Tell the “Lords” of Karma That You Are Sovereign – No Longer a Lightworker Part 2

It has been a while since I published a long article, and I have been working for many hours on this follow-up to the August article, Why I Am No Longer a LightworkerThat piece generated a lot of positive responses, as well as tremendous resistance and scorn from those within the New (c)Age movement who are heavily invested in the illusions of the false light. 

I know that much of what I revealed in that article was difficult to accept, but I am committed to Truth, wherever it leads.

This article is going to pick up where the last one left off, so if you haven't already read the first part, please go read that first because the terms defined in Why I Am No Longer a Lightworker will be used here without any definitions.

The "Lords" of Karma

The false-light demiurgic parasites known as the "Lords" of Karma are perhaps the worst violators of free-will that I have encountered, second only to the corrupt demiurge itself.   They are the primary gatekeepers that allow or deny beings access into and out of the demiurgic system, and as such, they must be exposed.

Their perversion of the natural law of karma is so staggering in scope that I will only be able to cover a small portion of it in this article.  To begin with, they are responsible for forcing beings to reincarnate over, and over, and over (and over) again, in clear violation of Universal Law. 

In the "Free Universe" outside of the corrupt demiurgic enslavement system, a being is free to incarnate onto any planet that they choose. 

When a being's physical life comes to an end (after hundreds, perhaps thousands of years), they return to Infinite Source for a rest, and then decide what they want to do next in order to continue to learn and grow.  Nowhere in this process is a hierarchical group of controlling, manipulative beings like the "lords" of karma present.

As you can see by my use of quotes around the word "lords," I despise calling them that at all.  So in my usual style, I have given these beings a new, somewhat sarcastic name:  The Turds of Karma.  I started calling them this after an encounter several months ago when I was removing deep layers of imposed agreements that they were trying to hold in place.  At one point in the process I forcefully told them, "You are the biggest pieces of sh** that I have ever seen.  I don't owe you ANYTHING.  YOU owe every single being that you have manipulated a debt that you will never be able to repay!"  At that point, they left very quickly.

After that, the name Turds of Karma just kind of stuck.  Although it is somewhat juvenile, I think it fits, and I hope that you will think of them in this same way, so that you won't be fooled by their con-artistry now, or later when you depart from the physical realm.  With that bit of renaming out of the way, let's explore some of the ways the Turds of Karma (ToK) manipulate beings.

The Light Review Scam

The primary tool that the ToK use to manipulate a being into accepting nearly endless reincarnation is the (false) "Light Review."  When a person's body dies, they move out into the astral realms and begin to shed most of their previously held identity. 

If this process were allowed to occur without interruption, the True Light of that being would emerge from within them and they would release layer upon layer of limiting beliefs generated in that incarnation.

However, within the realms of the demiurgic control system, what happens is that the ToK intercept that being just as their light is starting to emerge from within and surround them in a dazzling display of colorful external light.  (This is why most of the people with near-death experiences report going through a tunnel of light.)  The dazzling outer display distracts the being from the light emerging from within them and hypnotizes them through frequency entrainment and activation of any and all religious programming that being had been exposed to during their incarnation.

The ToK and other members of the Spiritual Liararchy such as arch(on) "angels" and "ascended masters" will often be present in the background during this process.  As the individual is filled with a feeling of universal love and connectedness, they are told that this feeling is coming into them from the external "beings of light" that are surrounding them.

However, this feeling of universal oneness and love is actually emerging from INSIDE of the being, and it is being reflected back to them by the ToK and the liararchy.  The individual doesn't have any time to reflect on what is happening, because they are quickly moved into the "review" phase of the process.  They are shown a little movie of their life which focuses on the disappointments, unfulfilled desires, painful experiences and hurtful actions the person experienced during their life.

Through this biased and manipulated "life review," the being is made to feel bad about their life, which is exactly what the ToK want. 

They tell the person that even though they failed at so many things in their life, that they will be given a chance to go back one more time and "get things right" in a new incarnation.  The being is then grateful at this chance for redemption and accepts the agreements that the ToK present them with to incarnate again. 

If that being was raised with a Christian type of indoctrination, they will encounter "Jesus and the angels" but be told that they are "not yet worthy to enter the kingdom of heaven." 

Of course, the fear of being sent to hell is so strong in their belief system that they JUMP at the chance to reincarnate and become "worthy" to enter "God's kingdom," which is actually the demiurge's kingdom.

After agreeing to reincarnate, the being is then sent to a "heavenly realm" in the middle to upper astral realms to await reincarnation.  This realm is nicely decorated with simulations of nature, lovely views and a staff of "guardian angels" who make sure those beings go back to earth when their time comes.  Of course, those "guardians" are actually parasitic sheep-herders tending to their flock, and there is NO allowance for the beings held in this realm to go elsewhere.

Karmic Transference

If the content of an individual's life, unhealed wounds and unfulfilled desires isn't enough to convince them that they need to reincarnate, they are presented with an even more brazen deception.  They are shown what they are told is their own past life where they committed horrible crimes, and they are told that they need to continue incarnating into adverse conditions in order to "work off" that bad karma. 

In reality, the life they are shown is NOT theirs, but rather the actions of some being closely aligned with the liararchy who made pacts with them to avoid taking energetic responsibility for their actions. 

Some of that criminal being's malicious energy is then projected onto the individual who is being tricked into believing that they were once that horrible criminal. 

That being then takes on agreements to "discharge" the "bad karma" that they have (supposedly) earned for themselves, never realizing that it was all a lie designed to keep them subjugated and enslaved.  This is done to coerce the being's agreement to reincarnate and take responsibility for crimes that they did not commit, ensuring that the person's next life is going to be filled with undue hardship. 

This karmic transference also allows those dark sorcerers who have aligned with the liararchy to avoid the repercussions of their own actions.  This transference is also used on a large-scale upon the populace of the planet through forms of mass mind-control and media manipulation.  To properly explain that will require a separate article, but the basic mechanism for how this is done is through subconscious agreements embedded throughout the media, corporate logos (sigils), financial contracts, admiralty law and other "matrix institutions."

Coerced Demiurgic Entry Agreements

One more very important aspect of the agreements that are put upon beings by the ToK are the original "entry agreements" that the beings coming into the corrupt demiurgic realm are forced to make in order to even gain entry into this system.  Many of us came here from what I call "The Free Universe" to help dismantle the demiurgic system from within, and the liararchy imposed an extensive list of coerced agreements upon these "Free Souls" in order to limit their effectiveness.

These entry agreements also contain clauses that allow for unspecified hardships to be leveled against a being during their incarnation, including but not limited to:  Birth bump to bad parents, physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychic attacks, etheric implantation, dream-manipulation, recruitment into the false-light's "lightworker corps," relationship issues, health problems, money problems, physical abduction and implantation, lack of self-worth and much more.

Most of the Free Universe beings coming in were pretty confident they could overcome those limitations, so they signed up. 

There really was not much option, but some of us negotiated more fiercely than others and were saddled with fewer of these pernicious agreements, but no one came in "unscathed."  Regardless of how many coerced entry agreements we have, it is important to remove all of these agreements in order to get clear and proceed with our chosen tasks of healing and waking up others, as well as pulling apart the demiurgic construct from the inside.

Revoking Agreements

This is the process that I use and have been sharing with others in clearing out agreements.  The liararchy hides copies of these agreements in various realms, so specificity is important in this process.  It is also important that you engage this process from your Sovereign Inner Self (Higher Self, Divine Inner Self, etc) and that you make this process your own.  Just reading revocation statements will not get the job done.  We need to be consciously engaging this process using the force of our will to effect the changes we desire.

I have found that once a person starts revoking agreements, it becomes easier over time to dig deeper to find more of them.  Be aware that agreements often are splintered off into various fragments in order to make them harder to find.  For example, there may be agreements to have difficult romantic relationships, difficult relationships with parents, with siblings, with friends, etc.  These are all different "agreement clusters" that need to be specified and removed in separate processes.

So don't worry about getting rid of every agreement all at once.  Take your time, and work through them on a daily basis as you sense them affecting you.  The process outlined below is based on the Self-Clearing System Level 1 and Level 2, which form the foundation for the energy clearing work that I do.

  • Stand in the power of your Divine Inner Self's Sovereignty. Expand the light of your Divine Inner / Higher Self from your heart, surrounding your body in a Heart Sphere of Sovereign energy.

  • Connect to Earth's Core, Galactic Core, Infinite Source and the Forces of Divine Source Light.

  • Ask for a Galactic Vacuum to be ready to remove everything into the Galactic Core. (This is a funnel cloud of galactic core energy that vacuums up everything needing to be removed and transmuted.)

  • Call up all agreements related to "feeling like a victim" (or anything else) on this timeline and all other timelines in the past, present and future, and within all dimensions, densities, levels, realms and realities.

  • Call forth all reinstatement clauses, copies, back-ups, mirrors, counter-party copies, etc of the agreements.

  • State, "From the Inner Authority of my Sovereign Self, I declare ALL of these agreements null and void.  I revoke ALL of these agreements as well as all counterparty copies, reinstatement clauses, duplicates, back-ups, mirrors, etc of everything previously named."

  • Proclaim, "I reclaim ALL of my energy that has gone into these agreements."  As your energies, essences, soul fragments, etc come back to you, reintegrate them through your heart center.

  • Command, "I send all of these agreements and all facets previously named into the Galactic Vacuum to be transmuted in the Galactic Core."

  • Call forward all "counter party copies" of these agreements and send them into the galactic vacuum for transmutation.  These are copies of the agreements held by parasitic beings who drain small amounts of your energy via those agreements.  Some of those beings might claim to be "lords" of karma in order to exert authority over you.  Don't believe any of their lies.

  • Tell those demiurge beings : "I am Sovereign.  All of you parasitic 'counterparty' beings are hereby notified that you are FORBIDDEN from EVER affecting my energy again.  If you do attempt to violate my sovereign energy sphere, I will FORCEFULLY send you to the Galactic core to be transmuted.  While transmuting will be the best thing that has ever happened to you, it's possible that you will not emerge if there is nothing left within you to salvage and transmute.  You have been warned."

  • Next, offer those demiurgic counterparty beings an opportunity to step into the Galactic Vacuum to be taken to the Galactic core and transmuted.  Some of them will take this opportunity so that they can be free from the Demiurge's control and hierarchical enslavement.

  • Declare, "I remove ALL imprinting, implants, overlays, beliefs, perceptions, attitudes,  identities, frozen emotions, etc related to these agreements."  Ask your Divine Inner Self to direct a Galactic Vacuum throughout your unconscious mind, subconscious mind, and all throughout your sphere of consciousness to remove all of these components, and anything else related to these agreements.  

  • Next, expand the light of your True Sovereign Inner Self to fill in all the areas that you have cleared.   This allows the Truth of who you really are to replace the false constructs that have been removed.

  • Call forward and Restore the original agreement that you made with Infinite Source to incarnate into this troubled realm and to carry Source Light in your incarnation.  Let the loving power contained within that original agreement dissolve any remaining constructs related to those old, artificially imposed agreements.

  • The most important part of all of this is your WILL to make this happen.  Get a little angry if you need to, harness any righteous indignation you have and use the FORCE of your WILL.

  • Affirm often: "I am sovereign and no one is allowed to take my energy."
    "I am sovereign and no being or non-being is allowed to infringe on my sovereign space."

The Galactic Vacuum

This is a tool that I use on a daily basis in removing limiting energies, defending my Sovereign energy boundaries, as well as helping clients to do the same.  Any thought-form, etheric implant or soulless being put into the vacuum is taken to the Galactic Core to be transmuted back into pure energy.  Any beings with a soul sent to the Galactic Core are either transmuted, cleansed of their darkness and rehabilitated or dissolved back into basic energy (destroyed). 

Either outcome is fine with me, although I am always rooting for them to emerge as healed, sane beings who can become productive members of the universe once again.  Whether or not a being is healed and restored or it is destroyed is between them and Source.  I do not make that decision, I am simply serving as a galactic conduit to send that being to look in the Galactic Mirror, take responsibility for its actions and hopefully heal and regain sanity.

I do warn these beings one time that they are NOT permitted to infringe on my Sovereign energy and that they need to back off or I will use defensive force in order to send them to the Galactic core.  Most of them will make a show of standing down, but will try to send in an energetic probe or "feeler" later in order to continue their agenda.  When I sense this, I go to the source of the incursion along with multiple Galactic vacuums and "clean house." 

About half of these parasitic, demiurgic beings can be redeemed and transmuted back into sane, productive members of the free Universe.  That is actually a pretty good ratio, considering how far into fear, insanity, control, enslavement, abuse, manipulation, destruction and hierarchy these beings have gone.

Universal Law & Defensive Force

In most New (c)Age doctrines, it is considered "unspiritual" or "unevolved" to even consider the use of defensive force.  A good little new-ager is apparently supposed to let people and parasitic beings walk all over them, steal from them, drain their energy, manipulate / implant them, and harm them in any manner they choose.  Not only that, but they should also suppress any "negative emotions" so that they will be basically "happy victims" of such abuses.  This manipulative, deceptive "teaching" comes from the false-light, and nothing could be further from the real truth.

The Prime Universal Law is very simple:  All beings are Sovereign and have free will to express their creative urges in any way they choose, but no being has the right to violate and harm others.

The corollary to that law is also very simple:  Because all beings are Sovereign, they have the right to defend themselves from harm, using whatever level of force is necessary to stop the violation from occurring, even if it results in the destruction of the one inflicting the harm.

The enslavers and deceivers of the Spiritual Liararchy are in clear, total violation of Universal law.  They avoid the Natural "Law of attraction," which reflects a being's actions back to them, by coercing and manipulating other beings into agreeing to be victimized and enslaved, as well as convincing other beings to take on responsibility for their crimes through karmic transference.

The demiurgic being's many layers of deception are predicated on the BIG LIE that we are separate from Infinite Source.  The false-light beings then build upon this lie by convincing beings that Universal Law doesn't exist, that individuals have no inherent right to self-defense, that they must submit to the will of the Turds of Karma's "authority," and that people must worship the psychopathic demiurge and his "angelic" beings in order to be granted entry into "God's kingdom" one day.

The real truth is that we have NEVER been separate from Infinite Source, as that is a metaphysical impossibility.  A being can choose to ignore their connection, believe it is not there, and even believe that they have severed that connection, but belief in a lie does not make it true, because Truth (capital T) is not relative. 

As a metaphoric example, imagine if a group of human beings decided to sever themselves from the atmosphere by only breathing air from a SCUBA tank.  Are they really separate from the atmosphere?  No.  They still exist within the atmosphere, even if they are breathing a seemingly separate source of air. 

Nevertheless, the demiurgic beings have fully committed to their own illusion of separation from Source, and therefore must find an alternative source of energy, which they derive from humanity in the form of worship, adoration, beliefs, counterparty contracts, distorted sexuality, deception, confusion, apathy, struggle, pain, suffering, hate, death, etc.  (Going on a spectrum of energetic "gourmet food" to "junk food" for the parasitic beings in that example.) 

The LAST thing the liararchy wants is humanity coming to an understanding of Universal Law and how thoroughly we have been enslaved through deceit.  The INSTANT we declare "I am Sovereign and NO being has ANY right to take my energy from me" the game changes radically.  From that space of knowing that we are Sovereign Individuations of Source, we can exercise our Sovereign Rights, including righteous use of defensive force.

Right & Wrong

Another false-light teaching that infects the New (c)Age movement is that there is no such thing as right and wrong, that everything is just an experience that is there to teach us a lesson.  While it is true that we can learn valuable lessons from adverse circumstances, this does not mean that it is necessary or desirable to be continually oppressed, manipulated, implanted, deceived, enslaved and drained of energy.  Those are experiences the human race has had far too much of already.

With an understanding of Universal Law, we can observe that it is inherently wrong to harm another being who has done nothing to harm us.  We can also understand that working together and cooperating with others is often the right thing to do.  These simple concepts should be adhered to in order for us to free our minds from the twisted "logic" presented in New (c)Age teachings that would have us believe that the incredible amount of suffering inflicted upon humanity is entirely its own doing, as well as a wonderful learning experience, so we should not take any action to help others to alleviate their own suffering.

Were African-American slaves having wonderful learning experiences?  How about the Irish and Scottish indentured servants before them?  How about the medieval serfs who could be executed at the whim of the king or one of his minions?  No, these people were clearly being enslaved, which is easily recognized as something that is wrong to do.

Similarly, humanity is not having a wonderful learning experience by being enslaved to the corrupt demiurge's spiritual liararchy.  We are learning one thing for sure though, which is how to declare our Sovereignty and stop being slaves!  Well, many of us are.  🙂


One of the major roots of these worldly and metaphysical problems is the concept of hierarchy.  Everywhere we look in the world, we have (usually male-dominated) hierarchical systems of organization.  Hierarchy is an insidious, disempowering system of authority, obedience and enslavement that we MUST transcend in order to begin to heal ourselves and our world.

Likewise, we must also transcend "spiritual" hierarchies that foster enslavement, subservience and blind obedience.  The corrupt demiurge and its minions of archon-angels, fake ascended masters, ETs, demons, etc are the ultimate representation of degenerate hierarchy that consumes life-force and leaves only destruction in its wake. 

Transcending metaphysical hierarchy is a process of self-liberation / clearing, gaining self-knowledge, gaining knowledge of Universal and Earthly Natural Law, and exercising our Sovereign Will.  First, we have to KNOW through and through that we are fully connected extensions of the Divine Infinite Source of all creation.  When we know that, not just think it on an intellectual level, we realize that there is NO legitimate authority outside of ourselves.  There is only inner authority and self-governance, which when guided by understanding of Universal Law prohibits us from instigating actions that would harm another. 

Enlightened Self-Governance and adherence to Universal Law is the foundation for a free society.  Only with this foundation in place will we be able to avoid the ego trap of exerting "authority" over others to control and regulate their behaviors which do not harm anyone else. 

Only through Enlightened Self-Governance will we be able to build an entirely new type of society that is self-organized to solve problems and see to the needs of the many as a genuine expression of the desire to cooperate and make a world that benefits everyone.  This has to be an ever-evolving, co-creative process that we will continually discover as we engage it. 

Every idea needs to be tested and applied where it is willing to be accepted in an open-source manner through voluntary participation of all individuals involved in a non-hierarchical, uni-level, self-organizing process.  This requires an entirely new way of thinking, organizing and taking action, and all old models of centralized, top-down authority need to be abandoned, because as we have already seen, any attempts to impose a single "best system" onto the world will always result in oppression and will ultimately fail. 

We have within us the potential to FREE every single human being from the shackles of enslaving systems of hierarchy and external authority, to work together and create solutions to provide the basic needs of food, water, power, shelter, clothing, transportation and knowledge to EVERYONE on the planet.  Creating self-generating systems to support all of these needs is totally achievable, but only if we can cooperate as sovereign individuals who respect the rights and boundaries of others.

Such a shift in our world depends on all of us to know that we are Sovereign, to proclaim our Sovereignty, delete our slave-think programming, and then to work together in cooperation as Sovereign individuals with a common goal of maximal empowerment of everyone on the planet.

Proclaiming Sovereignty

The process of proclaiming Sovereignty and removing the false programming that has been embedded into our psyches from multi-dimensional levels of control takes time and consistent effort.  We need to proclaim daily "I am Sovereign, I am free.  Only *I* can govern me."  (Or any other way you want to phrase it, since you are Sovereign after all. 🙂

We also need to put in the self-clearing work required to revoke all agreements that we have made, either consciously or subconsciously to give our power away to external authorities, to experience unnecessary suffering or limitations, to bear "karmic" burdens that are NOT ours to bear, etc.  This is not a quick process, and I am going through my own version of it on a daily basis. 

The liararchy does NOT respect free will, healthy boundaries, or your right to say NO to them.  They use every possible type of manipulation, coercion and naked force to get their way.  That is how patriarchal hierarchical beings work.  (Notice the similarities in the words hierarchy and patriarchy, and the "archon" influence.)  The aggressive, domineering energy of patriarchy seeks to control every facet of every being's existence, taking and consuming everything that it possibly can. 

This is represented physically (below) by corrupt hierarchical governments, secret societies and corporations exploiting people and the environment.  It is represented metaphysically (above) by the corrupt demiurge and its legion of enslaved enslavers, of which the Turds of Karma are simply one division of the control grid. 

This is why it is so important to remind those pesky "lords" of karma and ALL of the demiurgic parasites that you are SOVEREIGN, and be willing to utilize your Sovereign power to back up that statement.  They don't speak the language of love, so that means we need to use some force in order to get our point across.

This is How I See It…

It is difficult to uncover these things, to stare the most malevolent beings in the universe in the face and tell them that I am Sovereign and I will NOT permit them to violate me.  Ironically though, in some ways it is even more difficult to share these revelations publically. 

So many people are completely sold on their false-light "ascended masters, ETs and angels" who tell them what to do, how to think and how to live that they attack me for bringing this revelatory information to the public eye.

To those people, I say quite simply:  Believe what you want to believe, but I am going to keep working on KNOWING the TRUTH, and taking appropriate ACTION to right the wrongs that have been done to humanity by the very beings that you are giving your power away to.

I choose to stand for Truth as a Sovereign Being alongside (not beneath) the Sovereign beings of the Free Universe who take action to oppose all forms of deception, parasitism and enslavement. 

I thank those of you who will stand alongside, and take action with us.

Much Love,
Cameron Day


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  • A.S.

    Absolutely TERRIFIC ARTICLE! Thanks Cameron! I wanted to know so much how these guys interefered with karma etc.. I’ ll keep on pushing them away..thanks

    • Kelly

      I found this article liberating as well as “why I am no longer a lighworker”. I also just found your website only a few days ago and have been devouring the information. This adds to my tools of discernment and empowerment in our rising consciousness. I am grateful for your sharing this information with all of us. I want to pass this on to as many who will hear and resonate. I have been determined to get off the wheel of Karma and now I can. I love warriors of truth.
      Much Gratitude

    • Andy

      Dear Cameron,

      What a speaker of Truth you are !!

      This is a very Big Wake Up Call to those of us Seekers who have been deviously deflected from our True Purpose of Bringing Truth Love Liberation and a Removal of ‘Maya’ and Lies.

      Thank You So Much !

  • Wendy

    Cameron! What a spectacular article!!! This is one of the greatest articles I have ever read and from all I have studied so many years I believe you are SPOT-ON! I hope you get alot of attention from this article because I know it is the absolute truth for what I have gone through! THANK YOU so much for sharing this great insight with us! So many Lightworkers need this now!!!

  • cat

    I adore you, Cameron, for being brave enough to write about TRUTH. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Maureen

    Thank you Cameron, that is a wonderful article. I agree with it entirely. Will also charge these archons away to stop and go to somewhere else.

  • Thank you so much for sharing the truth. You write what many of us are feeling and my have a difficult time wording!
    I declare my sovereignty and my intention to join others to creat a free earth!!

  • Mona

    Cameron are your eyes closed the whole time calling forth, voiding out, flushing, stating everything cause I forget and freeze. I can barely remember what I read 2 minutes ago. Never was I like this. 2011 the abduction, now these parasites, omg. Ruining my 14 yr relationship, they know he is not awake to any of this…by choice…I didn’t want to accept that I was an abductee. When I did these horrible nightly parasitic attacks started. I can feel everything, it is ugly…cant I ignore it? isn’t it only a hologram of my thought? Oh God help me or Cosmic core, cosmic being, Devine self…..thank you for being so insightful, and wise. Cameron, lots of appreciation to u.

    • Sylvie

      When they come say …. I am the Light the light I am…I stand in the Garden of Light….The Garden of Light is within me….I am the Light the Light I am. Say this over and over then repeat just 3 LOTS OF 3 ….. I am THE I am THAT I am … 9 in all. It works for me 🙂 Say it with the emphasis added onto THE & THAT.

  • Cameron,
    Your articles, No Longer a Lightworker 1 and 2 are Absolute Pure Truth. Thank you for the validation.
    So Much Love and Gratitude.

  • Lily

    Looking forward to more articles and meditations.



  • Rebekah Bennett

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Cameron!!

    Over the past several months, I have been abducted, energetically raped, implanted, took my heart emotions, which all physically hurt me… and all the while I knew and stated they had NO right to do this to me, stating Universal Law ~ Harm NO ONE!!
    I will be doing all the revoked agreements, which they demiurge/etc has inflicted on me!!

    Keep writing the TRUTH, and I’ll keep posting it on my facebook wall… and reposting it!!

    R xoxoxo <3

  • Cameron!! This is so sync!! Thank you. We are in the middle of such on 2012 with Ari. You need to come help us. Please. if you have time. 🙂 You have understanding into areas that we are just learning. Thank you again. 🙂

  • Normand Dionne

    Kill ’em all. (I should say “transmute ’em all)
    Take no prisoners. (Send ’em into the Vacuum)
    I like the attitude.

    Reminds me that Scientology mentions “implant stations” which are places where souls are programmed to return to automatically after the death of the body.
    In these facilities, the operators (ETs) do a total memory wipe and implant other “programs/thought forms” into the beings to keep them enslaved before returning them to take on a new body. It is believed that some of these “stations” are on/in the planet as well as in space.

    I think the so-called frequency fence surrounding Earth is also part of this soul capturing/recycling machine technology.

    Keep it up.
    Looking forward to your article on ” The Perversion of the law of Karma.
    Much love.

    • Maarten

      Dear Cameron,

      This is the best article I have ever read in my life.

      I was also thinking about Scientology and I also remember it saying something about:

      ” “implant stations” which are places where souls are programmed to return to automatically after the death of the body.
      In these facilities, the operators (ETs) do a total memory wipe and implant other “programs/thought forms” into the beings to keep them enslaved before returning them to take on a new body. It is believed that some of these “stations” are on/in the planet as well as in space.”

      As you said. Are there other things you are aware of that LRH said that relate to this. This might just mean that there is some truth to Scientology after all, it’s just too bad you have to pay for the knowledge. At least here it is free. No one should ever have to pay for this knowledge.

