Ascension Symptoms or Health Problems?

The question was asked:
I was curious about ascension symptoms. I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 13 years and experienced a host of what might be ascension symptoms, some claim them to be the same thing. I am a bit confused as to how to know if something is spiritual/energetic or medical/physical? Is there a difference? I read a blog by someone who claimed to suffer ascension symptoms that were 85% cured by Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy. Does that make sense to you?

All in all it seems there are a lot of grin and bear it, and “it will pass faster if you believe its all for your greater good” articles out there, but hardly any on relief of the symptoms which raises a large red flag for me.  Can more energy work sometimes cause them to be quicker and more intense?  I did find one you tube video that said pain is not necessary for ascension. I am only interested in preventing unnecessary discomfort. I don’t see any reason to work on loving or accepting or tolerating a pain that is not useful under the guise of learning some lesson it has to teach me.

My response:
This is a very big issue, and I have some strong opinions about it.  🙂

I think the whole idea of “ascension symptoms” and “ascension sickness” is vastly overblown, especially in cases of chronic, ongoing issues.  In the majority of these cases, there is an underlying physical ailment that is the real reason for those problems.  A perfect example is that person you mentioned who got 85% better after going on natural hormone replacement therapy.  Clearly their problems were hormonal, not frequency related.

When the body is out of balance, or even if a person is in great health, they can indeed experience strange effects related to energetic clearing and embodying more of their Divine Inner Self.  There is a “burning off” of the old patterns as more of the True Self emerges, and this can leave a person feeling lethargic or imbalanced for a short period of time.  However, those types of events should normally sort themselves out within a day or two, maybe three at the most.

Anything beyond that requires an honest look at our health, diet, activity levels, etc.  It might be that a clearing / transformational event followed a period of intense stress for a person, and they will need one to four weeks of resting, self-nurturing, good eating, taking leisurely walks in nature for movement, etc.  If the body hasn’t healed after a period of rest, then there is probably something else at work beyond “ascension symptoms.”

In looking at where the notion of “ascension sickness” comes from, it is found mostly in channeled messages.  I personally don’t find channelings to be credible sources of information.  In my opinion, this idea that one should just suffer because it is part of their ascension process is one more reason to ignore channels and go within for answers.

I strongly recommend that you evaluate Acupuncturist / Herbalists in your area in order to find the best one near you.  Ideally, you would want someone who can make custom herbal blends specifically for your body and its issues, and adjust the formula over time as your health improves.

I personally experienced a very noticeable drop in physical energy in the last year.  After only a few acupuncture treatments and a few weeks taking a customized herbal formula, my energy levels are greatly improved.  It may take longer for you since you have been living with this condition for many years, so keep that in mind and engage the process for the long-haul.

Much Love,
Cameron Day


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  • Ann

    Cameron, that was for me!!! 🙂

  • I agree with Cameron. To add to that, the traditional peoples of the way truly had the knowing and harmony within his illusion.

    If you feel overwhelmed then go into the garden or park and do some weeding, put your hands on the ground or lie on the mantle of your Mother and become one again.Smudge your home with natural sage or natural incense, not the perfumed stuff. Get rid of all symbols from within your house until you have found your centre.

    For health, I strongly recommend that you visit They have a natural recipe that works. Tine has been ostracized severely because she took a strong stance and made what some regard as outlandish claims. Her and Nellie’s hearts are in the right place and I know them personally. Their cure works.

    In Truth, BT x

  • jose ruiz

    Ascencion has nothing to do with increase in frequency. It is a process of transformation from one nature to another. In our case is the transformation from mundane nature to divine nature achieved through transfiguration.

    the increase in frequency or vibratory level is a cyclical process of mundane nature and does not take us to our true self. It is just our true self vibrating at a higher frequency for a while. It has to do with the travels of the solar system in space and its relationship to whatever else exists in the local universe.

    At all times we are our true selves. Unfortunately we are unwilling to accept ourselves and spend an enormous amount of energy trying to find what is in us as if that were something separate from ourselves, weather outside or inside.

