Q&A + The Final Act of the Ankle-Biters

In this article I am going to answer several questions I received based on my last article, Shifting Into 2013 so that the answers aren’t just to one person, or buried down in the comments section.  The second half of this piece will focus on free will and how the final act of the ankle-biter etheric drama on Earth will (probably) play out.

Questions & Answers

Q: “Could you please tell me about your personal experiences with these creatures and their energy sucking devices? Have you seen them many times? Did you see their “energy grid”?

A: I have been aware of these beings for pretty much my whole life, because they target people who pose a threat to their continued control over the planet.  When I was a child I just told them to go away, and they would pull back, but they still invaded my dreams quite often.  See this post on dream shielding for more about that: http://www.ascensionhelp.com/blog/2012/11/30/dream-shielding/

The first time I saw their “dark grid” was in 1997 when I had gone out of body through a lucid dream.  I was flying off the planet and saw the outer layer of the grid as I flew past it. I turned back to take a closer look and was very quickly intercepted by ankle-biters posing as guides.  See this post for more details: http://www.ascensionhelp.com/blog/2012/01/31/never-call-them-archons/

I have been studying their grid structures ever since then, waiting for the time when there was enough light coming into the planet to be able to go to work on dismantling it. The first part of that operation took place in May 2012.  Ever since then, the Forces of Divine Light have been working to clean out each subsequent layer of the ankle-biter controlled “etheric airspace” around the planet.  I tune into it almost every night and do what I can to clear away ankle biter structures and strengthen the incoming Light.

As for “how” I do it, it’s a matter of focused intent.  I am probably predisposed to be able to perceive these aspects of the etheric environment since I incarnated as part of the clean-up crew. Other people can see/sense it as well, but it does take practice and a good-functioning pineal gland to do so.  I also think that if a person doesn’t have a desire / mission to be part of the clean-up crew, they probably won’t be inspired to tune into these things.

Q: How do you know, that many layers around Earth are “liberated” now and there are no archons and etc. as you wrote it?

A: I have been participating in the clean-up for a long time, and watching the progress.  I do have to amend the “distance” of the surface level ankle-biter zone I reported in my last email.  In some areas, it is down to just a few hundred feet.  In dense urban areas, though, it is up to a mile or more. This is because there are more “non-aware” people in a smaller area in cities, people living in generally cramped conditions, corporate wage-slavery making their employees miserable, etc.

Q: “Why am I getting psychic attacks when I have been meditating?”

A: The dark forces are freaking out right now because they are experiencing defeat after defeat, losing etheric territory and being compressed by the light.  They are lashing out at and attacking the “brightest lights” who are anchoring the light. If that’s you, it means you are probably part of the clean-up crew and that you are doing what you came here to do.  Good job!  For added protection, see the Self-Clearing System and the super heavy-duty psychic attack protection shielding protocol here: http://www.ascensionhelp.com/blog/2012/03/09/shielding-protocols-to-keep-ankle-biters-away/

Q: “What were the attempts the dark made to reclaim territory?  What specifically happened on May 20 that started this recent process of pushing out the darkness?”

A: I wrote about my experience in the May 20th process here: http://www.ascensionhelp.com/blog/2012/05/21/results-of-the-may-20th-dark-grid-removal-process/

Keep in mind that I was focused solely on the outer layer of the dark grid at this time, because that “lid” had to come off before we could work on the layers beneath it.

The latest round of ankle-biter attacks have come in the form of sending up major waves of negative energy from their underground strongholds, which gets picked up by people who act out in various ways based on this negativity.  When these waves go out, most people feel grumpy and argumentative, but people already riddled with ankle biters take on an extremely violent, almost “possessed” persona. They launch etheric attacks against lightworkers and light-based structures on the planet’s surface.  They also impel humans they control to increase technological forms of energetic interference.

Q: “What is the differnce between the ankle bitters and the Annunaki?”

A: Ankle-biters is sort of a “catch-all” term I apply to beings on the negative / Service to Self path based in 4th – 5th density that have “infected” earth (and other planets) with darkness.   (6th density STS is another story.)

Annunaki is another catch-all term for off-planet ETs who interacted with 3d humans in the distant past.  The stories around them are, in my opinion, heavily distorted and I have never trusted the “Ancient Astronaut” theories of Sitchen or Daniken. I might do a blog post about that later, but this will suffice for now.

Q: I’m hearing weird tones in my ears.  What do they mean?

A: This is a complex subject that I am going to over-simplify to keep the answer short.  You are hearing higher density energies. Generally, a sudden strong tone in either ear means that you are being energetically evaluated by someone.  These usually mean that a being is trying to access your energy, read you, distract you, etc.

The tones can also be a form of communication. The only times I have had a desirable contact via ear tone, it was in my right ear and the tone had a very pure feeling energy to it.

If you don’t like the sense you get from any being, especially when there is a strong tone attached to it, send them away. If the tone itself sounds grating or annoying, send the energy behind it away immediately and make sure that you refund and “seal out” that energy from your field.

Often, a set of “background tones” can be heard as well.  They will vary depending on the harmonics of the area where you live, and the energies you are conducting in meditation and daily life. You can put in ear plugs and meditate on these energetic background tones to get to know them better.

Q: Why do you use brainwave entrainment?  Can’t that used for mind-control?

A: Brainwave entrainment is a tool that can be used to induce deep meditative states and improve brain functioning.  As long as the tool of brainwave entrainment is used properly, the benefits are profound. (TV and movies are a much more serious threat in regards to societal mind control.)

Q: Why are you “racist” against reptilians?

A: I actually think that reptilian-type beings have an undeserved bad reputation because of overly-aggressive factions of that genetic structure interfering with human evolution.  Ankle-biters aren’t necessarily reptilians, and not all reptilian looking races are Service to Self. Ankle biters DO like to put on a “reptilian mask” to scare humans, though.  The universe is incredibly diverse, and the only thing that really matters is whether a soul is polarized to Service to Others, or Service to Self.

Free Will, Ankle-Biters and STO Compassion

Aeyrie Silver Eagle commented in part:

“I was shown how to drop a “Galactic Light Bomb” on all of the “ankle biters” that would instantly transmute every one of them. It could be done, I was told, by employing Cameron’s method of poking holes in their shrinking domain, but on a much larger scale.

