Media Manufactured Consent

Nearly everything put out in the Mass Media by “The Powers” (TP) are designed to manufacture consent / agreement, especially TV shows and movies. Pay close attention to the beginning segments of anything you happen to come across and look for embedded symbols, spinning disks, etc.

These are encoded subconscious communications that essentially say: “If you watch this, you are agreeing to support this reality with your consciousness.” In other words, they aren’t just preparing people with “Predictive Programming,” they are getting AGREEMENT from people who watch the show for the “reality” displayed to occur.

Whenever I watch anything coming from TP, I always say “I do NOT agree,” I refund their BS back to them and reclaim any power that may have gone into their agenda.

Here is a perfect example of mass media being used to garner consent and agreement for a power-grid outage to occur. Be warned that this is a fear-laden one minute clip. Be ready to say “I DO NOT CONSENT” and do an energy refund/reclaim.

Notice that they quickly flash the words “you will learn what it means to be powerless” as well as “it could happen…it will happen.”

They know that WE are the power that fuels their corruption. They constantly do everything they can to create feelings of disempowerment among the people. And this is just one more step in their nefarious plans.

This is a timely issue, but it has application everywhere in our lives where we are in contact with the media. We need to be aware of how we are being manipulated to subconsciously agree to their agendas so that we can stop that process.

Finally, wherever you live in the world, it is a very good idea to be prepared for a situation where grid power goes down. We have had outages of up to 10 days where I live, but everyone here is prepared to deal with it, so panic does not ensue. I encourage you to have provisions in place for short-term and maybe even long-term grid outages.

Much Love,
Cameron Day

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  • I’m glad you published this. It had already slipped my mind about the beginnings of TV shows…..not that I really watch TV. I did watch a few movies today. The new Cloud Atlas being one of them.

    There is a part of me that wishes I could could just go back to sleep…to be ignorant of everything going on around me.

    What are your thoughts on the music industry as relates to programing?

  • Ann

    thank you Cameron for this post, I was thinking to ask you about that.
    Today I tried it to apply it also when I go out..there might be many things going on in the street which we don’t realize consciously.. So before leaving the house I said I don’t accept anything that is not for my good ..and when I was out it was much lighter :-)- I’ve just read an article about waves and stuff to control us so I meant to reject any of that kind of stuff.

  • Bea

    I also believe that this is more widespread than we realize. I appreciate your suggestion to consciously disagree before watching a TV program and also like Ann’s idea about not accepting anything that is not in one’s highest good before leaving the house. I practice a variation of this daily. Good, practical suggestions. Thank you!

  • I didn’t think there was anything else that could surprise me, but well, here it is again. Thanks Cameron for bringing this to my attention, and I am going to put Ann and your advice into practice.

    Love you much,

  • Net

    Just dance and become a weapon of mass creation!

    Love to all~

  • Thank you Brother for your words. I enjoy how you say things without becoming unduly shrill and alarmist. Becoming aware of the myriad of hooks attempting to slyly create agreement is vitally important. However, I find the challenging aspect of this awareness is remaining joyful. Commenting on your awareness, attempting to inform others, (which is almost always a waste of time), being fascinated by how involved and connected the “plot” against being balanced between Heaven and Earth really is; are all forms of agreement in that one is focused on “it” rather than joyful recognition of a much grander vision. Namely that we are created from and a part of the same energetic, magnetic electrum light that is everything. I find it helpful to remember that the family of dark works for the family of light and not the other way around. This world seems so dark because most folks are vibrating within the density that seems heavy. Yes it may well be heavy, but is is a wonderful backdrop for change and to me at this time, that is what it appears to be and nothing more than that. Scary, heavy, demanding but thankfully temporary. I say this with full knowledge of the stakes involved and the blood that we all ante up in order to play this game within space/time on the sacred Earth. A Ho and much LoveLightJoy

  • c

    Cameron, could you possibly do an article or podcast specifically on reality creation and co-creation? I’m beginning to understand better how we actually create our realities from the inside out as individuals and societies and it’s completely changed my view about everything in this world, life and existence. I never thought things like subliminal messages were a big deal until I realized that things from the “outside” don’t just “happen” to us. That WE actually create them, which makes unconscious programming of our belief structures a VERY big deal!

    This concept has been so strategically hidden from us to the point where most people would find it completely inconceivable that this is how reality actually works. Even those of us who understand this are still a long way from becoming true conscious reality creators because we have been filled with so much programming our whole lives. The dis-empowerment trap runs on its own without us even realizing it’s happening and creates a reality that we’ve been conditioned to accept.

    Anyway, I suppose most people reading this blog have at least some idea that this is happening, but how many of us REALLY get it? How many of us really believe we have the power to create any reality we want?

  • Ann

    Today I went to the local library to help out for kids’ Hallowen’s small party- I actually felt so uncomfortable and just a weird spirit all over the place that I kept saying I don’t agree etc. I felt there were many dark forces behind all that stuff and having people -and small children!!- go along with that. I never realized also a seemingly silly thing as that could be so powerful and manipulating. Maybe because I never went to a H. party…this one was for kindergarden children -innocent children–and I felt so awful..

  • Bryan P Semones

    I wonder about video games as well. The company psygnosis created wipeout XL for playstation 1 and I clearly remember being able to run the track in my head beyond my imaginative capability and even control the track direction. This might indicate a very powerful effect on the pineal gland and its reading of eyther and EMF. A prominent remote viewer supposes that gamers will be the most ready to accept the matrix/akashic crystal like construct that could be described as “the new cage”. My 14 yearold son for example wouldn’t hesitate to upload himself into a virtual world. I swear I have seen it being built. Not stoked. .

  • jeff

    I am so grateful for your guidance. I am going through a lot of attacks since my awakening 2 years ago. You have given me a lot of strength to keep on moving. Harmony jeff