The Birth Bump – Being Born in the Wrong Family

Have you ever felt like you ended up in the wrong family?  Did you grow up feeling that you were so incredibly different from your parents and siblings, that there must have been some sort of mistake for you to end up with those people?  I’m not talking about feeling out of place in the insanity of the current era of human society, I’m talking about something much deeper, a sense that your very parents are NOT who you were meant to be born to. If you have felt this way, please keep reading, as this may be very important information for you.

I have written at length about the ongoing battle to free humanity from the enslavement of the forces of darkenss in articles like “Never Call Them Archons,” “First Contact Is Not Happening Soon,” “Shifting into 2013” and many others.  The central theme of these articles is to illustrate that humanity is mired in multiple layers of illusion, deception, energy-draining/harvesting, trauma, manipulation, subjugation and much more. While this is an incredibly beautiful planet, the true beauty of humanity is being actively suppressed by forces that want to keep humans enslaved.  At the same time, positively oriented guardians of free will have been working to free humanity from its energetic bonds of slavery, while being careful to avoid creating further trauma within the enslaved populace.

How Do You Free Slaves Who Believe They are Already Free?

One of the many challenges to this undertaking is that people are repeatedly told that they are free, that their government cares for them, and that those ugly things like pollution and war are inevitable aspects of “the human condition.”  More accurate would be to say that the conditioning and programming imposed on humans produces the horrors of abuse, environmental destruction and war. In order to show people how they have been enslaved, and present them with alternative ways of living, positively oriented beings from higher densities of creation chose to incarnate into human form.

In doing so, the free will of humanity is not subjected to a new outside authority arriving and dispensing belief-shattering truth upon the fragile minds of enslaved and abused humans. Instead, positive social change begins to happen from within the race as awakening individuals point out the insanity of the “human condition” and show others how to live in alignment with Earth and natural laws.  This is an effective tactic, although it is slow to produce change, and is filled with risks.

Due to the overpowered “veil of forgetfulness” that is in operation on the planet, the incarnating light-worker completely forgets their true identity, takes on a human ego identity, and risks the possibility that they may not awaken to the truth of their mission.  Another risk is that the incarnating light-worker will experience severe traumas that prevent their awakening, or worse, that these traumas will orient their ego towards serving the darkness that they are fighting against. Despite all the risks, many millions of brave souls have incarnated on this planet because we are soldiers who fight for the Infinite Source of all creation, and because humanity is worth fighting for.

Parachuting Into a War Zone

Many people don’t fully realize it, but this planet is a war zone, and the battle is being fought mostly in the more subtle densities of the planet instead of in 3d with guns and bombs.  That’s a good thing for the most part.  However, for a light being from a higher density to “parachute” into this war zone, there is a major risk of “landing” in the wrong incarnational vehicle (body) due to dark-side interference.

When a being chooses the family they want to incarnate into, they attach a filament of energy into the developing fetus.  This attachment allows them to stake their claim on the fetus so that they can enter the body more fully once it is close to being born, or shortly after birth. In a perfect world, this process would proceed smoothly without interference.  On a war-zone like Earth, this process can be disrupted.

The forces of darkness, which I call ankle-biters, would prefer to NEVER allow a light-worker to incarnate on their heavily controlled planet.  However, they cannot stop us from entering, so they use different tactics to attack the incoming light-worker.  One of their favorite methods is what I call the “Birth Bump.”

The birth bump is usually done on the day the baby is being delivered, because this is normally when the incarnating being comes much more strongly into the infant body.  During this time, there is a window of opportunity for the dark forces to rip the original filament attachment from the intended body and attach it to a baby being born elsewhere on the same day. The incarnating being’s incoming energy follows their filament, and ends up settling into a body and birth family that they did not choose.

Because this is a dark-side attack, the family that the incoming light-worker gets bumped into is selected based on their propensity for abuse, neglect, mistreatment, lack of empathy, and so on. This allows the dark forces to effectively neutralize an incoming soldier for the light, without having to expend nearly as much time and energy on attacking that person as would be necessary if the light-worker had been born into a loving, supportive home. Sometimes the gender of the body the being ends up in is different from what they had chosen, creating even more confusion and difficulty for the incarnating being.

The bad parenting of the “pseudo-parents” serves as a source of constant torment for the infant light-worker, and they grow up taking on the negative programming of their dysfunctional pseudo-parents.  Physical, emotional, mental and even sexual abuse all take their toll on the light-worker, making their job of waking up, getting clear and fighting against the forces of darkness vastly more difficult.

Sometimes the pseudo-parents aren’t overtly abusive, but are still a complete energetic mismatch to the light-worker. As the child displays budding psychic abilities, the parents will ridicule their perceptions.  Or if the child is repelled by certain actions of the family, they will be forced to conform to the family’s normalcy biases.  Essentially, the pseudo-parents continually attempt to coerce conformity from the light-worker child, who they don’t understand at all.

When the bumped light-worker grows up and begins the process of self-clearing, releasing their past, gaining clarity and balance, all it takes is a visit or phone call from their manipulative, aggressive, judgmental, blaming pseudo-parents to put them into a downward spiral of negativity.

From the dark forces perspective, this is their most efficient strategy to combat the influx of light-workers onto planet earth. It requires almost no energy output to impulse a darkness-riddled pseudo-parent to call their grown offspring and project a load of judgmental, guilt-ridden energy upon them.  Conversely, for the dark forces to psychically attack an individual requires much more time, planning, energy and resources.

Eject!  Eject!

The newly bumped lightworker, upon realizing what has happened, has a choice to make:  Either “eject” from this body and try to find a new one, or stick it out with the hopes of overcoming the traumatizing childhood later on. The ones who choose to “eject” simply evacuate the body and it dies, causing “crib death” or “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” where the otherwise healthy baby suddenly dies.  Not all cases of crib death are from this unusual scenario, but some of them are.

For the light-workers who are brave (or over-confident) enough that they choose to stay, life becomes a daily grind of feeling unloved, alone, unsupported, abused, and alienated. Their earthly home feels like a war-zone where they can be attacked at any time for no reason, where every action can be criticized and result in being berated or spanked (which is just a nice word for hitting a defenseless child).

Boys in this type of situation usually leave home as early as possible, often before 18 years of age.  Depending on the culture, girls often try to get out by marrying as soon as possible, or by going to study at a school far from home.  Regardless of the gender or culture, the drive to get away from the family is usually extremely strong. This is often fodder for more guilt-projection from the pseudo-parents lamenting that their offspring “doesn’t love them” when in reality, they are just trying to protect themselves from the toxic projections of their pseudo-parents.

Finding a Safe Distance

Along with healing and clearing the stored emotional pains of the past, bumped light-workers need to energetically disconnect from their parents.  The more abusive and painful the childhood, the more distance that is necessary.  This starts with living in a different town, not calling too often, and not allowing the parents to project their stuff onto you. If you find yourself in a phone call where a wave of negativity is being projected onto you, just say “I’m not going to listen to this” and hang up!

Energetically disconnecting from one’s “bumped family” can be tricky, as they will often call after a major energetic disconnection event.  On some level they feel the disconnection, and will attempt to pull you back into their dramas and energetic baggage. This is where standing strong and refusing to engage their particular brand of craziness is essential.

Please understand that I am only advocating that bumped light-workers create this distance from their dysfunctional and abusive families. I do not advocate this for anyone who had normal, non-abusive families, even if they don’t really understand what you do as a light-worker.  What it actually means to establish a safe distance for those who were bumped into abusive families will differ from person to person.

Creating Your Comfort Zone

For bumped light-workers, how much distance from your pseudo-parents you create is up to you and your Higher Self.  I would recommend a few things in this regard.  First, don’t waste too much of your time and energy trying to get your pseudo-parents to admit what a bad job they did in raising you. Even if they do admit to some of their mistakes and apologize, it won’t alter their fundamental behavior, and they will still push your same buttons when you talk to them.

Second, stop arguing with them about your own life choices on the phone or in person.  You have probably already tried that for years, and gotten nowhere.  It is impossible to have real communication with a human being in a state of denial and guilt-projection. If a conversation starts to turn into an argument, just end it and hang up, or leave.

Third, do not let them come to your home.  Make your home a sanctuary from the ills of the world, especially your pseudo-parents. Do or say whatever you need to keep them out of your home, so that you can end any downward-spiraling conversations by leaving the situation.  It is much easier for you to leave a place than to make someone leave your home.

