April 2013 False-Flags and Lightwork

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well and have been weathering the “negative energy storm” that we have been inundated with since April 15th.  Things are getting very intense in multiple levels of reality. The battle for planet earth is heating up, and lightworkers all over the planet are being attacked by 4th density negative beings, so I hope you are doing well and rebuffing those energies.

This period of increased pressure from the dark side will probably last until May 1 or so, as it seems to do every year while the “elite” (yea right) in 3d do their dark rituals to feed low-vibration energy to their masters in 4th density.  Here is a website that lists many of the negative, orchestrated events that have occurred during this period in the past:

adventofdeception.com/gulf-fire-times-square-occult-importance/ (I haven’t vetted this website, only skimmed the article for relevance.  Use your own discernment.)

This short post will serve as a companion piece to a Youtube video that I recorded on Sunday, April 21 about the recent staged “terror” attack in Boston, as well as the apparent missile strike on the fertilizer planet near Waco, Texas.

I currently see Boston being spun by so-called “alternative” media sources to be a game of “chase the patsy” so that people will be distracted with arguing over which patsy is “guilty” of the bombing that was quite apparently staged for psychological effect on the US population.

While Boston was probably done to achieve multiple objectives, as all false-flags seem to be, one of the things that it did was totally drown out any coverage of the Texas fertilizer plant apparent missile hit. Remember, these people are masters of illusion and distraction. While everyone is looking at Boston, a strike happens in Texas.

I cover the TX plant strike in my video, but here is another short video with some new footage that I didn’t have at the time of recording that shows more evidence of an extremely fast, super-sonic missile hitting the TX fertilizer plant: youtube.com/watch?v=GDo7yGHAMrY

We don’t really have the luxury of knowing hard facts in situations like this, so we have to rely on evidence and our gut/heart feelings.  It is also very important to not get caught up in anyone’s external narrative, because everyone has their own agenda, and some of those agendas are not in your best interests.

My agenda is to free your mind and help you know as much as possible what is really going on behind the narratives and agendas out there.  In doing so, I hope to help you be a more effective lightworker and light “holder” to your friends and family who don’t want to acknowledge that evil exists in this world, or that there are so many evil “humans” in positions of political and economic power.

I feel strongly that we must know what they are doing in order to effectively counter them and take back any power we may have unconsciously abdicated to them. So on that note, here is my first and hopefully last conspiracy video: youtu.be/jbO0230YSVA

Also, here is a blog post I did in 2011 about “Engineered Terrorism” that offers deeper insights into these types of events: ascensionhelp.com/blog/?p=83

Much Love,

Cameron Day



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  • Cameron

    This problem took a day to actually fix, but I’m finally protected by the spam filter, and comments are working again. It was 100% my fault, no “crackdown” on my website or anything like that. 🙂

  • terra

    Lets see if I can remember everything I had commented on…
    First, it’s so good to hear from you! This past month or so, I have been under extreme attack by ankle biters(AB’s). I was so distracted by an issue, that I didn’t think much at all about ascension. I’m very sorry to hear that you & probably many others were also being ambushed by negativity. Welcome back to anyone who’s been struggling to find the light!
    Cameron, Cameron, Cameron, Why are we considered “Conspiracy Theorists” when we become aware of the TRUTH??? That is a negative title that “they” invented to make anyone who sees truth sound crazy & delusional. Yet while they continue to hide the truth, we are actually truth seekers. I have long been aware that we need to pay attention to the decisions made by a few elected officials for millions of citizens. Too many people forget that our leaders are actually employed by us & there is nothing in their job description that says ” Hide the truth” nor does it say “It’s ok to manipulate our people”.
    As a bumper sticker once said, “I love my country, it’s the government I’m afraid of”.
    More people seem to be waking up. However, there are still so many (like my mom) who believe (as they were raised to do) that “the government will protect us” & “if something happens, it is in God’s hands”. This so infuriating to me! I believe whole heartedly in God & Good & Light, that’s why it’s so important for us to stand up against the darkness & protect this beautiful life we’ve been blessed with!

