Halloween, the Creepiest Time of the Year

Hi there,

This mini-blog is to give everyone a quick alert that if you’ve been feeling energetically attacked over the last 10 days or so, you are not alone.  Nearly everyone I know that has been involved in doing anything good for people and the planet is dealing with psychic attacks from the ‘dark side’ of the demiurgic forces, who I call ankle biters.

This is the time when the “veils” between densities are thinner, and is the original reason why “All Hallows Eve” became a holiday.  Unfortunately, it has been turned into a situation where people essentially volunteer to be possessed to a degree by these beings instead of chasing them away which was the original intent behind the costumes.

Things should start to get better in the next few days once these beings have had their fill of human-generated fear as well as engaging in attacks against those who bring True Light into the world.  I encourage you to stand strong in the light of your Sovereign, Divine Inner Self and tell these ankle-biters to hit the road.

Keep your Galactic and Earth core connections strong, check out this older blog post on shielding, and know that this too shall pass.

As for me, well…I have a few tricks up my sleeve for them.  🙂

Much Love,
Cameron Day

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  • Pam

    Thanks for the reminder Cameron! Very timely.

  • Been feeling like a mess. I can’t focus and dreams are all over the place. Thanks for the heads up!!

  • YES this night is indeed a night to spook the creeps out of you,yet don’t fear it’s a over all fun night for kids and grown up’s ; they spirits will not touch you…..yet if you fear then that is food for them on many different planes . Enjoy the evening have fun be safe as well.

  • A very worthwhile read indeed!

  • Patricia

    Hi Cameron,
    I’am interested in your videos about self-clearing techniques but I do not really understand these videos because my English level is not very good.
    There will be some possibility of translating these videos or subtitle them so that in this way I can perform the self-clearing techniques correctly.
    Thank you very much.

    • ami607

      Hi Patricia,

      There’re scripts provided in the ‘Acension help main site’, you can see one of them at the below link:


      You can find most of the scripts from the site, except Step 1 and other tools that you need to pay. I also a non-English speaker, and hope you can find this information useful 🙂

  • Marlon

    Warrior spirit…!!!

  • Wendy

    I just finished listening to both of your interviews! They were very thought provoking! Thank you! AND what a sheer relief when you sent me this mini blog as I certainly know what you mean here and I thought is was only me going through this!!! Thank you also for your encouraging words!

  • Rubinka

    thank you so much for that! I sure felt some attack( i love the anklebiter term! ) in my case it was in the form of my 28yr old son, possibly an orion starseed, needing a lot of guidance re egoself not the wisest energy to be allowed in charge-
    he does not as yet get the ego-trap thing, and is a brilliant training ground for my sovereign self to stay in my higher creator godself- and when getting pulled down from that ‘into the ring’ for an instant, to straight away move out of it and back into neutrality;
    but even for an instant: he pounces on it, sinks his teeth into it- it’s quite amazing, the speed and the subsequent brutal bullying
    the other challenge has been( for 10 days- she left 2 days ago ) a very troubled soul with much to clear, just an hour ago, before i found your mail, i sat down on the futon she had been using and got an agonising pain in the neck and cramping up behind my right ear, i set about cleansing, sage-ing the seat and area, and then went to your site to do the clearing aid meditations- for the first time, thank you, these are very supportive in my process

    i have been listening- several times in fact because there is so much that resonates with my own still growing inner knowing- to the conversation between you and George( Woo radio )
    i am so chuffed to find more and more voices speaking out about the absolute necessity for learning, uncovering: i want to experience as Sovereign Free Creator Be-ing, so i must uncover what and why i’ve been held in bondage, held back from living and experiencing co-creation with my fellow sovereign creator beings

    it is so true that we are all in need of sharing the clearing process with another- if i had that in my life i may be able to ease off on ‘always being ON’
    my physical body IS EXHAUSTED- now i know why
    and still i laugh
    now i shall go read your mini blog re shielding

    In Grace and Gratitude-Strive2Thrive
    Rubi’nKa Shaking With Laughter !!

