Attention All Meditators Who Envision a Better World: 3/20/13

Our next big “window of opportunity” to empower a positive future for humanity is the Spring Equinox, March 20th, 2013.  December 21, 2012 was just the beginning of the process of transforming this world and restoring the light of freedom to Earth. If you have felt discouraged that “nothing happened” on 12/21, please understand that the millions of people focusing on a better world on that day created significant shifts in 4th density that have been effecting 3rd density in significant ways.  Old power structures have been crumbling faster than ever, and more people are “waking up” to the world that has been pulled over their eyes than ever before as a result of these shifts.

The power of collective focus on a single objective is more powerful than we can currently comprehend.  In the energetic realms, “many hands make light work” just as in the physical world, and it is up to all lightworkers, meditators and people who simply want to live in peace to come together and focus on peace, freedom, abundance, evolution and wholeness being restored to humanity in order for this reality to manifest. We could truly pick any day to focus our collective will on freeing the world from its current form of slavery, but more energy is available for us to work with on equinox and solstice dates.

The “negative elite” know about the increased energy available on these dates to empower their focus, but have kept that knowledge largely obscured from the world while performing abominable rituals in secret to empower their dark agenda of keeping humanity ignorant and enslaved.  When we focus our energy on the goals of true freedom for humanity, we change the 4th density environment to suit those goals and thwart the dark agenda.

Right now, the 4th density environment of planet Earth is still pretty messy in many areas, but there are some areas that have been restored to align with the incredible love, light and freedom of the Infinite Creator. This restoration needs to be done to every “square meter” of Earth’s 4th density environment, because 4th density contains the templates for energetic expression in 3rd density.

There are many areas below ground, especially in cities, which are still heavily burdened with the infection of darkness and its ankle-biter minions.  Nonetheless, the progress we have made in the 4th density clean up over the last two years is staggering. I hope someone on 4th density is taking before and after pictures.  🙂

On March 20th, at any time that works for you, please take 30-60 minutes to sit in meditative focus.  Connect to your Higher Self, Earth’s core, and the Galactic core. Once you’re connected, state your intent that you want to serve as a Galactic Conduit to anchor as much light as possible into the planet in order to facilitate the clean-up of 4th density, and to help free all of humanity from its bonds of slavery.

Then focus on the most ideal world that you can imagine where humanity utilizes technology for the good of all, free energy powers our lives, everyone lives in good health, experiences true freedom, has only peaceful interactions, lives in harmony with nature, etc.

Thank you for being a part of true change and freedom.

Much Love,
Cameron Day


14 comments to Attention All Meditators Who Envision a Better World: 3/20/13

  • Kristina

    I am reading your blogs and they are lovely
    It worms my hard to think of great non violance future with high tech. Possibilities
    Beyond hour imagination! Just one think,why we humans blaime or have to fined
    The sinner or folt? And why we waiting paitionly for live times for
    Big power to change and help as?this is the problem! Look it your self and ask why?
    Could i acsualy do in this 3 rd density paradise? Why not? Why wait?
    Look around how much pain primitive thinking is there !
    Tought is tangible energy it is scientific fact!! Proven
    So be carefull how you thinking and your actions should be there as well
    Best kristina

  • Pamela

    The power of Light is ramping up for the Equinox! I AM hosting a Maya ceremony and meditation on the South Pacific, Oaxaca, Mexico at sunrise. Lots of Love and Light,

  • Sean

    Thanks for all your great work Cameron!! Your blog has helped me enormously! I will be doing several meditations with different groups! Thanks! Love and Light!!!

  • Cameron good words and good work my friend~ I for one truly felt the shift since 12,21,12~ I drove and moved myself back west, crossing the beautiful expanse of New Mexico was like entering another dimension, now residing in Mesa, Az. I have been so expanded and just filled with joy it is amazing. I give big gratitude to you as your work was there for me in December 2012 when I needed it.

    Thank you and blessings~
    ✿ღ✿ღ.¸¸ღ♫*¨`*•..¸ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀

    Please visit my blog as well~

  • Clare

    Thank you for sharing this… We received the same info in a QHHT session last week:

    Asking about the announcement of an ET Contact Day on the 23rd of March, this is the answer that came:

    ” It’s closer to March 20.

    There’s a lot of portals being generated, and there’s a lot of portals that have been in existence, and coming together, in what could be considered a climax, that have been in existence for … beyond our time comprehension.

    These are coming from multi-dimensions… through portals of multi-dimensions, participating simultaneously, in multi-dimensions.

    So…. being in the listening,
    when the breath of the Light and Love is filling up,
    go for the ride.

    Good time to meditate.”


  • Katie W

    Hey Cam,

    Thanks for this it’s really helpful – I will be meditating on the 20th too. What is the galactic core – is it that swirly thing in the middle of the milky way?

    My childhood friends and I have birthdays on the 13th, 20th and 27th so maybe we should combine our meditation with some partying, lol 😉

    Are there any techniques for figuring out what is going on underneath the surface in your area?

    Thanks again
    Katie xxx

  • Jo Ann

    Count me in Cameron ! Let’s DO it and focus our intent on a NEW paradigm that is based on personal freedom and personal responsibility, that will bring Mother Earth and all of its inhabitants in harmony and balance !

  • Cristina

    Todos somos uno !!! Por la libertad el Amor y la unidad !!!
    Esto, debemos hacerlo juntos, cuenten conmigo <3

  • mehriel

    If you intend to bring light to earth always remember to add a safety protocol. Meaning, the light has to be in alignment with Mother Earths will. It is important we dont bring in artificial light, against Mother Earths will.

  • Ann

    thanks Cameron! I will join in and I told my friends to do the same.. love

  • Arrai'Elegion

    I love this idea! I will do my part!

    Thank you, Cameron!

    The RVs are being done worldwide!!!! Much to be happy about it and look forward to a Golden and Abundant New Age!

    Blessings and Abundance Without End!

  • Paola

    Thank you Cameron! I will join in and meditate tomorrow evening! love and peace!

  • Rowena

    Hi Cameron,

    Wonderful meditation today. I was guided to do spring ‘cleaning’ and it looked like light waves spreading across communities.

    Yesterday’s meditation still fills me with awe. The sky was covered with thick dense cloud but a hole opened up in New York City (above the area of the Chrysler building) allowing light. The light slowly spread erasing the clouds and quickly gained speed in uncovering the entire planet. The blue ocean turned golden, the land masses became very green and abundant. Then Mother Earth just glowed with an infusion of white, golden and platinum light…..It was a beautiful sight!
    Sending you love and gratitude for all that you do.