Cameron Day on Internet Radio “Fireside Chat”

It’s been a while since I did an internet radio show, and last Saturday’s appearance on “A Fireside Chat with Zany Mystic” was a real pleasure. In 55 minutes we covered a lot of topics, and the entire show flew by in what felt like 15 minutes. I think you will enjoy it.

First, here is a link to download an MP3:

Be sure to “right-click” on the link, and choose “save” to put it on your computer. (command-click on a Mac). If you just left click on the link, it will open in your browser instead:


BUT, if you do want to listen to it through your browser, I put together a youtube version using some artwork and a few old “fractal zooms” that I had on my hard drive. I haven’t played with my video editing software in a long time, so putting this together was pretty fun.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Much Love,
Cameron Day

31 comments to Cameron Day on Internet Radio “Fireside Chat”

  • kat

    Great interview!Filled with so much info,a must hear!
    Thanks so very much for all you do Cameron Day!

  • martine

    Hi – I really enjoyed listening to you – one hour was definitley not enough – i have only recently found your blog – I think you expalined what was going in the most clearest way I have ever heard – and you can tell you are coming from a place of love!
    Cheers and thanks

  • pesz

    Thank you, Cameron! Great! Looking forward to your next show.
    I have been practicing level 1 self-clearing techniques you share for a couple of weeks and I feel them efficient while poking the surface of the mud of my subconscious mind.
    Recently i got pretty interested in Dr. Steven Greer’s work, too. And I am just planning to get familiar with CE-5 Initiative protocols. When I heard you saying that most of the channeled messages of higher densities is being distorted by ankle biters, a question came to my mind about CE-5 protocols.
    Do you think also this kind of communication can be hacked by ankle biters and it is better to rely solely on our Higher Self, or is it a useful tool helping humanity and Earth towards universal peace and brotherhood?
    I am really interested in your point of view.

    • I’m not versed in the exact protocols, but in general I recommend that people connect to their Inner/Higher Self. It is your ultimate guide, and will always steer you in the right direction.

      An ET might not know what is best for you, even if they are positive/STO oriented.

      • Bettie

        In my humble opinion, this point is exactly what is missing on websites and blogs that provide platforms for channeled messages from “ascended masters”. Nothing can or should replace the ultimate guidance of our Inner/Higher Divine selves. Doing so is the equivalent of giving our personal power away. That’s inviting trouble into our lives. Thank you Cameron for bringing these important issues to our attention.

  • mary

    if everything that is not of God’s pure light is an illusion ,, & we are projecting out into our environment our own bullshit ego fears & suffering and pains ,, then ,, why is it we are putting so much energy to these dark entities that must only be an illusion of our own making ,, since we are the creator of our own universe !!! the more we talk of these dark ones & try to figure them out ,, aren’t we giving energy to them ?? if we stay in God’s unconditional Love as many times a day as we can ,, i feel we can uncreate what is not real in the first place just by being in out hearts & connected to our highest Divine Self ,, can it be that simple ?

    • If that works for you, then more power to you sister! πŸ™‚

      Everyone has their unique way to process the darkness. Some prefer to ignore them, but that could lead to problems if you’re not aware of the effects of their actions.

      Not everyone needs to engage them directly, but awareness of their actions is helpful.

      • mary

        I certainly agree with you , Cameron , to be aware of their actions & the effects of their actions ! The results of their work is everywhere to be seen & felt ! Their dirty deeds have infected the Beauty of our planet & the Beauty that is in all our Hearts ! & almost severed our connection to our Pure Divine Light connection ! Thank you for your response …

  • kat

    Cameron, Is it your higher self that decides what we expierence in this life? Was it pre planned before we entered this 3d earth, by the HS or us?
    You are my go to guy for my most important answers.I am so glad you are always there for us! You provide the purest source I know! Thank you for all eternity! love,kat

    • Some of it is the “individual you” that is growing into your Higher Self, some of it is the “actual” HS that has already grown to that state.

      Then there are “interventions” by ankle biters to make things more complicated than you had planned.

