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This is a new format that I am trying out where I post something short but informative.  Just about every day I answer some question via email that would make a good miniature blog post, and I know others would benefit from these quick replies.  I won’t be sending out an email to the list every time I do a mini-post, so you’ll need to check in often to see these little gems.  🙂

The question was asked: “Have we never had representatives of the True Light with us?  What about Jesus Christ?  Is it all a fabrication to keep us under control?”

My response:

There have been MANY representatives of the True Light on this planet throughout our known history, including the man we know as Jesus.

But the false-light then works to cover up or occlude their original message with their distortions.  An astrotheological  story of a “Solar Sun/Son of God” is superimposed upon those beings, which is why they all seem to have basically the same story.

The truth that these teachers brought forward is then partially suppressed, and the false-light version of their story is what people are taught to worship.

Beings from the True light have NO interest whatsoever in being worshiped.  They simply want to empower others with the truth.  They are also all-inclusive, which means that the feminine element is embraced and never excluded.

The false-light is hierarchical, controlling, wanting to be worshiped and suppressive of the divine feminine.  Any time you hear “brotherhood, hierarchy or federation,” regardless of what “spiritual/white/light” words are put in front of it, be skeptical and rely on your inner discernment.

Remember, the truth is SIMPLE.  Lies, deceptions and distortions are complicated.  Infinite Source is inside of you.  Your Divine Self is inside of you.  Look within for your answers.

Much Love,
Cameron Day


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  • Lynne Lillie

    Mini Blogs!!! YES! What a great idea. I will visit your site daily to read the messages. Many thanks.

  • J

    Well, actually – and most Christians and even most non-Christians don’t know this – ALL historic and archeological evidence on the matter points to “Jesus Christ” not having existed in the first place, in any way, shape or form; it’s all a post-fabrication, which was then re-fabricated (if you can call it that) by the “church fathers” at the council of Nicea in 325 C.E.. Of course, stating the truth to Christians tends to evoke violence and aggression, so it’s rarely stated outside religious history classes, especially in strongly-Christian countries such as the U.S. and Italy.

    Just something to keep in mind for all those who have been brainwashed by Christianity at some point in their lives 🙂

    • chloe scarf

      hi! i read ‘the pagan christ’ a couple years ago,and other than zeitgist movie telling the sun god/jesus over pay theme,this canadian scholar really does his homework on that theme.,
      nice to see someone else talking about it!

  • Stephen Nixey

    Although Christian’s Have Jesus inside and even have his wisdom INSIDE, this is why we should not look elsewhere or even worship Jesus/Yeshua because of this fact NO WORSHIP for anything just LOVE, Respect and Understanding. We are all still much bigger than even Jesus we are All Sparks from our own internal Creators US, WE actually created ourselves to have this reality, embrace everything except the OH WE CAN HELP YOU ENTITIES, they are the false light, a true entity that want’s to help will not have ANY Identity just a feeling of purity and it can be either DARK OR LIGHT if you are attracted to it and it is attracted to your soul. YOU = YOUR OWN SOUL, remember when we are born we start of as an Entity of our soul absolute, PUTTY gain control over your own putty and allow the only constant in life to be change then you are there if you feel and experience ALL your feelings both good and bad, the ‘bad/unwanted’ will dissolve the more you allow and walk into them and/or allow them to raise inside you.

    true light of love and peace, remember as you are I AM EVERYTHING

  • Stephen Nixey

    THOUGHT and BELIFE CREATE’s SO UNFORTUNATLY FOR SOME YESHUA/JESUS NOW DOES EXIST, this simple fact is what most people forget once even a non-physical entity is created IT EXISTS. I AM, I THINK so therefore I EXIST, consciousness creates. Physicality is just another state of being, non-physical entities exist also and everything is created with thought. sorry if this offends it’s just simple spiritual fact. If enough people stood together in a place and eye’s open welcomed and wanted Jesus to appear to all of them HE/SHE WOULD.

    Hope this helps sort things out

    much love happiness and peace of light
    Remember SATAN WAS JESUS’s SHADOW SELF! Work that one out 🙂

  • Will3E

    True light is guarded by protective dark sphinxes asking you to shift your perspective on duality. Once I heard there’s no good or bad, there’s just light and darkness, and it’s the way you relate to those forces what causes or not harm. False light is not a bad thing is just a part of the game on perspective shift, and we are getting better at learning from it. That’s called discernment, not swallowing but digesting. I agree with you, truth is simple and real yet ungraspable by only using reason. One must be able to put metaphors to work for one’s process of awakening: Friendship with our many parents, we ourselves understood as solar deities walking on the cosmic skin of our mother. Let’s prove ourselves better storytellers than the brothers in charge of the false light. Let’s be inclusive and tolerant to one another, we are all in this together one way or another, we are all in the process of understanding what this is all about.

  • Bea

    I thought to ponder: People say that we are born with “spirit guides”, “guardian angels”, or “protectors”. These beings are called upon for guidance and protection in our daily lives. If this is so, wouldn’t we again be praying to some being that is supposedly higher up on the spiritual scale or wiser, thus giving our power away? Or could “spirit guides” simply refer to our own inner divine selves?