By drawing down and connecting a Lightstream from the Galactic Center in the manner Cameron described and surrounding Gaia’s entire body with it, and then expanding that envelope to join Gaia’s growing internal Light (which she will graciously expand for us if asked) it would effectively squeeze the ankle biters and their entire remaining domain between a Light sandwich, leaving them no possible escape route. The only way to leave would be on the Light Stream returning to Galactic Center.”

A: From what I have seen, that is fairly close to how the final act of the ankle-biter’s etheric drama on Earth will play out, and I do a similar process in my nightly meditations to hasten the time when this final act will arrive.  Once we have a critical mass of people regularly acting as Galactic Conduits all over the planet, we will easily clear out the remaining dark forces.

In a bit of cosmic irony, ankle-biters no longer have a pathway off the planet except through a galactic conduit who sends them out to the galactic core, or to the “transition zone” if they don’t want to transmute at the core.  However, there is something vitally important to keep in mind:  Transmutation is never forced.

The transition zone option is very important to offer, because forcing transmutation upon even the most violent negative being is a violation of their free will.  Violating free will is NOT an STO activity. The path of negative evolution IS valid and supported by the One Creator (even though we are totally DONE with it here on earth) so they are not forced to transmute.  Giving an ankle biter the opportunity to “flip polarities” and come to the positive side is a compassionate act of forgiveness which acknowledges our oneness instead of treating them like something to be destroyed.

Darkness attempts to consume and destroy souls.  Light uplifts and transmutes darkness to light. Even when I’m BREAKING ankle-biter structures, I always take care to make sure the dark souls are safely in containment orbs, escorted off the planet and given the choice to transmute or go to the transition zone.

Are You Serious??  Dude, Toughen Up!

Yes, I am totally serious, and I want to be really clear here about the whole ankle-biter free will thing.  They have been told to stop all action on planet earth, and they refuse to comply with this mandate.  Therefore, they are being compassionately removed from the planetary sphere without being harmed.  Their free will is being honored by giving them the choice to transmute or remain the same, but they will not be allowed to continue harming Earth or its inhabitants. The ones that want to remain on the dark / Service to Self path are being held in the transition zone until Earth is totally free and fully shielded from future dark incursions.  At that time, those STS beings will be free to continue on their chosen path.

I can assure you all that I have been all around the block with figuring out the best ways to deal with ankle biters, and taking an overly aggressive stance has always bitten me in the ass. (That’s American slang for “it had bad consequences.”)

I used to feel like ankle-biter free will wasn’t worth honoring since they have violated human free will repeatedly and brutally.  Now that I’m older and wiser, I understand that the whole paradigm of duality and STO vs STS or Light vs Dark is really a universal scale internal struggle that the one mind is having with itself.

We all emanate from the One Creator, and we are all vibrations of thought within the one mind.  STO represents the thoughts of love and expansion.  STS represents the thoughts of self-hate, violence and tyranny. Obviously, I think STO is the way to go, but just like everyone has wrestled with negative thoughts, we have to “wrestle” with the beings that symbolize the negative polarity within the One Universal Mind (OUM).

Just like we can transmute negative thoughts into positive thoughts, negative beings can transmute to the positive polarity.  Yet because they have soul-infused free will, STS beings must choose to transmute. Because I choose to embody the positive / STO path, the most I can restrict their free will is to give them only 2 choices:  Transmutation or temporary incarceration, but the choice MUST be given.

Taking the higher ground and honoring free will is the foundation of STO philosophy. If I force transmsutation upon a being that does not want it, I am acting out of alignment with the STO polarity, and slipping into an STS action. (Been there, done that, not going to do it again.)  It doesn’t matter that it’s “better” for them (in my eyes) to be transmuted because if they don’t want to experience a polarity flip, they can be greatly harmed in a forced transmutation.

So to all of my light-warrior friends, please remember that we can still fully remove the 4th density dark souls from Earth while preserving their free will, offering them the gift of transmutation, and respecting their choice if they aren’t ready to do so. In this way, we are building a light-based foundation for a new society that honors, protects and nurtures all of humanity and nature equally.

Much Love,
Cameron Day



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  • Teresa

    how can us light workers help?

    • Daily higher self / galactic core / earth core connection. Bring in as much light as you can, and send any ankle biters you encounter to the galactic core / transition zone.

  • Thank you Cameron. I just want you to know you are not alone brother. I’m picking up many of the same messages. I’m not lucid on the astral level, but the information from source is getting easier to hear. Its my heart that picks up the messages, very little intellect involved.

    I do however have a question. Have we succeeded in averting the biblical story of how light will conquer dark. I’m still getting mixed messages. Over-all I have a sense that the story has changed. Can you offer any certainty. Did we actually succeed in bringing a peaceful apocalypse? Can we put the fire and brimstone away?

    Thanks for holding your torch so beautifully, its lighting up a big area 🙂

    • Yes, we have shifted things for the better. Things will probably still get quite weird, and all of the hidden history of humanity will have to be revealed, but we will make it through ok.

  • I have noted two odd things happening with me:
    1.) Mostly when I go to sleep but it can happen in a day if I’m relaxed – I start to feel small pressure in my forehead like someone whould be touching me with a finger where is so called third eye. When I notice this I feel this pressure grow stronger and stronger – there is no pain – only this pressure is very strong. Some times during this time I have new ideas, sometimes I calm down my self – when I had enough I than say to my self in thought’s – that’s enough and it stops.
    Question is what is this pressure?
    2.) I now have noticed that there are thoughts that simply pop-up in my mind and I suddenly look at some object mostly it’s clock and it shows numbers like 1111 or 11:11 or 1:01 etc. and than I feel very pleasant goosbumps – like – it’s ok. You are safe – we are here. And these are great ideas that I have or “they” confirm that I have chosen right if I had a doubt.
    Have you heard about such strange events / way of communication (only I don’t know to whom)?

    Thank you!

    • 1.) Sounds like your higher self is activating your pineal. Go with it!

      2.) Yes, this is a common way to confirm that the thoughts you’re thinking are on the right track.

    • Catherine

      Just happened to me too- go with it, you’re experiencing the first stages of enlightenment/ ascension whatever you want to call it – there’s loads of us going through the same thing all over the world. Mainly for reasons explained in Cameron’s article!

