June Update, Radio Show, Free Energy and more

The etheric temperature on the planet is rising.  Solar flare activity ramped up hugely this week, and nearly everyone is “feeling the heat” either in the weather or in their own internal sphere of consciousness. Do your best to stay calm, cool and connected, as you may find a lot of people and situations pushing your buttons.  Above all, keep that lower ego in check and remember to view situations and the ego flare-ups of yourself or others from the perspective of your Higher Self as much as possible.

The “grid” situation on the planet was pretty quiet for a couple of weeks, and  a lot of people felt like things were “on hold” but that all went away around July 3rd, then afew days the solar flares kicked up about 10 notches.  A lot of grid work was going on in June to help clear up the “social grid” that is generated by day to day interpersonal relationships. Much clarity has been introduced, so the couple of weeks of minimal activity was to let people adjust to the new frequency levels, and to allow lightworkers to get a little rest.

Now we’re back at full speed, so expect to be confronted with whatever you need to clear, forgive, transmute and transcend.

The ankle-biters are working overtime to generate negative emotional energy so that they will have enough etheric power to rebuild their crumbling empire.  They don’t want to accept that their reign is coming to an end, but that is to be expected.  One of the interesting things about etheric and astral ankle biters is that they can actually live within a person’s sub-conscious and unconscious levels of mind. It might sound weird, but I have encountered it repeatedly in my work.

Essentially, when we have unresolved issues or limiting patterns that we repeat often, we create a little dimension within our sphere of consciousness to house this pattern and all of the energies associated with it. Our various emotional energies are stored in this dimension along with self-created thoughtforms, projected energy from other people and various other elements of the repeated pattern.  These little dimensions also have plenty of room for a few ankle-biters to reside in as well.  It is important to be aware of this so that when we are doing clearing work, we can compassionately send these ankle biters to the Galactic Core to be transmuted into productive Universal citizens, instead of living as parasites in the deep shadows of the human psyche.

The tricky thing is that right now, the sub-conscious minds of people are the best hiding places for the ankle biters. This means we need to be extra careful about what kind of emotional energy we are empowering, so that we don’t inadvertently put out a “room for rent” sign for them.  Fortunately, the basic principles of energetic clearing, living from the heart, and embodying compassion and forgiveness goes a long way towards “sealing” our consciousness and not allowing any uninvited guests to come in.

Radio Show On June 29th

I did a really nice radio show two weeks ago (although it feels like 5 days ago…) on “In the Mind of DCS.”  She is a great interviewer and the whole show was a pleasure to do.  You can download an MP3 of it from the radio show archive here: http://www.ascensionhelp.com/ascension-help-radio.php

Just scroll to the bottom of the page for the download link.  One of my clients called it “A complete summary of what’s going on right now.”  Very flattering, but it’s more of a partial summary, as no single human has the complete picture.  (It’s a very large picture, to be sure…)  I even talk briefly about Cobra, for those of you who are curious.  🙂

Free Energy Finally?

The “Keshe” foundation has announced that they are going to bring free energy into the mainstream.  Could we FINALLY be at the place where free energy will be made available to one and all on planet Earth? Are we about to take this hugely important step in our evolution as a collective?  I hope so!

I haven’t had time to really investigate and vet this man or his organization.  Nonetheless, I like his style!  He is basically “calling out” the governments of the world and putting them on notice.  He says he will reveal full details of his “free” energy inventions to representatives of every nation in September. The idea is to give the information to all nations, and then let them implement it as fast as they are able (or willing) to do.  Big oil is surely not happy with this man, so let’s all hold him in our focus and intend that he is safe and more successful than anyone can imagine.

Please click this link to read his “World peace invitation and release of technology” announcement. Send it to your friends and networks if you are inspired to, and if you have the time, please check out the videos and information on the rest of the site.

My opinion / position on free energy is that it is a mandatory component of human awakening. To have a planet of awakened humans still using petroleum fuels is like an innocent person being released from prison but required to wear a ball and chain around their ankle.  It just does not fit.