    A change in vibratory frequency is a normal natural event but due to the region in the local universe we are currently visiting it is more noticeable and has the potential to cause a change of dimension.

    Dimensions are stable vibratory levels, akin to planetary orbits where we can exist. As energy levels are increased in our environment our vibratory frequency increases and some of us will reach the next dimension and remain there, thus disappearing from the perception of those who cannot reach that frequency and eventually return to their current dimension.

    Rapid changes in vibratory frequency does cause strange sensations, some so called mystical, others seen as ailments. It is an effect similar to jet lag. As a result we interact with those experiences by supporting or opposing them. If we oppose them we try to reduce the vibration in us to acceptable levels, reducing in this manner our possibilities of reaching the next dimension. On the other hand others support these changes and in fact there will be a few which would jump more than one dimension since the energy available is vast.

    There is no spiritual meaning to a higher or lower dimension. No matter in which dimension we are we can achieve ascension since this does not depend on mundane nature processes.

  • cindi

    Bottom line…trust YOUR DIVINE SELF cuz….**INNER KNOWING….JUST KNOWS!!**

  • I read that article about the hormone treatment. I have been going through ascension symptoms since August 1999. It has been often times an horrendous experience. I am now clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient. 15 years ago, i had no idea what any of that was. My adrenal glands have been affected at certain times during the last 15 years. If it wasn’t for natural hormone therapy over the years, i do not think i would be here. It helps with everything. This ascension process is seriously intense. Use whatever tools you are guided to use. Hormone therapy has been a Godsend to me.

  • Sherry Elizabeth

    I have had a up n down energy…I been doing much towards sending healing and renewing thoughts to Mother.

    The animals and sea creatures….I have been experiening massive doves hanging out now so I am grateful for the peaceful energy exchange with Mother….Sun/Saboath has been making me feel stronger as well..I been sending love to the Sun…Its all I have

  • K8 Bee

    Hey Cameron, again another fabulous article! In short, 12 months ago I came energetically to an almost grinding halt overnight! I realised that the Old Grid system had burnt me out completely and I was very conscious of how it had been a domino effect in my life until my body said ‘no, not ok’. I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. So again in short, and 12 months down the track I realised that my body had switched to the ‘fight or flight’ nervous system in response to this trauma of being burnt out. My various body systems were under so much stress from having to try and live with this set-up it felt like it was falling apart. My body could not cope with an adrenal based operating system. Sooooooo, completely exhausted one night I went to bed with this realisation, had a yak with my Higher Self and asked for the blueprint of Perfect Health be downloaded, installed and activated into my physical form, did a huge Surrender (because I didn’t know what else to do!) and went off to sleep. Awoke next morning and felt ‘different’. Was cautious for about 3 days and then realised that my Higher Self had in fact ‘switched’ operating systems. That was over a month ago now and I feel fabulous! My energy levels are back even more so! Also, I don’t know if this will help others or not but I found my body craved at the beginning Chlorophyll and a high grade Vitamin C powder from my Naturopath. (Thank goodness for the support of my Naturopath during this time!) Even now I will get a ‘thing’ about Vitamin C, so I take a dose. I have a feeling that there is a whole lot more to Vitamin C than researchers have discovered so far. Apologies for this now becoming a long post! Luv K8x

  • Will

    I have suffered with chronic stress and eventually realised that my adrenals, etc were burnt out, so I experimented with various supplements, multi vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium, amino acids, herbal remedies, etc. which helped. I continued to suffer with exhaustion & chronic fatigue for a couple of years, but after taking Rhodiola Rosea herbal supplements, I had a vast improvement within days & weeks. I recommended Rhodiola Rosea (very little side effects, etc.)to a new work colleague who had also been suffering with stress (was seeing a stress counsellor)and fatigue and it worked almost immediately for her. I have definitely suffered with Ascension symptoms I have felt the energies before reading about them, which has helped my sanity e.g. I was bedridden with weird symptoms during summer solstice 2011, only to read weeks later about other people suffering with what were described as Ascension symptoms. Hope recommendation helps – (God’s) Will