      There’s loads of stuff on the web but the main lesson is to find the true balance between heart and mind. So no bother there then, lol 🙂


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  • Hi,
    Thankyou for the clarity of all your info. – it really helps!
    I have been having the ‘master numbers thing’, 11,22,33, etc. too and each time it happens I feel reassured that things are OK.
    I have also found that a few crystals placed with sacred intent around my room helps me to hold a clear and protected space.
    Thanks again!

  • Jaime

    I believed that mental illnesses such as schizophrenia correspond to phenomena of split personality when in times of extreme confusion and / or anxiety the main character uses an alternate personality. Upon learning of the Ankles Biters, May they be the ones really responsible for this human mental illness?

    • I think they are a significant factor, although not the only one.

    • Sue

      I think that there is definitely a physical component to schizophrenia that needs to be addressed. Many schizophrenics have pyrrole disorder and need to be treated with extra nutritional support to assist with their return to greater stability … so that they can’t be “used” so easily.

      (If you Google William Walsh he is a pioneer in this area).

  • I’ve just started working in the institute for the blind as a psychologyst. There is a boy of 19, who was treated with antipsychotics, becouse he was talking of ghosts too much. To me he appears totaly normal…He started to trust me and told me that he could understand peopl:he can’t see the “objective” world and some other people can not see energetic entities as he can. They bother him at night.He lives quite a secluded life, probably Im the first person he talks about it in earnest with.Still, he describes the ankle bitters exactly as you do, Cameron.So I thought him how to shield himself , again it was tottaly natural to him.He sees himself as wise from birth and I do , too :-).Of course my colegues see him as being to much in his head…For me, probably I hadn’nt seen a more pure person that he is in my life.
    Cameron, what can I do, to help him ? The Q is wrong, he doesnt need help, he doesnt need to be “recognised”, but maybe WE do need to recognise him:-)
    Love and thanks

    • Definitely get him off the drugs! That’s the most important thing, since he’s not psychotic.

      Then get him working as a Galactic Conduit! 🙂

      Maybe see if you can help him use the vision that he does have to navigate 3d? And do what you can to help the others understand his abilities.

  • Chris

    Well that would explain the constant ringing in my ear. Unfortunately it’s my left ear. When I asked for guidance about it there is a serious block. I receive no information whatsoever.

    • A constant tone might be something else. Does it block out normal sounds when it occurs? If not, it’s probably a background energy.

      • Adam

        I’ve been having fairly loud singular tones coming into my left ear, and when it happens all other normal sounds are always blocked out (often even a second before the actual tone comes in). And just minutes ago I was doing the Cosmic Flush, and at one point I asked that all archon implants be removed from my system, and within seconds a loud, grating tone came into my left ear! It scared me at first, but I kept upping my light. Cameron, please let me know your thoughts on this. Thank you!

  • Loving This

    Thank you for taking the time to answer all these questions!! You’re doing a great job moving them off our playing field! love

  • dmitri

    Hi, on the topic of background energy, i do too hear it, I’ve been hearing it very faintly since 2011 but right now is very loud and noticeable.
    To me it doesn’t block normal sounds. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about it but never really explaining it, what is this background energy, is it ankle-biter made or is it from the light?

    • It’s a reflection of your entire energetic environment. This means some of it is ankle biters, low frequencies, etc, and that some of it is higher light frequencies. The more you infuse yourself and environment with higher frequencies, the more you will be hearing more pleasant background tones.

  • y-way

    Cameron, you are an inspiration – thank your for your contributions. May I request, if there is enough feedback for this, a more in depth presentation of the ringing/tones. I sense that without more direction, the gift of it will be lost on many of us. How do we decode these frequencies? I have had the ringing, as I call beeping since it is intermittent like morse-code, since 2008. I am unsure what to do, if anything. It is typically only at night or during the morning while in the dreamier state. It is not every night. It seems harmless, but useless to a degree if I am unconscious of its meaning. Blessings!

  • Tracy

    HI Cameron,

    You wrote: “So to all of my light-warrior friends, please remember that we can still fully remove the 4th density dark souls from Earth while preserving their free will, offering them the gift of transmutation, and respecting their choice if they aren’t ready to do so. In this way, we are building a light-based foundation for a new society that honors, protects and nurtures all of humanity and nature equally.”

    If you offer transmutation and they say YES, what do you do?


  • Josh Eastlund

    On the topic of noticing numbers: I am seeing and feel I am being prompted to see the number 44 EVERYWHERE. On the clock frequently, but also in my car’s odometer, outside temperature, jersey numbers, payment transactions, etc. Is there special significance to this number?

    Thanks, Josh

    • I’m not a numerologist, but I think that most numbers can have spiritual significance. In your case, it’s 44, so stay open to it and what it means.

  • Marko

    I’ve been addicted to pornography from my early teens and in the recent months im really struggle to overcome my addiction,before i would masturbate 2-3 times daily,and after that i would feel guilty and ashamed, recently i discovered treb channelings on youtube that change my perspective of life,and eventually led me to this site,and i must say it is awesome and you should keep up great work…To continue on the subject,its been about a week since i started to meditate,since of then i didnt masturbated once,so this is for me great achievement,but since then almost every night i have explicit sexual dreams,even one that involved some kind of satanic ritual,as i can remember…Im really afraid to get back to my old habits ,because i don’t want to fell guilty anymore,and today as im writing i watched some porn pics but i didn’t masturbated,i wanted to,but some voice inside me tells me i shouldn’t do that,so eventually i didn’t…My question is,is the meditation enough to keep those entities away,or there is some other ways to do it…?

    • This question deserves its own article, but in short:

      Porn is a deep, dark hole filled with ankle biters. Stay out of it.

      Masturbation is not “bad” in and of itself. Your mind, energy and focus while masturbating determines whether it is helpful or harmful to you.

      Close your eyes, and create a loving scenario between you and another person. If it is not stimulating enough, then don’t masturbate.

      Eventually you will “detox” from the porn programming and a “normal” scenario held in your mind will be enough.

      Lots of energy refunds and transmuting your own thoughts/beliefs towards sexuality that were shaped by porn will speed up the detox process.

    • Catherine

      Marko, I have a very close friend who also had this problem, not only with pornography but also with real life relationships.