      Please reply!
      Thanks again,
      Maarten de Lang

      • Ron Turmel

        As an ex-Scientologist, I am here to tell you that Scientology does indeed work if the pre-1987 technology is used. After 1987, David Miscavige took over when L. Ron Hubbard died, and much of the source material was changed so that no one goes CLEAR anymore. Prior to 1987, Scientology was so successful that people were becoming psychics by the droves. This alarmed those who truly control our world. Scientology was declared a National Security Issue and was infiltrated by David Miscavige on behalf of the government, and the courses that once previously freed people were changed around, and now they no longer work. But a ton of the old course materials are floating around on the net. They are not hard to find.

    • Maarten

      A few more questions: Are there any good ET’s at all? Is it like Star Trek where they cannot interfere with our lives? Thanks Cameron for saving my soul, I read your post on the fake truth givers over at Galactic Free Press (don’t go there)!

      • NT

        Yes there are. I am one. I came to Earth of my own free will with a twin spirit and partner to help with a large scale effort to end the corrupt system that this article discusses. This is, to date, the only article I’ve ever seen that accurately describes what is actually going on. I was a “lightworker” in a sense although I never worked for any “Lords of Karma”. I worked freely and with a connection to what we eventually called “mission control”. We were two of many thousands of beings who chose to incarnate on Earth to help deconstruct and destroy the false imprisonment system. This is not simply a system that is experienced in the spiritual or the ideological sense but can be seen infecting every aspect of the human experience on Earth- from how you organize commerce to how you educate your children.

        In the last 6 months, we have been slowly disengaging with the mission as our time working on this is done. We’ve been on “active duty” for about 15 years now. Our time for retirement has come. Our final assessment of the situation here was that there are simply too many people who’ve crossed over to “the dark side”. They would rather keep the system of victim/victimizer drama because it feeds their ego and that is their own free will choice. We’ve had the last of the coding removed from us and are officially now “off duty” and retired. When we leave this place, we won’t be reincarnating again. We’ve chosen to marry, not to have children (as that would perpetuate the karma and link us to this system) and to live out the rest of our lives as peacefully and as personally productive as possible. We are both in our early 30’s now and have the rest of our lives ahead of us.

        So yes, in answer to your question there are many good “ET’s”. A great many more than are bad or working at cross-purposes to individual freedom. The best way to judge for yourself if a corporeal or incorporeal being is good or not is how they treat you and how you feel when in their presence and what they create in the world and in your life. This extends to people in your life as well as non-physical beings. All are equal, body or not. Always remember that just because someone or something doesn’t have a body, doesn’t make it more powerful than you. That’s a falsehood perpetuated by hierarchical religious power structures. Use your own wits and always do a gut check.

        Best of luck. It’s a jungle out there!


  • Normand Dionne

    Cameron, there is a typo in the image of the “Lords of Karma”.
    I think it should read “and You Ow Them Nothing” instead of “and You Own Them Nothing”.

  • The bastards aren’t so hard to face any more, Cameron. Others and myself are saying bring it on, lets get this over with. Right? lol Interesting MILAB abduction last sunday night, myself and a sister super soldier.

  • Alis ~ Itlatol

    You are delightful Cameron…and am grateful i stumbled upon your Truth-speak. My style of de-colonization is a bit different than yours, however it is with the same goal of getting completely out of the webs of matrixes that have been fabricated to en-slave our sentience and energy…. i am wondering is you will check this out… the “oneness movement” is going global, and it is not liked very much to indigenous Peoples because it sounds to much like colonial homogenization once again, and keeps people in total apathy along with “everything is good, no judgements, etc etc”. As far as I know every snowflake is made differently, every species is different, every stone, tree, etc.. while we are all supposed to be hu-mans, i do not think we are all people. People have distinct characteristics of sovranty, and as such have been fighting colonization for thousands and thousands of years. me? am tired of this movie, in fact bored and will not be returning after this run…Mother Earth will have her way, she is tired of it too. so if you would, check this out. Thank you.

  • Renee

    I see now why I have such a connection with you my friend. Thank you for your work, for your forth-sight, and for bringing this to the waking world Cameron.

  • Kenny

    Awesome article Cameron, I got hell from my FB groups when I posted your last article and I’ll get it with this one but you make complete sense NAMASTE Kenny

  • […] Tell the “Lords” of Karma That You Are Sovereign – No Longer a Lightworker Part 2 […]

  • Melanie

    Awesome, inspiring, needed! Fantastic article Cameron. Love the fearlessness. I have always had a feeling something like this was going on as I’ve never felt passionate about the whole ‘angels’ and ‘ascended masters’ crap- ringing of hierarchy system.
    My higher self wove through the maze of FB to find you and I’m so grateful.
    Peggy Kane who is known for her reverse speech recordings also says the same about the manipulations and the afterlife in her early work.
    Keep up the good work, telling the TRUTH,there’s so many of us standing with you now, stating our Sovereignty….heres to freeing humanity!

  • sheila

    brilliant thankyou cameron,x

  • John Fowlds

    I find it distressing that most of the living souls here present with all for this time, of “ASCENTION???,” are suffering from delusional beliefs that makes them think that our solution is an EXTERNAL happening, helped by Ascended masters, who DON’T ACTUALLY EXIST. There never has been a previous Ascention in the past of any universe. The only masters that have existed from time to time have always been DECENDED ones. Here in physical form as witnesses to our advance or otherwise as we react to the incoming energies, which at present we all know are ramping up their activity. It is how we react to these energies that is being obsevered by the Decended ones, who feed the info back to their galactic source, which then allows alterations to the incoming energy so the divine plan of creation can unfold the best way possible. That is how we control our destiny, if we lack knowlege of how the system wants us to coperate with the incoming energy, we will always follow our deluded paths of beliefs, and so we will never be able to create new planets, go elsewhere in the universe at will or do anything else that we wish was happening for us now. As for our free will, we are about to be asked to pay for it. If you don’t believe it, to bad. Read the biblical text in the old testement where the peoples asked for the right to their own free will to decide their future, and read carefully the reply from their “GOD???”. He gave in to the request and we are paying for ir ever since. Remember this, ignorance is no excuse. When Moses broke the original stone comandments, he BROKE THE LAW, which we have been living under ever since. That means that the laws of creation we have been led to believe are correct, are false, and so we have all been decieved from almost our beginning. The ‘so called ascention’ will take place on planet earth and no where else, in full concious awareness. It is not an ascention, as believed, but a rejoining of two universes in perfect sycronicity which will then allow the transfer of those on our world who are interlopers to be sent back to their home planets in their own worlds. As they destoyed their own planets to come to ours to steal our future, yes that’s correct, they are here to steal our future which is on us now. They will never win as they are denied access to our future, and will pass back to their own when the portals, stargates are opened and stuffed in their faces. They will then have to pay for the Karmic insult given by them to our universes supreme council of 5 YES 5 only members, who are in total control of this situation. With of course a little help from friends. ie the Decended ones who are themselves; ie the 5; here at present on this planet in physical form. Their Karmic retribution will be terrible for them, but it is in full aggreement as divine justice will prevail. If you dissagree you will be able to join their escape as they leave our planet and universe. I say good riddance to bad rubbish. Those of us who remain will then be given mentorship to guide us back on the true path of our creations purpose laid down for our planet in the begining of our linear time frame. We are the centre of creation for our universe. That plan is about to be reinstated for our future. That is the ‘so called’ ascention you all think you know all about. Once we get it right, then and then only will we be able to move forward as many of you already believe we can. Give up your delusions and look at our reality as it actually is. You may well get a surprise. I was once in a church service and heard the preacher prattling on all about his wonderfull knowledge of God and all things. He asked if anyone had a message from the spirit for the church, and I heard a quiet voice in my mind say: ‘mmmmm’ he knows more about me than I know about myself. I could have burst out laughing as i knew that I had been given the truth. I walked out of that assembly and have never been near another one of any denomination or belief system. I have been on my current journey with the true spirit ever since. That took place over 40 years ago. I was then led to find out “what man has done” the reason given was, if man has done it, it can be undone. I now know what man has done, and how it is going to be undone. What John stated in the bible I know to be true. If You have the holy spirit within you you need no other teacher, it will lead you into all knowledge. John The Baptist is the Paraclete. Not Jesus. Why do you think the churches have an eagle on their lecturns. It Represents John the Baptist who represents the true intermediary between heaven and earth. If you don’t believe me look it up, don’t be decieved any longer. The truth sets you free, if you can’t find it, then the blind are leading the blind, and so they will all fall in the ditch. John.

    • Yes, I see what you’re saying. But it isn’t quite like that, we need references for this kind of stuff. All that matters is that we are able to believe in one thing, if nothing else make it this, we, the people, we owe it to ourselves to remain sovereign, pure and enlightened in our own beliefs to justify a sense of global truth, love, peace and unity where ever life takes us. In the end, you will see that as much as we are a part of something, we are crucial in the birth of something else, evolving ourselves further along the path to our own ascension, and so it remains today.

    • YKM

      Where did you get that info from?

      • george

        YKM that info was taken from the world we all live in! Take a good look around
        you buddy and if you have no hidden agendas, then it should be easy to spot.
        I appreciate if everything is going your way at the moment, but wait until
        you challenge the establishment in any way!

  • Sonara

    Wow! Thanks for this and for being brave enough to ‘put it out there’. Today I shall make the statements. I had heard about the ‘soul trap’ that kept us stuck on the wheel of karma – and I can see how many people are being affected in this way.

    Sharing information allows others who resonate to ‘take it on board’ – and there will always be those who find it challenging – and others who are so afraid to even ‘think outside the(ir) box’ that they will become angry and hence write unpleasantries.

  • thanks for this, very timely now. For over 40 years i have been a healer and yoga teacher and what we call for lack of better words, a new ager or cultural creative or light worker. These last few years i have been waking up to recognise that we have been conned with the all the law of attraction stuff, and ascension and somebody will save us – seeing in all my new age friends the denial, the normalcy bias, the fear, and the accusations of fearmongering when truth comes out, …is freaky. The reason i write this is to share a great resource on this, a new book from Paul Levy “Dispelling Wetiko, breaking the curse of evil”, brilliant, great reviews, very valuable. I just published my first book and my next will be about this topic, again thank you Cameron Day!

    • Paul’s work is excellent, IMO, and very accessible for people who need to approach that subject from a more physical reality perspective.

    • About this and to add to it, I think that the whole system of polarity is mistaken for what it looks like on the surface. You do realize that for example, not to take advantage of Silvia Brown’s death here, but to realize that numbers don’t matter as much as skeptics think they do unless they are directed scientifically to any source. For example, saying “two wrongs don’t make a right”, or other such statements, it doesn’t mean things don’t fall through the cracks, there’s got to be another way, and so there is. You see, I’ve been recently exploring the theory that as does cause bring about its affect, so does result bring about change. Only problem with this is that we’re missing an element, the unspoken element of freedom, that is the system we are in right now. What it should be is something similar along the lines of, to be is to change, to know is to become it. At least here we sidestep the issue of illusion because what you don’t know or understand as such you are not there as such, but you can always travel there, which is truly what makes life a beautiful thing to enjoy, just not by force and not by anyone else but our hand alone to take such an action for, without our power to feed it, energy is you, make it happen.

    • would like to know what your book is. i am also a fan of Paul Levy and think Cameron’s article could use some exposure.

  • João Gordinho

    What makes me sad is that our light brothers can’t do nothing because our free will,what free will?

  • Bjørn

    Thanks Cameron. Hit me like a ton of bricks. And that is, of course, a good thing. The strength of it being, that it so intuitively makes sense.
    But also, knowing that the deception has many layers, my thought was: What will be the next barrier that we need to break? You help me think further up this path than most others, and for that I am eternally grateful.
    Looking forward to reading the article again!

  • João Gordinho

    Sorry about it ,i feel a bit angry now,in may opinion just watching this injustice and do nothing because of our supposed free will,it feels as bad as the guys that do it to us…thats my point of view…

    • What we can do about it is break away when we cross over, I think that will be our safest path way out of here.

      • Lyn

        We need to break away now! We have the power to do this… check out allies of humanity. for those who have been abducted there is a powerful spiritual pathway that holds the greatest power. Thanks for exposing the “Lightworker” deception!

  • Ida

    Bravo, you told us what we already felt, but were reluctant to say. I’ve always felt uneasy with this whole ascended masters stuff, as it looked just as replacement of one dogma with another. If we are in a proces of liberation, as I believe, we must not hurry and make new agreements until we regain our wisdom, and know for sure who we deal with.

  • Joan

    Dear Cameron ,I did something very similar to what you are suggesting here after my meditation this morning .I really told these entities to leave me alone ,I got quite angry and gave it my all .
    After I had finished I looked through the window and saw the worst chemtrails I have ever seen, and as they are a real bone of contention for me it was clear that I had upset someone and that they were trying to get to me .This tells me I had a result .It has also made me more determined to carry on with it .Also the Fact that I read this article straight after, you just reenforced that I was on the right track Thanks and much love to you xx

  • Lisa

    I am stil rereading this trying to digest all of it. Powerful and profound.

  • Thank you. Only just found these two articles, it summarizes very well what I have been feeling but I felt maybe I was just having a reaction from only having broken free from one system of control,and therefore was unwilling to submit to another hierarchical system. This makes complete sense to me, and I am grateful I have found this. Thank you so much.

  • peter

    hello thnx for writing this article i just like to say that this one combined with the previous article is just my own experiences on paper, its hard for me to put into words myself so thnx for that

    i just like to add that from the moment i choose to confront any being or energy that comes to me (started doing this 3 years ago) everything changed layer upon layer uncovered just like you mentioned in the article but they keep trying and i bet in some areas they stil manage to manipulate me, i am getting better at it tho 🙂

    this is some of the most important info online and no matter what plz dont stop writing about this 🙂 thank you

  • alma

    it s quitsimilar to what Andrew Bartzis (the galactic historian)has to say…

  • Cameron…. you are sooo appreciated. I am filled with gratitude at your courage and Truth. I am doing my best to disseminate this information to others. Abundant blessings. Libby.

  • Relik

    If there are beings that wants to do us harm, then the opposite must also be true. Could bad beings pretend to be good beings? of course and there probly is. I hope that this will not affect people to not participate in the Aion Portal Meditation “today” cus the light needs you. Is it a coincident that this is posted the same day as the compression of breakthru?. If you know what compression of breakthru is then you should understand that we will actually pray to set the world free with the help of our higher self, ascended masters… simply by visualze the light merging from the center of earth and from heaven to the surface of the planet. even if that should not be true it cant hurt anyone to do it. Now this is a good article, cus it question evrything. but i doesent make it true or false. dont stand idle because you are to afraid or to tierd or feeling distorted cus you cant decide what is true and not true. the only true power we have here on earth is inside of us. and if bad influence from other dimensions are true then the opposite of that must also be true. but in the end its all u. dont worry to much about life after death or what and how the source opperates. its like skipping to the end of a book.

  • Relik

    This was published two days ago, my apologize, but still…

  • Dino Fancellu

    Great article. Have posted it on Facebook.

  • Jacques Vaillancourt

    Thanks Cameron,

    Enlightening in a true sense, as usual.


  • Kathy

    Big Hug. You are the best. Thank you for all the work that went into this piece. I could feel it as I read.

  • nadia

    i liked this article ,in these last years of lighworking i had to fight a lot of these negative entities from chems and other beings as well as many attacks from humans and i used your formulas to get cleaned but they work less than active will actions like sending them away to centre of universe or anyplace.they always come back and i always send them away …in the meanwhile i also noticed as negative people always tries to descharge their negative karma and energies to others as many times they can, jesus story interpretation from church is just about doing this after all….i do not know what happens after death but i think that fighting and keeping in love is anyway the best possible answer as we do not loose our complete expression of inner light in the fighting only i do not manage doing it as it is easier sayng it than doing…but what we can do anyway as lightworkers in spite of all this attacks is working for the whole planet liberation with the highest light and direct connection we can with the source,so, as we are in the game let’s play it totally partecipating to today meditaion but doing it also everyday and anytime to cocreate freedom for ALL of us.freed- om to all

    • Yes in deed. I think what is important to realize here however, is that despite all of this, as we learn they learn so we have to do what it takes within the game to stay safe, protected and loved by all. As such, the attacks get stronger as we get stronger, well at least we are all evolving together, that is one common denominator that has never in truth escaped me. We are here to bring peace, love and light, the true calming energies we are known for to this place and when we first started out, this was our intention or so it seems, so it should be in my opinion.

  • myosaurus

    Thank you so much for this truth. You write what I have had deep seated suspicions of for a while with all the ascended ‘masters’ & us aping the control structures & mechanisms at every level. I am on a huge holiday vacuum clean to transmute this invasive infection & then some.

  • Jane

    It seems to me that one way or another humanity is trapped. We are continually looking to someone else for TRUTH, assuming what Cameron has to say is TRUE..and I make no assumptions either way, then where does that leave us with regard to what is being called ASCENSION? would this not sort out all the evil control? and why has what people call GOD, allowed the dark to play with us like toys for so long, why do we seem to be at the mercy of every goddam person, energy , thing in the universe. We are sovereign beings, but very few understand or believe that –especially when their lives are full of suffering and negative control

    It seems to me no one knows what is really going on, its all a bloody guessing game, that gets more outlandish day on day.

    I truly hope humanity can be free, because what passes for life, in a human body , for most , is a pathetic struggle, it’s criminal. and it seems we have no redress to get out of this!!

    • Lucille

      Hi Jane,
      I have recently found deeply profound answers to the questions you pose about what is really going on. It’s a New Message for these unprecedented times in the evolution of humanity. I invite you to visit to learn about this phenomenal help offered us to prepare for a new threshold we are in the process of crossing. An affiliate site is at Truth does not depend on belief to be so. This rings true to me and I feel very fortunate to have found it. May it ring true for you too.
      -Lucille in Maine

      • Jane

        Thank you Lucille, lucky I came back and found your reply!!!

        I would never have found these links otherwise:) we are about to have censorship for all esoteric sites in the uk, so thank goodness I know the links.

    • I understand the feeling, it is a mutual one, people often point out that we are not perfect, but is that the same as giving up? Sometimes I like to think so, it is how some people got out of the political aspect of things, but this isn’t politics! Life isn’t politically correct and what has to work is what we can understand to be successful from as many angles as we can perceive it to be so that we are without fear, hated and deception. There are some who enjoy the drama, enjoy the chaos of their manipulations and like to press the issue onwards, however we are not and I am not as far as I am aware, of that stalk. I think what we can do right now, is hold true to our own contributions to things we know work for us despite what may or may not work for anyone else. If it is all a big head f**k like you say, well, one thing the illuminated ones can’t control is what we plan to do with such information. I say that without truth, we are lost, but without truth, we can share one that we all agree to. If anything should unite us, it is why we fight and that is my hope in times like this. I wish you all well! Sending love your way, we are the power, remember that.

  • Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA

    Thank you for the Truth, unvarnished.
    There is something that needs to be addressed here. The Enuma Elish(the Sumerian creation story) tells of the creation in a test tube of Adam/Eve and the reason for them,slavery, to be exploited. Their introduction on this planet has been very successful as the descendants,mankind, are approx 80% of the population. They have a hive mentality and are threatened by HUmans who cannot be sucked into their system of control. We are constantly targeted by their masters who also are not HUman. The cycle of their control is at an end and they are struggling against this.
    The masters feed on negative emotions, HUmans are emotional and compassionate and they farm us as food. Sovereign beings cannot be farmed and thus are of no use to them.
    We do not live on planets, we spend time on them for a purpose, when we have achieved that purpose, we ‘die'(cast off earth suits) and go home. Our time here is limited and very stressful that is why it is short. What the Earth wants for herself now is important, she is used-up and dying and wants to go ‘home’. Can you blame her? HUmans are not the problem, mankind is, and she loves us all. Go figure!

  • mara

    please get rid of the symbols at the left of the page. They make it difficult to read the text. I have to keep moving the page.

    • Rebekah

      I recommend printing the article and reading it from a hard-copy and not off a computer screen. Needless to say it makes it so much easier to assimilate the info, easier to read multiple times, and easy to pass on to someone who may need it put in front of them. Happy Holidays to all! & thank you so much Cameron!

  • Net

    I am standing alongside and taking action with you all!


  • Phocas Fashaho

    I have always found suspicious that all near-death experiencers’ tales talk of being returned back to earth / their bodies against their wish. Who is to tell whether humans are not forced here (on Earth)at every incarnation?

    • I agree! that is something I often ponder over myself, which is why I take it so seriously as being not all it seems. What is free will to the manipulators, something they have control over? the system is breaking down, that is all I can say, its either here or it’s not, we’re in a grey area of supporting our own mind, our own freedom and our own right to live as one peaceful, uninterrupted nation.

  • Peg

    I know this is a good article by Cameron. Remember not to get stressed. Ascension is a process or phases of initiation if you will. One phase is awakening to energy and begin to work with it, another is healing your heart, while seeing how your actions affect others. I am extremely simplifying here. There is another phase of initiation that you proclaim your sovereignty as an individual within the earth logos, then within the solar system, then at the universal galactic level. This is what Cameron is discussing in this article. At this level you repaired your light architecture so the ego is removed from power and the heart is restored. At this point, you are being visited by beings appropriate to each level and can discern their malevolence or benevolence. Never allow a being though to tell you what do. After I completed my righteous indignation and claimed my sovereignty, I have never been bothered by these malevolent beings again. I am able to travel to other universes without harm coming to me. I also visit with Isis, Buddah, the Anunnaki and others who have attained enlightenment.

    Also, Kali is the universal mother who can help in cutting away these false contracts. But, you always have within you that power.

    Here is a good litmus test to see if someone is able to fully assist you spiritually, if they are charging you a fee–run in another direction.

    Much love, Peg

    • that is one thing I do not understand besides the whole business aspect. Why do some readers charge anything, when people have already been spent enough and to truly give peace of mind, energy and deed, you’d think twice before ramming someone’s pocket book! If that is not vampiric praying, call me crazy.

    • Judith Fudge

      PEG: “Here is a good litmus test to see if someone is able to fully assist you spiritually, if they are charging you a fee–run in another direction.”

      I disagree with you Peg. As you have not met or experienced the services of all the people who offer assistance, this could be a generalization based on a sample of either your experience, or learned from the views of others.

      What is your reason for your perception, or view on this?

  • katerina

    Thanks Cameron. This is to be one I have just written “I am telling you in no uncertain terms that you do not realize who you are messing with and I can and I WILL send you to the Galactic Core for recycling if you insist on using whoever and whatever possible to stop me in my tracks. I will makes sure you will no longer be of any use and failing that spend the rest of eternity feeding on your own smelly turds or wallowing in your own piss and vomit. I will not tolerate you taking for your consumption any of my God given life force which has been given to me for the purpose of carrying out the work I am here to do in service to Gaia and to those who are here to know freedom for themselves, without you morons dehumanizing them and feeding off their precious energy, thelife force and energy of each and every human being belongs to them and them alone(!), so back off and get the f**k out of my way. We are the Guardians so get off our turf!

    • That’s the attitude!

    • Everyone has a right to do what they will but the moment you say no is the moment that should all refuse to respect it, someone will make a direct and permanent come back!

    • Ryan

      I feel that sending love would be a better approach, if we use anger and fear we are still fighting the same battle with the same energy, in the end we are still swimming in duality. A true benevolent being of source would never terminate another life energy. Dark, light or source whatever you like to call it, it’s same energy and its all a part of us. These energies the author speaks of are another part of us. We must love them with all our heart and not submit tk anger and fear.

  • Crown Light


    Whenever any HEART truly feels remorse for a past action and with that remorse the earnest desire to not repeat that action, they are immediately forgiven in the eyes of God. This is because the moment that change in being becomes anchored, that entity is a new being. The original entity that performed the action and the new entity that would not perform that same action are 2 separate entities. Karma, in all scenarios, serves as a teacher, not a reaper of vengeance.
    The next step is to forgive oneself, knowing they are already forgiven by God (source)
    Then finally is to live shining brighter. Handling con-sequence (with order) with true humility and compassion.

    This process is known as repetenance, true repetenance. Not the basterdized form of it we have come to know.

    Live, love, and grow.

  • lynda lavaguere

    i like what you and michael tellinger have to say about these things called histories. there are also some odd ideas mentioned on a site called presbeia protoi, just like here, which can turn a persons thinking upside down if they find truth in all these new findings. i hope it gets inside lots of us as true.

  • Anthea

    Great article again Cameron! Interesting that Mark Passio is also attempting to hammer home the deception behind much of what he calls “New Age Bullshit”. What is required to see through all the ‘fog’ is balanced brain thinking. Too far into the left hemisphere & you’re screwed, too far into the right hemisphere and your equally screwed. Balance is how you get yourself out of the deceptive net of lies that have been sold via the controllers mind-control programs. Understanding Natural Law (Universal Law)is the way to get your brain balanced again.

    Also, I wanted to highlight to your readers a possible trap for those wishing to free themselves from the false lighters. There are well meaning people ‘out there’ offering a service (for a price) to those wishing to free themselves of etheric implants. Now while removing implants is a good thing, be EXTREMELY careful having this service performed by somebody else – others – especially anyone who channels ascended beings who help them perform this healing service. Remember, the false-light network of ‘beings’ have been at this deception stuff for a very long time, they understand human weakness and how to instil beliefs. They are expert deceivers! As such you have no real way of knowing exactly what is being performed during these sessions, no matter how well meaning the healers involved may be. It is possible they are being deceived themselves, and thus is the level of deception we are dealing with here. Any implants removed by this process offered in sessions may come with a barrel load of monkeys, and I know of one person who has suffered reprisals for even attempting to have her implants removed in this manner – she is worse off, so were the implants removed? Were they replaced with something more harmful? Or is she suffering backlash i.e.punishment for attempting to become free? Obviously this is not is not something anybody wants, so be very careful you are not signing up for more entrapment!