  • Wow! this is very true.
    I did not connect the dots until you mention it.
    Thanks for the reminder.
    It was creepy what happened with me…
    A real possesion I was carry on my back.

  • Well if the veil is thin now. It is all the easier to intend the highest good!

  • Dharmananda

    I was wondering why I was having so many pains recently, especially on the sides of my temples, and also in my lower back. I keep putting my shields up, but if I forget, then they attacked even harder. I feel that they know I have a very high vibrational frequency level, so they must be trying to keep me down.

  • Right on the mark Cameron, as always, thanks for the validation and confirmation. Standing long and strong.

  • kimberly

    Thanks for explaining that, Cameron! I did not make the connection but this past week has been UNBEARABLE! So glad to know it will soon be passing. ..blessings!

  • Lola

    Hi Cameron,

    I had a dream few months ago that I am standing on a conveyor belt and some beings are telling me telepathically that they will remove my ear implant and that I will no longer have health problems, but after a while, they told me that the removal operation did not succeed. After that, I tried to visualize that I am removing this thing and the usual ringing in the ears turned into a noise of an electronic device gone mad. Do you know anything about that? How to solve this problem? Otherwise, I do feel we are under attack, I shield myself, but I think the anklbtrs are acting more through the people around us this time. My sister woke up paralyzed from fear one night, feeling that somebody had squeezed her and put his heavy arm on her; her boyfriend woke up the next night feeling that somebody is pulling his legs….

  • “Comet Dust”

    “You think I can help you?
    I can’t help you; I created you!
    Come to think of it, you are my best shot, so all I can do for either of us, is really listen to what’s between you and me for all eternity.
    I can forgive you to help us both disappear!?!
    I can’t help you; you are already beyond help; hahahaheeheehahaahaa…!!!
    O M G; What have we done?
    You can’t help me, either; you created me too!
    Come to think of it, I am your best shot, so all you can do for either of us, is really listen to what’s between you and me for all eternity.
    You can forgive me to help us both disappear!?!
    You can’t help me; I’m already beyond help; hahahaheeheehahaahaa…!!!
    O M G; Maybe we can Love each other just the way we are?”

  • B

    playing the Kadoish and/or the Gayatri on repeat mode helps mitigate dark side attacks.

  • Sybil

    I needed this reminder. Thanks.

  • Josie


  • Yes. Very interesting energies….fior those of you doing the work, remeber to shield every night before sleep, it makes a huge difference! Cameron’s dreamshielding changed my reality in a big way!

  • NACO

    WHY SPREADING ALL THIS MESSAGES? Yes, the “higher-self” is to be substituted for “inner-higher-self”…and so being aware that no other being should be sought for guidance, other than the inner-higher-self, no other being should be “placed” between the self and inner-higher-self on this pathway, how do these fear-instilling-messages help? How is this information less perverted than the media? Fear is fear, no matter the source. Love contains no fear.

  • I agree 100% Naco. Very inconsistent. Hmm

  • Stuart

    I really appreciate your teachings Cameron. They are what I have been moving to for years and its good to get tweeking, company and a voice more articulate than mine. Yet as you have said you are not perfect and on this I disagree. Symbols, rituals etc. are powerful tools that we can use too. A hammer can build as well as destroy. A milestone on this path for me came from a pagan ritual where I was anointed with “Thou art god”. I would suggest using these tools as long as you remember true helpers have a quiet voice and are offended at being worshiped.

