Shifting into 2013 – The Big Squeeze Is On

For about 80,000 years (give or take), this planet has been “infected with darkness,” an infection that continued to grow and grow, encircling the planet in layers of darkness.  The beings that thrived in this darkness called themselves Archons, but I call them ankle-biters instead. Please see the “Never Call Them Archons” article for more details about these beings and how they originally came to power on Earth.  This infection of darkness on earth is why in spite of the basically good nature of most people, evil men (and some women) have had control of the levers of power in religion, government, business, etc. on this planet for so long.

There was a major operation on May 20th 2012 that broke up and removed the outer layer of this low-vibrational energy layer that I called the “dark grid.”  That dark grid was replaced by a light grid, which now serves as an outpost for 4th density positive Service to Others beings.   This was the beginning of the end for the dark forces on this planet, but because they are a relentless bunch of trouble-makers, they didn’t just give up and leave Earth.  Instead, they retreated to the lower layers of darkness that they had built up around and within the planet over those eons of time, then intensified their efforts to manipulate humans into generating more distorted, dark emotional energy for them to consume.

Nonetheless, the Forces of Divine Light continued to apply pressure to the darkness from the outer light grid and slowly dissolve the dark structures in the next zone closer to the earth, and in September 2012 there was another big operation to decontaminate this energetic layer.  This particular layer took several months to process due to a very complex situation where many human souls were being held in this zone by ankle-biters posing as the “lords of karma” in order to force souls to continue incarnating on Earth.  This layer was fully liberated in mid-December in preparation for a big infusion of light from the Galactic Core that occurred on December 19-23rd.

During the 4 days of December 19-23, two more distinct layers of ankle-biter controlled space around the planet were cleared out entirely and reconfigured to amplify the incoming light energies onto the planet. Wherever possible, the dark denizens of these layers were either taken to the Galactic Core to be transmuted, or were sent to a “transition zone” where they will be held until Earth is completely free from all dark infection and thoroughly shielded so that the dark forces cannot enter again.

As of December 23rd 2012, all that remains of the dark forces 4th density stronghold on Earth is a layer of dark energy on the surface of the planet, extending up several hundred feet, and two layers below the surface, descending about a mile deep. All remaining ankle-biters have been compressed into these spaces by the incoming light energies, and the expanding light from the planetary core.  They are literally trapped, so all they can do now is try to increase chaos and suffering among humans in an effort to expand their dark infection. They will fail and they know this, but they won’t stop trying because they don’t know any other way of life.

A Time of Intensification

Our energetic environment intensified on this planet tremendously after the May 20th 2012 operation.  This was the first real defeat the dark side had experienced on this planet since they first infected it over 80,000 years ago, and they don’t handle defeat very well.  The ankle biters went even more insane than they normally are and began intensifying efforts to cause havoc and pain among people. For example, it was shortly after this defeat that the “Miami Cannibal” story happened, as well as several other incidents of people suddenly “snapping” and acting in bizarre, insane ways.  For other people, especially those with a spiritual orientation, life circumstances seemed to get more difficult after May.

If this was a victory, why did things get worse?  In essence, we shook up the ankle-biter’s entire paradigm and served them an eviction notice, but were not able to evict them all at once.  It would have been nice to remove them all in one fell swoop, but that simply wasn’t possible. What happened instead was an intensification of the Divine Light coming into the planet coupled with a simultaneous intensification of the dark energies as they fought back against being compressed by the light.

Ankle-Biters Push Back…For Now

The most recent advancement of the Forces of Divine Light that finished on December 23rd 2012 has severely contained the dark forces, but at the same time, the ankle-biters are very much like cornered wild animals (with rabies) looking for any form of escape that they can find.  Many of them are trying to hide within the subconscious of humans, and impel those people to act in the darkest possible ways. Others are hiding underground and sending up waves of negative energy that seek expression through low-vibration human emotions.

Between December 24th 2012 and January 4th 2013, the dark forces launched three large attacks attempting to reclaim territory and push back the incoming light.  These attempts ultimately failed, but they did result in many difficult and emotional experiences playing out in small and large scales.

All of their efforts are focused on maintaining the infection of darkness and blocking out the light, but they will not succeed.  In the grand chess-game of this planet’s cleansing process, the dark forces are out of viable moves.  All they can do is defend the territory they have left and try to prevent their inevitable defeat, so that is exactly what they will do. This means that in some ways they are more dangerous than before, and the “dark noise” that they are putting out is going to intensify.  At the same time, any actions they take to temporarily increase negative emotions will work against them in the long-term, which means that every move they make to regain control will ultimately be part of their undoing.

Intensified Polarities

The current situation, illustrated in the picture below is one where the polarities are intensifying as the darkness is compressed by the light.  There is now MUCH more light energy available to those who meditate and connect to the Galactic Core through their Divine Inner Self. At the same time, because the darkness is compressed into a narrow field of operation, it is creating more intense emotions for people all over the planet.  These can be very difficult to process, especially for those who aren’t regularly doing some type of spiritual practice.

Additionally, the stronger incoming light is bringing up unresolved emotions within “aware” people in order to assist in self-clearing practices, which can also produce intense emotions. So in a sense, we’re getting hit by the dark and the light at the same time, with the difference being that the dark wants to exploit and expand those suppressed emotions, while the light wants to help us to examine, release and heal them.

Personal Choice Strengthens

With this new “energetic configuration” on the planet, personal choice is more powerful than ever before, which means that whatever we choose to focus on and empower is going to show tangible results very quickly.  This is great news for manifesting, but it also means we have to be very careful about what types of interactions we are going to engage in, and to be very selective about how we spend our time.

The darkness will try to seduce people into choosing arrogance, egoic judgment patterns, conflicts, aggression, dominance and selfishness whenever possible.  At the same time, the light now has a vastly stronger presence on the planet, but it waits for an individual to CHOOSE the light.  The dark will try to force itself upon your mind, while the light waits for you to come to it. This is one of the fundamental differences between the Service to Self and Service to Others path.  STO does not impose itself, but rather makes its presence known and offers the individual an opportunity to expand their awareness.

Due to these recent changes, we need to take a long, honest look at our current choices, and start making new choices that align us with the STO / Light path, which is done through the canvas of our life.

Do you hate your job? Take action to do something you enjoy instead.

Are you working for a corrupt financial institution, rapacious corporation or government entity? QUIT!  Look for something you can do that actually helps other people.

Can’t stand your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc? Take responsibility for your role in building a dysfunctional relationship, work on healing yourself and make a choice to either work on healing that relationship, or leave it.

Are you stressed out and distracted? Set aside time to meditate every day, and if you’re “not good at meditating” use Brainwave Entrainment to help you achieve a meditative state.

Are you harsh or overly critical? Minimize your ego and learn to speak real truth from your heart, not the ego’s condemnation disguised as “truth.”

Are you a doormat / victim? Learn to stand up for yourself, set healthy boundaries, say NO when appropriate and speak an honest truth from your heart.

Are people in your life bringing you down? Stop spending time and energy on them, and spend it on bettering yourself.  Seek out positive, like-minded people and build mutually-fulfilling relationships.

Thank You, Captain Obvious

Yes, that is all pretty basic stuff, but you would be surprised how often people overlook these basics because they think they can “ascend” and leave all their problems behind.  We are all on this planet for various reasons, and to learn unique lessons.  We must not fall into the trap of thinking that we have to wait until the planet is fully cleared from its darkness infection before we can create a Spirit-Infused life!  It’s up to each of us to choose the Light and embody that into our lives, to be beacons of light in the dark, and in doing so we will help bring about the full cleansing of this beautiful planet.

The energetic environment on our planet is better than it has been for almost 80,000 years, but we have to CHOOSE that light. The light doesn’t come rescue us – WE are the rescuers!  Most of you reading this are light workers, healers, and light warriors who volunteered to come into the depths of this darkness and anchor the light, and I thank you for being here. Our efforts have borne fruit, but not the cartoonish version of instant enlightenment portrayed in the media and through disinformation sources.

In For the Long Haul

As I said in last month’s email on the “Shift of Ages,” we have a lot of work ahead of us on a global scale to bring about the conditions of a fully light-infused planet and society.  All of the hidden darkness, hatred and horrible crimes that have been covered up and kept secret are going to continue to erupt into the light for everyone to see.  This is an unavoidable part of our healing process, so we need to be strong enough to face this darkness and dissolve it.

What is coming to light are atrocities that have been committed daily on this planet by those who are thoroughly infected with darkness. The public awareness of recent brutal rape cases in India and Ohio are examples of this new level of exposure, as one year ago, those stories would have been kept hidden.  Soon, the criminals who have gotten away with even more heinous acts due to being wealthy and powerful will be exposed. Then they will start to expose each other to plea-bargain for leniency.

We are in for a tumultuous ride in 2013, so I urge you all to make sure you are taking time to go inward, connect to your Divine Inner Self and just BE.  There is enough time to DO all of the things that need to be done externally.  We actually have more capacity to DO things when we have taken enough time to nourish ourselves by simply BEING still and going within.  It is only through meditative, heart-centered awareness that we can screen out the “dark noise” of disinformation and lies via intuition. Logical reasoning alone can’t get us there, so the intuitive impulses of the heart and belly brains have to be heard.

I have so much more to say, but it will have to wait for later.  I would love to hear your feedback on your experiences interacting in meditation with this new energetic environment. Are you able to more easily get and stay connected to the planetary and galactic cores?  Are you experiencing a lot of purging of old emotions?  Are you being hit with dark-side retaliation?  Please let me know in the comments.

Much Love,
Cameron Day



184 comments to Shifting into 2013 – The Big Squeeze Is On

  • Barbara Sandlin

    I feel better after reading this.. It was around May last year when I started feeling horrible emotionally and trouble with everyone in the world. ITs still going on and some days.. like yesterday are almost unbearable. Like I want to come out of my skin. I am a bit relieved to know its going on everywhere. Wow. Very hard year!! Thank you for writing this !

    • Deb

      It was in May of 2012 that I had my first stay in the hospital, my gallbladder removed and back to the hospital for another medical issue. I have had other health related issues that have kept me on and off antibiotics for 8 months now! Before that, I RARELY became ill or took antibiotics for anything! Enough is Enough!!

    • Loving This

      Look at all these beautiful souls right here, all working together. I don’t know that I’ve ever been to a highly evolved site where one is quoting Urantia papers, another admitting to wondering what was going on until she found out about the transition, and even awesome Cobra providing the planetary update. Cameron, you’ve done a beautiful job attracting such great souls in one place. I can actually feel your meditations working. I feel like you’ve done all the work, and I’m eagerly allowing all of the internal changes to happen. Thank you so much for simplifying the ascension process and keeping us all informed of the work that our galactic sisters, brothers and masters are doing for us. Love to you all! (Barbara — I felt it too. I felt glued to the bed in 2011, and thankfully I worked from home). P.S. Here’s to all of us reclaiming our human spirit and truths.