    I’m guessing that there may be a few of your followers who think you stepped out of line with this post, so I have this to say to any doubters: if you can believe in self cleansing, ascension, and ankle biters, why would it not be possible for those AB’s to fill someone with so much negativity that they wouldn’t even know or care about what’s right. What better humans for the AB’s to invade then the ones who we’ve given such a huge amount of power.

    Cameron, I’m sure that speaking on conspiracy topic was out of your comfort zone, but thank you for doing so. I hope thats the last time you have to go there, but that may be wishful thinking. While false-flags may not be your area of expertise, they have become very intertwined with light work. All through history, there are ordinary people who change the course of life because they spoke up when others didn’t. What you say matters!
    I do have 2 topics I’d like to discuss on a personal level so please watch for my email.

  • Cassandra

    Hi Cameron, first thanks for this site and for the meditations which I find very helpful!

    I hadn’t commented because I was a little confused by this post. Terra’s post helped me. At first I thought you were saying that this incident did not happen in the video. However I now see that you mean that this is due to the influence of the ankle voters biters who encouraged the two bombers. Please explain further if I’m still misinterpreting your article….

    I had a question about our souls. I read that nothing happens without our higher self’s approval. Wouldn’t this mean that everyone dies when it is their time or can we just be at the wrong place at the wrong time? Also, were the ABs supposed to be here to create duality? Was this a grand experiment that went wrong that the universe is now trying to correct? I guess I’m asking if there is a divine order and we incarnate with a life plan to have both good and bad experiences? Or are we just making it up as we go along?Is that plan supposed to have include negative things but NOT ABs? I just always believed that everything happens for a reason and for us as individuals and as humanity and I don’t understand how they fit into the grand vision or purpose. Please let me know if my question is making any sense. Thanks

  • Jerry

    Cameron, WTF! You hit the nail on the bloody head! My birthday was April 10th and you are sooo right, there has been an attack on light workers by 4th density negative beings. I got a wallop of a hit. Felt the drain in my dantien and solar plexus areas.

    I recently did a “light anchoring” session (similar to the laser satellite bombing in Gears of War, but with universal energy straight from the galactic core) at my workplace, and believe me it kicked up a storm and created a nasty kickback. lol.

    The owner of the company (jewish guy – really nasty) stripped me of all my responsibilities, and i was left to occupy space at the office. I was ‘forced’ to resign.

    I also had really weird dreams of black snakes and scorpions.

    The waves of negativity and depression have been hitting me with increasing force, till they subsided 2 days after i quit my job. Apparently, once you start seeing the truth of a situation, you simply can’t go back to sleep.

    Funny though, at work, I had the ascension help blog pinned in my browser. But i started getting distracted due to office politics, and “alien love bite” scenarios whereby chicks not interested in me developed sudden interest in me(did stroke my ego for a bit till i realized it was artificial).
    As soon as the mission to distract me was complete, their interest in me disappeared, causing even more confusion on my end. (Thank God I read about alien love bites by Eve Lorgen ).

    Dude you need a forum! (BTW what’s your private email address or Skype ID? I’d love to have a chat with you.)

    Thanks again for your energy shielding visualization.

  • Izdihar

    Dear Cameron,

    Thank you for providing a solid explanation for the horrible depression I have been experiencing since the beginning of April. My birthday was on April 9th too but I was struggling with this sudden fatigue and lethargy I just didn’t have enough energy to go out and do anything special with my family. I just felt sooooo drained and aimless all the time that I thought I was vitamin deficient and becoming sick. And I couldn’t keep up with any of my daily tasks without spending large amounts of time trying to muster enough energy to drag through those tasks. I have a full daily schedule which includes homeschooling my second grader and keeping house as well as writing a book and I wasted alot of time this April just trying to feel good and get my mind together. I can’t afford to go through a depression like this because my family depend on me and I cannot afford to let them down. It was a continuously nauseous feeling and I couldn’t concentrate on anything important such as formulating basic ideas or intentions so as well as composing sentences so my writing completely suffered. I am feeling a lot better these first few days into May and hope I can salvage whatever time I lost just lazing around April as I can’t emphasize enough how much my mood,energy and consciousness took a dive for the worst.