    Removing any impediments to freeing yourself from the control system (on all its levels) is VERY important work, but it is my understanding that only the *I* in YOU or ME that can can do this, as only the *I* in WE (as sovereign individual beings) can break the individual ‘agreements’ we are entrapped by – nobody else can do this work for you, and as long as you have these agreements in place, your implants will simply be replaced….maybe with the addition of other ones to keep you from ‘straying’ again!

    Its part of the work we must all do to free ourselves and become sovereign. As Cameron has pointed out, it is not a five minute job, and there are NO quick fixes that will give lasting results. Cameron, you have given us some very valuable tools to work with in this process. Thanks again for your article and taking the time to inform others. It is now up to us to work through this individual process, but it is empowering to know there are others doing likewise!

    • Len G

      very well said !

    • I was recently introduced to Mark Passio’s work. I agree with him on all of his main points, although I can’t whole heartedly recommend his “new age BS” 7 hour podcast because I think he spends far too much time yelling at his trolls and detractors, and it makes the already very long podcast very difficult to get through.

      I hope he or someone else can edit it down to remove the unnecessary tangents because the vast majority of the content in that presentation is very accurate.

    • In deed, sometimes balance isn’t the way out, exposure and disclosure is.

  • Marc

    Great article, written with wisdom and truth. Over the years I have encountered individuals masquarading as ‘spiritual’ types, stealing energy, controlling, managing, handling and subjgating. However, I always worked out(eventually) what was going on and seen through the spiritual psy op entrainement, programming and conditioning techniques.Partly due to me extensive spiritual education – Honours degree with teaching in Theology followed by 15 years of searching, learning and studying in the areas of metaphysics, esoterics, hyper/transdimensional understanding, practical energy work and healing and a number of experiences with transdimensional beings in energy form/partially phased across to this realm.I learnt from these experiences the characeristics and energy signatures or service to self negatively polarised behaviours and have learned how to recognise and turn around or negated it. But it has taken me many years to get to this level of spiritual strength and soverighty to do this effectively and also a great deal of education. I believe everyone has to work our there own truths, one paradigm at a time, until those paradigm bricks build a strong coherent spiritual & scientific framework of knowledge, understanding, & wisdom guided by Compassion and loving kindness.
    Appreciate your work Mr Day.

  • Rob

    How does it get any better than this..? I love it when I receive acknowledgement of knowing and I thank you with total gratitude…!!! What energy space and consciousness can we be that’ll bring into actualisation that which will allow for more embodiment of infinite sovereign beings to be possible in this world now!!!??? Everything that doesn’t allow that to be possible I destroy and uncreate… Poc and pod!!!

  • Reading this a few days after I find “War in Heaven” … it all rings as probably true on some levels, but I still feel we are missing something.

    There might still be a proper Hierarchal force that is helping, though above all these impersonators. The path to the Highest Planes may be guarded by the impersonators. It could be about becoming as objective as possible to get through the Astral and Mental worlds. Don’t lose hope altogether of a Higher Power (Intelligence) helping/guiding/fighting these DARK forces.

    Look at the evolution of Mankind. Through the Ups and Downs, we continue to EVOLVE toward greater Knowledge, Wisdom, Equality … It’s just a matter of time.

    If it’s only US, then let’s get Tough. Either way, WE ARE Sovereign in our [collective] SELF. That’ is the Truth. Believe it!

  • Belinda

    Thank you Cameron. I just subscribed after reading the Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker ~ WOW ~ I have been feeling this but never could quite get a handle on exactly what I was feeling. You described it beautifully ~ Much Love ~ Belinda

  • Santos

    Sounds like u struggled to negotiate with your masters
    I feel like u r not free at all, your language has angry
    Controlling undertones . False light, anti light… Ask your masters
    Or controllers if they will set you free. Lords of karma are admin x
    Good luck m8

  • Elizabeth Morton

    Thank you Cameron,
    This is a brilliantly written and expressed article. It is wonderful to have one’s inner feelings corroborated. Fight the good fight with all thy might! I certainly am.
    Live and gratitude to you.

  • Lucille

    Hi Everyone,
    Here’s a Declaration of Human Sovereignty that I’d like to share to add to your sovereignty toolkit:


  • Bea

    Thank you Cameron for sharing the steps for declaring sovereignty with us. The daily utilization of this meditation is a wonderful gift that we can give ourselves because it gives us the tools we need to become truly free. I would like to add that it is equally important to express gratitude, joy and love on a daily basis. Although we have a right to be angry about this violation of our freedom, we shouldn’t remain in a hostile “battle mode” all day. That would be counterproductive because it would give these energy drainers more “food” to feast on. Remain positive and make them look for “food” some where else.

  • I sit here stunned. This article might just change my life. Of course i will meditate on this, but i feel the truth of your words in my soul. I was given an actual contract when i encounter what i later learned was a Lord of Something. At the time I thought it was an Elder God. He said he of the old ones. That there was Nine, but now only Seven. And that they were now so far away that “Even the stars were cold”. He presented me with an honest to gosh paper contract. I remember the letterhead read “Counsel of Wyrms”. If what you say is true, you just altered my life in very big way. Thank you for your time and work. May Grace and Inner peace be with you always.

  • En

    Great article Cameron. My beloved and I have been developing a system over the past year to ‘defend’ against this kind of hierarchical mentality and all that it creates. A system that has been founded upon ‘their’ own law system itself. I encourage anyone supporting this approach to visit our blog:

  • Kay Karinski

    If you want to know more about the Archons, who and what they are; how they influence us (like the Wetiko Virus); what they’re doing to our beautiful blue planet, then I humbly suggest you read, Not In His Image, by John Lamb Lash. The Gnostics warned, or tried to warn us [they were annihilated along with their writings] that the Archons work through salvationist religions and we all know what religion is accomplishing in the Middle East: death and destruction. Thank you, Mr. Day for a timely and perfect article/posting on your website!

    • Ines Radman

      Yes Kay, wonderful book. I am a crew member of GNE (Gaian Navigational Experiment) and have known John for a few years now. Gnosticism is what actually put all the pieces together for me.

      • Kay Karinski

        Hi Ines! I’ve been printing out the writings from and reading them when time permits. I have to keep my thesaurus/dictionary/encyclopedia handy to look up all the words that are completely NEW to me. I saw on the first page about the GNE and I’m going to go back and read and listen to the audio portions. I’ve only listened to one of them and just half-way through. I soooooooo much agree with you, that Gnosticism is putting the pieces together . .. for me, too.
        Do you know of a website where people can join in conversations about Gnosticism?
        I’m also wondering what you do as a crew member of GNE? Much Love to All! -kk

  • Felix Cepeda

    Thank you Cameron for sharing. I like to share these steps in Spanish. Have you translate this article in Spanish? Many millions of Spanish speaking persons need to know,

    • Hola, como yo no hablo español, te estoy dando la opción de utilizar un programa de traducir en mi sitio web para traducir el artículo vuelto a publicar a partir de ahí a que eres amigo. Al hacer clic en el enlace, desplácese hasta la parte inferior de la página, donde encontrará una opción Google Translate. Puede que no sea la mejor, pero me gustaría ayudar si puedo. Yo estaba pensando en publicar el artículo completo en una traducción sin embargo yo no estaba seguro de si el apartado de comentarios aceptaría o tomarlo debido al formato y otros temas, así como una base de texto muy largo, por lo que te voy a dar un enlace a la discusión sobre Starseed red en su lugar. Espero que esto te ayuda y todas las demás personas que hablan otro idioma que no sea Inglés encontrar sentido a este post! En caso de que el Inglés no sea su primera o preferente lengua de comunicación.
      Atentamente con amor, Elshara.

  • I agree. Let’s do this in sovereignty and from the heart. My website agrees and will soon be re-edited following a presentation tour through Australia. Blessings Cameron for sharing this wisdom.

  • Danielle

    This has got nothing to do with the truth… It’s still a dream in the dream. These steps lead you deeper into the dream, Cameron’s dream. The only step you have to take is to eliminate the dream. Burn every conviction you have. Search for the truth yourself. Don’t just take someone else’s word for the truth, just because he says it is, think and research yourself! Be critical, knowing the truth depends on that. When you are really awake you realize that you know nothing, absolutely nothing. And with that you know everything. There’s your freedom.

    • Padma

      Thank you Danielle. Yes, this is more of the dream. And a complicated one that seems to have moved away from love. It is possible to be strong, clear and loving. In fact that is the nature of love. Search for the truth within you, and undo the ego. You are already free. You are Love. Don’t get distracted by any sideshows. Use clear discrimination and remember why you came …

  • mary

    Hi Cameron ,, the more I work on feeling & knowing I Am soverign ,, the more I want to help my nieghbor ,, & the more my neighbor helps me ! ! Beautiful things are happening ,, thanks for your great help ,, marylilybear

  • Ines Radman

    Absolutely agree with this. I have been searching for truth for 30 years. Just recently I read an article from “Sananda” who says that we “MUST” raise our vibrations in order to Ascend. Is this conditional love or what? Is this an “order” in order to get something? I run fast from these so called “channellers” because I know they are being taken for fools, I can feel it. I had an NDE experience, I didn’t go through a tunnel, I just became LIGHT, I have finally figured out that I avoided the karmic hole and that I have been able to come here from different universes. From the time I was a child I could not stand anyone telling me what to do, I ran away from home at the age of 15 because I didn’t want my parents telling me how to live my life. I AM and have been a sovereign soul for eons, but in this physical world, it took me 30 years to figure it out. Wonderful truth Cameron, you are truly living in truth.

    • Jennifer

      Ines, your comment on the article brought tears to my eyes, and my heart grew. I am only 22 years old and am so, so grateful to have YOU show to way to my generation. You, Cameron, my DAD, all those who have taught me through words of grace and unconditional love. It takes a listening ear, and of this quality in myself I am VERY proud- but also am I proud of my ability to TAKE A STAND. WHEN WE STAND TOGETHER, IN SOVEREIGNTY, The children of today and the future WILL get the chance to EXPLORE and LIVE and LOVE as we have never had the chance in our lifetime. What you realize after 30 years, I have realized in 22, others will too, and so the number of years of waiting will become smaller and smaller until the HEART of our world envelops our whole universe, and all beings are FREE and SOVEREIGN from BIRTH til DEATH and BEYOND!

  • robyn suzanne

    Hi, How wonderful and timely that I came across your article and such very helpful advice and information.
    Thank you for having the courage to be an independent thinker and bringing this clarity and rationale to others. I have suffered and squandered too long now,
    I simply no longer wish to be a “victim” and I am getting ready to surrender to what is now required. yet more levels of “waking up!”
    Blessings xx

  • Jack

  • Great article and more power to you for coming out and stating this in public. I personally have an issue with relying SO MUCH on ” I was guided to do this and I was guided to do that”. I feel like, wait, am I so stupid that I wait for guidance for every little thing I do? Also, I’m stumped on astrology. I know it’s a part of the matrix we are in but in some ways in does affect us. At the same time, we can become slaves to it. There is a man who is an expert at the. ( Dr. Louis Turi). Also many of his predictions are correct, I sense that he too is a slave to this system. I can’t live my life waiting for the waning moon, waxing moon and supernova windows to pass. Yet, often he is correct. It really such a mess. There are times when the guidance is nice, but then there are times when I do sense exactly what you are talking about, and that is that something isn’t right with this picture.

    • I view astrology as “energetic weather forecast” and while there are certainly aspects to it that aren’t in our highest good, it is what it is, and we just have to adapt and overcome.

    • Lynn

      Might I add if you wish to follow astrology that perhaps you should really do a study on the Nodes. The South Node is who you were in a past life, or earlier in life if you don’t believe in reincarnation. And the North Node is who you are to become. I, too, have been looking to see how to transcend the limitations of Astrology and at the very least use the energy for my own good.

      You will be surprised when you start to study the Nodes. Everything will just “click”. You will understand why you have had certain frustrations with certain people and situations. You’ll understand why you may engage in behaviors, that may feel right, always tend to cause you harm and discomfort. And you will learn what needs to be done to evolve from that. This will require a lot of inner work and transformation but it CAN be done.

      There is a lot of astrology information out there and much of its true. But no one really talks about how to transcend and why these things are happening in the first place.

      So if a woman is in abusive relationship and needs to move to save the life of her and her children she has to wait after a Mercury Retrograde or Venus Retrograde? Or otherwise the whole move might be a flop or lands her into an even more dangerous situation after the transit is over? That doesn’t make an ounce of sense. Why are people being punished for making the right decisions? Because its the wrong time? So its all about timing. Well sometimes timing can be a life or death situation and a person can’t afford to wait. I do follow astrology and there has been one major transit after another. Stop, go, stop, go. You can’t get anything done!

      In my personal chart I have two transits that shows I could end up finding true love. But I also have a Venus Square Pluto transits which can bring in stalkers and other dangerous types. And then you have the upcoming Venus retrograde which everyone says to NOT get into a relationship during this time. Either the relationship won’t work or you will attract a karmic relationship. All four of these transits end at the same time. How bloody convenient! My North Node sits in the 7th house which means my destiny is to have a true love relationship. There is a lot more that goes into that, but I’m trying to keep this simple. 7th house rules love and marriage. So lets break this down: my opportunity transits for true love is being blocked by Venus Retrograde and Venus Square Pluto transits.

      I’m sharing this to provide an example to show my next point.

      I think a lot of this planetary energy is being manipulated to keep people stuck, so they can’t move forward. It also serves to keep people as sitting ducks so they can’t free themselves from the kill shot aim at their backs. Saturn, Pluto and to a tiny lesser degree Neptune and Mars seem to be the biggest astrological hands used.

      Why does always seem that many of the most kind, compassionate and all around good people tend to suffer so greatly? Well let me see their natal chart and I can show you the manipulated energy and transits that will go on to further activate more manipulated energy into this person’s life.

      Focus on the North Node, which is YOUR destiny and I truly believe you will bypass a lot of the astro crap that can get thrown at you. The Universe will not only open doors and break down barriers but it will fully support you in your journey of YOU. Lack of knowledge in who you are and how you are to grow can lead to disaster, as dark forces will take full advantage of your ignorance. Truth and knowing your truth is your protective gear.

      The most user-friendly and comprehensive books on the Nodes is by Jan Spiller. I highly, highly suggest her book “Astrology for the Soul.”

      I wish you well on your journey and sovereignty.

      • Ang

        I found this comment very interesting. I have kind of wondered about all the points you brought up. I checked into my north mode being a capricorn. But how do I find the other details to it? Like what house it is in and any other info?

      • Troy

        Hi, Lynn. Your comment brings up so much…

        Is there a way I can contact you? I’d like to discuss what you have explained here with you in greater deal. Do you have email? Let’s link up, please.

  • Len G

    Suffice it to say that when I first began taking your self-clearing courses starting at Level 1 and working through 2 along with our sessions, none of this had come into the ‘Light’ of understanding (so to speak). These new revelations have coincided with my own intuit feeling that someone or something is taking my energy and making life miserable for most, if not all of us here on Earth. Let’s say we call the new points of your email Level 3 – war on the tok. Our clearings and Infinite Source reconnection will make way for our True Selves to wake up and let the turds know there’s a whole new Class of Sheriff on Earth reconnecting to Divine Light Infinite Source and bringing Infinite Source to Earth. At some point I believe, and not without a fight, these parasitic beings and their minions will pack up and leave, the question is how do we accelerate their departure 🙂 !!

  • john

    Brilliant Cameron. So glad to have come into this information now which answers all the doubts about archangels, et’s and ascended masters. I am fortunate in remembering an inbetween life and the time of reincarnation for that lifetime. I refused to incarnate into that particular lifetime and I was then taken to, what I can only describe as a ‘processing place’ and then being forcibly put into a foetus. All the talk of the new Agers about choice and life being a classroom I knew to be a lie. After hearing your talks and interviews was like a light being switched on. After years of psychic attacks when younger and my lifetime revulsion of all religion the new age religion just felt like a turd being put into a lovely box with glitter sprinkled over the top. it still smelled like a turd. This information is spreading fast amongst people I know who are involved in healing and spiritual work. The lie just isn’t working like it used to.

    • Thank you for sharing your remembered experience of being forced to incarnate. Hopefully we can all work together to smash that enslavement system to pieces.

    • Sylvie

      How wonderful to hear you have memory of being put into another reincarnation. I remember it too! I remember from regular dreams of being on a grassy hillside just resting and drinking in the peace and tranquility when suddenly I was ushered away to a portal device. I was terrified I was going to be “spagettied” which is my only word for defining it. Next thing I was in a tightly confined yet peaceful place and just when I felt comfortable and safe, a pulsing and pressuring rhythm began and I would wake up sweating and gasping to breathe. This was a regular nightmare when I was little and it stopped after age 7yrs. Cameron has hit the nail on the head with this article!

    • April

      I don’t have the visual memory of this but I always felt in my heart that being here was NOT my choice and NOT my place AT ALL !!
      I’ve been trapped and forced just like many other souls and I’m starting to think that some of these souls were trapped so that they CAN’T disturb the falsification program.
      But it seems like they missed something because some of Us never forget despite all their supposed “power” and “technologies”.
      Let’s laugh about it.
      I endured psychic archontic attacks and I could break through just by refusing to submit despite it deprived me of the use of my body and speech. I just mentaly affirmed : “You are NO God”, “I am my own God”. And indeed, the entity left me.
      This is just was the gnostic mystery schools taught as John ash mention in his work.

      I can testify here that it works and if it works in 3D, it might even better after leaving this physical body.

      • I am just now learning about this. I’ve felt for a very long time that I’m not supposed to be here, that this planet is so f’up and that being here is a big mistake. I don’t want things “normal” people want. I’m not into the material world; hell, I’m not even into eating. I feel more connected with what I’m reading hear then ever before. I just need more directions and some basics to build on.

    • Sharon

      I did not breathe right away when born. I spent several years in great depression and often found myself saying that I wanted to go home. I did not want to be here. It was definitely not my choice.

  • Serena

    Hi Cameron! Great article!!! Thank you for your insight and for having the courage to post this. It really explained so much of why I was getting attacked and harassed by these beings. I think that it is really important for people to find out about this, so they can live freely and cross over with all of their options open. I agree with you and firmly believe in taking action. I want to give this article to as many people as possible, but a lot of them can’t understand it (think, your grandmother) or don’t think it’s relevant to them.

    Could you please create a condensed version and write it in layman’s terms so that an average person can understand it and get what they need from it? Thanks again for your dedication and service.

    Love and blessings

  • Thank you Cameron! “I am sovereign, and there’s no-thing and/or no-one that has the right to manipulate my power.”

    “Any influence that divides must be realized as Truth’s genocide.” – FrankE

    I’d like to share the lyrics to a song I wrote called “Another Day, Another Why”

    Another day, another why,
    another way to reach within
    To let the goals of your soul take control

    Another week, another year
    To free its light, increase the cheer
    and ease the severe in this fear

    Sifting through the world’s view
    to find something true
    because reality’s confusing to me

    Its covered with the dust of myth
    the soul’s deadly kiss
    Killing its vitality

    We should not dismiss
    Our right to bliss,
    and the chance we miss each day
    To recover the Truth
    That’s been made aloof,
    and live by its light everyday

    We be doing it, we be doing it, we be doing it… we

    It’s up to you, it’s up to me
    Reality’s our energy
    Bringing life to “what be”
    So get the mind out of plight
    Liberate the Light
    It’ll make this world a better place… “To Be”

    Another day, another why,
    another way to reach within
    To let the goals of your soul take control

    Another week, another year
    To free the Light, increase the cheer
    And ease the severe in this fear
    And ease the severe in this fear here
    And ease the severe in this fear!

    ©2007 Frank E. Robinson, Jr.

  • Sovereign1


    This is very powerful and vital information for every incarnated spirit to be aware of. The concept of a diabolic holographic set-up on the astral is not new info to me. However, you have described it in vivid detail in such a way, at least in my research, that is rarely found. I hope in future articles you would continue to describe as much as you fully know about all the precise mechanisms employed, to deceive and manipulate the billions of souls entrapped on this prison planet to endlessly reincarnate. Using our life force energy to power their holographic nightmare. Really, this information is more important than anything that one might “learn” down here in 3d. Each of us struggling to fulfill our “soul contracts”, finally realizing after much hardship and introspection that as sovereign beings, those contracts don’t seem to be in sync at all with our higher selves. Since the astral is where this problem emanates from for all of us, that is where we need to ultimately resolve it. The more we know, the the better we’ll be equipped to navigate out when that time comes.

    The question I have for now is when all these manipulations and deceptions commence upon expiration in this lifetime, will those of us armed with the truth and knowledge of the holographic set-up be able to reject it, call it out for what it is and depart this matrix entirely? You use the terms coercion and force, but is that applicable only to the spirits caught in a spiritual or religious belief set ( believe they are their body, gender, racial type, Jew, Muslim, Christian, etc) unaware of the true nature of this matrix?

    For if they are able to coerce and compel those who are fully aware then what is the process to exit this mess?

    With love, light and gratitude

    • Knowledge is power, and the application of our Sovereign power on a daily basis in our lives will result in us being very powerful when we exit the physical realm.

      The time of coercion is coming to an end, but we need to be as deeply knowledgeable as possible so that we can take wise actions and reveal the deceptions.

      It’s up to us to take out as much of the demiurgic system that we can while we are incarnated, and then we will need to finish the job when we leave the physical realm.

  • josephine

    Hello from Italy again!
    I’ve just read your article-teaching. It’s very interesting because it’s very TRUE! And yet, while reading, some thoughts and questions came to my mind: How do you get such truths? while meditating, living your daily life, dreaming? Do they ‘just’ come from your intuition? You give such detailed information! By the way, you’ve just destroyed another of my false beliefs…we must be very careful in our life, but mostly in our death!!! deceivers are also there, waiting for us with their “special effects”! This doesn’t make me feel at ease because I don’t know what I will remember of your revelations once I have left my ‘present container’… Anyway NOW (in my limited conditions as a human being), I share everything. I do believe that the shift, the change are individual, but immediately after I realize that we are billions and that the ones that can free themselves and stress their sovereignity over the TURDS of liarharchy are a minority… It will take a long, long time… You say:”…It’s even more difficult to share these REVELATIONS (REVEALED by whom?!) publically…”I agree, it is a hard job bacause you arise hate, love, fear, any kind of feelings or reactions… To me, you are simply a lighthouse warning about dangers and showing the way. I don’t know if I’ll win my personal battle, that is also yours and of all the people that are slowly awakening! I know that I’ll try to do my best. For example, in a little while I’ll do the clearing techniques you gave us all, for which I thank you so much!
    With love,

  • Gary

    I started this direction with my life with “Butterflies are Free to Fly” by Stephen Davis. This allowed me to see the ability to release and be free. Your directions for life actually continue on with that experience giving me the “actions” I must take for this desired freedom from all external sources and allow me to be me!
    Thanks is about all I can say but certainly not enough.

  • Mark

    Is it a hard and difficult battle to let go of acquired patterns and reclaim your freedom, or is it as simple as breathing in the subtle energy of Source and releasing completely all opinions and dogma? Whatever it takes to convince yourself that you are truly free is what it takes. No being has power over you unless you grant that power to them ongoing. The second you create absolute freedom for yourself, all complaining and victimization cease and every vibration, thought, and action then contribute to the liberation of all. Thank you, Cameron, for assisting in the letting go.

  • Thelma

    Thanks so much for this hard-hitting but necessary article, Cameron. Particularly helpful to me are the instructions for revoking pre-birth agreements and proclaiming sovereignty.

    I have been aware of the likelihood of humanity’s “enforced reincarnation cycle” for awhile now, but your article makes it much clearer.

    I recently read that these alien parasites can also “erase some of our memories” when we move into the astral realm after physical death, and if THAT’s true, how can we avoid believing the lies they feed us to get us to accept reincarnation?

    For those who wish to know more about these dark beings (mind parasites) that are messing with us, I invite you to read “Archons Infection” at
    – warning: you need a strong stomach!

    The way I see it, we need to be strong in our sovereignty and rely more on our heart feelings (our connection to spirit)than the logic of our mind, which is programmed to doubt everything and thus lowers us in vibration. We cannot afford to go there.

    Appreciation and gratitude for what good we DO have in our lives and appreciation of beauty help to keep us in a frequency that can’t be interfered with.

    God bless us all!

  • Hi Cameron,

    Thanks for another great article. (I still haven’t found one that I didn’t like). Like many people I was very confused about “the law of Karma.” For a while I believed the lie that we have to keep incarnating because we have done so many evil things, etc.

    Then I heard that the “anklebiters” were somewhat involved in karma, but I didn’t know how or what to think anymore so I became even more confused. Your article explains it all.

    I can’t thank you enough for your website, especially the ability to be able to download articles and podcasts. Because I live out in the country there are very few and (expensive) net providerst that offer very limited plans. Watching videos or listening to podcasts straight off the internet really “eats up” your net time in no time at all. Exceeding your plan would cost a small fortune.

    I find your articles and shows extremely educational. Since I don’t have a photographic memory I can only remember so much when I fast read in order to get off the net.

    Being able to download and print articles allows me to study them off line in order to start putting them into practice and try to help Mother Earth and humanity behind the scenes so to speak.

    There’s a really nice lady on your radio archives of 2008, Diane. She expresses a lot of gratitude for all the help you have given her. I join Diane in my gratitude to you, and I’m sure thousands of others do as well.

    I could feel I was being psychically attacked and I knew that the attacks had escalated in the last few years but I didn’t know what to do about it or how to protect myself. So I thank you for all the tools that you give us! From your website I’m learning about energy refund, reclaiming my energy, shielding protocols, dream shielding and so much more.

    You have many gifts and I can tell you are using them to make this world a better place. (I know it can be done). For example, the artwork is brilliant. There is a saying that says something like “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

    I had never seen a pyramid like the one you show on the karma article with people “stepping” on each other’s shoulders to get to the top, then finally there’s only one at the top (perhaps that 1% that we all know about).

    I thank my Divine Inner Self for leading me to your website.

    But I better stop here. I usually don’t post because my comments are too long. Keep up the great work.

  • Brad

    Thank you very much Cameron awesome article and I like ToK it works for me.