    • Michelle

      Hello fellow lightworkers. Much joy to see so many of you actively working for the divine creator, the light, God according to your beliefs. Following an Ayahuasca ceremony, which seemed involve a loving plant spirit (but you never know) I had a nde type vision, followed by a reliving of my soul’s birth into this realm. Interesting insights. I saw a field of what seemed to be digital consciousness, and also the mass of life. I experienced pure terror upon realising that once created, we can not be uncreated and I saw God as the light. I was reluctant to incarnate on this earth and begged not to, all the while asking for forgiveness for not loving being a part of God’s created universe. I was told that our experience of this world is an act of love, in that we get to see where we are at in terms of soul growth, to develop compassion, and to learn to co-operate with fellow created beings. We’re all in the same boat, evolving. Other insights, you know if our egos are still at the primitive stage of being addicted to power, vanity, need for retribution, negative thinking and so on – this world holds a mirror up to us, so we can transcend these lower qualities. I mean, imagine being let loose in the wider universe where any thought instantly manifests with the power to create or destroy… when many struggle to go an hour without thinking a bad thought. So, I am here to learn first to respect and nurture this earth and my fellow inhabitants, to first learn how to keep a house plant and goldfish alive, to overcome my desire for selfish gratification… so at some point evolve all trace of lower ego traits… And be the true child of a God/the light as the creator intended. A lifetime here seems like eons from this perspective but in the scheme of being infinite and eternal consciousness … I guess it is just a fragment. My modest exposure to the magnitude of reality beyond this limited realm sent me scurrying back to my Christian faith. I respect all of your beliefs, and my return to Jesus as the embodiment of The creator is on the back of my mystic experiences. I get why God came to this earth in the form if Christ and feel humbled that I fact the creator truly loves his creation so much to incarnate into this realm, so polluted by the dark energies (those who refuse the light of the creator). The dad energies must return to the light with their own free will, reality is complex but the creator gave all of creation free will, with capacity to co-create. Hence some dark manifestations. We have a choice as souls both here on earth and in the wider cosmos. I choose to align with the creator. Please always embrace the light, I wish you all of its protection. You were born of the light, you ate children of the light, you are loved by the light, you are protected by the light. Do not give the lost souls energy, this will force them back to the higher source. Much love to you all. We are in the same boat.

  • amakathy

    I just found your site and reading this really makes sense to me.
    Day before yesterday I felt a huge infusion of light and love bathing me and felt so connected to Source. It was beautiful,,,then yesterday and today I have felt exhausted and brain-fogged and lots of negative feelings coming up. Your explanation resonates truly with me. I find that on the days when I feel tired and bombarded with negative I just pull within and concentrate on staying in the Now. It really helps me The other thing is that as these atrocities are coming to be exposed…it is really difficult to wrap my head around it and adjust me sense of reality in the world. It is a process and I take it day by day.
    Thanks for the information…as I said earlier it makes a lot of sense.

  • MotherEarthCares

    A few things that resonated with me after reading your article. Therefore I feel there has to be some substance to this whole ascension thing. Here’s why:

    First, as a child, I had a recurring dream that I was dropped from a light source into a dark, dense vacuum in space where I felt so alone. It was like being dropped in a well. I felt the combination of both ‘lightness’ and ‘heavy denseness’ and I couldn’t determine which one was me. It used to haunt me. Was this the fall from (grace) consciousness? It certainly felt like that. The dreams eventually disappeared with the onset of puberty.

    Second, the other recurring dream that seems relevant to your article is the following… I wake up Christmas morning but never felt ‘ready’. It’s as if I forgot to prepare for it somehow and here it was Christmas morning…no gifts or tree. Was it feeling unprepared for ‘ascension’ (which I had never even considered until the Christmas event in 2012)? I wondered?

    Here’s where it gets interesting. Last night I had my recurring dream of Christmas and the ‘feeling’ of not being ready. But THIS time, it had nothing to do with gifts or the tree. I felt okay with Christmas this time even though I had nothing of material substance around me. So, I went outside and was amazed that all of plants were growing tall in the middle of winter (it was a very warm day for winter) with the sun beaming its magic on them. I was taking pictures of the plants to show everyone this miracle. THIS is the first time the dream has changed, ever! Is this an indication that the sun or energy from the sun has changed things? Is the material world less important now?

    I trust in the positive outworking of everything. I’ve known (and stated this to a sibling in the mid 1970’s) that the reason I am here on earth is precisely to do with 2011. That’s all I knew. It turns out that 2011 was the year I became fully awake so it was a bit of a surprise.

    Finally, in your article, you talk about the dates in December between the 19th and 23rd. Wow! These dates really resonated with me because on December 18th I began feeling a pressure at the top of my right eye. I couldn’t figure out what it was? It then moved to the center of my forehead (3rd eye) and felt like a bruise (tender to the touch). This pressure remained in the middle of my forehead until the morning of Dec. 25th and then disappeared entirely.

    I believe these stirrings within ourselves throughout our lives are divinely inspired somehow…there are others out there with their own stories they could share. Things are starting to add up now. Thanks for allowing me to share…

  • guest

    For years, I have been regularly attacked by negative ETs. They have disrupted my sleep by crawling inside my body.they make noises when I drift off to sleep in surgical precision, that most nights, I don’t sleep at all.
    In the past few months before Dec 21, 2012, these attacks have subsided but……since 4 nights ago, they are back in full vengeance. There are even human discarnates mixed in this lot.
    I thought these critters have already been purged……..?
    Any idea when these guys are going to go away…?

    This guy, Cosmic Awareness said that after Dec 21, the 2 parallel Earth planets will separate and not energetically bleed thru, but it does not seem to be the case. That would mean no more astral critters to harass me.
    Any ideas……?

    Also, this guy Metatron, Lord of Light,
    said that the earth and everything in it ascended on Dec 21, 2012.

    I missed it….? Bummer.

    So, where am I now..? Left behind, somewhere.? I don’t feel like I am ascended. I still bleed when stuck.
    What is going on .?


    • Please see my other post about discernment regarding channeled materials here:

      In a nutshell, both of those sources are in the zone of “not accurate” and trending towards “major disinfo”

    • Cassandra

      Guest, You may want to read cameron’s article on this site about how to protect to get a good night sleep. Cameron, thank you for your guidance and wisdom.

    • Tina

      I also have had attacks before going to bed they dothis alot to weaken us i think.I ask Divine Mother to put a shield of white divine light around my body and say out loud to burn up any dark energies that might be inside me and around me and in my apartment. Its good also to clean ur home and out a bit of bleach in a bucket and wash with it. Incense is great to and any prayers, mantras to the Mother are perfect, the dark hates the mother.If you want i can give you mantras in sanskrit there great. Ask Archangel Michael to help hes wonderful. May god bless you and keep you safe.Always remember Divine Mother is in your heart.

  • andy

    I just came across your site. I like your writing style. I have been feeling very depressed since about the 1st. Reading this latest post gave me a nice spark to work with. Thx

  • Bettie

    Your suggestions are always very practical and strike me as being in the best interest of all humanity. Thanks for sharing you wealth of knowledge with us. :)

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  • […] Shifting into 2013 – The Big Squeeze Is On | Ascension Help Blog. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. […]

  • […] Shifting into 2013 – The Big Squeeze Is On | Ascension Help Blog. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. […]

  • […] Shifting into 2013 – The Big Squeeze Is On | Ascension Help Blog. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. […]

    • Rose

      Thank you for all the Light is doing here. Cant tell u how appreciated ur videos are as they give an activity, a participation that makes one feel a contributing essence of Ascension. We must focus our light on prosperity, justice, abundance and we must KNOW and live as the Love we are, sharing who we are with Earth as a team to achieve our dream.
      Let the Blessings rain!

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  • esther

    Thank you Dear Cameron for your writing and all the information you share with us. It helps me to be very awared of what is going on at this moment and to give the most to add to the Light.
    Much Love

  • Poi Dog

    Duality. Good/Evil, Light/Dark.
    Get over it.
    All is One. We created this experience because the Source allowed it with Love. This is our creation as an Angel of Light
    that wished to do our own thing. Acknowledging our responsibility for the creation of what we experience is to confront our shadow self inside, don’t look outside.
    Accept responsibility, be grateful, love what is our experience because it is ourself. Quit blaming the dark forces,it’s US!
    Wake up. Love yourself and the opportunity to have this experience!
    Good guys/Bad guys…all One, so love yourself…cease battling.
    Go barefoot, collect firewood, build a fire, gaze into it…
    and let go of all the detritis!

  • I have felt such a shift internally – feel lighter, more open, more enthusiastic, more joyful and loving and feel more certainty that good things are happening and will continue. Physically I’ve had more energy, although some days because of the acceleration of magical events, my body drags a bit and needs to rest.

    just looked at Poi Dog’s comments above – I understand that attitude, but some people just have no idea what we’ve been up against or what we’re dealing with. We were toast without help from other dimensions.

    So glad to read your article!! It explains so much! So that’s why last year was so hard when we were all expecting huge miraculous transformations. Thank you!

    My ability to focus in meditations is still limited but I’m SURE it will improve!

  • maria

    I thank you very much for your posts! It explains so much what has been going on in my life for a long time now. I have been exposed a lot of theese low lifes uggly methods to strangle life and make as much trouble as possible.Strangled finances,impossible to find a job, familymembers turned against me, disharmonical energies in my home.At least with an understanding what is against me straingtens me to move foreward in Love and Light!

  • Chris

    Yes. Purging old emotions. Absolutely. The terror I feel inside was looking for ways to be expelled and released. For two weeks I walked around terrified people were mad at me . They could be smiling asking for a paper clip and I froze with terror they were angry with me. My level of emotions didn’t match the situation so I was sure the deep fear was finding a way to leave the body. I tried to connect with the galactic core during those times I felt terror and ground my fear into the core of the earth. That seemed to help.

    Yes going through a divorce and all the self hatred my husband has felt towards himself he flings at me. I am at the point were I can’t have any communication with him at all because I never know what hurtful statement will come out of his mouth

    Now having to process deep levels of betrayal and abandonment.

    This shift is NOT for the faint of heart!!!

  • Hi.
    Since May I have experiencing some radical changesin my pernonal life. And changes become far much bigger since Dec 27th. A lot of dark emotions have emerged, to the point I catch myself crying many time a day, for thoughts I supposed to be overcome already. I used to “see things” when I close my eyes, faces in the most. They do nothing, just appear in front of my eyes and go. Some time after May, dark and ugly faces simply desapeared, lefting friendly and kindly ones. After Dec. 27th dark faces returned, including a “grey” one I’ve never seen before. Those things match exactly to the dates you mentioned in your post.

    Thank you for clarifying what’s going on.

  • Michelle

    This past twelve months has been the hardest for me, although on the surface things look ok. I feel like shit most of the time, I fake being a human when at work – my brain is scattered in fear, doubt and loathing – it was not like this before – I cant sleep – then today ….I felt a great shift – Im not scared anymore – haleluja! I feel calm and sane, I have no fear left, its just gone, its wonderful. xoxo

  • Since the begining of this year, I’ve seen a surge of light and love in everything I do. i’ve made a more conscious effort to be compassionate, loving anf forgiving, and to let go of the old irrelevant programs that had been running in the past.
    This morning, in my meditation I made a pledge to chose the light. It was as if I had read this article already. I started to smile when I began reading this piece. Everything seems to be falling in place. It used to, but it has intensified since christmas/begininng of this year. I seem to be more aware and in control of emotions and decisions as well.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • gdazer

    Thank you for sharing this Cameron. I feel so much better for reading this article.

  • mary

    i am alive in God , , & God is alive in me ! this affirmation came to me when i was feeling down this december . i am that i am , , helps me to know who i truly am , , staying in God’s Love has been such a chore with the fight that goes on inside of me & showing itself outside of me everywhere lately ! i feel so weak at times . and then other times all i feel is this great love for all of humanity , , nature especially shows me its true luminousness & love for me . in the morning , when the Sun is rising , i meditate & feel this wondrous connection to the Sun , this beautiful soft Light fills me & the whole room i’m in .

    then , , one morning i felt so strongly i was feeding the fire of the Sun on the out breath & the Sun was feeding me on the in breath , , then the word fire turned into Flower , , the Flower of Life ! i felt from my heart , a beam of light going back & forth from the Sun’s heart to mine ! i think i’m starting to understand that this is part of the grid that nourishes and sustains me & all of life !

    i know first had of the evil that is & was in place growing up in a political family where brainwashing & drugs were used to destroy innocence & create terror in me & other children for their dark plans . it was a long tough road back to God’s Love that saved me from my guilt & low opinion of myself . lately the past has come back to send me reeling into the merry-go-round of illusion again , , but , , , , Love brings me back to the Truth of who I AM . I Am Alive in God & God IS Alive In Me !! Now when something doesn’t feel right , , i say to myself , , am i stopping the flow of Love from coming into my life ? , , if the answer is ‘yes’ , then i decide to go another direction . i’m very tired !! but hanging in there ! thanks to your site , Cameron , since 2010 , i’m enjoying the emotional ride back Home !!

