Solstice & Christmas Focus on an Amazing Shift

I have been writing half-articles lately, like seeds for the future, covering big topics that need a lot of room for expression in writing.  These articles aren’t done, and one of them is a bit too “heavy” for the holiday season, so I’m putting them aside for the moment to focus on something FUN that we can all do together.

Today I’d like us all to plant seeds in the collective consciousness of how an incredibly profound shift in human consciousness would look and feel. For this solstice / Christmas / Hanukah / Kwanza / Festivus / etc, I want to spark warm, loving fires in your heart by visualizing a global ascension of human consciousness.  We’re going to keep things “physical” but incredibly unlimited at the same time, and it’s going to be so much fun that I think you’ll probably want to get a bunch of other people to play along.  🙂

As we play this game and build a vision of an ideal world for every single member of the human race to grow, learn, explore, play, love, educate, share, expand and truly thrive, let’s not get distracted by “how would that happen?” thoughts. Instead, let’s imagine truly wonderful conditions manifesting within the hearts of every human that then expand outwards to create ascended individual and group consciousness on a world-wide scale, without being distracted by “how” it might happen.  Ready?  Let’s get to it!

First, I’d like you to imagine that a nearly unimaginable global consciousness shift takes place in the very near future, a shift that although it has been predicted in a myriad of ways, takes everyone by pleasant surprise.  We’re going to put our minds into the time span immediately after this shift has taken place to play this co-creative joy-game.

A profound consciousness shift has finally occurred, and it is global. This sudden shift has moved EVERY human on the planet into heart-centered awareness and freed them from the fears and illusions of their ego-mind.  Everyone can now easily transcend the ego’s limitations and use it as the “Third density navigation system” that it was intended to be, which allows them to operate without fear, greed, belief in lack, subservience to authority or desire to control others, and imparts an overwhelming desire to cooperate and uplift every single person on the planet.

The desire to unify, work together and create openly-shared solutions to our common problems is so strong, so urgent, that we are quickly abandoning everything that does not support our new, heart-centered awareness. People are quitting mundane, slave-oriented jobs in droves.  Bankers are walking away from their previously cherished positions of power over others.  Lawyers are giving up trying to dominate one another, and are soul-searching for ways to use their sharp minds and legal knowledge to free others from legislative bondage.  Politicians are suddenly having pangs of conscience, something they had previously worked hard to forget about.  Even full-on psychopaths are starting to notice something different…a little voice telling them that other people are as important as they are.  They notice that they’re not as opened up as the “normal” humans around them, but they are still feeling urges to be good, and to do right by others.   (That’s enough about the psychopaths for now…They’ll have more light shined on them in a future article…)

Many people are a bit perplexed by the shift, but everyone can agree on one thing:  IT FEELS GOOD!  In spite of all the quitting of jobs, people are still working in roles that they know are important such as keeping the power grid going, keeping food growing and being delivered, maintaining our modern infrastructure’s many facets, and so on.  At the same time, a keen awareness of what is useful to our selves, beneficial to society and what is NOT useful or beneficial, is causing a lot of disruption in companies that had operated in rapacious, psychopathic ways.  The CEOs of these companies are not surprised by this, because they are feeling the same shift, and they are working on discovering new operating procedures through collaboration and listening to their own rediscovered heart-centered wisdom.

The shift has inspired people in the tabloid media to quit their jobs in large numbers, but many others within the news media are standing up to report on the truth, something they weren’t allowed to do in the past. The “gate keepers” have decided to open the flood gates and let the truth out.  Many of the revelations are disturbing, but people are supporting each other to process the emotions coming up as we confront secrets that had been hidden from public view for so long.  The darkness being revealed isn’t so hard to process now that we’re operating from our hearts and are able to more easily forgive the transgressions of psychopaths and their minions, the duped and tormented sociopaths who were corrupted by psychopathic systems of control that would have broken anyone unfortunate enough to be subjected to them.  (That will be the last mention of them for this article… 🙂 )

One of the many rays of light that are emerging from the world of dark secrets coming out is that humans have already developed amazingly futuristic technologies that had previously been hidden from the world. Various types of infinite energy generators that draw power from the “zero point” field and turn it into useable electricity have been unveiled by “black ops” scientists who are no longer being intimidated to remain silent.  Technologies to diagnose and correct nearly every physical ailment known to us are emerging, freeing people from dependence on toxic pharmaceutical drugs and pain killers.  Cell-level regeneration technology is being revealed that can reverse a person’s physical age and allow the human lifespan to be increased to incredible levels.