  • josephine

    Hi Cameron,
    I’m writing from very far, from Italy! But what matters distance on our wonderful and yet tiny planet…I’ve just ‘discovered’ you, of course not by chance, and you have somehow completed my understanding of these last strange years. Since I was a baby, I’ve been dealing with ‘unusual’ events: the vision near my bed of a powerful being, wearing a long, white dress communicating with me telepatically and surrounding me with so much love… premonitory dreams, clear voice from my plexus saying “Something terrible will happen” only few days before Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe!channeling and many, many other experiences. To me, living my life like on two ‘rails’has always been ‘normal’. Whatever I read from you about physical uneasiness, attitude towards life, planet, people,sensation of not belonging to this planet, of having a sort of ‘mission’and so on sounds very familiar. Now I’m getting to the final disclosure, thanks to an Italian great scientist and ufo researcher, Corrado Malanga who shocked me with his theories about soul-sucker aliens and then helped me to get rid of these parasites… So, there were no ‘good’ aliens (at least at a terrestrial level) and what they made me believe was just illusion, cheating! An entire world of beliefs collapsed leaving me broken but much stronger. Being an abduct, loving my special inner loneliness, but loving also people, detached from earth ‘affairs’ but also inside the world, able to fight, in my dreams, against two ugly, serpent-like beings and reduce them in powder! And now YOU, with your precious teachings and self-clearing techniques. They really work. I just trust in what you say, simply I deeply feel that you are really on the ‘right side’and that the only GOD we must believe in is our inner GOD; we don’t have a SOUL, we ARE an almighity SOUL. With all my heart I thank you for what you do.
    With love and gratefulness

  • Greg

    My name is Greg and am new to this site. I am also new to most of the vocabulary and some of the concepts on this website, however in am familiar with the principals here and knowing the big picture. I am 46 years old; I have never formally connected myself with the new age or any other spiritual groups, besides for spending some time as a Mormon.
    I have known for a long time that I am different. In my military service others who were more or less like me sought kept showing up in my life and we bonded by shared experience. I have many experiences with different people for the last 20 years that just confirmed that the world is full of perceptive people like me. I don’t channel or want to; my intuition leads me to my conclusions. Intuition and synchronicity play an important role in my life. I don’t know if other are like me in this way, but I Just know things, known to me as if a memory but in real time.
    My life background is also different than most. Physically and mentally abused until I joined the military, then I spent 10 years self sabotaging myself with poor decisions. In my 30s I sort of figured things out and now I have material abundance and a good attitude.
    So here is my current condition, I have been fighting Kidney cancer for 6 years with 4 of them being under every type of treatment out there. Most of the cancer treatments cause unpleasant side effects, However I still hold down a demanding job. One of the side effects that I have consistency experienced is extreme morning fatigue. Doctors think it is side effects until today so did I. Several things occurred the last two days that have lead me to this knowledge. First I had a long conversation with my massage therapists who I have been working with for a year and a half. I know just a little about energy work and am being educated by my massage therapists (for background she is not familiar with lightworkers or indigo children/adults for I am convinced that I am at the least an indigo child grown up). One thing during her work on me we share similar thoughts and images. She also states that I have given her my energy, she states it is usually the other way around. She can sense my energy expanding past the walls of the treatment room 15 feet each way, and out of her 13 years of experience that I am the only one who exhibits this trait. Did I mention that the sessions occur later in the day. So here is my intuitive conclusion to wrap this all together. I do have strange dreams mostly of a deadly combat nature, lots of conflict with people I have current conflict with. By 6 am when I should be waking up I am drawn into more dreams and by 7 I can hardly move. For 4 years thought it was the medication and cancer symptoms, now I know that it is my energy being pulled from me. Nighttime is when is when I have the most energy like can’t sleep levels. So I will work to clear myself and break any ties to anything that wants to leach on to me. (by the way do small orbs about the size of a golf ball mean anything? Been seeing them around lately.)
    As someone who fits most of the symptoms as an indigo child while growing up, I was led to the term “lightworker” being defind as an adult indigo child. I was directed to this website while looking up lightworker earlier today. There appears to be a lot of commercial websites dedicated to lightworksers. after starting to be skeptical about the who term Google led me to read the article “Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker”, saw that Cameron shares some of my intuitive beliefs about giving power to an entity and making them real by thought and prayer. Got to say that its better learning this now then later. I think I need all the energy that I have to create a healing environment to heal.
    Sorry if this is long winded and rambling but I left out most of the good stuff for other times. Thank you Cameron and others for your contribution to this website.

