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Today’s post is a quick one to point you to a radio show that I did last week with Robert Stanley on his Unicus Radio Hour.  We discussed the “Birth Bump” as well as the timeline of the “Infection of Darkness” that has occurred on Earth.  It was a good, hour long show, and I dropped some nuggets of information that I haven’t revealed anywhere before.  I hope you enjoy it!  🙂

Please right-click and choose to “save” the mp3 file:

Also, here is a youtube version for those who want to embed it on other sites:

Much Love,
Cameron Day



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  • rose day

    Would it be possible to provide a written transcription for the hearing impaired?


    • I don’t have a transcriptionist, but if someone who reads this and wants to volunteer to type up a transcription, please do get in touch with me.

  • eevie

    Excellent show, Cameron!! Thank you. I have been able to add to my arsenal from this. I never told you, but thank you so much for your validation in my life about these ankle biters and being in open war with them. 🙂

  • eevie

    oh yeah. lol This is cute. All the timers in my home have stopped working….after i touched them. Nothing else, just the timers. The one on the clothes washer, the stove and the toaster oven. lolol

  • Chanon Starnes

    I would have liked to hear more from you on the show. It seemed the host kept getting off topic and talking about his perspective and I wanted to hear more if yours but I still enjoyed the conversation. Thank you!

  • Nicki Tompkins

    Cameron, I thoroughly enjoyed and received a major dose of education from you and Robert. I look forward to your next topic about where parasites and sickness came from.

    Keep it coming, Cameron. Sending many blessings of light your way.

  • Izdihar

    Dear Cameron,
    That was such a superb, uplifting discussion that I can’t help listening to it over and over again. I hope it’s OK if I forwarded your podcast link to my spiritual forum. This is an academic spiritual forum which basically discusses the “dying god” myths that have characterized the worship of fourth/fifth density overlords and their ankle-biters minions throughout human history. I wanted to share this podcast with the members who are in the main quite cynical and sarcastic about the existence of the Creator because they are still unaware that there is another vast spiritual domain outside of this prison planet. Also, the discussion brings home the fact that the ankle-biters are actual beings and not just superstitious imaginings that we should ignore and not take seriously. You and the host of the show were truly awesome and inspiring. Thank you so much Cameron for sharing your knowledge and this timely information so that we can help pass the message onwards with exponentially positive results.
    I hope it’s OK to say I consider you a real Bro and I Love you!
    Your sister in Light,

  • Rebekah

    Everything comes from Source Energy even if it has become unrecognizable as such at this stage in the game. Our fears and limitations keep us from granting the most abhorrent aberrations the same inclusion into a consciousness of compassion and forgiveness, and for good reason! “they” are abusive psycho/sociopaths! They took the gift of free will bestowed by Creator and became addicted to power rather than in service to love and creativity. In simplistic terms it became Nature vs Ego. …but “they” are still a derivation of the god force, tho’ barely recognizable as such. Stuart Wilde would beseech people to try to still recognize their Christ potential in spite of the darkness. What a challenge to try to give a break to those who not only DON’T feel or understand unconditional love, but who seek to destroy it!! I just feel lucky to still be in the game, considering having been a kicked to the curb “birth bump-ed” soul who nearly gave up. Now the challenge is to not become like them: jaded and unfeeling, enticed by the brainwashing and false promises. …lulled further into addiction and apathy. And Cameron- you were spot on in pointing out that most of us just pine for Peace…for our children, for all children.

    • Harry Hankerson

      I feel you Rebekah, daily I am encouraged through my endurance. Often times I ponder my “curbing” and remark that it gifts me a deliverance from those things that “they who don’t feel” aspire to. And allows me to enjoy the fact that I don’t have those “luxuries” and/or aspirations. Stay Blessed

  • Alma

    Thank you for your article of the “birth bump”and the nuggets you threw in your interview. I always felt like I did not belong and had a longing of wanting to go home. I felt abandoned and was always waiting for someone to come and pick me up when I was very young. I have always felt that I am here to make a difference and help humanity. I never understood war and having blind faith. I have known that as I raise my consciousness I help others. Thanks for the tip on having that intention when I go to sleep to do my work. I feel more powerful and I love your meditations. I have always felt that the majority of people are asleep and have the herd mentality. I do feel that people are waking up!! Consciousness is being raised I can feel it.