Fourth, consider writing them a letter detailing their mistreatment of you and explaining why you are disconnecting from them.  A person can’t interrupt a letter, they just have to read it and attempt to deny things after the fact.  Writing a letter like this can be a difficult experience that brings up old, painful memories, so make sure that you have done a lot of self-clearing and healing before you go this route. I usually only recommend this if you are going to also consider the next step as well.

Fifth, end all contact.  This is an extreme measure for extreme circumstances.  If the abuse you experienced as a child is still being perpetuated in various, more subtle ways by the pseudo-parents, your best option to maintain your equilibrium is to end all contact with them. This works best if you are living in a different town, and have already begun creating distance.

Be prepared for an onslaught of projected guilt and other forms of drama as they try to hang on, and be firm in your convictions that you are not going to be dragged back into their dysfunctional world.  Writing the letter to detail their past and present dysfunctional behavior will make it clear to them exactly why they are being cut off, which will preempt any attempt for them to act like victims or project guilt and blame onto you. They will be unable to utter anything like “After all we’ve done for you” if your letter is thorough and detailed.  The letter will make clear to them that “After all you’ve done TO me, this is the end.”

The Art of Forgiveness

Once you have established your safe boundaries and worked diligently on healing yourself, there will come a point in your process where forgiveness is needed.  This forgiveness is for you and your own peace of mind. It does not require that you call the pseudo-parents and tell them that you are forgiving them, or to reestablish contact with them if you have broken it off.  Forgiveness occurs within your heart and mind, and does not need to be spoken about in order to be effective for your own inner peace.

While your outward actions towards your pesuco-parents will not change, your inner perception will gradually shift as you incorporate forgiveness into your self-clearing and healing efforts.  When you reach a “sticking point” in your clearing process, visualize them and say to them through your Higher Self, “I forgive you for (that particular dysfunctional behavior).” Repeat it as many times as needed, and allow your Higher Self to multiply the energy of your forgiveness so that it can clear out the frozen emotions and traumas within your subconscious mind more and more deeply.

The deeper purpose of this forgiveness is so that you can think about the pseudo-parents, or the events of your childhood, without dropping into a low-frequency state of depression, despair, victimization or hatred. Over time, your inner perspective on the pseudo-parents will shift, and you will be able to understand how they came to be so dysfunctional, which is usually from their own parents being abusive or neglectful.  When you can think of them simply as damaged human beings who deserve pity more than hate, you will know that you are well on your way.

Dropping the False Ego-Identity

It is vitally important that bumped light-workers release EVERY aspect of the false sense of self that they were imprinted with during their traumatic childhood.  This is true for all light-workers as well, even those who had good parents.  A central part of the 3d incarnation mission is to transcend the ego identity formed in this lifetime and remember our real reason for being here, then take action on that mission. We didn’t come here to support the matrix of illusions and lies, to accrue fame or wealth of fiat currency.

We came here to render that entire paradigm obsolete by revealing the truth of the human being, that humanity is a divine species that has been corrupted by darkness and evil, and this must be acknowledged in order to heal our species-wide trauma. We came here to transform and rebuild the fragmented DNA of our bodies, to help others to do the same, so that we can live in 3d vessels that reflect the Divine Inner Self that is our true identity.  We came here to help the entire human race heal, which means healing ourselves.

This is a monumental task to be sure, and those of you who were bumped have even more work to do, but you CAN do it. You were strong enough to choose to ride out the roller coaster of a “bumped life” and still fulfill your mission and you maintained that strength throughout the trials and tribulations of your childhood.  Tap into that strength of will, heal yourself, clear the baggage out of your subconscious mind, and begin working on your mission.

If you haven’t already done so, I urge you to work with the Self-Clearing System Level 1 and Level 2 and make those clearing techniques part of your tool box.  The Energy Refund and Reclaiming Energy processes should be done daily to ensure that you are not energetically wrestling with your pseudo-parents. For childhood traumas, use the “backpack of pain” process in Level 2 on a daily basis until you feel a significant, lasting shift in your consciousness.  Also, use the “three galaxies” process at the end of Level 2 daily (with or without the recording) to keep your personal energy flowing smoothly.

You can transcend the traumas of your past if you are determined, persistent, patient and gentle with yourself.  Always remember that who you really are is far more than this one single lifetime, and that you can access the vast consciousness that is your True / Higher / Divine Inner Self to help you heal from the past. Most of all, focus on loving yourself exactly as you are right now, traumas and baggage included.  Cultivate that love with your focus on the goal of being fully healed, clear and filled with the light of your true, Divine Inner Self.

Much Love,

Cameron Day




78 comments to The Birth Bump – Being Born in the Wrong Family

  • Anna

    Its very possible that this was the case for me. I always felt that something was very wrong. I love my family very much and although my involvement with them certainly tied up years of my time in fear and desperation, after I broke with them and awakened, I was able to go back and be loving to them from a different place. I wish them well and I hope that their journeys are fruitful. I have learned much and I am grateful that I had a brother that I think “dived into” my family 16 months after I was born as a rescue, ha, I know that sounds funny but we are so connected. I mean we are actually connected like twins. Hopefully I will have accomplished a small amount of what I came to do. We’ll see. I haven’t given up. Actually I can’t- my heart just won’t.

    • Anna

      I am glad to see that this resonates with so may people here. With each post I feel however a bit further from the group. This seems to have given many here a sense of freedom and clarity but I did not experience the possibility of birth bump this way. I stricken with a great sadness that perhaps my mission was hijacked. I may not have been able to do what I came to do and in fact may have gotten karmically sucked in and possibly even contributed to the general negativity. I had assumed that I came here in this last go round to work through a lot of bad junk with my family in a joint venture to help everyone get clear. Funny simply believing and striving for that must have at least worked some because everyone is different now. So different that I kinda wondered if most of them are now walkins 🙂 The few family members that just couldn’t get on board moved away. I have experienced this before with people of different vibrations. Generally in my experience if the vibration shifts people not in sync with it just drift out of the scene. So I am left with much to ponder. I never remember wondering if my family was mine- I just always remember thinking that something is wrong “here”. That this is a dangerous place and that people here didn’t seem to notice or understand that everything is just WRONG. That it is unnatural to be unkind to others. I thought that something was wrong with people in general. Dense and sad and separate like they are in coma. Hmmmm…. a mystery. The good news at least is that the dark seems weaker now. The other night rather that have to shake an astral ankle biter off I opened my mouth and a roar came out like a lion. It was so shocking to feel so much power (I didn’t mean to roar it was just the sound that popped out- but not aggressively- I wasn’t planning on engaging in fight or trying to be tough. I was simply going to say leave me alone, you don’t have my permission to be here (this usually works for me unless they are really persistent) I had forgotten we were so powerful. Love is so strong, I forgot how strong the light is really. Lovely to remember. Like a bit home here.

  • eevie

    Damn. Thank you, Cameron. My life finally makes sense. My life beginnings is very skewed from being kidnapped by my father from my mother and raised by a crazy pentecostal step mother who was and is controlled by black psi/ops. From the mouth of general stubblebine himself. She thinks she is hearing the voice of god. ha

  • mary

    hi cameron ,, well you just described my life in a nutshell !! i separated from my whole family years ago with lots of great help from a wonderful therapist ,, did alot of grieving as if they were dead ,, i have also done plenty of forgiveness work at a distance and don’t plan to re-engage with them ever .. i believe this has saved my life and am able to do the loving work on myself so much easier now ,, your self clearing meditations have been a great help .. trusting in my higher self is easier then ever before ,, because i am seeing results in my life now that i can call joyful and peaceful .. and full of love ,, mary

  • Aeyrie Silver Eagle

    LOL, well you have descf

  • Lynn

    OMG! I cannot believe the timing of this letter.

    My dad was abusive and my mother is a textbook case of narcissistic personality disorder. I remember as a young child thinking that my family is not my family. This is a memory I had forgotten until I read this blog. I truly believed this and always hoped that my real family would come and get me one day.

    The abuse I suffered as a child did quite a number on me and I left home at 16. Even though I had cutoff contact with my parents multiple times, I would get a change of heart and try the whole family thing again.

    Of the worse, it has to be my mother. This woman has tried to destroy me in so many subtle but highly insidious ways. Simply put, she wants me dead. And if I’m not dead, then she wants me to be miserable, destitute, alone, suicidal and homeless. My father has passed, but at least in the end he expressed true sorrow for the way he treated me. My mother on the other hand is pure evil to the core. She will not own up to any wrong doings and will go on the attack if you try to get her to take responsibility for her actions.

