Breaking Out of the New (c)Age Enslavement

On Friday, September 20th, I was interviewed on the Vinny Eastwood show about identifying and breaking out of the New (c)Age false-light vs. dark duality.

It was a good show overall and we touched on some important topics.  I am not accustomed to communicating in a segmented format like this, and there were several lines of thought that I was not able to complete.  I know that some of you may feel a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to “flow” like I can in a solo podcast, but I hope that you will enjoy the show in spite of that.

Here are some links

Youtube of the whole show without commercials: (90 minutes)

MP3 of the whole show:  (2 hours, commercials included) 20_sep_cameron_day_vinny_eastwood_show_2013.mp3

MP3 of hour 1:

MP3 of hour 2:

More articles and solo podcasts are coming as I have time to produce them.

Much Love,
Cameron Day


23 comments to Breaking Out of the New (c)Age Enslavement

  • melinda.mithka

    thanks, looking forward to it and shared 🙂 🙂

  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

  • Net

    The best info yet! Thank you so much,Cameron!

  • John Fowlds

    You must stand in the dark to see the light. Light cannot be seen within light as it is blinded by itself. So the eventual end is that “the blind lead the blind, and they all fall in the ditch”. a quote from the Nag Haamadi Library. The darkness is the lack of knowledge. Become a seeker of truth and all else will follow. If we are created in the image of ‘god’, god is easy to find, look within and the answer lies there. If we lack knowledge, then it is us who are the darkness. And so we act accordingly. We must unenslave ourselves. If not we will not ascend but the opposite will take place, which is decension. And we all know where the ‘churches?’ claim that is. If 2 negatives create a positive, what do 2 positives ie: Light Workers create?. Our decension? perhaps.

  • I enjoyed this completely. Your depiction of how the false light enslavement works was beautifully clear. I have witnessed how amazingly hard it is for people to break free of that enslavement, even when they seem to be able to have momentary clarity about the nature of the chains. Still many people go right back into the fold. It behaves a lot like an addiction. The explanation of unconscious contracts makes a lot of sense.

    The interview format was challenging…. but even with a few rough spots, the information did come through clearly.

    I especially like the way you deconstructed the whole “what you resist, persists” myth, and the “you created that for yourself” myth. Nicely done!

  • mary

    i nice light touch from your usual very thought filled blogs ,, very enjoyable

  • Lately Cameron, I have been driving around town, looking at all of what looks to me ‘NOW’ like archaic way of life: telephone polls/wires for communications, garbage everywhere, expensive phones gadgets, medicines, merchandise for ‘everything’, etc. Seems superfluous to me now. I’ve never noticed these things before, and I think to myself, I do not belong here, this all seems so foreign to me now.

    These thoughts and feelings are so so strong as the linear days roll into the next. It’s harder and harder to get through each drab day. Your blogs and show’s Cameron testifies the support and acknowledgement that I am not just having a hormonal imbalance or I’m going insane. Many Thanks my friend.
    I am awake . . . .

    • Yes, there is a profuse amount of superfluous overlays onto our reality here, and none of it is needed.

      99% of the “entertainment” (entrainment) is designed towards mind-control, so-called medicines from big pharma are poison, etc.

      Being awake can be challenging at times, but once you’re awake, there’s no going back to sleep!

      • Susan

        I have a friend who had to go on anti depressants due to attacks by occultists which resulted in, I think, post traumatic stress syndrome and anxiety. How do you heal from depression and anxiety to get off them. It is only .5 milligrams so it is a tiny dosage…any thoughts or advice??

  • Cameron, you continue to astound me with your great insights. I truly resonate, once again, with everything you said in the interview. Can’t wait to hear more, dear brother.

  • Raindance

    Love your last two posts. Have been following along for years but lately your posts have been mind-blowing. It’s great that we have someone to tell it. Get out of the matrix. @Renee Thank you for your post. I feel exactly the same way. We are awake…

  • Bea

    I think that you briefly touched upon the concept of karma. Does the concept of hierarchy apply here? Supposedly, after death, there is a life review with a “master” or other higher being that is requiring us to return to Earth over and over again to correct mistakes. I wonder if the breaking of agreements that do not serve our highest good include the whole concept of karma. Couldn’t karma be considered a pre-birth agreement set up by a another being that encourages one to return to Earth repeatedly for its own energetic benefit instead of for the benefit of one’s soul’s evolution?