      It’s a pretty wild planet, for sure. πŸ™‚

  • Cielia

    I second Kat’s question – I recently re-read Cobras description of the Lords of Karma and have been very agitated for several days… There was just too little information and clarification about it. The reason it got me freaked out was because I thought it made several of my trusted sources wrong. I wonder, do all humans upon death see a life review? Do they commit to reincarnation and then go to the heavenly realm? What is this joyous place between lives, is it just a joke, a deception? Or do some people pass over the lords of karma to experience Gods love? Do those that see the lords of karma immediately incarnate? I have felt all my life that I chose my father – the idea that my life placement was chosen by someone else as a ruse makes me sick. Anyway, after a few days of minor anxiety attacks about it all I decided that I am being directed back to not understanding or knowing what the ultimate reality is and to also distrust all sources but the inner. I can still have peace and trust in God despite such feelings of betrayal and confusion. If you have any elucidation it would be most welcome! I am a newcomer to your page and the articles are very good, thank you for posting them.

  • Cameron, this interview is amazing for me because in April last year I wrote a book where I put down crazy ideas of the levels above our dimension. I said that I believed that God had not made several of the rules. The idea was that beings in other dimensions passed off as “angelic” beings or “guides” and to hear you mention “The Lords of Karma” feels amazing. There is so much more about why they are the way they are and why they behave the way they do towards us – Thank you.

  • The REAL “Lords of Karma” operate at a very high level, and are more like “upper management” for helping souls to learn what they want and need to learn.

    The FAKE ‘lords’ of karma in operation on this planet pose as light-beings and do the ‘normal’ life review process, but they focus on the things that a being will feel guilt and regret over.

    Then they ‘offer’ the person a chance to reincarnate and ‘get things right’ when in reality they could have simply gone to a higher density, learned lessons there, possibly incarnated on another 3rd density planet, etc.

    In other words, they narrow the choices down to 1: reincarnation.

    The individual can still choose parents and various life lessons. The ankle-biters will simply add distortions to those lessons so they are more painful than necessary.

    You still learn, but they get extra low-vibrational emotional energy.

    As far as I can tell, those fake ‘lords’ have been removed and a service to others group is now helping souls to choose their next experience in a balanced, well-informed way.

  • Jackie

    Hi its brilliant I’ve learned so much from reading the comments left. I’ve been under attack for years. As I can see mine & other;s past lives I understand why. However I’ve awakened to whats going on in the world by reading the people reference in comments. I would love to help in anyway possible. Also please pray for Ireland; all the real witches/psychics came to us during the Spanish inquisition-shortly afterwards a European potatoe blight led to death, emigration &famine when our food was shipped out of the country. We become strong again,a wealthy country and we are only country in EU to have banking debt made into sovereign debt(the people have to pay). Again creating poverty,mass emigration & destruction for us…,,After reading alot I’ve come to the conclusion this is no accident! Hope all ascension stuff I’m reading comes true. Great to be educated by you all! Cameron your a life saver..THANKS.

  • Lynn

    Cameron, I really like your take on reality. My experience of the “unseen” agrees with all you say. I use your clearing process regularly, and really appreciate it! I’d like your take on the fact that as this is a dualistic dimension, and we need fairly equal dark and light to uphold and define each “side,” have the archons actually overstepped their bounds? It’s tempting to vilify them—have they actually run amuck? They certainly are nasty, but to what extent is that just their job?

    • The way I understand things, duality was originally intended to simply have an experience of “other-ness” instead of “all-one-ness” — It later became distorted into “polarity” of negative & positive.

      The idea that we need a certain amount of negativity to maintain balance is flawed, in my opinion. Negativity can still be allowed expression, but in a very restricted fashion so that it does not harm those who do not choose to experience it.

      I have memories of very positive planetary civilizations where the service to others (service to All) ethos is the “law of the land” and very little negativity exists, and what does exist is chosen rather than imposed.

      On this planet, darkness has conquered and ruled completely, with only tiny glimmers of light able to offer small islands of sanity. This is changing, and the planet will eventually be restored to its positive orientation.

  • Manny

    I enjoyed the interview! πŸ™‚ Interesting that you mention sacred geometrical shapes around you. I put a big light pyramid over our house a few years ago, anchoring it to earth with quartz crystals. It’s really helped me a lot, and I definitely recommend it. I just have to wonder why I never hear anybody else [except me] talk about this because it really works..

