This is just the “scripted character” that they have chosen to play in this incarnation.  Deep within them is the same spark of divine light that dwells within all of us.  We all come from the same source, and will eventually return to that Infinite Oneness.

Rejoice in the fact that you are NOT playing that role in this life, and that your connection to your Infinite Self is strong enough to withstand the winds of manufactured chaos. Fill yourself from that infinite light and allow it to remind you that the bad dreams of the illusory world are all temporary.  Allow yourself to step back from the human drama so that you can dive into the pool of infinite light that resides within your heart.

Insist on holding this sense of peace, in spite of what the ego will try to get you upset over.  Nothing in this world is more valuable than the peace of God within you.  Once you feel connected to your inner divine peace and love, please send it to the victims of the Norway attacks and their families.  As you share this love, you will receive even more of it.

The process of building a new world is underway, and we are witnessing the “cornered beast” lashing out in panic as it attempts to maintain its control of human consciousness.  Fortunately for us, our individual and collective consciousness grows more powerful every day, and no fake terror events will stop us from casting off the invisible chains that we have allowed to hold us down.

We will build a new, peaceful global society based on a brand-new framework of unity, compassion, love, sharing, equality, genius, inspiration, abundance, free energy and much more.  It is being built right now, and we all need to participate in the ways that we are inspired to.  You have something to offer your fellow brothers and sisters, and the more we share, the more we will all have.

Much Love & Compassion,

Cameron Day

12 comments to “Engineered Terrorism” and Control of Human Consciousness

  • Helen

    Wonderful article, Cameron. I feel precisely the same, although I try to avoid the news it always gets around. I try to explain to people that one has to avoid getting emotional and hating as it adds to the negative polarisation. Sometimes I feel like I’m going round in circles and can’t cope, but this article just clarifies that I am not going crazy. I feel the energies of the world and I still get very sad about this whole game. However, on my more positive days I stay calm and joyous and spread as much love as I can possibly give. I’ve also been using a healing mantra to dissipate fear, and my solar plexus chakra that holds all of that tension is releasing. Keep up the superb work!!

  • Seren

    High five – another well said well written and full of Truth… or at least my Truth 🙂 I have the same views – and i also find it very very important too that when one clears themselves, forgives, frees, clears their own mind of the “clutter” of the world of their life and what everyone has told them is so – ones understanding changes from trance state to awake and aware state. It is different experience for people and an individual experience I have watched a handful, I have assisted a few hundred in various state of clearing or remembering… They all do it different at levels, with different belief systems, different lifestyles, incomes, experiences. One thing they have in common is the fear of being labeled as mentally insane … the other thing they have in common is the same understandings the same innate belief system (that isn’t saying religion) values etc.. This is Their time This is Your time – it is time for people to be ok with who and what they are regardless.. it is the time for these messages to be said . So I loved it, thanks for sharing and for anyone who doesn’t get it or thinks it crazy, my only recommendation is they go look up the lyrics to “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley …! It is another crazy truth out there. 

  • zacharias

    Hi, well said. One point – the change that is coming is due to two facts: we as a collective consciousness has chosen to evolve and that enabled local people and aliens to open up vortices that now is the reception channels for higher energies, changing all things. In this LIGHT no dark agendas can sustain and thus it will dissolve. Also, the desire of Gaia to evolved has made her send a request to the Source for assistance and that has been granted. A set of activities were performed abt ten years ago that initiated Gaia for her next phase of evolution. These were supervised and initiated by the Source and performed by Angels (some not known to earth people) and local people.
    It is vital that this is being known, accepted and relied upon. Know that the Source is behind what happens now to clear things out!

  • Michael

    Your article is an incisive appraisal of the energetic forces affecting our world.
    But, the reaction of the Norwegians to the tragedy has been awesome: as seen in the “Rose Trains” of love and support throughout the whole country. (Maybe this has not been highlighted in the media.)
    It has been an inspiration to the rest of the world.
    It is lovely – it’s Norway!

  • Yeiacatl

    Again you have aided me in my journey back into my infinite soul self. I really enjoyed your article, you are an inspiration to me.
    I understand their hell I was in it for the longest time, but the suffering just pushed me to seek the truth. Then I finally found heaven! Oh, what a day that was! and the days after.
    I have been wanting to do more for my fellow brothers, and sisters; however, you remind me that just raising my vibrations, and elevating my consciousness is enough alone because it spreads, and this I know to be true cause when I hold a high vibration when I am around others I know they feel it too. Thanks again Cameron for your article, peace and bliss be with you. Much love,


  • Sam

    Bravo Cameron, You nailed it on the head…

    We need to see beyond the “official story” crap which they feed everyone with it….

    Thanks for being you..


  • Janet

    Powerful message, beautifully written. Thank you, Cameron.

  • Rea

    Thank you for your message, Cameron. It has helped me get beyond the anger that I held for the people who have the need to feed the “beast” and I can send them the support they must need now.

  • Meredith

    I so love when I read my thoughts that have been written by opom’s
    (other parts of me) LOL
    Thanks Cameron xx

  • stephano u.k.

    your comments are good. But , let us not forget
    that the souls of the now deceased people in Norway probably
    had other plans for them. It is plainly wrong for one, or many
    individuals , to take the soul journeys of people , and change those journeys ..whatever the agenda of the person involved.
    There will have been/are many souls who now have changed evolutions, thanks to the Norway experience. None of us, including those with a spiritual “perspective” , should forget this, in my opinion. Compassion for souls departed .

    • They are not forgotten in this article: “Once you feel connected to your inner divine peace and love, please send it to the victims of the Norway attacks and their families. As you share this love, you will receive even more of it.”

  • Glenn Brown

    Well, Cameron, I have to bookmark this one and re-visit it probably daily for awhile. I’ve found so much of your work totally illuminating, but this topic is one where I get nabbed constantly. Clearly you were right: the false-flags are not fooling anyone anymore, and they’re exposed nearly instantly as such. Sandy Hook was dismantled nearly instantly, as was the Boston Bombing, and nearly every other false-flag they’ve staged since you initially wrote this article. I’m humbled by your compassion for the psychopaths, and it’s where I fail big-time, because I just get hopping mad and want to blast them into oblivion. I know you’re 100% right about what you say here, and I’m going to work very hard to rehabilitate my thinking on this. When I see the world manipulated and lied to, and I see people raped and robbed of energy, it brings out the warrior in me. And so I have to re-evaluate that warrior in light of a new paradigm. I’ve also recently figured out that the alternative media (like Alex Jones and ones like him) are feeding on the energy of fear as fiercely as the psychopaths, and so I’ve had to develop new ways of keeping up with the more truthful news without getting sucked into the dark world of many in the alternative media, too. Certainly mainstream media is useless. This is a big one for me. I feel like I’ll be home when I can surmount this one.