  • sarah jane crick

    I throughly enjoyed this and have downloaded and used the first three meditations I feel amazing!

  • Hey Cameron, I really enjoyed the insights your shared in the interview, and I couldn’t agree with you more! Our creative energy is being siphoned and directed into that which benefits from our being disempowered, distracted and con-fused (fused with con artistry).

  • Marliese

    I feel stupid, stupid, stupid. I have let myself be maniptulated for years,like a horse plodding along not looking left or right just being led, being led nowhere actually.
    THANK YOU very much Cameron for helping me to not be led blindly anymore.

    • There is no shame in being deceived by the best liars in the universe, Marliese. Use that newly focused awareness to keep penetrating all of the lies, overlays and distractions!

  • Lynn

    Very though-provoking show, Cameron. I briefly got caught up in the New Slave movement. But things like you cause your own pain never felt right to me. What about babies and children. What about those who live in 3rd world countries. True, subconscious thought forms and imprints can play a role, but even those had to come from somewhere.

    And yes, good ol’ Karma. This whole Karma mess has been bugging me for quite a while. Quite frankly I think it’s a farce. One could possibly go by your birth bump article and connect the dots. In my numerology chart I have karmic debt. The way this energy manifest in my life makes it darn impossible to do what I came down to this earth to do. You won’t believe (or maybe you would) the amount of roadblocks, distractions, obstacles and downright sabotage I have to deal with from other people and ankle biters. This has happened all my life and seems to becoming more frequent. It’s especially right after I make some great breakthrough, that I get dragged right back into hell. These ankle biters have sent some very persistence and unsavory people in my life to do everything in their power to block my healing and spiritual growth…all because of “karma”.

    I will say right now, I KNOW the past life karma is NOT mine. There has been some down right trickery. Even my South Node (astrology) shows I was not the person this karma tries to say I was. Interestingly enough, one of the players involved is someone who I had a past life with. Now looking at his chart, it shows that he was a person who had a lot of power and abused that power. It almost seems like this person followed me into this life (he is younger) to continue the same stalking, obsessive behavior, complete with a big dose of sorcery and other mind control/influence means.

    There is a whole lot of trickery going on. And a lot of people are buying into karma, when something about it just isn’t right. It’s all very Christian isn’t it? Why are humans so quick to say whatever happen to them is because they are bad and in need of punishment/justice. Or why would a soul say, “Okay, I want to come to earth and experience a brutal rape and murder. Everything is so perfect and lovely on this side of the tracks, I’m bored. Let’s shake things up a little bit!”


    And that’s the New Cage belief system for you. Throughout I don’t know how long, there has been this belief that pain is GOOD for you. Victim hood is justified and martyrdom is where it’s at. Jesus anyone? I don’t know what galaxy or wherever I’m from, but the way this world is run is completely foreign to my nature and naturally ingrained belief system. No amount of abuse, pain or whatever can ever shake that.

    Finally, Cameron, could you share your methods of clearing agreements? I strongly suspect there are some agreements I have with entities that I need to dissolve.

    Thanks again, Cameron! You seem to be one of the few out there who can see things how they really are. And you echo many of the thoughts and suspicions I’ve had for quite awhile.

    • Lynn

      Ahh..never mind about the clearing agreements bit. I found it in your “Why I Am No Longer A Light Worker” article. Awesome article, btw. Thanks again!


  • Susan

    I’ve been duped by the new cage movement too. I bought into that we are here to experience and that we must know hot to know cold etc. This is to justify all the evils such as how can you know compassion without betrayal and that the creator is experimenting thru us etc. This is a movie and we are actors blah blah. Never completely bought it but what I don’t get is why would source allow this?? Is it just us and source? Do we have anyone supporting us on the other side while we go on the never ending karmic wheel?? I feel lost and confused..

  • Bravo!!!!!!!!!
    Finally the true light is being shed!!!
    On the Well Crafted Dis information. We have waited for this time as our attempt 20 years ago was to Soon.
    We must talk. We were targeted along time ago so went underground. Coming out now we find words like yours.
    Phoenix and Andromeda