  • Hi Cameron:

    Well my lightworker/new age program got very distorted last january or so when I discovered George Kavassalis … I just knew he was speaking the truthk, it resonated with me, as does the work of David Icke … and now you … what you express is so important … I am grateful to have come across the 3 of you. Big question.. i am confused here .. have been told that my daughter sara, chose to be the special needs person this lifetime, also been told that she “chose” this … my first born duaghter has vaccine induced autism … and I will admit, she woke me up, big time … because of what happened to her, I woke up, hard and fast, this is when I discovered David Icke, back in 1997 … and then, synchronicities happened … I also have consulted for many years, since about that time as well, well earlier, 1990’s, with a wonderful healer/counsellor who channels “The Brotherhood of Love Light Learning and Laughter” .. and these channellings over years have brought me much peace and have for the most part, I thought been accurate, but a couple lately, do not seem to be same “flavour” … i know what you say about the patriarchy/hierachy … and so am wondering questions, very important as know one seems to answer me on this … do people/kids choose to become autistic, do they choose their parents prior to coming to this existence? also I need to know if the AA Michael that Ronna Herman channels is the real deal or part of spritiual liarachy .. as I have always thought I felt a connection to AA Mike, is there a real AA Michael??? Thx, Gloria, Canada

  • Gloria

    sorry, forgot to say I have read your “birth bump” article and found that so interesting as my twin brothr always said he never felt a part of our “adoptive” family and while they gave us bascially just roof over our heads, they were lacking severley in other areas … and 4 years ago, we found our birth family .. which was a blessing as they are much much more like my brother and I and we found out we have 2 twin sisters as well! but I was told by the Brotherhood of Love, Light Learning and Laughter in yes, a channelling that we needed DNA from birth parents and certain experiences from our adoptive family for this lifetime… also they had told me previously that to pursue finding birth family would be very important but it would be up to me to do that, they would not provide any further info .. and it was incredible to finally meet our birth mom and find out we had/have a whole other family on this planet … but again, that is why I ask in above email, about if sara really did choose me as her mom in this life as I’ve been told that she picked someone who would do everything to help her in this lifetime.. i really need answers to these questions, as they have always been on my mind, and esp since discoverig George work and now yours, btw, loved that you two recently had an interview, i listened to it moment i received it! thx again for all that you do, it is making a difference to many of us!

  • Susan

    Hi Cameron, I’m still digesting your article about the corrupt demiurge. What do u think of those who say that the true god is light and dark and is experiencing himself and all facets of light and dark thru us. In other words we are just actors playing our parts. A poster once said that when the game is over all the pawns go back in the same box. The question is really whether this is how things are supposed to be in that transcending both sides mean u win the game or that this planet was hijacked by a corrupt demigod. In one it would make sense why we dont remember incarnations because there really is no purpose since that is part of the game whereas if not, then it is a cruel game created to victimize us by the demiurge. Why would the true god and light beings allow it. Is this an experiment?? I hope my question is making sense. Thank you for all the free meditations on your website and your wonderful articles. Please keep up the mini articles!!

    • Stuart

      As I see it:
      > The cruel game real and is there because it gives energy to the group that trick us.
      It stops when we decide not to play.
      > The true higher being allow it because our is free will comes first. If we have made a contract to play the game by our free will they cannot stop it.
      > So its up to us to see the game so that we stop playing it, rather than higher beings interfering with our free will.

  • Hi..thanks for all the info

    I have been dealing with these ‘ankle biters” (love that term) for over 40 years,since I was a teenager. That was when a little robed being with blood red eyes showed up in my bedroom. They constantly interfere in my life in many many ways.

    I recently discovered an instant way to ward off a psychic attack. Within minutes of talking to a very angry person…who lived half way around the world..I got hit in my solar plexus so hard I doubled over…the pain went up through my body into my right ear where it just pounded me…I had a hard time breathing. I tried your technique, which has worked in the past, but it didn’t phase this entity one bit. Finally,after 10 minutes of calling on everyone I could think of..Guardian Angels,Jesus, visualizing my aura protected, the pain moved into my back and down into my heart. It was not letting up one bit.

    I then decided to just be love. I concentrated on my heart and visualized my own love radiating outwards, enveloping myself, my home, my neighborhood, my country, until my love reached the Universe. With every breath I verbally said out loud, I am love, I am love, I am love. I kept repeating this and within less than a minute the pain started to recede until it was gone completely.