    By the way I just want to inquire if you personally know Dr. Joseph Chiappalone who is a phenomenal Divine Warrior! I really feel a strong personal connection with Dr. Chiappalone and you and I wish I could interact with you sometime soon. I have a ton of questions to ask you about how I can deal with some very negative people on a spiritual forum who are intentionally disrupting the previously healthy discussion in order to force everyone to accept materialism, nihilism and taking drugs as the true reality over actual healing spirituality. They are forum thugs who bully anyone who doesn’t agree with them until now the entire forum members have stopped communicating because they are intimidated into silence and not participating any more. Some on the forum think they are a gang of disinformation agents from the cia who want to destroy the cohesion of this very popular and successful forum and bully the forum host until they drive all the forum members away. Can you please give me any insight how I can help him in this situation?

    Take care and God Bless,


  • Shannon

    Hi Cameron,

    The more connected I become, the more I am aware and affected by events such as in this post. Last couple weeks in April were pretty dark. Any advice on what a beginner can do to clear that stuff off?



  • Cassandra

    Hi Shannon, I recommend doing the meditations on this site. Protect yourself nightly with the 12d light shield meditation or see cameron’s post about dream shielding. Also there is a prayer on Denise Lefay’s Ttransitions web site in the current post about why april was such a tough month that you may find helpful. Blessings to you on your journey.

  • Shannon

    Thanks Cassandra!!

  • mary

    hi cameron ,, wow ,,, the replies you are getting from your video are full of energy !!! trusting my Divine Self is helping me thru all this ritual stripping of our liberties and free will thinking ,, thanks for helping

  • Jackie

    Hi Shannon, I used Cameron’s clearing techniques level 1 and 2. I found my energy increased immediately. He talks of threads & I looked at what was inside me enabling these threads too. It was very useful. I also had a healing with him and a few others to help me clear. Good luck, and God Bless.

  • Izdihar

    Dear Cameron,

    Thank you very much for your very quick reply and providing a wise suggestion to solve this terrible problem!

    I immediately informed the moderator of the spiritual forum that he should ban the accounts of those who are abusing the forum members with their bullying. The moderator then replied that he would seriously consider taking the necessary actions as soon as he could confidentially gather a census from the other forum members about their opinion whether to ban the abusers.

    However, since his last email something strange seems to have happened to two of the most offensive of the three abusers. For some unknown reason these two simply disappeared from the forum altogether before the forum moderator could even take any action! And since everybody immediately noticed the sudden absence of these hecklers, virtually all forum communications and exchanges have nearly stopped because everyone is dumbfounded, wondering what’s going on.

    I need to explain that previously these guys were hogging the virtual floor and initiating almost all topics of discussion and monopolizing every discussion, without exception, in order to steer the topic into their dark, nihilistic and anarchic version of reality. The most bizarre thing is that their scholastically high level of composition and vocabulary and quality of debating was so immaculately delivered that they were able to dupe most forum members into believing their version of EVIL. Or at least if they didn’t convince everyone about the validity of their EVIL, their argument just left everyone breathless with no material or intellectual means to offer a reasonable rebuttal.

    That’s why I mentioned Dr. Joseph Chiappalone because I thought I would try to give these clowns a run for their money and offer up an alternative spiritual reply to every single one of their materialistic but completely erroneous statements about the nature of the world. This really freaked them out because no one had ever challenged them before and they were absolutely overwhelmed with the amazingly enlightening and pristine nature of the rebuttals that they the only way they could reply was to either ignore my posts or to try and quickly remove or replace them so no forum members would be able to review the posts.