  • Amanda

    Would love to see you pick apart a Near Death Experience Cameron. Betty Eadie’s “Embraced by the Light” would be awesome. Her most recent interview I could find is 2004 with George Noory on Coast to Coast radio but her book is more detailed and a quick easy read.

  • Cool, awesome info Cameron!

  • Pnew


    Fantastic Article.

  • March from the Gold Coast

    Thank You Dear Brother –

    Unspoken relief to read SUCH SANE presentation.
    We DO feel all this daily.
    Our deepest, purest, directly God-connected Self DOES know that .. then as in a sleep state – that successful programming You elaborate on – takes us procrastinating to wake up and take charge of this life saving process You describe.
    Many Thanks – THERE IS a way there IS hope for us and our Beloved World.
    It does take a lot of guts to claim sovereignty as it automatically assumes claiming responsibility to our lives .. so often the majority prefers going with conscious / previously obviously programmed(!) “choice” to submit to the next organized sect nearby .. Unfortunately all in the name of false sense of community and belonging .. that those programmers – physical and non-physical – so welcome and count on..
    I more and more understand why every ‘system (as in organised religion) on offer’ always felt and feel lopsided ..
    Amazing how much more learning we have and HOW TRUE it is how MAGNIFICENT We ARE and how much more cultivating of our True God-Connected Self we are to do with Self Appreciation, Belief and Genuine Respect of Ourselves and therefore how much ‘counter programming’ Humanity endured that was able to deeply damage this so Fundamental TRUTH taking Life Times TO UNDO!

    Let’s ALL Beloveds Remember WHO we truly are and CLAIM Wellness, Empowerment, Freedom of Creativity and Deep Reverence Toward Self and toward Absolutely ALL THAT IS.

    Namaste Dear Cameron and ALL

  • Gloria

    Perfect timing for this follow up to Why I am no longer a Lightwoker blog in August… you have now helped me to understand many concepts I have been wondering about for years now with this blog you just put out … and you also answered my question now, re: is Ronna Herman’s AA Michael part of false light> … as I went to go retrieve my indigo AA Mike blanket ordered from that site and it states right on there “Lord Michael” so now I know … thx again for all you are doing to put the real truth onto the planet … you are a brave soul Cameron, a hero to humanity!

  • Rebekah

    Hell yeah!!! 😀 Such awesomeness! Such confirmation that my intuition and inner self knows what’s up! ^_^
    The word ‘Lightworker’ never sat well with me because just the name itself implies duality. Yes, I’m a loving, peaceful being… BUT I’m also a monster capable of much horribleness, as well. Since I’m the entire universe… I am neither just darkness nor just light… I am ALL!!! And yes, I love the little buggers cause they are me in a different form, but they better watch their sh*t with me now that I’ve remembered who I am. I’m done playing their game, lol, I will destroy them without question from now on. Yay… Let’s take back this world!!! Freeeeedom!!!!!

  • elva thompson

    Dear Cameron,

  • 100thMonkey

    Cameron, thank you for coming across my/our paths. You’re truly changing lives.

    Excerpt from “Masquerade of Angels” – the story of Ted Rice (pdf at

    “In my prayers,” Ted continued, “I have openly confessed to God that I have been molded, shaped and engineered to be the ‘Light Worker’ they wanted me to be. I have been in preparation for 40 years to do just what I’ve been doing, which is fascinating and mystifying people with my remarkable psychic abilities. Through psychic readings, I have led people away from the Christ consciousness into a world of metaphysical beliefs and ufology. I overpowered people mentally and left them wide open to invite this invading nightmare into their lives. And I did it all in the illusion and deception that I was really and truly helping my fellow man grow spiritually wiser through my so-called gift.”

    Ted’s outrage was evident, and so was his determination to fight against the perpetrators of such intrusions.

    “So now I’ve asked God,” he wrote, “to take this ability they have engineered within me and use it against them, to reveal their plans and secrets. May God give us the strength and power to overcome their evil.

    “That demonstration of their cloning abilities which I witnessed was a demonstration by the blond man that he could control life, in the past, present, and future. With this ability, the aliens can now prey upon homo sapiens’ most vulnerable point, our emotions of love for each other. To entice and manipulate us when they come to the earth plane, they can not only offer us everlasting life, but they can bring our departed loved ones back from the grave, through cloning. What greater weapon would they need to bring us to our knees? We would bow to them as gods and worship them.”

    (Also check out – Rosemary E. Guiley is looking at connection between djinn, shadow people and “ETs”)

  • 100thMonkey

    One more excerpt from “Masquerade of Angels”

    “Back when I was being given messages and information during the night, I remember one particular lesson the aliens taught me. They explained that the space between physical matter isn’t empty, but rather it is filled with positive and negative charges.

    “Now, if you can imagine these two vast fields of charges somehow producing separate dimensions of existence,” Ted continued, “and then imagine that these dimensions give rise to intelligent entities, each of them carrying the positive or negative charges according to which dimension produced them. It seems to me that we humans are a source of some sort for both of these kinds of creatures, and I can imagine them working together to shape us into the perfect creation, made of both positive and negative aspects, so that both of them can use us.

    “They may not be good or evil in their own terms,” he conceded, “even though their actions feel that way to us. But they certainly seem to be bound together in their involvement with humans. I remember the incident where the two aliens were arguing over me. Their discussion about the two groups involved with me seems to be related to this idea.

    “One of them was rather rough and threatening with you, wasn’t he?” Barbara asked.

    “Yes,” Ted said, “and the other one came in and protected me from him, which pi$$ed off the first one. It seemed like a real confrontation, but if they were really two opposing groups, what were they doing there together? They seemed to be sharing the premises. Not long ago, I read a passage in the Gnostic Gospels where Jesus talked about the good angels and the bad angels working together, Barb, and I think that’s exactly what is going on with the ETs.”

    • Thank you for your comments. Those are really fascinating excerpts. It’s been a long time since I read Karla’s material, so I am going to have to really go over Masquerade more closely.

  • Cameron,

    I appreciate your articles “Why I am no longer a light worker” and “Tell the Lords of Karma that you are sovereign”. I had recently come to the same conclusions but was still having trouble clearing old contracts successfully. I especially like your agreement revoking technique. I have been doing contract release but have not been personalizing it or using my will to seal the deal. This was a very helpful piece of information!

    I also loved the Galactic Vacuum and that it’s OK to use defensive force. I have been getting more forceful about protecting myself in recent years but it’s great to hear another Divine Agent speak on my wavelength!

    Thanks so much for speaking the truth so eloquently!


  • […] “The false-light demiurgic parasites known as the “Lords” of Karma are perhaps the worst violators of free-will that I have encountered, second only to the corrupt demiurge itself.   They are the primary gatekeepers that allow or deny beings access into and out of the demiurgic system, and as such, they must be exposed.”… […]

  • Goldwing

    I’m so pleased Cameron decided to write this. I have been talking about this kind of manipulation and New Age brainwashing and mind control techniques (such as the ‘fear of fear itself’ meme) for a few years now but never so succintly, so it’s great he/she has decided to put this out now where it will hopefully get the attention it deserves, and from the people that really need to hear it. Marvellous!!

  • To be truly de-colonize you have to start with your body.
    To get rid of the parasites, isn’t easy, using MMS &/or CDS
    CLO2- is probably the best, fastest & safest way to do
    such a thing. In the meanwhile you have a declaration
    of principle but to me it falls short of true sovereignty.
    Also you can’t be sovereign if you live in country that
    itself is ruled by a sovereign that disallows his subject
    to exercise self rule. You can wish all you want to
    be sovereign if you do not know what true sovereignty
    actually implies you’re not getting anywhere without
    a passport from your country & bound by admiralty law.

  • Josie

    Thank you so much for this article Cameron.
    Only the truth will set you free.


  • Lynn

    Hi Cameron……what a fantastic enlightening article. As I continue my “earth walk” with this new awareness, this new freedom, I am finding that I can spot emotional density and put it in “it’s place” before it sucks the energy from me/my source.
    Thank you for paving the way and sharing your wisdom!
    Peace & love

  • hollyhock

    thank you, thank you so much Cameron. I stumbled upon ‘Why I am no longer a lightworker’ exactly when all of the b.s dawned on me too. You didn’t go under the waves for the blow-back then, and I can’t say how grateful I am that under the glare of much sacred-cow-shattering you are further articulating what I get as true. Thank you so much for your courage.

  • This article is compelling. I am glad I found it. I recovered myself from a very traumatic experience with a Chinese healing master exploiting most of what you touch on here as well as my fear while I was ill. I only wish I could have read this 4 years ago. Clearly he was stealing my light and feeding it back to me as the self proclaimed hierarchy representative of the Tao because of his presumed high “soul Standing” He used incessant Karma readings and karmic law to beat us all into submission. Thanks for validating why I was guided to abandon his teachings and “mission”

  • Thankyou so much. I can relate to almost everything you wrote and all these contracts.. I was just doubting myself why I (and my loved ones) get so much troubles now I supposed to be free..So I got the answers. Now only the bills left to pay… 🙂 I wish you lots of love & guidance and courage in all time

  • siggi

    My first impression is very good. I like to be in control and thinking we are great sovereing beings. But also remember that what you think and belive is true, meaning for you. So my choice is not to dwell to much into the fear. I liked the technique. Thats all good! The rest is to much fear related, i think. And one more thing, I see many talk aboat the New age bullsh. Remember now we are going in the same trap once more. us verca them. good verca bad. religion verca new age ect. ect. WE ARE ALL ONE, my frends.You believe. You decide. You create.
    It is hard to sea clear through the fog, though.

    LOve from Norway



  • I’ve known about this for longer than you have, I’ve kept quiet about it but have came to such conclusions long ago. You remember the Akashic records phenomena, where everyone is talking about how everyone’s soul is in this matrix of records which can’t be broken. You remember how they can’t be untouched? It’s all a set up. Let me tell you something, the Akashic records is everything that happens within the desired programming of a soul’s renewed contract, that’s all you’re going to find there, avatar programming. the real records don’t actually exist anywhere else accept from within you. what with all the psy vamps there are out there and spirit vamps, you’re going to find it harder to access that data core, but believe me, you don’t need your higher self to tell you that you are your own core. You know the, system your talking about. I had to hack my way through it ever since I was brought into it by one of their goons, and I have every single memory of that projection, but there’s more to it than that. You call the real or the free universe the main doorway, it’s not like that. I don’t want to say here too much but from what I can gather, the system is using avatar controls of randomly shifting time fields to generate the whole system and take it to where ever their portals are, which is why some people get to choose more things or get born in to some things more so than others. Almost every single dark system out there, evil is what it really is, you notice they always got some sort of a ritual system going on behind the scenes, to physically tie spiritual bonds placed there by someone else together, and it is perfectly okay? I ask you, and the only thing they are doing is reenforcing the learning element of enforced recreation under experimental roles they set up for their own damn agenda. this agenda gets programmed into them so they don’t even know how to stop it even if they did want to tell you, these aren’t the only game in town. I know who they are however and have pledged my entire purpose to finding out who they are, what they’re about, and without naming names, not like it really matters anyway if I did, the people and the presence behind so called attacks can only control someone if they have their energy signature directly imprinted in to a transmat device. that is what they use to control things, and I’ll tell you something else, it’s not over yet. We should collaborate on stopping this system from spreading, you can contact me via Email if you like or visit my site, I have a way to stop this and you’re not alone in the fight for spiritual and sovereign victory!

  • for anyone wishing to read a translated version of this article, I offer you this link so you may better understand it in your language using Google’s Translate program.
    Thanks for sticking together as a family, your hearts warm mine.

  • Breathe

    Cameron, thank you so much for the information…
    Been battling these choad sucking weasels for
    Years, and while there is a site that may or may
    Not get you your soul back, the fiduciary cost is
    Woefully prohibitive!! The information is going to
    Have to be transposed…and others informed thusly.

    Again, many heartfelt thanks!!!

  • It’s not that there is no right or wrong but right and wrong are subjective.

    It is not as complicated as all of this. If you are fully awake at the moment of death no one can trick you into repeating a lifetime to get something right. Fully awakened beings KNOW there are no do overs because there is only the eternal moment. It is the longing and mental attachment that causes us to repeat things and to do things that cause suffering. That mental attachment is what causes the “seven deadly sins” which are blockages to the 7 energy centers like lust or greed. Fear holds us in those lower vibratory states that manifest these things. so it doesn’t matter who tricked us what matters is that you practice every day being fully awake in the knowing that you are free and you are not the body. But more importantly that only love is eternal and it is the only thing that sets us free.

    • tara michael

      Thank you for this perspective. It is the only thing that truly resonates compared to the fear based article I just read.

  • Since the universe is both particle and wave, determined by the observer then in fact the TRUTH IS RELATIVE. Is that the truth? It is A truth. There are many truths. There is much about this whole article that is really spot on in regard to sovereignty but much of it does not sound like the writings an enlightened being. It sounds more like someone’s personal mental battle. I am just being honest because people need to know the difference. It is the subconscious mind that needs to do the clearing. The conscious mind does very little.

    • Judith Fudge

      Hi Cari. I read your November 13th blog on another site but could not respond as I am not registered there.

      You wrote; “We want to heal ourselves and the earth.”

      See my general reply further on (Nov 27th) to this article of Cameron’s.

      Here is how I have been doing it (which I also extensively shared at times on the LW Org blog site, but in ‘bits and pieces’)

      No big secret though.

      . . . . “to share with those suffering greatly . . .”

  • Igigli

    The one major thing I don’t understand is the talk of the original entry agreements to incarnating on Earth. You say there wasn’t much option but to sign the contracts, but yet we have the power to revoke them later? Why wouldn’t we have the power right at the beginning to tell these beings to f**k off in the first place if we’re sovereign? If we have the power now to transmute them if necessary, why not then? Doesn’t make much sense to me…

    • Good question. What it boils down to is that the demiurgic control system is a closed, highly-controlled enterprise. Beings from the free universe outside of the demiurgic system knew there was some really bad stuff going on in here, but we didn’t know exactly what that was. In order to assess the situation and come up with a plan for removing the demiurgic system, beings from outside had to go into it.

      The only way to gain entry was to accept various entry agreements. Think of it like a secret society where an individual has to agree to never expose the society’s secrets in order to be allowed into their “inner sanctum.”

      Very few people throughout the ages have spoken about this control system, because the “penalty” for breaking those entry agreements and revealing them to others is a lot of psychic attack and verbal attack by people upholding their (unconscious) agreements to preserve the false-light / dark demiurgic duality system.

      • Sorinacho

        Read the Programul Terra (Terra Programm) by Tony Moldovan (romanian doctor). This man developing the manipulatory ET programm ( many years ago).

      • Read the Programul Terra (Terra programm) by Tony Moldovan (romanian anestezist doctor). This man developing manipulatory ET programm many years ago.

  • Elisa

    Count me in as one who will stand alongside…I always get, “turn the other cheek” tossed around when I tell people to stick up for themselves. Look, love is great and one of the most powerful emotions there is, but love doesn’t work with archon implants.

  • Lisa

    Thank you Cameron for these two part articles. I would like to say that, I believe, that the Ankle Biters and their agenda, the ones who pull their strings, the grid around Earth, etc. are not the causal factors for the koyaanisqatsi here on Earth that it seems you make them out to be. While these elements are very important features of what is going on here I believe they are not causal and are byproducts or reflections of deeper, more important causal realities.

    I think if you could syncretize your information with the teachings of Right Use Of Will, then you would really be on to something. For we are the ones responsible for the Ankle Biters just as we are the ones responsible for the nefarious and psychopathic leadership in our country hell bent on destroying all life. Our loss of consciousness through the loss of vibration caused by not vibrating our emotional bodies is the deeper truth. When we loose ourselves, our vibration, it leaves room for others essences to move in on us.

    So I must say that I dig everything you are saying when I read your articles but, oh, that thing you do where you think that feeling feelings is bad or will entice the energetic encroachers just plain hurts because how can anyone evolve if they are cutting off parts of themselves (sadness, grief, anger, rage, hatred) and disassociating themselves from aspects of themselves? The above named feelings and emotions are actually connected to actual essence of ours – they are not just negative thought forms that can be ignored and cast aside. This belief is yet another falsehood perpetrated by the New Age movement (and as you imply is greatly influenced by the various forms of unloving light consciousness – so of course they would not want us to have acceptance for our emotional body because it keeps them in power) which has caused a lot of damage, confusion and embedded judgment against feelings and emotions.

    I can only scratch the surface of these understandings here but I needed to say what I said. Thank you.

  • Sovereignty is a covenant that exists between you and God.
    It is the recognition that nothing exists between you and the creator.
    No one can take your sovereignty from you.
    You can only forfeit it.
    The dark has no intelligence. Dark is an absence of light. When you ignite the spark of the Creator, no dark can touch you.
    However, you must first get through your own dark within, the fears that are exposed when you push on the door to your higher self, and the light exposes that which exists in your shadow.
    As you have done.
    It is here that you must double your resolve and faith, leave the door open, and see all that comes up as what it truly is, illusions created by your own fears.

    These are all negative mirror images of our own creation to explain and justify that which we discover when we turn on the light in the dark.
    it is our first true foray into multi dimensionality.
    And it is frightening.
    So we shut the door again.
    This is the choice of duality.
    To choose the lesser dark (fear) from without.
    Or the greater dark (fear) from within. With the understanding that it will lead ultimately connect you to the source of all light.

    I AM Sovereign.
    I AM speaking my truth.
    I AM that I AM.

  • Cameron,
    I say what i have said as someone who has been where you are, left the door open when every alarm bell was screaming at me to shut it.
    And come out the other side.
    In celebration of all that I AM.
    You are so close.
    and just facing in the wrong direction.
    Once you have tasted the light as you have, you can never stop being a light worker.
    You can only be in denial of it.
    Under the circumstances it understandable.
    and it serves a purpose.
    And ultimately it is self defeating.
    Over time however, the universe will compel you synchronisticaly to start looking within again.
    To choose the greater fear that leads to the light
    I think this process is called karma….
    And you are in charge of it.

  • Misty

    Hello Cameron 🙂
    I appreciate all that you share . About a week before I had read about the contracts we sign I had a dream where I was being hurried to sign a form. I was in an emergency room waiting to be seen,but before they would take me back, I had to sign this form. Everyone in the room was pressuring me,I couldn’t read the words. I tried to sign it but could barely write my name. When I read your article of course it made sense. I feel like when you say these contracts are many and we need to find them and revoke each one that its intent (though not necessarily YOUR intent) is more busy work to keep us from the next layer. Anyone else feel the same?

    • cat

      I feel the same. There is something about this bugging me…I need to work that out for myself. But no, Misty, you aren’t alone 🙂

  • Lori

    Karma is energy. It is regulated by your chakras. When your energy is balanced and fully integrated you no longer return to this density as an experience. The Lords of Karma have nothing to do with your energy.

    It is incorrect to assume that anyone has power over you. You would not be incarnated on earth if your higher self did not choose this experience. Nobody can make you do anything. The Lords of Karma do not force anything on anyone. If you ever encounter any non-physical entity that tries to control you it is not a being of a higher vibrational nature. Yes, of course you are a sovereign being. A sovereign being would not blame the Lords of Karma for their problems. Your experience of the Lords of Karma as judging you is a projection of your consciousness because you believe you are powerless.

    Karma is meeting yourself- Edgar Cayce

    • Lori, your understanding is very true. Unfortunately this article is very negative and scaring people.

    • sigbjørn Ørjansen

      Very god my freind! you naild it. Lets stop and refuse to listen to the fearmongering. You have never lost your soveregnity. Only forgotten that you always had it. Fear keps us running in circels in a dark room. Step out and take control. You and only you can do that. Listen to your hart,only take in what is ressonate. These dark enteties feeds on fear. Love and thank them instead.Because they are helping you see the light. Thanks all your enemies seen or not seen for the same reason.Ultimate,the dark is here only to help us to the light. you can never fail. The victory is assured for all.

  • I am
    You are
    We are the Ones we were waiting for :):)

  • Ali

    Hi Cameron, nice to make your acquaintance, both your articles on ‘Why I AM NOT a Lightworker Anymore’ are just fantastic…it’s just amazing how inspite of having become New-Age at the tender age of 13, I never even bother to know about angels, archangels, etc., and the term ‘Ascended Masters’ it was first/only available to me a couple years back on FB. I recently ‘began’ a chat with ‘Angels’ just in the past two weeks and I ‘accidentally’ also found the ‘Spirit Library’ page by Doreen Virtue and also this other one called ‘Angel Numbers Joanne Sacred Scribes’ which of course was a brilliant part of this deception as I was being manipulated softy, slowly by who knows what haha…OK what really put me on alert was the fact that I took a nap unexpectedly and all of a sudden this DEMON came from behind and imprisoned me in this very strange arctifact made of wood/steel and locks! He then picked me up and was going to crucify me or something similar to that but guess what? It all happened in a matter of seconds and I was able to FREE MYSELF in a split second because I had been repeating in my mind these words that I was given before, on the day of my Initiation a while back. I became suspicious again when I was being told to be a living example to others when in fact I was being a victim of very irrational and jealous people at the church I currently attend. In your opinion is Rhonda Byrne also a part of this conspiracy? Do you think and does it mean that Sacred Geometry, Tarot Cards and The Law Of Attraction are all false as well? Thank you!

  • Judith Fudge

    Divine Ascension (Divine Dominance) is a higher evolution level than Spiritual Ascension which means that a person no longer needs to reincarnate on Earth and be entrenched in the karmic cycle.

    A Divine Being has the freedom to choose life plan and purpose.

    Evolution changes human structure to a Divine structure that no longer needs chakras or kundalini because the system runs on Divine Power. For interest, this means that the Divine being known as Earth Mother does not possesses chakras or kundalini either.

    (‘Erte’ is her Holy Name, the Celestial Resonance ‘Word of Power’for Earth Mother)


    “Even in the highest realms there is always change
    And movement and continued evolution.”

    “Develop gradually to more highly organized state”
    (Macquarie Encyclopaedic Dictionary)

    “A movement that is part of a series or pattern”
    (Webster’s New World Dictionary)

    “Appearance of events in due succession”
    (The Concise Oxford Dictionary)

    Activation, expansion and integration of divine unconditional love that is our true nature in light, energy and essence is how we evolve.

    My system became Divine Ascendant in 1996 and has continued to evolve and expand into the higher than divine,and beyond to higher than higher than Divine. There is no limit.

  • kyo

    I have a question.. so what happened to you after you void all ur agreements and proclaimed that you are sovereignty? did you shift to a reality where there are no more Hierarchy? so are you telling us that you are now free from pain, suffering, poverty, relationship issues, health problems, money problems, physical abduction and implantation, lack of self-worth etc. after proclaiming that your are sovereignty and voiding those “agreements”????

    Im asking this because some of us are not convinced if what you are saying is true or if this is just another dellusional belie of another person….

  • kyo

    are you also saying that JESUS is part of the “demiurgic control system”..??? wow… you really have some guts saying this….. can you show some proof??

    • Rose

      Kyo, Cameron is authoring his own bible on his assumptions (due to his experience of reality). I have never been controlled by ETS or Masters of the Dark. I don’t allow or invite them in. I reject his ego in that he enlightens light workers to seek the truth that only he has discovered.

  • Exceptional Being..

    It is in the exception that God is found.

    Not the rule.

    So be exceptional.



  • I am in a fix. After reading this article, I am doubting every single thing I know. Is this article correct? How does he know about the Lords of Karma? Who are the Gods I know?

    • There are too many questions like Igigli and Ellen. If these people have got complete control over the re-incarnation process, then there is virtually no choice left to souls. More importantly how can they get the complete control what our benevolent guides/masters are doing? Sorry but it seems impossible to me.

  • This hit me like 10 tons of brick. I had only just been talking in enlightenment groups about how something felt ‘off’ with the duality matrix, I knew I was missing something, and after asking my HS to show me the next step, I found the link to your site in the comment section of another (that I’ll no longer be following, since now the only person I’m following is me) and at first there was resistance. Then as I gave myself the courage to continue reading it all became clear.

    I had known and understood these concepts on an intuitive level before this year, and I will admit that I got wrapped up in the 2012 disclosure/ascension thing that I fell right into the trap lol. Gonna be interesting to see how the events in our time play out,… whether or not the liararchy does land like they’ve been promising, and if so how the interactions will be between those of us who see them for what they are. I’m interested to see what happens when a demiurge being is called out in the physical realm.

    And finally to have an explanation of why I’m always fighting in my dreams. My psyche makes the ‘enemy’ look like police which is fitting, since I view the police force here with skepticism, much more than I did the liararchy anyways.
    Ughhh I thought I knew… now I know I didn’t and get to re-evaluate those things I thought. Fun! At the very least, I can take a good attitude with me from the New Cage.

    I AM Sovereign.
    I AM released from ALL self imposed contracts
    I AM the creator of my reality

    Thank you Cameron. I’ll be passing your work on to the others who call themselves light worker and give them the opportunity to make their choice.

  • Ellen

    My question is somewhat similar to Igigli’s. I appreciate the information you have presented,Cameron, and I have experienced a degree of freedom & power proclaiming my sovereignty & revoking contracts, etc. But the question arose in my mind this morning while I was practicing this…if these manipulations, deceptions occur in the astral realms upon death, when apparently we are not too enlightened or aware enough to defend ourselves, then how come we are not protected from all this potential bulls***t by our higher self, which is fully aware, conscious, powerful & one with divine source? If as I meditate, pray, proclaim my sovereignty, seek enlightenment & fuller, higher consciousness in order to free myself from this enslavement of karma & reincarnation, & I am seeking the guidance, help of my higher self, the question remains…where was my higher self when I was being manipulated, deceived after death? Like Igigli’s question…if I can exercise sovereignty now thru my higher self, how come I couldn’t then? I guess I’m a little confused & would appreciate some help in this, Cameron. Thanks in advance for your help!