    I decided to cut her off once and for all about three months ago. She did something so horrendous, that she made the job easy for me. She blamed me for my own child abuse while I was in the hospital the day after I had surgery. She actually had a smirk on her face when she did it. Ooh and you could just see the mocking evil in her eyes. I kicked her and her husband out of my hospital room. The day AFTER I got out the hospital she sent me this irrational and long abusive text filled with guilt trips and words meant dominate me. I gave her one simple text back: Do not ever contact me again. “See ya, lady. You gotta go.”

    Oh she tried everything to suck me back in. Involving one of my friends, using my son, implied accusations and threats. I held my ground and didn’t respond to any phone calls or triangulations. She slithered away.

    Then about two or three weeks ago I got an email from her husband saying how I “should” be past what happened in the hospital and that the reason why I haven’t spoken to them is because I must be so busy. And that they were going to come to my HOUSE if they don’t hear from me within three days. I emailed him back and gave a very detailed letter that outlined how manipulative is words were and other things. I told him that not only is she not to contact me or my friends ever again, but his is not to contact me either. I told him that they WILL NOT come to my house and that if they continue to try contact me in any shape or form I will file a police report and get a restraining order on the two of them.

    Now a quick interlude. I have been doing a lot of inner work for the last six months. Getting rid of the false ego and inner wounds. For the past month I’ve been in a war zone and I’ve been using the experience to confront the ugliness inside of me and all my subconscious demons. Hard work, but it has to be done. And man, doing so as accelerated my growth, understanding and spiritual armor. It’s like everyday I become a new person…the real me. I’m receiving synchronicities like crazy (case in point) and my psychic ability is through the roof. The flashes of insight and knowing comes to me effortlessly. When I view the world, it’s almost like I now view it from above. As above, so below.

    Okay, now for today. I told you, the timing! Bit of brief background. I live in Oklahoma. I’m sure you all know about the horrible disaster we recently suffered. I live close to where it happened. Emotionally this has hit me hard. Very hard. Earlier today I was sitting on my front porch crying thinking about it and all who were affected by the storm. For a brief moment I thought, “I wish I could call my family and talk to them about it.” But then reality set in and I squashed that thought.

    I go back into the house and my phone is ringing. I rush to answer but as soon as I reach it, it stops. It was from a restricted number. I KNOW in my SOUL it was her. She is very manipulative and most definitely would use this tornado disaster as a way to worm herself back into my life. She knows how human suffering really hurts me to the core. Evil wench.

    Another thing about that woman is she is extremely psychic. Plus the fact that I came from her she has that mother’s intuition which can just sense things about me. I know she tapped into my emotions and my moment of weakness of wanting family support. Today, after her call, I was thinking that I need to find out what I can do to break and destroy all psychic ties and cords to a parent.


    I never, ever, ever post comments on a blog. I’m a lurker to the core. But this article right here, combined with the timing..I just HAD to say something.

    Thank you Universe, thank you Higher Self, thank you Guides, thank you Goddess and thank you Cameron!

    • Tracy

      Lynn, Thanks for sharing your story. I’m sure you will find a way to sever the connection with that woman. I once spent some time remembering awful life-events and purposely severed my connection to those memories/events and participants. It was in my intent, but because they seemed to me to be connected to my heart, I took an imaginary silver blade to cut the cord of each one. I am not able to “see” the way some are, so I used my imagination for this, and I felt soooo much lighter afterward.


      • Tracy

        Thank you for this article, Cameron! I’m sure that this happened to me, and I have “known” it for a long time, but just now understand it.

        Love & appreciation,

  • Alma

    Wow!!!! This makes alot of sense to me. I always felt very different from my family and knew that war,poverty, government and some religions were lies. I had alchoholic parents and a very abusive brother. Thank you for posting this. It has come at the right time in my life. I have been meditating and doing some self clearing work. This is great! It almost feels as if you wrote it for me. lol… My parents are deceased and I live in a different State from the rest of my family. I have built a loving sanctuary that I call home and I do not let any outside forces mess with it. In fact I had to tell my brother he is not welcome until he gets help with his addictions. I am happy to say that we are building a better relationship and that I have forgiven them. I have always known since I was very young that I am hear to make a difference. Thank you again!!!!

  • Aeyrie Silver Eagle

    LOL, you have described my life and the process of freeing myself almost exactly, Cameron! The one difference is that I was not “bumped”. I parachuted into one of the hottest war zones on earth, knowing full well what I was getting myself into. (My DNA was a very close match to my mother’s, so impossible to claim “wrong family”!) I crawled away from the battlefield at 17, barely alive and incredibly damaged. It took time, an iron will and determined effort to free myself, but I am here to tell everyone that I succeeded. Cameron is speaking truth. It IS doable beloveds, just as he describes in his article. If I can do it then you can too! If you are somewhere in the process or just beginning please hold onto that thought, keep going and NEVER, EVER give up on yourself! As Cameron says, you ARE bigger and more powerful than you presently know! ;o) Really. Thank you for taking on one of the most difficult missions on this planet. Remember that freeing yourselves also frees beautiful Gaia and her inhabitants. The rewards for your success will be amazing! Keep going! Angelic blessings to you all. Be well, be happy.

  • Bea

    I am in awe at the depth of your knowledge of the ankle biter tactics. This article is spot on about my own life. I have also chosen to move past the blame, forgive and get on with my life. Thanks for this validation Cameron. It has really helped me understand my lifelong feeling of disconnect with my family.

  • Βαγγελης

    Thank you my friend for everything.
    I would like to discuss with you so many things but you know E nglish is not my mother
    language and I have not time and energy to write down my thinking.Thank you again my brother

  • Ann

    Cameron, thanks for this article..When I saw the title I thought you wrote it just for our last session was on that and as I started to doubt..Your Explaining things in detail and reading the experience of others helps me. In my case I should completely disconnect from them and do write the letter to explain why…and cut all avenues of attack.
    Also mentioning that we should do the clearing every day was I had the feeling it was good for me to do so but as usual not trusting my feelings..
    I long to fully understand what my mission is and be completely free to accomplish it. Thanks to You Cameron and thanks to all who posted

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  • Tracy

    Timing is perfect. What I would like to add is that the dark also bumped “dark” siblings into the family after a light worker-warrior birth, so that the arrival of a being that was extremely confrontational and abusive would also create layers of conflict. As to whether those siblings were ‘dark’ to begin with, or were infected in some way during the birth process, I don’t know. I do know that there are those who had less effective parents who could simply could not handle the arrival of this particular sort of child. When I married a man of similar, light energy, he came with a family that is much as you describe in your article…his Mother in particular. While my husband has been working on his clearing and resolution over time, it has created a challenge to me as well in that she will use the drama and manipulation to attack me whenever possible. My husband’s Dad passed in April and the phone calls and pleading messages for us to contact her are consistent, but the strong arm to try and force ‘family duty’ and compliance is gone now, so my husband is in the process of breaking contact for good. I cannot say either of use would write anything to her as she has a history of taking things and manipulating the message and meaning and presenting that to the wide array of other family and friends, thereby distorting their perception of us. She is really quite something, if only she could use her ‘powers’ for good! 🙂 Thanks for the great article….I know my husband will fall out when he gets home and reads it tonight! Namaste~

    • Phillip

      ” What I would like to add is that the dark also bumped “dark” siblings into the family after a light worker-warrior birth, so that the arrival of a being that was extremely confrontational and abusive would also create layers of conflict”

      Tracy, thank you for this comment. After reading this article and marinating a few weeks, I’ve come to the conclusion this is most likely the case with myself. As a recently awakened light worker-warrior, (to which degree I’m uncertain, little or no psychic abilities but most descriptions otherwise fit to a tee) this blog entry struck a chord. I’ve always felt like something was wrong, but wasn’t ready to put the “wrong parents” label on. However it’s blatantly apparent that their plan of attack was the sibling. Almost like an “uh oh, one slipped through the cracks, no biggie, we’ll get the younger sibling instead”. He was nothing short of abominable and the catalyst for much heartbreak. Looking back I can’t help but be somewhat impressed really. The level of destruction was so complete. It took many years to heal and forgive but I think I’m out of the woods now.

      Cameron, thank you very, very much for this and the website overall. I’ve savored every bit.

      Peace and love to all,

  • hector lopez

    I have been working on my spirituality for 17 years I have been able to understand my spirituality to the point that for the last 10 years I understood that my parents and my siblings were not related to me at all that I was separated from my original family . up to this point I was asking myself why . I am not a fanatic and consider myself a practical person but this article touch me to a personal level and reassure me that I am on the right path of understanding .Thanks for this and I will use it to continue . I feel that it goes further than just your parents the ramifications of this are a lot more severe than describe above . hope you continue with this subject .

