First Contact Is Not Happening Soon, and That’s a Good Thing

The last couple weeks have seen a lot of stories in the “new age” circles on the internet about imminent “first contact” occurring as soon as August 4th during the 2012 Olympics. Predictably, once the original story was seeded, several “channeled messengers” started appearing to support that idea.  Alongside this are the “fear porn” aficionados who are predicting a “false flag” attack or even faked alien invasion scenario to happen around the Olympics.

One of the stories making the rounds is that the Queen is negotiating a pardon for her crimes against humanity, and that the “galactics” have given a “hard deadline” of August 4th after which, they will take matters into their own hands.  No mention, however, is made of the numerous “hard deadlines” that have come and gone in the past.

I would be amused if this wasn’t so harmful to so many people’s psyches.  For long-time readers of this blog, I have a question for you.  What happens when a large group of people get their hopes up, only to be let down because the promised event did not occur? The answer:  A major low-frequency energetic release!  When a person invests the energy of anticipation and hope, only to be let down, they end up feeling disappointed, fooled, betrayed and usually somewhat embittered afterwards.  All of these emotions are great food for the ankle-biters.

Of course, the energy of being afraid of a false-flag attack is also great ankle-biter food, especially if it is combined with hatred towards “the elites” who plan such things. Much better is to simply know that these small-minded, psychopathic “elites” will do anything to hold onto their worldly power, pity them, forgive them and work towards co-creating something positive with other like-minded people.

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby…

There is so much “spin” (distortions & disinformation) around the idea of “ET Contact” that it could consume a person’s entire life to begin to unravel it.  This is by design, of course, so rather than attempt to untie the “Gordian Knot” of spin and disinfo, I will do my best to cut through some of the major aspects of the sub-conscious conditioning that surrounds the “ET” meme.

Let’s start with hostile ET invasion scenarios.  The first reason for these scenarios is to frighten people so that they will wish to remain isolated so as to avoid the nastiness of invasion and attack.  Many people think that these fear-based scenarios are also designed to make people think that ALL ETs are hostile.  However, there is a hidden level to these scenarios, which usually goes unnoticed:  The major sense of relief that billions of people will feel when an apparently friendly ET race makes themselves known to us.

Just imagine it for a moment:  ETs show up and they look like us, are highly physically attractive, talk in friendly tones, and offer us energy technology and assistance cleaning up pollution.  Most of the people who were conditioned in FEAR will now feel RELIEF and deep acceptance of the new arrivals.   To put it another way, fear-based ET movies & TV will actually serve to make any seemingly benevolent ETs look like a gift from God in comparison to the images that have been placed into people’s minds from those forms of “entertainment.”

However, what is not mentioned in any “official disclosure” scenario is that the “secret government” will be putting their ET allies on display, the beings that have been secretly feeding them technology and manipulating them for many decades.  These are highly Service to Self oriented ET beings, and not the kind of positive ETs that humanity really wants to meet. In order to pacify us as quickly as possible, they will bring out the human looking “Nordic” type ETs that are extremely physically attractive in order to appeal to the pre-conditioned human affinity with beauty, and they will say all the right things to instill a sense of trust in people’s minds.  In short, “disclosure” from the government will probably be bringing us very attractive, controlling, manipulative ETs with an agenda to keep controlling the human race even after a global consciousness shift.

Next, the channeled messages that “our ET brother/sisters would land tomorrow if only our warlike government officials would stand down” has been seen in subtly altered forms every year for at least the last 15 years on the internet, often with a request that people “vote” for ET contact with their consciousness.  One of the key areas of manipulation in these messages is the familiar theme that ETs will bring advanced technology and help us end all of the pollution and energy problems on our planet. This fosters an incredibly strong desire in compassionate people for these ETs to hurry up and make their presence known!  This is one reason that human-designed advanced technology is so strongly suppressed (along with the monetary reasons).  If we actually cultivated the brilliant human-engineered technologies that have emerged over the last 100 years, we would have NO NEED for “ET saviors” to get us out of any mess.

We also have the spin that the ETs being channeled are our “helpful big-brothers & sisters” who want so very much to reign in our corrupt leadership and make peaceful contact.  This is the meme that has been accepted in the new age channeling circuit, and anyone who questions this meme is looked down upon as “close-minded” or “choosing to live in fear.”  I prefer to look at the biggest picture possible, and that includes being aware that parasitic ETs already have a high level of control over the planet, and have had this control for eons of time.

Most people won’t or can’t acknowledge that the “alien invasion” happened so long ago as to be almost totally forgotten, and that the invader is now residing in our own minds, wrapped around the Human Ego, pushing buttons in order to elicit a low-frequency energy “hit” at will.

Why would these parasitic beings that have hidden themselves from us for so long risk exposure?  Simply because a major consciousness shift is underway, and in order to “manage” the situation in their continuing favor, they will need humanity to surrender its collective free will to a “superior” ruling class of ETs.

So in the “big brother/sister” who reigns in a corrupt global elite scenario, the ETs won’t be seen as allies to the secret invaders who benefit from the manipulation of human consciousness, but rather as long-lost brethren, our familial saviors who unseat the human global elite and free humanity from global tyranny.   I recommend being very cautious towards any beings who claim they are “negotiating” with the current ruling class on this planet. It is much more likely that they have been in close contact with these supposed elites for a very, very long time.