  • John

    This article might contain one of the biggest and intellectually developed fears that our mind is still containing. It is still in a way valuable that you bring this bitter paranoia up so it can be recognized and abandoned… Still it might be good to remind people that there are also not so good reasons why something resonates with you… And this article might be tricky to see through because it also contains (but exploits) many thruth points…

    one more time: there are dualistic(misleading) light teachings and beliefs but going to this aggressive extreme is not what you should do if you are looking for self-realisation…

  • John

    I have to say one more, because it seems to be most instant and real reaction from my Self:

    “Oh my God people! You can’t be seriously believing this stuff?!”

    “Yeah! Let’s take big “guns” and shoot the ENEMY (outside of ourselves) down!…”

    “Eeh… Are you sure we didn’t forget something very basic?”

    Enjoy the labyrinth guys! 🙂

  • John

    Okay, try to calm down people… We are all probably very stressed out and even hurt by the process and transformation and all the s**t and whatever that seems to be happening, but starting to blame some demigodsupercontrolsystem is quite absurd… The thing is that this story might resonate strongly with peoples emotional field generating a feeling of being a victim (when difficult things happen) and FINALLY finding an article that (very intellectually) explains that “we have an enemy”, “we are all victims”. Wouldn’t it be an easy solution? Maybe a bit too easy and a bit too simplified? The thing that IS real in this article is the fact that there is CLEARLY and OBVIOUSLY my friends a “false light system” that needs to be recognized AND ABANDONED but going to the extreme of “banishing” and “attacking” EVERYTHING out there is excessive or just another victim drama… Good people remember the basic principle of the middle way —-> even though there have been and are liers and dualistic teachings of light it doesn’t mean that all of them would be wrong and false or that the whole bloody planet and your process of birth would be completely controlled by the bad guys… Sorry, I don’t want to be a party destroyer but I had to state what is obvious… (when you have been fooled or fooling yourself and wake up from that lie you easily want to develop something like this from your pissed offness and anger coming from the fact that there has been some deceiving but please don’t go into these “the enemy is out there”-dramas anymore ) good night folks! (I would gladly like to discuss of this

    • This article puts point which have no basis. People are believing only because of the author reputation (?). This article is merely serving negatives by creating fear among people. This will create despair in minds of people and feel helpless. I myself felt so and on thinking again I found both of the linked articles fully false without any basis – specially the current one.

      • AnalogDan

        Eastern religions cite reincarnation as a basis for soul dynamics. Salvationist religions don’t even discuss this as a potential. If you read into gnosticism, you find that salvationist religions began with… channeling! Aliester Crowley wrote “the book of the law” when his wife channeled the information from an alien. To suggest that a false light paradigm is unfounded would lead me to believe that folks haven’t been doing their homework. Sovereignty is the key to releasing the soul from the reincarnative process which is the ultimate goal of yoga- liberation. Again, understanding the depths of the mind will account for all different kinds of denial in people. Study these things, see the truth, because none of us are immune; people have horribly traumatic things happen to them; there is great imbalance on this planet. Time to wake up everybody, clocks a tickin’.

  • AnalogDan

    Cameron, kudos to you for all of these wonderfully articulated thoughts. It is so refreshing to read this, as most are turned from one lie to the next regarding their truthseeking.

    If I may, I’d like to add a few thoughts. Based on the awareness of the “archon,” or anklebiter, I think it would be important to truly consider the nature of the archontic intrusion. We often hear when someone discusses the Reptilians, be it Icke or whomever, there is always the caveat that not all reptilians behave as such; it’s only the bad ones, much like in our society with “bad” people. This is important because this can be almost racially discriminatory in a sense. The archon, from my understanding, and that put forth in John Lash’s work, is a mind virus; something turns the host into a parasite in need of energy. Thus we can’t say that all entities are evil, etc; potentially this is only those that are affected by said virus.

    So this begs the question- are all entities involved in our soul’s processes evil? Can’t there be some good ones? I know there are. Some would ask,’well where are they?’ Given a free-willed universe, truly caring entities see the damage in intervening directly with humanity for infinite reasons. These entities exist, they help us, but in ways that are so subtle we probably cannot detect them.

    So that said, if we have a spiritual hierarchy recirculating our souls back and forth into this existence, we could at least say we must use extreme discernment when communicating with them. They are extremely intelligent and the potential for manipulation is there for certain.

    I think the psychological aspects of this spiritual matrix are of great importance because there exists significant collective soul trauma currently taking place on this planet to our souls. I think of all the information out there, we must go into our shadow selves; we must ask the tough questions- why are we here and seemingly separate from our Source and creator? We know deep down that we are eternal; what is keeping us here? Research is important; currently I find significant validity in the work of the late Dr. Karla Turner and her case studies involving abductees and their experiences. Eve Lorgen is another important researcher; to understand our minds, to understand the schism of consciousness is where the study should be taking place regardless of the naysayers and status quo. We will find in this study massive keys of understanding as to why we are all in this frequency lock down. Just as a traumatic situation causes splits in the individual mind, there is indeed a collective mind that has been split due to the traumas that we have experienced; some of these researchers consider those that have come forward, who were able to recount their highly strange trauma as a very small percentage of those who have actually had encounters and traumatic experiences and have yet to come forward about it. Considering the depth of the human subconscious, potentially one that is SHARED, we can see the massive trauma that we all face together, thus creating this split. Is this why we sleep? what happens to us then? Does anyone really know? Anyone ever been lucid in their dreams and then realized they could do anything? Have you ever turned and faced that monster that is chasing you in your dreams and kicked its ass?! Guess who that is!! Eve Lorgen mentioned that in some of her accounts, someone would be having an abduction against their will and they simply visualized a bomb going off in one of the grey’s chests, and it did, this ending the nightmare, so to speak. Keep in mind this is whole nuther dimension where thoughts are things.

    Also, if we look at the cases of say, Sarah Stanga, a gang-stalked mind-controlled (there it is a again, as above…) satanic ritualistic slave who is seeking to escape the clutches of these demons/aliens/etc, we can see that what she experiences affects us all. She recounts rituals where altars are set up in her chakras so that these entities can feed collectively. Truly, we do not understand ritual or what it does to us. When we peel back these layers in our minds, we will find the truth that exists in them.

    Also of note- being sovereign is exactly the point. Focusing your mind through meditation is our only weapon, but the more that we connect with it, the more we see that sovereignty is the only way; declaring who we are and becoming aware of these realities are the only way to escape. establishing confidence in your mind is the first step to Yoga; the asanas of Yoga are only a small part; the true goal of yoga is to combine the conscious mind with the subconscious mind, which is referred to as superconsciousness. In doing so, you become completely sovereign and you see the true depth of your mind and existence.

    Another consideration, from a zoomed-out, higher aspect- these dark entities are there to teach us. That doesn’t change the fact that all that they have done, the sexual abuse, the etheric feeding, the frequency prisons, are all for the best; this is not so; but the end result is a raise in awareness. you have to come up to see what’s being done here, and in this sense, it is “Wetican,” as Paul Levy would say, that when we realize what it is, it transforms into something positive. I think about this in relation to the reptilian/snake agenda and the kundalini energy; are they one in the same? When we make this realization, is it not energetically empowering and revelatory?

  • Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for the great comments. I haven’t gone through them all yet, but I WILL read them all in good time.

    However, for a few days I am closing down the comments section so that I can get caught up on all of your excellent, insightful replies.

    As for all you haters…well, haters gonna hate. 🙂 But as long as you remain civil in what you write, your comments will be left intact.

    Much Love,

  • I am nearly caught up on email, and tomorrow I plan on catching up on the blog comments, so I am opening up the comment section again.

    Thank you for participating in the discussion!

  • Hello,

    I got myself in a world of trouble with these so called Archangels and need help getting rid of them. Can you please advise me, thanks. Whatever I am dealing with I am hearing malicious voices etc and it started with Violet flame St Germain etc.

    I feel that I need intuitive help or someone that can perceive what is going on with my energy bodies.

  • Hi Cameron, this is an amazing, eye-opening article, which makes so much sense to me. I don’t remember my past lives, but I sure have questioned the family I was born into and my deliberate willingness to be abused most of my life has sent red flags. I know what you’re sharing goes against everything I have read in the last 2+ years, but it deeply resonates with me.

    Some of the things I can’t help noticing is that many channelings contradict one another even though the same “lord” or whoever is being channeled by different people.

    I also receive red flags when they’re going to come down here and show us what to do or what work we should be doing? Them having titles is another thing, the hierarchy. I keep thinking, if we’re all one, then why are they considered Ascended Masters?

    I find it also nice that while they’re living in their wonderful ships watching humanity suffer, they focus on governments and our financial system. For real??? Shouldn’t they be helping us move into the Golden Age by reminding us that we are the Divine and we only need ourselves? No money or governments, corporate or otherwise is necessary.

    Thank you for these revelations. Please keep them coming.

    I send much love to you and your family.

  • Lisa K.

    Hi Cameron,

    This is the best article you have ever written. It is so resonating with me. I have started doing this work and have used other sovereignty meditations as well over the last year. I am experiencing a serious backlash now and will have to become stronger. These jerks mean business but so do I.
    There is a Sovereignty Song by Hawaiian singer Keali’i Reichel. Not on You Tube but google it. Beautiful. “Sing a song of sovereignty wherever you may be”…, on the O mei CD.

    Thanks for what you do Cameron,

  • Misty

    Would you mind telling me what back lashes
    might be like?

    • Pat

      Hi Misty,

      I can’t speak for Lisa K. but I know I do have ‘back lashes’ when I stand up to these idiots. The back lashes come in the form of dreams sometimes, or they put their ‘foreign installation’ type thoughts in my head when I’m awake (and I know now the difference between my own thoughts and their ‘virus program’)…or they send people into my life out of no where who are in their trance and virus/parasite ridden themselves or they send ridiculous situations and circumstances out of the blue.

      I could get really specific but I won’t. That’s basically the gist of it and why knowing yourself is so important and why discernment is also important.

      Have you ever found yourself in a situation of being falsely accused out of nowhere of something you didn’t do? That’s them.
      Have you ever met a person who keeps telling you what a good person they are, yet right in front of you, their “actions” are telling you otherwise? Have you ever met a person who tries to convince you wrong is right, when in your heart you know the difference ! ?? Have you ever tried to rationalize something that is blatant with a person who can’t think rationally? They’re under the ‘influence’. Have you ever been with someone who won’t do their own inner work and wants all the answers and healings from you?

      Back lashes come in all forms, shapes, sizes, intensities and the playing fields are physical, mental, emotional, psychological, astral, and on the conscious and unconscious levels. The ghouls have no boundaries. It’s a ‘war’ and game of
      chess; always with the intent of destroying some part of us or all of us. They’ll arrive in the form of Darkness and in the form of the False Light which I agree with Cameron is even more

      They’ll use people, places, things, your own thoughts and emotional wounds against you and circumstances against you.

      With that said, all is not lost or hopeless. As Cameron says, just stand up; keep doing the cosmic flush and energy return, know yourself and who you ‘authentically are’; question things,
      discern things and keep claiming your self sovereignty !
      I hope that helped a little.

      • Lisa K.

        Hi Misty & Pat:

        Yes I have experienced what Pat has and more. You need to zip up your field continuously, you will receive synthetic telepathy, noise levels around your home/neighbours will go way up; electronic problems with computers etc.; interference from controlled humans –what I mean is anyone not awake and even those who are, if they are not vigilant will be used via “inserted thought lines” from the ankle biters and minions to attack you. I have had all kinds of problems from financial, work, personal safety, and energy drains that I have to continuously fix. My dreams are spiked so that they can feed, so you must protect and seal your field prior to sleep and learn lucid dreaming. It means you have to continuously commit to the work. That’s all.

        • Lisa K.

          Part Deux:

          Forgot to add, in the dreams it is very easy to see their lame programming because they do the same thing over and over. They will for example, insert a person you were romantically involved with in the long ago past or a celebrity (I could care less?) so you know it is program and it will be a romantic encounter or they will bring you to a fear-based place from other dreams–“oh, there’s that weird escalator again” or house or colors or whatever and then attack. You will see your patterns and this is why we have to do the shadow work of cleaning up our own astral dark sides without judgment.
          When awake they mess with your emotional side and insert thought forms and so you need to do the clearing work everyday and positive affirmation,intention. When one comes up listen to it, and then cancel/delete and affirm the truth instead. Then see where it is in your field and remove it, clear it and then insert light or a color you feel you need, feel what you need. All events and thoughts eventually get evaluated through your heart, like a heart/mind connection to use your stronger and stronger discernment. Your mind starts working with the heart feeling/knowing energy driving it. Practice, practice. Breathwork really helps too.

          Best regards!

  • Susan

    I feel so alone. Who is out there to help us? Just my higher self right? Does source care about me other than as a grain of sand on a massive beach? Where are the good guys?

    • Sharilyn

      all around you, susan. the plan to free us calls for steps. waiting is painful but its what we do until the next step. the work goes on constantly and incessantly by some.

      • Maria

        Jeeesh Sheri, it’s no waiting time nobody else but you can save you don’t worry you are capable to do it we’ve gotten this far. Be smart tough also don’t fall in paranoia that ain’t cute free will babe you can do whatever you want.

        • Sharilyn

          not paranoia my dear. i know what i can do and what my higher self can do, as well as others. still it is a waiting game whether you like it or not. all cannot be fixed at once. steps.

          • sharilyn

            oops. i mean whether WE like it or not. sorry.

            • Maria

              we are tough, well it is quite a trip to go to sleep it feels like im a kid again and was able to see the shadows seeing them and sometimes hearing stuff is well unsettling but the shields do work and also I think shielding is different for everyone when I was a kid I imagined a steel sphere all around my house that no one could go trough but the pyramids work great also I imagine spikes just remember when you are under attack it is only fair to give back and stand for yourself, I am more able to lucid dream I missed that

    • Hello Beloved:) You are the Beloved Self. The mind is the ride we take here in the third dimension just for the novelty and fun just like going to the movies. It is only the mind that we focus on and believe in that creates the illusion of feeling alone or unhappy or any of the fragile human feelings of pain, suffering and separation. It’s all a cosmic game. You came here, allowed yourSelf to forget who you are and pretend to be human. The game is to spend as many incarnations as it takes to wake up. Your true nature is Bliss beyond the mind’s imagination. The fastest way to return Home to your boundless blissful Self is to not react to your mind or anyone’s mind. Live in the Silence of your Spiritual Heart. Your Heart, which is the Source of everything, YOU, will give your mind info through intuition. Love your Heart, live and breath through your Heart and you will be free. Don’t believe in anything and what’s left is your Self. Give yourself time, even though time itself is an illusion. We have become identified with time and the mind’s beliefs and it will take as long as you continue to believe anything outside your Heart. You can never be totally lost. Return Home to your beautiful Heart and be free. You are pure Love, pure Consciousness, pure Awareness. Let go of the mind and what’s left is your Pure Self:)

  • Jonny

    Not sure how many people here know of Derren Brown but he is British magician/hypnotist. My educated guess he is a agent of the cable in some manner. But why I bring it up on one of his series trick or treat he makes a big deal of the participant signing a contract and is usually done in a eerie way. Hard to explain but ill put a link on, be careful though he seems to be one of there better agents.

    The contract bit like 2-3 mins in. When you looking for it there are loads of little traps in the media, probably a ‘ethric’ contract that ‘they’ try to make you agree to.

  • Michèle

    Hello Cameron,

    I have this idea,what do you think of it?

    I would start by preparing myself as you explain, by standing in the power of my Divine Inner Sovereignty.

    Then I would say, and mean, “I am so grateful that all agreements that I have been involved in, which have made me think feel and or act out being a victim, are now null and void.” This of course is a hugely simplified example.

    What I am trying to say is, what about bringing in the beautiful creative force of gratitude and appreciation, before, the result you are looking for has even taken place?
    Giving thanks at the beginning of the energetic work out.
    Engaging your belief in creating your own better future in the now. Giving thanks to start with, so acknowledging the complete cancellation of the agreement as already done.

    Could this way work too ?

    Much love
    Michèle (Johannesburg)

    • Lorelaiisalive

      This would work, yes. Take out the emotional attachment, entirely, leaving pure intent and yes it will work.

    • Vani Smith

      Hey Michele, Tx u 4 writing the evocative phrase, “the beautiful creative force of gratitude and appreciation”. This is a great way 2 look @ working w/ gratitude & appreciation.

      Nice affirmation ideas! Joseph Murphy wrote about using the I AM & the present tense 4 affirmations. & gratitude.

      & the other week I saw that Moses was teaching affirmation structure: I AM THAT I AM.

      Be well.

  • Maria

    Sometimes this feels very strange and awkward mostly because of the lies were all exposed to, who to trust? What to do? And it sucks because things ankle bitters just grab on to that confusion like parasites. I have spoken also all of our situations are different from one another much love and support to all rebels

  • Thank you Cameron for putting so much of how “I am” in writing. It is so very nice to have someone just understand. Having a further insight on why I function as I do brings such a wonderful peace of heart and mind. After I read this I started hearing and seeing myself ripping papers in half and the rest of my contracts were being thrown in the air back at the turd blossoms. I look forward to your further writings. Heidi

  • Alana

    Thank you SO much for putting into words what I have felt for a very LONG time. Be encouraged that your message is being heard by those of us who are able to receive it and know it to be Truth. I have been disgusted with the parasitic New Age movement that just mimics all other religions, but with a more palatable message. The false light controllers of this world want us to continually look outward at some sort of Savior, when in reality it is up to us to reclaim our souls and move humanity out of this mess. Thank you for all that you do and may you be blessed in all ways.


    Thank you for sharing the truth with us. I feel within myself this was brought to me at a time when I am able to receive it and KNOW IT IS TRUTH. i AM VERY GRATEFUL FOR YOUR MESSAGE. mAY YOU BE BLESSED WITH ALL YOU ARE IN NEED OF. lOVE AND HEALING LIGHT TO ALL.:)

  • sharilyn

    its nice someone had the courage to come out and say these things, cameron

  • Christopher

    Cameron are there any other places that reference this information? Just wondering what you have come across through you own process besides what you have stated here on this site.

    • minglyn

      yeah, I was wondering the same thing. Would be interested in any other places for information.

    • April

      Hi Christopher,

      The better place I found that confirm the informations spread by Cameron is here :

  • inok /Sergey

    Мне жаль что я плохо владею английским, не уверен что вы сможет прочитать. Попробую. вы сказали значительно больше чем я мог осмелиться подумать, после ваших текстов головоломка слаживается. Теперь я понял причину своего скептицизма всех ченов и иерархов религии. Еслиб ваш сайт был и на руском языке. Думаю моё место рядом с вами.

  • Nailah

    I wanted to leave a reply but all the new age people are simply daunting, can new age people stop pouring their weirdness and let us just enjoy the true light, for once.

    Thank you Cameron this is your best work yet, will you please keep bring more and not after 10 months, Part 3 please!

  • Ryan

    I feel the article has some good truth, but it is another opinion and I must take what is good and leave the rest. I will share my opinion and I also hope that you take it with a grain of salt because we all are at different levels and we have our own truth. I do truly believe that this earth has been manipulated and controlled by denser level ET’s and other astral beings who feed off our energy and manipulate us. We have given our power away, no one else. I don’t believe that we should stop trusting in the arch angels or the benevolent star beings wo are truly here to help. We all have our agenda here on earth and beyond. I do believe that certain ET’s (mostly reptilian) shape shift into angelic holograms to try an trick us in all ways possible, this doesn’t mean we should stop trusting all angelic beings of light. We draw into our beings what we need. I feel that this earth is here to help us grow and it’s all a part of source, the dark serves the light. Free will gives anyone the right to do what ever they choose, we also have the free will to transcend our limits and move beyond 3-D. Earth is not the only planet that has this system, this is why our universe is so unique. It’s all part of it and its all source. We feel duality the most in 3-D and it still exists to some degree in the other realms until we move closer to source then its all oneness. Most of the angels portrayed in the bible we’re really lower level ET’s who love to be worshipped and praised. Archangelic beings of light truly exist and you will be able to discern the differences when you are ready. In reality this article still exists in duality, and within the authors truth he also talks about a battle between the corrupt system and the universe of oneness and source. Is it not a battle between light and dark? How ever you look at its the same. This is no mistake its all part of it. On some level our true essence exists as a perfect being of oneness and source with no story of duality or any other system. We made the decision to split ourselves and experience density. We exist as many beings in many realities dark, light an oneness. This is how we have evolved ourselves. This why our beautiful and beloved universe is so unique and wonderful. Instead of being pissed off at the way things are, I do my best to embrace it all with love and respect.

    • Maria

      Ryan, have you read the other articles? about service to other transmuted evolved beings. Any entity that asks you for power or offers you protection or tells you to wait and that they will help you is stupid and an a-hole. or that needs you to pray and sh*t that is some of your power being taken away you are an infinite source if you desire.

      • Ryan

        Yes I’ve read them both, I agree that many people are tricked by lower level beings that shine a false fluresent light. We have created our own reality by allowing these beings to manipulate and control us. When one figures this out they are mostly angry. I realize that as a collective we have willing given our power away and with this comes a great teaching. My approach doesn’t envolve anger, these beings exists as a reflection of me and you. We all come from source and we will all return. I realize the truth in this article but its only one persons filtered opinion coming from his truth. It’s silly to say that all angels and star beings are of the false light. I have personally encountered many benevolent beings of pure source light that radiate the most unconditional love the human mind can not understand, can only be perceived in the heart. The article is also dualistic in its approach to dealing with these beings and this false god. All this doesn’t really matter because its all changing. The wheel of karma is already dissolved. This truth is without words and mind its a deep knowing with your soul. We can write and try to understand, no one is wrong everyone is right, duality we are all living in it. Our language is duality, our heart is oneness.

        • siggi

          What you say is so true. It is only one persons wiev.His uniqe personal life has led him to this experience. It is not necessary right for everyone. I disegree with much of what these articles says. You cant say all entities acended.angels or other light beeings are false and dark. It would be like saying that all humans are evil. I think there is much good out there. And they can assist us like good theachers, freinds or famely if you so choose.

        • ami607

          Ryan, I think the writer didn’t mean all the star beings are of the false light, what he’s talking in this article is mainly focus on those ‘Service to Self’ beings, who portray themselves as ‘archangels’ or ‘ascended masters’. According to his articles, the idea of ‘arch’ and ‘master’ already belongs to ‘hierarchy’, not ‘equality’. I see this article as a reminder of how to clear our blockages.
          In his older entries, he did mentioned there are good beings who inspire us and support us without giving out their names. I suggest you to read one of his older entry:

          Much love,

          • Ryan

            It seems to me the author is confused. The archangels represent the 7 rays of the rainbow, they also come in service and in love. I feel that the confusion is from the religious/biblical representation of these angels. Many lower level beings take shape of archangels and are very controlling and manipulative. The true archangels are pure source love. The same goes with most masters. It’s all about discernment. I understand where he is coming from but I feel he is missing the whole picture maybe from his own personal experiences. I myself have experienced contact with both the false light and the benevolent beings of source. He also puts across the idea that all channellings are from the false light, this I far from true. It feels like this article is coming from a place anger and frustration, its perfectly natural. Because a being has a name doesn’t classify them as false light. It’s my opinion and I don’t resonate with the article as a whole. Love and blessings

            • Dave

              Ryan, you said exactly what I was feeling/thinking.

              Otherwise, I think it is better to go even one step further by considering EVERYTHING in our outer 3D existence to be only an unenlightened unique personal perception, an illusion, and not the truth (unless of course you are already enlightened lol not me).

              The truth can only be perceived from within. Meditate! Contemplate! Seek! With the simple use of only our INTENTION we will be guided home without need of ANYONE’s intercession.

              Contrary though, to this article (somewhat), and especially Cameron’s Part 1 companion article, I learned these from none other than my personal spiritual relationship with St. Germain and Archangel Micheal (and a few others). Who simply cannot be the same entities that I know by these names, that Cameron mentions in Part 1 of the companion article to this one, because they espouse the identical sovereign concept message contained in these articles.

              What really sucks is I came here to experience some unity and consolidation and I was left unfortunately with a feeling of non-resonance. Once again created from “words” “attitudes” and “personally biased experiences” that are not even the point and really had little to do with the true point of Cameron’s article.

              Damn you 3 dimensional reality!

              Now, I bid you adieu as I am off to regain my Zen once again.


              Blessings to all!

          • Ryan

            Also we must remember that when these beings of lower density and false light appear to us and infiltrate our dream space it’s because we have allowed them the power. Allot of people here want to point the finger and play the victim, each one of us called these masters of deception into our life to teach us about decernment, boundaries and other issues. This is what free will means. Also allot of people seem to be angry at these beings, you have called them in no one else and you can release them with love. Love will dissolve all limitation.

            • Vani Smith

              Hey Ryan. I like the Seth works (Jane Roberts): The point of power is in the present moment.

              In every present moment, we have free will, choice. R choices build r experience; all r choices. So Cameron has the right idea: clear out old, outmoded committments. U b u.

              Free will is not only the preset choice 2 come here into others’-agenda crap. Free will is also the choice in the present moment 2 dissolve the crap, 2 stop being connected 2 the crap, 2 exit the crap.

              Be well.

        • mmm

          Omg…what an amazing way of putting it. Not many people are aware the wheel dissolved..thank you

  • Susan

    Is putting up a Christmas tree illuminati??

  • Susan

    Is a Christmas tree a demiurgic symbol?? I am seriously asking this question. Does no one know??

    • hollyhock

      Hi Susan, i didn’t notice the reply button so I just put my answer to you on the regular wall. Didn’t know if you notice so I just copied and pasted again in this reply option. Here’s what I wrote (and when I mentioned European tradition)…………… “Susan, no the christmas tree comes from a time that predates the illumimnati and anything of that sort. There are variations on the christmas tree worldwide, but in Europe the tradition has its origins in druidic culture and is pre-christian. lighting up trees was symbolic, a ritual performed by the lighting small torches on the darkest day of the year, the winter solstice. it symbolized there was always light in darkness, and it was something we did as a response to the anxiety of the agricultural year, in winter, when nothing grows, spring is months away, food gets scarce, and the sky is dark early. the christian church adopted many pagan traditions and dates, many things celebrated at christmas have their origin there. so, if you feel something putting up a christmas tree you could be responding to something very ancient and very authentic, and that’s all good.”