  • Pam

    Thanks, Cameron. I needed this. I’m a light worker/warrior who’s been through incredible clearing and forgiving after a tough life, and am nothing like my parents or siblings. I’ve had to dissociate myself from my family for my own sanity. I’m wanting my home to be my sanctuary, but have a 19-year-old daughter who’s been in rehab, dropped out of college and generally torments me on a daily basis because she’s now living with me. I’ve been feeling guilty about wanting to evict her, even though my counselor is urging me to, but after reading this, I know it’s what’s best. While she was away at college, I had a peaceful home, a huge spiritual awakening and am aware of my mission — but now I’m too angry and exhausted from the daily battle of living with her to be able to pray or meditate anymore. Thanks for the reminder to be constantly clearing myself. I was doing so good, but lately I’ve been slipping into despair and drinking. Few can see the big picture like you do, Cameron, and this resonates. Thank you.

  • Thank you all for your comments and sharing your stories, both on the blog and via email. Please know that even though I can’t reply to all the messages, that I read every single email and blog post.

    Lynn, Aeyrie, Mary, Eevie, Ann, Anna, Tracy, Hector and everyone who shared your stories, thank you very much. I want you all to know that your sharing is helping others who come to the blog but who might not want to leave a comment. This awareness is rippling out thanks to our combined energies, and the sense of liberation is palpable.

    May all “bumped” light-workers be freed from the chains of their pseudo-parents!

    Much Love,

  • rose day

    …incredibly provoking food for thought…but how to reconcile the irony of souls who have endured horrendous childhood experiences and yet become profoundly empathetic with that of children who have enjoyed a “Leave it to Beaver” childhood only to become profoundly insensitive?

  • sonya

    This not only makes sense but really resonates with me. I always knew I had landed in the wrong place…and yes, much of what you describe is very familiar. My family is now deceased, and I have continued the healing work.

    Last year I reached the point where I had a massive break through and felt incredible liberation, and I swear they (archons or some such) sent someone to pull me down again. I realise this may sound fanciful and as though I’m not taking responsibility for myself, but that is what I believe happened. Someone who had the ability to make an incredibly strong connection with me, then pull me down each time I was lifting myself back up. It was as though this person knows, intuitively, even if we’re not in touch, when I’m on my way up again and calls/turns up at that exact time. It’s uncanny, and I’m now working at breaking that deep bond I felt with them. I wonder if you have ever come across this, Cameron?

    Sincere thanks for this article.

    • Aeyrie Silver Eagle

      Hi Sonya – yes, in my journey I ran across this constantly, and in a couple of ways. 1. In a perverse way it is a compliment to you because “they” (whoever they may be) know how powerful you really are. They don’t want you to succeed so they send more suppressive people to confuse and keep you from winning the battle for your freedom. Don’t let them. You are bigger than they are and they know it. The odds are in your favor, and more importantly, the Universe is on your side too. It is time now for the Light to have their turn and the dark must turn over the queen (as in chess) and resign the game. This WILL BE, no matter what because it is the will of the Divine 2. If you keep persisting eventually you will reach a point where your “light quotient” is sufficient to prevail. At that point you will take your “final exams” to prove to yourself that you are strong enough in the Light to hold your own. Watch for this, because you are close to to “Graduation”. There will be a period of this and if you sut

      • Aeyrie Silver Eagle

        sorry, my laptop does funny things sometimes. As I was saying, you will do better and better at holding your center and will no longer be influenced and set back. When you can hold your position the opposition stops because they can’t get to you anymore because you are so Light-filled they can’t reach you. You win. Yay! Keep doing what worked for you, meditation, your psychic hygiene routines, etc. Help others. Hope this helps, and good luck Sonya!

  • Kent & Kathryn

    Thank you Cameron for sharing this and all of your amazing articles, as always, at the perfect time. Your insights and guidance have been a tremendous addition to our healing journey. We send infinite love, appreciation and blessings.

    Love and hugs,
    Kent & Kathryn

  • eevie

    Have to say your cosmic flush is very powerful!! Thank you very much!!

  • JackieW

    OMG! Cameron you just confirmed a dream I had about 7 months ago. I dreamt that I had been stolen I was suppose to be born to another family(it is a family of lightworkers)I even saw them. For months now that dream has confused me because I could not figure out how the ankle-biters were able to do this,thanks to you I now know.The good news though is that in the past 2 years I have slowly been able to overcome the family dramas,and the family members(grandmother and aunt)that have been attacking me with witchcraft(I just found out that they descendants of a long line of witches) have been exposed,and one of them just died last week and I ended contact with the other one, the closer we get to the event the weaker they have become. VICTORY TO THE LIGHT,thank you again.

  • sonya

    Aeyrie Silver Eagle, thank you for your reply and for sharing your perspective on this. Your understanding and encouragement mean a lot to me and your perspective is really helpful. Yey, the light WILL wash away the darkness and we will all be free of it. In the meantime I will keep on keeping on until, as you say, they can no longer get to me, and thus contribute to the whole. With love and appreciation. 🙂

  • Nicki Tompkins

    Cameron, I grew up thinking I was adopted and this article, which you explain so succinctly what possibly took place during my birth or shortly after, resonated deeply, once again.

    I am diligently clearing the dark energy and love your articles. I have distanced myself physically from my birth family and don’t talk much by phone either, maybe twice a year, if that. I have no connection with them spiritually, which is a shame, but important for me to move on with my mission.

    Where do you receive such insight???

    Thank you for this. Love to you and your family, Nicki

  • Bea

    In addition to feeling like an an unwanted stepchild within my own “family” I have always felt as if I were geographically misplaced. Ever since I was about 6 years old, I knew that I had to leave the city and state were I was born. I finally did leave while in my 20s. I went back once to attend a funeral but felt immediately as if I should not be there. It never felt like home and so I have not been back. This is very strange, but once at my job in my city of birth I was asked by a person I had just met something to the effect of “How long have you been living here?” I stated that I was born and raised in this city. I was told that I sounded as if I were from the midwest. I was absolutely stunned to hear this because the midwest is the place where I felt I truly belonged. I had never told any one this yet here a person I had just met identified this in me.

    • Lynn

      Wow, Bea. I can relate to that as well.

      I’m in the Midwest. Born and raised. I never felt at home here. This place is not a good match for me at all. In fact, I HATE it out here. Ever since I was a child I dreamed of living in NYC.

      I did have a chance to visit as an adult and it felt like home. The energy was a perfect match. I never felt so alive in my life.

      It’s weird because when people hear me speak they assume I’m from the East Coast. Especially East Coast natives. I had one guy from Boston tell me I sound just like the girls “back home”. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had native New Yorkers and non-natives ask if I’m from New York.

      I’ve always found that a little weird and humorous that people think I’m from the East Coast. Considering that my home state is pretty country, lol. So I take it as a compliment and say, “Nope, sorry. It’s just the way I pronounce my words.”

      And yet, I’m the only one in my family who talks like that. My Dad sounded like a country bumpkin (he grew up on a farm) and would always tell me to “Slow down! You’re talking to fast.” And my birth mother sounds country. So how in the world did I end up sounding like someone from New York?

      My voice, style, attitude, energy is all of a New Yorker. I’m not some young wannabe trying to be something I’m not. I’ve been this way, since forever.

      Geez, I have the chills now. Thank you for bringing this up, Bea. I’m really going to need to process this one.

      • Bea

        OMG Lynn! I am absolutely astounded by your story. Your description is almost the polar opposite of my experience growing up in New York City. You sound like a New Yorker, I sound like a person from the Midwest. You are energized by the city, I feel overwhelmed by the crowds, skyscrapers and business of it all. I feel like I belong out in an open space near a lake somewhere, you feel like this is your home. You were born in the Midwest; I was born in NYC. This is so crazy. It almost seems as if we were switched at birth. I am also going to have to take some time to reflect and meditate on this. This is a lot of info to absorb. Thanks you so much for your response.

        • Lynn

          OMG! LMAO! You cannot make this stuff up!

          You know, when I was typing my response, I had this little voice that said, “I wonder if she is from NYC?” I was even going to make a joke about trading places. But I thought, “Nah, no way. There’s a whole lot of land out there, it’s highly unlikely she’s from that specific area.”

          I’m simply floored. In shock. In a good way, but wow…

          • Bea

            There is just no way that this stuff can be made up. They say that truth is stranger than fiction, and if so, then I believe this is a case in point. I’m still in a state of disbelief but this whole concept is beginning to sink in slowly. LOL

  • Lynn

    Okay, I have a quick question for you, Bea..if you don’t mind.

    Were you by chance born early or late? I was born two weeks late according to my mother’s due date.