  • I had to laugh (in appreciation) about the comment about the “lords of karma” because as far as I’m concerned “karma” is a ruse and set up by “Team Dark.” Also, Denise LeFay, whose newsletters you would appreciate, has said much the same thing about the darkness being cleared, etc. Your thoughts are right in line or along the same lines as hers. Showers of blessings upon you!

    • Loving This

      Angel-Light Love,

      In the Book of Urantia that’s exactly what it says about karma. You’re one heck of a receptive individual.

      I’m a believer too now. :)

      • cassie ganesh

        Thank you for sharing this My Dea I feel so much better for reading this<3 an light forever ..Thank u with Love ..

  • As far as dark side/team dark retaliation, I’ve been targeted for years–since I added deliverance-type (not religious, but metaphysical) activities to my work as a Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator (Spirit-Mind-Body-Environment). However, the last six months have been “hell.” These attacks, violations, and abuses can come through other people or direct through the astral.

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  • Dale

    All my life I have had visions, when I was a child one was of being in pitch black space and hearing a voice say “Just switch the light on”. My first awakening of any significance was in 1998. Light was coming out of my head and each piece of light was a realisation. I felt like I was levatating. My second big awakening was in 2003. I could have really done with a guru of some kind cos I didnt know what was happening to me and I thought I was going crazy. This culminated in a five day stay at a secure mental unit. It probably saved my life. For the last 3 0r 4 years I have been researching a lot. The freeman movement, quantum physics, biology, spitituality, chakras, etc. etc. This has helped me immensely understand who I am and whats going on. When I had my second awakening I wrote a lot and one thing I wrote was “We cant go until we’re all ready”. So I go back to my earliest memory of a vision and say to all my beautiful brothers and sisters. “Just switch the light on”. Thats all weve got to do. Its so easy. I love you all!!!!

    • Loving This

      Love you too Dale! Glad you’re thriving in your spiritual instead of being sent to the mental unit. Glad you survived. :)

  • Hi Cameron, Your article is spot on and I appreciate all you have shared. I can confirm much of what you have written from direct experience and have a strong resonance with the rest.

    My perception of what ascension has recently been, and what it is now, has been kind of un-affirmed, until now.

    To respond to your questions for feedback–mostly I’d say that feeling In Alignment or Out of Alignment (the state of Heaven is Heavenly and Hell is Big-Time_Nappy)is immediately known. I go on red-alert at first note and then steps can be taken by me to get into alignment STAT–it may take a minute or a day, but it is restored so less time is spent in middle states of confusion(even though much is still shifting in my life, and unknown).

    I felt a major surprise negative attack around Jan 3 all day and again Jan 6 late night. During this time I had the realization that despite many people’s hopes, 2013 would be partly about Backlash. But, to end on a High Note, the Light and Joy and the ability to connect into that is a BEAUTIFUL thing! Indeed, HOME is HERE and it Feels Fantastic to have such access to it thru alignment.

    Love To All-
    Blessed Be

    • I’m glad to hear your feedback and perceptions, Leigh. I will do more articles on how to secure our 3d home environments in the future.

  • Clare Bennett

    Thank you for this. My whole family has been a mess since May 2012. I had been meditating for 1 hour daily but stopped in October and became ill. It was a struggle all through Dec. 21 to 23rd and often since then to not cry. Despite feeling hopeful about the prophesied influx of Light, my internal dialogue was very negative. With your words as reinforcement, I shall resume meditation, keep my guard up against the negativity and push on! Your blog is very clear, comprehensive, and understandable without hysteria. Thank you again.

  • Anne H

    Cameron, I love your writing and find your blog so clear and helpful. I’ve been through much emotional purging in the last year and a half. I left a very stressful job in Sept. 2011 (I was working for a “rapacious corporation”); I believe my experience of the shifting energies on Earth would have been much more painful and debilitating had I not listened to the insistent guidance of my Higher Self and quit that job. I also restrict my intake of media (TV, Internet news, etc.) to a bare minimum, and I believe that helps keep me from being sucked into negativity.

    My experience of the energy influx on December 21 was of being flooded with an intense current of light/energy coming from the galactic center into my crown chakra, followed by a balancing where energy flowed back up my left side from the soles of my feet and out my crown chakra. Since then, I have felt peaceful and balanced overall.

    Interestingly, I spent a few days in New York City after New Year’s and found my encounters with people and response to the city’s intensity to be much easier and far more pleasant than on previous visits. Perhaps an indication of the uplifting effects of the intensified incoming light coupled with removal of layers of darkness around the Earth?

    Someone in the comments mentioned they saw faces… I’ve had that happen as well (with eyes closed while transitioning to/from sleep). At first the faces startled me, but now I just observe them and they fade almost immediately. Also I was seeing bizarre and demon-like or alien-like faces when this first started, but now they are mostly just faces of normal-looking people. I bless each one and send it on its way.

  • Jaime

    English is not my native language, so I apologize for any errors. Your articles have always impressed me much. I admire your knowledge and wisdom that are indicative of a high spiritual advancement. The Archons (sorry, the Ankle Biters) explain many things that no one had told us. I have a son labeled as schizophrenic and I think that he has been the victim of them for 20 years.I had believed that mental illness is something like a split personality. The person “sick” goes to another of his many alternate personalities when stressed too much or panics. What is your opinion? Many thanks for your help

    • Dear Jaime,
      I feel for you and your son. Being what people call a therapist and not a psychiatrist I could only speak about my own experience during my 5 month journey into enlightenment and what knowledge I have gathered since, during my work as a therapist.
      There was a young guy tagged as schizophrenic during our program. He was fully pumped up with medication to ‘help’ him through the day. He kept falling off his chair every 15 minutes and we would help him back on the chaire each time he went down. This went on for 2 full days while we were being taught the beginning principles of awareness. We did the exercises with him all through those 2 days, doubting he was able to process any of it. The 3rd day he felt much better and the 4th day he was just like you and me. We did not recognize him: clear minded, no more medication, functioning independently without help from our group. Same thing happened to a lady diagnosed as bi-polar. I have wondered since witnessing these people’s complete recovery if keeping them medicated did not agravate their situation. Also according to fairly recent research in the field, it would appear that we don’t really understand what triggers schizophrenia: deep traumas? A wish to evade an unbearable reality/life? A way to avoid facing some things about oneself? Refusal to take responsibilities? Or someone who in fact is incapable to adapt to this 3rd dimension, who then takes refuge into a self-created reality? What researchers are becoming more and more aware of is that medication might actually create more harm, creating greater confusion at times. Obviously when our friend in the awareness program stopped his meds and started to explore and discover who he truly was, his symptoms totally disappeared. After 5 months he came out of the program a young guy solidly anchored in his knowledge of who he was and what his next step was going to be in life. He obviously found himself, as well as the reason he came to this earth when he did. And that might be the best cure of all, when the heart is given the space to speak and the soul is crystal clear again, free to express itself.
      I wish you strength dear Jaime to be able to discern what path to follow with your son.
      In love and light always,

    • Hi Jaime,

      Yes, ankle biters will exploit anyone with vulnerabilities in their psyche like your son. As Myriam also said, pharmaceutical medications usually make things worse in the long run.

      I recommend finding a good naturopath who has a record of helping people like your son get off the meds and get better.

      All the best,

  • Cherie

    I had a rough ride til fairly recently. Around the 21st the negative energy got better but was having trouble staying grounded so had to work on that. This last week has gotten better daily. My heart is about to burst with joy. I have had ascension symptoms for at least 6 months so May sounds right. Like an airplane on a bad ride. Up and down. Lots of downloads in third eye. Visions, vivid dreams. Really have lots of telepathy or instant knowingness occuring so you are really helping.

  • […] the energetic environment around earth is in much better shape than what is shown below.  Please see this post for more details.  Dream shielding is still needed, but the higher up octahedrons will be built in 4D positive […]

  • Thank you Cameron!I have felt so much power and energy from your guidance and have held on to this feeling which has always been here! I feel very much in control of my thoughts and emotions through the 6 steps of accession! I am so grateful for your presence on this earth, it is truly a gift from the divine light and power of our galactic father and mother earth as we all are! I send lots and lots of kindness and light from Vienna, Austria, where I am working as a Light Giver and Cultural art consultant! May our energies and thoughts keep the world united and strong now and for the days ahead!! Peace :)

  • lar

    i had some really cool lucid dreams right around the 21s of dec, in one dream i said to myself am i dreaming or is this real, it seems so real (i know in lucid dreams you can control the dream & can do anything kinda safely, in the dream i was scared to do anything thinking it may be real life & didnt want to hurt myself,lol)
    the 2nd dream i wanted to talk to this girl, but i said naw ,then i shouted ,wait a minute this is my dream & i am in control. so i yelled hey come here! lol

  • In 2003 I went through the awakening, prepared for 7 years by my dear mentor. It took about 5 months but when I completed the program the name I was given was powerhouse. One of the commitments I made was to pass the light around to others in darkness which I have been doing steadily, little by little until beginning of last year when things really accelarated until September when I became a Reiki initiate level 2 then October when I started a course to help me set up my awareness/personal development, emotional guidance, NLP, Reiki business (see website). Just before Dec. 21, I got Auric Cleaning and Reconnective Healing to ensure an enlightened transition. Eversince 2003 I have remained calm, serene, very much aware of what is happening around me. I have no TV, remain centered in the positive energies, always healthy and strong. My business is coming along, I and my friend start an emotional/awareness coaching in 2 different schools this week: a unique pilot program for deeply troubled teenagers and for a group of young disconnected children in primary school. It incorporates many elements of my own journey into the Light, as well as my support group’s other programs on personal development. Though I often feel Earth accelaration process (spinning, downloads and Light) things I put in motion move very fast too and I simply love it. I enjoy every moment of this grand time in the knowledge that I chose to be here at this very special time for a very good reason. I seem to know my life’s meaning and I rejoice every day and give thanks for my inner peace and serenity, for the contribution to my community and for having entered such a deeply meaningful relationship with the all-knowing heart. My soul is entirely at peace and rejoices, my heart sings the power of the Light: I AM, connected to all beings and all of nature.
    In love and light always. May all of you dear Ones be peaceful, may all of you be happy. Great enlightenment is upon us, it will only intensify to include us all. We’re shifting, shifting and regular global meditation helps the rest of the world go through a smooth transition to the light.

    • Cheryl

      Hi Miriam,

      I’m interested in what you do for disconnected children in primary school. My daughter has great difficulty connecting to other girls because she has Aspergers symptoms related to inability to socialize successfully and connect to others. Maybe this would help her and others like her? I live in California.

  • TJ Chen

    Thanks all the help and service from one!
    I receive one message from one two years ago.
    Share to all ones here.
    “The voice, The time, have doubt, The faith is no longer there.”
    “To feel itself is feel. That is who, Who is become!”

  • Pam

    As always, thank you for being the voice of reason. Bless you, Cameron.

  • Hi Cameron,

    Your blog was forwarded to me by a friend yesterday. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It brings to light so many mixed emotions that I have been feeling lately. A feeling of being disconnected yet still attached…almost like having one foot in the old world and one in the new and not feeling comfortable in either. As a matter of fact, as I was reading this my third eye felt as if it was popping from my forehead. I can still feel its effects. Wow! I intuitively sense your accuracy in assessing what is happening on this planet. And, I am in awe!

    I will now double my efforts in meditation. Make sure that I take the time to
    meditate daily. I for sure, feel an easier connection to the core these days and
    am able to stay connected. So much so in fact, that I actually drag myself out
    of the meditation and back into reality….so to speak.