Where Are The GOOD Guys & Gals?

This brings us to what role the truly benevolent, Service to Others beings will play.  In general, they prefer to take a cautious, somewhat removed role in our current situation.  This doesn’t mean they aren’t helping, but that they have to be careful to avoid aiding the Service to Self being’s plans for humanity, while subtly countering those plans. Free will is extremely important to highly evolved, positive beings.  The positive ETs are VERY aware that human free will is being constantly manipulated so that we give unconscious permission to be enslaved, and they are not willing to put themselves in a role where humans will want to abdicate their sovereignty to them.

Because of the pre-programmed human tendency to give away individual and collective power to charismatic leaders, the Positive ETs are very reluctant to swoop in and “rescue” us from our current situation.  This would only serve to further disempower humanity, because it is difficult to convince someone who wants to worship you and give you their power that they need to own it for themselves.  The last thing a highly evolved, positive being wants is to be worshiped.  At most, they would only want to be benevolent mentors that help us empower ourselves, while always respecting our free will.

So the positive ETs hatched some very clever plans.  Plans within plans, of which I am only aware of a tiny fraction.  Part of the plan was to send in brave (or foolish) beings to incarnate as humans, in order to effect change from within the human group consciousness. This part of the plan has been fairly successful, despite the dark side’s nearly constant attacks against such beings.  Another aspect of the plans are for these “sleeper agents” to help reveal the secret machinations of the ruling elite and their ET/ED overlords.  This is also proceeding nicely, although we could certainly be better informed about the parasitic extra-dimensional ankle-biters.

One of the key tenets of the Positive ET/ED plan is that humans need to embrace their own sovereign power, and not give it away to any other being. However, humanity has a long way to go in this area, which is why positive ETs will most likely NOT be the first ETs to reveal themselves.  It would be smarter for them to wait for the parasitic ETs posing as benevolent beings to make themselves known first.  This will allow for humanity to learn key lessons in discernment and owning our own power, so that the positive ETs can make themselves known to us in a capacity more akin to wise advisors, rather than saviors.

What About The Olympics?

My not-so-bold prediction is that the London Olympics will come and go without any type of ET contact. I also submit that the only “false-flag attack” at the Olympics has already happened.  It was a subtle attack on the consciousness of those who were willing to decipher all of the “illuminati” symbols, numbers, etc. in order to trick those intrepid researchers into spreading fear and dread around the games.  Please always remember that our minds and emotions are the battle ground for this war, and that the opponent wins whenever we are in fear, anger, judgment or any other low-frequency emotional state.

This is not meant to denigrate the dedicated researchers who worked hard to analyze the hidden messages embedded into the Olympic games.  It may very well be that their research and exposure of a potential attack at the games stopped it from happening. However, my instincts tell me that there was some sleight-of-hand going on with the Olympics being so deeply drenched in “illuminati” symbology and numerology.  It was so blatant that it feels like it was done to distract and consume energy, which it certainly did.   It also feels like it was done so blatantly in order to convince “conspiracy buffs” that something big and bad was going to happen, so that they will be embarrassed and discredited when nothing happens.

What IS Going to Happen with Disclosure?

When the day comes that the ETs who control the global elite decide to make their appearance, you can be assured that they will present themselves as highly spiritually evolved, loving beings. They will probably dazzle us with technology and most likely subtly suggest that we should let them lead us into a “golden age.”  If this potential occurs, that period of time will be a tremendous test for all of humanity, and the main lessons to be learned will be discernment and owning our own power.

Will we be able to see past attractive looks, high technology and sweet sounding words in order to discern the true intent behind Service to Self ETs? Afterwards, when truly positive, Service to Others ET/EDs make contact with us, will we be able to discern that they have our best interests in mind, much more so than those who made contact first in order to gain a competitive edge?

Positive Higher Dimensional Beings ARE Helping Us

Now that I have established the core aspects of my perspective on this very convoluted topic, I want to touch on a couple other points.  The first one is that the liberation effort underway to free Earth from eons of dark side control has gone through many upheavals. Plans have had to be reworked over and over again, because the dark will fight as long as they possibly can, using the hostage human race as their major leverage point.

Nonetheless, we have scored some impressive victories these last few years.  I am personally still optimistic that the ankle-biters, the negative ETs who are aligned with them, and all of their consciousness suppressing technology will be fully removed so that the true light of higher consciousness can emerge from within every soul incarnated on the planet. If we can achieve that goal before the negative-posing-as-positive ETs can reveal themselves, then the “negative first contact” scenario that I outlined above isn’t likely happen, because it would have very little chance for success.

Whenever “first” contact occurs, we should be able to discern who is making contact with some basic analysis, coupled with trusting our intuition.  If it occurs while the world is still in its current state of major turmoil and suppressed consciousness, and the ETs present themselves as the natural choice to lead us into a golden age, then we need to be very wary.

If instead, we experience a modern renaissance where people are waking up in larger and larger numbers, free energy technologies are being unleashed and human consciousness is aligning towards cooperation rather than competition, then we receive direct communication from ETs with encouragement and a bit of helpful information, and the tone of the communications remains consistent, we can be fairly certain that we are communicating with truly Positive ETs. This is one possible scenario where positive ETs would make public contact before the negative side.