      • Susan

        Thank you so much for your reply hollyhock. I feel much more comfortable about putting it up. For me it is a symbol of hearth, home and warmth. The only thing is that I won’t be putting the angel at the top of the tree! 😉 wishing all the best to you and your loved ones in the coming year!

        • hollyhock

          You are most welcome Susan, I’m happy I saw your post and could shed some light on your question. Hearth, home, warmth is what the tree is about, the winter celebration was a time of joy and sharing for family and community, so go for it. And yeah, i’m leaving the angel of the top this year too. Many blessings to you and your family this season!

    • Sarah

      I read somewhere, don’t remember where, that the x-mass tree was originally meant to represent the Tree Of Life, i.e. the way back to remembering Oneness. Pine cones have been seen to liken the Pineal gland in appearance, called the Third Eye by mystics. Usurped by the Catholic Church, there is much pine cone imagery in the Vatican.
      Renegade Jew, Yehoshua (Christ), part of mission was to expose the corrupt hypocrisy the Jewish Priesthood had become. Maybe also to infuse the obsession with Law with the message of LOVE.
      Renegade Post-Orthodox Jew here, 2x by choice, on the Seek. Peace y’all!

  • “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” -Jew Zeus Christ

    If it’s not in the Scriptures, don’t believe it… point blank. He said, “All who came before me were thieves and robbers.” Does the same apply to all those who come after him as well?

  • “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” -Jew Zeus Christ

    If it’s not in the Scriptures, don’t believe it… point blank. He said, “All who came before me were thieves and robbers.” Does the same apply to all those who come after him as well?

    Sin is remorse.

  • hollyhock

    Susan, no the christmas tree comes from a time that predates the illumimnati and anything of that sort. There are variations on the christmas tree worldwide, but in Europe the tradition has its origins in druidic culture and is pre-christian. lighting up trees was symbolic, a ritual performed by the lighting small torches on the darkest day of the year, the winter solstice. it symbolized there was always light in darkness, and it was something we did as a response to the anxiety of the agricultural year, in winter, when nothing grows, spring is months away, food gets scarce, and the sky is dark early. the christian church adopted many pagan traditions and dates, many things celebrated at christmas have their origin there. so, if you feel something putting up a christmas tree you could be responding to something very ancient and very authentic, and that’s all good.

  • AlexV

    Cameron, this last year a second veil has lifted in front of my eyes, Mr Jon rapoport, Wes penre and you have helped to confirm my insights regarding the liarchy, in dreams I tell them every time to fu$%$k off. I invite every one who agrees to show them the soberanous middle finger .I.
    Thanks Cameron I will share with like minded, spiritual anarchists.

  • Pamela

    is speaking about the truth on our planet, and all the deceit currently happening fearmongering? is bringing awareness about the plight of the millions of people being bought and sold each day into (sex) slavery fearmongering? is addressing the darker issues of humanity fearmongering? is talking about how our governments basically ignore the wishes of the people, and continue to drive our earth into ecological destruction fearmongering? I agree to continue to focus on negativity without taking some kinda action to improve upon it…just continues to create more of it! but really this article can only be “fear-mongering” if you are AFRAID of the information he speaks about, whether you agree or not! Also, that being said, i think it is ridiculous to blame ever bad thing in your life on external forces, but in my heart of hearts I know something is seriously F***ed up here on earth (whether it is a mix of human sub-consious fears, or archons, or a little bit off both), we would do better to work together to illuminate the “darkness” within and without, and get cracking on talking spiritual and physical action to restore our planet, and our wounded human psyche to it’s sublime glory and beauty, instead of fighting each other because someones opinion, and truth threatens our own.

    • penny4yerthoughts

      nothing is happening that we cannot stop. people find it MORE important obviously to watch the NFL or american IDOL. so stop it whenever you are truly ready. its your game.

  • Normand Dionne

    Karma = Law of Cause and Effect.
    Good cause = good effect = good Karma
    Bad cause = bad effect = bad Karma

    Cameron, please address in your upcoming article on Karma, how the Archons fit the good Karma into their recipe of deception.


  • joyous

    If you need some background brick and lathe to explain to your friends and familiarize them with Cameron’s work or for your own solidification watch ZEITGEIST I / II / III ADDENDUM and the ~
    Actually Cameron ~ your work would make a great film !!! Seriously ~

  • paul bolen

    Hi Cameron, I like many others have seen pits & pieces of this. Thanks for putting it all together. Well I started some of this stuff and last night when I went to sleep, something bound me up and I couldn’t move. After a little yelling and fighting I remembered your words and the truth and yes I was set free. This is all to weird but its real. Thanks for your work and help, Paul

  • oona

    wooohooo!! ha ha ha fantastic truth in motion…thanks

  • Interesting perspective 🙂 Have witnessed other beings truly suffering by participating as “light workers.” Being a sovereign being and taking myself out of it means there’s no sides. Reptillian, Arcturian, Peladian, Etc all have the capacity for good, bad, right, wrong. Interesting how distortions can be created while trying to do right & doing light work. However, we are sovereign being & as such, get to see that there aren’t sides & we still have callings to work with others. It is all Light Work, Fun, Sparkles, Pain, Joy, Experience (whatever adjectives you assign) ~ just life & light work is a name for what we do. I’ve witnessed the distortion where it is about choosing sides, suffering, and giving away power (by choosing sides.) Interesting how the same name can mean many different things, but good thing semantics don’t determine how wonderful life is 🙂

  • Annie

    This is precisely what Nag Hammadi states, as well as other pearls of wisdom. Tell these beings that your God is the God of Movement and Repose. That you will not follow them. Ascend to the highest limits and be free. These rulers will have their reward shortly. When the whole matrix collapses. But, this will continue until incarnated human beings stop PROCREATING. We can stop the incarnation by not having more children. Just stop bringing more slaves into this 3D realm. That is how it will eventually stop, on a large scale.

  • Emma

    Cameron!!! Many, many thanks for your work and this article.
    Over the last years I pondered a lot about all these millenia of wars, all the violence on earth. I see people who have meditated for decades and/or taken varieties of self-development paths still with issues that they’d love to solve but haven’t.
    Wes Penre wrote an article, a few years ago, about how people were held back to go to their real essence after death. This, combined with what I gathered form David Icke form the Moon and Saturns matrix…, I’d come to the idea that it works as you describe.
    But your so practical in what to do with it!
    Love it,
    Thanks very much.

  • Cyrile

    Thank you so much Cameron! Your article is a great help. Your way to remove contracts is just what I needed: very detailed, concise, complete and easy to follow. I will use it every day from now! Thanks a lot.
    Much love!

  • crystal

    In the ’70’s, I used to joke with my sister-in-law that when things went bad, it was because I wasn’t allowed to read the fine print inserted in my contract before they sent me in, and that next time I was going to insist I be allowed to read it. I really was just joking at the time. Little did I know what I felt was spot on. Moral: Trust your gut. Tell them to scram. Then vacuum up their trash. 😉

  • penny4yerthoughts

    everyone is looking external to themselves like other people are in control. have you ever thought that you are allowing this to happen? that it is your cosmic game and can stop it whenever your ready….i think that is the most important thing to keep in mind. it is your world

  • eddie_on_drums

    November 21.
    My Birthday when this was published.
    How about that? I did hear the Great Spirit tell me I was a Free Sovereign Integral of the Galactic Universe:

    [L]ife Principles of the Sovereign Integral

    The entity model of expression is designed to explore new fields of vibration through biological instruments and transform through this process of discovery to a new level of understanding and expression as a Sovereign Integral. The Sovereign Integral is the fullest expression of the entity model within the time-space universes, and most closely exemplifies Source Intelligence’s capabilities therein. It is also the natural state of existence of the entity that has transformed beyond the evolution/saviorship model of existence and has removed itself from the controlling aspects of the Hierarchy through the complete activation of its embedded Source Codes. This is the level of capability that was “seeded” within the entity model of expression when it was initially conceived by Prime Creator. All entities within the time-space universes are in various stages of the transformational experience and each are destined to achieve the Sovereign Integral level as their Source Codes become fully activated.

  • J

    I love this! It’s so refreshing to know someone else feels the same way I do about this New Age bull**** that there is no such thing as right or wrong, only experiences. I always thought that was absurd. I’m going to try this technique.

    For years now I have felt like there was some sort of road block or some unexplainable SOMETHING that was attacking my energy and keeping it low. I was doing EVERYTHING possible to raise my vibration and it didn’t seem to work most times and usually just whenever I got to head space of feeling good and it seemed like things were finally going to go my way, something would happen and I had the distinct feeling that some unseen force was f***ing with me. I got sick of it, told it to **** off and I haven’t had as many problems since, but you’re right. You do have to be vigilant about it. Thanks again for such and amazing article.

    P.S. Is anyone else sick and tired of “spiritual people” ending every f***ing post or email with Namaste? They don’t even know what it means! Just **** off with that already!! Geez…

  • Helen Black

    Thanks for the article. Years ago I woke up one morning, saying to myself “there is no karma.” I don’t know where that came from, except it came during my sleep. And I have asked myself, who the hell gave them that job?” So your article puts everything into perspective. I have always thought that karma perpetuates situations over and over again. Thanks again! You have confirmed my feelings and thoughts.

  • Saadiq Meyers


    Your postings here are very insightful. I have taken quite serious consideration to the possibility that what you have written may be true. You make many good points. Honestly, it is extremely hard to accept this information just because I felt very strongly that the “light” forces had humanity’s best interests in mind and it gave me something to be optimistic about. But if what you say about the false light forces holds truth, then that is a prime example of just how manipulative and deceitful they can be. As of now, I have ceased all light work. At least until I have made up my mind on what to believe. I have a few questions that I would really appreciate if you answered.
    1. How did you come to this believe this?
    2. Where did you find out this information about Universal Law and all this precise information on Karma and the process of reincarnation?
    I await your response.

  • anneke

    WHY does everyone belief what Cameron Day says? Why do you people not think, feel, intuit for yourselves? These so called Ascended masters, if they indeed exist, seem to be extremely powerful and therefore beyond our control. Something about Mr Day’s belief feels all wrong to me. I do not claim to know “The Truth” as such but one thing I have learned is to trust my own inner being. Those who KNOW do not speak. Those who speak do not KNOW.

  • well.. I can only hope this is all really going to be real,.. and not just some imagination/wishful-thinking/fantasy only… because I’m honestly tired of living in this 3D reality everyday, and don’t want to be just given another false hope..

    *crossing my fingers everyday here* …
    thank you..

    -from Indonesia –

  • Maryla

    I am absolutelyu with you! Thank you! I once been bought by those lies! And now I can fight them off!!
    Now I learned why I lived so hard haRDSHIPS!
    aND they were for nothing,to steal my energy.never more! I am angry with my “teachers” and since a long time i did feel deceived.At the moment,thanks you I am pretty sure.I remove all the parasites,and I have a heavy load of them…

  • John Doe

    May I ask where you got all this information? Did it just come out of your own brain?

    Schizophrenia is a hell of a drug.

  • Jessie

    Hi Cameron ! Thousand thanks to you. Your articles are strong but I am really ok with them.

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  • Cindy

    I think the article was provocative and BRAVE, however, you’re defeating your purpose when you claim to tell in GREAT DETAIL how spiritual life, is wrong and declaring on a soujourner of TRUTH is thought provoking. If your trying to start a new religion, keep telling others YOUR EXPERIENCES are the way to true spiritual empowerment, is about as interesting as listening to RON HUBBORD. I still believe spirituality is an individual journey and thanks for your insights and specifics to rid yourself of the dark, however, you telling others how to clear negative Spiritual attachments is way toooooooo complicated and using your own words, spirituality is clean, clear, fills right and lands one with GOOD energy and no controlling entities. Like your ideas YET your complicated details of talking assertively to the beings is just too run of the mill. I think it is easier to say ” Look and see and tell the TRUTH, period. Liked your professional well thought ideas, however to me they are still YOUR ideas and YOU are not GOD so im not impressed with your findings. Thanks for listening to another opinion! xo

  • Maria Helena Azevedo

    Thank you so much dear Cameron for this priceless information that
    I just came across presently.
    Since I learnt that I agreed to live this human nightmare I have
    been asking myself how could I have accepted this repulsive
    human scenario and your article answered my question.
    I have done what you told us to do and I feel much better already.
    I also find the delay of the ET’s to deal with the cabal very
    questionable. I believed that these galactics have the power to
    subdue mentally anyone but they are showing a kind of cabal fear
    which I find very strange. Can you please give us your opinion?
    May Peace, Joy and Abundance reign on Earth Soon Forever. Namaste

  • Dagmar

    Holly sh!! I’m sorry, these were the first two words that came out NATURALLY after having read the 2 articles.
    Then I did the meditation and woke up sweating!
    Always knew there was more to this!! THANK YOU! Thank you! THANK YOU!

  • There is much truth in this. However, the main problem is that we are tricked by YHWH (= Yaldaboth in the Nag Hammadi texts) to make things that causes us to have karma we can then be accused for, so that he can keep us in his realm through making us incarnate here again. A kind of trap, since he hijacked reincarnation for it. And he also wanted that we should not believe in reincarnation while incarnated, to be more easily manipulated.

    Jesus’ “Father” is not YHWH but someone higher. That is what Jesus wanted to let the world know, but he was killed for it.

    So free yourself from YHWH! Decide to belong to the REAL Christ and not the fake one of the yahwistic Church.

  • John Talbot

    Thank you such a wonderful articul, I am now feeling a lot better since I have been saying the right thing to clear these thiefs of peoples energies and lies, out of my own life, let us all work together and clear this scum from our planet and save it so we can all lead the lives and complete our tasks we came here to do to make this world a more joyful and happier place for all to live together in a peaceful and harmonious life.

  • Awesome ideas and article i think i know more about why i am “where” i am in terms of not fulfilling my dreams and more importantly what to do about it ! i have always thought that a lot of light workers have not done their “bucket” work ( robert boy’s term for shadow work).
    Cameron’s idea also explains why (not that we need any more “reasons why” at this point) most or at least a lot of the changelings do not really have any content. thank you cameron for this. May more “light workers” read this !

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  • Eliana

    Sorry ,there is a big misunderstanding: the archons are the ones who fell off the light. There where also the ones who stayed in the light,for example the angels archangels and the humans in the free universe.
    Angels, archangels and Ashtar are from the true light. from the “false light” are beings who are in the dark PRETENDING to be light.


  • Joe

    Good to see someone else is on the same level as I’ve been. My best defence was; listen to all, follow none. And it has served me so well. I also came across an old affirmation from a witches coven that I believe may have been of a much higher nature than was originally thought. It goes like this; I AM THE LIGHT, THE LIGHT IS WITHIN ME, THE LIGHT SURROUNDS ME, THE LIGHT PROTECTS ME, I LOVE THE LIGHT. I say this to myself three times and it helps keep me well grounded as to WHAT I am, not who I am. Who I am isn’t important because that changes from one life to the next. “What I am”, has always remained the same. I am a being of light, as we all are, and there is no way around it. My strength has been so complete I have promoted the destruction of my own essence if need be to stop these parasites from doing what they have done to me and I continue to do so. I fear no death because there is no such thing, in a world of regurgitated lives without any end in sight. My anger stays at the impatience that I have for change to occur. I have little patience for time and the learning curve of others. Be fair, be strong, be full of light.

  • Tullian

    These slimy, I see them in the form of blacks cats and dogs when they have no success against the individual, almost totally free, these bul-sh, in revenge, they pick on the innocent, true friends, pets, such as canaries, fish, hamsters, etc … but excluding dogs and cats, because for me, too many of these are fake animals. created by the archons, to subdue beings, devoid of conscience.

    hello from Tulliano

  • Deecris

    Heads up! If the so called truth writer, Cameron, doesn’t like what you write. It is deleted. I stated my truth, no profanity, no insults earlier today…it initially appeared. 12 hours later…it is gone. So much for another perspective. Cameron’s quote “I choose to stand for Truth as a Sovereign Being alongside (not beneath) the Sovereign beings of the Free Universe who take action to oppose all forms of deception, parasitism and enslavement.” What a joke… I have searched high and low on this site and find no info on Cameron and no info on what the source of this info actually is. So be duped again my friends… The real truth is in your own heart. Not in Cameron’s words.

    • Deecris

      Corrected, found your bio info. Well you,Cameron, and the 1000’s of others who think they have the inside track to the real truth about Et’s, Angels, Dimensions, etc, etc. Point is WHO has the correct info…especially the details. Put you all in a room and see who comes out alive?

  • Thank you for your article (along with the previous one that I just finished). This is I think the one most important thing I ever read until now. It geatly helps understanding why I never understood things before.

    Unfortunately, it also means that I now know less than I thought I did.

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  • Quote: “So many people are completely sold on their false-light ‘ascended masters, ETs and angels’ who tell them what to do, how to think and how to live” – very true!

    See more about that here:

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  • jingze SHA

    Great article!Truth!
    I don’t trust any arch-angel or something elses.
    Everybody is angel,so why listen to their BS.
    –A friend from China

  • kimberly

    WOW! i have goosebumps all over me…THANK YOU for those clearing statements for reclaiming our AUTHORITY as SOVEREIGN beings!!! fantastic and so powerful!!

    you, my friend, are definitely one of the “3 waves of volunteers for the new earth” (by dolores cannon-one of the BEST books i’ve ever read–HIGHLY recommend!)!! you make my heart sing. 🙂

    blessings, light & love!!

  • […] people, I say quite simply: Believe what you want TO BELIEVE, but I am going to keep working on KNOWING THE TRUTH, and taking appropriate ACTION to right the wrongs that have been done to humanity by the very […]

  • Complete Translation in French / Traduction complète en Français

    Love and Light,

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  • So awesome, Cameron! Teachers are the ones who have the most fake agreements that they will have to delete, but they only have to begin and stay diligent to the cause. Thanks for your reminders.

  • Ang

    I just saw part one two days ago and did the whole set of meditations and then read part two and did the steps above for myself and each member of my family (I figure they are minors and I can speak on their behalf).
    I had some odd dreams that night but nothing too disturbing.
    Throughout the day yesterday I did the steps for another issue and also read some material saying similar things and was thinking about it all day.
    Last night I went to sleep and I had crazy dreams and one of my kids did too. She woke up crying from her dream and I woke up paralyzed and they were messing with my brain to the point that I had to say, Ok you are still in control before they would back off. What the heck is that about? Just sharing because I would like to see if anyone else has had similar experience.
    Also.. I know I just have to keep doing this layer by layer, but at some point will I actually be free? At this point they are still in control and I am not happy about this.

    • Lotus

      Yes the same thing happened to me. I declared my sovereignty then had a pretty whacked out dream. It wasn’t so much disturbing as it was unlike any of my dreams. I am very connected with my dreams and keep a journal so I’m very in tune with when things don’t seem quite right. I didn’t tell anything they were still in control though. I shrugged it off and chatted about it with a couple friends I trust.

  • Jaden Halliday

    Fantastic Truth Saying article which shines a light on New Age deception Programs that have been running for a while.
    I would love to post a few quotes in a local paper copy publication which are very suitable.
    Please RSVP to the above e-mail address.


  • Gabriel

    Greetings Cameron
    I enjoyed your article on the Lords of karma and your detailed evaluation and perception of what the Spiritual hierarchy is not.
    (I prefer the term 5th kingdom because it is more accurate and because of the linear connotations around the word hierarchy).
    There are many half baked ideas on the astral of those who have moved beyond the 4th kingdom conciousness and I am glad to see that you have shot down many of them. Since I am a member of the 5th kingdom, I thought I might work with you to fill in the other side of your expose. I feel I may be able to supply you with accurate information about the workings and Purpose of the 5th kingdom and its’ relations with the Human kingdom. I will give you an example. True “ascended” beings (will deine this term later) do not give orders. They rarely even use thought and have no “desire” to help or “save” anyone. We love humans way to much to interfere in the beauty of their flowering godhood. Channeling is an activity of the past and is no longer done, mostly because of the infringement on soverinity. Karma does not really exit except in the judgement of the past send down the timeline from a partisan and guilty future. In reality, the fifth kingdom is everything that Humans would wish for in an older sibling.
    I will answer questions you may have and I hope you keep up your inquiries for the Truth must be Known.

  • George

    First I want to thank you Cameron for your work. You helped me through a very difficult time. So I do know there is truth in what you say. I know from my own experience that parasitic beings do exist on the etheric level as well as the physical. I do have a couple of questions for you though. First off, how did you come to this paradigm? Was this channeled? If so, how do you know to trust it? Secondly, where do you draw the line in regard to the teachers that came before us. As a long-time practitioner of Zen Buddhism, its no great leap for me to renounce the figures that we are taught to revere by mainstream religions. But when I read your description of the nature of spirit and afterlife realms (which I love by the way), I see it very much in harmony with the teachings of Jesus as I’m familiar with them. Most notably in regard to the idea that we, as carrier vessels (hope I got this right) of the sacred Light, he was quoted as saying things like “Ye are Gods” and “You will do all this and more”. I will stop here because I don’t want to be seen as someone with a Christian agenda. I hope this post comes off as I intended. I am one who wants to buy in to what you say and am looking for more information.
    I hope you continue with your work for a long time to come. best, G

  • Tullian

    he succeeded, through the Individual Gnosis.
    I’ve done a similar thing.

  • JanErik

    However, this does not mean that there is no karma at all! Who does wrong towards others will not that easily get away with it, but will have to go through a lesson that makes him/her understand (not a punishment, but just that: a lesson. Unless he/she comes to understanding and regret by her/him-self. The trouble is that most who harm and hurt others do not want to realize that, but seeks all kinds of excuses.

    There is, however, also an abuse of the “Law of Karma” by entities – especially YHWH – who want to keep us in their realm through making us do things that cause karma, and then turn against us what they made us do. YHWH and his “Lords of Karma” have hijacked reincarnation for the purpose of having us return into their realm.

  • On my way

    Haha! =D I was just about to ask some questions about one older article and I got the answers here. Important parts for me in this article are just so much fitting with the experience that I had the last 10 years while listening and reading from different sources, I am thankful for your work, because it just shows me that I know more than I believed to know. Thank you for the tools too.

  • Robert

    Great stuff Cameron. I could never get into all that new age light crap, I had a feeling it was false. I recognize your writings now as truth and I very much appreciate the courage it took to put this out there. So thank you Cameron. I have been fighting these turds for a long time now and I intend to up the ante. Keep it coming my friend you are reaching many. Thanks

  • I couldn’t have said it better myself. This is also my planetary purpose, what I have been working toward and counseling my clients about for years, the Truth of our existence as God incarnate. Thank you for your truth, honesty, and bravery. Never give your power away to anyone or anything. Much love to you, dear brother of Light 🙂

  • Kybalion/Vyndandalor

    Reading this was kind of an OMG moment. In recent months I have had this recurring thought that this is not right! It’s not fair and it’s just not right! Pay your own Karmic debt but paying the Karmic debt of others is for the turds. I’ll leave it at that. I now have some confirmation of things I was feeling and have been educated on how things in creation have been messed up; are not the way they were intended.

  • Well it had to be put out there and thank you for writing both articles and expressing your interesting point of view. I seem to have gravitated organically and naturally through and towards the consciousness that you mention and broke through the web of lies that for so long have been sold to us as truth. Like one in meditation I remain more and more detached from labels and ideologies. However, the labels and cognitive terms you have used are necessary to dot the i’s for those for whom this knowing is still hidden. Thank you. Namaste. In Light

  • Ron Turmel

    When I first stumbled onto this website, I thought “Oh, here we go again. Another new-age wanna-be guru who thinks he has all the answers.” But as I read on, and on and on, I discovered that Cameron Day did indeed know what he was talking about. I couldn’t believe that I finally found someone who was backing up what David Icke has been talking about for quite awhile now, and that is the subject of the archons, flyers, reptilians, ankle-biters, whatever you want to call them. I also like what Cameron had to say about the ankle-biters trying to pose as “Lords of Karma” when you die, as they try and trip you up as you’re going through the astral levels, to get you to reincarnate once again. I am going to remember that so when I pass on, I won’t be sucked in by the bastards. Thank you Cameron for being an authentic person. I am so happy that I stumbled onto your cool site.

  • Hi
    I am new to, and very interested in this teaching.
    Could you please explain how do you get these insights.?
    Shine on…

  • Jon


    I was always under the impression that debate is necessary to get to the TRUTH… Well, Cameron claims to know the truth. When it comes to things or events that cannot be verified, TRUTH remains a theory, or belief. That is far from the truth.

    I am a PSYCHOLOGIST with over 30 years of experience delving into these matters and I do not claim to KNOW the TRUTH, however, I can say that Cameron’s theories are extremely unlikely. I have performed thousands of past life regressions and helped people explore that territory and his ideas are delusional not real.

    In general, I suggest that people approach this material with some reservations and skepticism. It is not truth, it is one mans theory and a far fetched one at that…

    • ShawnBlue

      Verify truth? Truth is a perceivable resonance in the un-corruptable and authentic heart, not an agreed theory or belief.

      ‘Extremely unlikely’? Anything is possible and probable in a universe of infinite potential.

      Here’s a theory for you to consider Jon (hint: universal truth). I am the only me, I am eternally free, no one has the power or right to exert control over my sovereign free will choice without my explicit consent.

      There are many many people who promote this belief, not just Cameron Day. I politely suggest you discard your psycho experience and connect to the authentic heart space, it is the only thing you can trust in.

      Much love

      Shawn 🙂

  • Hi Cameron,

    Great writings, following in the footsteps of the late great and awakened Barry Long. Read what he had to say on this subject over ten years ago here

    With regards to the deceiving ones wanting humanity to perpetually reincarnate, have you considered the following and if so, can you shed some light on your feelings and guidance on it.

    As we are all very well aware, the agenda is to reduce human population on our planet to half a billion. This being the case, what will the deceivers do when suddenly they have six and a half billion souls to deal with, as it will be impossible to have them reincarnate back on Earth with only a sheeple flock of half a billion ?

