Our Upcoming Opportunity to Choose Heaven on Earth: June 21, 2013

If you have been on my mailing list for a while, this message will look very familiar, but please read on and participate if you can.  🙂

Our next big “window of opportunity” to empower a positive reality for humanity is the Summer Solstice, June 21, 2013.

December 21, 2012 was just the beginning of the process of transforming this world and restoring the light of freedom to Earth, NOT the end.

If you have felt discouraged that “nothing happened” on 12/21, please understand that the millions of people focusing on a better world on that day created significant shifts in 4th density that have been effecting 3rd density in numerous ways.  Old power structures are crumbling rapidly, and more people than ever before are “waking up” to the world that has been pulled over their eyes as a result of these energetic shifts.

The power of collective focus on a single objective is more powerful than we can currently comprehend.  In the energetic realms, “many hands make light work” just as in the physical world, and it is up to all spiritual beings, meditators and people who simply want to live in peace to come together and focus on peace, freedom, abundance, evolution and wholeness being restored to humanity in order for this reality to manifest. We could truly pick any day to focus our collective will on freeing the world from its current form of slavery, but more energy is available for us to work with on solstice and equinox dates.

The “negative elite” know about the increased energy available on these dates to empower their focus, but have kept that knowledge largely obscured from the world while performing abominable rituals in secret to empower their dark agenda of keeping humanity ignorant and enslaved.  When we focus our energy on the goals of true freedom for humanity, we change the 4th density environment to match those goals and thwart the dark agenda.

Right now, the 4th density environment of planet Earth is still quite dark in many locations, but there are also areas that have been restored to align with the incredible love, light and freedom of the Infinite Creator. This restoration needs to be done to every “square meter” of Earth’s 4th density environment, because 4th density contains the templates for energetic expression in 3rd density.

There are many areas below ground, especially in cities, which are still heavily burdened with the infection of darkness and its ankle-biter minions.  Nonetheless, the progress we have made in the 4th density clean up over the last two and a half years is tremendous. I hope someone on 4th density is taking before and after pictures.  🙂

This Solstice is Especially Challenging

In addition to the negative energy that the “nefarious-elite” will be pumping out via their dark rituals on June 21, we also have a “super moon” on June 23rd.  The moon is still being used as a broadcast station for negative frequencies, so we need to be extra vigilant during a full moon.

Because of this added challenge, I am asking all who can participate at this time to do so for FOUR consecutive days.  Each day on June 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd, at any time of day or night, please take 30-60 minutes to sit in meditative focus.  Connect to your Higher Self, Earth’s core, and the Galactic core. Once you’re connected, state your intent that you want to serve as a Galactic Conduit to anchor as much transformative Galactic energy as possible into the planet in order to facilitate the clean-up of 4th density, and to help free all of humanity from its bonds of slavery.

Next, state your intent that the “dark forces” be contained in reflective spheres of light so that all of the dark energy they are attempting to broadcast will be reflected instantly back upon them. Let them experience the repercussions of what they have been creating.

Then focus on the most ideal world that you can imagine where humanity utilizes technology for the good of all, free energy powers our lives, humans are connected to the earth, our food is grown consciously and harmoniously with nature, everyone lives in good health, experiences true freedom, has only peaceful interactions, operates from Service to All, and embodies truly Ascended consciousness.

Thank you for being a part of true change and freedom.

Much Love,
Cameron Day



28 comments to Our Upcoming Opportunity to Choose Heaven on Earth: June 21, 2013

  • Cameron,
    I trust you are well. And I don’t think this a coincidence…

    I’m announcing my run for congress, First District in Ohio, Friday at noon Eastern. Will have some sort of crowd on hand and am hopeful of some media attention. Here’s the youtube video announcing the announcement and more importantly, breaking out The World 5.0 Platform, a ten point platform with great potential to change the frame…

    And here’s the Occupier article as published on HuffPo [it’s not featured, of course, but it’s there… ]

    You can also see both at

    Time to bust it out! Nice to know we have so many sisters and brothers holding the space, even while the ‘mainstream media world’ has no idea of what’s coming…

    peace out, love love


    “Next, state your intent that the “dark forces” be contained in reflective spheres of light so that all of the dark energy they are attempting to broadcast will be reflected instantly back upon them. Let them experience the repercussions of what they have been creating.”