As things stand at the moment, ET disclosure isn’t something that I am rooting for.  I would much rather achieve the removal of the low-frequency and fake-channeling broadcasting systems that are currently suppressing the true beauty of the human soul from achieving its full expression. I want to see that beautiful self-awareness flourishing in humanity before any kind of “official” outside contact is made, and I only want to interact with Positive, Service to Others oriented ET beings.

Truly positive ET/ED beings will want to establish a helpful, but non-intrusive relationship.  They will offer advice and information, but very little technology. They would rather see us develop on our own merits and skills, and would never want us to feel dependant on them.  Instead of handing us technology that only they can provide, they are much more likely to point to our own pre-existing inventions that were never produced, with perhaps some guidance on how to improve the existing designs.

The difference is subtle, but unmistakable.  The negative enslavers would seek to actually deepen our enslavement, fostering dependence on their technologies and “enlightened governance” while the positive liberators will always seek to inspire us to achieve our full potential, in our own way, and to be self-governing.

My request to the community at large is that we focus on solutions in awareness, consciousness and technology, in that order. Higher levels of awareness leads to expanded consciousness, which makes the technological solutions to our current problems easy to understand and implement.  We truly do NOT need ETs to intervene on the physical / geopoliticial level, and the type of “we’re here to fix your problems” intervention that many people are wishing for is not likely to come from positively oriented beings.

We need to own our own power, express it in balanced, loving ways, and create solutions right here and now.  We must stop wishing for someone else to fix our problems, because we CAN solve them on our own.

Much Love,
Cameron Day

p.s. This article could have been much longer, and I may write a follow-up later that addresses density shifts in relation to ET contact.  However, I want to get this article OUT and being read by as many people as possible.  Please forward it to your lists and to those who still believe that channeled beings are waiting for just the right moment to intervene and fix our world for us.


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  • A Very Good One.

    Thank you for sharing such clear and balanced perspective. This is what we need right now.

    An Enlightening Read.

    • Ricardo Pérez Y.

      Dear Jussi:

      After more than a year reading a lot of information and comments on Internet y think that finally I have a clear possition about.
      Cameron article represent for me the real consciousness that us like mankind needs as a start point. like universal human right
      manifesto or children universal right declaration that the humanity entire validate and defends we need a “Universal independency of terrestial human race declaration” like an authentic reference for all of us to start to fight and achieve a new world and era

      Don´t you think it´s absolute necessary

  • Cameron,

    Irony at its best! I expressed sentiments along the same lines but more in depth as to the reason positive ET/ED’s would not make contact until after we are seated into a 4D consciousness. The truth is that Disclosure could have its positive impact as it would open to some an opportunity to become aware of the depth of the deception that has been brought to bare on this planet helping to bring others into fuller awareness. Positive ET/ED’s are committed to harmlessness and physical contact with a mixed group of consciousness such as we have on this planet today would bring harm in many ways to those who would have difficult accepting such truths. No way would a positive step forward in such a manner. Like you I don’t want to have anything to do with any ET/ED who forcefully makes contact without regard to the harm they will cause.

    It is irony in the strongest sense in that the person who sent me your article had earlier today received an email from me expressing these very sentiments. Yes, there are those who have been sent here to incarnate to help bring the planet and its inhabitants through the shift. However, they are here not as a connection to anyone who will do the work for those of us on this planet [that includes those who volunteered to come here] but to help us doing what we need to do to embrace the great beings we already are.

    May your days be gentle and your nights full of wonderful dreams.

  • Jaime

    I’m not a very educated person, but something inside me tells me that your proposals are serious and true. However, recently I read statements about the “Disclosure” of characters like Salusa, the Archangel Michael to Steve Beckow, Sheldan Nidle of The Galactic Federation, which confirm it for this August 4th. All of them are lying? Are they misinformed? With what purpose?

    • William

      Is it possible that the AAM that Linda Dillion is channeling for Steve Beckow is not really AAM but some cleverly disguised lower astral entity feeding them a bunch of false data. So far anything that SB has given dates for has not come about. Why would someone like SB and his followers think that they are central figures to disclosure or other ascension plans? I think Cameron Day is giving a clear picture of what we should be looking at and hopefully is helping to neutralize the deceptive information coming from the 2012 scenario. Sorry these are just opinions.

    • This is not true that AAM or SaLuSa have announced Disclosure for August 4th. At The2012Scenario a deadline was announced for the governments of Earth to start Disclosure. After that date the ET’s would take Disclosure in their own hands! Quote:
      “Sierra tells us that Earth officials have until August 4th before matters are taken out of their hands and pass into the hands of the galactics. Aug. 4 is the divine deadline for terrestrial leadership to impact events around Disclosure.”

      So this is no confirmation of Disclosure!!!

      Please read carefully!

  • mary

    I do not watch TV anymore ,, it’s been almost 2 years now ,, I don’t miss commercials ,, disinfo news ,, & anything else “they” want to drag us down with & keep us down in the low level feelings . I have enough to deal with in my head with my ego dragging me in fear ! ! Nature ,, is where I spend my precious time ,, with God ,, staying greatful ,, loving unconditionally as best as I can ,, & staying away from all media ! ! What ET’s are going to be doing or not going to be doing just causes low level emotions ,, worrying about what might or might not happen keeps us out of the ” Holy Now” where God & I are One ,, I prefer being with God where all is well !!