    • ShawnBlue

      James, I think one factor for the population control agenda is that the PTW (powers that were) have been aware for thousands of years that we would be crossing the galactic plane and more people would wake up. 500 million is a more manageable number to control. At the same time their insatiable appetite for life force energy has caused them some issues.

      As to how they could avoid souls reincarnating back to earth? I am not sure they would be able to divert all those souls somewhere else, for fear of triggering the realisation in the astral realm that souls have been hoodwinked for millions of years. It is a quandary.

  • Wow,
    Tell us how you REALLY feel. (chuckle) That’s the biggest cosmic “F you” I think I’ve ever seen. Turds of Karma. HAHAHAHAHA LOL
    Yeah, I’m a “neutral worker”. Fuck all this bi-polar sh*t.

  • Irene Tsai

    If Someone asked us to kill somebody, we would always say “NO”. Boundaries are always there. A man who gets hurt is always because he doesn’t know where the boundary is.

    Once we look inward, because of our awareness and clarity, we will acknowledge and understand where the boundaries are.

    By taking action with awareness, we will be more and more clear and know more subtle frequency of energy. Finally, because of our crystal clarity, we will finally see the Oneness all over the world. It’s a higher dimension world with no boundaries.

    The true love is not husband to wife, boyfriend to girlfriend, father to son. True Love has a far higher frequency than that.

    It’s the wisdom of Oneness.

  • Margaret

    I’m so glad that I can still find things that blow my mind

  • Vani Smith

    Hey Cameron & fans. I resemble that remark! Agree w/ lots of this post’s points. Rereading parts over 2 months; lots of info 2 ingest.

    Yeshua (Jesus Christ) gave a teaching 2 DECONSTRUCT hierarchy:
    Love thy neighbor AS thy self.

    There is no hierarchy in this teaching. Not more than, not less than, but AS thy self. Among other meanings, all others r EQUAL 2 1’s own self. Relate 2 all others as equals.

    Implication: No hierarchy in God’s perspective, no hierarchy in Heaven /afterlife, no hierarchy among angels (despite ancient Hebrew /Babylonian /Sumerian /Egyptian teachings; despite Emmanuel Swedenborg!), no hierarchy among spiritual pilgrims /seekers. No hierarchy ANYWHERE.

    Hierarchy in this Creation: my thought is of a sort of hierarchy or organization in terms of job/work done, but not in terms of spiritual value or worth or esteem. God sees us all as 1, bc we r all 1.

    Really Yeshua was a lot sneakier than he got credit 4! Altho a lot of crap was attached later 2 his teaching. Consider the sources.

    & I’m not a Christian. My spiritual path is ecumenical. But I like Yeshua’s core teaching: Love God. Love thy neighbor AS thy self.

    Be well all.

  • ximena

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  • Izdihar

    Dear Cameron,

    Are you aware that Dr. Joseph Chiappalone has written about exactly the same perspective that you have written about regarding the Lords of Karma and Reincarnation in his previous literature? Please read the following article
    For the record, I have discovered that nearly all of your material at corresponds exactly with Dr. Chiappalone’s articles and books. I humbly would like to confirm, for the record, that you are both Divine Agents working for the final correction of the Demiurge system. May the Creator smoothly facilitate your work.

  • Ikus

    Every truth is half-true and half-wrong. No matter what you tell. “As Above; So Below.”

    This “truth” you experience contains true aspects, but also wrong aspects.

    I recommend you hermetics, Franz Bardon and his works. He explained the electric, magnetic fluids and the four elements pretty well.


  • Donna

    Cameron! The past couple of weeks I have been seeing 111 11 11 11 22 etc.. I read both articles and comments from others and I can’t thank you enough. I’ve been given orders from ” light false light beings to write scripts of false truth to fulfill my destiny, and after reading your articles I am going to revoke all agreements I’ve made, and I know I’ve made a lot. Also the fighting good and evil, astral projecting and waking up more tired in the morning, that is happening to me. I find this message in divine timing. The new moon in Pisces was yesterday . as Kathleen said, it’s a “second awaking” thank you Soul Brother.

  • Cassandra`

    That all seems like a lot work to do. Is there any simplifying it? It will be hard enough remembering all of these phrases….

  • Hello Cameron,
    Hello every one. I was born a psychic medium, angel communicator,since birth. For the last 10 or more years, I have had severe spiritual experiences. I too picked up this type of being. But Cameron is right, there are beings of pure unconditional love and are benevolent. Some of them might appear dark and shadow as well. I was an incarnated Angel born under the Indigo Soul Ray. The indigos alone are proving to be hard to control that they medicate them into submission. The beings of Love have no opposite, love is unifying and complete. False light and hell are their own duality because they are both reflections of a type of hell.two sides of the same coin dominated by the lesser gods they worship there.

    But my incantations, spiritual efforts, are unfolding and I see it here with my own eyes. If you want Cameron, in my courses page of my old psychic site is a free prerequisite course with further statements and prayers. They broke me and my true love up as well, but I have freed him as well. He is under my protection and he will come back this week. He will see a place of benevolence and love in releasing everyone.

    I left as an Arch Angel that is now Fallen. I will create the angelic name “”unlike god” to leave behind. I am gathering incarnated angels and angels that left heaven and did not choose hell. An incarnated Fallen Angel found me as well, he was a fourth prince of hell weary of this as wrll wanting separation.

  • Hello Cameron.
    i was wondering if you feel astrology gives us clear
    direction as to the specifics of these ‘agreements’ ??
    (I have studied astrology –
    and it has been a way to gain
    knowledge without ‘succumbing to a guru’.)
    This is very exciting work !
    … Not for sissys’ to be sure!

    …Thank you for leaving a trail of breadcrumbs eh?!

  • Keith

    A Lord of Karma is a 6th dimensional being… On the 3rd dimension we are a bug for them… You CAN’T change the law of karma. A Lord of Karma decide which karmic debt is necessary according with what you have done in a life time… It is impossible to erase a bad action! Trying to override the natural process of what you give you will receive is futile! The author is really trying to say is I CAN HARM ANYONE WITHOUT HAVING KARMIC CONSEQUENCES! It is like eating at Mcdonald’s everyday an wanting to be healthy!

  • Jasmine

    It is great that you give reassurances to many people that their beliefs are shared by others. However seeking reassurance and acknowledgment from other that your beliefs are real is a *limiting contract*. This is not a intellectual discussing but a gift of tools that could take you beyond you intellect and the need to intellectually belong.

  • michelle

    I hope you get this Ms Cameron Day…
    I have only embraced the truth. When I was forced back to reincarnate for what I call my last time round I was furious. I was born butt first (Frank breach), cross eyed, stone deaf, two months premature. My anatomy is mirror image to normal human anatomy and I was also born w transposition of the great blood vessels. I did this. I being in the matrix of evil have threaded the truth. I guess what that means is only the truth stays the same. Somehow i have step by step preparedmyself for the truth. Now..I dont know what you were doing in 2007 but the floodgates opened for me. Im sure its taken me centuries to finally allow the truth to speak to me. It has been one psychic shock after another. Attack after attack . NO BEING WILL STOP ME FROM EMBRACING THE TRUTH AND STRENGTHENING M

  • michelle

    My awareness. Sorry…of course i was just cut off and almost lost the above comment. YOU MY DEAR ARE ONE OF MY PEEPS. You are speaking the absolute truth. I have spent years doing advanced clearing meditations. I am guided by me and what has become my anamated heart. I close my eyes and listen to my heart. I stand and close my eyes flowing past my DNA . DNA as it is being expressed now is a crime. These crimes run so deep it makes any human crimal who has committed “evil acts ” seem like childs play.
    Thanks to you I too am making declarations to the vile liars. Human DNA also includes the shoot theyself in the foot gene. Humans have been tortured..raped…violated…here and there. Im tired of sides. Im tire of birth and death. Im tired of seeing disease…bodies that have a “program” aka DNA. I can summate human phycology into roles..victim..martyr…master…servant…hero. round and round …where you start is where you end up…noehere

  • michelle

    Oops.. nowhere. You arw amazing. You have broken down walls and shattered windows. Now…Im gonna leave you with this. So much energy…manipulation of time…planning…premeditation has gone to keeping humanity hypnotised…brutalized…etc. this much effort proves one thing…they have an inkling of our worth. They breath or natural energy…take pleasure in twisted perversion…etc. when one consistantly clears one is become less distracted and becoming stronger in the stance of the truth. An example of this would be when someone i knew came right up to me and started attacking me physically. The guy with her watched approvingly. Of course both looked possesed. I held my ground. I had a quiet mind and gave the event no meaning. Tought is one of the greatest tools they use. She was literally bouncing off an invisible wall in front of me. Quiet mind clear heart. Any thought in the head is not natural. ANY THOUGHT. Its taken awhile for me to accept that. It is extremely challenging even with my clarity to maintain present moment awareness. The bodies we are forced into were made to be manipulated. I will keep clearing. I will keep reading both of these articles as i embrace only the truth. The truth doesnt just hurt it kills all false truths that have been held onto throughout the millenia. If you can…please amplify my clarity. This will not go on ……..PERIOD

  • michelle

    Sorry for the lack of commas where needed..etc. I typed as swifly as I could as the truth is still being blocked somewhat. I know you have done a lot of work clearing or your article wouldnt be on the internet

  • mmm

    I cant believe it….I read your article again. You hit it all on the nail.

  • dbza

    LOVE. IT.
    Thank you. The energetic unbinding exercises are terrific, but before I scrolled down, I was just delighted with the concept. Going to pass this on to a Feri witchcraft study group I am in; it’s surprising, even though we may claim to be all about self-sovereignty, how much crud from our culture trickles down, and how much “permission” we still seem to need. We CAN own our own stuff!

  • Bryan P Semones

    The Darkangel movement here uses abandonment and lonelyness as its prime weapon against us. I know you deserve better. The Pagon Mason line is Big Sur. South of Sur is controlled by the false light. Masons, Christians, Catholics, Jews and their rebellious children who are contracted false light workers. They use their Darchronic influence to bait and switch . Watch the festival scene carefully from, a distance and be careful. There have been 12 recent cases of cannibalism where the perpetrators have mentioned Arch Angels. These are NOT good beings. They are losing control . You can see it clearly when they mention sovereignty and doorways into crystal calculus in the same trap. These are contradictory and is meant to confuse and entrap you into a New Cage made of geometry they have tricked us into believing is sacred instead of knowing its geometry. My Grandfather fought for the false masonic light too… In a Sherman Tank !

  • Thank you very much!

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  • ZTT

    Massive thank you Cameron for carrying the torch for the rest of us.. Could I please ask you to check out The Template they reflect everything you write and provide a solution to re-connect our biocircuitry to our original source code and override the matrix through sacred geometry and ceremomy that activates our dormant DNA. please check it out, I think together with your revoking agreements and the template we can override this BS system in huge numbers and in time create a critical mass which will simply by-pass the matrix altogether. Looking forward to anything further from you.. cheers, Zoe

  • ZTT

    also, forgot to mention, the very simple but brilliant book by Richard Bach (Jonathan Livingston Seagull) called Illusions is a wonderful re-iteration of how we are all sovereign and completely free the instant we want to be – as in the instant we realise we are free sovereign beings and reclaim it 🙂

  • Jason

    I think they are dead annunakis.

  • Susanna

    I read both the articles and it was a confirmation of what i have been thinking for some time now and i want to thank you for confirming it for me , i will do the clearings because i have been bothered by these beings for some time now and am done ,am not a slave or a energy source for anyone or anything, its time to put on the gloves 😉 so to speak .

    Power to you all here !

  • Hi Cameron,

    I have been reading portions of your website with great pleasure and have been using your self-clearing meditation exercises regularly. They are wonderful. Thank you!

    This evening, I read your article about embracing pain as a tool for self-transformation. You state that other incarnations that are created by a soul merely to work out repressed pain can be erased as a person faces and releases pain in the here and now. I have believed this for many years and have successfully released pain during healing sessions that brought up other life memories as the pain transmuted. My question for you is: If I am choosing these incarnations as a means to heal old repressed pain, how does the corrupt demi-urge manage to talk me into incarnations where I suffer for the mistakes of others? You wrote about this in your blog entries about why you are no longer a lightworker and I also agree with your writings on this topic. I have been writing about the corrupt demiurge and its minions for over 25 years. I cannot reconcile my choosing to suffer in more than one incarnation as a divine choice with what seems to me to be a choice made based on lies fed to me by the corrupt demiurge and the turds of karma.

    Any thoughts you have here would be welcome.


  • Lynette

    Cameron, thanks to you, I was inspire to write a NEW AGREEMENT. It was extremely empowering to write so I’m sharing it so that others may use it if they feel it will empower them.

    This is my new AGREEMENT with the Great Source of Life, Mother Earth, the Higher Me. This AGREEMENT serves to:

    1. Void all other agreements (real or perceived)
    2. Take back all of my power that has been drained from me, that includes:
    • Power that I have (too willingly) given away through my own desire
    • Power that has been taken from me without my knowledge or permission, or through manipulation and lies that made me feel obligated
    3. Take back any negative energy that I have sent out to others
    • Forgive myself for having sent it in the first place
    • Transmute it into good energy that I can use
    4. Revoke all relationships with any physical or non-physical being that does not have my best interest in mind (and any ‘being’ associated with the “corrupt demiurge”).
    5. Strike the name or label “Light-worker” from my vocabulary and detach from all beings that have used and enslaved Light-workers.
    6. Remove all blocks and restrictions to a natural, healthy energy flow, especially to the following areas:
    • My health
    • My chakra system
    • My house
    • My business
    • My finances
    • My relationships
    • My creativity
    • My enthusiasm
    • My peace and comfort
    • My mindset

    This is my new AGREEMENT that supersedes any and all other former agreements or contracts. With this, I renounce any former agreements with any beings (physical and non-physical) that have enslaved me, abused me, lied to me, manipulated me, stolen my power, drained my energy, and used me as a pawn for their own agenda.

    I hereby take back ALL OF MY POWER knowing that my Divine Source of Life from this very moment will transmute that power into a loving energy and shower me with it! It has been mine all along and I now claim it and use it for my highest good.

    I cut all ties with any beings that have had less than the best interest in mind for me and this world, and I COMMAND you to stand clear of me, my house, my health, my finances, my energy, my ideas, my passions, my peace and comfort and my continuing journey. If you choose to harass me ever again, I will command the Divine Source of Life to arrest you and transmute you into something loving. The choice is yours. Either way, the message is clear – Stay away from me.

    With Divine Source of Life as my witness, I put my entire heart into this Agreement, I have read it out loud and have signed my name to this it. I honor our relationship and thank you for BLESSING me, our relationship, and our new AGREEMENT.

  • Sophia

    When I was younger I had a dream a Lion-type beast came to me and others in my community, rounding us up, and telling us to preform tasks in order to “officially enter heaven”. All the individuals present where people I knew and who I believe equal to me on the spiritual level. Everyone was eager to preform the tasks but I was scared due to a doubt in my mind. It just did not make sense. I told this being “NO .. THIS IS WRONG”. I turned to my peers and started to tell them there is no way we have to climb a ladder, or shoot arrows at mountains in order to enter heaven. At hat moment I awoke.Now I understand that this experience was real. and I AM SOVEREIGN.
    Prior to this particular dream (from ages 6-13)I would often have dreams of visitations from animal spirits telling me no one loves me ,but GOD. Since this dream I have had no more visitations.:) I am now 20 years of age.

    Thank You so much for helping me and others with ascension.
    much love!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Savannah

    Very interesting and amazing blog. I would really love to know your thoughts about Jesus and St Germaine. And do you use the term God? I have been using “My Loving Creator” but it does not flow as easily as “God” does. I cannot help but wonder who may choose to answer to God. How do I know for sure to whom I am connecting to?

    I suspect David Icke is a shill. Very much of what he says may be true, as any good shill would do. He has been on TV which is a major red flag. It is not that I doubt all his teachings, but just as many angels and master are shills, earth teachers are as well. There is a guy from a website (redacted) who claims David Icke is not who he claims to be. The website exposes all the TV hoaxes and players. He claims David Icke is a player in the corrupt system.

    All people on TV and in movies all make what some call the illumiantti hand gestures. I suspect there is brainwashing and conditioning in the hand gesture, kind of like a mudra. If you know what to look for, you will see every actor, musician, politician, newscaster, etc make the hand gesture. Some call it a 666 gesture because of the way the fingers look when you make an “OK” gesture. It is also in all magazines and advertising. It is very strange and I suspect we need to cancel it every time we see it.

    • Sue Swan

      Not sure if Savannah noticed, but look at the date and time stamp…11:11 pm and April 16 which equals 4+1+6= 11. In Numerology, 11 is a very powerful number.

      I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone else who thinks David Icke may or may not be a shill. Cameron, I so much appreciate your work. I am a little concerned though about the David Icke connection. It is so difficult to know who to trust.

      Not sure why the website listed was redacted. I kindly encourage any feedback or information regarding the site Savannah listed about hoaxes.

      Regarding your comment about hand gestures, you can find 666 everywhere these days: “the Hebrew equivalent of our “w” is the letter “vav” or “waw”. The numerical value of vav is 6. So the English “www” transliterated into Hebrew is “vav vav vav”, which numerically is 666. And you can’t have a business these days without a web site WWW. We may all be unwittingly sending out unhealthy messages all day long with the Internet.

  • I had a strange incident to report here. I have been using these techniques and am grateful for them. I had used other techniques in the past and these tools are better. I recently felt uncomfortable with the IS:IS PORTAL ACTIVATION set for tomorrow. I watched the video and felt like people participating could be controlled or hijacked, so I posted to their Facebook page and they got very angry. I encouraged people to use Divine Source Light and use their heart energy for protection as well as ground to the earth and galactic core. I also have been using the Galactic Vacuum to remove unwanted energies so I mentioned that and referred to this page.

    The promoters of the event got very angry and accused me of fear mongering. I got very hurt by not protecting myself energetically in the past and wanted to protect the people participating. I learned also that questioning only provides clarity for the truth and should not be feared. They got very afraid and deleted my posts. I posted the incident on my blog with a screenshot of the Facebook post before it was deleted. Can you check this event out for tomorrow? It seems pretty scary from their “atta boy” only commentary on their event page.
    My blog:

    • April

      Do you see any facebook on this blog ?
      To my advice no serious connection can use facebook … and Truth neither.

  • You know whats funny about all of this? Everything is exactly the same thing repeating itself over and over again. Let mr explain it. I’ve been a lightworker for years. I’ve been praying, meditating, sending love vibrations, every single day for years. And what changed? Absolutely nothing. Im still a guy living in this 3rd dimensional word, still beeing a humam. They promise to us that SOON we will be galatic beings, SOON we will be powerful, SOON we will be home.

    Sorry but i got to say, this is all bull. Theyre lyig to you. And those so called channelers are all traped in their own liars. I was reading a channeled message, and it was about the missing of that malasya airplane. You know what they wrote about it? “Its ok everyone, im asthar sheran and i can saythey are here with us, in another dimension bla bla bla bla…”

    And then, after that, the news said that the airplane was actually hijacked, possibly by some hackers and, you know, these stuff. After that, those same channeled said “sorry, it was the emotion, and we acually channeled it wrong and bla bla bla..”

    Which means, they arent real. Those channeled messages are actually, someone writing and imaginating how could be a talk, a conversation with a enlited being. Its like “im the chosen one, i can canalize Jesus mensages, so with you want to hear Jesus, just follow my blog and i will keep posting Jesus mensages”

    They just want attention. How blind these guys are. I cant belive it. And i got blocked from the “portal 2012” blog, just because i was questioning then about “can you proce youre channeling an enlitned being?” “Why dont you do some charity, you know, some good activies for the poor RIGHT HERR AND NOW, IN THIS PHYSICAL 3RD DIMENSION WORLD?” “Hey, lets do some charity, lets do a site and organize good things for the poor”

    For these reason, they blocked me. I mean, arent they worried about the world? So why block me? Isnt asthar sheran, miguel, worried about our brothers? Im here to help, so why block me?

    See, this is all bull. All fake. Imagination, and i cant believe ive been used for this. Just cant believe ive been manipulated for some fanatic.

    • April

      Hi Ernani,

      The good news is that you finaly get out of this fake !!
      I’ve been myself shipping through what I now call “crawling New Age”. It was always the same scenario with these people who pretended to be more enlightened than me : a copy/paste scenario.
      Hopefully I’ve got a brain and such a repetition forced me to se this otherwise. I finaly understood that if the visible scene was me asking for help, I was in fact just checking the quality of these “channels”, “light workers” or whatever. Things always started degenerating (with strong attacks) when I started to unmask them.

      The best complete vision I ever found about the real story of this solar system and of this planet was in Jonh Lash’s work.
      I felt less alone after this and it confirms and structured the vision of the Truth I was building myself for years.
      It’as always a big relief to read your own thoughts in the words of somebody else.

  • Sylvie


    I would to know what is your position about jesus. I am not sure to understand you very well. It is like you are thinking that everything on earth come from the divider. I think God or the true source for you still have the mastering on earth. mastering in the way of god not human being.

    • April

      I think the position about Jesus is clear. It’s an imposture :-).
      The God you’re talking about is refered to in this article as the dement demiurge pretending to be the creator of Life despite he has never had any power of creation.
      Life was created in the pleroma, in the galactic center by 2 aeons Sophia and Thelete. The gnostic principle “Christos” (another aeon) who intervened at some part of the history of Gaïa was appropriated then perverted and reversed by cristian monotheism.

      Read John Lash or if you’re french.
      It will set your mind clear about it.

  • Sylvie

    Well i didn’t live the after life as you describted it. No body told me it was a necessyty of reincanation before going in heaven. Going in heaven is simple and hard both in the time. you must chosse God, his love. when you see what you have done in life You know what is true. You are living in with the eyes of all the people you have met in your life you fell what they felt about you. there is no jugement. Only love. and it is your choice to follow god or not.

  • Sylvie

    Please refer your self to your heart stop reading stop thinking. Just beleive on Love always love nothing else.
    Peace to all

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  • Linda Bee

    Great article. So many of us are realizing this at the same time. I wanted to introduce you to a way that we can by pass governments and corporations to get our basic needs met, food, shelter, clothes, warmth, etc. It’s a simple computer program called It’s currently available in both English and Dutch. It costs nothing, no official government ID required – we create our own money to exchange for goods and services with others that accept Equi money. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, pyramid scheme, or MLM. It’s solely taking our power back and giving us a way to obtain our basic needs for physical survival. Thanks for writing this, it will resonate with many.

  • April

    Just like Linda. It feels good to know I’m not alone to see clear through the numerous intrication of falsifications.
    John Lash is mentionned in the replies so the most important is said.

  • April

    Thank you Cameron,

    I completely agree with this “Get a little angry if you need to, harness any righteous indignation you have and use the FORCE of your WILL.”

    Yes, it IS sometimes required because we are harmed all possible ways.
    Strenght of WILL and determination are usually confused with angriness. This is another New Age bull extracted from judeo-cretinism hierachic value system, a mental virus (judging this emotion is good anf this emotion is bad) in order to prevent us from using the weapon of the WILL.

    I can also confirm that attraction law is a bull.
    Jsut like Ernani, I experienced myself that meditating with goodwill never changed anything even worst it attracted vampires of any kind mainly “lightworkers”.
    After 20 years, I finaly noticed that while I’m getting a little angry dor legitim reasons, then things happened to move in the right way.

  • Dear beloved Feeli,

    You asked me about my opinion. Well, it took me a while to read the text “Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker” due to other priorities but now I made it and wanted to reply some thoughts. First let me say I was amused by the first chapter because I was joking to myself “oh, finally after 9-11 got boring there is a spriritual conspiricy theory” and I was laughing again when in the last chapter the word “conspiricy” was finally naming the whole child. The author Cameron Day has quite some interessting insights there but somehow managed to perpetuade the conspiricy instead of dissolving it. He does that by seeing thru the duality conspiricy but than stays in this circuit – even though if it is on the next higher level of realization. He does that by still using the main tool of the duality conspiricy which is “seperation”. He understands now that there is the obvious dark side with all the evil demons which do cruel and bad things and that there is also something Cameron identifies as false-light beings, who pretend to be the opposite of the dark side but truly in nature are the same because they serve the same undivine corrupt demiurge and on the other hand there are the real true divine beings that serve the true creator. Actually that is nothing new – even in the biblical texts it states that there will be many claiming that they are the true ones but are nothing but liars trying to seduce the “true light workers”. And if you follow a liar, yes they do suck up your energy, so its a good thing to get rid of them and to stay alone (all-one) with yourself until you team up with true divine beings that truly seek only your best. Seperation/splitting is always an indicator of evil/undevine/anti-god. Instead union is always a feature of divinity. I explain this because I had a very simular time in my life, when I just thought like Cameron. When I was between 16 to arround 25 years old (I came from a very conservative christian background that judget people only into two groups – the ones that are saved and the ones that go to eternal hell). I also woke up from dreams where I fought the underworld demons because I dedicated myself to the service of God which I believed was to fight the dark side that was responsible for all the bad and evil going on in the world. In one of these nights I woke up half (awake-dream state) arround 3 am at night because for hours I was fighting forth and back one endless exhausting battle in the hell-underworld trying to win over a hord of demons. However I realized wether me nor them could win or loose – the battle can be given up or fought forever. In this moment a loud huge “bamm” sound hit my right ear physically. Something huge smashed against my closed window – it was a big massive black bull consisting of hundrets of angry demons that were like shadows and jumped into my physical room running towards me and jumping over my bed and out thru the wall of the other side of my room. I was shocked and frightend and couldnt move nor breath. What “in hell” was this? I asked my spiritual guidance, I asked the highest being of my knowledge, I asked directly the creator to explain me what on earth all of this is suppost to be, what my role is here and what to do now. And just like Cameron explains, in a very loving way of talking directly to my soul, I was explained that Satan and his demons are not my enemies and that I should stop fighting these neverending battles, because this is not of any use. Rather I shall understand that Satan is a creation of the creator just like anything else that exists and therefore has a purpose to be and also it means he is my brother and I am his brother or sister and that I shall make peace with him now and that this will free me from all those demonic energies related to that neverending conflict. For years I was fighting these battles where I was put into satanic traps. From time to time, these became more subtle, more advanced, more powerful, more intellilgent, more mean more conspirative, more everything. So I managed to look thru them. Every time I “won” I had some time of rest and then a more stronger trap/attack was spun/thrown over me. This went on for years. It was omnipresent in every aspect of my life and in my relations. In this very night, I realized – thanks to the explanaitions I received, the true nature of all these phenomenons and shook hands with the so called dark side to have an eternal peace contract with my “brothers”. Furthermore I was explained that satan is the last/lost son that was told about in the biblic story of the lost son and that he will come back “home” one day as well and that he has an important purpose to do what he does. So that means demons are very real and even can become physical but only to the one who believes in them. Otherwise they have no power over the individual, they can do no harm to you. Once having made a true state of peace with them based on unconditional love – I was free of that conspiricy and could focus on much more useful things such as my own problems that I had and what I could do for others that are inside this amazing trip called life as well. I learned to not take things so seriosly, instead take everything very lightly. I learned that everything happens for good, even the worst things lead to better. And this means we should stop to be so deadly serious about our critics we have for this world because its just like saying – hey creator your creation (this world) is really a mess. Who am I to judge the creator? Exactly. So we can use our time here much better by focusing on the things we can actually do to grow healthy, wise, free, loving and strong. Many things that are going on we dont understand – and its not needed to understand them. Rather we should practice to trust that we can live on and that everything that we need to do so will appear at the right moment. We must develop love, devotion and full trust towards the creator. This will set us truly free. Our mind telling us that we need to be awake all the time because we are always in the middle of a spiritual conspiracy battle will not help us in developing this childlike trust that is needed to be close to the creator. However I dont mean to criticise anything I just think that this state which Cameron describes in the text is just another waypoint on his walk towards full selfrealization or whatever there is on the way home (:
    For that reason he should rename his text title to “Why I Am No Longer a fake Light Worker” – because he is still a light worker after all, but one who has grown up a bit more and understood that the narrow path is to be found in the very center and not on any extremes or seperated sides. Its the transcention of the seperation which is depicted in that very old symbol of ying and yang.