Our heart-centered knowledge that this technology belongs to every human is spearheading efforts by the temporarily unemployed masses to ramp up world-wide production of these technologies so that the whole of humanity can benefit from them. Our concepts of employment are being redefined as people are becoming better at simply helping each other without requiring monetary reimbursement.  Money itself is being transformed to be a tool of the people, and central bankers are being made irrelevant, often by their own choice.  We are ending poverty, homelessness and transforming economics with the rapid deployment of infinite energy generators to power homes and automobiles.  We are designing and building new electric cars that run on zero point energy and never need to be refueled.

Destructive companies like Monsanto have disbanded due to a mass exodus of scientists who are turning their brilliant minds to uplifting humanity instead of serving selfish corporate interests.  Revolutionary, previously hidden advances in large-scale organic food production are being revealed, and people are organizing in every community to grow an abundance of healthy, natural foods without any of the old-paradigm pesticides or genetically modified organisms.

We have radically and forever changed how we view ourselves, our world and our fellow humans.  Our consciousness is well and truly ascended, and we are joyfully extending that ascended energy to the world and everyone within it.  We have many challenges ahead of us, but our new paradigm of cooperation and collaboration is filling us with excitement to solve every single one of the challenges that face us now and in the future.

Not a Prediction…Or is it?

This scenario isn’t a prediction, but it does exist as a potential within our collective consciousness.   It will be up to us to consciously choose to experience and embrace such a profound shift in order for it to manifest in this world.  Ultimately, it is the act of “consciously voting” for a scenario like the above that will facilitate its appearance in our lives.  I would love it if you gave yourself the gift of dreaming about and empowering a global transformation scenario like the one above. I would love it even more if you posted comments below about other ways that such a radical transformation might look.  I only covered a few points in order to keep this article short and to leave plenty of room for your collaboration.  Let’s set aside the “yeah but, how…?” parts of our minds and just dream the biggest, most “impossible dream” that we can, and truly imagine a shift so profound that the rational mind can’t even begin to “figure out” how it could happen.

Enjoy and embrace your family and friends this holiday season, and send love to every member of our extended human family on this planet.  We’re all in this together, and in unity we will all help each other to ascend our consciousness to wondrous heights.

Much Love,
Cameron Day


29 comments to Solstice & Christmas Focus on an Amazing Shift

  • Karen Reid

    Creating the New Earth, one thought at a time. Walking through the doorway of the heart.

  • Wow – I’m so excited… I’m already envisioning the new world. Heart centered and all humans working in harmony. Collectively we can achieve anything. Thanks Cameron for creating this beautiful picture.

  • World 5.0 is the most important idea of our time, and intimately linked with Occupy. It provides the new operating system for our culture – one based on principles like peace and love instead of the existing structures based on the power of money.

    World 5.0 recognizes that Life Is This Moment, there is no past or future. It also recognizes how the corporate agenda has come to undermine democracy at every turn. It suggests localism, revamping our production systems and infrastructure to be sustainable, and of course reconstructing government to serve human need.

    Much more on the site, including a definitive work on the topic…

    peace and love. a new day dawns…

  • Mariette


    Lots of us have been doing this for quite a while…anyone interested please go listen to all the tubes on You Tube for Abraham Hicks…you are very right, it is huge fun and it is already here, happening around us today but you have to start with you, yourself – the world will follow.
    Season’s Greetings and get tuned in, tapped in, turned on for this dream to come quicker for all – set the example in you!