  • Bettie

    I have been following these same story lines among the new age community for the past few months. As much as I would love to believe it, Cameron is right when stating that positive ETs would not want to save us thus creating a dependency upon them. We need to do this ourselves. Inelia Benz has stated, “Now, if any spaceship lands in your backyard and beautiful being come out and invite you their mothership in order to save you, make sure you ask for their Light ID. Ask them if they work for the light. If they don’t answer the question, but instead give you an ultimatum or warning of things to come, then ask them politely to get off our planet. I can assure you that no light being will offer another to “save them”. However, if they are offering to take you for a ride in their latest Model X spaceship, temptation might be too great to say NO, so ask them to come back in January 2013. If they have your best interest at heart, they will. If they tell you this is your only chance, don’t forget what your mother told you about getting into stranger’s cars, even if they do have alien puppies in there. Any ultimatum is fear based, and not advisable to comply with.”

  • Cameron thank you for your efforts to help people understand that “we are the ones we have been waiting for” and “no one is coming to save us.” I especially appreciate that you also put forth the understanding that everyone is a light being. We are all connected at spirit level. And that mastery of thoughts and emotions with unconditional love and compassion for all (even the ankle biters) is what will help us co-create a new world. As Panasch Desai so lovingly and passionately says: Everything you need is within you, because you are divine as God created you. There are no Gurus! Namasté, Hazel

  • Destiny

    Hello Cameron,

    I just want to express my gratitude in you taking the time to write this article. I agree 100% as I have felt the exact same way. I have been observing the channelings since around October 2008 when Lightbeings were “supposed” to show up in the sky which was said by Blossom Goodchild. Ever since I was in the ready for ETs to show up and “save” us from our government. I followed the next two years while channel after channel and prediction after prediction promised that the ETs were coming to stop our government and free us from our slavery and each time nothing ever happened. I experienced the highs and the lows that you mentioned each time a prediction was stated but was always a huge disappointment. But in the end it did help build up my discernment so I guess I can only be thankful!

    Then I found George Kavassilas’ information where at times he talked about the “positive” and the “negative” ETs, specifically the ones that are working with our government and constantly tricking and manipulating the lightworkers into believing that they are dealing with the positive ETs, but I believe it’s quite the opposite for most. Well that opened my eyes as to why all of these predictions never came to fruition. Not to mention it is a big play on free will, if they keep saying they are coming and then never show for various(bogus)reasons, and then when we are let down we end up desperately wanting them to come to our planet and into our dimension fully, which is like giving them permission to come when they aren’t really supposed to be here and interfere just yet, because we have to do this ourselves.

    I have realized that if the Lightworker communities all turned their focus from having the ETs coming to save us by getting rid of our government, and changing our society for us, to actually taking action by just not participating in this game of a society and spreading it the correct info to more unaware people, then we could have stopped this years ago. But since we have been collectively waiting for the “positive ETs” to come and stop our governments for us, it has been an effective plan for the governments and secret societies to stall for time for their agendas. Because I’m sure most Lightworkers thought that something monumental would have happened ET wise by now (not to mention all of the promises and “agendas”)and it’s already 2012.

    We can no longer afford to be putty in their hands, we need to become like a porcupine in their hands, so that they lose their hold on us and so that we can all awaken and see things for what they truly are in this grand illusion and move on to returning back to our true divine selves.

    Thank you again,


  • kat

    Cameron Day, thank you for the much needed info. keep that keen insight streaming to us.We appear so desperate for someone to take over and make it”all better”.We are easy pickings.I know I have been.Thanks to you I am now able to see more clearly.We are so blessed to have you with us,kat

  • THANK YOU for this article, Cameron! Every word you say is also my Truth and it’s just so wonderful to see it all written out like this. All the talks about disclosure, first contact, etc seem to be distraction/confusion ploys…but I do see more and more people realizing this as well. I strongly feel that the second scenario you offered ~ of more people waking up to their OWN magnificence~ will be the one that plays out ~ I can see it happening all around me and I can feel it in my bones. Articles like this help push it in that direction. So THANK YOU again, Dear Brother! ♥

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  • Phyl

    Thank you Cameron Day so much for this much needed info. I have proceeded to pass this info on to other websites mainly ones that I trust so far. Once again thank you!

  • melinda.mithka

    thank you !!!!

  • Pam

    Best yet Cameron! You’re making a lot of people look at things a little differently.

  • Michael

    Absolutely Cameron! Bless you for the contribution to Mankind.

