The Shift of Ages is Upon Us…Finally!

We are living in an important moment in human history, and due to the significance of this time period, nearly everyone on the planet (and off-planet) has an opinion to share regarding it.  In this article, I will be sharing my viewpoint in detail, and also putting some of the theories out there into perspective.  Above all, my primary purpose today will be to encourage you to deepen your relationship with your Divine Inner / Higher Self during these times of transition and beyond. The secondary goal is to help dispel any “spells” of fear, power usurpations, or false outcome of the 2012 solstice that you might be under.

Fear is the Mind Killer

Let’s get the fear out of the way first.  No planet-wide cataclysms will be occurring, simply because enough people on the planet have chosen a more positive timeline.  The negatively oriented (Service to Self) beings made their best attempt to sell a disaster timeline to the world, but we aren’t interested in repeating those old patterns of cataclysm, and that timeline is defunct. However, the accelerated pace of earthquakes, sinkholes and unusual weather will continue for quite a while.

Overall, the desire for true freedom within the human populace is beginning to break down the artificially imposed matrix of fear and powerlessness we have been subjected to for eons of time.  From the perspective of the STS humans and their higher density overlords, this IS a cataclysm, due to their increasing loss of power and control. While plenty of 3rd density vestiges of their control structure remain in place, and appear to be growing in some sectors, the higher densities are changing rapidly in favor of positive, Service to Others forces.  This does not mean that the STS beings on any density are powerless, so tremendous discernment will be necessary now and in the future.

Be Aware of Where and to Whom You Connect

I have said before that YOU are the power that the STS beings desire.  They will do anything they possibly can to keep some sort of power over you, in order to continue feeding off of your energy.  To this end, there are some “messengers” posting articles asking people to connect to “ET ships” cloaked in the sky.  I urge you to NOT do this, because NO ET has any right to dominion over you. There are plenty of ETs and EDs (extra-density beings) who put on a good show of being positive, but have hidden agendas to capitalize on your energies for their own gain.

Take a moment to feel out an answer to this question:  “Which would be more beneficial to merge your consciousness with, an ET/ED ship or the core of the Galaxy?”

I urge you to first embrace the power of your Divine Inner/Higher/True Self.  Breathe in and expand your Spirit from your heart center, and surround yourself in your own Inner Divine Light.  Then stand tall and connect your heart directly to the core of Mother Earth. A very useful phrase that I use when connecting to Earth’s core is, “Thank you.  I love you.  Please embrace me.”

Next, when you are ready, do the same thing to connect to the Galactic Core.  Anchoring Galactic core frequency into Earth’s core will add the greatest amount of positive energy to yourself and the planet. Once that Galactic core connection is established and you are acting as a Galactic conduit, you can include other beings into your focus IF you so desire.

The way to ensure that you filter out any STS beings is to state that you only want to include beings of the highest positive polarity, and that no beings of negative polarity are welcome in your energy field. I call the fully-positive polarized beings that I work with “The Forces of Divine Light” and I always make sure to include the caveat that ONLY the beings that are fully polarized to the positive polarity are invited.

Specificity is very important at this time.  If you just call on “the angels” or “the masters” you aren’t being specific enough.  This is because there are Service to Self beings on 4th and 5th density who consider themselves as “Dark Angels” (aka Fallen Angels), or “Dark Masters” who will be happy to connect to you in order to take some energy from you or distort your perspective. When you are highly specific in your focus and intent that you will only accept interactions from beings that are fully polarized to the positive, Service to Others polarity, this healthy boundary is difficult for negative beings to breach.

Don’t be Fooled by False Prophecies

Due to intentional manipulation of Mayan prophecies over many decades, and some well-meaning researchers basing their theories on those manipulations, a great many overly aggrandized prophecies about this time have been made.  Many channelers and their ED sources have compounded this problem, adding their own prophecies to the mixture, creating a situation that I sum up as follows:

The beginning has been confused with the end.

This frequency shift is being hailed as the end of darkness that will usher in a new “Golden Age.”  While I feel this IS accurate to an extent, the distortions lie in the idea that on 12/21/12, a flash of enlightenment will dawn for all of humanity, and we will instantly be living in a totally different world on 12/22.  This is simply not the case, and the premise itself is flawed on many levels. I won’t dwell on these flaws, but will simply point out that many people on this planet aren’t prepared to incorporate a “bolt of enlightenment” into their being.  That would be more than they can safely handle, and it would be a violation of their free will.  Even though their free will has been heavily manipulated and subjugated in the past, a person can’t just be “flipped” onto a totally new frequency that they aren’t prepared to embody.

