Christ Consciousness Transcendence

Last Tuesday, February 26th I received a vision while meditating that was very powerful and will be significant for everyone on Earth.  I waited a week to share it because I wanted to experience the new energy as it affected my mind and emotions, and also because I was still working on my last blog post.  The vision itself was of Christ Consciousness transcending the symbol of Jesus being crucified on the cross. At the risk of offending everyone who’s ever been a Christian, please allow me to explain.

The deeper symbolic meaning of the crucifixion and resurrection is that through an ascended consciousness, Jesus transcended the death of his body.  However, the symbolism has been hijacked to only show a symbol of physical torturing and death – the crucifixion. This has resulted in people unknowingly focusing on a symbol of death, and not on the transcendence of enlightened consciousness over death.  (I used to joke among friends that a much better symbol would be Jesus emerging from the cave, whole and intact.)

Well, in the vision I was shown the real symbol of Christ Consciousness transcending death.  Simply put, it is Jesus sitting on top of the cross, meditating and radiating universal Love, with the upper shaft of the cross gone, giving him a nice flat surface to sit on.  This is also known as the ‘Tao Cross.’  Here is an image I photoshopped together using pictures taken from Google images.  (No copyright infringement is intended, and nothing is being sold)

christ consciousness550 Christ Consciousness Transcendence

This was more than the usual types of informational visions I receive that are designed to deepen my understanding of higher consciousness.  What I was also shown is that the frequency of Christ Consciousness is returning to Earth in a BIG way, right now. Further, the message was clear that this symbol of Jesus sitting on top of a “leveled” cross is going to be appearing in the minds of many people in the next 12 months, and that Christians will begin relating to this new symbol because it truly represents Christ Consciousness transcending death and attaining a state of eternal Oneness with the One Creator.

So Tuesday, Feb 26th 2013 marked the start of a new phase of the return of Christ Consciousness to the planet. It is affecting everyone, and I do mean everyone.  Even people who don’t consider themselves spiritual are feeling its effects.  This is an intense energy, so if you’ve been “purging” energetically recently, just go with it.  It will lead you to a place of tremendous inner peace.

This return of the true Christ Consciousness is going to hasten the ongoing decline of the Roman Catholic Church.  That den of pedophiles, thieves and energy vampires is imploding in upon itself, and the truths of their crimes are going to emerge too fast to be contained or covered up. Enjoy the show on that one, folks.  Once the church is fully discredited, and up to half of its more powerful members are in jail, the contents of its secret vaults will be made available to the public.  Ancient manuscripts of incredible profundity that have been suppressed will be available for translation, and a whole new level of information will be available to humanity.

Also, expect to see the “negative elite” in 3d being thrown off-balance as this new Christ Consciousness frequency expands on the planet.  I’m practically giddy in anticipation.  icon smile Christ Consciousness Transcendence

Recent Radio Show Appearance

I made a short appearance on the Unicus Radio Hour with Robert Stanley last week.  I was on the 2nd half of the show, and the show focused on the Ankle Biters, how they affect people, and how to counter their effects.   Here are links to the show in 2 parts.  Please right-click and choose “save” to put them on your computer.

Part 1 (Robert) – Unicus_Radio_2_25_2013_part1.mp3

Part 2 (Robert & Cameron) – Unicus_Radio_2_25_2013_part2_CameronDay.mp3

More One Law Coming Soon

I am working a One Law follow up-article, after which I will retire from politics and return to my regular types of articles.  icon smile Christ Consciousness Transcendence

Much Love,
Cameron Day



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  • mary

    Wow Cameron ! Thank you for sharing this important message ! The cross image keeps us away from the real message Christ was here to teach us ,, that Christ Consciousness leads us to an ascending path of great joy ,, not suffering and guilt ! I’m very glad you will not be talking politics anymore ,, and Yea ,, the Vatican is crumbling !!

  • Jacqui

    Thats the best news I have heard. Thankyou

  • Arrai'Elegion

    I love this vision, Cameron! So comparable to what I have always felt and believed – Christ Consciousness and Message of Love – ascending and seeking higher vibrations and Light rather then focusing on the negatives and darkness – very 3D and heaviness, the opposite to His reason for coming to Earth.

    Thank you, Dearest Cameron!

    Blessings and Light Unending!

  • Micah Millerp

    WONDERFUL! Protestants removed the suffering symbol from the cross, and this puts Jesus on top of it, Thanks to the artist for making Him look somewhat like the dark skinned man used to house that Great Being. Recall, He said we could follow His example, now is the time, as this Blessing comes to surround this Gaia with His Great Love. THANKS! Deeply appreciate your soul qualities, Cameron.

  • Jo Ann

    Great News, Cameron !!! What a wonderful vision ! :)

    Jesus Christ came to Earth to educate us and to inform us that we are powerful human beings and that we have great power. From what I have read he came to Earth from the 6th Dimension. The Bible was deliberately misinterpreted, so that we would believe that we are separate from the Creator/God and the Creation, leaving us with no knowledge of our own ascension process to higher dimensions.