    This was something I very much needed to read today as I now see the darkness
    being played out with people who I consider my friends. It is both eye-opening
    and startling, and for a few minutes makes me question myself at times. So, again
    my thanks. I needed this.

  • Thanks, Cameron.
    useful info.

  • Jen

    Hi Cameron,

    Thanks for your efforts on behalf of us all. I have just come to your site recently and am testing/integrating the information you provide against my own experience. I felt huge amounts of light pouring in for much of December but have found January to be tougher, like “Oh, I am in this state of mild depression again and I thought I was past it.” I am trying to find personal clarity on the ankle biter material. In the last year or two I have had a few dreams of intergallactic warfare taking place in our atmosphere and ‘visitations/visions’ with some weird beings in the state between waking and dreaming that I had never had before. I kind of wish it weren’t so because it flies in the face of ‘sanity’ that I have come to take refuge in, and this is not widely accepted in the spiritual and worldly circles I am connected with. But I am continuing to quietly track my experience without a lot of judgement and try out some of the protection tools you and a few others offer, wondering if I should/could be doing something else with this. I have been feeling like my energy is getting sucked from various places in my torso and often wake up with pain and a sense of grey energy halfway between my heart and navel centers, particularly heavily since sometime around or after the New Year. I was attributing it to the post holiday recovery and recent lack of physical/outdoor time, as well as a traditional lull I feel this time of the year, but I also think it could be triggered or exacerbated by the ankle biters.

    Last night while asleep I heard myself talking about Hanzibal and Tsa, two names I’ve never encountered and awoke wondering whether I was talking about some ET/ED military STS types. Then I went back to sleep and dreamed that a small metal saucer was zooming through the clear blue sky less than 100 feet above and these small red orbs floated up and attached themselves to it. The saucer dropped a few white orbs with a bubble like layer (similar to a daffodil seed puff) and the red orbs came and attached themselves to it. I again woke up hearing myself saying to the people with me something like “the white things are from the hostile ETs and the red balls are deactivating them.” I have no idea where this all comes from. It seems like some other aspect of my being is conscious and engaged but is not connected to my conscious 3D mind. So I question the validity of these dreams, while also realizing this skepticism and fear could be an AB mechanism to limit my awareness. Regarding the sanity thing, I have always been psychically receptive but years ago put a lid on taking my dreams and many perceptions too seriously so that I could function ‘productively’ in the 3D world, which I did to a fairly high degree of success.

    Anyway, I wanted to connect to see if you have comments. I appreciate your ‘Have a hug’ photo. It helps me trust you as a good guy. Thank you and lots of blessings to you and everyone who is ready for a better life.

    • Those of us who came to 3rd density from higher densities are operating on multiple levels simultaneously. We can experience some of what we’re doing in the higher densities while sleeping, and it sounds like that’s what is occurring in that experience.

      Balancing higher density awareness with thriving in 3D is a tricky proposition. For me, I do a lot of “normal 3d stuff” like exercising, gardening, doing IT work, etc. But at the same time, I focus on infusing myself and whatever I do with the light of my Higher/Inner Self, Galactic Core, etc. By doing this, I can usually strike a balance between doing the necessary worldly things and maintaining an expanded awareness.

      For people who haven’t experienced higher density awareness, all of this sounds like madness or delusion. And that’s ok…I just talk to those people at their level and seek to impart something helpful to them in the interaction.

  • Jen

    Coincidentally, or not, a friend lent me a book last week called ‘Edgar Cayce’s Story of the Soul’ by W.H. Church and I came upon this passage:

    Concerning the biblically prophesied Armageddon that so many doomsayers envision taking place at the turn of the century, Cayce once remarked that it would actually be fought mainly at the spiritual level on the other side, between the souls entering and those leaving the earth plane. In this same context he reported on one occasion […] he was given a futuristic glimpse of “things happening up in the air” such as have never been experienced or seen before, with wars or rumors of wars – but the forces of Armageddon “stopped by the forces in the heavens.”

    I suspect you’re not looking for validation but I do think this corroborates what you are saying about STS ET/EDs to a certain extent.

  • The One


  • GabiGaia

    Hi Cameron! Really loved and resonated with your post. I found it through Starseeds on FB. Some feedback on my behalf is that yes connecting to my higher self, the galactic core, Gaia’s grid has been much easier..I feel the light pouring in much easier nowadays. In the last few months I have been contacted by my twin galactic flame who sends me messages of love and reassurance via songs and’s really been great! I also feel the dark forces trying to tighten their grip by seeing some of the news around the world and by picking it up energetically. The ego keeps on trying to sneak up on me in very clever ways and a particular experience with my earth significant other allowed me the opportunity to resolve a past karma/hurt with a vengeance! It was like right! It’s now or never! Resolve this nowwww :) I was very grateful to have the presence of my earth mother, my super soul sistar, to help me focus on the new paradigm and embrace the opportunity i had manifested for myself through my significant other and simply feel, bless it and let it go. Done!!
    Thanks for the opportunity you’ve given me to see in retrospect how much I’ve LIGHTened up and that I’m not alone in my experiences :) I look forward to the rest of my earthly journey (with the exception of some moments where I ask to be beamed up and taken back home already!) Much love to all

  • Denice

    My family is feeling the ankle biters almost daily this past week. Lots of weird dreams and astral experiences. . my 15-yr old son recently was awakened by several beings in “shredded shadow cloaks” as he described them. He (being a very tired teen) told them to blank off and then he turned them into the pink, ostrich-like characters from Dr. Seuss ABC book: four fluffy feathers on a fiffer, feffer, feff. It seems our children already know intuitively how to deal with the little parasites. . .

  • Eduardo

    I felt since last months and specially since the end of December an increase of light energies, mainly in meditations. Also my feeding changed drastically as I eat now mostly fruits and raw food, what happened in a “natural” process, it means my body “asked” these changes.
    The dark attacks still happen, but it seems to me as if it were a little weaker or I can better deal with it…

    Love and light to all!

  • Paulie

    What about those people who have a family to feed? Under the current monetary enslavement system, if you have a drastic drop in income, then your family and yourself can be in a tough spot, not being able to meet financial obligations that sustain the basics such as a roof, food, electricity and transportation. It’s easy for anybody to tell someone else “if you don’t like your job, or work for a rapacious corporation, QUIT!” but what if there are no jobs available for you do do what you like, or something altruistic, that pay the money needed to meet the basics? How does a divorced mom or dad tell their kids that they can’t see them any more because they don’t have a car, or place to stay, or able to pay child support, because they quit their jobs to be happy and do more STO? How does a person tell a court that they couldn’t afford child support because they quit they job in order not to “feed the dark forces” Then the dark forces win because that person is forced under psychiatric care!!! (LOL)

    • I’m not advocating making bad life decisions. All of this is about cultivating a sense of purpose and service to others, while being balanced in taking care of yourself and your family.

      Obviously everyone’s situation is different. However, most people are under the spell of “money, status and things” to a large extent. Breaking that spell, one realizes that a lot of what they buy every month is both unnecessary and counter to our evolution. For example: cable tv, smart phones and phone data plans, 3d movies (and most movies in general), restaurant dining (buy mostly organic and cook at home), new cars or car leases, the latest gadgets, yearly computer upgrades, more and more clothes and shoes, etc.

      For a person who has already cut out that excess and is really down to the basics, if they feel stuck in a bad job, there ARE other options. It takes effort to seek out and find those options, but they are there.

      Maybe there is an untapped skill that can be utilized in a more conscious company than where they are now. Maybe someone can find work at an organic food co-op, a garden center, an ‘enlightened’ kindergarten, etc.

  • Dale

    Appreciate this article very much. Helped me to get over psychological problems I had as a teenager where I was blamed for occurrences that I was not responsible for. I would imagine there are a lot of people in the same shoes. Now I feel so much freer and energetic. Thank you very much.

  • Pernille

    Reading this article saved my day, I have been bombarded with negative memories from my childhood in the last couple of weeks, I will now take time to meditate every day to get rid of these black emotions. Thank you so much.

  • Thank you! My friend, I have been a ‘fish out of water’ for most of my life, without understanding more than a vague discomfort and longing for ‘Home’ most of this duration. With the Portals opening up last May, I have felt the same surge of energy and ‘nourishment’ with each successive Portal leading up to the 12.21.12. At the 12.21.12, I could not understand why everybody basically ‘left their post’ on the internet as Lightworkers? And how everyone got such negative reactions such as disappointment and disillusionment? It was something you can’t ‘see’, but rather an event you can ‘feel’. Your post here explains so much of that. You know, while everybody in my Karuna Reiki classes was uncomfortable with each successive attunement going ‘up’, as I was attuned I had no ‘clearing’ or ‘blip’ on my ‘radar’ whatsoever. It was striking how I experienced a ‘coming Home’ in the Higher Dimensions of Karuna Reiki in contrast to my classmates. My ‘Task’ is to show the dying how close they are to God. I am a working anesthesiologist, and I take Reiki with me to work in the Operating Room every day. It is my passion to unite the ‘woo’ and traditions of ‘energy medicine’ into ‘traditional medicine’, in order to ‘take the best and leave the rest’ as we move forward in the ‘de-shackling’ of our souls from the Matrix in 2013. I have 31,000 hits to prove that others are supporting this cause with me! My blessings to you and your wonderful work. It is an honor and a blessing to discover your site, and I look forward to ‘following you’ now. Namaste.

  • Aleanna

    Hello Cameron,

    What is the source of your Intel? It is very interesting!

    • Every evening I check in with my Inner Self and the Forces of Divine Light to see what the planetary status is, and work on whatever is within my ability to help with.

      The dark’s surface energy layer is actually much “higher” around big cities at the moment, some as high as 3-4 miles, but the overall compression is holding nicely.

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  • Sandra

    Yes, Yes, these are exciting times we live in.I feel fortunate to be a part of it and grateful that Creator perogative has allowed those of the light to intervene on earth’s behalf.
    Personally, I am experiencing the very annoying constant humming noice and have been for months now. It is quite distracting and verges on maddening. It interferes with my ability to share my light and is getting louder. I do not know what to do about it. I know we must ALL pray fot the spiritual progression of others. It does not interfere with “free will” choice and is IMPERATIVE FOR THE PLANET at this time. oUR Collective Consciousness, praying for spiritual progression of all souls incarnated at this time is a powerful tool in fighting back
    Blessed are the peacemakers! for we know” ANY DEVIATION FROM DIVINE UNIVERSAL LAW, WILL ALWAYS, EVENTUALLY LEAD TO IT’S OWN MORAL BANKRUPTCY AND SELF DESTRUCTION…even IF the mercy lag of time is sometimes long….DIVINE justice always prevails.
    Do I hear an amen brothers and sisters!

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  • Hello and Thank you, first!

    We here in Germany do a good “Job” too. The Ankle Biter,try to take place in me. But no chance, i live them trough me.

    Light is flowing many Bodys here. We can feel ist. Great discussion in Net in Germany, is rising!!!

    Thank you

  • Valiana

    I found you! I have been doing the guided mediation found on the utopia radio link for the last three days. It has me blissed! I am not one that has been drawn to meditating, ever, but this is a different story completely. It is really shifting every aspect of me! I am grateful and blessed that you have given it freely from your heart, you are helping heal us all. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  • Maria da Conceição Camões

    Thanks for this wonderful explanation.
    Sorry about my english. I am brasilian, living in Portugal. Since May 2012 my live became a hell, with powerful and evil forces fighting against me and my boyfriend. I think they’re using black magic against us. It’s has been very dificult since them. I’m using all my energy, trying to be connect all the time with God and good energies. I believe that I’m not mentally ill because I use to meditate every day, but for the other side, my boyfriend had been hospitalized 2 times with a severe depression. I’m still fighting, but sometimes I don’t know what to do to finish all of this. I continue dedicating myself to a spiritual life, but just God knows how .