    • Yes, I too wonder why I don’t hear more people talking about these things. Pyramids and Octahedrons are very powerful tools for magnifying energies…just have to make sure that we’re anchoring positive energy so that it gets magnified. πŸ™‚

      • Rachael

        What a truly special blessing you are to our beautiful universe Cameron – in your outstanding efforts of love, to guide earth-bound beings in transcending inherited materialistic and egotistical social conditioning – to purely embrace and know the absolute joy of non-religious-oriented spiritual light and alternative dimensional planes. I have only recently commenced my spiritual journey (there is so much to learn and my solar plexus is just a little challenged at present) and have found your level 1 self-clearing meditation techniques of immense clarity and positive value in my efforts to discover my dharma and re-connect with my soul and the universe. I trust this raw message of love and heartfelt thanks will support and nourish your incredible and exhausting work – and if you’re not eating raw veges and fruits loaded with healing life-force enzymes – please do so to keep up your energy! πŸ™‚ Just on the pyramids and octahedrons, I saw a great documentary exploring ET links and apparently an experiment in Russia has confirmed the healing power of this particular formation. I am however, unsure how to metaphysically ‘build’ such a protective and magnifying conduit – although Manny has suggested quartz (and I recall you mentioning your exhaustive work one evening to ward off a particularly nasty invasion by the ankle biters)… do you offer guidance in level 2 or in a blog which I may have inadvertently missed? Namaste (and hugs).

  • Sue Bailey

    Yes, excellent interview, Cameron! Thank you! You are a very trustworthy source – my gut tells me. (I’m working to trust my gut above all else, though it’s not easy.) And yes, it was too short! I could have listened for another hour. I would love to hear more about the “fake” Lords of Karma. This was new, fascinating intel/info for me this year – and it resonated. But it does make you re-evaluate a lot of what we believe. But if we refused to re-evaluate, then we’d be stuck and inflexible, to say the least. But there are many topics I would love to hear more about. Thank you for all your contributions to this extraordinary process we are all going through! I’m very grateful for having found you and your website.

    • I am constantly reevaluating my limited understanding of the universe. The universe is incredibly dynamic, and it isn’t possible to know all there is to know through a 3rd density bodily instrument. (At least not in their current configuration)

      We can only hope to intuit the truth and filter out the lies in order to build the most accurate models possible in any given moment…subject to change when new information presents itself. πŸ™‚

  • Jo Ann

    Hi Cameron. I use your meditation recordings to meditate and reach my higher consciousness. They are very good and work. I was wondering if there are “different” meditations that we need to do to activate our Merkaba fields on a permanent basis to make ascension (consciously and with our bodies intact) to the fourth and shortly thereafter the fifth dimension. If these “Merkaba” meditations are different than the ones you offer on your website, can you offer these also ? Thanks, Cameron…

    In love and light,

    Jo Ann

  • wendy

    Hi Cameron! I listened to your interview 2x and found it brilliant! I know from all I have studied over the years that you truly know what is going on. I marvel! have 2 questions I would like your opinion on. Are the GPS satellites that constantly attack some Lightworkers run by Ankle biters or are they run by their human minions? And is the very loud sound we hear from underground and the rippling electronic currents coming with them from ankle biters?

    • As far as I can tell, any 3d satellite based technology is run by human beings who are usually infested with ankle biters.

      I not sure about the sounds / electronic currents. Can you post more about them?

  • cassandra

    Hi cameron, i do your meditations on a daily basis and think they, and you, are awesome! i wanted to ask if i should also do grounding meditations too or is that not necessary? Great interview with a wealth of information!

    • The SCS is designed to augment whatever else you are already doing, so definitely do include grounding as well. Also, make sure you let the galactic core energy flow through you into the Earth’s core for an added grounding effect.

  • wendy

    The sound coming daily from underground is a drone which sounds like an idling diesel truck. Sometimes it is very loud! There are electrical currentsnaccompanying the sound which reach up at times so high that it is like sitting in electronic smog! I’ve heard David Icke also remark on this. This goes on almost everyday but disappears when I go for a walk sometimes or go shopping and come home later.

  • Jo Ann

    I have ready alot about harmonic frequencies of what we listen to on YouTube and other media such as television, radio, and especially music, etc. Regarding music, classical music is the most soothing and does not contain harmful frequencies.

    However, from what I read these frequencies can be very harmful….just like fluoride in your water and toothpaste is harmful…chemtrails, etc., ad naseum.

    Here is a link from a guy Paul Beener, sound engineer for Global Voice Radio who writes about it and de-codes music for that particular reason,

    But, I also understand and have read that these frequencies will not affect us if we practice grounding and shielding. If we all work to increase more of our DNA that is dormant right now in all of us, we will not be affected by these harmful frequencies. What do you know about this, Cameron and others? Would be interested in hearing others’ perspectives. Thanks.