  • Willow

    I would love to embody love, to believe in my ability to change myself and make a difference in the world. I choose to awaken, to focus on all that is good, to direct my thoughts, words and action towards increasing joy in myself and others.

  • J'Tariah EnRa El


  • Terry

    Cameron, thanks for this. It felt good to me, and that’s all I need to know about the validity of its vision. I know too that the good feeling means that others are resonating with its energy as well. So let it be written. So let it be done.

  • Amy

    Cameron thank you! I heard you while I read this and felt the true love and care you have for all of us together. I look forward to this winter solstice to complete this chapter and I look forward to renewal and awakening in this next chapter. Thank you for providing hope, trusted guidance, and love!

  • zacharias

    Well, this shift has already begun, on the 6th of december 2011 at 12.30 pm european time. This was felt by many persons here and in the US (in dreams) as a sudden inflow of JOY, a shower of golden light entering us.

  • Cameron, you have provided us with a delicious view into the near future. It is in us, and soon will be visible in the manifest world. Exciting times!!

  • T

    Thank you for this Cameron. (~:
    Thank you for reminding me to dream, as I can and wish to;
    with love, delight, positivity and happiness, for healing and harmony among All.

    I “consciously vote”.


  • Gloria

    I DO believe LOVE will take presidence in this world and I believe it HAS to be now. I was just reading a book that mentioned something else that I would like to see happen along with what came through from your heart and that is for “us” to NOT put so much emphasism on gender, male/female and go into the spirit mode where we are supposed to be within and just be. Both have so much to offer after all we are to be as one since we are one with the ALL! Gender keeps our minds centered on to many things that cause harm to our bodys! I will keep the vision in my mind!!

  • Willow

    Our local fort was BRAC’ed in Sept. Our local gov’t is carving up the property and offering up sections to developers. Just 400 years ago, this land was covered in forest and teeming with life. A very peaceful tribe of Indians were living off this beautiful land. The early European settlers took their land and drove them off to reservations. I would like to see this land remediated and offered to the Lenape Indians as a gestures of acknowledgement and remuneration for the past injustice. I would like to see the land restored to its natural state so the Indians can hunt and fish and teach others how to live off the land respectfully. There is a public hearing tonite and I plan to speak during the open comments and ask our gov’t to return this unoccupied land to its original inhabitants. Please pray that the spirit of Love flows through everyone in attendance so they too can envision justice and a better world for all. Please pray that spirit touches the hearts of my local leaders and guides them to do the highest good for everyone.

  • Wayne


    Jesus said, “Whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

    Thank you for the dream and helping me believe…

  • Georgina

    Hello world. I am part of it and so are you. I have noticed the younger the person the more aware they are now than in my day, possibly due to new technology. After all it is the Age of Aquarious. Lables , racisims and other hurtful actions only serve to bring one down. Not empower them like they might think. I am a light worker and ask my angels to do the work I cannot and they are doing just that. All my needs are now taken care of. My immediate family are busy this Christmas but I am not cooncerned by remorse or pain they are not present. In my heart they are and always will be and so you too can think of a happy time and relive it over and over without fear of it ending. Everyon one of us are precious to the overall development of Earth and beyond. We are very small in comparison yet large in the heart of the creator. Light and Love all Year through not just for 2 days Christmas and New Years. Some of you still need a excuse to get out of it and let go but are you truely letting go if your not conscience of what is happening? Don’t forget one very important action. ‘Without breath there is no life, so breath in awareness daily. Georgina

  • Andy

    Thank You for sharing my/your DREAM, we can do this.

  • melinda.mithka

    thank you cameron !!!
    shine one good peeps 🙂 🙂


      • Natasha Posted on Thank you for sharing your story. I’m sorry you are in pain, it’s very very dilifcuft. Try to stay positive and move forward. Peace and blessings, Natasha

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  • Paul Hennig

    This is all possible. All we have to do is free ourselves of the Dark ones control and believe in our Divine Powers and choose to manifest it into Reality. Truly, it is our journey and our appointed work

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