True Civilization Only Needs One Law: Do No Harm

True Civilization Only Needs One Law

In order for all Earth Humans to be free from the violence of the old world disorder, a radical shift in values must occur.

For all Humans to be free to achieve their highest creative self-expression, whatever that may be, we must follow the One Law that a truly civilized society needs:

Do No Harm

Under the One Law, everyone is free to express their unique individuality, as long as they do not inflict harm on another Human.

Anyone who can’t abide by this one simple law must be isolated from free Human society to ensure the protection and safety of every single Human on Earth.

One Law:  Do No Harm

Do not rob, harm, enslave, rape, torture or kill another human

Do not steal another’s possessions

Do not physically harm anyone in any way

Do not enslave others in any way, shape or form

Do not rape anyone in any definition of the word

Do not torture anyone mentally, physically or in any other way

Do not kill another Human, unless in self-defense against someone attempting to harm you or a loved one under threat of violence.

To All Law Enforcers:

We ask you to stop enforcing the numerous unjust laws of the state and switch to upholding only the One Law: Do no harm, while being the front line defenders between pacifistic Humans and the psychopaths that plague our disordered governmental structures and society.

Damaged humans who commit the first and second levels of harm can often be rehabilitated.

Those committing the third through sixth levels of harm need to be imprisoned, and prisons should only contain those who have harmed others.

All prisoners who have not harmed another person must be quickly released, and that space filled with the suit-and-tie wearing criminals of the world who have worked to block human evolution so they could maintain their power and wealth.

Focus on government officials, bankers, corporate executives, lawyers and billionaires. These people must not remain above the law.

Follow the evidence while also purging the criminals within your own organizations.

Once the real criminals of the world are in prison, the One Law will be easier to uphold.

To All Military

We call upon you to disobey your orders to harm your fellow Human beings.

You are not actually fighting for freedom in the Middle East.

Drone operators: You are not fighting for freedom by killing “possible terrorists” and their families.

Your true fight for freedom is in your home country, so please come home to help local law enforcement uphold the One Law.

The Old World Disorder is Fed by Violence

The old world disorder can only exist by convincing humans to commit violence upon one another.

We don’t need to ban weapons, we need to ban violence.

The One Law does this most effectively while allowing for every Human’s right to self-defense against those who desire to harm them.

In order to forge a truly civilized society, we must leave behind the old world disorder’s system of governance.

Humans will only be free when we take responsibility for self-governance instead of abdicating our power to governmental authorities.

There is no need for lawmakers when every single Human, regardless of social or financial status is held to the standard of the One Law.

The Next Step Is Up To You

We call upon every human being on Earth to cease any activity, job, career, military endeavor, etc that causes harm to another Human, even indirectly.

We ask all Humans working for corporations that have harmed others through pollution, theft, market manipulation, technological suppression, etc to leave those jobs and reinvent themselves.

We ask everyone to avoid corporations that harm their employees, customers, or the environment, and instead use a small business or co-op to buy your goods whenever possible.

Living the One Law will eventually be easy and fulfilling, but transitioning our lives will take time and effort.

The most important factor in the One Law being accepted is for you to share this idea with others, so please spread this message far and wide.

Much Love,
Cameron Day

p.s. Is this the shortest blog post I have ever written? Probably.  🙂  I will write more about the One Law, and my other usual topics soon.


24 comments to True Civilization Only Needs One Law: Do No Harm

  • Where does doing harm begin.
    I always believed that it took insanity before one would consider harming another.
    There seems to be no valid test and action for treating cases.
    Everyone agrees that sex offenders cannot be cured, yet they are imprisoned or “treated” and returned to offend again.

    • Derrick Jensen explains in his book A Language Older Than Words that this (colonized/modern/globalized) society is based on harm, on violence and power over.

      He explains that sex offenders, like those who beat their wives and children are simply acting out at the personal level the EXACT pattern upon which the entire system operates.

      Colonization and the destruction of peoples to take their lands, so the lands and resources can be exploited(ie raped) for profit (ie power) is the same pattern as the attack and possession of the body of another (ie rape) for power/pleasure, or the beating of another in order to enforce your control(ie power)

      Same misery and horror, just different dimensions of application.

