How Do I Discern the Real from False?

The question was asked, “How do you personally discern what is benevolent when there is so much disinformation out there?”

My response:  All beings who are channeling claim to be loving beings of light.  The controlling factions within the Corrupt Demiurge have set up a “light and dark” duality paradigm, and there are controller beings who are of a (false) light energy.  It is light, but in compared to Infinite Source or the Universal Prime Creator, it is like a CFL light bulb compared to the light of the sun.  No contest.

But since we’ve been suffocated by darkness for so long, we’re desperate for any light.  That’s how they want it, so that we will accept their controlled light and not seek out the true light of Infinite Source.  This is the ultimate, multi-dimensional scam.

For these reasons, I don’t work with “angels” or “ascended masters.”  I stick with the Earth, Sun, Galactic Core, Universal Prime Creator and Infinite Source as my main connection points.

I do get assistance beings that I call the True Forces of Universal Divine Light, who are directly connected to Infinite Source and Universal Prime Creator.  I don’t channel them, or set them above me.  Beings that are aligned with the divine light of Infinite Source have no need for hierarchy or being worshiped. They know that you and they are the SAME, just choosing different expressions.

As for how to discern, it has taken me years of meditation, focus, and questioning everything.  For a while I was fooled by the “controlled light” and was doing “missions” for them in my dream state.  Because I have excellent dream recall, and could tell the difference between missions and regular dreams, I eventually wised up to the fact that they weren’t really trying to liberate humanity, and when I probed the reasons why, I learned that they are just the right hand of the same “beast” that pretends to oppose the dark, and I went beyond their paradigm.

Here’s the real trick about ascension:  We are already “there” but we need to stop identifying with all of the limitations, blockages, implants, illusions and spells that have been cast upon us.  When we do that, we find that Infinite Source was *right there* all along.  Of course, the “dispelling” takes a lot of work. 🙂

Much Love,
Cameron Day


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  • Karl

    Hi Cameron,

    I really appreciate this post and I would love to have more articles offering support around discerning the difference.

    I am a newbie to spirituality and have just finally gotten to the point of actually being open to various topics like angels, ascended masters, ascension, reincarnation, light beings, etc. So right now it feels very difficult to discern, it feels so hard to know what to believe and what not to believe. Because even the “false light” as you put it seems so much more appealing than this dense 3d reality.

    Any words of encouragement or inspiration?

    Thanks again, much love and gratitude for all you are creating here!

  • Hi Cameron,

    I came across some kindle books by John Panella the first being the Divine Secret Garden which dovetails with everything you write on this web site, and put out in your interviews. He has short promo on YouTube about his book is worth a look.

    It is good to get confirmation from other sources, and researches that there is more to this dimension than meets the eye.

  • Sorry must add about YouTube clip uploaders name is John Vincent, as author of the three books is John V Panella.

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  • Susan

    What are the true beings of light? If they arent angels then who are they and what do we call them when we call on them for help?

  • Dear Susan …. “I went to “HELL” to get HERE ” Oh GOD did I cry !! I had to totally Surrender !! And my Angels appeared in Disguise with messages Like the writings on the Wall If you get my drift ! ~~<3~~~<3~~ .. I had to be open to the recepcivity … To find the real me I had to regress … & do you know I am a lovely silly person who was told at all costs NOT to be silly !! & now at 51 … I have found out it's OK to be silly … so that's my story … I hope it helps <3 I needed to tell someone & I chose you … Keep your eyes peeled & your feet on the ground … Much LOVE Claire <3

  • mary

    i like that,, “ascension” ,, i’m already there ! ! it’s so frustrating to know this !!! i know it’s true ,, i feel it sometimes ,,that i’m “there” but it’s so fleeting ! !

    cameron ,, i had an experience with some very orange light that enveloped me sunday ,,was very energetic i could hardly function ,, it just took over me ,, and when i shut my eyes ,, it felt like i was leaving ,, i became afraid so i didn’t keep my eyes closed for very long !! after the experience was over ,, i threw up ,, what do you think of that ??? marylilybear

  • Susan

    Hello Cameron

    I would like to ask you if you think connecting with archetypes like Isis or other Creation Gods would be dangerous or false light. I have been working on a prayer system involving the Creator and I do use Archangels based on the Tree of Life Quabalistic system, I have felt an inclination lately to connect with Isis for example, but at this stage I am worried about what to connect with and what could be opening a door to unwanted energies.