      Porn is a hole filled with entities which specifically lurk around hoping to latch on to energies of those people engaged with it. Can you imagine many sources more potent for the ankle biters with unlimited opportunities to latch to unprotected giving out freely their most potent energy source.

      .. The images and scenes that you see are like little implants to which they hold the end of the string – they can then twist the string and send down any thoughts they like.

      It is NOT you marko and you can break this. Cameron’s advice is spot on. Keep meditating, resist the urges and you will find strength and balance, I promise.

      Cat 🙂 x

      • Marko

        Thanks Cat for your support,but unfortunately last night i fail to continue my path,the cravings just too strong,like someone stabbing in my stomach,and the most thing that’s annoys me is constant influences or attacks on my dreams,like every night a have dreams about orgies and other disgusting things…But im going to keep meditating,and step by step i will eventually win,because like you said this is not me or my feelings… Greetings to you from Serbia

        • Shem Khob Ali

          Hi Marko,

          I had this for a while. Both me and my partner would have intense erotic dreams, turning violent. It is called a succubus(female) or incubus (male) they warp your sexual imagination. whether or not you believe in spirits, it is a way to visualise the feelings, which you do not wish to be yours. To visualise them as creatures, makes it easier to project free will on them and start the transmuting process with them. Check for attachments they may have created between you and possible partners, they string energies together through solar plexus and that can easily be severed by visualising a pair of scissors and cutting the string.

  • d weeden

    Yogi,s have been doing exercises for centuries in the purification which is really lighting-up our planet from the planets core to the outer reach of it’s gravity beyond the atmosphere. these practices include transformation of darkness to light. they do not restrict thoughts to the outer universe but include the All permeating inner universe.

    the God-Spark of our eternal light ( consciousness ) is available to all life, even angle biters that we once were. Consciousness is life and life is light.
    feather of light

  • Muhammad Zulkarnaen

    I still fight to clean Ka’bah Portal , Mecca, Sidratul Muntaha, Lauhil Mahfudz from ankle bitter … And send them to Galactic COre / Transitions Zone …
    I’m very Gratefull have companions here…

    ^^ Felicity & Protections ^^
    Khatulistiwa/Equator Line, Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia …

  • Catherine

    Cameron, I am totally with you on compassion for STS, it’s one of the consistent messages I’ve been getting for years. Until we can forgive them as a collective I don’t think we will progress. I think helping humanity to see how to forgive is part of the role here for STO here on earth.

    Your stuff has really helped me – I’m not having nightmares and am gaining more control. I, like you, have spent all of my dream years in scary and combative scenarios – one of the reasons that I know what you say is true is because this has now stopped!!

    Catherine xxx

  • kb

    is it true that some of these beings were programmed to destroy the spiritually gifted on Earth?

  • kb

    I know a man who is very badly attacked and being ordered to commit heinous crimes, how to help this person? already diagnosed as ‘mental’ and taking very heavy medication… he believes he is possessed…

    • If he can be helped at all, it will have to start with him taking a stand and telling the beings “possessing” him “NO! GET OUT! You can’t have me!” It will be a long battle, but he has to do his own fighting. The most another person can do is to inspire and teach him how to fend them off.

      The heavy medication is possibly a problem that will need to be addressed.

      But if you can’t help him, then be honest with yourself and with him about it, and don’t try to change him by yourself.

      • kb

        Thanks, Cameron! I am distancing from the toxic energy…
        I enjoyed reading your bio, it really reminds me of my own childhood experiences and very eventful life, now lived as a spiritual teacher in Asia… Love & Light! K

  • Rowena

    Thank you Cameron for addressing the subject of ringing in the ears. The ringing in my right ear was not sudden. It started early last year as a faint tone and had consistently gotten louder and higher-pitched and now I hear it 24 hours a day. I noticed that it stared intensifying in late Aug 2012, then it felt like a big build up process in Dec 2012 when it became really high pitched, sometimes causing high pressure in the upper ear. With this observation I’m attributing it to the strong influx of light and energy that started at that time. Am I right in this assumption?

    • Yes, that sounds like an accurate assessment. Many people start to hear them when their spiritual mission “comes online”, and nearly everyone with this type of mission is being “brought online” at this time.

  • Aallia

    Hi Cameron,

    On the 7th of May 2011 I awoke with a wonderful peaceful energy about my bedroom. I knew there was a spiritual presence with me which was warm and loving. The next thing I knew a man’s voice spoke the word Archaese into my right ear. I couldn’t see anyone and that was the only communication given. I knew it was of great importance and was wondering if you had any ideas you wished to share?
    This was the last communication I received.
    Before this my encounters were of a darker nature.
    Throughout my life I have woken to see spider web like spheres slowly tumbling towards me. I have seen a dark figure come out of the wall and it lunged at me and I yelled in shock ‘no’ and lunged back and it disappeared like I had scared it (late 2010 early 2011). I also saw a very white thin man in his early 20s standing at the base of my bed staring at me (1997). The scariest of all however was only a week or two before the man spoke the word ‘Archaese’ to me. I woke to see a reddish/purple rock formation slowly twisting and turning right above my stomach. Even though it looked like a geometric grouping of rocks – it was very alive. It was shifting and slowly elongating a thin ‘leg’ (10cm width) above my stomach – I’m sure it was trying to enter me. When I woke, it stopped and slowly moved up into the corner of the bedroom before disappearing. I was so terrified that my whole body went into shock and I was shaking uncontrollably. Ever since then I meditate and envision myself in a golden light – which is why a couple of weeks later I think the ‘Archaese’ communication could reach me.
    If you have any knowledge on my light or dark encounters I would love to hear from you.

    • Your encounters with the dark are very similar to what many people report.

      The twisting geometric shapes are especially creepy when you see them for the first time. That “4d undulation” looks really weird.

      Those 10cm “tubes” are what they use to drain energy while staying at a distance. You definitely want to make sure you cut those.

      One possibility of the light being saying Archaese could be that he was telling you your “real” name.

  • SOL

    galactic federation of light, cobra, ashtar, st germain and many others are the decievers of our time. For an accurate ancient history lesson, I encourage those to see these videos. Of course you have the free will to choose and believe what you will.



    • That was an interesting speech.

      It seems to have undertones of control over the mid-level initiates. In other words, it might be yet another layer of illusion that keeps their initiates wanting more (so they can have the full protection mentioned).