  • Lola

    I agree with Chanon, pitty he didn’t let you speak, but I guess it is one man show….

  • Cassandra

    Great show Cameron however I agree with the other posters that he barely let you speak. I’d never heard one person plug so many books in such a short period of time. It would be great if you could consider doing more podcasts alone on topics that you think we would like or on topics that are so complex that would give you the flexibility to elaborate more than you could in an article. You’re a great teacher and have a lot of wisdom to share. Just a thought 🙂

    • Bea

      I have to admit that I was also disappointed with the huge amount of airtime the host used up telling stories and promoting his books.

      It would be great to hear you Cameron speak without interruption. Your topics are always interesting and informative. Please consider doing more podcasts.

  • Harry Hankerson

    I enjoyed the podcast very much. I was especially intrigued with what you said concerning dreams. For many years I have had dreams in which I find myself communicating with others -or rather attempting to. Initially the conversations flow but as I become more drawn into the conversations and attempt to express a truth or concept that I am passionate of it becomes gradually more difficult to speak (it comes out as a moan, as if there is not enough air in my lungs to verbalize) at least that is the physical sensation that I experience. Invariably, I will wake from these dreams without achieving complete consciousness. In as much that I can’t open my eyes, am aware that I’m sleeping, and feel the need to cognitively inhale and exhale. At that point I begin to panic and have to literally force my body to either roll out of the bed to allow the fall to wake me or sometimes scream out for help (with great difficulty -it really does take a lot of effort) hoping someone will shake me awake. The sensations I described upon “waking” have been a common occurrence throughout my entire life even as a child, however the remembering of the interrupted “dream conversations” has been a more recent thing over the past 7 years or so. I wonder if I should just allow my self to return to an unconscious state at those times? If, I should I could greatly use some advice on how to remember that at the time of panic, because as of yet although I’ve entertained the idea of doing so I never have attempted to and only after waking the household with my screams or falling out of my bed do I entertain that thought again. Before then, there is only panic.

  • terra

    Enlightening & full of hope, as always.
    I also believe we would all benefit greatly from you hosting your own show. But I will continue to be grateful for any time and guidance you are generous enough to give. Thank you!

  • Thanks everyone for your comments. I plan on doing a solo podcast in about 3 weeks, covering a wide range of topics. I’m also going to be on a radio show panel with 2 other guests on June 24. I will send out an email / blog post on that soon.

  • Mari

    Love your shows, as usual. I’d like to hear more about the wrong belief that what we resist persist and thoughts become reality, because it is a deep rooted belief I have. So what would be the alternative practice? I guess I need to meditate and connect with my higher self as to what is true and what isn’t, because I’m becoming confused with all the information coming to me from outside sources.
    Thanks for shaking me from my comfort zone to question rather than just accept.

  • John Fox

    I really wanted to hear what you had to say, Just wished that you had had a chance to say it! Wondered who was being interviewed there for a while. Am new to your work but am finding that what you are saying resonates very well with what I already know. Keep the good work coming. A spot on Veritas Radio with Mel, or Red Ice Creations with Henrik would be awesome. At least you could get a word in!

  • martine

    Hi Cameron – enjoyed the show – i always enjoy listening to you and your blogs – just wanted to say that I get the message that the moon is now clean. Cheers

  • Sabrina

    Hi Cameron, I am in the process of listening to and reading all the work you’ve made available here on your site and finding it really fascinating. Also listen to a variety of other people and try to correlate the teachings together, but it’s really difficult. Just before discovering you, I was listening to Gerald Clark with his theories about the Anunnaki.
    What you described about how our DNA was changed is similar to what he said, but according to his theory which he got from ancient Sumerian texts, it was done by 3D beings who had come here from another planet and had really long life spans, like 1000s of years.
    My biggest dilemma right now is how to correlate the archon, or ankle biter, theory with the Anunnaki theory, and is there any way they can both be true? Would really appreciate if you could comment on this or point me toward something that’s already out there to listen to or read. And thank you so much for your work!