Instead, an “offer” to rise up in frequency is going to be permanently established on this planet in these next few weeks.  This will make it much easier for people to embrace positive change, forgive the past, better themselves in many ways, and embody more of their true Inner Self instead of acting solely from their ego.  If you noticed a lot of people waking up in 2012, 2013 is going to be even better in this regard.

Global Meditations Are Beneficial

Calendar dates such as 12/12/12 and 12/21/12 are only as important as WE decide that they are.  The Galactic consciousness isn’t too concerned with how we have organized one calendar.  Nonetheless, if hundreds of thousands of people are meditating on these days, it is a huge opportunity to clean up the 4th density much more quickly, so please do participate in these meditations if you feel moved to. At the same time, please recognize that this “Shift of Ages” is happening right now, throughout the entire month of December and into January.  These are “big wheels” that are turning, and they don’t turn on a dime or a single day.

Those of you who are highly sensitive and connected to the Earth’s core and the Galactic core have probably already experienced some days of BIG transmutation occurring this month. This is going to keep happening for the next 4-6 weeks, so get plenty of rest in between days of big release.  You are doing a huge service to humanity by helping to release and transmute stagnant low-frequency thoughtforms that have been clogging up our 4th density environment for a very long time.  This is a good time to eat plenty of food to keep your body strong and grounded, making sure to have adequate high quality salt in your diet so your nervous system can operate with maximum efficiency.

Some Nitty Gritty Details

This shift of ages marks a turning point that we will be able to look back on years later and say that “Yes indeed, things shifted in 2012.”  We still have a lot of work to do on this planet in order to raise the vibration of human consciousness to what can be considered an ascended level.

Fortunately, we’re not alone in this process.  The planet itself is ready for a huge frequency jump, positively oriented beings from higher densities are presently helping in the efforts to remove ankle-biters from the lower 4th density zones around the planet, and most importantly the galaxy itself is transmitting frequencies of transformation to the planet, sun, our solar system and all of us. We only have to align ourselves with these incoming frequencies to reap their transformational benefits.

At the same time, the situation on Earth is quite complicated due to the high levels of mind-control being used on the populace by a small number of “negative elites” working in tandem with negatively oriented (Service to Self) 4th and 5th density beings.  They all know that their time here is up, but they don’t have any interest in relinquishing control of the planet. While I have read some pretty bizarre sounding scenarios of how they maintain their control, my perspective is fairly simple.  They use the human ego against itself, creating a “negative feedback loop” which produces low-frequency energy that fills the lower 4th density with “energetic smog,” feeding the ankle-biters, and also creating a frequency dampening field so that our “energetic sky” is dark and gloomy.  (See the article “Never Call Them Archons” for more details.)

This heavy blanket of low-vibration energy around the planet keeps the old limiting ego programs in place as the default paradigm, regardless of the cultural blueprint through which the egos are expressing.  Anyone who raises their frequency above this field is met with resistance by 4th density minions, so a big part of the clean-up effort is the removal of these 4th density negative (STS) beings from the planet’s energetic atmosphere. This process is well underway, and will be advanced significantly throughout this month.

As for the negative “elite” incarnated in human form, they are working hard to ascend to 4th density via the negative path.  To advance on the negative path requires them to enslave, oppress, torture, murder, rape and rob as many people as possible in 3rd density.  It is largely because these negative beings have risen to key positions of political, monarchic and corporate power in the world that our society is as heavily disordered as it is. Of course, they couldn’t have achieved such dominance without support from their 4th density overlords.

So we have somewhat of a chicken and egg scenario at this time.  Earth’s lower 4th density has to be cleaned up in order for the human and planetary ascension to continue, the 3rd density negative elite need to be isolated (incarcerated), and the dominant planetary power structures need to be purged and replaced with Service to Others oriented social structures. You can’t clean up one density without the other, because the two densities exist in tandem with each other.

This means that when 4th density around Earth is cleared up, we will still have to deal with the 3rd density beings on the negative, Service to Self path.  It is OUR job as a species to recognize that we have predators in our midst, the psychopaths who looks like us and can mimic human emotions, but aren’t capable of human empathy, and only desire to prey upon human beings.

This recognition has been slowly growing, and I anticipate we will make a quantum leap in this awareness in 2013 as pedophiles and psychopaths in positions of power are exposed and targeted by their victims.  While I fully understand why victims of pedophiles will want to exact violent revenge on their abusers, the rest of us need to avoid such scenarios.  It is very important that we maintain and cultivate a higher level consciousness that seeks simply to isolate the psychopaths from the rest of society for the benefit of positively evolving humans.