      I’m not really doubting the authenticity of the source material, but I also know that all negatively-oriented secret orders use a tremendous amount of deception to keep their initiates thoroughly controlled.

  • Merita Bat Shoshan

    Dear Cameron,
    Thank you so much for all the information. I live in Israel, and this country is a known “action place” for ankle bitters. I have been suffering from their attacks for the last 10 years, since I “woke up”. I am an intuitive artist and 8 years ago I painted this piece that was very much like the drawing of Earth and it’s light and dark circles, just as the one you published on your last blog. I painted this golden ray coming from the central Sun, the Moon and Venus. I had no idea what it was about, but now I understand that it was my soul showing me the work I came to do. I suffered so many attacks that it is a miracle that I am sane now. Only the last year have I felt a partial relief and only now, reading your information, do I understand what it is about. I am so grateful to you!!!! Knowing gives me the power to act. I used to think that I was inviting these attacks, or maybe one of my aspects was attacking me (?). Anyway, I do have an question: the screening is not working very well. I “see” and feel it being done, but I still feel the attacks (weeker but still there). I also get terribly bloated, like I am being infused with some energy that my body is not accepting. Sometimes at night I wake up and feel the attack on my root chakra. I call on Spirit and Mother earth and it calms down. Any other suggestions for a better protection? Thank you again and keep up with your good work. It helps us all to deal with it in a better way. Love from Israel.

    • Shielding is only effective to a certain extent. Any unhealed wounds within your subconscious will provide a way in for the biters.

      I recommend repeated use of the self-clearing system Level 1 & 2 to heal those vulnerabilities. Always remember that you are still eternal in spite of anything that has happened in your experience of this or any other life. Those experiences are not you, they were simply a part of your journey in this strange land.

    • Dana

      Hi Marita i am in Tel Aviv and i love Cameron site and community, gave me a lot of courage clarity inspiration and tools.
      Would like to talk to you if ok.

  • "Anime in Cammino"

    Caro Cameron,
    vogliamo esprimere la nostra gratitudine per la tua emanazione
    d’Amore. Stiamo leggendo i tuoi articoli con molto interesse..
    Tuttavia vorremmo porti una domanda : nelle tue esperienze, hai
    incontrato esseri negativi senza Anima?
    Addirittura incarnati come esseri umani sulla Terra?
    E’ possibile, che un terrestre sia senza anima??
    E’un’informazione che ci e’ stata data..
    Confidiamo in una tua risposta,quando ti e’ possibile.

  • Jorge

    Hi Cameron,
    In “The emerald tablets of Thoth” VIII-Key of mysteries. Thoth speaks of the “Hounds of the barrier” that he encountered in his out-of-body journey through space-time. Could you shed some light if this was also the ankle-biters you mention, those Thoth used to encounter? Thanks a lot

  • MrX

    Hi Cameron,

    I was going to write you in private but i realize that somebody else might find it helpful if they would read this too…

    First of all I want to thank you whole-heartedly for doing what you do. Nobody in this “field of information” has written anything that resonates so well with me. Since starting to “wake up” only a couple of years ago, mainly by switching to a much healthier diet and from thereon starting to “see” and “understand” the world, the universe and myself better, i still find myself in a very exhausting situation. Because I can only “understand” these concepts of our true, multi-dimensional reality from a very rational perspective. I am still not “feeling it”, inside my heart. I feel completely “blind” to the true meaning of all of this, like my pineal isn’t even there. All this probably from eating poorly and getting to much fluoride in my body while growing up.

    I have only once had a “supernatural” experience, involving a family member who came to visit me and my girlfriend from the spirit world. An event that changed me forever, and since then i have come to more fully understand, by studying and absorbing information from almost everywhere, what I was programmed to believe was “imagination” and/or “crazy talk”: reincarnation, multiple dimensions, non-human entities (both physical and “invisible”) etc. So even though I have all the “keys” and practical know-how at hand to live a life of spirituality and abundance I still feel like crap. Or even worse actually, since i have “opened up a little” and is now sensitive to the pains of my fellow humans, animals and plants, all suffering under the tyranny brought upon us by the “cabal” and their 4D overlords.

    And since I just cannot find it in me to “raise my vibration” through any spiritual practice I’m stuck in some kind of limbo, and many days even wishing that i was dead or never “woke up” in the first place, since life in this “modern” world would be so much easier that way. Because then I could spend time enjoying the simple things (alcohol and TV) that many of my my friends enjoy so much. Needless to say my depression has gotten really bad.

    Unfortunately meditation just doesn’t “work” for me, my mind is so scattered that whenever i close my eyes and try to “empty my mind” or “let the thoughts flow freely”, it’s like turning on ten video screens and twenty radio-channels at once. I have all the signs for being diagnosed with ADD but I didn’t want any “professional” label on me so i never went through a full examination by the shrink I went to. So I have it confirmed that there’s something “different” about me, even though I’ve always felt it (not feeling satisfied with a life centered around alcohol and TV was one of the hints).

    Actually, the only times in life that I can think of where I have felt bliss is when I have been “drugging” myself, either through over-eating, consuming candy/chocolate or smoking cannabis. I was heavily addicted to sugar between the ages of 5 to 25 and later smoked cannabis almost daily for about 4 years, and now I’m food-obsessed even though the things I choose to eat are very healthy (I’m not obese, more like underweight). And all this time, since I was in my early teens, I have also been addicted to porn. So basically I just change addiction without ever being able to fill the empty void in my soul. And recognizing that i HAVE an empty void hasn’t helped either, it’s just giving me another reason to give up on myself, since I know that I don’t have enough willpower to change my ways. Nothing can motivate me anymore, not even my newborn child.

    I am so confused. Everything that I used to think really mattered were all just attempts to fill the void in my soul. And on the outside I have the perfect life: A pretty, intelligent and talented girlfriend, a healthy and beautiful child, a good job that I actually enjoy, respect from my peers and even a few fans. But it’s all worth nothing to me because of the way I feel, which makes me hate myself even more. And I don’t see things changing for the better anytime soon, neither personally or in the world. People are not ready to start giving to receive more, they are all struck with fear and unknowingly enslaved by a system that feeds off of their stress and negativity. And I feel like i’m still one of them, but with the blinds taken off…

    This is a cry for help, and my question to you, if you have the time, is:

    What do your think can help me change? Maybe that brainwave-program of yours? I’ve tried the self-cleanse but I always find excuses to make sure I don’t follow through with anything, especially if it’s something important to me. I do want to change myself, I just don’t know where to start. Or how to find the motivation and energy.