  • Daisy McCarty

    Hi, Cameron, I was just thinking about this issue and I’m not surprised to find we’re very much on the same page. The New Age movement does seem to want to habituate “light workers” to being ill all the time and embrace this suffering and martyrdom as a badge of honor. They actually see it as a positive thing when they are so sensitized by their “increase in frequency” that they become basically allergic to everything in their environment and unable to function. It’s rare in that world to hear anyone talk about how much more robust their health has become as they move through the ascension process and live in greater alignment.

    There’s definitely an agenda behind this. The beings that are channeled seem to be like certain chiropractors who want you to believe that you have to go get “adjusted” every week or live in constant pain. They don’t want you to be well. They want to keep you dependent on their services for the fix that never quite materializes. I am deeply suspicious of any system that tells me I should expect my physical body to become weak and sickly as part of the process.

  • Bryan P Semones

    I went through a heavy metal detox with massive amounts of cilantro, chlorella, pine pollen, honey, macca powder, shilajit, and cannabis. After removing wheat from my diet I went into a spiral and found these foods in a state of desperate mental anxiety. I also only consumed RO filtered water and removed tobacco smoke and Black tea thereby relieving a constant exposure to aluminum and fluoride. The result was Natural hormone therapy. This is an ongoing process but I started seeing powerful results after 2 years. I stopped needing deodorant which allowed me to remove chlorine and fluoride exposure from hot showers and switch to sponge baths with hydrogen peroxide water and eucalyptus oil or take smoke baths with sage. In my experience the endocrine system is very delicate and responds well to gentle conditioning over time just as it becomes dysfunctional with abuse over time. I hope this helps.

  • Debra

    I agree whole heartedly….I surrendered in 2007 to my higher self…everyday I walk as the highest expression of love that is possible….as a transmitter or receiver of love…living a life of synchronicity & I have learned to embrace the mystery of what happens next….as I live in the now…no longer making commitments as that is not a now moment…no longer visiting the past….other than a brief pain when clearing…or perhaps a few joint stiffness or swelling for a very brief time I call in the elementals & ask them to relieve whatever is uncomfortable at that moment then thank them & forget about it. …heavy head or light head…these are all so brief that I was beginning to wonder if perhaps I was not apart of the ascension process at this time…where our attention focuses…energy flows…if we want these pains because we feel it is necessary for ascension…then so it is…if we hang on to the belief that suffering is necessary…then so it is….if we keep buying into everything we hear & read…then so be it.If you choose to focus on how great you feel…be thankful to each & every organ for all that they do to keep us feeling good…thankful for abundant vitality & great health…then focus on how you can best serve as an expression of love this day….and every day…you feel great!

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  • Ruth

    I have just come back from a five day retreat where I ate healthily and exercised moderatly everyday. The next day at home, I had a major crash and burn where I just lay in bed all day feeling lethargic and tired, but no real symptoms of being sick. I listened to my body intuitively tell me I just needed to rest and today someone sent me a link to this website. I have been aware of the ascension for a while and 3 years ago had surgery with general anaesthetic. In recovery one night I was aware of an angelic being in my room and thought I was high on pain medication. I asked to have the medication reduced and had no further visions. It took me longer than usual to heal from the surgery, and I am in good health. I just dont exercise or eat well everyday and feel like I need to detox or do a juice fast for a couple of days. I am looking around the site and will try out a few things as well. Thanks, Ruth

  • Ruth P.

    Hello Cameron, I Am Grateful For Your Information. I Am A Farmer Of Microgreens And Find They Help In Many Ways. Can You Tell Me Your Thoughts On Them And What You Think About ThE Benefits Of Cannabis?