  • Dear all,
    we have recently been hit hard by retaliation from our dark friends. We’ve been beat up, shot, thrown into jail, wrongfully accused, lied about in the media – you name it. Reading posts like this one shows us it’s not for nothing. Truth will prevail and finally surface – if we all, *you all*, ARE and DO it. We have been living this for 1-2 decades now, and have attracted a lot of resistance, but we have also witnessed countless miracles. It’s a bumpy road, but every step you take is worth it. Seen you soon, in peace and joy.

    God bless,

  • Johan M

    Since I was a child I’ve tried to figure out why people around me seem not to see the world as I do. I’m still in that phase, but I’ve come to understand that its not me who are strange, its the others that are blind.

    2012 was a difficult year and it mostly felt like a painful wait and it was not until December 21 when sitting in a air plane watching the sun rise two times within a minute that my connection with the universe was completed and I felt a relief I have longed for since childhood. During this winter my creativity have been at an almost ecstatic level and it have resulted in various pictures that sometimes seemed strange in my eyes after finishing them but after a while they start teaching me things I never knew. It is a very interesting journey indeed.

    Tonight (Sweden) I’m concerned because there is a flow of negative energies at a magnitude that I can barely take. I started to search for help and came across this site, it is a relief to see that I’m not the only one who feel and see what happens. The shields seem to help at the moment but I have a nasty “biter” around me for about a year now, and tonight it attacked brutally. But it is merely riding the “black waves” crossing my house from north to south. I have seen it physically, but I hope that most people don’t need do that , not pleasant for the eye.

    It really makes me happy and warm to see and feel that people are waking up! I hope we will all be in peace soon. Happy new world to you all!

  • Thanks for this article. Yeah, the dark has not given up, it has stepped up its efforts. But if you look at its schenanigans as a way to help you learn/grow, rather than as pure threat, it will motivate you to go even further than you would normally go. So that’s a good thing, and for this we will one day be appreciative.

  • While i am Meditating in the early morning hours now a days i feel the intensity of light descending on me and prolonging up to i come out of meditation grounding and anchoring?
    While i am Meditating in the ‘cosmic party’ conducted at ‘MAHESWARA PYRAMID CENTER’ at Sivapuri/Kadthal-Hyderabad-India by Brahmarshi subash patriji with 1 lakh Meditators from 21st dec.2012 to 31st.dec.2012 from morning 05 am to 07.30 am i felt a very peculiar astral attack on me.It was on 22nd dec 2012 at morning 06.30;I felt a very heavy vomiting sensation and motion sensation with heavy giddiness un tolerable.I came out from the spot sat down holding a wooden pole until the sensation subside.It took 15 minutes.Then went to toilet,came out,had a stomach full of water sat for 10 minutes there and then came for Meditation spot and continued Meditation.
    Can you explain the reason for this attack if possible?

  • Tallison

    What a breath of fresh air here. Yes many a shift occurring now. I had the darkest thought’s yesterday for a few hours. I finally was able to send the thoughts bake to their right and appropriate place knowing that they are not my own. Courage light beings. We are so close now…

  • Jack

    “Between December 24th 2012 and January 4th 2013, the dark forces launched three large attacks attempting to reclaim territory and push back the incoming light. Both attempts ultimately failed…”
    Can you elaborate/clarify this statement? What were these attempts? How would they be apparent to us? Were there 3 or 2 (the second statement refers to both)? Similarly, what specifically happened on May 20 that started this recent process of pushing out the darkness?

  • martine

    Its just good to hear that others are experiencing the same things that i have been experiencing – I dont feel so alone lol.
    I know that we just had a bigger influx of light – I thought I was good – but I have been losing the plot and being incredibly angry (very hard space to feel any love) – I am just trying to be kind to myself and to know that I will move through it. The other thing I have been experiencing is ringing in my ears – not just in one pitch but different types of sound – never had that before! love and light to all you x

  • Aeyrie Silver Eagle

    Hello Cameron, and hello to my dear Light Sistars and Brothers!

    I come to you for the first time today by a very circuitous route, yet I am here. I arrived by clicking on a link to your article above in a post from Cobra that was re-posted on American Kabuki’s blog and delivered to my mailbox. We all know by now that such things are never “coincidence”, so we can dispense with that. I am here because I have followed my Divine path to you.

    Like many of you I am also a powerful Light Being who volunteered for duty here on Earth at this “time”, having many needed talents and abilities to offer to the cause. While I have been doing this work for a very long “time” here (and elsewhere) and I am very experienced in Light Work, I’m not immune to the symptoms you are experiencing. I especially related to those of you who said they were feeling tired and somewhat depressed. I have been holed up in my “cave” since the 12-21-12 Event, yet hard still hard at work (inter-dimensionally speaking) on many pressing issues.

    WHAT event, you say? Oh, my dears!

    There is no need for any of you to feel disappointed and/or depressed that “nothing happened” on 12-21-12 because something DID happen! There WAS an “Event”. It was all very quiet, yet most miraculous! Heaven thought that what happened could be a possibility, although unlikely. Nevertheless with great hope in their Hearts a timeline was opened for it to occur just in case.

    In the very last days before the 12-21-12 it DID happen! Your compassion was so great for the loved ones you feared might be left behind that you collectively decided on a soul level that you would make an appeal to Heaven. You preferred to ascend together as a group instead of splitting up to follow separate timelines. That, my friends, has never happened here before. And oh dear ones, how you made Heaven weep and cheer for joy! <3

    However, this great act of Love on your part also gave the "ankle biters" (LMAO ~ love that, Cameron!!) one last chance at you. They have renewed their attacks with great vigor because they are bitter and resentful. They refuse to acknowledge that their time here is to very swiftly be concluded. This is why it has appeared to you that "nothing happened".

    Thanks to Cameron and others, many are "onto" the ankle biters now. You are aware that these beings are merely a nuisance, "catalyst" that prods you into soul growth. (See Law of One.) You realize that they have no power of their own and pose no real threat to you anymore. You can easily dismiss them, as Cameron has so wisely instructed you to do. You have ascended far enough now to realize that you no longer need to learn and grow via Pain. You can instead learn and grow via Joy. This is so HUGE! Congratulations!

    After having read about 2/3 of the posts you wrote I noticed that I was becoming very sleepy. That is always a signal to me that my "seniors" want to have a big conference, so I put the body down to sleep for a short while and went to talk with them. When I came back to my body I finished reading all your posts and then I decided I would act on the vision I returned with.

    I was shown how to drop a "Galactic Light Bomb" on all of the "ankle biters" that would instantly transmute every one of them. It could be done, I was told, by employing Cameron's method of poking holes in their shrinking domain, but on a much larger scale.

    By drawing down and connecting a Lightstream from the Galactic Center in the manner Cameron described and surrounding Gaia's entire body with it, and then expanding that envelope to join Gaia's growing internal Light (which she will graciously expand for us if asked) it would effectively squeeze the ankle biters and their entire remaining domain between a Light sandwich, leaving them no possible escape route. The only way to leave would be on the Light Stream returning to Galactic Center.

    Yes. I have the power to do this. You do too, and you can help if you wish. I go to do that now; will you join me? (Remember: there is no "time", so any "time" you see this post will be a good "time" to assist.

    Fair Warning, ankle biters: Leave NOW, or be transmuted! ;o
    Ahh hahahahaha! Love Bombs, AWAY!!

    Heavenly Blessings upon us all,


    • Aeyrie, you are AWESOME! I feel your wisdom, your deep inner work, your strength, your love. And on top of all that, your words also feel soooo closely aligned with my own information and conclusions and sentiments about these subjects. . . . THANK YOU for sharing here, as I’m sure your input will help many Souls (this is my first visit to this site ever, btw — and I’m VERY glad I took a peek at it!).
      In La K’esh. . . .

    • My “reply” to this is turning into an article, so I will combine it with answers to some of the questions in this post and get it polished and ready to publish within 2 days. :-)

    • Kyle

      Sadly though the damage has been done. Many people have sold ENTIRE BOOKS based on the fact the end of the world would come or that instant enlightement would happen.

      Either case many people built their entire lives for this moment and survival kits that wounded up never being used because they were deceived by these 2012 *truffers*.

      If you’re going to bother apologizing you need to apologize to those sincere people who bought up into it instead of playing the “Let’s change the date” game that false prophets LOVE to do.

      Of course false teachers have the potential for love. The love of money!!! Money makes the world go round.

  • Cherie

    Wow Aeyrie Silver Eagle-I was meditating yesterday and had the same exact meditation you just described. The light was pouring in from above and blasting around the planet (the vision was of all things being immersed in the most white of all light and at the same time the light was coming up from above leaving no place for anything else. It was a very powerful vision and just came during meditation. Thanks so very much for sharing as I had not thought about it being something to do as ONE. I FEEL that we are at the end. There are area’s that are darker than others which is where I am trying to focus. Some of you live in such areas where the Illuminati have strong holds. Know they are very weak. The ringing in your ears in just the increase in vibration as you ascend to a higher dimension and will not be as noticeable as it levels off.

    • Aeyrie Silver Eagle

      You must have been at the same conference! *wink!* Rock on, Sistar!

    • Zaggy

      Hi Cherie – Regarding the ringing in people’s ears… I think this is actually an attack on the person, rather then a sign of impending ascention. It is a sign that the person is on the right track, because to become a ‘Targeted Individual’ you must be doing something the ankle-biters really don’t like (are afraid of). But it is something that needs to be worked though (rather than ignored or encouraged) via meditation, creative visualisation, and the letting go of all fear. I know this first hand. It really sucks at first, but it’s empowering when you learn how to negate and overcome it.

  • Lola


    I am writing from Holland, I am convinced that we have been attacked with a very dark energy from somewhere during these first days of January, including this low buzzing noise day and night that is here to make us crazy (although nobody that I know notices it unfortunately). I am glad I found this article, it calmed me down. Thanks!

  • scooter

    Wow this information is amazing! it really hits home, especially the May part, since I was definitely being messed with and was given negative alternatives to my life which changed it forever. I mean, it is definitely a huge lesson that i have learned, and for that i am very thankful, but it was definitely a result of a lot of negative flying around my mind during that time. I have no one to blame but myself, but i know these ankle biters were influencing my thoughts, and helped me in choosing wrong… But thanks to that, i am more powerful today than i have ever been before, even if this will ensure i remain alone forever… but i’m good with that, i have already accepted it <3

  • SmokeyKat

    What is the differnce between the ankle bitters and the Annunaki?

  • Me

    Yay! ^_^ Rooting for y’all! <3

  • d weeden

    Light always transforms energy that is inharmonious to that which is harmonious. All is energy! Terror, Death, and Slavery are not used by Light. Evil begets Evil whenever evil methods(non-eternal methods are employed). Always raise consciousness.

    Transformation of energy are the means used by disciples and powers of light.

    transform and stay radiant.
    d weeeden

  • Kathy Kelley

    Hi Cameron, I wanted to stop to let you know that this little exercise punched a hole in a chemtrail this afternoon LOL. I had to stop and take a picture of the hole and giggle to myself. I am definitely one of the clean up crew and have been assaulted all my adult life by practitioners of Black Magic and Voodoo. I could tell you about many battles I have fought and ultimately won. I AM SO DONE WITH THESE VAMPIRES! BE GONE! And so it is. 😉

  • Thank you Cameron,
    I found your blog on my Reader and so glad I did.
    I had a transmission a couple of months ago, and I keep hearing Galactic Core as the origin. Felt some of those dark pushes but have worked to stay light. I shared your site with friends and on my Facebook page.

    Peace & Love,

  • James Swarthout

    Right up until the first week of 2013 I’ve been on a rocket sled ride over the speed bumps. Negative tendencies that I[ve fought all my life have fought their final battle for my spirit. It’s all been interior so I’ve fought this war alone. The ankle-biter spirit I have called Grendel after Beowulf’s nemisis has finally lost the battle for me. HOOOORRAAAAYYYY!! Light forever!!