It would be detrimental to our consciousness to get whipped up into frenzies of mob-violence towards these people, no matter how reprehensible their crimes are.  We need to keep our calm and deal with them in compassionate ways for OUR own good.  My proposal is to simply lock them up in a special, maximum security prison, on a remote island. Since many of these psychopaths are extremely wealthy, their wealth should be redistributed to the rest of humanity.  This loss of power and wealth alone will be devastating for these individuals.  Then we simply let them live with their public humiliation and loss while preventing them from hurting anyone else.

Internal Guidance vs External Messengers

Now let’s get back to the GOOD stuff.  Another very important aspect of this shift is that people who have been relying on external messengers and relaying those messages to others will have to reassess their mode of operation.  True wisdom comes from within, and is only accessed by embracing and embodying one’s Spirit / Divine Self / Higher Self, or whatever label you prefer to apply to your True Self.

As more and more people learn to listen to their True Self, they will rely less and less on external messengers, teachers, gurus, etc. This is a source of fear for those messengers who have formed their identity or financial income on being followed by others.  It is a source of JOY for those who are already Inwardly-Empowered and have been endeavoring to help others to the same place of Self-Empowerment.

The main idea here is to listen to and learn from everyone possible, but always be inspired first and foremost from within.

The “Ascension Offer” is Tailored to Your Needs

In closing, I want to come back to the offer to ascend to a higher frequency vibration that is currently being anchored on this planet.  What this means is that very soon positive self-transformation will be an attractive, viable alternative that begins to look much better than maintaining the status-quo simply to collect a paycheck or be acceptable to one’s friends and family. This is why 2013 will be a pivotal year for people to make huge positive transformations, and a lot of people will be declaring that they “really woke up” in 2013.

As for you, my wonderful readers who have already made that leap long (or shortly) ago, the offer is going to be tailored to exactly what you need to move to the next higher level. You are certainly not going to be left out, and many of us will be able to look back and say that we made amazing progress in 2013.

I am very excited to see our future unfold with ever greater levels of positivity, and to watch the old system of enslavement fall apart.  Please know that you are an important part of this vast effort that is underway, and that you helped simply by being here and being YOU.  There is a lot of work ahead, but we will soon be working in much more advantageous energetic conditions, creating new models for society that are balanced, heart-based and fully-inclusive.

Much Love,
Cameron Day


28 comments to The Shift of Ages is Upon Us…Finally!

  • Linda

    Cameron, thank you for another cogent appraisal of the “2012 status”. However, a few of your statements leave me feeling very discouraged, namely:

    “The planet itself is ready for a huge frequency jump, … and most importantly the galaxy itself is transmitting frequencies of transformation to the planet, sun, our solar system and all of us…

    This means that when 4th density around Earth is cleared up, we will still have to deal with the 3rd density beings on the negative, Service to Self path…

    It is very important that we maintain and cultivate a higher level consciousness that seeks simply to isolate the psychopaths from the rest of society for the benefit of positively evolving humans.”

    In your estimation, how do these statements jibe with assertions we hear from multiple sources that the lower/dark/negative energies/beings/structures cannot co-exist in the higher frequency dimensions that we and Gaia are moving into presently? Or is it a matter of timing and that eventually, yes, we (the masses) will not have to isolate/incarcerate STS humans because there will be none among us? Or is it a matter of your vibrational level (stair steps) that will determine if STS beings are in your midst?

    It is very depressing to think that, after all our inner work and all the outer hype, we will still be dealing with the Dark in the foreseeable future. You say “The planet itself is ready…,” “…we will still have to deal with…,” and “…isolate the psychopaths from the rest of society…” My questions are “When?” and “For how long?” Thank you!

    • Most of those assertions are partially in error in my estimation, but it’s mostly an error in timing.

      What we perceive to be higher densities still have polarity until 6th density, and conflict between positive & negative polarity still exists in 4th density. The nature of that conflict is different than on 3rd density, however.

      My current understanding of the situation is that when the 4th density zone around earth is fully cleared of negative / STS beings and inhabited by the positive STO forces of Divine Light, we will be in an extremely advantageous energetic situation on the planet. But it is still up to the human race to quickly mature and take responsibility for the circumstances that we live in.