    I’m also curious if anyone else was born really early or way past their mother’s due date. I could see how the ankle biters could use either scenario for their benefit.

  • Private

    Time to have better dreams…. be it while asleep … be it while awake…


    “How Do You Free Slaves Who Believe They are Already Free”?

    Both the enslaved and the free think and believe they are already free. The key resides in actually thinking, believing and cultivating what be towards the better ways.


    In other words recognize what be and choose what it will become. Will the situation be a learning experience or just another mistake?

    Actually its more along the lines lines of what will each learn from the situation and what will each choose to cultivate from the situation… Note that seeking to escape ‘the family’ is just another tactic to keep light-workers from doing their job in the family… In a way deep down you realize that for the birth bump to happen individuals have to consent to it happening. When “a wave of negativity is being projected onto…” one has multiple options:
    1- say “I’m not going to listen to this” and hang up!
    2- say “I’m going to listen to this” and will deal with it once and for all!
    3- other alternatives

    “Energetically disconnecting…” can allow the situation to continue. Moving can be tricky, as one side seeks a fight while the other seeks to dance. Each will attempt to pull the other side into their ways. This is where standing and asserting certain ways to engage the particular brand of ‘craziness’ is essential. When “a wave of POSITIVE is being projected onto…” one has multiple options:
    1- say “I’m going to listen to this” and follow up with !
    2- say “I’m going to listen to this” and will deal with it once and for all!
    3- many more alternatives

    Observe closely what it is that your words cultivate… choose wisely which words and ideas you choose to promote… of course I realize that what I state will subject and dispense belief-shattering truth upon the minds of those who read this and they will choose if to accept it or reject it… what each cultivates from this point forward be up to each … Observe closely what it is that you cultivate … in relation to this words and when individuals point out the “human condition”, the stories being cultivated and shows others how to live in alignment with Earth and natural laws. As I mentioned at the star of this Time to have better dreams…. be it while asleep … be it while awake…

  • Lily

    Wow. Totally resonates with me. However, sadly, I actually “thought” these people were my family. I was soooo conditioned to believe that they were good people but for some reason there was always “something” (dark forces) prohibiting them from being kind and gentle. Ever. It was just one drama, one insanity after another my entire life. I tried and tried to be the perfect child/adult to my parents/aunts/siblings, hoping one day maybe I’d hear a simple thanks after continually helping them year after year. Instead, they just continued to suck me dry! Boy did they have their claws in me! Why would THEY want the situation to change? It worked for THEM.

    Then I met my soul partner. He couldn’t believe what I put up with regarding “my family”. He said not only do have the right to say NO , but that I MUST because it was literally making me sick. He reminded me that I’m a wonderful human being with so much to offer the world, an amazing daughter, as is, right now! No need to have to prove anything, especially to those keeping me in subterfuge. Yet, being brain-washed to believe that “family sticks together & helps family – no matter what”, it was hard to NOT be there for them. Yet, I was the one doing all the giving; and they, the taking. It instantly made perfect sense: I could no longer allow these people to push their distorted, misaligned agendas on me ever again.

    So I took my power back. It’s only been a year. I have cut-off all contact with my family. It was very difficult not feeling guilty at first for “not being there” to help my elderly, frail parents, but as I’m feeling more centered, peaceful, and powerful, I know it’s for the best. I stayed “small” & helped them for 30+ years of my life, to no avail. The rest of my life is for me to live the way I see fit. And I choose to put my energy into more worthy causes that make me & others shine!

  • Shellie

    Spot on!!! All my life I have joked about crash landing my flying saucer into the wrong place and being born into the wrong family. Wanting to take responsibility for all my creations, naturally I have told myself over and over again that “I” chose it. I moved far away from my family, and have minimal contact, in addition to frequently considering permanent disconnection…How interesting to read this now at age 60!

    Thank you so much for sharing this topic <3

  • Adel

    Yes .. even I felt completely different from my family, I was a stranger and being born in a wrong family.
    But I have found another answer to this after years of alchemical work:
    “I chose these parents, just this family, to become aware of the grand scheme of the fear that is the basis of our life and transmute it into love.’s why we call light warriors, because we have the power to transform the patterns that we have enslaved, consciously experiencing the meaning of fear, indignity, blame and turning them into love.

  • Adel

    I would also like to add that I also feel like a stranger in this world.


    • Anna

      Hi Adel,

      There are probably many different scenarios but I agree with you that I probably chose or aligned with my situation for long range divine purposes. I might not have awakened as quickly have the “water” not been so cold and shocking. I am certain that upon coming here we knew that the mission was very difficult- but I do wonder now if we did not enter a little naively. I once had a lucid dream visitation of a being that emitted such love that it actually awakened me from my sleep. I don’t think that I was supposed to wake up during this visit and become consciously aware. I said out loud “I remember” “oh please don’t leave me here”. I really begged. For days after I couldn’t even remember that much of the experience- it has come back slowly in bits and pieces. I realize now that if I had recalled it more then that I would really have been done with this place. Thankfully over time it has reassured me of a number of things. 1. This is not our natural environment. Dark is not necessary to know light. That is a corruption. Love is sufficient unto love….(borrowed that)2. We will return eventually to that love – we just need to hold on. 3.We were a bit fool hardy taking these assignments thinking that we knew the risks. Although I haven’t lost my positively polarized orientation, I know that the thick density of grief and separation here probably ambushed some of the most sensitive among us. I hope that we can all return home together. There is no way(in my humble opinion) that beings of love could have anticipated how painful and devastating the exposure to lower vibrations can be.How the unconscious drive to reconnect can be so overwhelming and also so exploited by the dark. Thankfully it feels to me as though something has changed.
      I am sorry that you feel like a stranger in this world.You probably are one! That doesn’t make it any more pleasant though. I wish that I had met you in this life. I have spent most of my life feeling like this life is a dress rehearsal and that everyone is going to stop and go back to “real” life. I wonder whats gonna have next? Be strong. Whatever you are doing- I know that you are doing a great job! 🙂

      • Jennifer H.

        I think you’re right here. There would have been no way to really know before the experience. Very low vibrations/frequency is hell & a more heavenly place was our natural habitat, I’m thinking. Desperate to help? Yes…naively brave? For sure!!

    • Alex

      That is exactly how I feel too.


      • Alex

        I mean I feel like a complete stranger in this world, I feel like nothing and quite nobody is ment for me-I’m sorry if I might seem a little bit arrogant, I know that one day I will find my spiritual family, and even my special half, my twin flame, but even seeking them (or other lightworkers to establish a connection) feels like an energy draining process, and I am also financially dependent upon my pseudo-family, wich I even tried to leave once.

        I understand those lightworkers who felt like they should leave their families, in order to return “home”(here, home=spiritual family, and the places that resonate with our hearts), but just couldn’t leave their families:they just didn’t have somebody to rely upon, not even the authorities, and in such circumstances, true friends are either difficult to find, either they are too busy with similar problems, just like things would be meant for lightworkers not to cooperate with each other.

        I’m sure this is just the work of the ankle bitters.

        However, I would be gratefull if somebody would give me an idea of how to leave behind your pseudo-family and generally the past, especially when you live in poverty, are obliged to work for your pseudo-family in order for them not allowing you to work somewhere, to keep you financially dependent upon them and their house?

        And don’t give me the “get a job” stupid answer, or “self-employment” stuff.I’ve been deprived too long of my energy, and most important of all, of my TIME.!

        • Alex

          And, btw, another interesting thing is that I’ve been born in Bucharest, the worst place a romanian could ever be born in: Bucharest has the worst schools, teachers, people, neighbours, and authorities out of the entire Romania!

          I always thought I truly belong to Sibiu(wich, theoretically, was a Cultural European Centre), or to Cluj, or to Sighisoara, Hunedoara, Orastie, Deva, etc., but under no circumstance to such a polluted and energy draining city like Bucharest, in wich, as an engineer with two faculties graduated, I couldn’t even find a job to wash dishes!

          (Actually, theese ankle bitter attacks are exactly what happens to Romania that led to unemplyment, not that much the bad government-the WEST must understand that in order to help us-it’s not necessarily a new government that we need-we don’t need another “hero”-we want to see beyond the thunderdome, how life would be lived with our true spiritual families and us accomplishing the true mission as lightworkers!)