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  • Fabulous post! Thanks for sharing. Blessings ~G

  • Al

    First of all, I would like to state that I don’t wish to in any way be disrespectful to Cameron Day nor do I know him and I send him great love for his concern in this matter. Without spending a lifetime trying to pick apart the whole blog line by line, as there are some parts I understand, I must address the last three sentences in particular and work backward…
    To quote him verbatim-
    “We truly do NOT need ETs to intervene, and the type of “we’re here to fix your problems” intervention that many people are wishing for is not likely to come from positively oriented beings.
    We need to own our own power, express it in balanced, loving ways, and create solutions right here and now. We must stop wishing for someone else to fix our problems, because we CAN solve them on our own.”
    Mr. Day, would that this were true, I’d gladly agree if we (the world) were on a path of peace and living to save the ecological situation and cleaning the utter toxic problems that are now mostly irreversible and killing Mother Earth, my home, my children’s home and all the other problems that are not being addressed or changing because we CANNOT seem to solve them on our own very well. I have never been one to wait for someone else to fix my problems but in this case, if truly benevolent people are willing to help and can expedite clean air, solve homelessness, feed the hungry, provide medical care (now again, I said if they can), then I am all for it because we have shown over and over that “we” cannot do it by ourselves – are you kidding me? And time is running out for our ecosystem…if it’s “not likely to come from positively oriented beings” – who will it come from?
    The second sentence was even more out of touch with the real world – again, no disrespect – “We need to own our own power, express it in balanced, loving ways, and create solutions right here and now.” Sure we do – now let’s get all the capitalists and power brokers of the world on board and we’re good to go…sorry, Mr. Day, you and I know we are dreaming…yes, it should have happened yesterday about 30-40 years ago and we wouldn’t be so out of luck today and it won’t be happening in the next 5 minutes so it’s already too late…whales are beaching themselves, oil companies rule the seas and do what they please to skirt laws, fish are so full of mercury I won’t even eat certain seafood, deformities are seen in all kinds of aquatic life forms from, etc….so my point is simple…we continue to destroy the planet relentlessly and without remorse as a world society.
    Finally, “We must stop wishing for someone else to fix our problems, because we CAN solve them on our own.” Again, I say to Mr. Day that yes we CAN but we WON”T any time soon actually fix our own problems. That is the reality of it all…so my bottom line is this – why not support ANY opportunity to save the planet we live on, hope that we get lucky enough to meet good beings (because we have no control over that anyway) as if the ‘first’ ones are going to be bad, the next ones are going to be good (?) and try to let the spin mongers spin away since they will anyway….we will each have to let our individual hearts and souls speak to us based on what we hear and the actions we see from any ‘ETs’ same as we have to with our current worldwide power structure that is jamming it so far where the sun doesn’t shine…well, it just might be a welcome change.
    A few days ago, I responded to the August 4th deadline on a previous blog here by saying that there may or may not be disclosure on that day – it could change due to unforseen circumstances and we have no way of knowing until that day what will happen. It would be nice….but if for any reason it doesn’t happen – not to be discouraged, it doesn’t change everyone’s personal goals and any plans for your own ‘ascension’. Now, I’m not trying to sit on the fence when I say that because like Mr. Day said, yes, there have been many dates selected for supposed ‘disclosure’ and they have come and gone…I’m not real happy that he feels that channels have chimed in as if they jumped on the bandwagon – that makes it all look fake – and granted, some of them may well be….but I defer back to the fact that anything can happen to thwart disclosure. So let me simply state for the record that in my humble opinion, “disclosure is simply a matter of time” and I don’t need an ‘official’ announcement but it would sure move a lot of things along! I just think the real problem is this – and it is a big problem: It will shake the foundation of the average person to the core when the reality sets in that we are not alone AND we are not the smartest kid in the class…that’s where the problem lies….
    We think we are the beastmasters – Wrong! We may be on the planet over the animal kingdom (and I doubt that sometimes) but wait until the average person gets this bombshell dropped on them that there are alien life forms here and they are highly intelligent and advanced (because I don’t think for a nanosecond that they are stupid) and we have been possibly learning from them for years (Area 51, Lockheed Martin, etc…) or Apollo 20 really did happen…on and on…their whole belief system(s) will be vanquished from Darwin to religion to Physics….need I go on?
    So what if….
    Let’s say a best case scenario – they are benevolent – or they could have desecrated us at any moment…I’ll take that chance. I will because I have seen some really bad scenarios in my life. I live in America. I have no complaints in general – but I want the whole world to live in peace, eat well, live with roofs overhead, be warm at night, have free medical care all the time….ya, I dream like that all the time. I have worked toward that in many ways. When I have been out of the US, I see how bad it can be in some places. It makes me sick. The thought of someone – anyone – coming in and ‘fixing’ and balancing the scales….hmmmm…doesn’t sound so bad.
    It’s not that I don’t love my country, far from it – I do love America – I hate the policies…most all the people here are awesome. Like all the people I know, we care about not only ourselves, we care about our kids, your kids, where the world is going, what our policies have caused and we are sad. We want to see everyone happy in pursuit of their own happiness, but it is NOT changing.
    I never want to turn on a TV again and see civilians killed accidentally. There is no reason for that. I know and understand that the view that “this is part of war” but I do not accept that. So, we need help from anyone who will help us Mr. Day….I don’t know where you live or in what level of luxury you live in but if you have the chance to open your heart to the world in general and see what is out there and you still say we can solve this on our own, we don’t need or want any help, or are under the misconception that ‘we’ are going to do anything that will fix all the problems I’ve discussed any time soon, I cannot support your view and feel you are being unrealistic of the greater good of everyone.
    With great Love and Peace to all always…

    • mary

      Al ,, you poured your heart out here ! ! It does seem like we “as a planet” are up shit creek ,, that maybe God has abandoned us ,, the powers that be would like us to feel this way ,, feeling helpless & all alone ,, looking for an answer outside ourselves ,, . Al ,, you are asking for help in such a profound way ,, I’m sure your answers will come back to you profoundly & inspiring ! ! God bless u for sharing your heart and your pain .