    Yes, I can certainly FEEL that things ARE definitely speeding up ! For the past six months things have been happening in my life’s spiritual education in sequential order – one after another. Many times, I am searching for something and suddenly I will find something completely different but very pertinent to my continuing spiritual growth and what I needed at that particular time. It just falls into my lap, so to speak. Same thing is going on with events here on Earth…the Pope resigning, etc., etc.

    There are no coincidences…they all have meaning and are for a purpose…Same goes for dreams and visions.

    Thanks for sharing your vision, Cameron !! We are indeed blessed to know you and benefit from your guidance and knowledge of your spiritual experiences.

    P.S.: Mary, I agree with you about politics. We need to focus on higher realms of consciousness. :)

  • sindy

    Oh Cameron what good news! I would love to see that imagery replaced with this one. Also glad you will be returning to these types of post. Thanks for sharing this delightful news.

    (¯`✿´¯) (¯`✿´¯)
    *`•.¸(¯`✿´¯)¸.•´ * *Ḻ✿ṽ℮
    *✿*.` •.¸.•´*✿*• .¸¸.`•´¯✿

  • kat

    Cameron Day, You just blew me away!I have been seeing that golden T cross daily for awhile now.Reading this most recent article gave me a big rush and god bumps!You are the messenger and the Galctic Cop!Thank you for bearing such glad tidings and being such a credible constant source of Truth and Light and Love!Kat

  • jim garno

    What a great working vision. I want to share an experience I had in my meditation recently. As my mind quieted, I noticed a wonderful stillness. Since I knew I as a spiritual being and formless, I could be anything and through my spiritual senses, experience what being that was like, such as a mountain top. I feel we have spiritual senses too. If so, I could experience the clean cold air and snow if it was there. So I claimed this beautiful stillness as Who I am. A massively universal, compassionate and an infinite very benevolent potential. I decided to be this state of being. To be something, is the action of being. Maybe it is time to be more than be in stillness or just still. Then I noticed my body seemed to turn its attention towards this benevolence as who I am now being. My body began to show me that it wanted to join me in my everlasting presence and be everlasting and as wonderful as I am being and emanating as a potential for my body. My body wanted to be immortal and joyful as I am being so it can be this way too. I began to realize this potential benevolence is within, through and around all human bodies. I began to see our creators likeness in every human body as well as plants and animals. I became calm and even more patient with humans than ever before. Humans only need to give up the game of separation. We don’t need to be playing that game anymore. In the past, if we began to awaken and be too benevolent or bright for our bodies and limited emotions, we might blow the circuitry, which could be too much for our limited human 3d systems. Plus, we would blow the separation game we collectively had agreed upon with each other, as our creators requested experiment for us to add to our soul experiences for future missions across the universes of creation. If this was our spiritual mission as a collective, we were very successful. My body and mind now seems to prefer a more benevolent presence, such that I can provide as well as all humans, if this be your new path. Thank You, Jim Garno A quiet little town but highly crystallized, in Bisbee, AZ

  • gstar

    Thanks for bringing these images to the light. I’m all for creating a happy future.

    The end of religion viv a vis the Vatican is good riddance. Justice to all who have served to deceive.

    Your solution based visions are very clearly stated and would make good reading for all. I really like your current state of affairs on the vibrational levels that we are going into. Its comforting to know we can right the ship and become our higher selves in this lifetime. There are so many solutions at hand needing only the nod to bring on stream. The sense of anticipation makes me feel giddy too!! Oh what joy to be be able to freely go about creating more love.

    Carry on with your wonderful articles Mr Day.

  • Libby

    Ohhh how I agree with you in your vision. The old mind control that Christ was about suffering has been thankfully gone from my consciousness for a very long time. I have a beautiful rendition of Christ laughing and this is what I choose to BE with.
    Abundant Blessings Cameron……. Libby

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  • Renee Martine

    For the last two weeks I have been feeling like we are going to have a very very large earth disruption, like volcano, or massive earthquake. Could this be part of the energy you are speaking of I wonder.

  • y-way

    Cameron, this is a beautifully revealing vision – thank you for sharing. Lisa Renee of Energy Synthesis speaks (refer to her recent radio interviews on Awake in the Dream)to the crucifix implants that we have/had (to some degree) – the imagery having been hijacked and turned in on itself to instead reflect perpetual suffering. I have never been religious so I am pretty neutral about the whole thing. I think the worship of any symbol or entity is quite odd. I wholeheartedly feel the truth is that we are coming into a crystal (christ/cristo) consciousness – most of my focus is on clearing and uplifting my awareness for this alignment with Gaia and the universe.

    As an aside, your photoshop image looks like an Ankh. Seems fitting. My understanding is that the Ankh is actually not just a symbol, but a means to direct energy out in an arc and back into the heart center during sexual union for consciousness expansion. Blessings!

  • Saroj Kumari



  • Bruno

    Great stuff. About a year ago I had a dream where jesus appeared to me and simply said to not be afraid, because they can only harm my physical body and not my light body. This dream has profoundly changed my outlook and has helped me begin the process of transcending the ego.
    Thanks for all your help Cameron.