  • Beloveds,
    everything that has been written on this website is truly what I have known and felt since I have been a child.
    This year was the first time i have heard of the ‘ascended masters’ and am now surrounded by these ‘chelas'(sanskrit for slaves.
    I did some research into their own teachings and found that there is another path which resonates perfectly with Cameron’s work. Here is a brief summary of the 10 pages i have so far written:

    “The Secret Love Star is a focus of constructively Qualified Energy of Various Divine Virtues. It is consciously focused by Cosmic Beings as a Reservoir of already Qualified Divine Energy from which the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings can draw at any moment when they are required to give assistance and actively intercede for humanity, the Earth, or other worlds.
    The Light and Sacred Fire of the Secret Love Star can also be invoked by individuals.”
    (In other words, it is available to humanity, directly and is the purest form of light.This is the Path to Perfection that we are seeking; The Sacred Flame of Your own Secret Love Star, directly connected to your Creator, whatever name you know your Creator by. I call IT The Great Mystery.The Love Star is the silver ribbon which is your connection to Heart of The Source; The Great Mystery;The Great Central sun (as the AM lot call it) The name you have given your Almighty Creator; It is the ONLY light in this Dense World that cannot be re-qualified or altered; It is Pure Unconditional Love; It is also known as your Lifestream. It feeds the unfed Sacred Flame within your Heart.)

    I feel that we are truly discovering our freedom, love and peace. This is the “New Earth”.

    Blessings to you Love Stars :),


  • mary

    in 2010 ,, i had a beautiful experience with Jesus ,, it was just a few months after my husband died ,, and i was in extreme pain of grief ,, Jesus entered into me ,, i felt Him inside and our hearts were joined ,, what he showed me through his feelings was his great love for all of humanity ,, it was a very expansive experience for me ,, i’ll never forget it ,,His heart is so full with amazing Love for all ,, it felt so great to feel Him inside ,, that experience kept me going ,, to keep loving were ever that may take me ,,,thanks for your great writings Cameron ,,,marylilybear

  • Kathryn

    This is awesome! Thanks for the mini blogs cameron! The mini blogs you have posted are very informative and appreciated! Thanks again cameron!

    Much love,
    Kent & Kathryn

  • Mini blogs are genius. The supreme paradox of how we are all related is in full effect when we speak of true teachers. Truth is a moment to moment affair, so are teachers. A teacher is permission to believe in your self. I feel Imagination is the function of light. Everything is an image of creator/galactic center/Heart. Everything is condensed in the Heart. Life is the unraveling of what we intend to see. Hopefully in a good way for en-joy-ments sake. However many want a scary show. The creator respects choices and so should we. The trick seems to be staying clear of the knuckle heads as environment is greater than will. I have attracted/created many teachers in my life. I have a pantheon of spirit friends; animal, mineral, plant and Goddess/God. Even a few human types. However for me the galactic center via Alcyone and our Sun, El Sol Ra, seems to offer me more information than I have time to imagine. A HO!

  • In the books called the gospels Jesus said very little. I believe the reason why was to. Make the gospels the way the truth and the light. Jesus made the gospels for. spiritual direction and the rest of the bible is for human error to play out and the human specie to learn as a. whole from experiencing error then becoming ready for the message of the gospels after. their personality games and one upmanship had become unsatisfying. That has not happened yet. But the gospels are there for the minority who recognise that. The gospels are a spiritual perspective. Excepting a few comments jesus had to make so that people would believe in him so his message would go to the whole world and last 2000 years.

  • Catherine

    Very interesting article. I have been involved in the New Age movement for almost twenty years and am frequently frustrated by how much personal power people give over to something outside of themselves.
    I do though believe that the Ascended Masters and Angelic realms are here to help us (but that a lot of their messages have been distorted), in most of the stuff I have read or participated in the main message has been “you are powerful and the light is within you, or God is within/part of or you.” I wonder if like you I put things in place that made me less enslaved than others as I have always been drawn to that which is more empowering for people and having an aversion to anything hierarchical.
    I do absolutely agree however that we have been enslaved, manipulated, lied to and our bodies on all levels have been subject to a myriad of implants, negative energy grids and attachments and just generally interfered with to the point that a long time ago humans were remarkable light filled beings in full knowledge of their spiritual connection but have descended to what we see now in the world.
    I have removed much of this energetic interference in the past year or so and in the light of your most recent article will be removing a lot more!
    If you would like to read something that is coming from a true Christ perspective of Love and self autonomy I would highly recommend The way of Mastery (find it through which is a guide to becoming Christ consciousness and being love. No-where in the book does it ever suggest we worship something outside of self only that we desire to come home to God and full knowledge of who we as the source of light.