Imagine every person having inexpensive technology that provides them with all the electricity they need at zero production cost.  Imagine EVERY single person on earth being equipped to fly to any place on the planet in a matter of minutes.  Imagine the kind of spiritual awakenings that will occur WHEN such technology is finally released and widely available. This is the ultimate “disruptive technology” which is why it has been suppressed for over 100 years since the era of Nikola Tesla.

I am personally very attached to the release of free energy, because along with the afore mentioned spiritual awakenings that it will trigger, 90% of the things that I want to invent depend on a small, infinite energy source to power them. Some quick examples: A laser lawn mower, laser “chain” saw with anti-gravity stability rings to gently lower the fallen tree, a remote-controlled “hot box” that goes inside of a wood stove and produces infinite heat with zero pollution. Then there is the floating bubble home, but that’s worthy of an article of its own some day. 🙂

From every grounded perspective, the future is bright and teeming with amazing possibilities. As always, it is up to us to “steer the timeline” so that we manifest the best possible future for ourselves and the whole of humanity.  Our collective “good will” is getting stronger all the time, which makes us more effective at “timeline steering” the more we practice.  So keep on imagining the most wonderful potentials unfolding in your meditations.  Every thought makes an impact.

Much Love,
Cameron Day


10 comments to June Update, Radio Show, Free Energy and more

  • Carrie Ransom

    Thank you for this information, Cameron!

    It makes *complete* sense for what’s going on for me and it’s very helpful!

    Rock on!


  • kat

    great interview!lots of important info as always.You are the beacon of LOVING PURE DEVINE LIGHT!THANK YOU!appreciate the updates.I loved hearing about your childhood.Would also like to know about “flashes of insight” you mentioned on the show,from your higher self.Plus the focus from source on the earth and erasing the dark forces.You are a fountain of insight and I learn so much with each update and interview.Could you do more of both of those?You are in my daily prayers and gratitudes.much love to you and yours,kat

  • Deborah

    Thank you Cameron for this long-awaited info. What a blessing for humanity.

    Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do, without your site i would not have been able to fully understand some experiences that myself and my colleague have experienced.
    My colleague and i help people by using spirit releasment therapy ( or something similar it varys every time ) to help remove what we called “attachments”, we had great success and were really building up steam when my colleague who is also the strongest psychic/medium of the two of us experienced almost a breakdown ( i work as a healer and found what i best describe as a split in her aura ) i worked on her and saw in my minds eye a crystal tip that was barbed and i pulled out of the front of her body also a negative energy that was almost heavy was removed from her eye! Later that week at a psychic development group three of her students saw a reptilian robed being in her garden they were petrified to the point that one ladys hair turned white overnight!
    These occurrences were well out of my comfort zone but we continued with our work, it was 3 weeks later that coincidence 😉 led me to your article on Ankle biters. It resonated with me and i realized that my dear colleague had 1. An energy tube of some sort harpooned into her draining her of will 2. An Amoeba type negative in her head ( eye exit ) and 3. A bloody great reptilian in the garden.
    This may sound insane to readers of this blog but i swear that its true and that in all of the info and disinfo that is out there it is Cameron Day and American Kabouki that i trust 100%, keep up the good work i hope to get the opportunity to buy you a drink sometime.

    • Hi Nathan,

      Yes, the more one pursues this line of work, the stranger things get…until the strangeness just seems pretty much normal. 🙂

  • kat

    also cameron you mention a lucid dream where you recieved info from your H.self and how you knew it was the real thing?I still don’t know my h.self after 5 years of constant pursuit. love kat

    • Transmissions from my Higher Self are very “pure”, information dense, and have a feeling of coming from a very transcendent part of my being, one that exists beyond duality. Any symbolism used is very clear and easy to interpret (unlike some dream symbolism) and a tremendous amount of knowledge is imparted in a very brief message.

  • Sand

    Thank you for all you do, Cameron. It helps to bring clarity to this crazy world.

    Much love

  • kat

    Cameron,are you still meditating sundays? if so can you comment on progress?What about the “clean up crew”still working?
    On a personal note do you think its time for another session? my last one was nov and dec 2011.I am very interested in connecting with my “real” h.s.? love to you and yours ,kat