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  • Lavanya Pankajan

    I am so glad that a close friend shared this article with me. It does put a lot in to perspective and also helps you recognize what’s going on in and around you, enabling you to handle it right. I thought after the crazy experiences I had in October ’12 and after working hard on grounding myself, I had moved to another level in my life. I thought I broke free from everything in the past and had finally become a butterfly ready for abundance in my life till in December a wave from my past hit me. A lot of ex boyfriends came back into the picture, people I thought I had left behind and had wished well. I have been meditating a lot to keep my energies and vibrations high to attract the right partner and people in my life. Instead I have much younger guys, guys with many issues and involved men taking an intense interest in me. I have to fight to keep them at bay and not get distracted. I am also looking for a job and trying to keep my finances right but some times I get disheartened, anxious and low but I know I have to fight it and things will get better.

  • Dana

    i felt the change really vividly between dec 19-23 and then an enormous attack of darkness that i literally swirled to hell and deep darkness, i am in israel so between the pyramids and jerusalem it was not fun at all because it seemed like all the area was activated somehow. since i started climbing back/up, tons of emotions to clear are surfacing terrible fears, victim-hood, self defeat patterns, shame, distorted emotions from the ego and more- i use EFT to clear those and the protection shield a similar method as you put in your site.the emotions just leave the body forever with EFT quite an amazing method.i am still jobless with no direction and some fears.Some friends i do not wish to see anymore, my level of consciousness since the 23 dec is amazing. thank you Cameron for all you are doing and all the people who commented that help to know that we are not alone in this.

    • Kyle

      You guys are so lucky to have all these magical toys to use to help yourselves. You don’t know how blessed you light workers really are.

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  • I have not in fact been keeping track of which dates I have felt most effected by the intensification’s of the light but I can easily attest to several occasions when the energies were so strong that it felt as though my head was being compressed and there was a wonderful buzzing at my crown chakra. I have been following the path of light for several years now (I’m 19) and due to this, the transition beyond the lower vibrational energies has been a very gracefull and rewarding one. I have witnessed several amazing synchronicities more so lately than ever before and ever since I chose my destiny consciously I have come in contact with some very interesting individuals that have wonderous knowledge to share with me. I thank all of you who have found your way to these pages and for all the contributions you make to “the good fight.”


  • oldwoman

    Wow. It’s so good to read a website that’s not telling us to sit around and wait for some magic door to open that we just step through for “ascension.” So many people sat on their hands waiting for the saviors to come, when I’ve been increasingly aware that we’re the saviors, and our ascension isn’t some big spiritual swoop, but a choice a hundred times a day to disconnect the fear and division buttons and choose to act and react in love. Thanks for shoring up my resolve to keep at it.

  • Dark Grid destroyer

    I got heavily attacked after successful meditation today by demons which was surprisingly as they haven’t attacked me before. They were very angry and said that this is not over yet. Attack was much stronger than masters of lower evil attack. Only masters of lower evil(angle bitters) have attacked me so far but not so successfully anyway. They said that they are not happy to work of masters of lower evils(angle bitters) and that they are taking more control over situation. They threatened release dark bomb that would recreate all of dark grid. It won’t be posible at now but they said that they will put more pressure to lightworkers in the future in order to decrease light amount so much that it would make releasing bomb possible. So let’s be careful and put pressure on them by meditating.

  • Hope

    Thank you so much for this blog. I haven’t been myself for the past year and it has caught up with me over the last few months losing the positivity I had. I need to bring the light back into my life. I know my actions have been affecting others as well.

  • […] this article I am going to answer several questions I received based on my last article, Shifting Into 2013 so that the answers aren’t just to one person, or buried down in the comments section.  The […]

  • Tired!

    Hi Cameron, I found your post today and it was really relevant to the chaos that been my life this past year. I used to be quite carefree and not worry but mid last year i had this intense fear that started in me and all i could focus on was this fear, and i tried and tried to deal with it but found i had to face it head on no getting around it. It has slowly gone away but only after lots of work on releasing all unwanted emotions. Also on top of this I had three people I loved in my family pass away and many friends had the same thing happen. But im still here and doing well but im having probs sleeping and waking up exausted and sore like i have been running all night so im going to take your advice and do some of your exercises to stop any interference keep up the great work and thanks for your insight. x

  • Catherine

    Cameron, I have read hundreds of these things and yours is the simplest and most loving interpretation that I have found.

    Thank you
    Catherine xxx

  • WhteFthrEagle

    Has anyone else had dealings with very intrusive psychic spiders? I have banished them from my space in the name of my spiritual Guide, but they are very persistent. A cat toy laser works a little.

    • Ankle-biters often appear as “scary” insects, in order to play on our subconscious fears.

      • WhteFthrEagle

        Do you think the cat toy laser is a good way to fend them off? Why does this work? Does it disrupt their molecular structure?
        Thank you for the reply! :)

      • WhteFthrEagle

        Could spiders also be protective because they eat insects? Maybe they are eating the ankle-biters! That’s the happy spin on it anyway 😉

      • ana!i sometimes latelly have dreams with hundreds of roaches+the like +a v.increased intolerance in real life.i dont have fear just they make me sick (like “bliah”)even the sight alive or dead.i was actually wondering why did that happen ,,coz as child i didnt mind so much

    • Dana

      i did not have those, but what i do have if i do not shield myself before sleep is endless wondering in astral/artificial realities meeting people with suspicious advise motives and “wisdom” , crazy ugly confusing architectures, bizarre animals and so on that imply all kinds of false truths and misleading advice that is trying to bleed into waking state instilling fears and self doubt.

      • WhteFthrEagle

        Could some of this wandering be spiritual explorations? If we travel with our Guides we are protected.

        • Dana

          WhteFthrEagle: some are i guess, i do not have guides tangible anymore only God source connection and a kind of echo of intelligences (that’s how it feels anyway) -i can see those “realities” building themselves in front of me as from broken mirrors of distorted concepts and the “actors” are like clones of the real thing like budget actors :)i think this description people can relate. but i take your comments with great thanks- it can be my wounded psychic in repair. you lucky you feel protected with guides, me because my life path rarely had the opportunity to have the companion of protecting guides that i could feel/know….life is a mystery.
          About the laser cat toy – maybe the concentrated beam + your intention helps to remove the fear, the fact that you have like a sword and fight back i think it makes half the work.

          • WhteFthrEagle

            Good point about intention, Dana. After listening to the exercises here, I’m thinking that maybe “swatting” them isn’t the highest thing to do 😉 I feel like Jim Rockford when he would get this annoyed look and say, “Oh, come on!” when he thought he was in the midst of ridiculous circumstances 😉

            The protection is available to anyone who asks. Yes, I am lucky to have found this over thirty years ago.

            May the blessings be.

    • Lynette

      You are one of the only people I’ve come across that mentions the psychic spiders. I dealt with that for years. Seeing them when I opened my eyes dangling right over the bed and running to turn the light on. What a feeling for relief to hear someone else has gone through this.

  • WhteFthrEagle

    Regarding the buzzing and other sounds:

    There is a sound that the Universe itself makes (it has even been studied by Science ;). This is the same sound that is in a seashell when you hold it to your ear, a babbling brook, the wind. To hear this Sound is very good indeed. Along with Light, it is the fabric of the Universe. To learn more, see:


  • Dana

    WhteFthrEagle: thanks, going to the link!

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  • AquaDragon

    This sucks, as a matter of fact I do want to ascend to leave my physical body problems behind. Being a migraine sufferer, earth can go to hell. But I don’t ever want to feel pain anymore. I’m only a few thoiughts away from killing myself. And no when we die, we die, we do not reincarnate or wake up in the astral to wandeer in there for eternity. Every sin forgivable. Heaven on earth will never come, there is one above though.

    • Marsha

      Peace to you, AquaDragon, and so sorry, truly, for the physical pain you endure. It’s hard enough focusing mentally without having our bodies impede us.


    • Kyle

      I’m with you! I’ve only a few thoughts from killing myself with the pain and depression I’ve suffered.

  • […] a positive future for humanity is the Spring Equinox, March 20th, 2013.  December 21, 2012 was just the beginning of the process of transforming this world and restoring the light of freedom to Earth. If you have […]

  • a familiar face

    once again, thanks for the article. the ending was “interesting”…all that stuff i can agree with, such as “the retaliation”… that comes with the territory.
    ~infinite Love, ALWAYS

  • Northern Lights

    Thank you for this post. Myself, and many friends working in the light have been struggling the past few weeks under greater self opening. Last May was a profound shift of healing and letting go and last June brought about an acceleration of growth and energy. Come December everything broke wide open and I felt on the verge of falling apart though went inward and kept with the daily work an broke through instead of apart. I left my government job, sold most of what I owned, cleared out that which didn’t serve me any longer and trusted my path to the light. Immediately things fell in line for a bold new and more fulfilling life where I feel I am on the right path… it also took me a few thousand miles across the country then to Alaska for a time. I have already seen the ripple effect of my own commitment to walking this path as many near and dear to me are also transforming their lives for the better, some with similar large moves. Now seems to be the time that it is more important than ever to keep making space for that time of self connection to inner healing and to further heal the hanging shadows so that we can help illuminate the path for others. A time with bumps and struggles though ultimately we are all supported and loved and will make it through this triumphantly. Love and peace.

  • Timing is perfect, and this piece is perfect. I love the to-do list; it’s everything I’ve been working on, and the results HAVE been coming quick. The rate of manifestation is just…whew! It’s also been a good way to gauge my progress. There’ve been times it was so much good stuff at once I had to ask for breathing space. The emotional clearings have also been intense, but always worth it. It’s been exhilarating. Thank you for this website. I just discovered it today, and will be coming back.

  • Marsha

    I have so many questions answered now after reading this. I have been on a deep search for so long but it became fully launched (as if it weren’t of my choice) but with my questions, more and more doors opened. I do wonder about this…. I have had torment going on inside for a long time, mostly in dream state. A continual dream I have had for 20 years is of me seeing myself in a mirror in demon form. Yet, i have also had dreams of me feeling something in my dream that I cannot see, but am aware of his dark energy and no matter who is present with me in this dream, how many or if the gender is male, it is known that I am the one to challenge and prevail over this dark being…. any insight?

    • Dan

      It may be a feeder Marsha, I’ve had one before. It’s more than likely afraid and attracted to your light. It doesn’t understand love and light as we do however it feels drawn to it. Increase your light consciously within every cell of your body and DNA. Feeders live in our subconscious and our bodies our the gateways to our subconscious. It will leave you soon and return to source, look at the situation as another opportunity for you to raise planetary consciousness and spread love and healing. All is well. :)

  • Dan

    This was so helpful. Thanks! Ive had the big squeeze put on me lately and deeply rooted issues are being forced to surface. I now see that the most effective thing to do is to bring higher and higher levels of light into everything I do, whether making tea or teaching a class. It’s not so much the action as the light behind it. I have found that meditation and chi practices are so much easier and get more powerful results. I have also found that neglecting this leads me down fast. Lets gets this shift complete and create our utopia!! Blessings to all;)

  • Thank you so much for this article. I was searching for information on a timeline for completion of this ascension process, mainly because I thought I had to be at a certain vibration level before September of 2013. I had to stop reading so much on the internet about this topic, because many of the information puts fear in people to think they have to hurry or get left behind. The truth of the matter is that we all have this beautiful energy already inside of us just waiting for us to activate it by choosing to. I never paid any attention as to what was happening to me until this past October, when I received a call to come and study some very valuable information on this ascension process. Since then my life has taken a complete turn in direction from what I use to be (old-self) to a new-being that has laid in silence for thousands of years and waiting for the right moment to surface. This activation of pure heart love in encoded in all of our DNA, and was set to go off during this time. With this new light frequency that has come in, I now understand what has happened to me. Its a challenge to describe how my body feels, it is very different. I don’t find many people who want to talk about this without thinking I have a loose screw(smile). also it seems a lot of people are still not quite aware or getting what is happening. I minimized my visits with my family, which was a necessary process for me to move forward in my spiritual growth. I still visit them, I’m just selective in what I say and listen to and how much time I spend there. I was also fortunate enough to meet my twin-flame soul which is very rare but happening all over the world, as now this is a very life changing and evolving process for everyone. I’m very greatful for Cameron Day and staff for this article. Can you let us know how things are going as of July 2013 with this process. My twin and I send unconditional love from our heart to everyone everywhere.