      Humanity lived on Earth for about 2 1/2 million years. Only for the last 5000 have we developed this insane (you are quite correct imho, that to harm another one must be insane) pattern and had it spread and inflicted on people after people, land after land until finally the insanity has almost conquered the entire planet.

      In order to stop the horror, we have to break out of the pattern, escape the meme of colonization and power-over; return to the varied memes of freedom and power within.

      We cannot “rehabilitate” a sex offender inside of the culture that he is acting out-we have to rebuild the culture then the people can heal
      (of course this is circular because in order to rebuild the culture, enough people have to heal to escape it’s insanity in order to do so!)

      circle justice, like ho’o’oponopono returns the balance to the entire community, it heals the SYSTEM while healing the person or people who are broken (ie committing crimes and or having crimes committed against them)

      Imho, until we return to a system like that, until we have a viable circle to re-balance-we cannot heal the people/ “rehabilitate the criminals” either.

      First we have to realize that we are part of a system that is larger than us, and then learn to act like it. Do No Harm is a great idea-but as you point out-in a system based on harm, how can we tell where harm begins?

      When we become functioning parts of that larger system, it becomes obvious what is harm and what is balance-but in order to understand that balance I believe we have to understand that humans are not separate from other beings, and cannot be separate in the way we co-create our morals.

  • Maybe we could bat some ideas back and fourth about how to share these visions with others. I can fully see it is time to get this out there with the so called mainstream persons.
    Those reading this here and more than likely already on the way.
    We don’t need to much patting on the back,

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  • Stuart

    Remember to include yourself when harming none. Also remember that it is a guide not an oath. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid harming, or knowing what harms. Don’t beat yourself up at those times. Doing your best to avoid harming yourself or others is the key.

  • Bettie

    So simple yet so complicated.

  • I like this idea, but I am troubled by the addition of the word “human”.

    Respect for ALL living beings is essential. A person who does not physically “harm” another human but poisons trees, tortures animals and causes all sorts of harm everywhere he goes cannot be said to be innocent of a crime, or a good helpful part of our society.

    The Great Law of Peace has worked for a thousand years in 6 Nations, and many people the world over live some variation of it quite successfully.

    I do not think you can heal the world by just outlawing harm to humans, tho it is a good step in the right direction.

    If we get rid of all laws we have now tho, it is a step backwards since we do have laws against poisoning trees and torturing animals.

    The Wiccan Rede States ‘An it Harm None Do What Thou Will’ -an it Harm *NONE* not no human.

    The Dalai Lama summarized the Buddha’s teachings as “Help other beings if you can, If that is not possible, at least do no harm” (from the book “How to Practice”)

    Many spiritual traditions and different groups have had the same or variations of this same basic idea as a central theme-it is obviously a centrally important idea for humanity in order for us to become *functional parts of the system* in which we live.

    I don’t think we can take away do no harm to the rest of the world tho, and just separate humans out, make them a special category.

    Harm is harm and the mindset required to do harm, that of separation, is the SAME no matter who you harm be they human, dog, tree, frog or air elemental.

    I know just getting to the concept of the thing as you’ve stated it with only including humans is probably a huge leap for a lot of people, and many may not be able to grok the full idea.

    I guess that is why you have made it the way you did, but I had to mention the importance of the full truth even if it is currently beyond most people to reach for:-/

    Truly if everyone on Earth were to practice ahimsa, then no laws would be needed.

    Laws can never replace internal moral systems anyway.

    • You wrote: “I know just getting to the concept of the thing as you’ve stated it with only including humans is probably a huge leap for a lot of people, and many may not be able to grok the full idea.”

      That’s exactly right. I wanted it to be SHORT, simple and thought-provoking, as all good “consciousness seeds” are. The discussion that has already ensured in the comments is great, and I thank you for your contributions. I’m working on my follow up, and it’s going to address all of the comments as much as possible.

  • Jo Ann

    I think this is excellent and look forward to your followup. There are entirely too many political prisoners in our prisons today…in fact, most are political prisoners. The judicial system is completely broken…but then, what can you expect from the evil ones ?