    Any comments or suggestions ?


    • Proceed with caution there — most of what has been handed to us in the past is part of a vast control-paradigm. To be as safe as possible, go straight to the Infinite Source, and then connect with the beings of True Divine Source Light (that’s what I like to call them).

      The main thing with those beings is that they never put themselves above another, and they abhor any form of worship. The fastest way to make them run away is to worship or give your power away to them.

      • Susan

        Wow your warnings are right on… I found this website explaining very clearly who Isis really is…

        I have to say I am glad I did nto pursue anymore the priesthood of hers. I got a lot of timely warnings.

        • Ashley

          Thank you SO much for posting that. That just tied together/answered a lot for me. I actually found out about channeling through a Theosophy offshoot. Muddled me up for a couple of months, but ultimately, like everything, it helped to hone my discernment. I decided it definitely was geared for spiritual seekers who were too smart for traditional Christianity, but don’t know their history. There’s even Sitchin type information in there, but very tweaked. There’s subtle racism and propogation of patriachal religions, and emphasis on purity, one sexual partner, etc etc. Still guilt and feeling like you have all this stuff that makes you bad, deifies hosts of “ascended masters” (so and so saved the world thru his love, do his “rays” etc). God I’m glad I followed my gut to keep looking for answers.

          Any other suggestions for connecting the dots? Trying to figure out who’s behind ganesha :/. I’ve always loved his symbolism but my research leads to that kali (his mother I believe) is probably in the same boat as Isis. Thanks again 🙂

  • LIna

    Andrew Bartzis, the galactic historian speaks of the same..”including fine print contracts and controlled mechanisms to keep humanity controlled, suppressed, hypnotized and stupid….his series with MIcheal Hale on walking in energy
    Validates Cameron’s truth. Thank you for being part of the wake up process

  • Susan

    Cameron, it seems there is also lately a surge of lightworkers,specially female who channel or have the ability to lucid dreaming, who report encounters with Mother Mary.

    Based on the nature of the message, I am suspecting these are ankle biters using the image of ascended masters or gods to confuse people. This seems to be on the rise, and I have found tons of appearences of Mother Mary in dreams of fellow lady lightworkers more and more.

    Just wanted to share this,we have to be very careful indeed.

  • Elva Thompson

    Hi Cameron,
    Keep it up, you are an inspiration to us all.
    Once we see duality for what it is, good guy versus bad guy and can rise above the spell, we are on our way home.
    One love

  • ElveTwelve

    i would like to make a big landscape sign, kind of like the cropcircles with”we the labrats are done with the experiment! We claim soverignty. Computer, seize hologramm!”, for all of those galactic beíngs watching us and not interferring with the so called “free will zone and system of karma. it’s complety bonkers.
    Me and source have to have a firm discussion about this experiment.

  • Bryan P Semones

    Discernment judgement spiritual hypochondria and all out bigotry is a maze and a matrix of confusion and trickery. Clearing I suppose is partly about resolving these issues and judgments within yourself so that when a situation arises, you are better prepared to make a snap judgement or not. Also to not be as anxious when you know you are in a now uncomfortable agreement such as at work or school. Truth is we are all on the same train. There are lions and tigers and bears. I cleared my personal vision by asking whatever I saw if it was sovereign. If it answered with a yes or no detectable by movement, I confidently proclaimed WRONG the answer is GREEN and draw it toward me as we are all human beings in a solid state indestructible electrical chemical fire on wheels and pretty knarly powerful (another thing they dont want us to know)They quickly bail out of my sight. Get sucked down the vortex I call sparky or I suppose… help. If they do help ..I can’t see them… and im cool with that. . BPS

  • Sounds like ‘reconnection’ may be a better word than ‘ascension.’ I like ‘whole self’ better than ‘higher self.’
    That and ‘cleaned out’ rather than ‘enlightened.’