      • Al

        Hi Mary,
        Thanks for your feedback – I never feel that God will ever abandon us if the Creator is the loving Source I believe in…but the tests are incredible…I meant no disrespect to Mr. Day despite the oft times in my answer it may appear so…in fact, I feel he was courageous enough to speak out and state clearly his position in a world of two faced politics and backstabbing over oil, power and money over compassion for people…I just feel that if anyone can solve the plethora, indeed the endless multitude of insane problems we have that affect millions and millions of people who are in almost continuous pain every hour of every day, then step up and help. I think the problem is this: most people don’t really care…they say they do, but they don’t.
        Example: who cares about cancer? Cancer victims and their families (and rich philanthropists who need good P.R. and a tax write-off). Who cares about Guillen-Barre Syndrome, same answer…Child abuse,Diabetes, on & on…
        Most people (fortunately) have never seen a line for rice in torrential rain in a far away country two hours long and run out of rice after 1/2 an hour…or held a child when an I.E.D. blew her to pieces as you scramble to try to stop the bleeding – as an empath, you know she is going to die no matter what and is probably dead as you work on her but you don’t want to stop to check. You finally just pray and hold her as she drains out while the firefight wages cursing God crying….again…
        So, sure, I’ll settle for anyone, any person or federation, collective, command or whatever to take their best shot at it as we have miserably let our fellow mankind worldwide down, without selling my soul, to help our situation. I guess it is all in the perspective from where you come from.
        Apologies for the long-windedness (again) – Gratitude for the opportunity. What a great world this could be and should be for everyone…
        With great Love and Peace to all always…Thanks again Mary

    • I may be out of touch with reality as you perceive it, but it is important to remember that everyone views this “reality” from their own perspective. I try to take the biggest picture view of events, as it is easy to get consumed by the tragedies occurring in this world on a daily basis.

      This world is a vast, interactive illusion, intentionally structured to create the largest amount of suffering, in order to create energetic food for its hidden programmers. As humanity awakens, we come up to the boundaries of the box that we have been forced into, and we inevitably confront the hidden ones. They want to avoid this as much as possible, so a scenario where “Savior ETs” are put in place to keep us giving our power away and staying asleep will suit their agenda.

      I would like to mention that “true” humans are not the problem in the world. It is the “defective” human psychopaths in positions of global leadership that have been the delivery agents of so much suffering. But even they are just the front men for the real power behind the thrones. If we believe that psychopaths are accurate representatives of humanity, we are in trouble. If we overly vilify them and ignore the extra-dimensional controllers, we are still not operating with full awareness.

      I want to see an end to all suffering on this planet, and I’m not willing to accept more slavery from service to self ETs posing as saviors. All they will do is give humanity slightly more room in their box, but they will ultimately cause more suffering and harm if they are successful. This is why I am revealing this information at this time, so that more people can be aware of the very subtle manipulations that are occurring on a daily basis.

      Best wishes,

      • Al

        Thank you for your response. I did not to come here to be divisive – our community needs to be cohesive now more than ever. Allow me to inject positive statements. I agree with the 3rd paragraph and your conclusions are correct if we don’t have benevolent beings to help us by then. However, I don’t accept the ones we are ascending to and/or our guides and all the positive beings involved will ‘stand by’ as it were and let the ‘controllers’ have their way endlessly…because at some point, we will have to defeat the ‘bad guys’ one way or the other or we will be in on-going subjugation – so who will stop the ‘slavery’? Will it be us on our own (hopefully) or will we need some ‘ET’ help in some form whether we want it or not? I’ll end it there…
        with great Love and Peace to you Cameron

        • I’m glad you brought this back up, because I didn’t really address it in my reply. I can tell you with total certainty that there is already a MASSIVE intervention underway to free this planet from subjugation. But it is happening on a subtle level that people can choose to ignore if they want to.

          At the same time, if a person chooses to clear their energies, meditate and connect with the truly positive, Service to Others beings who are helping to dismantle the dark side’s control grids, they can do so.

          In both scenarios, free will is preserved, yet intervention is still occurring. It is my goal and the goal of many others in higher densities to see this planet and every soul on it liberated and free to create a positive destiny both individually and collectively.

          Much Love,

          • Maxwell

            “At the same time, if a person chooses to clear their energies, meditate and connect with the truly positive, service to self beings who are helping to dismantle the dark side’s control grids, they can do so.”

            By chance did you mean to put “service to others” instead of “service to self” in the above?

            (Cameron’s reply: Yes, I did indeed mean to type service to OTHERS. I was typing at full speed and didn’t proof read. I fixed the comment, and I thank you for pointing that out. 🙂 )

  • Debra

    May I just say, The earth is going to renew, it is going to save itself. The Human species is about to evolve. This has nothing to do with positive or negative et’s. Sure, there are thousands of ships and consciousness parked in orbit watching, but we actually do have free will. Take your power back! Also, try to release yourself from the collective. See yourself as “I” not we, as YOU are creating your reality. Our true lineage is SOURCE, and we are the smallest manifestation of the full power of that Source. Start creating the best possible future. Write it out…what you want, then start living it. The “ankle biters” (I prefer to call them fleas) are weak, not made of the same substance as us. But they do pull the wool over your eyes, so to speak. Ask your Higher Self for help.