    That’s why I addressed this problem to you in the first place because I wanted to understand why they didn’t want people to read about the spiritual uplifting and liberating concepts; is it because they had made some kind of pact with “evil” to try and corrupt and deceive people that evil is the only option available for them in this physical world? Does their philosophy have anything to do with those in 3d who were trying to feed their overlords in the 4d during April 2013 with their dirty energy harvest?

    Anyways our verbal volleying back and forth eventually transformed into a virtual “War of the Essences” or an example of the “Battle of Good against Evil” played out on the forum exchanges. I think it was a real show stopper and eye-opener for the forum members who were previously unaware that there was such thing as evil since the purity of the Chiappalone material I posted truly highlighted the contrast of “good vs. evil”.

    So I would like to thank you again for your very helpful advice, but it seems that the problem has resolved by itself with the strange and sudden disappearance of these guys. I wonder what has happened to them after all that trouble?

    Take care Cameron and sending Love and Peace to you always dear friend!


  • Cassandra

    I finally got around to feeling that i can comment about this video. I don’t doubt that there was probably people who helped these guys do what the did however it is a bit unseemly to blame the victim. This guy Jeff Baumann worked at Costco in new Hampshire. He was cheering his girlfriend at the marathon. This would mean that his girlfriend his mother everyone who worked at Costco and all the hundreds of cameras all over the world filming the marathon were in on it. Also all the people there who got shots from their iPhone were also in on it?? No need to post this. I value this site but think that maybe you went a bit too far when accusing a victim of fraud. Just my opinion…no disrespect intended. Thanks

    • You’re buying into the cover story. I’m not blaming the victim, because he’s not a victim. I still maintain that this whole thing was theater, although some people were probably injured, the people in the photos in the video are there for a photo-op.

      It’s incredibly easy to say that Baumann worked at a NH costco. Since there are probably a dozen of them in NH, nobody can verify his identity. The only people ‘in on it’ are the script writers who hand the story to the press who will read whatever is on their teleprompters. Nobody has to be told the truth, only told what they are supposed to say.

      Here is another article about this, along with more photos that came out after I made the video. He provides details from news stories that are easily falsified by the photographic evidence:

      Discernment requires a sharp eye, and the courage to call B.S. when we see it.

  • anonymous observer

    Great job, Cameron. I’m amazed at how calm you can remain while uncovering this fraud. To me, the photos found here http://imgur.com/a/9MPLT clearly showing an obviously rehearsed and choreographed interaction between The Hooded Man (reality TV art director Christian Williams) and now-famous double-amputee victim Jeff Bauman just seconds after the blast say it all. Yet neither of these men have ever had to answer the obvious question, “What exactly is going on between you two in these photos?” No journalist will ever ask them this because the MSM is a fraud, too. Here are the pictures I’m talking about in correct order (a couple of them were out of order on the source website):

    PHOTO #1
    Williams has his left hand on Bauman’s right leg stump, which appears normal and flesh-toned. They are still partially-obscured by smoke which means the bomb just went off only seconds ago. Why is Willams touching his leg? Wouldn’t he still be in a shocked and surprised state from the bomb going off a few feet from him just seconds earlier? He’s obviously very focused on Bauman from the get-go and appears to have already been “working” on him when they were still hidden in the post-blast smokescreen.

    PHOTO #2
    Williams’ hand is off Bauman’s leg now (which still appears normally flesh-colored). It looks as if the black woman in the red shirt might be handing him something. Difficult to tell.

    PHOTO #3
    Here, Williams appears to be reaching for something near his head. He’s not taking off his sunglasses, though, as that would require him to be reaching INSIDE his hood. Bauman’s leg still appears normal and flesh-colored.

    PHOTO #4
    Williams now has something in his left hand. Sorry Cameron, but his is NOT his sunglasses. It appears to be a strap of some sort which he later affixes to Bauman’s right leg. Did the black lady hand him this strap or did he retrieve it from behind his head? Difficult to tell.