  • kim

    I wish I could give you a million bucks just for this article alone…unfortunately I don’t have the money ; – )I have only heard of this one time when it was mention to me by my unseen friends…They kept wanting me to understand it because it was important…but it didn’t really hit me until they allowed me to physically see it for myself…meaning I was shown individuals that were somewhat involved…if that makes sense…and when i put it all together…All I could say is… “the curriculum didn’t match the student”…I had a specific job…and in order for it to be successful with minimal damage to me i had to incarnate in this particular family with…particular DNA…I guess others had other plans for me…I guess my guides new that I wanted to stick it out because if i didn’t it would have messed something up…so I stuck it out I guess…They kept telling me…that they were surprised at how successful I was and now I have a serious amount of protection around me now ( didn’t really mean anything until now)…Now that the game has changed for me…Some energies that don’t really like me; are trying other strategies to slow me down…I am doing all I can to remain strong and not give up…but don’t know how long I can…I am like I gotta go gotta go right now…this is getting heavy…Now I am going through a extreme ego cleansing I guess …of the life that wasn’t really suppose to be mine…its tough…Every time I get up and find my space from my family…some unseen event happens ; something bad happens to one of my family members and they end up back in my field…like accidents happen so I can’t fully disconnect…I wish I could say more but…it is crazy…

    This article was what I needed…I would always say jokingly there was a conspiracy around my birth…was born late…and a bunch of other things that are not fit for a family show lol…so I will keep it “G” rated ; – )

    • Lynn

      Hey there, Kim.

      I just wanted to let you know you are not alone when talking about certain energies are trying to slow you down. I’m going through it big time. I, too, have protection, and always had. Even with the protection, I still went through some pretty ugly events throughout my life. And I’m still dealing with people who are so envious and so hateful, that they are doing everything in their power to destroy me.

      These people fit a common and reoccurring theme in my life. That is basically draining me of my time, energy, resources and gifts…while abusing me in the process. This started at home and has followed me throughout adulthood. And when I cut off those abusive people off and refuse to be their whipping girl, that’s when it gets ugly.

      Since I won’t give them what they “think” is entitled to them, they will destroy what I’ve worked hard for and value. My guess is these people must be possessed with some type of entity or energy. They are so transparent in their actions, I don’t know how they thought they would be successful in their long term goals in the first place. Or how they think further bullying, threats and attacks would work in their favor. It just confirms to me that the individual is psychotic and I need to stay far, far, far away from them.

      They seem to be operating on autopilot, with no awareness of themselves, the situation or the consequences. Every last one of these individuals suffer from severe delusions. As though they are operating from a program whose only purpose is to destroy others and eventually themselves. A self-destruct program, indeed. Quite mindboggling to watch tbh.

      It’s rough and sometimes all I can do is cry. But crying is a great cleanser for me, so it helps a lot. I’m also using this opportunity to break down my false ego and release the deep internal programs (from childhood) within me that helped create this chaos.

      Even with the protection, I still have to have my own protections in place, because certain individuals and energies are so ruthless and determined. While I’m busy dealing with my own life and healing, there are others watching my every move. It’s like I’m constantly putting out small fires started by them, which takes me away from things that I need to be doing.

      I feel like a bird ready to fly, but I have strings on my wings held by others. It’s a tricky situation, but I’m getting stronger from it. And one day when I’m ready, or my spiritual protective “crew” has had enough, those energies and people will be dealt with and/or no longer able to cause me any harm.

      It sucks that so much has been stolen from us from the very beginning. But I am comforted by something the Bible states, that “God” can take the bad and turn it around for good. I know this is true in my life, and most likely for yours as well. If you were not meant to be free and live out YOUR purpose, you would not have even known about this blog in the first place. This post, written by Cameron, is like a catalyst that is meant for people like us to take back our power, our true self and live on to fulfill our true purpose. We all our being guided so that we can reach our freedom and go on to do the work we came here to do.

      Power is never relinquished. Power is taken. Knowledge is power.

      This too shall pass.

    • You can get back to me later on the million bucks. 🙂

      Seriously though, I’m glad this article was helpful for you and the many other people who experienced a birth-bump.

  • Sage

    Much THANKS Cameron and Posters!
    Never ceases to amaze me as to how clever the ‘dark’ is at hijacking our missions. The ‘birth bump’ strategy is definitely a tricky war maneuver to trip us up from the get go and slow down our awakening to who we are, what we are, and why we are here. The family ‘thing’ was a challenge from very early on, filled with abuse and head-shaking confusion as to who these people were; and where is my real family? I couldn’t wait to get out. I disconnected early on, then lived at a distance intentionally so as to sever the bond. It took years of spiritual work, sacrifice and discipline to regain my footing (with much stumbling along the way) from my childhood dysfunctional programming. But, we are all still here and maybe stronger because of it, although, after gleaning the ‘birth-bump’ knowledge, I must admit, I now wonder what a difference it would have made to have had a more supportive start in life. Water under the bridge, however, and the work continues with my bruises healed and my psychic scabs mended I trudge forward more determined than ever to see this ‘work’ through. So appreciative for this latest piece of knowledge to this bizarre puzzle which moment-by-moment brings even more clarity to the muddied waters of this dense reality in which we do battle. With each new understanding our wisdom is expanded, our spiritual swords are sharpened and our resolve only deepens into unconquerable strength. So glad you ALL are out there, for we are not alone; at least not on an ‘extremely’ powerful energetic level. Be well, be fearless, be peace, be YOU! Much respect!!! Sage

  • Hi Cameron, THANK YOU for writing this blog post !!! So happy to see someone put into words what I actually did 13 years ago ~ actions speak louder than words ! Disconnecting from my birth family was the best thing I ever chose for myself, I wrote the letters detailing the reasons why I was disconnecting and I have not heard from the birth family since. Made my life so much better ~ I became freed and was able to start flying into my true self. So as a being who did this in action many, many years ago ~ I thank you for bringing so much clarity to this subject because it is really needed to be heard. In loving appreciation, Catalina 6:33

  • Cristiane Santos

    WOW!I do ressonate with tat a lot!I just dont agree that we encarnate when the fetus is already formed,or a little before we were borned.I remember,even said to my mother things,tat se said while she was 3 monts or so pregnant.She alway asked how did i knew that.That aside,i remember telling her that she was not my mother,and that i wanted to go home.I was like 4 years old.I would get confuse,the world seems very confused for me,I had the sensation that i was in a foregneir land.Every time i said i wanted to go home,she was like;What are you saying?This is your home!I would always replies that she was wrong.Sometimes i cried and yelled like crazy,asking them to take me home.I also could tell what they were thinking,i would give numbers for lottery,i even knew when my cousin got pregnant.Shes was 16,and was dating in secret with a guy my auntie hated.At some point,those gifts were driving me crazy,and thats exactly what my mother would say..She was a very negative person.I would use any excuse to stay away from her.She got me in a Catholic Boarding School.I would go home every weekend.But i passed little time with her.I runaway from home like 3 times.Once i turned 21,i left for good.I move to other town,2 years later,i moved from my own country.She got very sick,and i worked a lot to help her,paying hospital,medicines.I forgive her,and i love her vey much.Even with all of this,i considered her my best friend.I just could not bear be close to her.She drained me!At least we made peace before she dies.But yeah,have parents like that its not easy…

  • Hi, this is a timely read for me. If only the difficulties I’d had were as easy to label as abuse. My story is a confusing mess of guilt trips and victim attitudes that are very conveniently pinned on the mindset I’ve taken at times which is to not buy into drama games. If only the hostility was overt… I could fight it better I think… but instead there is this low level of nothing happening until I leave some kind of emotional opening and then there is drama and then I’m left wondering why I’ve created so much conflict with the people in my life.

    Things would be so much clearer if they didn’t seem so insidious in my situation. Sometimes I feel like whoever is close to me is used to create chaos. Other times I feel like I’m being too hard on them and need to watch my mouth. Maybe I’m just still under lots of brain washing.

    My decisions would be much easier if I felt I had a clear picture of the things that happen in my relationships.

    This article is very helpful and I look forward to using the tools on the website.


  • Noelle

    Thank you so much for writing this in depth article! I always thought I was in the wrong family. I have been on my spiritual journey for the last 4 years and every day I see something new. I “lost” myself when I was around age 7 or 8. The confident smiles went away and I was at the mercy of parents who were wounded children themselves. They never really knew me. Finally, I am awake and meditating. I am writing. I have been introduced to pranic healing. I realize I am a light body in a dense human form! I realize eternity. I still have fear (mostly about the environment) but I OBSERVE it now and that helps. I am going to save this article so I can re read it. Namaste.

