Equinox Clearing & Humanity’s Future

Happy Equinox!

Today’s blog post is actually a podcast.  I recorded a 36 minute podcast today to talk about the Equinox, energy clearing done today, the future of humanity, density shifts, etc.  Please “right-click” and choose the “save” option that appears:


Also, here are some blog posts that go into more detail about some of the topics that I talked about today:




As always, the foundation of what I’m talking about is in the Self-Clearing System:

Much Love,
Cameron Day



16 comments to Equinox Clearing & Humanity’s Future

  • Mark Thomas

    Thank you Cameron for your guidance and sharing of knowledge – greatly appreciated. If only I had recieved the link on or before the 21st – I live in New Zealand so recieved in my inbox 3:06pm 22.3.
    For the record, I merged with my friend in Long Island 2 years ago. Late February I/we merged with my BEING and other aspects of my BEING and we are in the process of grounding our Higher Being. These were amongst the most sacred and sublime moments of my life. My point is this – you may be correct in thinking we will remain in 3d – however, going from my direct experience it is worth noting – the vessel stays the same, it is the contents that changes. Is this what you meant?

  • I liked your Equinox message, Cameron; thanks. A couple of thoughts.

    1) I feel that there are for more ‘psychopaths’ and ‘sociopaths’ that are made, not born. Medical historian Harris L. Coulter, Ph.D. goes into this in great detail in his book ‘Vaccination, Social Violence, and Criminality: The Medical Assault On the American Brain’. It’s a matter of brain damage; aka subclinical encephalitis. (All these ‘learning difficulty’ conditions that society is afflicted with in our day surfaced with the advent of the mass vaccination programs, in the ’40s-early ’50s.)

    2) The global monetary system is about to collapse. It is time to replace it with a spiritualized basis for the exchange of g&s. That requires at a minimum, 4D consciousness; as you note. So why stay in 3D?? Especially when

    3) We are privy in our day, with the likes of NDEs, to the truth of reincarnation. So we now KNOW that we are just playing roles, in our 3D meat bodies. So why, with that level of consciousness/awareness, continue to play parts in a ‘fictional’ drama? Why not opt for the real thing – for reality, rather than the illusion/matrix that we are in, in3D?? Especially when

    4) Gaia, who is a spiritual Being in Her own right, is also ascending, in her good cosmic time, out of 3D.

    I am saying that – and in addition with Disclosure, of advanced civilizations – it is time to leave the play-acting behind – leave the classroom of 3D behind – and move on. To a level where we manifest by, first, replicators, and then – after we have got the hang of it – thought power. As we travel by just such ability as well.

    There is, in essence, no sense in staying at this dense level, Cameron, with all of that subconsciously calling us on. And on home.

    • mary

      i like what you had to say stan ,, i too am ready to move on to a much more loving level of existence ! this 3rd dimensional world wears me right out , now that i’m experiencing joyous dimensions through nature & meditation & a course in miracles . thanks for sharing. mary

    • Hi Stan,

      1. Yes, very few are born that way. I don’t know the percentage — nobody really does, but we can eliminate the condition for the most part within 2 generations, once we take the action necessary to make sure children aren’t vaccinated or traumatized.

      2. 4d consciousness while in a 3d vessel can be relatively easily attained.

      3. When the “veil” is lifted, humanity will no stop playing out most of its fictional dramas. 3d is good for many other types of experience beyond the current amnesia based dramas.

      4. That is a belief based on information that may or may not be accurate. I’m not a fan of believing in something. I prefer to strive to know what is. For example, this planet and others host 3d, 4d and 5d environments, all at once. I know that from experience. I can’t predict when or even IF 3d will no longer be supported here, but my “feeling” is that it will be a long time before that occurs.

      5. All of that is certainly on the horizon — but the timeline is probably much longer than most people think it is. Most wanderers will move on as soon as possible, but many others have much to learn in boring old 3d. 🙂

      • Bettie

        Is it 3D that makes it feel as if life and world lessons are dramatically repetitive and that change occurs at a painful snails’ pace or is change so slow in manifesting because we have to wait for the majority of people on this planet to want change occur? Does 4D require the majority “groupthink” before change can occur? Is so, I think I will lose my mind.