    • Thank you for sharing your story so openly. This also deserves its own article as a reply, but in short:

      Yes, brainwave entrainment can help you calm down your brain. I recommend that you use Alpha/Theta/Delta more often than IQ Increase & Laser focus.

      Next: Eliminate all porn from your life. All of it. (See my other reply about porn above)

      In order to relax and “quiet” your mind, you need to remove excess external stimulation. Go camping for a week, and don’t bring a laptop or smartphone. Just go off the grid for one week and spend time walking in nature, reading and staring into a campfire. After a couple of days, you will unwind and notice a big difference.

      Try to reduce EMFs in your home and turn your wireless router, cell phone and any other wireless devices off before you go to sleep.

      Read books instead of screens (I need to take my own advice on this one, too!)

      Spend time with your eyes closed and relax. Don’t worry about meditating, just examine your internal environment. Get to know your ego so that you can strip it bare later.

      Although it seems tempting to try and “fill the void” what you really need to do is strip away the remaining layers of false ego identity so that your REAL self can emerge from deep within you. There is a “chasm” so to speak between your concept of your self and your True Self. This void can’t be filled, it can only be traversed and the destination is your authentic Self. The Self-Clearing System can help with this.

      If you’re still medicating with alcohol or cannabis, stop for 7 days then resume at a greatly reduced quantity of consumption. Treat those substances like potent medicines. Approach them with respect and allow yourself to gain insights into yourself through their use. I could tell you to just quit and never touch them, but that almost never works, and makes people feel guilty with they “relapse.” Instead, if you shift the way you use and interact with those substances, you might be able to get benefit from them instead of just numbness.

      Do physical things that you enjoy. Basketball, ultimate frisbee, tennis, skateboarding, weight lifting, jogging, walking…whatever you actually like to do, fit it into your schedule in 1 hour doses. (Treat exercise as medicine.) If nothing else, go up and down the stairs at work a couple times a day.

      Count your blessings daily, and express gratitude for what you have going for you. Gratitude opens you to “higher vibrations” and puts things into perspective.

      All the best,

      • MrX

        Thank you so much for your answer. I have started using your brainwave entrainment-program and i already feel better. Some days are still shit but I’m regaining a little bit of hope for myself at least. I also want to add that I havent touched any drugs since last summer and I have never been addicted or even interested in alcohol. But i do dream about cannabis almost every night (is that the anle-biters trying to get me “back on track”?), and i understand that to become fully aware of your spirituality you cannot be doing any kind of drugs (even though they may help to “open your eyes” / “wake you up” in an early stage, right?). Luckily I now live in a small cabin deep in the woods so I have the time to catch and convince myself that I’ts not what i really need. I also spend time walking in the woods every day and keep away from EMFs as much as possible. But i still have to work by the computer for many hours a day, but that’s pretty ok. I don’t have it very close to me and try to take breaks as often as possible.
        Thank you again, Mr Day.

  • Cassandra

    What do u think of Judi satori?

  • Cassandra

    Than you for your response!

  • kat

    can’t wait to hear you on Zany Mystic show tonight, on BBS radio.com
    You Rock!

  • Cassandra

    Hi Cameron, I read your essay about who is on this channel and channelers and wondered who are the POS beings that you call on for help for clearing. Are archangels ok to call on? I sometimes do meditations that ask archangels to help with clearing and healing and wondered if that was ok or if I am inviting something else in my space. Thx!

    • Some “Arch(on)Angels” are dark side imposters. Make sure that you specify that you only want to interact with beings that are fully aligned with the positive, Service to All/Others frequency, and are aligned with the Galactic Core.

  • kat

    Cameron, Wow great interview on,The Zany Mystic! You covered alot of great material.I would like to re-listen a few more times to absorb the info,where can we do that?
    Thanks so very much for all you do.love kat

  • louise

    Thank You for writing this. I have found this very interesting. There is one way that these Archons can be removed, by dispensation from the creator, and that is by the power of Lord Jesus Christ, or even higher (sanat kumara) the power of Love enables the uncreation of these energies. There is a decree to destroy these, and it is deemed as service to others, as the Grid is being repaired, so the Free will element of these beings, has now been denied. Thy will (God) will be done has come into force.

    They have all but wrecked my life, they like to do that…..and the exhaustion is awful………….yet it is THE ONLY way to deny their control. That is difficult. Just last week, I made a trip, (now I am mostly housebound due to these negatives) and I was followed by a black op helicopter wherever I went, and then lots of mind control input occured. I fell down twice. This ended in mental breakdown. This type of energy may render one incapacitated eventually – I dare say the Loony Bins are full of ones just as I. And ? If we truly admitted ourselves, as I had been considering, just to feel ‘safe’ then we still cannot actually speak our truth, as they will say “we are mad”. We do indeed need spiritual hospitals……………….

    Anyhow thank you for this information. Following their last attack I fell into depression, which is their aim, so knowledge is power…….as they also hack into your memory, and you wander around literally having no idea why you feel so terrible.

  • Jackie

    Hi Louise, I really feel for you when I read your mail. I’ve been attacked and recognise alot of what your saying. I would recommend a clearing with a healer. Cameron’s clearing techniques are very powerful, and obviously he is also very powerful as a healer, katie at cosmicessence.com is excellent, as is Magdelena at embracingyourinnerself.com. I can personally vouch for these people as honest genuine and very effective. I wish you love and light Louise, loads & loads of it

  • Kevin

    what do you have to stay about shadow people ? or have you even heard about them ? cause when i was a kid i used to see a lot of those , pretty scary… and one more thing , what do you have to say about Tila Tiquila , is she the real deal ?

  • Kevinn

    what do you have to stay about shadow people ? or have you even heard about them ? cause when i was a kid i used to see a lot of those , pretty scary… and one more thing , what do you have to say about Tila Tiquila , is she the real deal ?