    There’s alot that can be added to this which can be expanded by alot of other individuals inputs. I have sent this to many websites that I subscribe to to have them post on their websites. Good work, Cameron…COMMON SENSE WILL RULE THE DAY SOON, I AM SURE OF IT !!

    In love and light………….:)

  • Stephan Kaula

    Yes, you are right. But even more. Even a -No- is doing harm, because it seperates what is in truth One. In God there is no -NO-, out of this reason. What you really mean is: say -Yes- to every soul and every beeing in its core. Say No, if someone wants to make you think, that a soul is less than divine, a beeing is only of minor importance, is only a biological entity, is only matter. Always look and strive for the higher principle, which is all including, forgiving, uniting and in the end One Consciousness, One Beeing. The power that makes this possible is LOVE, the highest and most powerful force in the universe and God Himself.
    Love to all of you my sisters and brothers!

  • terra

    Cameron, thank you so much for this amazing guidance. In the short time I’ve been following your work, I have found a whole new light within. I look forward to your follow up on this article. I do have one request for you to consider before your next blog. Please take another look at the title of this article. The words “One Law” brings about negative imagery of the “One World Order” before the reader has a chance to read the first paragraph. Your teachings are so valuable and this blog deserves better than this negative word association.

  • cassandra

    Pedophiles and rapists reoffend. for the good of society they should be kept away from the larger population. the 70s were about giving multiple chances to these sorts of offenders and it didnt work. take a long hard look at the rap sheets of some of them. i think its about looking at the parents that created them and doing what we can to balance the violent and dysfunctional homes that produces this small percentage that causes tremendous emotional, mental and financial devastation. schools need to teach life skills to everyone so you can have a chance if you find youself in such a home. ethics…honesty…meditation…anger management etc. at least one class every year that builds upon itself. Dysfunction breeds upon itself whether it comes from poverty or an upper income home. the upper income ones just hide it better but cause just as much devastation because they rise the ranks quicker allowing them to abuse power more easily. also you need a license to drive a car how about one to parent?

  • Jackie

    A good sized portion of people in this world do no harm to others….were nearly there, if media culture was focused on cultivating and promoting this along with positive values we’d have a fantastic world.Also important is the fact that IQs all over the world have increased…educational psyhcologists change the tests every 10 years to reflect this fact…the population is beginning to wake up. Its interesting times we live in…..I believe that if we could get rid of ankle biters we would see a new world within 10years

    Do not kill another BEING unless in self-defense against someone attempting to harm you or a loved one under threat of violence.

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  • Max

    Civilization is not the right word. From old Italian, Roman dialect, “civitas,” city, it just means city culture, city-zation, vs: agrarian culture, hunter/gatherer culture. It is a culture aliented from nature (the real world). About 12-15,000 years old, it is now and always has been a male-domminated, warrior culture of invasion, plunder and destruction. Invade Libya and steal its billions of gold. Invade Afganistan to put in Unocal’s pipelines. Now a TVtized delerium, i.e., civiliZANYtion, it needs to awaken to Terreostasis, Earth consciousness, aware that the Earth is alive and intelligent.

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  • Rodolfo Neutze

    Look, The One Law is a good idea, but the thing is, you’re overestimating humans. They cannot all be divided to pacifist humans and psychopaths. You are right though, the drone operators are not in the right, but the soldiers ARE fighting for the freedom of the pacifist humans your One Law wants to protect. And also, you’re right, we shouldn’t use objects from corporations that hurt people, but that would mean leaving about almost 98% of the human population without jobs. So, what I’m trying to say is that your idea is good on paper, or in this case, on the blog, but in practice, it cannot be done.

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  • peach

    My worry is you let people that planned on harming people back into towns and may hurt people then. I’d love to make laws that simple but the truth is there ate too many gray areas in life to have rules that simple.

  • Sarah

    I tend to be cautious of any negative statement, as the brain doesn’t naturally get negation statements; we have to learn it. How are all those Thall shall nots going? Also a false translation of the Hebrew text.
    Do not hit your brother is heard as hit your brother. Don’t drink and drive would be better put as Drive Sober. Perhaps “Love your fellow as yourself” still sums it up; especially with the understanding that in the ultimate realm of Divine Oneness consciousness, there is no other, just myriad expressions manifestations of Itself.