  • wisdom seeker

    I’m glad I found this site.I now have the piece of mind that I’m not alone in this and that together we can and will prevail against parasites.Ihaveexperienced some of the doings of these anckle bitters I’ve been thru fear and anxiety but thanks to this post I Iknow understand some of the outcomes in my life and the source from where they came from and now I can overcome the barriers of fear and look forward to love,peace and happiness.THANK YOU FOR THIS POST MAY LOVE AND PEACE COME TO ALL OF US IN ABUNDANCE!!

  • Wow this explains a lot. I just finished reading Quantum Psychology and was trying to find the next step. I had tried ascending several times in the past but was attacked on all fronts.
    This discovery deserved more observation…

  • JM

    I searched for answers after having a very odd meditation. I have only ever had normal meditations, and a few very profound ones that I know changed me inside, my awareness, perception and senses all are increased dramatically since starting. But today is the first meditation I have done that actually scared the shit out of me.

    I have my parents over right now, I got up early and did Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Meditation for removing the EGO. I feel like my Ego is gone, the odd Ego type thought, but I am always aware of it, analyze it, and never act on it. Life has been amazing since starting this.

    Today I wanted to go somewhere that I would not be disturbed if someone got up. So I went into my dark, unfinished basement where I thought I would be able to get privacy. I was going to do a guided ascension meditation, I feel like I am so close to having a very profound experience. I get tons of eye floaters, and when I stare into the sky I can see transparent “code” floating down, everyday it gets easier to see. It really makes me wonder how much truth there is to the matrix movies because it is actually very similar. I have had a few moments of expanded awareness that have been permanent.

    Anyway, in the basement I sat in the dark in a computer chair and started it. It tells you to imagine walking up a golden staircase into the sky, with bright lights shining. Then imagine an angel up at the top. Now for some reason I was having trouble imagining what the angel should look like, and it became very distracting because I was starting to miss what was being said. Then the angel’s face kept turning into a demon looking one, similar to something you would see in a horror movie. At first I just thought, okay this is your imagination playing tricks on you, just picture the angel. But it kept getting worse to the point that I got out of the chair, grabbed my laptop off the floor, and used it’s light to get the heck out of the basement. I have never had an experience like that before, and it left me wondering if that was my own imagination or something more real. Recently I read Susan Shumsky’s book on ascension. Before that, I had no prior knowledge on the subject, so it had me wondering if it was a real entity or what.

    Please share your thoughts with me…It happened about an hour ago now. I have been searching for info since.


  • JM

    I have been reading more of your page since posting the first comment, I understand the chain of events now, it lead me to this amazing website. I read this on one of your pages, I don’t understand it.

    “I used to think that this nauseating disinformation coming from “Archon Angel Michael,” “Saint Germain” etc was the result of dark-side interference taking over the channels without their awareness. What I didn’t understand back when I wrote “Who’s Really on This Channel” is that transmissions from “truly positive beings” weren’t being intercepted and corrupted by the dark side, but rather the messages were coming from “false light” beings of the spiritual liar-archy.”

    Now from Susan Shumsky’s book, I have been meditating, asking Saint Germain to help with my ascension. I haven’t been feeling as well rested since then, but I also haven’t been meditating as regularly because I have family over, they leave this week.

    I also know last night that I woke up in a cold sweat to some kind of nightmare that was visions of demons. I can’t really remember it now, but I do remember waking up, telling myself I don’t fear anything, not even death, then I fell back asleep.

    Then this morning, the ascension meditation, I saw through the angel to the demon’s face.

    I’m confused now, I don’t understand enough about ascended masters and this game of deception.

    • JM, the bottom line is to not give your power away to any outside “authority” whatsoever. Source is inside of you. Declare that “I am Sovereign” and reclaim any and all energy you have given to anything external.

      Check out the self-clearing system, and remember that you do NOT want to get rid of your ego, it needs to be tamed so that it can be a useful tool instead of a burden.

      • JM

        Thank you for replying. And that makes sense, I was definitely too loose with how I was meditating, asking, and what I was surrendering. I can see how I could have attracted almost anything.

        I am a little confused about how the ego can be tamed and used as a tool. Only because everything you generally read out there says to remove it. How it is used as a tool?

  • Explains why I have been so ill since the beginning of last year, especially with being so energy sensitive, and I have not been able to get well or recover no matter what I did – until now. Every time I have tried to eliminate these critters they have attacked me badly (caused my whole bed to vibrate do badly I was unable to sleep!). Interesting when I “googled” for more information on them a couple of months ago I found nothing! They must have interfered with the search! All makes sense now!

  • I have been noticing alot this when i have been progressing i had this somewhat weird tenancy to do something to make me stall. its good to know there is more going on then we see and to take your advice and meditate more and clear the ankle-bitters from attacking when Im progressing. Love your blog and will be adding it to my blogroll! Namaste Peter

    • Kyle

      Why is it that when ever I attempt to do light healing my body goes thru these spasm attacks and I feel an urge to do other things that often winds up as distractions which I never get back to the healing.

      I always tell myself “Just for a little while” and that little while becomes a long while and I soon forget all about spiritual healing.

      Is this the dark forces trying to screw me?

    • Kyle

      Also for some strange reason light energy makes me want to vomit.

  • Stu

    Dear Sir ,I’am a successful professional prospector in Northern AustraliaI,I found these ,which i named ( Philosopher stones ) by dowsing at a vortex site that emit an energy( not radioactive) of 2 metres ,a marble size stone when shon with light booms out energy to 40 metres in diameter. All the leylines here have disappeared, their is now a new grid ,a vortex every 22 metres. What I found also several years ago is that invisable entities attach to humans and live off our emotions, they have devolved and can only exist attaching to us. The energy of the stone will detach permently these enities in two minutes, why because your DNA changes and then they are no longer compatiable.The answer I get by dowsing is the energy is Gods concsiousness. In the energy field it will heal, human DNA changes , brain capacity expands from 6 or 7% to 100 % , and a non beleiver will be changed also over a time . I have done many experiments with friends. Any one want a stone for testing as they are free.?? And all I ever did was ask. Regards, Stu.

    I write music to inspire Global Kindness and support ascension love and healing. All of my music is free to listen to and share through my website at

    Thank you to this beautiful blog and for all of the wonderful people and positive loving energy that have co+created LOVE.

    Namaste and wishing you Abundant Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness and Prosperity…

  • Francis

    Brother ! Your awareness and inspiration has served us well. Many indications of the cleaning process are found in the Gnostic Gospels(Nag Hammadi findings ) Codex:

    This is all making sense, thank you, and Blessings to you !!!

  • Kyle

    For some strange reason in the last year or so I’ve had a harder and harder time handling any food that is store bought.

    Is it me or the food or something else going on at work? When Mom cooks homemade stuff I can handle it just fine but store bought food my stomach tries to reject it usually the *other way*. :)

    One thing the Democrats are trying to do is make it so food won’t be labeled as GMO even if it is meaning when you go into the store you won’t know if the food you’re eating is made out of genetic modified material. If that happens I’ll be scared anytime I by something not knowing where it’s coming from.

    It’s as asinine as the Made in America stamp law that made it so the stamp is allowed to be put on products put together in America but still made over seas in China.

    To put it more simply if you see a “Made in the USA” stamp on a product in you’;re local store that doesn’t mean it is ACTUALLY made here. It simply means it was put together here but the parts still come from overseas so you are being deceived and the majority of Democrats voted for that silly law.

    So when is the lies of the government going to come out? Will it take another mass shooting to get more truths to come out?

  • Kyle

    How many shootings can America handle before it implodes like Ancient Rome?

  • Kyle

    One last question. Why is it that some of us are lucky to have assistance from higher ups thru this battle and others have to discover things the hard way and go on a rough road filled with bumps and bruises.

  • White Feather Eagle

    Kyle, it’s not the Democrats. All of the Democrats that I know are working for GMO labeling. Cameron, when will we have an update on the “Ankle Biter” situation? Thanks.

  • peter

    hello cameron after reading this i cant help thinking maybe the reason why i get so many attacks in the last year+ is because these ankle biters are now more compressed so basicly its getting crowded out there

    funny to see you say the things about ear ringing so treu at first peep i already say go away i did not invite you here from own experience i can only confirm this

    at this point in time i personaly cannot deal with the attacks i constandly get, the little buggers find a way to destroy anything in my life and from the point i was awaken to them myself they started doing it to anyone i connected with making any effort from my side hopeless all that would happen was more drama energy created

    at this point i dont see how to overcome this any meditation wil result in attacks basicly anything i do wil do so and it has left me drained so drained i cannot get myself to the point of doing something about it

    yesterday was another drama day i felt so bad and then i found this website just after i told my moms i am having a realy hard time with all of this (and i know she has to same problem different level of awareness of it)

    i know if i ask you what can i do? you wil say meditate but this realy does not work for me at this point

    do you have any suggestions?

    thnx for sharing peter

  • Beau

    I find it disheartening to know the author is seeking a material gain for his supposed “Brainwave Entrainment” program. Those who are truly of the Light will share any gnosis gained willingly and freely when asked…

  • Hi there! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I really enjoy reading your posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same topics? Thanks a lot!

  • […] “Never Call Them Archons,” “First Contact Is Not Happening Soon,” “Shifting into 2013” and many others.  The central theme of these articles is to illustrate that humanity is […]

  • mic

    ok all u twits need to wake up and start doing some
    learning about astrology forget jesus etc because
    the saturn church made him up to make u forget about
    ur true divinity jesus is the sun in the sky, learn about the alagorie in the bib
    and the inner workings of you body there are alot of peopl
    teaching this today on youtube santos bonaci is one.
    and if you gave problems sleeping learn about crystal.
    get some black tormoline for protection and wear it in ur pockets abd blue krynite
    keep blue krynite near your bed make a mobis coil out of copper wire and use a
    frequency generator ot 15 hz zapper of ebay it wrap you blue krynite with the copper mobius coil it will clear your whole house of paracitea from the high
    frequencys from the crystal learn about crystal and use a pinch of rock salt
    and rosemary in a brown bag to clear them, then enwrgise qith the moon or plants
    dont use any premade organite etc make ur own other people put bad programs into them

  • mic

    sorry its hard to type on this stupid phone theres lots of info on
    you tube use crystals for protection and meditation. but be carefull,
    there not toys and learning how to use them from pros
    will save u alot of mistakes dont use water to cleanse they will crack one thing i use
    to make paracites run for the hills is the blue krynite blades with a copper mobius coil
    wire on the inside of a few blades wraped together with some cotton
    and a 15 hz zapper of ebay for about $5 ,this will fix ur nightmares

  • mic

    ok ill make another post cause all your replys are hard to believe
    another way to gain some mental power is to get into earthing
    theres lots of info on it to and dont sleep near any electrical wires in ur wall
    get a gauss meter of ebay there$20 for a cheap one get a coppwr grounding
    rod and put it in the ground outside ur window and run some speaker
    wire with crimp conections so you can shut ur window at times.
    make sure u dont kill urself buy having underground wires were u install ur rod
    .buy a earthing mat and a earthing strap which fits round ur head a sleep with that every night this will give u alot more energy and clarity in ur mind. do ur homework
    learn about earthing get the book by clint ober . dont use the power point theres to much interferce use a dedicated grounding rod from home mart

  • mic

    dont sleep anywhere near quarts crystal paracites use it as a portal
    black tormoline and blue krynite is fine

  • I genuinely enjoy reading on this site, it contains superb articles . “You should pray for a sound mind in a sound body.” by Juvenal.