  • Byron Hopwig

    I can concur with Lousie regarding the power of psychic attack. The entity on my case, which shows itself sometimes as a small circle of light on the ceiling, has kept me in bed for days at at a time, where I’m sleeping on and off, waking tired and lethargic, unable to rouse myself, neglecting to eat even.

    I feel sharp twinges of pain in my head. Sometimes pressure pain in the third eye area. Negative energy running through my torso. It augments negative thoughts and feelings, makes everything seem negative. I review my life sometimes and it seems like one long continuous round of suffering. I cannot recall the good times. (And I have to remind myself that I have a very positive attitude to life – or I did have).

    I was running a small business before the attacks began. Then within a few months all my work dried up, and all my money ran out, and I found myself signing on as unemployed.

    And for years now I haven’t been able to get going with life. Most of the time I feel so bad that I don’t wish to go out or see anyone, or do anything.

    I have sought the help of five people, healers, shamanic practitioners, etc., and no one has been able to help, and no one has seemed to really understand my situation. I have found the so-called shamanic practitioners particularly unhelpful. And one even managed to make me feel worse about myself, at a time when I was in great distress – snooty supercilious schoolmarm type.

    The headaches I have suffered have been excruciating.

    I have felt sick and low now for years and I have gone to my knees sobbing at times, when the attacks have been particularly fierce, calling out to the angels or my higher self for help, but no help has been forthcoming. I have felt totally abandoned and lost and alone with this…

    The problems began after I took ayahuasca for healing. I was healed deeply, but obviously I attracted something very negative into my life, and ironically have been sick and depressed and suffering hideously ever since. I have cursed the day I ever heard of ayahuasca; and have cursed my self for having taken it without understanding the dangers involved.

    If I were attacked for a year, or maybe two years I could see it perhaps as an interesting lesson. But I am into my sixth year now. And it is beyond tedious. Whatever may be said about the importance of negativity or suffering, I can only conclude that ultimately it is boring – especially when interminable. Evil is boring. That which harms another being, destroys another being’s life, causes pain and suffering in order to feed itself or whatever, is boring. It’s tedious. The whole good vs evil thing is a bore of the first order. That which interferes with another’s free-will and life doesn’t deserve to exist as far as I’m concerned.

    There is enough pain and “darkness” in the normal course of existence. A certain amount is necessary and always will be. But pernicious evil, evil which abuses and tortures and murders children, for example – does that really have any value in the scheme of things? Is that really necessary for anything? Does it help anything? I think not. And no one will ever convince me otherwise. The suffering of one child is enough to condemn god for all eternity, as I think Dostoyevsky pointed out.

    I have lost five good years of my life and I have mourned that loss at times. And at times I just have wanted to be put out of my misery, to become nothing, to not be, so that I will never have to suffer like this ever again.

  • Dan

    Hi all. I’d really like to put something out there. I am very closely connected to a tremendously powerful dragon energy. This energy is of a very high consciousness and it comes to me whenever I feel like I’m under physic or even physical attack. The other day after conducting an online global meditation for world abundance I felt surrounded by ‘dark feeders’, this dragon came to me and with my focus and intention I breathed in light and power then blasted a pure radius of light around me and sent these feeders flying, I also had the intention to have them sent away for processing after reading Cameron’s report on free will.
    Does anyone have any comments on this dragon energy? I have a very strong sense of physic protection for me and others when its around:)


  • Jennifer H.

    Hi Cameron,
    I resonate with quite a bit of what you say & in another articles – here is some other high llevel info from The Return of Light :- Prime Creator: The declaration of the Dark and the erection of the Frequency Fence happened about 500 million years ago in your time. In the age of this particular Creation this is a relatively short time period, though it would seem incredibly vast to you.

    Part 3 – The History of the Fall

    Elora: Heru, if Prime Creator made and designed this Creation to be one of joy, harmony, and perfection, what happened?

    Heru: Approximately 1.3 billion years ago in your time, there was an invasion which occurred in a universe near this one – an invasion of darkness. What we will call darkness, for the purpose of these discussions, is a non-souled, non-living substance, antithetical in structure to the basic life inherent in every atom of Creation.
    Elora: Thank you, we would as well. How did you feel or perceive the initial attack of darkness?

    Prime Creator: It was actually fairly small initially, like stepping on a nail; or a pinprick or a bee sting, something of that nature. The initial pain was not that severe. However there was a venom that was inserted through that opening, which began to spread fairly subtly and rapidly – subtly enough that I did not perceive its spread immediately. This foreign invader began to lay eggs and set up colonies. And that did not appear extremely harmful at first. It seemed benign and it seemed that these Universes would not be harmed by it, for I felt there was room for all.

    Elora: At that point, were you getting calls for help?
    Prime Creator: No, for these beings were not manifesting their true intent for quite a long period of time. They were well established before they revealed their criminal intent. Regarding when that intent was revealed, let us see if we can set some timelines. Your time is difficult for me to relate to, so perhaps you can help by giving a framework.
    Elora: Heru states that the initial invasion occurred about 1.3 billion years ago. To continue, at some point you realized there was a threat, and these invaders were not innocent?
    Prime Creator: Yes. It seems that this occurred hundreds of millions of years ago, but not billions. And so there would have been that long amount of time for the corruption to spread and to spread, amongst the Creator Gods, the Angelic Hierarchies, the Elohim, and the other hierarchies, almost all of which have been contaminated. During that time the Dark Beings were keeping within themselves, and very closely guarded, the secret of their criminal intent. The fullness of this criminal intent did not become clear until the Dark Universes began being born out of the darkness. Again, that time was perhaps several hundred million years ago, but not as much as a billion.

    Elora: It appears that the Light Workers were first sent into the contaminated Universes about 500 million years ago. So perhaps it was shortly before that.
    Prime Creator: Yes, that is most likely correct. At that time it was not known whether these Light Forces would prevail or how effective they could be, for we had and I had never encountered anything like this. There was hope that this would be enough. And all along the way, those of my Creation who had succumbed attempted to hide their contamination. Therefore throughout this whole process was obfuscation and delay. These delays made it take longer than it should have for it to become apparent that the efforts of the Light Forces were not enough.