    Great contribution, thanks indeed. I have clarity now because not sure what or how to channel the power of darkness.
    Thanks again, your knowledge has been invaluable to me.
    Be blessed.

  • mary

    hi cameron ,, you can count me in to meditate to restore Heaven here on Beautiful Mother Earth ! !

  • Net

    Count me in, too! Blessings to you ~Cameron~ and everyone reading this awesome blog post.

    Happy Solstice!

  • Wendy Martin

    Yes, let’s all make that conscious effort to focus on the good, and know that every time we see something negative, it is there to pull us down.

    We don’t need that, now do we?


    Wendy Martin (Windy Star from Mountain Home)

  • Jo Ann

    Great Cameron ! I will be participating. Thanks.

    Love & Light

    Jo Ann Zant

  • Sybil

    Oh dear! I’ve been working on my meditation for so long and still feel I’m not quite getting there – I’m not even sure I’ll know when I connect to the Galactic Core. BUT, I will join in to do what I can. I know there are changes happening. I’ve spoken with so many wonderful people lately who feel the need to be more kind to each other. People are feeling it. It’s happening.


  • Katherine

    Hi Cameron,
    Great post (as always!) and I’m with you. Let the ankle-biters beware; people are waking up everywhere! All the latest news has been inspiring- NSA, IRS, politicians, and media elite all caught out in the open, up to their tricks. Truly even the the deepest sleeping of the masses are starting to figure it out. We don’t need them, all we need is love, and we have lots and lots of it! It’s the ankle-biters that are in need, not us! Let’s all put on that armour of light; our love for our human family, our beautiful planet earth, and all the miracles of abounding life we share her with. XXOO Love to ALL !

  • Cameron thank you for your service to humanity. We did indeed make a positive impact in December and we can again. I will certainly be on board and will promote this global meditative continuum.

    ✿ღ✿ღ.¸¸ღ♫*¨`*•..¸ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀

    Peace & Love

  • Sherry Sacred Warrior

    Hi Cameron

    I have been working on lodging the Light Anchor.
    Its like you are the brother I always was wishing I had.

    I will be ready for the 4 day boom a rang intention IS EVERYTHING….sMiLe…wInK…Namaste’

    I would like to talk to you sometime please its important.

  • Cassandra

    I’ve been doing your meditations particularly the cosmic flush for years. Have I been serving as a conduit and has this made me a bigger target for the AK’s? Just curious…

    • Any practice of raising one’s vibrations, disconnecting from the matrix and choosing to embody your Higher Self will result in push-back from ABs. So technically, the answer is yes. That is why I have posts on shielding, on sending ABs to the galactic core, etc. We have to stand up to these etheric bullies in order to get them to back down.

      • Sybil

        Speaking of shielding. Two days ago, I had a dream that a serpent/bat hybrid (strangely, it was also morphed with an old, green FORD pick-up truck) was floating above all of us in a wave motion, clearly attempting to intimidate us all. Many folks stood around and watched in amazement, as if it were a show being put on just for them. I on the other hand, could feel the true threat and gathered my family and departed. I awoke from that dream and immediately thought, “I didn’t shield myself last night!” I’m doing it tonight for sure.

        Thank you for your guidance.

  • Victoria

    I am in Cameron. Thank you for this post. -Victoria

  • Teresa

    I love you! Thank you.

  • E.

    I am in. Let’s be the change! Thanks for this update. Much Love to One and All.

  • Kathy

    Beautiful meditation. Love and Light to all. Let’s Do It!

  • Jackie

    Ill be clearing 4thD and praying for the world!!

  • Cassandra


  • mary

    I went to my favorite place tonight ,, a beautiful state park just 15 minutes away ,, I wanted to really feel the energy flow strongly while I was experiencing the cosmic flush ! ! The evening birds where singing their beautiful songs ,, & there was a mystical mist in the forest from an earlier thunder storm ,, it was very powerful to be in such beauty ! & the mosquitoes were out in full force ! Ankle biters ! ? I think so !