    PHOTO #5
    Here’s the money shot, which strangely seems to be missing from virtually every report I’ve seen of this incident. You can clearly see Williams left hand putting the strap on Bauman’s right leg. What is this strap, exactly? A tourniquet or a device used to secure prosthetic injuries? Only reality TV special effects and prop-man Christian Williams and famous victim/hero Jeff Bauman know for sure. Will any reporter with an ounce of integrity and a desire to find out the truth ever dare ask them this question? Doesn’t seem so.

    PHOTO #6
    Now the mysterious strap has been applied and secured. Notice how Bauman’s leg now appears to be a totally different color? Very interesting.

    It seems there are only two possibilities here. Either Williams applied a tourniquet to Bauman’s leg within seconds of the blast in an attempt to save his life or he was doing “something else” to him. Let’s assume it’s a tourniquet. Bauman has given multiple interviews since the incident and has never once mentioned his apparent true savior, Christian Williams. He has plenty to say about “Carlos the Cowboy,” his savior in the official story whose actions were captured in the “official photos,” but nothing to say about Williams whose “act of heroism” was only captured in these unintended, unofficial and clandestine photos.

    Keep in mind that in Williams’ own depiction of the events found on this site http://www.gofundme.com/ChristianCarolineFund , his right hand was “partially ‘degloved’, meaning he has no skin left on his last three fingers.” That would mean he must have done all of this one-handed. Of course, we can’t actually see Williams’ right hand, as it’s hidden behind the black woman throughout the interaction. Williams also claims to have been in such a shocked and surprised state after the blast that he didn’t even realize the extent of his own injuries. In fact, Willimas goes on to praise his own personal savior, a surgeon marathon runner, who applied tourniquets to WILLIAMS’ LEGS. Go ahead and read what he had to say on his gofundme page. Seems quite inconsistent from what was captured in these photos of a cooly-focused Williams springing into action with lightening speed just seconds after the blast, immediately “going to work” on Bauman when the air was still thick with smoke. Will any reporter ever ask him to clear up this discrepancy? Nope. These photos apparently don’t exist and this mysterious interaction never happened. It’s amazing they’ll probably never be asked about this and will get away with duping the world while collecting untold amounts of donation money in the process.

  • anonymous observer

    I guess people have stopped commenting on this topic. I wish I’d posted my comment earlier. I just want to know if anyone else sees what I see when looking at the photos in my previous comment. Anyone? It seems so clearly obvious to me that something highly suspicious is going on here between these two guys, Jeff Bauman and Christian Williams. The fact that these photos are publicly available for anyone on the internet to view, yet no one is demanding that journalists do their job and ask these two men about this, makes me feel like I’m trapped in a crazy Twilight Zone episode.

    How is it that this has not been investigated by any professional journalist? I assume people with a passion for that line of work are driven by a desire to uncover the truth, yet NOT EVEN ONE OF THEM will ask Jeff Bauman or Christian Williams about what’s going on between them in these photos? Are these guys really that well protected? Is the media really that tightly controlled? I just find it so freaking unbelievable it’s been almost two months now and they’ve still managed to avoid having to address this. If this simple question were ever asked, this whole fraud would come down tumbling like a house of cards and the MSM would be exposed for the fake reality factory that is. This would completely change the world’s perception of reality to such an extent that the long-anticipated “Event” would be triggered instantaneously.

    It’s almost as if the world is turning a blind eye in an attempt to avoid this inevitability. What exactly are we afraid of? Unlimited freedom and prosperity? Knowing who we really are? Immortality? Because that’s what’s on the other side of “The Event” horizon. Are we really so attached to playing the role of downtrodden slaves that we will refuse to step outside the prison door when it’s gaping open right there in front of us? What has been done to us by TBTB has put us in such a confused emotional state that we will actually feel a visceral need to resist freedom. That’s quite an amazing feat they’ve pulled off. Turning this around is the ultimate test for humanity. When will everyone be ready to take this on? I know I’m ready. Let’s all join hands and walk together through that prison door.