  • The gospels are the books Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. I beleive Jesu tried to put enough pure messages in those books so that those books alone could support a path of further learning from a living active spiritual life of experience and I beleive Jesus wants people. to treat the rest of the bible as frought with trouble and to not read the rest of the bible or read it with a lot scepticism. I beleive baptism is unneccessary. Jesus didnt baptise anyone. Jesus talked about baptism because in genesis Adam walked into water and. was baptised. Jesus had to endorse some the past because if he didnt no-one would have beleived he was the Messiah. He also endorsed baptism because archaic thinking people are attached to ritual. Jesus must have thought people were insane. It was a frightening time. People were being executed for prostitution and other trivial offences.

  • I think the posts by Stephen Nixey and some comments by other people might be contrary to the message of the blog owner. A message from me to Cammeron, the blog owner. I would like it if you would respond to statements that you disagree with.

    • Glen, that would be a huge waste of my time. I’m not here to debate people or correct them when they’re putting info that I disagree with in the comments of my blog.

      A LOT of people are going to disagree with me, that is something that comes along with what I do.

      I leave these comments to be quite open, and I only delete comments that are particularly vicious and hateful, or if someone is spamming the comment section.

  • Normand Dionne

    Hello Cameron..
    If what is available in current religious texts (Bible, Koran, Vedas, etc) has been hijacked/altered/distorted, where can we find the original teachings of the “representatives of the True Light”?

    • This is where we have to rely on the wisdom of our Higher / Inner Self to help us pick out the true parts from these traditions, and to leave behind the rest of the baggage that they are laden with.

      To paraphrase Bruce Lee: “Discern the Truth, discard that which is false, and add the discerned Truth to your own unique understanding.”

      As we assemble the pieces of truth that have been scattered and covered up with lies and distortions, we put together a “holographic image” of the truth within our awareness.

      It does not require having every single piece in order to begin to know truth. It simply requires knowing the foundational principles of free will, right action (and wrong action), the law of reflection (aka karma/attraction) and then looking keenly at our world to see how those laws have been used for manipulation and control vs freeing humanity.

      I will continue to express the truths that I have gleaned, and I encourage everyone to look at a wide variety of investigative “truth seekers” who report their findings to others. My two favorites at this time are Michael Tsarion, who is prolific in his output and Mark Passio who’s work I recently was introduced to. (Mark’s personality takes some getting used to, but his information is solid.)

      I also want to plug my favorite blogger Ken:

      Nobody has ALL the answers, and we have to focus in areas where we have interest and natural ability, so that is why it is important to listen to a wide array of people, while relying on a foundation of truth to discern where someone is limited in their information, or perhaps biased to “apologize” for certain individuals who committed nefarious acts in the past.

      The Real Truth is scattered around and often obfuscated by distortions and lies, so it takes diligent investigation to uncover it.

  • I don’t like the real ones either. So ism stealing angels and starting another option.

  • Bryan P Semones

    I would like to point out the explosion of violence at just the mentioning of the name even in support. I tried to explain Jesus pronounced Hay-sus to a christian in Tucson with a bunch of brocciflower. This hybrid vegi looks like a cauliflower went to a grateful dead show. Its bright green and has psychedelic spirals that come to a perfect point at the top. I broke it angrily pretending to be satan. I showed them how the brocciflower effortlessly came to a perfect point no matter how I broke it. Every piece a perfect twin of its former self. This is Jesus … right here… this fractle is everywhere is everything and it has the natural inclination to correct itself. They asked me to come speak at their church. At that point i was just angry as it was Tucson and 110 degrees and as I was already in hell I looked at my fellow hellion and said “You still don’t get it do you”? Yoga is UNION .

  • I agree with your insights about The Light, and as the author of a book I wrote in 2005, I have been giving talks about The Light and explaining the difference between True Light and what I call Projected Light (anything of an energetic source). For almost 10 years, I have been using a simple yet powerful transformational tool that enables anyone to connect with the True Light Source, and I share this information in my book. By Invoking The Light, True Light, we nourish and strengthen who we really are – True Light Awareness – and enter the state of Full Awareness, which is vitally important to lift the Veil of Illusion enshrouding human perception and know the truth.

  • Sandra

    To C.F. Reynolds

    What is your book called.

  • Frank Xavier Bárcenas

    Hey Cameron, I am Frank, the Incarnated Angel. I was and am still connected to the real Heaven. More false light B.S. uncovered and hopefully coming to an end. Tell the people feeling hardship by it that the real Heavens know about it. Its being worked on. I found my real Twin Flame through this. Unity through and with love. As for all of you, keep feeling love, that is the way out of the low vibrations. Unfortunately by now there is astral dismantling, unwanted genetic changes. But keep choosing love. I have the real Heavens with me. The Heavens I remember the Angels are white and cloudy beings and their love was from them and not from myself. I remember the Heaven that they take us to. The Akashic Records or Books of Life on that Heaven are handled by Golden White and Cloudy beings. The entrance was a house and we would walk through a door, the house spun around around three times, then the door would open on the opposite side and white and pastel coloured cloudy Angels greeted people into Heaven. It is a place of real Unconditional love.