    Semantics play a tricky brainwashing game on us. Redefining our semantics lets us redefine our perspective and then beliefs. Don’t like the New Age’s semantics? Make up your own! We don’t have to let the Archons tell us what everything means. Look for yourself.

  • Gina

    Could you sometime explaing the difference, purpose, qualities, capacities, etc., between the Earth, Sun, Galactic Core, Universal Prime Creator and Infinite Source ?

  • Kit

    I have been working with a spiritual teacher and healer on my spiritual journey. We often call upon energies Archangels and Spiritual guides, Ascended Masters. We are constantly reminded to ask if those we call upon are of the purest love and light….. Is this sufficient to discern?

    I just stumbled upon your blog because of a Abraham Hicks video I was watching. Someone mentioned Archon Manipulation and I googled the word and chanced upon your site.

    Although I have been on spiritual path for about 2 years plus, I get what you are trying to say.

    I always feel that something is not falling in place, there is a missing jigsaw. I don’t know what it is and yet the gut feel is very strong even after reading your article……

    Thank you for this article.

  • Shawn

    How do I become more lucid with my dreams?

  • tas

    Hi cameron,I have a small request.I have been trying to connect with the beings of true light but I’m not sure if I’m being heard,my name is Anastasios tsementzis,I live in the philippines . .would it be possible for you to let them know to facilitate a connection please?I have a lot of veils and negative influences that are actively working against this…thank you very much,I need this.

  • Tas

    And Thank you for having the guts to out all this stuff.. Im glad im not the only one who felt something was really wrong, and im sure this resonates with told of people as well.

  • Taleka Smith

    Hi, I really am so happy to read and hear your messages. I, too had a revelation about a year ago. I was weary of being called a light worker so I never called myself anything. I had a 12 hour revelation of truth. It was almost as if the Universal Prime Creator stopped me in my tracks b4 I got too far in. It was revealed to me the oneness of all and all in the oneness. I saw the beginning of all down through now and into the future. I was shown this false light and all the beings included and what they have done and changed and their outcome in the end. I was shown how trapped we were and that we had lost our true path as a divine being within the oneness due to the false light beings and dark beings. I was shown many things about tactics and diversions among other things. At the end of this talk and knowledge giving I spoke a warning to these beings. At this time I hadn’t had the time to process al the information, it was like a realization of truth. This warning was so powerful to these false beings. I have processed and now know with understanding most of what I saw. I happened upon your site on accident(probably not)☺️ But what you have been speaking of I know to be full truth. I too have fought those dream battles and even awake battles with the dark entities throughout my life. My energy and power had been sucked and drained each time. Now, my only problem is that my energy is so low that I am barely alive it feels like. I am trying to regain my power inside myself to be my full energetic higher self connected with all. Something is seriously wrong though bc the false beings are trying to keep me from it and yet I am still fighting and losing more energy. I don’t know what to do or where to go from here, I have become one with my higher self, but something has seriously drained my soveriegn power to be whole with my full energy and I am being blocked from regaining it and fighting this block. Something crazy is, I was in meditation and I saw what he called himself the lord of kaa and he said he released me. Then I went into this dark energetic space with 3 orbs of light, or stars or whatever and I am floating there and have no clue what happened. I intentionally released myself from their version of karma and then I was sent into this or floated into this situation. What is it? Idk but I do know I am being thwarted and diverted in every way possible from becoming whole, yet the true divine beings revealed souch knowledge and truth to me out of nowhere and I know all this has toean something and I am still trying to figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Silvi

    So I want to talk a bit about my experience when I realized that something on a Youtube channel here – running quite wrong. It was about light transmission and a channeling of Raphael.
    I felt in my gut that I should write to my opinion. When I wrote my comment that you have to be careful if you are channeling with the true light and the true divine source, I was blocked on this page. Shortly thereafter, the healing power transmissions were on private 🙂

    I had a discussion with someone who wanted to convince me that this channeling it feels so good. I just read that some emotions are manipulated.
    If you pronounce the truth, it does not satisfy everyone, but this was proof to me that I am on the right track, thank Cameron for everything.
    Sorry for my bad English.
    Unfortunately, I am very, very emphatically 🙂 and immediately feel any vibration changes, thanks to your clearing system manages easier for me to enjoy my life.