  • Stephanie

    This was so good for me to read. I likely have had this experience as I am the only one in my family that has any interest in spirituality, our true nature, or even love. When I was very young I would have dreams where I heard a loud noise and spiraling pinwheel shape like a tunnel and would wake up crying and sweating like crazy. Of course this would disturb everyone and I felt bad about it – it even started happening when I was awake. Then it stopped sometime around 7 or 8. Anyway I now think I wanted to go home back to the light. Yes there was lots of violence from my father and incredible insults, indifference and the absence of love from my mother, but I do mostly feel sorry for them anymore. I’m just thankful I know what is true about love being the most important thing in existence and that I have had wonderful experiences of God. Nothing is more of a treasure than that. I only hope I can still fulfill my Divine intention here and make a difference for good in the world. Thanks again for this article; and thanks to all of you that shared your comments. Much love and blessings.

  • sim

    First of all I’d really thank you, Cameron for writing this article and providing me with the most useful information I needed about my life, all the answers of the questions that were puzzling me since so long. I live in India but I’ ve always felt that I shouldn’t have been born in the family I live now. Day and night I think about escaping from this place but can’t because nobody would believe in my story but but I’m really tensed about my life as this place seems alien to me, the people, their habits and all. I always felt all the things that you’ve shared here but reading this today only makes my beliefs stronger. My only fear is that this situation in this life has altered my real self, which I wasn’t originally and I may never be able to regain my lost real self. So many things I’d like to say but this space seems too short. I’m happy that there’s somebody who can understand. All these times I’ve been assuring myself thinking that one day I can somehow reach that part of the world where I was always meant to be.

  • simran

    every time I read this article, I wonder how could there be someone as you who knows so much about spirituality and that too in this incredible detail. I’ve rarely known anyone in my life who has so much wisdom. I have so many questions of which I want to desperately seek answers. Some of them are, what happens to the lightworker after his death who was born in the wrong place ? does its soul finally reach the desired destination ? Does the ankle biters attack him again ? or is he still a lightworker or has become an ordinary human ? does he ever feels at home in next life ? or he just attains salvation ? I really want to know, Cameron, so if you can, please help me with my questions.

  • Gillian

    I have just read your article about birth-bumps etc, and really feel that this happened to me too. I have been getting angrier and angrier each day since April 2011 when I read an article in the “Daily Mail” newspaper here in England. The article was about a Dr. William Sargant and was by the actress Celie Emerie (not sure if that is correct spelling) who detailing what had happened to her when she was addmitted to hospital at age 15 years old for an eating disorder.She mentioned the “sleeping room” electric shock treatment and of course the name,Dr. William Sargant.Her story brought back memoiries of The Tavistock Clinic as it was called in 1940/50s.It is now called The Tavistock Institute.I was taken there at age 2and a half to 3 years old and am sure the Dr. giving me a test was William Sargant:but that is just how my horror story started!I have always loved studying Astrology and related subjects and bought “Prediction” magazine from age 12 years old. At age 16/17 my mother who hated me told everyone Doctors, Social workers etc.that I was putting spells on her and the neighbours.This was 1961/2,the witchcraft act was repealed in January 1951 I read last year!No matter! my mother managed to get me taken away in the most terrifying way and given “deep sleep” treatment for many months (put in to a drugged sleep) at atime. Maybe kept asleep for 4/5/6 months at atime. The story here is too terrible to go into more detail and my whole life was/is wrecked because of her actions against me.Potential lost,living now hand to mouth which is not me,at now 67 years old!Other young girls were given this same treatment as me too and I think the Goverment should look in to wrongful treatment administered to all of us and acknowledge and compensate us as well.For our lost lives!

  • Gosh Cameron to hear that others have to been bumped makes me not feel so alone. My family are no longer in my life.Yahoo. I also have had the anklebiters sent my way. I laughed when I read your term…the bastards literally destroyed my able joints so I couldn’t walk forward with my life. On the mend now however. Lots of wisdom from you Cameron. Keep writing because your words are helping.

  • Lost Lisa

    Thank you Cameron very much, as I am typing this I am in tears your blog really touched me. Since I was a little girl I knew that I was different and that I was born until the wrong family. My birthmother even recalls an event as an infant when I stop breathing and declared deceased and when we arrived at the hospital I was gasped and smiled. None of the things that my family were into interested me I always had different passions. During family events and hang outs, I would wonder who are these people; and think to myself are they just crazy or something wrong with me. I have always had visions and dreams of things before they occur, it still scares me, I don’t think I would be so intimidated by the dreams and visions if they weren’t true; but to wake up and see the dream that you have been having for the past three months on the world news is scary.

    At this point in my life I am trying to distance myself from my family to better myself and get more spiritually in touch with myself and my soul. Like everyone else that it seems like every time I distance myself some type of family event or accident or tragedy brings everyone back into my life. Every day is a battle. I am planning a big move but there are always several guilt trips and opinions that aren’t wanted. I hate it took me this long to take the Journey to find myself the real me who are supposed to be before I was bumped.

    It’s nice to know I’m not alone, again thanks Cameron and everyone else for their advice and blog. I wish everyone luck on their journey and a prosperous future

    • Estrella Brillante

      Hi Lost Lisa,
      I think i am going to call you just Lisa, because you already Found yourself. I guess for my own experience if you do the Self-Clearing System of this website, in 3 months you will see the difference. Yo will be more aware of everything. I did it myself, and that was the first outcome.
      When i was doing this type of meditations, the dark-side tried to battle against me, by affecting my dreams and my Character (more anxiety, nerviness, etc). But i knew already the tricks of the dark-side and it could not overcome the Cleared-Light Energy i was getting through this process.
      The main result is that all my life-plans were doing good, everything was and is coming into place. With sacrifice and battling myself against depression and energy drain.
      Sorry for my English, it’s my second language.

      Estrella Brillante
      Que La Fuente de Poder te envie refuerzos para que brilles con toda tu luz!

  • josephine

    Dear Cameron,
    I’ve just read your post. I agree totally as I experienced the “birth bump” of which you write in such a clear and true way.
    After a long 3D experience, I can say that at last I have got to the ‘forgiveness level’. You have entered my life in the right moment, giving me the explanations I needed and the necessary tools to get rid of what is left in my soul. For this, once again, I thank you so much. I send all my love to you from Italy and, if one day you thought to visit my wonderful country, I would be very happy to welcome you…
    I embrace you,

  • wanda

    Much gratitude, Cameron. I found that once I removed the ‘person’ from the equation and realized it was just energy being directed toward me from the parasitic influences (and the damaged people they easily work through), it was easier to process my damage and heal, let it go and forgive, myself and then those who I perceived that did(do)this harm to me. I went back to the womb and began to love and raise myself from birth onward the way I have and do love my own children. I am raising myself in love from within my true being. Works for me!

  • me...

    really, this is how my dad is, as he is not superstition, but believe only ghosts. Because of him whole family suffered, my childhood is utterly different where i gained no satisfaction, but latter i grown up, and understanding how much i personally suffered to my self, and now i understood that he is just stupid and fear much, because of his own family backround raised, now i am totaly agree with you, in-fact from last 2 years i gave my sympathy to him from inside, thinking how much he personally suffered and still suffering, but now a bit better than before, and this must be because i stopped to hate him and ill myself. Now i always either don’t bother them or show much pity to him for his stupid work. My mother really very good, as she always encouraged me telling as “i am very lucky, that i got a girl like you who never hate him and realizing your self truth” thinking they just don’t fit even to bother much, so what is the use even to punish him??”. And this is how i healed my self, from stopping even to think on such time wasted materials and thoughts. Now i just depended on me very much, and preparing for job interview. Thank-you very much by making this topic. And one can heal themselves even living inside a negative energy area, where either we have to stop to bother it or just have pity on their enslavement to unnatural things and their own fear. Really now my life changed so drastically and improving my health very much, and ready to heal others too.

  • chev

    you are one among other who touch me with what you write.i feel a kind of liberation afyrr reading your surprised as i am used of reading spiritual articles but never feel as am feeling right now.i have many questions must be special i would really like to ne able to have a conversation with you if possible as i know there’s so many people who want to speak to you.if ever it is possible here you have my email address. i would be

    love and light

  • Estrella Brillante

    Thanks Universe, Our Creator for sending Cameron Day to this lifetime.
    I am not a ‘Birth Bump’, Thanks God I was raised in a lovely, nurturing, pure family. However I deeply know that I have to disengage from their Ego identities implanted in me. However my beautiful Husband who is also a LightWorker is a ‘Birth Bump’ . This situation has affected me more than him. He has healed, but I have not.
    This article is helping me a lot about forgiving his family. He was abandoned by his mother. Situation that I was judging badly and His Father married 5 times and last marriage with a woman, who has been discrediting my husband, and very manipulative. This woman has poisoned my husband’s father for the last 20years. Sometimes I think she is like an Allien. AS soon as I met my husband and the Wedding Party had ended, I cried for economical help to my Parents to help us the first year as neweds. My beautiful Parents did everything to helped us. But I still feel a dark energy that comes from my in-laws house and debilitate my Energy field, more than my Husband’s. But the Healing Process of Cameron is helping me, as if it comes from My Creator.
    I am in the healing process with Level 1. I definitely booked a private session with Cameron for April.