    I don’t know how many people read this blog, let alone the comments on an out-dated article. I’m probably wasting my time and energy posting this. I hope at least one person reads this and gets what I’m saying.

    • Hang in there, brother. This post probably isn’t getting many views at this point, but people will see your comment even if they don’t reply.

      The awakening continues, slowly but surely. 12 years ago, hardly anyone knew about secret government controllers, mind-control, etc. Now it’s almost common knowledge, and a critical mass of aware people is coming online. But it still takes time to get there.

      When 50% of people are awake and aware, the other 25% that were questioning things will feel safety in numbers and shift into “catch up and learn mode” very quickly. The remaining 25% will be governments, espionage agencies, financial firms and their paid stooges, who will be easily marginalized simply by ignoring them and withholding our time/energy/money/etc from them.

      Keep fighting, and telling the truth.

      As for the media, this quote from 1880 sums up the media pretty well:

      “There is no such thing, at this date of the world’s history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job.

      If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone. The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press? We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”

      John Swinton, NYT Journalist

  • alba

    dear cameron – anonymousobserver and all who understand and hear whats being said and done – thank you so much for this vital space. Only just found it, and thank my lucky stars. At present going through my own personal full-on ‘attacks’, (which means i must be doing SOMETHING right!), reaching near-breakdown point (so know i need to put more self-loving EFFORT into the vital detoxes and recentrings so available here. and, Izdihar, i know all about the Bulls–t Bullies, on and off forums. Love and Compassion only seem to fuel them…more and more i have similar results as you when i stay as balanced as poss in these often raging waters, and put positive bur firm intent for resolution and removal from my vicinity. And at all levels. Much love, and Solidarity, to all here, with heartfelt thanks. alba

    • anonymous observer

      Thanks for the support, alba. I’ve reached a point of acceptance about this and I’m now trying to see how it fits into the bigger picture. I was very frustrated because the fakeness of this incident seemed so obvious to me, I was convinced this would be the big event that would finally awaken humanity. Turns out people are more brainwashed and controlled by the MSM dream factory than I thought. It’s absolutely chilling to see how easily they were able to pull off this mass delusion/deception/manipulation. It almost seems like they were testing us to see what level of absurdity we would swallow. It seems risky as hell for them but they must’ve known how we would react and felt confident it would work.

      Well, even though the fairy tale they’re spinning has been bought into by the masses, there are plenty of people out there who see through it and I think this event did wake up many who previously had no clue we’re actually living Wag The Dog and The Truman Show. I guess it just wasn’t time yet for this to all blow up on a massive scale (pun intended). I’ll just take this as another stepping stone on humanity’s road to enlightenment. I think we’re getting there and we just have to give the rest of the herd some time to catch up. Keep the faith!

      Also, I never got around to thanking you, Cameron, for your reply to my desperate rants. You helped calm me down and put things into perspective. Your words in your podcast about dealing with emotions helped a lot, too. Thanks for continuing to put your sane and sober voice out there. -AO

  • Katherine

    Hi All,
    I want everyone posting here on this thread to know that there’s another person struggling with these issues, and while a times I’ve thought I would loose my mind over all the atrocities being commited on a daily basis all over the world and in our backyards, coupled with the average citizen’s level of awareness of this, I found that in the last 3 years the rapidity of awakening is amazing! So it looks like the shafts of light are breaking through. I have been absolutely crazy over the cruelty/destruction but- so many people are working on awareness/truth/personal integrity/solutions etc., that I finally believe that the overall awakening is -almost- inevitable. I don’t think the ankle-biters can get the cat back in the bag. I hope I’m right, of course, and I still have moments of despair but those pass more quickly when I see how much truth is being exposed, how many brilliant and conscious people are working on this. Love to ALL!

  • Katherine

    PS- Don’t you think that when somewhere between 1% and 10% (the most commen choices being 3% & 7%) of people are fully awake – knowing themselves as unlimited consciousness that is love- that the entire population will shift profoundly? I would be worried if I thought it wouldn’t shift until we hit 50%!