  • terra

    What an amazing 4 days!!! Yes there were many moments where the AB’s were in full force trying to implant negativity not only on myself but those I’m close to as well. But I have reached a point where they are so transparent, it’s almost comical to watch them try. So I decided that each one of those days, I would go places where there were groups of people gathered. Once I reached my heightened state, I began focusing on spreading the light to as many people as possible. It was a beautiful experience & I’m so proud to have been a part of it. I hope everyone else had as much success.

  • I just realized i’m not subscribed to your newsletter Cameron! For the past few days i’ve been an energetic mess. Low energy, mental confusion, the works.
    I had no idea about June 21st!

    Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23rd I was soooooo angry, for no apparent reason! I did 2 hours of cardio. I ran till my feet got bruised. All my insecurities manifested. All my pent up anger just rose to the surface.
    Unfortunately, I involved this new girl i’m dating into the scenario, directing my anger at her. I feel terrible about that.

    I decided to contain my anger and channel it into some intense physical activity.

    Interestingly enough, Friday Night, which was the 21st, I did promise myself a meditation session, and after 7pm when I arrived home, I went to bed for a bit, and woke up to meditate. Talk about synchronicity.

    I’m listening to an Eve Lorgen interview right now, and this is what prompted me to check out your blog, because they’re discussing, guess what: the ankle biters!

    These suckers are attacking in full force, especially whenever I do the cosmic flush and pyramid-sphere protection shield meditation.

    You need to do a regular podcast cameron! I would love to listen to your material on a daily basis!

  • JK

    I’m so glad that I stumbled upon this information. It seems that ever since I joined the ranks of the light workers, my life has been a huge challenge, and when I discovered your information, it all made sense. My question for you Cameron: is it possible for the ABs to come through to this reality and mess with your computer? Can they hide papers that were on your desk and somehow have it materialize in another reality? I’m writing a book that is fiction but sheds light on the ABs, and it seems that weird things are happening around my work in progress. I pray and shield my loved ones, myself, and my work, but my manuscript is still being messed with. How do I keep it from being manipulated?
    Thanks for all you do!

  • me2

    Dear Sirs, Madames;
    I am delighted to see many blogs on Camerons’ post. I,too, clear and breathe light and love daily. We have asked for a reflective sphere around all negative entities, and that has been done. I have noticed, however, that the first reflection of the negative was upon myself. Mostly, when we project ourselves, we are the projection,so much of what we see is within ourselves. I noticed, in that reflective orb, that I was seeing myself speaking unkindly to my wife, i saw that things could have been spoken more kindly. I mean to say this mirror starts with us firstly,with us accepting our daily things. These entities want us to fight. That is their battleground. This is not ours. Our fight is accepting andblessing ourselves with joy and happiness,then no negative entity can function with this amount of love.
    with Love/Light

  • Courtney

    The surrounding weeks of June 21 have been tumultuous with those around me. A number of people have been tested and one reached an instantaneous spiritual epiphany. Others have went to the bottom with deaths and floods and family coming together and breaking apart. The colour violet seems to be appearing everywhere. This is a major transition time for many.

    It seems like right now a lot of people are being given the opportunity to awaken.

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  • LuAnn

    I know I am replying a bit late in regard to this blog post but I thought it relative to explain what I have been going through lately. I have done all 6 meditations starting with the “Higher Self/Divine Inner Self” meditation and ending with “Peeling the Layers”. The day after I had done the meditations the first time, man did everything hit the fan! I am disabled and have chronic pain in my spine since 1995 after back surgery. Well, after I did the transmuting, taking back what I have done to others, I have been feeling like I got hit by a truck! I don’t know if this is the Ankle Biters or the Karma that I am getting from the transmuting. But, I have had the worse pain in my back that I have ever had, my husband and I have been arguing a lot, finances are in bad shape, etc. It seems like everything has hit me at once! I know there are good days coming because I stand in the light no matter how hard it gets. I heard a great quote and it’s “Love is the Answer, No Matter the Question” and I totally believe that! I will have to do the shielding meditation next time I do the Cosmic Flush, because I don’t want to be “caught with my pants down” so to speak. Thank you again for all you do Cameron. I have truly opened my eyes in regard to the Arch(on) angels and the Ascended Masters. Sending Blessings to all ƸӜƷ