  • Ann

    Dear Cameron, thank you for’s great.. I like that image very much… we can relate to that, not the traditional one. Lately I have been thinking more about Jesus and relating to him…before I found even difficult to believe he existed…now I understand we were simply misled..and people can find the true divinity..of Christ and in themselves.
    thank you

  • lesley best

    I have been following for some time … I AM so with you on this one.Always with Love

  • Patrick

    Hello Cameron. I enjoyed the radio blog at the links. Part 2 seems to be identical to Part 1.

  • Spirit2go

    I have been exposed to the idea for a while now that what we should be remembering about Jesus was his resurrection and ascension – not the cruelty and torture of that cross. It is so logical that this should be so, it was the reason for Him to come! I guess we focused in on the negative as we always typically do. How much more glorious and what a better message to see this picture of Christ – speaks a thousand words!
    Thank you for your guidance

  • Cristiano

    My birthday is 26th February, really cool :) it must mean something, after all my name is Cristiano(in portuguese, because in English it’s the same as Christian) so excited :D

  • kat

    Cameron, How did you know it was the REAL JESUS? So many imoposters to encounter.I really need to know the details please?? blessings to you and yours,kat

    • admin admin

      This is the *symbol* of the frequency of Christ Consciousness that is designed to help people get beyond the old symbol of torture and death.

      The “Real Jesus” written about in ancient texts won’t be making an appearance, because he would not want the worship, and he’s quite far beyond 4th density.

  • Anne H

    I find this to be a powerful and moving symbol, even though I have doubts that the Jesus described in the Bible actually existed in human history. I do feel the symbol “Jesus” represents a higher consciousness, and the symbol of the Christ on top of the cross invokes that for me and also represents humanity’s spiritual evolution. Thank you, Cameron, for sharing your vision and the image.

  • Lorenza

    Its quite astonishing to me, I never get sick anymore, yet a week before the 26th, I succumbed to a very deep “IIlness” which kept me practically immobilized for days. Around the 26th I felt much better almost resurected, I am now completely out of it, feeling more alive than ever before.
    I think my old paradigm died those days and the Christ Conciousness has started to permeate my energy.

    Thank you Cameron!!!

  • the wandering mystic


    You are correct. Jesus in NO WAY wants to be portrayed in suffering…. those of you who have him on the cross or with the crown of thorns, put those items away. It will change the energy in your space….

    In Divine Grace,


  • Neil Pearce

    Christ = Crystalline energy, an energy that returns every so often and something the Vatican(or should I say the Roman Empire) has known about for a very long time. I have intel that suggests the Vatican are working with NASA to track this energy.

    Jesus = Yeshua Ben Yosef and he never died on the cross, it was all a story to confuse and control the masses.

    • Victoria

      Hi Neil,

      Do you have any links that you can kindly share please? I am interested in what you wrote here:]

      Thank you!

  • Hat Bailey

    I am currently the pastor of a little non denominational Christian church and I suppose it’s possible some of my congregation might be offended by aspects of what you have said here. I am not and I don’t think anyone who truly has the Christ Spirit would. I love this imagery you have given us and I think Jesus would very much approve. I try very hard to emphasize that Jesus demonstration was not about suffering and sacrifice, but was intended to show that even the most outrageous offenses can be overlooked, seen through, and forgiven. I know that Jesus’ purpose was not to create fear or a guilt trip us through His experience, but to celebrate His magnificent victory over death and the illusions of this life. He showed us the nothingness and powerlessness of darkness and of the things we needlessly fear.

  • Victoria

    Thank you Cameron for this beautiful new symbol. It definatly resonates with me!

    Love & blessings to you and all the awakened here,

  • Andreas

    I did not find so many websites yet directly referring to the returning of the Christ Consciousness here on planet Earth, except the website

    Your vision of Jesus meditating on that T-cross is nieuw for me, so many thanks for sharing that. I also never heard before (during this lifetime) of a cross of Tau, but I always appreciate it very much someone making me remember things I apparantly forgot … :)

    Thank you anyway!

  • Adrian

    Cameron,the first impression for me was ‘The Ankh’ … Well he did go to Egypt! It’s a beautiful thing to transmute His symbol of Death to Pure Love… As a Christian you have not offended me.

  • maria


  • John

    Hmm… There could be something you might be missing in the point of suffering and self-sacrifice…

    The reason why jesus was taken through to that point was to show the way to what we are mostly afraid and what brings us the greatest suffering and that thing is Love—-> connection to God…

    Now, why would connection to God or Love bring us the greatest suffering?

    The answer is simple: the absence of this connection and Love is a wound. There is a concrete point in you where this connection is missing… (unless you have returned.)When Love returns or when you return, the only way is to confront that wound and connect God again through that wound. This is not inventing a wound, this is to see what obviously is there…

    Many people want to turn against their real selves and God because the direction hurts and want to create these nice radiating pictures because they cannot confront the Real Situation yet or the Real Truth that would take them through the suffering to real freedom…

    this suffering is something we have to go through but joy will come after that.

    By wanting to destroy this symbol of a crucified Christ you might be wanting to resist that doorway of suffering(freedom) in your self and hiding it from others by creating a new one might be confusing to everyone…ö

    What do you think of this? ;)