      The “dark” people won’t all just die off, although I do expect that some of the *really* dark STS people will, simply because the highly positive energetic environment will be sickening to them. They will most likely “graduate” to 4th density STS and go to another planet where the populace wants to experience the STS energies. (They aren’t going to be punished or destroyed, because polarity is part of the universal development that we originally designed as the One creator. They will, however, suffer at the hands of their STS overlords. Such is the nature of STS.)

      I think that some of the overly aggrandized notions of what this shift will entail have been seeded by the dark in order to foster disappointment and despair when those predictions don’t happen immediately. So I urge you to NOT be depressed about this! We are making progress towards our ultimate goal, but it is still early days in the big shift.

      I do think that *eventually* there will be VERY few STS beings incarnated here, because the planetary vibration won’t support the STS path. However, that day is more likely to be measured in years rather than months. (I would be very happy to be wrong about this point, though! 🙂 )

      • Linda

        Thank you, Cameron, this makes sense when viewed from the Law of One perspective of STS and densities. I was curious about it from that physics/energetic level. Managing expectations is the name of the game for now! Thanks!

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  • Cameron, there isn’t a better message out there that I could relay to the people who visit my blog! Today is not a day to throw caution to the wind. I feel it in my bones. It is a day to in a sense still hunker down, while we look back and are aware of just how very far we have come in these last months and weeks, how incredibly we have grown – and perhaps to quietly celebrate that a bit. However much I might wish it, today does not yet mean it is all over, that we are home free. You have stated so very well what I’m sensing this morning deep within myself. Thank you for all you are doing and many hugs, ~Jean

  • bacalove

    Linda, yes, we will still be dealing with humans who have not yet become Soul-infused personalities who have not expanded their consciousness. These people are our brothers and sisters, no matter what. We all are derived from the One Source or Life, and that spark exists in all things. Vishnu says see me in all forms. There is much misunderstanding about what is going to occur. Earth is going to take a higher Initiation and those of us who whose higher centers are open will share in this initiation to the degree of our own centers. It is a shutting of one door or age and the opening of another – The beginning of the Golden Age, Age of Aquarius, etc.

  • Bettie

    Do you have any other suggestions for meditation that help to deepen our relationship with our inner divine selves (besides the suggested connecting with Gaia and Galactic core)?

  • Cameron – short message I just wanted to say thank you for once again making sense and sending such a great message. You da bomb.

  • Fantastic article! So happy I found you! I love the level headed wisdom and encouragement that is here. Warm wishes to you Cameron ❤

  • Bettie

    Thank you for the article and for the higher self meditation Cameron. I appreciate the info and tools available at your site. You are spot on with your insight. Looking forward to your next article. 🙂

  • Tracy

    Loved this post, thanks very much:)

    I am pondering about STS beings. To me, everyone is one in our current society, because when one goes to work, for instance, they do it for money [not all, but many if not most] that they need to live. The “higher” STS beings must be loving THAT which they created, because it makes so many of us into STS beings by default. To me it comes down to money, the existence of it, the need for it. Humans are the only beings who pay to live here on Earth. So I have begun to think about a society where each being does what they are good at, and exchanges that energy for the things they need/want for their lives to work….implementation is another matter, lol!



    • Eventually, humanity needs to outgrow the concept of money. This will take time, but it will happen when we collectively understand that the entire planet and all of its abundance belongs to everyone equally. There aren’t people that are more deserving of this abundance than others simply because they were born into an advantageous blood line.

      This society has been set up as an STS system based on the illusion of scarcity, so that it feeds the wealth and value created by individuals to a few elite at the very top.

      So it is a challenge to us to operate within an STS system, and still be STO. This can be done in various ways, such as offering a valuable service to others, or to an employer for example. A person quitting a job that they hate and finding work they enjoy is a good step as well.

      I think that the exchange system you envisioned can be accomplished in a truly free and open society by creating an “exchange database” with one hour of work as the medium of exchange. As we serve others, we accrue “hours” and use those hours to exchange for goods and other services. Everyone’s time would be valued equally in a system like this, and there wouldn’t be a tax system to steal from people’s productivity. Everyone does what they enjoy doing, and everyone is abundant as a result.

      These are all potentials that we can co-create as more people wake up from the nightmare of the STS system and advance into an STO oriented society.

  • SOL

    I agree with what you have said Cameron, I will have to note to check back to your page from time to time. Thank you for your assistance here.