    I usually cry , when I see how my husband was abandoned, mistreated, growing up taking on the negative programming of his dysfunctional pseudo-Father. I really feel that whatever comes from his father and step-mother is darkness. Also my husband has a son from his first marriage, and my in-laws are influencing negatively this boy. But I am praying my Heavenly Father, The Creator of the Universe, The Source… to protect my husband’s son with all his Power, hopefully this boy will be Free and a LightWorker.
    Clearing my Body: This Vessel (my body) is yelling at me, is asking me for better nutrition, asking me to transform it in a lighter vessel. Cameron is Helping me, and also listening to my Higher-Self. It has been really really hard to learn to listen my Higer-Self. I was listening my Ego, through a voice inside my head, that used to come from the dark-side. Always talking and talking about the future, when I realized that the Present Moment was the key for Ascension.

    I believe that if whoever considers a Light-Worker, we have a lot of work to do, especially with clearing energy and restructuring our Physical bodies.
    For my husband and me, the best thing is to ‘Eject’ to cut off all communication with my in-laws. Now my family is acting like my husband’s family.
    Gracias Padre Creador por este Blog, que nos esta ayudando a entender la Trayectoria de nuestra Alma.
    Gracias Cameron por tu fuerte trabajo.
    Escribe mas!

  • Cassandra`

    Stop blaming everybody else for your troubles and recognize the lesson in every situation and every person that comes into your life! Ankle biters or not, stop playing a victim and own your inner power. God has a plan for each of us that not even these ‘ankle biters’ can interfere with even though it feels like it at times. Best of luck (i mean God’s divine Will!)

    • Which God is that, Cassandra? Which of the many ankle biters masquerading as gods/lords/archons/ASS-ended masters and so on has a “plan” for us, and why on Earth should we conform to his/her/its plan? Especially when they are famous for their manipulation, diversions, and distortions, every one of them designed to knock us off track?

      We are each completely sovereign spiritual beings who have been programmed by an array of insidious beings to relinquish that power and to hand it “upwards” (notice how we always pray to a Higher Self, or we use hands pointed upwards in prayer, everything goes UP, UP, UP, to feed the archons!). We are conditioned to seek approval, to adhere to rules and plans.

      Nobody’s outside plan for you should have ANY validity whatsoever. In fact, if you feel there IS a plan for you, you should discard it on principle.

      On the other hand —– YOU tapping into your sovereign powers as an unlimited creator being? YOU allowing yourself to improvise, learn to create in more optimal ways, and to imbue this damaged world with progressive vibrations and feelings? — That’s the way to go! 🙂 No “plan” required, thank you very much! 🙂

      PS: As for victim blaming, Cassandra, I do hope you’re better than that. The incredible layers of spiritual devastation, rape and torment that various archonic types commit on lovely souls are very real and difficult, often creating complex layers of soul loss and post-traumatic stress disorder that has to be processed. This can take a HUGE amount of work.

      And then there is the impact of family members who are too often controlled by archonic types, who in turn deeply damage their children. That needs to be healed and can take much time and energy.

      All of these archonic presences LOVE to play the “blame the victim” game. It’s actually a hallmark of an archonic/ankle biter (or as I prefer to call them, a rat bastard), to blame the victim.

      As for adhering to any God’s “will,” God can lick my pale white ass. 🙂

      And I mean that in the nicest possible way.

  • Chris

    Oh I can relate, I left home into foster care. I felt no connection to the family I was born to. I love them ,but theres just too much poor mes and My parent was so disfunctional and had her own tradegys….. I was happier not growing up with her, and my sibblings are damaged .

  • Marisa

    I experienced a birth bump. Gratefully, I was able to break away and live a simple, peaceful life close to my true, divine-self. Life was not easy for me after I broke away but ultimately, I was blessed with gifts that my divine self is preparing me to share.

  • Sonja

    Thank you so much for this article that confirmed so much for me. My Higher Guidance had alerted me over a year ago that this dynamic had happened to me and that I actually tried to opt out through death at 1 years old when I had sustained a serious fall and head injury when just learning to walk.I had written the information off as my imagination, because at the time I was still buying the New Age line that we choose our parents and birth families. My parents were emotionally and physically abusive and neglectful and I was forced to grow up in a home and neighborhood that were a serious vibrational mismatch, and I was subject to abuse even from my peers. I never felt like I belonged in my family and suspected I was adopted. By the time I was 13 I’d taken to the streets, running away to just get away from them, which placed me in even worse scenarios designed to break me down emotionally and spiritually, and I have cleared so much of this. My daughter, who is now 20, and also a True Light Being, I feel came to intervene, and she too wants nothing to do with them, and had said even as a very young child that “they are not her family”, and has had nightmares about all of them being influenced by dark beings to direct harmful energy at us. My biological father is dead, but I try to keep my distance from the rest of them, except my brother who I suspect may have been bumped as well. It is such a blessing to receive this confirmation, especially now that I have been led to work on clearing childhood programming again , and recently asked my HS for additional information that could help me understand how to pull this stuff up from the root. Thank you so much for sharing this wisdom and I stand in love with and support of all my Brothers and Sisters who are reclaiming their wholeness and missions after being subjected to this displacement!!

  • Mary

    I find this very interesting.I have never felt I ever belonged here never fit in.I was always the out cast in my family.I’m a Reiki Master/Teacher have been for 15 years now. Changed my life completely. I have a much better understanding of what is happening around us.I know why I’m here to help others and to help them understand why certain things are happening to them and their family members.
    I do house and property clearings and clearings on my clients from the dark forces and anything else that needs to be banished in all ,dementions, time frames,frequencies and realities.

  • Marina

    It couldn’t come closer to my experience.
    I’ve been wanting to get away from my pseudo-family since I was 9, I’m 16 at the moment. I still don’t know how to get away from them or where to go.
    I’ve been emotionally bullied at home and at school. Ankle-biters me bumped to the opposite gender (I’m in a female body, I was not meant to).
    The thing that proves that I came here for a mission is that I’ve always felt a push to save humanity or to do something for the human race and the world.:)
    Sorry for the grammar, I’m tired today.

  • Thank you so much for this amazing blog post. This resonated on such a deep level for me that I found myself literally sobbing like a baby while reading it. I knew from a young age that I was in the “wrong” family. I had a running joke growing up that they switched the baby at the hospital. I now finally after years of torment have broken free from my birth family and now feel I can shine my light throughout the world and am working to do so daily while bringing healing to myself, others and the world. I am so grateful that despite it all and almost not making it through due to the tremendous amounts of pain and abuse I have endured, that I made it through they did not break me and now I can share my gifts and what I came here to do with the world. What an incredible blessing. Anne-Marie Wiesman

  • Karen

    Wow! I am 54 years old and have always felt that I was born to the wrong family and have said as much to other people at times. I was so very different from my parents and brother, and suffered much emotional, verbal and psychological abuse from them, not to mention the rejection, lack of support and complete lack of understanding. I wasted many years in deep depression wondering why I did not fit in and what I had done wrong. I finally cut myself off from them for the sake of my health and sanity about twenty years ago. I don’t miss my pseudo family at all, but I do miss the family I never had. I am wondering, though, what happens to the souls who were intending to go to our pseudo families? Do they go to the parents that we selected instead? Thank you so much for this article. I feel as though a big piece of the puzzle has finally slotted into place and enabled me to see the bigger picture.

  • Glenn Brown

    Wow. These stories. My heart goes out to you all. I wasn’t bumped, but my parents were basically my children, as I was always cleaning up after them energetically and taking responsibility for the darkness of their unending dramas with each other. My grandparents were why I came into that family. Very divine grandmothers, and a divine nanny who raised me (while my parents worked). But my older brother was my major nemesis. I cannot swear he had a soul. He didn’t have human emotions, or any heart energy whatsoever. Like a shell that was remotely controlled by something darker. And he was a terrible bully to me. Much bigger and physically violent. I got hit a lot. But I had internal resources somehow that insulated me from lasting emotional scars (I don’t recall my spirit ever being suppressed by his bullying). The real “bump” came with step-parents who were/are everything this articles talks about. My whole nuclear family died (all very young), and I have had to break contact with the entire step-family because they are so destructive.

    You amaze me, Cameron.