  • Helen

    Thank you for this informative piece. I have just come across your site and found the information fascinating and i can relate to some of this. I suffered depression in 2010 and was commenced on antidepressants, but before that I felt awful, crying all the time, buzzing in my head, feelings of pressure on my head, pulling of my crown chakra, feeling of ‘spiders’ crawling up my back – not all the time but mostly of an evening when sat alone. I was also made bankrupt, changed jobs (which I have now returned to). I’m still not sure what all the above was due to but since staring medication and trying to live a more positive life as in being thankful for what I have, if I have a negative thought I try to turn it into a positive and surround it with a white light and sending to the light with love and healing. I feel a lot better in myself and stronger and am going to practice what you have published here so that I can be tool to aid this breaking down of the darkness. So i feel that things are improving though at times i do wonder if only down to medication, but if it helps to get through the days.

  • Amar

    Hi Cameron, Thank you very much. I have been meditating almost every day since October 2012. 19th to 23rd of December 2012 were the most beautiful days of my life because a large group of almost twelve hundred people of our native place sat together for meditation and dhyan since morning till afternoon every day continuously for those five days. That was done as per the instructions of our Guru. Thats not all, in those five days, almost one hundred and fifty thousand people including us sat together in various locations on earth to practise the same dhyan techniques taught by our Guru. Thanks again for sharing and giving me the opportunity to share mine.

  • TheBigOne

    How do I not be an enemy of God anymore? I have dreams showing me I had done some dumb things that were part of the rebellion against Gaia or whatever you call him and I want to admen my ways.

    I would write more but I suck at fancy spelling so I can’t use Thesaraus type words. :(

  • TheBigOne

    What saddens me is that many of my favorite websites have been bought out by evil corporations and people are more focused on every time Obama farts then bringing in good technology or fix broken websites like how Google is breaking everything it touches with MILLIONS of people mad yet swept away like dirty worms.

    How long until we stop focusing on Obama’s sneezes and farts so we can get the wheels of progress rolling again or is this part of the ankle biting process of the dark forces lashing out when called out by alternate news sites?

  • Iuv

    They are actually Real Living Parasites in your body. They create neurotoxins to control the human being

    Neurotoxins create random dialogue in the mind . Neurotoxins are negative.

    Unhappiness occurs as the neurotoxins outnumber the Serotonin levels

    Ones perception ( and dreams) are affected by neurotransmittors .

    Neurotoxins that parasites, yeast , fungus give off almost like an internal negative dialogue that’s not actually real but your body thinks is real. This creates negative stress on your body who is you!!!

    simple when you know, and when you are removing them from the body

    this is how they work ;

    experiences / memory/thoughts/ fears that trigger a low immune system response , begin to become more negative as the parasites secrete more neurotoxins .The combination of all these fears ( neurotoxins) continuely lower the immune system responses so the body is overworked, illness start to manifest at this point in the body as the immune system can’t keep up, indicators are more blemishes on the skin, grey hair, dark circles, tiredness and constant inner dialogue that doesn’t make any sense but makes you feel stressed.

    Ones reactions/ perception are also more negative as the body becomes full of these toxins causing e.g anger , irritability etc , .When you detox them they emit even more neurotoxins , this is known as a hertz reaction, fennel seeds help you get through this, simply ignore the running dialogue of the mind as they reduce in number. Coconut oil / Papaya seeds / neem oil in capsules , black hull walnut are great and fast. Wormwood causes hallincuations, sage also contains the same property indicating antiparasite effects ones perception .

    you know when you finished the cleaning of the body ( you ) when your mind is crystal clear and zero fears. Ones perception is happy as neurotransmitter levels are back to normal and one looks great and are creating positive associations

    if one doesn’t address these external life forms that have taken up residence in your body ( you) then

    Eventual they begin controlling the body you as a host by emitting neurotoxins and continue multiplying as rapidly as they eat sugar . This is what we know As AGING

    A healthy human begins mind is crystal clear, and no grey hair :) google grey hair changing back to its original color . I know one woman who did it. H.plori is behind it ( bacteria is stomach as causes ulcers/ tumour)

    Clove oil in your teas and pumpkinseed bread kills any residual eggs and from interacting everyday unless you pick up a bug !!!! That’s means the parasite ,fungus, yeast or virus that has just begin picked up is begin removed from the body, so the immune system puts the human body to rest so it can repair it.( commonly known as the sick day)

    Collidal silver is the best for virus wipeout and is continually taken.
    By removing yeast, beer, wine , bagels bread etc prevents more yeast begin introduced into you, a bloated tummy after eating indicates yeast as yeast feeds on sugar and expands like in baking(, even carbs covert to sugar )

    Even the Salem witch trials were caused by bacteria , google it :)
    the crazy cat lady is caused by toxi Gondi,
    Lymes or any other shaking tremors etc works on the nervous system , virus too ( collodial silver )

    To me this is enlightening , begin grounded in my body and my mind crystal clear, capable of generating ideas and putting them into action, begin able for any situation and loving the coolness of what begin alive is and also waking up when the sun comes up rather than at 4.00 pm

    Water is full of microscopic life so steam distilled with added minerals is the ultimate fuel and the freshess

  • Iuv

    They are actually Real Living Parasites in your body. They create neurotoxins to control the human being

    Neurotoxins create random dialogue in the mind . Neurotoxins are negative.

    Unhappiness occurs as the neurotoxins outnumber the Serotonin levels

    Ones perception ( and dreams) are affected by neurotransmittors .

    Neurotoxins that parasites, yeast , fungus give off almost like an internal negative dialogue that’s not actually real but your body thinks is real. This creates negative stress on your body who is you!!!

    simple when you know, and when you are removing them from the body

    this is how they work ;

    experiences / memory/thoughts/ fears that trigger a low immune system response , begin to become more negative as the parasites secrete more neurotoxins .The combination of all these fears ( neurotoxins) continuely lower the immune system responses so the body is overworked, illness start to manifest at this point in the body as the immune system can’t keep up, indicators are more blemishes on the skin, grey hair, dark circles, tiredness and constant inner dialogue that doesn’t make any sense but makes you feel stressed.

    Ones reactions/ perception are also more negative as the body becomes full of these toxins causing e.g anger , irritability etc , .When you detox them they emit even more neurotoxins , this is known as a hertz reaction, fennel seeds help you get through this, simply ignore the running dialogue of the mind as they reduce in number. Coconut oil / Papaya seeds / neem oil in capsules , black hull walnut are great and fast. Wormwood causes hallincuations, sage also contains the same property indicating antiparasite effects ones perception .

    you know when you finished the cleaning of the body ( you ) when your mind is crystal clear and zero fears. Ones perception is happy as neurotransmitter levels are back to normal and one looks great and are creating positive associations

    if one doesn’t address these external life forms that have taken up residence in your body ( you) then

    Eventual they begin controlling the body you as a host by emitting neurotoxins and continue multiplying as rapidly as they eat sugar . This is what we know As AGING

    A healthy human begins mind is crystal clear, and no grey hair :) google grey hair changing back to its original color . I know one woman who did it. H.plori is behind it ( bacteria is stomach as causes ulcers/ tumour)

    Clove oil in your teas and pumpkinseed bread kills any residual eggs and from interacting everyday unless you pick up a bug !!!! That’s means the parasite ,fungus, yeast or virus that has just begin picked up is begin removed from the body, so the immune system puts the human body to rest so it can repair it.( commonly known as the sick day)

    Collidal silver is the best for virus wipeout and is continually taken.
    By removing yeast, beer, wine , bagels bread etc prevents more yeast begin introduced into you, a bloated tummy after eating indicates yeast as yeast feeds on sugar and expands like in baking(, even carbs covert to sugar )

    Even the Salem witch trials were caused by bacteria , google it :)
    the crazy cat lady is caused by toxi Gondi,
    Lymes or any other shaking tremors etc works on the nervous system , virus too ( collodial silver )

    To me this is enlightening , begin grounded in my body and my mind crystal clear, capable of generating ideas and putting them into action, begin able for any situation and loving the coolness of what begin alive is and also waking up when the sun comes up rather than at 4.00 pm 😉

    Water is full of microscopic life so steam distilled with added minerals is the ultimate fuel and the freshess

  • Ddelaware

    Thank you for the arti-cle. In the distant past, I had a real struggle with a lot of the issues everyone seems to discuss (dark ego patterns, neg thought, self-doubt, fears, etc). I also struggled with confidence issues in that my parents from an early age, esp my father, had issues with seemingly wanting to place his fears and frustrations on the kids (us). This has resulted in an immense struggle within myself to fight self worth issues and grow intellectually. I always wondered why the kids at school would seem to prefer to keep to themselves all their abilities and not want to share (suppose from fear). The world seemed tough and forbidding, even controlling. I’ve tried hard to overcome much of the issues fm childhood, it’s just hard in today’s society; everything seems to revolve around entertainment, sports, ego, materialism. My biggest issue is having a feeling of being pressured to get something done or to not be able to take time to do something that is important to me, such as meditate. My years in the military of course have not helped very much at all, as people there are at times very dysfunctional and limited in their thinking. Lately, I’ve really been trying to reconnect with inner source and learn to discern whether people are being genuinely in need of help or just playing games. Many seem to prefer petty power games to avoid facing the world the elite have built with their power and control dynamics. I also had a question about the negative entities trapped beneath the surface of Earth aft Dec 2012. I was wondering if their situation allows an opportunity for them to open some type of portal or dimensional doorway to bring in larger, stronger beings to aid them. The fact they appear to be contained beneath the surface is what I was wondering about. I feel there is something capable of occuring that the Soldiers of the Light haven’t warned us about. Everything in this life is a test. Everything.

  • Hi, what does STO mean? Thank you! Vera

  • Many Thanks Cameron You are not alone! My Divine Inner Self guided me to your website and she corroborates every thing you say.Now I know that every low energy thought which comes into my consciousness is an an implant I have my Divine Self wrap it in Divine light and dispatch it to the Great Central Sun. Thanks man, Paul

  • Glenn Brown

    Cameron, I’d love to give feedback, although it’s fully two years after your post, here. As a professional counselor/teacher/healer (etc.), I was right there with everyone for the energetic shifts of 2012. In 2013 I made a strangely uncharacteristic turn (for me) and got TOTALLY immersed in the alternative news cycles, obsessively learning what the psychopaths are actually doing on the planet in a kind of depth that was…um…consuming and probably unhealthy in retrospect. But I still did my Universal work with efficacy. BUT! 2014 brought a whole other enchilada to my doorstep. The weeks leading up to the first Blood Moon and then for the next two months was a particular brand of hell the likes of which I’ve never experienced. I’ve always felt really, really protected in my journey, but during that period the attacks were so intense that I actually felt like I was losing myself. It was ONLY by will that I was able to reclaim myself. It was so intense that I believe my puppy decided to leave the planet to get away from what was happening around me. And that loss in June 2014 drove me to a despair that nearly took me down. My spirituality has always been #1 in my life, but that period was so soul-decimating that I vowed to rise higher than before and become even stronger and more resolute in purity. I really thought I was in charge of my God Self, but 2014 reaaaaally challenged that for me. I’m back to me, now, mostly — but do you have any clarity as to what happened during that period? I’ve never experienced anything like that. It was like at any moment I could have been possessed, which to me was nearly unthinkable considering how I live my life. And my puppy…I have such guilt over that. I’ve struggled so hard with rage at the invaders for creating a condition that was too much for him (at least that’s my impression). I’ve had to really, really contain myself to not act in retaliation. I’ve continued my clearing work and the work I do on behalf of the planet (which is very in alignment with your data) without going to war, but I really wanted to. WHAT went on in 2014 with those Blood Moons?