    Part 1 – The DARK GRIDS
    Starting in June of 2004, Heru began showing us the Dark Grids which have been a major part of the controlling energy structures of this Fallen Universe. The first one to come to our attention was the Sixth Dimensional Grid. Heru explained that it was like a net covering a large portion of our Universe, and that it worked like a Frequency Barrier. Just as Earth has a Frequency Barrier around it which prevents the Light and higher energies from entering, similar structures have been set up for our Universe. We were then made aware of a similar grid on the Eleventh Dimension. As Heru has said, the Darkness in this Universe exists up through to the Eleventh Dimension. Finally, a third Grid existing on the Fourth Dimension encompassed Earth itself. Up until the Summer of 2004, it had not been possible for the Light Forces to affect or take down any of these controlling structures.
    Tentative plans were laid for the Dark Grids to be burned with Cosmic fire. However, this would have resulted in the incineration of many Beings who were closely tied to the Grid. Instead, the Omniversal Energy was run through the Sixth Dimensional Grid, which almost seemed to be made of a hollow piping. This was followed by an assault by the Light Forces on the Eleventh Dimensional Grid, as well as on the Grid surrounding Earth. Over the Summer of 2004, large portions of all three Dark Grids were dismantled. The remaining portions will be taken down by the Light Warriors.

    Prior Creations had rudimentary Third Dimensions, but they never had self-aware life forms in them. As this was the most complex of all the Creations and in many ways the grandest of all of them, Prime Creator wanted to be able to experience the totality of this Creation. Therefore Humans are the eyes, the ears, the fingertips, the nose, and the sense of taste for Prime Creator. In an Unfallen Universe, the Third Dimensional Humans are hardwired directly to Prime Creator and their experiences are directly fed back to Prime Creator. In the Fallen Universes that is not so.

    Elora: That makes sense. The other exception is this. I know that DurgalSekhmet and other mighty Light Beings are incarcerating some of the Dark. Obviously this is against the will of those Beings.Heru: They have broken laws. It has been a long time in coming for this to happen. There was great reluctance on the part of the Hierarchy of Light Beings to take action against the Dark Beings, because the Light has always honored free will. That which began in one Sector of one Universe was not stopped. And it has created an infection that has spread far and wide throughout too many Universes. For the sake of the integrity of this entire Creation it was decided to take action. Otherwise the entire Creation would be lost.
    Elora: Heru, are you saying that Darkness started in a small way in one universe, and spread, simply because free will was being honored to the maximum, and no one stopped it?
    Heru: Yes. [Elora: And had it been stopped, back then, the other Universes would not have fallen?] Yes, and other Universes would not have been created Dark by the Fallen Hierarchies. The decision to root out all of the Darkness has come from the very Source of this Creation. It was not done frivolously or lightly.

    Elora: How can the truly Dark Beings have so much power, if they are simply parasitic life forms which have no soul? Or is it the Fallen who have power, and who can do these things?

    Heru: It is the Fallen who have power. The Dark only gains power by corrupting Beings, and it is the Fallen who do these acts of terrible destruction and harm. The tragedy of it is that these are great, wonderful Beings who have succumbed to something that is not understandable. And once reclaimed, they will take their place among the stars in the sky. It is a great heartache that they have been imprisoned and had their Free Will taken from them by the Dark in such a way that most of them did not even have a chance to choose.

    Imagine a large lake. On the lake, lotus plants (which are a type of water lily) are growing. Each one is spaced rather far from its neighbors, and they form a somewhat regular pattern on the lake. In this analogy each Lotus plant represents a Creation System, created by a Prime Creator and encompassing multiple Creations. The flowers and leaves represent the Creations within that system, with the leaves being analogous to the earlier and simpler Creations and the flowers being analogous to the later and more complex ones. (As you may recall, Heru told us that our Creation is structured in the form of a gigantic Lotus Flower with each petal being a Universe and the center of the flower being the Godverse.) The lake in our analogy represents the Void. The Creation Systems float within the Void. If you will imagine that each Lotus Plant, each Creation System, is contained within its own energetic envelope – which represents the Absolute in each case – then our analogy is complete, albeit very simplified. The Absolute which surrounds each Creation System manifests Itself as a Prime Creator, and each Prime Creator then creates, out of the “stuff” of the Absolute, all the Creations which make up that System. The entire lake would make up the Cosmos, or All That Is. And it may be that the lake is, in fact, an ocean that goes on forever.

    Now imagine that one of these Lotus Plants somehow became diseased with an aggressive and deadly virus. That virus was carried to the nearby plants and they, too, start to become diseased. Something like this, we believe, is what happened.

    In one of the Creation Systems – one that was relatively near to us but not our immediate neighbor – Darkness was created. Darkness has overtaken that Creation System entirely. How and why it was created we don’t know. The Prime Creator of that System, we are told, is “diseased and insane”. Did he create Darkness because he was insane, or was it done innocently, as some kind of experiment, and did he become insane because of living in a Dark Creation System? Probably we will never know. In either case, I still feel that the best analogy we have for Darkness is that of a computer virus – something that is non-living and non-souled, yet has the ability to spread and replicate itself, and to corrupt and destroy whatever it encounters. Just as computer viruses don’t affect a hard drive that is only running on the older and much simpler DOS system, but can rapidly take down a computer running on the newer and more complex Windows, just so Darkness was not able to affect the older and simpler Creations within this System but had a devastating effect upon our newer and very complex Creation. I also believe that if we could define Darkness, it might well be a reversing of the codes of life, the Codes of Light. It’s as if all these magnificent, perfect codes were run backwards. Therefore the effect of Darkness is to reverse the perfection of Creation. Love becomes hatred. Purity becomes corruption. Peace and safety become violence and war. Beauty becomes ugliness, and so on.

    Heru has told us that the Darkness invaded this Creation over a billion years ago. I am extrapolating, but I would guess that what happened is that some of the Beings from the Dark Creation System were able to travel through the Void and to enter our undefended Creation. They carried with them this highly contagious virus, this Darkness. The degree of Darkness they carried must have been incredibly virulent, for we know that the Universe they entered “sickened and died”, in Heru’s words, almost immediately. Because the Darkness was unknown and was not understood, it continued to spread throughout the contiguous Universes. The rest, as we say, is history.

  • I completely agree. The author of this story seems to be trying to create more of a deal about something than there really is

  • Is this Jacquie Eastlund’s grand daughter. Jacquie Easlund that I know passed away in the late 1990’s. Maybe 96?

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  • peter

    hello cameron any change for an update on how things are now