  • Cynthia

    Awesome, C.D! I must confess, I’m one of the guilty parties that have been keeping up with much “channelings” & initially found myself pretty excited too. But now after much “growing”, I too believe that REALITY HAS IT, no one is going to save us, whether we wish for it or not! We ALL need to understand that we don’t NEED any “help”! We ALL have what it takes to do this ourselves! I totally believe that that’s the whole point in us being here, to be a part of Ascension!! & ANYONE out there trying to convince us otherwise is trying to keep us in the old density for THEIR benefit, not ours! So at this point, the most important thing for us to do, above & beyond all else is to try to help others to realize this so that we will have even THAT much more power to overcome all the countless obstacles & challenging lessons ahead! I’m so excited, I can hardly wait!!!….:D

  • patricia

    WOW Mr. Cameron Day!!! Your write pretty well. I agree with you in everything!
    Thank you for writing my thoughts!

  • Barpl

    Thank you so much for this Cameron. Your comments hit the nail square on the head!! More awakened souls need to see this. It seems most of them hang onto the channeling scenarios of benevolent ETs swooping down and saving us. I find it very disheartening that these newly awakened ones are being deceived. Sites such as Steve Bekow’s ,and many others, do not help the cause.
    I too followed the channelers when I first awakened but now I don’t waste energy reading any of it.
    Are you are familiar with a Dr. Georgi Stankov? His site – Stankovs Universal Law Press is based on the science behind universal law and ascension. He also prescribes to the same idea as you put forth.

    Thank you!

  • Michael Brine

    This is the most ‘Right-on’ writing/sharing that I have ever read. It absolutly refelcts my own insights that I have had for many years. In 2003 I was visiting Glastonbury in England [well known for its Mystical background/happenings] and I had an experience with an ‘Off Worlder’ which was so loving and profound I will never forget it – never! He/she was one of the ‘Good Guys’ Cameron talks about. Thank you,Cameron. Michael.

  • Laura

    Dear Cameron,

    This is my first visit to your site, and I am truly grateful for your wise words and helpful meditation videos. Blessings to you!

    For the past 12-15 years my daily prayer and meditation has been “Let the heart of humanity be opened, Let mankind remember who we truly are: Divine Beings, Children of the Universe, Love Eternal.” Finally, I have begun to see evidence of a wide-spread awakening of Spirit…It is happening NOW. And with perseverance and integration of our Higher Selves, we are destined to succeed in our evolution into the higher dimensions of being.

  • Maxwell

    You got it Pontiac. Nice to see some sense on the net in these matters ;> well done and my thoughts exactly

  • Richard

    Thank you Cameron for making sense out of nonsense. To hear this scenario in such a cohesive manner has truly been “enlightening”. BUT, I feel that in reality the human race will see through the veil of lies and sycophantic gestures these disingenuous “First Contactees” will speak of because we as a human race, are sceptical first and welcoming second when it comes to beings bearing gifts. I say bring on ANY first ET contact and let the human race lose its arrogance in believing that we are the superior beings. I believe that free will, WILL decide the fate of our planet and the next phase of our physical and spiritual evolvement.

  • Brandon

    Yes Thank You Cameron!

    I love the spiritual community, but our desire to just experience love and light sometimes blinds us to the deception we came here to become aware of. This darkness is very tricky, and I believe our reason for accepting this challenge was to become familiar with this deception so as to avoid it having power over us again. The channeled messages are so often filled with distortions, and possible outright disinformation, that I think people’s romanticized perspectives toward the galactics clouds their judgment. Channels can easily be muddled and distorted, so even if these channels are genuine, the clear discernment of the channel itself can affect the output, let alone interference from the dark ones.

    I heard you mention something about writing an article on the 4D perspective. Would that be a writing about the confusion between densities and dimensions? I’m still trying to wrap my head around where all of these people got this 5D (5th Dimension) Stuff from. I’ve always understood dimensions to be numerous, while actual Density changes to be only 7 levels total, just like the musical scale. So when people say we are going from 4D to 5D, I shake my head. I’m not sure what so called Dimension we are in, but I am clear on the fact we are in 3rd Density presently, moving into 4th Density.

    I believe the law of one material backs that up, as well as the discerning Cassiopean material which so many shy away from because it is full of the cold hard facts and not just the fluff.

    Anyway, kudos on this article, it’s good to see discernment where there sometimes is a lack thereof.

    One Love,

  • bz

    Well done. You’ve articulated clearly issues that have been on my mind for some time. Please write your follow-up article.

  • Ricardo Pérez Y.

    After more than a year reading a lot of information and comments on Internet y think that finally I have a clear possition about.
    Cameron article represent for me the real consciousness that us like mankind needs as a start point. like universal human right
    manifesto or children universal right declaration that the humanity entire validate and defends we need a “Universal independency of terrestial human race declaration” like an authentic reference for all of us to start to fight and achieve a new world and era

    Don´t you think it´s absolute necessary

  • You have a lot of judgments about the world, its a big place to know everything that is going ;).