  • verginica

    I feel that the reality that you described it/s not the reality i want to manifest.Life in 3D with /fictional drama/ it/s not for me an option any more.With higher conscious that we suposed to receive in this transition, there is no sense to stay on this level.Thank you for all posts on this blog,it was real help for me, and also the clearing tekhniques.

    • Keep in mind that being in 3rd density does not automatically equate to being totally dysfunctional. That dysfunction is the issue at hand, not the density itself.

      • Adele

        “Keep in mind that being in 3rd density does not automatically equate to being totally dysfunctional. That dysfunction is the issue at hand, not the density itself.”

        Thank you for saying this – I feel that if we can not change our behavior/ attitudes / believes as action in 3d then it is just a fantasy in the mind -In fact our 4d – which I think is mind (thoughts – you cant see thoughts) is how our 3d is created.
        Another ploy of demiurgic type thinking is to use the idea of freedom to keep us separated from uniting as a whole to do what is good for all of life. Example, I want the freedom not to care about what is going on, I am just concerned with my own well being and happiness. This would be self interest – vers common interest. We need to start living as common interest – what is our most common interest? We need to eat, have shelter, thus common interest would be to support each other in this and not allowing harm to others and our planet.

  • Saroj Kumari

    Dear Cameron,lots of love . you remind me the vision and taechings of GRAND MASTER OSHO.So THE HOPE is there .I LOVE YOU.And thank you for all posts on this blog,and yes, for your ultimate meditations,my dear………

  • kat

    great coversations are blooming….much food for thought and action.You planted many seeds with your teachings….much appreciated. the work continues.love kat

  • Zed

    My spouse and I are fairly new to the happenings of the Galactic Federation of Light (More aware over the last year or so)… I find myself at this point needing some guidance. It seems that the more we learn and the more we apply what we have learned (Thanks mostly to the meditation info you have supplied) the happier and more free we feel emotionally. Problem is along with this we also feel much more tired and physically soar. Is this something that you or any of your readers find familiar?

  • Janet

    Aloha Cameron,

    So nice connecting with you! So much more can be said than written . . . please consider making more posts podcasts.

    The new energies are awesome! We are prevailing! We will fulfill our destiny.


  • Jackie

    Hi there,
    Hi all 3D is taking its strain on me but I think we should just clear the 4th density pollution…I was clearing on the night of the equinoz…I took out some ship on outside of earths atmosphere along with leads& platforms (that STS beings rest in)-then observed many simultaneous vacuums, that pump out containment orbs, and cleared underground crosses all around Ireland. Dublin is still a bit dark-someone else did a lot of work in Northern Ireland as there wasn’t much left just an underground cross-we also had massive infestation in central Ireland, it was a big web structure which went into a single point& grew into massive cross under the country. I also vacuumed some smog up-What clearing did everyone else do?
    Lest clean up our space and see what beauty we can create. x

  • Nicki Tompkins

    Cameron, your message resonated deeply with me and compelled me to write. I am designing an OTG resort and would love to talk to you about it, since your ideas represent many of the ideas I plan to incorporate into such a community.

    Thank you for sharing your heart in honor. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • David

    Great podcast Cameron. Thanks.
    I get the sense that there are a lot of very tired wanderers out there… myself included. I feel we are getting very close now. We just have to get over this last hump and I think the going will get easier for us.
    I feel it’s very powerful when you described your vision for our future, Cameron, because as you did so I just sat back and felt it and visioned it and just know it is unfolding beautifully, naturally… that feeds me and soothes my tired soul.
    I have been engaged with these dark forces for a long long time as they came to my home planet thousands of years ago and over time destroyed our peaceful home. I then followed them to earth to continue my dark dance with them. I almost got destroyed but have now almost completely cleaned myself up and now am in a position to assist others in there extrication and clean up.
    Travel well my friends.
    Let freedom ring.