    Afterwards, I intuitively understood that I had entered a new phase of my own initiation. I had reached the point that all I needed was within me, and I didn’t have to rely on outside forces anymore. Because I am Love.

    Thank you for the work you do.

    Much light and love,


  • Susan

    Thank you to Stuart and tami for your comments.

  • marilyn

    Oh so cool Tamy, I recently learned that holding your own vibration against others with bad intention is so important, if you can’t hold your own have courage to Hold your high vibration is very powerful against the lower vibration. BasicAlly if yours is higher you will either repel them or they have to go higher,since alot don’t want to go higher u repel them, but just the fact that u do that is so powerful it creates lessons for all it seems even the ones u repel. If u let love and grace lead the way it’s like people negativity misses u makes almost a u turn to almost nail that person in the same way they dished it out, I see the Energy but it misses me if I stay neutral or positive with grace even better. ITS LIKE the force is with me I am learning, I asked source to show LEARN the nature, I learn by seeing,cool. THE bigger picture I agree is complicated much like our world here it shows, I just observe to try to understand the programs and maybe how to override them it seems. I can see the This and that and how they connect, alot is stuff is happening in that area now, u are also not the first to say this about false sides I have heard this before. The forces or force or source is what I find to be powerful and unbiased for me that’s important.

  • I read a little of a Rona Herman channel from Archangel Michael and I thought it. was not in any way connected to God. I dont want to read any more from her. I think their are. many souls in the lower densities that beleive they are in heaven and the liararchy encourage souls. to incarnate into far from ideal bodies to cause parents to learn lessons. The. liararchy uses the message humans learning lessions to pass time for humans. The lessons arent as helpful as telling the truth. It is part of the system of the world while God and truth are

  • (continued) seemingly absent. while the human race does not have the revealing of Gods representaives peicemeal progress seems reasonable to humans. Most humans on some subjects think and rest in archaic emotions and logic so what does peicemeal progress matter to humans because they are very far from being spiritual. While the human race is in this state helping people to rise the conciousness seem unachievable. The whole system has to be dismantled and replaced. Now is not the time for that. I dont know when the time for that will be.

  • Replacing the whole system means Gods interdimensional represtatives taking over. They would need Gods permission and help to do that.

  • God is not Light and dark experiencing life through interdimensional being and humans. That idea is a lie intended to cause people to stop proggressing to recogising other lies. Spiritually inclined people beleive the lies then get attached to spiritual activities but dont see the lies. Then the spiritual activities and gathering of people who do spiritual activities are

  • cultural. progress stops. People be happy and enjoy other peoples company. Emotions are neleased. New emotions are created and released and so on for a lifetime like with any culture. The people perceive all is well with spirituality life children think of the world before the learn.

  • Humans and interdimensional beings have literal and real spark of the divine them and they are connected to God. But God. is not will people to do actions that could called dark. The will of individual beings is separate from Gods will. Beings have to choose the good and learn what the good is.

  • Mike

    I have a lot of knowledge gaps. Some of these gaps may appear to be basic to all of you. I’m recently awakened. I’m not sure how awakened I am. The only advice I’ve been given is to simply “observe”. Do not engage. This was reinforced with a book I read that as your chakras open, you’ll be exposed to light beings, and later dark beings – both of which you do not engage with – only observe. No real experience with any of that yet, I just can’t help but think that some doors should remain closed. I’ve read some stories where people have been tormented. I think the answer to that is to feel “Love” and embrace the bad (because you can’t have the light withot the dark) & above all, do not fear. Replace fear with love. Do any of you wish you hadn’t taken the journey? Happy with that decision, ankle biters and all? I have another simple question that I can’t seem to find the answer to. What is the spiritual significance of the summer/winter solstices and the spring/fall equinox? particularly, the winter solstice. I have some ideas, but nothing concrete.