    That said much of the article is a very solid read, and you are very correct about dates, and certain people, organisations or energetic entities thriving off of the low frequency releases. Now you can take that comment on any level you like (its all the same), from a method of control, or a method of food, or something that needs clearing up after its released. Whatever makes sense for you.

    My own advice to anyone seeking contact. Look internally first, you’ll get it there most likely before you’ll get it outside, as that is where everything starts and matters, (becomes matter).

    I will close with – if people can see or think it, its going on somewhere, could be 5 people could a small internal part of you, could be 100 people on a level they haven’t seen yet. Active Yin ;), and you’ll open up to who really is helping, though we’ve plenty of rogue thoughtforms on our end to clean up yet so plenty of internal junk from the TV, Films etc to get out of the collective psyche (if people would stop feeding it back in it’d help 😀 )


  • Hi Cameron,
    I read some of the disclosure stuff too and I take it all with a grain of salt. Most people don’t want to talk about ET’s anyway because it makes them feel uncomfortable.

    I am fine either way with whatever happens. I just won’t be as bold as to make any predictions about when and whom.

  • Hi Cameron,
    I find your article about Archons very interesting. I used to have bad dreams when I was young. Sometimes I am aware that I am dreaming the moment I see weapons or guns. From that moment I am in control of my dreams.

    I did try all kind of techniques to induce lucid dreams, keeping crystals under my pillow. Most of the time dreams are fuzzy and the moment I wake up I do not remember anything.

    I spoke to a few of my Lightworker friends. They said everything is in your mind. Some say the ETs would not show up. Some say ETs are there.

    Could it be possible as Earth ascends and her frequency changes – that our frequencies would also change thus we can perceive the invisible or cloaked ships someday? At present moment the higher beings or ETs find it difficult to lower their vibrations.

    The only saving grace is, our past history has strong evidence that we have been visited by Advanced beings and they built magnificent temples and structures. Ancient Aliens TV series.

    And in Ancient Texts or Puranas, the 10th incarnation of Vishnu is to take place. His last incarnation was Buddha. Buddha did exist in the past.

    The 10th incarnation of Vishnu and Lakshmi are supposed to happen now to bring balance to the world that has been ruled by the dark for the last 80,000 years.

    According to David Wilcock’s interpretation, around early 2014, there would be a Samavarthaka Fire or called Cosmic fire, where all the evil or darkness would get consumed or destroyed. In reality, they do not get destroyed or consumed, they end up on a different lower dimension and continue their lives, while the rest peace loving humans evolve and thus begins the Garden of Eden.

    • Yes, we will perceive more of our environment as we become more aware and attuned to higher densities. As for the Cosmic Fire, that is my main Soul sustenance. 🙂

      Many of the dark forces are being transmuted by the light, and the ones who don’t want that are simply being removed from earth safely. No soul, no matter how “corrupt” it appears, is unworthy of the One Love, because all souls are part of the One.

  • […] of the forces of darkenss in articles like “Never Call Them Archons,” “First Contact Is Not Happening Soon,” “Shifting into 2013” and many others.  The central theme of these articles is […]

  • […] of the forces of darkenss in articles like “Never Call Them Archons,” “First Contact Is Not Happening Soon,” “Shifting into 2013” and many others.  The central theme of these articles is […]

  • Jennifer H.

    This article makes wonderful sense – thanks! I am almost finished watching ‘Earth : Final Conflict’. This series was written by Gene Roddenberry & was produced & got to the screen by his widow Majel Barrett after his death. This was a project Gene very much wanted out there (he was so overwhelmed with work, such as all the Star Trek movies & subsequent series, that he didn’t find time to produce it in his life time). I feel Gene Roddenberry was a very advanced soul, perhaps one of the sleeper agents that Cameron mentions, so I had the feeling that it was important to watch this series. I also got some subtle messages to perservere & keep watching (5 seasons!!). Now I know why! Cameron’s article here, has put it all together for me. The series is about the deleterious effects of humanity embracing seemingly positive, peaceful ET’s (in the not too distant future) & the struggle that subsequently occurs, as they go through learning very difficult lessons about giving away their power & being seduced by advanced ET technology. I recommend watching this series – yes, it’s a little bumpy in places & some of the episodes are a little boring…but there are some doozies as well! Really, some mind blowing concepts are put forth too! Gene understood perfectly, what Cameron is saying so succinctly here, & it is all laid out in a little gem of a series, in terms of seeing through the dark smoke screen. Enjoy!

  • Jaana

    Thank you, Cameron

    I found this blog maybe two weeks ago and now I’ve been reading it every night.. and also doing your meditations. First I was really shocked because I understood I was also a victim of light-beings…

    As I’m restoring my energy back I feel like I’m alive again, more and more.. Maybe grounded is the right word. I think I was moved away from my body for many years and it feels so good to be back again!!!! 🙂 Today I felt like crying with happiness because I just felt the air in my lungs in this present way.

    I see I’ve still got a lot work to do, but I feel happy about it.

    Just wanted to thank you for what you are doing here. This is really helpful!