  • Girisha

    Hi Cameron,
    I had read about ‘Ankle Biters’ & practice Shielding before I Sleep.It works effectively.
    I guess You must be aware of the Delhi Bus Gang Rape Case of Dec 16th 2012.
    Since then i have become v disturbed & listless .I have tried everything,but as if a dark cloak is surrounding me,
    do you have any suggestions.I shall be extremely grateful.
    Much regards,

    • Yes, the Delhi bus gang rape is what I was referring to in the “2013 Big Squeeze” article. This is an example of rising awareness and righteous anger amongst the women of India (and worldwide) that NEEDS to occur so that the men can learn that rape is NEVER ok. At the same time, ankle-biters are magnifying the emotional reactions around this tragedy so that they can feed off of it. However, this is also an example where the ankle-biter actions will work against them, due to the expansion of awareness and consciousness that is resulting from the exposure of this case.

      The Energy Refund and Reclaiming Energy processes are very helpful in this type of situation. My wife and I have had to do a lot of energy refunding regarding the Delhi rape. The key is to not internalize the horror of the crime, while being aware of it and holding a vision for a world where rape is unthinkable.

      This is not easy to do but it can be done with practice, even after your energy gets unbalanced. That happened to me a couple of days ago when I read about the more horrific details of the rape. The blood drained from my face and my body went into fight mode. (The warrior in me wants to train Indian women in hand to hand combat and arm them with 2-3 concealable knives per woman as an interim solution…)

      It took me 10 minutes of focus and a couple of cookies to regain a normal state. (Things like cookies and ice cream are de-stressors). Also, when energy is pent up inside, some short but vigorous exercise can be extremely helpful.

  • Aristandros

    I am trying to translate the article in Greek and I don’t know what the STS stands for…What is it?

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  • Really good stuff. I like your style.

    Much love,

  • Hello David, nice and helpful website you have here!
    I am just beggining the conscious stage of my own awakening and plenty of things around me are changing. I am seeing the pattern very clear now of how things change inside first and soon after conditions (external I would say for lack of a better word) start following that same path.
    As you can imagine with so many sources out there I am having a bit of a struggle discerning real from hoax.
    I am no longer following steve beckow 2012 scenario anymore because I believe most of its sources are not honest to say the least. Same suspicion arises with wilckok and fulford. I am still feelling pretty good about Tom Kenyon’s messages from Hathors and Zingdad’s messages from Adamu. Daniel’s papers ring a bell as well as David Icke books. Your ankle-biters situation makes lots of sense and I am using your techniques in order to be able to help with the cleaning process eventually.
    Any suggestions to help me out in this screening process? I am not looking for a master or a guru to follow. I am trying to clear the way for my own discernment to kick in and help me to decide what is better for me at any given stage of my path.
    Thank you very much and please keep up the good work.

    I was wondering if you would be kind enough as to give me your perspective about a couple of things.

    • Hi Henry,

      I’m not sure who David is, but my name is Cameron. 🙂

      Check out some of my older posts on this blog for a lot of suggestions on how to discern between valid info and disinfo.

      Most disinfo contains a lot of truth, but it is framed in such a way as to hide or distort higher truths. Sometimes truths are omitted, sometimes false conclusions or false solutions are presented. Sometimes there are “honest mistakes” or distorted beliefs made by otherwise sincere researchers.

      Ultimately, it is best to listen carefully so as to detect where a truth teller has gone into an error, distortion or lie. If you detect a lot of lies in a source, then it’s best to stop listening to them.

      Let your heart and “gut” be your intuitive guides, and use your logical head brain to parse out the information being presented.

  • Thanks for your comment Cameron and sorry for the mistake about your name. I will scan your website as you suggest. Let’s keep in touch!

  • Hi Cameron,

    I think your tools are helping me to start to connect with my Higher Self. Last night I had a dream. My Higher Self told me that I am already healed. I was in total disbelief about how easy the whole healing process had been! Then I caught myself saying in the dream, “but my ‘blocks’ are my crutches, what am I going to do without them?” Then I realized, that as of today, I will have to be on HIGH ALERT, so that I won’t re-infect myself.

    This is another beautiful article with lots of beneficial information. As I was reading the paragraphs below the heading, “Global Meditations are Beneficial, and you mention that some have probably “already experienced some days of BIG transmutation…” I realized that perhaps I’ve been going through some kind of transmutation myself since I’ve been doing your Self Clearing Systems. I’m on Level 2, and as I continue to “peel the layers,” I think all that darkness I’ve gone through is starting to come up to the surface.

    Your information is always very clear and easy to understand. Your website is also beautiful and well organized.

    Thank you for the patience and compassion you have for all of us.

    In Lak’ech

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