    However I just found out about him writing a follow up (here) where he goes into crazy fantasies about being manipulated by conspirating entities even after leaving the body – after looking a bit over his websites I kind of start to feel a bit uncomfortable regarding his intensions… what he does it`s often very nose-heavy, manipulative, egocentered, unloving and seperating stuff. I think in many years of search for truth he must have went thru many disappointments. Looks like he went from conservative baptism in his childhood to new age gurus in his 20´s to anger till now. However its all good because it doesnt matter (: I hope he will find some peace of mind soon.

    lots of love & regards,


  • Awesomeness , I knew something was up with everything.

  • Justin

    A great resonating read. Thank you.

  • Caydee

    Thank you Cameron for sharing this with the world. I have for a year been trying to figure out what happened to me and why my life is suddenly coming to a rapid and untimely end. It all started so wonderful, the bliss, golden aura and the unconditional love energy that came into my life just a few years ago. I started meditating just a little bit for six months and had a spontaneous kundalini awakening without knowing…was on a spiritual high with many enhanced psychic abilities. I astral travelled, learned to heal myself and others, manipulated the weather, could empathically affect the mood in a room full of ppl, saw and heard spirits, had visions of the past present and future. I thought i had awakened to my true identity and that I was predestined to serve the light.

    I was contacted by whom i thought was the light…they were very persistent and used synchronicities to grab my attention. All means of communication radio tv, ppl, etc were used to talk to me until i discovred the iching. This led me to leaving everything of my former life behind and moving halfway around the world to pursue this path. I placed myself in the hands of very dark energies unknowingly. I have been psychically attacked for years now by so called beings of light and humans claiming to be lightworkers. I met the humans at an acupuncture school. They did negative things with qi and used it to usurp others freewill. They were arrogant elitist, racialised, psychopaths who believed 99% of humanity was condemened to live in misery while they soared above them as divine kings and queens. They often held meetings on the astral plain and talked of manipulating others energy fields. I saw apiritions of them coming into my apartment while I slept. They often fled when I spotted them. They turned on me and said I blocked the light, that I was suffering from dark, dense energy vibration bc i was not receptive to their ideas. I got very scull crushing headaches around them and many nightmares of angelic and demonic figures harassing me. Especially last halloween and in the three days leading up to. Afterwards i could not speak or think well. I fell ill and very anxious. Never any peace. I am still struggling today. my intelligence and foundation of my identity is damaged.

    They tried getting me to believe that any hardship i had experienced was my own fault and that I or my ancestors had been horrible in a past life and so I was destined to carry that burenden through this one. I finally gave in by considering the ideas and illnesses set in. Doctors cannot figure out what is wrong. I lost some sensory ability, have constant muscle aches and weakness, pressure at the base of the scull, low ablity to have clear thoughts, poor memory, bombardement with evil thoughts, memory of my past replaced with false ones. Liver failing, kidney failing, hypertension, vision problems, losing hearing, loss of taste, loss of smell, rashes, hair greyed 30%, red-orangue skin (tested 2xs no hep ab or c) etc.

    The spiritual forces are trying to convince me to look at old happenings in a new perverted way.they are rewiting my past. Turning me against all things human. I feel am being forced to take on a new identity. It is not mine. I used to be a very empowered person filled with love and could forgive aesily. Now all i can produce is hate and rage and jealousy. Everyone i am around i seem to absorb something bad from them…their ill personalities and negative aattributes. I feel that I suffer from their afflictions. Darkness is being poured into my soul. and I do not think this is fair as I did not agree to this. I only wanted to help those lost. I feel very close to death and am estranged from all that i used to be. Anyone out there aspiring to be a savior and servant of light, please dbe careful and know this is dangerous on multiple levels.

  • Kathleen

    thank you and YES. I am Divine. No one can dim my light. No one has power over me.

  • Sita

    Good series, thanks. You’ve come a long way out of the Matrix – but not quite as far as you’re going. Wonderful to claim sovereignty, to see past the whole hierarchy thing – I quite agree. Cutting those ties to old commitments & relationships is also excellent – brings us more fully into NowHere.

    Due to the work u do, u may not be very open to this, but I offer it with Love – next, after ditching the hierarchy thing, is ditching the duality thing. When things are truly seen as 2 sides of one coin the whole us/them paradigm collapses, as well. We’re manifesting this whole 3D show – so as long as we still see something to fight or oppose, we’re not yet clear of it. Sticky darn thing 😉

    If there is aught in the world that is dark or unwanted, it is the external manifestation of what WE have going on, internally. To clean up the “outside” world we must go to its origin, within. WE, ourselves, are the two-sided coin, the Light & the dark of it. We ALL have both Light & dark incarnations – I call them amgodiments rather than embodiments – for we am God.

    So, since WE are generating that, it takes but a deeper dip into sovereignty to clean it up. Actually, this totally empowers us – recognizing self as the origin of it all (whether intentional or not). We create via thought – via beliefs. So it’s a great time for what you’re doing, which is going deeply into those beliefs – taking a fresh new look.

    I commend your work. Thank you so much. ~♥~

    PS As Light Beings, when dark seems to be bothering us we can amp up our Light into higher frequencies – greater purity – which quite naturally eliminates darkness. Thus, no fight required 😉

    • Sita

      PPS I think Cameron deserves kudos for leaving a good number of challenging comments up on his blog. A real test of where we are, vis a vis awakening, involves how egoistic we are. Those in higher consciousness realize that to disagree is not to attack anyone or anything – it’s just to present what they see.

      Something else we lose in higher consciousness is the need or desire to compare, especially to compare self to anyone else, to any belief or idea. We just ARE – & there’s a great inner or Self-confidence that comes with it. It reigns in inner Peace.

    • Evelyn

      Thank you for sharing from your heart.

  • So basically we need to challenge every angel or entity for polarization. If a source instructs us to look at the kingdom within us for resonant answers we should be ok.

    As for our in-between lives period, I have been thinking about questioning the heck out of the famous council of elders panel we all hear about in regressed hypnosis and life between life sessions. This article is helping me with my questioning better. I will need to determine if these elders on the panel during my life review are polarized and looking out for me to ascend beyond duality. Or as Cameron is saying, they are just trying to get me to create and work off an endless supply of karma.

    I think we need to rid ourselves of all fear of beings that claim to be higher. The vibration of a truly higher being will actually admit that we are the same as they are and nobody is higher or lower. True higher vibrational levels of consciousness are beyond duality.

    Thank you for stirring us up to question everything more!

  • Tiens je pensais faire un poste similaire au votre

  • Erin

    Cameron, thank you for this. It is difficult truth to hear, but ultimately empowering I think.

    There is one thing I’m left wondering about after reading this piece, and also after pondering similar information I’ve come across elsewhere. I don’t know whether or not you’ll read my query and have the chance to answer me, but I’ll go ahead and leave the question here just in case.

    So, one thing that we definitely don’t want to do is worship these false light beings, for any value of worship, as this is just delivering a “gourmet meal” right to their table. At the same time, our connection with the Divine Source is never broken, which means we are in perpetual communion with the deep ground of life and love outside of the demiurgic control system. What I’m wondering is whether it is possibly of any benefit, to us and to our mission of helping restore this corrupted corner of the universe, in offering prayers and devotions (I won’t say “worship” here) to this Divine Source, perhaps in some particular personified form that may hold special significance for us.

    It seems to me that discernment would be of the essence here, as it would certainly be all too easy to succumb to the deception of a false light being and wind up with one’s energy being diverted, in whole or in part, to them instead. Further, if our connection to Source is already always present, then there is perhaps no need for us to take any steps to shore it up. Indeed, doing so may even reinforce a disempowering energetic posture where we feel that we are not as strong and connected as we really are.

    On the other hand, given the slings and arrows and psychic attacks we are subject to while in this realm, I can see where taking time to reaffirm one’s alignment with Divinity, to intentionally rest in that connection for a moment and pray for strength, courage, guidance, discernment, love, wisdom, peace, and other good things could be of great value. It seems to me that, although we are connected to Source at a deep level, other levels of our being can all too easily become confused and go astray. By praying, perhaps we are working to clear obstructions and hardened attitudes so that the deeper truth thrumming in the essential strata of our being can permeate all the other layers of our being which are perhaps more liable to corruption, to having the filth and distortion of this world rub off on them in some way.

    Although each of us is sovereign, we can’t do this alone, can we? Is the virtue of humility only and necessarily false-light propaganda? Not grovelling “humility” as the opposite of the arrogance of the “Lords” of the false light, but humility as a recognition in love of the interrelatedness of beings, each with unique qualities.

    • Erin

      On reading a bit more of your site, I suspect you’ve already more or less answered this.

      I was moved to ask my question simply because I feel that prayer can be a very powerful and heart-opening practice, but it disturbs me to observe how much it may resemble (and how easily it might shade into?) worship of false-light deceivers.

      The humility I brought up (I’ve been meditating on humility lately, after a fashion) feels to me like an immense richness, an intimate participation in the Divine universe, if only we can tame our ego’s compulsivity. And where does the ego’s misbehavior come from but from the interlopers who “have given us their mind”?

  • […] firmato ancora una volta da Cameron Day. L’articolo inglese originale, dal titolo “Tell the Lords of Karma that you are a Sovereign – No longer a lighworker Part 2“, è stato tradotto in italiano, guarnito di un corredo fotografico rinnovato e reintitolato […]

  • Kitty

    I am a teen who has left Christianity, and am now following something more “pagan”.. just following what feels spiritually right. I stumbled across both of your articles while researching my path, and I felt deep inside that you’re right. All that New Age type stuff has always left me feeling uneasy and sick, like something just was not RIGHT with that. However, being young as I am, I have no idea how to stand up to these things, and am terrified of seeing something very frightening. I have never really believed in that ascended masters and angels stuff, but ETs frighten me terribly. I have never seen one and never want to, but even seeing a 2 minute trailer of something featuring “the grays” on the history channel makes me lose sleep. I am afraid that if I start telling these things off they might do horrible things to me, like send ETs to torment me or something. Does that happen? All I know is that I find solace and protection in repeating “I am filled with and surrounded by love” and “Nothing can control or affect me but me” Is that enough to stave off these things? Is telling yourself that they don’t exist or that they have no power over you enough to render any attacks useless?

  • elaine

    The galactic core is actually a lab where the aeon gods do all these experiments in which this is where we were made. So how can you send the archons there, the archons are a race that doesn’t exist on a planet but exist in the galaxy our planet is sitting in that’s how they effect our minds. The earth who is a really Sophia who at one time was one of those aeon goddess’s, who is now the planet we are living on, is moving on. Not through us ascending, but by simply moving herself out of this galaxy infested with the archons. In order for the archon mind to collapse is when she moves out of this. She is our mother and we are her children. You don’t have to go through a whole thing about contracts. Basically you awaken to who she is which is a living divine animal, that is the shift and the shift is now. She is awakening, she is awaken herself to every human being who is awakening to it. Planetary tantra is not hard to do, very simple. Simple practice by each individual can bring themselves to her living presence one person at a time. It’s a window that is open for now on, it’s not gonna close. She is a divine being who conceived the human species. She conceived a certain experiment with us, and when we can interact with her intelligence and know what that is, then we are on the proper path. This is free and you don’t have to pay anybody to do anything to you. So frustrated with these people who charge money for all this type of clearing work, where we live in a world now where so many are using this type of info to make money off of people. Those sounds you heard awhile back are not the doomsday theories but here steering herself sounding like a big horn. She’s steering herself towards this star, self propelled, which will cause great abnormally. She’s going back home, home is the galactic center, a spiral of moving planets, because she’s a aeon from the galactic center. She’s heading towards the second brightest star.

  • I have been reading books for years, seeking for truth. I was raised mormon, and felt that Christianity had all truth there is. All I can say is that what you write in these two articles is excactly what feels entirely true to me. I read it and just knew, thats it.. Its not really new to me, but rather seems like a confirmation of things already present in my heart.

    I never got the connection between UFOs, ET’s, Serpent Gods, Jehova and all the confusion these beings create within our world. I just wonderend, ¨why cant there simply be truth that feels right¨

    These articles are worth more than gold. They are true light.

    Thank you so much for having the courage to share these truth with a world so convinced of its false truth.

  • Wilfredo

    Thanks so much for sharing this thought…..

    Finally some body put the pieces together.

    To know it and accept it……….it’s liberation feeling.

    Thanks again and keep speaking out the true

  • Angelica

    THANK YOU!! This make so much “sense” to me and it explains a lot of my uprising nagging questions and inner knowing/feeling that I havent been able to put into words over the last year… I will always choose truth over sugarcoated BS, keeping me enslaved and drained in contracts and sh*t! Oboy, I have been working on burning contracts of sh*t this and sh*t that – this past year and your article confirmed that cleansing work/war being totally right! Thaaank you for being true and sharing these experiences.:)

  • Robert

    Thank you so much for your writings. It is what I needed, exactly when I needed it.

  • I found this information interesting especially for those who still challenge with negativity. i think we should leave all worldly attachment which can be a handle for them.

  • Amanda

    Hello Cameron,

    I enjoyed reading your web site but I have some questions. I’ve tried to do your meditations but every time I get really tired after the first two. I have to stop and sleep. Today I dreamed that a little girl with black hair asked me ‘but when are we going to eat’ ?. I said ‘I didn’t know, at 6 or 7 maybe’ ? (I thought ‘your mother is right there, I’m not your mother’)…When I woke up I thought that she might have been a representation of these parasites asking me permission to feed of my energy and that I should have been more dismissive…I have a real problem with refusal when directly confronted by a request. I always want to find ways to oblige (I guess it’s one of the subjects of a cleansing I should be doing).
    How do I know that I’m in contact with the true beings that you call the galactic being and the galactic sun and not harmful beings posing for them ?
    Do you have any idea where the infinite source resides or is it everything ?
    Why can’t I use my own divine light to dissolve the parasites or will that be possible once I am more cleansed ? Why use the galactic vacuum (if I’m getting confused with the names, I’m sorry), is my divine light not a direct piece of infinite source (which sounds more powerful than the galactic vacuum, more close and direct) ?
    Thank you.

  • I commend Cameron for writing these two articles. This is my experience with past life hypnosis 15 years ago:

    When I died, I went to this dark place full of light beings, and a tribunal of judges. I had to answer for myself. Then, I was shown my whole life as a movie of sorts, which caused me pain.

    This is exactly what Cameron explained, word for word pretty much. I couldn’t believe it!

    On another article, he mentioned the Dark Grid, which is what I experienced myself in a lucid dream, a few months ago (before I read his article). The Grid didn’t let me leave the planet, I felt imprisoned here.

    Indeed, all these years, I always felt that there’s something off with the whole thing. I simply find it laughable that Source would have put together angels and tribunals. That’s just bureaucratic cr*p, they have no place in a self-sustaining system. Their whole theatrics are just laughable.

    The Divine nature as I see it, is simply a system of energy recycling. Just as our body recycles after death, I think that our consciousness is supposed to recycle and give life to more life after it becomes One with the One. Basically, like a self-sustaining system, which possibly evolves itself in a macro scale. This is not the same re-incarnation.

    But what these beings do, is intercepting the ascension of the soul after death, keeping it imprisoned in their dimension, and then forcing it to re-incarnating again as a human (by fear-mongering about the non-existent Karmic law). The soul never reaches the Source as it’s supposed to.

    I believe that the reason they do that is because they need the conditioning of past lives in order to do their feeding easier. If we go to Source and just decide to spawn a new universe, or come back as a fish in some other planet or universe, or not come back at all, it’s of little usage to them. They need the work they already done to keep leeching out of a sustainable and stable supply of food.

    Now, as for these beings of light being part of the whole circus, they might indeed actually be some type of light beings. My spirit guide, Esther, is one of them (she looks the same as in my hypnotic session: etheric light lifeform with an elongated head and no eyes), but they might be taking part in this for other reasons: maybe because they truly believe that we need the life lessons, so they can purify us for God (a type of a religious trap on their behalf), or they could even themselves might be entrapped.

    In one of my lucid dreams, I decided to not participate into a dream, and Esther appeared and asked me to do so. I still denied her, telling her that dreams are just illusions, and two guys come in (who she called them “tax collectors”), asking me violently why I don’t want to participate to the dream’s storyline. In the dream, Esther appeared to be putting herself in a corner, scared. So, these might indeed be light beings that they’ve lost their cool. It happens.

  • Phoebe

    I have a question Cameron,

    Since we know religion was created by them, & light workers & the new agers are deceived as well, isn’t it better to forget about spirituality and religion all together, since there is SO much deception going on?

    I am not saying not to believe in God or a higher power & think about spiritual things, but I am wondering if atheists and agnostics are more immune to being brainwashed and manipulated?

    I mean once they die, how can the turds of karma manipulate them if they weren’t spiritual or religious to begin with?

    I used to be gullible and listen to people like Doreen Virtue ( she talks a lot about praying to angels and goddesses), now I know better. Thanks to you, Cameron.

  • Paul

    If we are not to trust in our emotions how are we to know how to get back to source. Positive emotion is supposed to be an indication that you are on the path back to source. Obviously we can only know what is positive by experiencing negative as well, thus there is duality. According to this article we are obviously not to trust higher dimensional beings to make choices for us. If we can not trust our emotional guidance systems, and not differentiate between positive and negative emotion, then how are we to know how to get back to source. Are we just supposed to flop around like fish in the desert expecting to find water? Are you throwing away the law of attraction and our emotional guidance systems?

    • Lynn

      Hi Paul, I liked what you wrote, as we do need our positive and negative emotions, I see it as our spirit needs to let us know when we need to do something about our negative emotions

  • Wonderful strength you have!!

    This has uplifted me after going through those false contracts you speak of. You have my full support in any shape or form, with my brothers and sisters….beings of TRUE love and light. Enough of the manipulation, let people be free.

    Love and Respect to you!

  • Trina

    When you are talking about beings of light & people that channel, does this include Bashar and Abraham Hicks?

  • Myrian

    I am so glad to have found this blog; I have been trying for months to get rid of a multidimensional parasite and found, to much dismay, that my “High frequency Guides” refuse to remove it from my life because it was an agreement that cannot be broken. BS!

    I felt empowered by your Galactic Being Transmutation Hologram videos/ meditation and will definitely do the Vacuum and declare my Sovereignty all day, every day from now on.

    Many Blessings to you and the courage to speak up.

  • Lynn

    Hi. I had holographic kenetics done just over a week ago. To my amazement it has changed my life considerably. All I was told was just to day some words to myself and that was it. I endured sleepless nights. On and off feelings in my head. Negative thoughts and have gone through this by my self. It has been very hard at times. Every time I felt wrong I would sit and imagine green love light in my heart. I have spent as much time as I can away from people. Dilliberately stop working as to not to feel any more of these things. I have lookef and looked on the Internet for some kind of help and found nothing. But today I hav found all of you. It makes me feel so much more happier. Thankyou Cameron for this most enlightening web site. And now I can say and use force if I need to. I hav not wanted to sleep as I woke up one morning and felt violated and said to it go back from where you came I am a free sovereign spirit this is my vehicle. Though very happy I am a free sovereign I hav enjoyed connecting with tree spirits they let me know how to look after them. It would be nice if skmeone would be kind enough to send me an email so I have a friend to chat to. Thankyou again. X

  • Cris

    Hello, I just started 2 days ago voiding contracts and both having very unpleasant dreams which I haven’t had for a while (sitting trapped in a chair full of Sh* not been able to move, following night a centipede getting inside my ear). On the first night after voiding contracts, I haven’t read all the comments on this page so I was not aware that some people were having nightmares as well. Looking for info, I continued reading the posts, and then I learnt that some others had experience unpleasant dreams after voiding contracts. Why if we are voiding contracts they can still do that? What is the best way to deal with this?

    • Phoebe

      Hi Cris, there is an article on shielding that Cameron wrote- you might wanna take a look at that. Once you become more aware , you’ll find the dreams rather pathetic and laughable.

  • Cris

    Hi Phoebe,

    Thank you so much, found the article. And you are right about pathetic and laughable!
    In case someone else is looking for the Dream Shielding article from Cameron, here it is:

  • John

    Ha ha ha ha….how can you people think that this person who’s writing this article knows THE TRUTH ?????? No person alive on this planet knows THE TRUTH !!!!!!! This article is only an OPINION !!!!like milions of other atricles on internet….. THE TRUTH will be known at our death, so we’ll se THE TRUNTH or we’ll see NOTHING….till that day all articles are just OPINIONS….

  • DK

    Excellent! Much appreciated!

  • Rup Singh

    i have had experiance were i was led into a room there were others there it looked like an interview room of some police station ameriacan feel to it. There was a prisoner and the next thing i remmber is being very disturbed as i think i was made to take on his crime which was murder of somepeople and as i was leaving i said that is not me…so yes lords of so called karma are easily fooled and karma is being put onto others me in particular as i have had many similar experiances by the way when i left that place the other guy had turned into teeenager…

  • Rup Singh

    with regards dreams some are set up to drain one’s energy as i have had many of flying and other abilities that i would be able fly here by know.

  • Vigilantibus

    Hi, Cameron!

    I knew this dynamic by ahayuasca. They gave me the flase light and i cried, full of emotion. But after i discovered 7 levels until arrive the boarder of matrix. They try to give us all of our dremas in each level, until the seventh. There are dragons as gatekeepers on the frontier.
    You are telling us the reality of the cosmic matrix.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Now i know that i am not crazy.

  • Vigilantibus

    flase => false
    dremas => dreams
    ahayuasca => ayahuasca

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  • Leese

    Thank you very much for writing this article.

    Coming from a long time Christian background and then briefly visiting the world of the “ascended masters” etc, I have realised that all of this dogma never sat well with me and all the entities (bar one I met in a hospital) felt dark, lifeless and overall, fake. Note the one in the hospital hit me like a heated blanket made out of light and warmth. What I assumed was a she accompanied a schizophrenic patient which never had a negative symptomatic stage (if you are not familiar with schizophrenia, people with this condition have a negative (almost depressive and withdrawn) state and a positive hallucinatory state. This has never been heard of before.
    I’m still breaking out of the system of lies so I could still be fooled but I am hoping this is a real encounter.

    Just like so many other people out there, I would like to know the truth and not be led on by false deities. I hope that one day we will be free of this demiurge.

    Thank you again for your article and keep striving for the truth!!! 🙂

  • Michelle

    I am so happy that I found this page. Having recently come out about being abused as a child, I have had first hand experience of how disinterested people are in hearing the truth and how quick they are to attack the speakers of truth. It takes a lot of courage to come out publicly as a public figure and speak your truth. I am so thankful for sharing your experiences as your information resonates with my soul and will be revoking many beings who have been feeding off my positive energy. Thank you once again!! You have helped so much.

  • Rosie

    Hi Cameron,
    Thank you for this page. I’ve recently been doing a lot of work with clearing all agreements. Tonight I had a dream that I was put in a dark room with my husband. & one of my children- trapped. A television came on. There were these speakers that were emitting a sound- like a whirring- we were paralyzed and seizing- but I knew it’s intent was for mind control. There was a being in the room with us and he (I think it was a he), was not happy with what I have been doing. This whirring sound placed a heavy burden on me- it was like a huge heavy vault. I woke up startled & feeling very disconnected from source. & in fear. I needed help so I came here and found what I needed. I guess I didn’t know I could tell these ”turds” off. Thank you. (P.S. I’ve been feeling a little lonely because I don’t feel that I can speak freely about my experiences because I don’t know that people around me will understand).

  • Andie G

    I am so glad I came across this article. I have a friend that has been working with the ToK, and has gone thru a lot of “clearings” for my life in the recent month. Since then, I have had a heart attack, surgery, and dealt with suicidal feelings. While I read this, I took every step suggested. I feel like you just helped me save my life. My god, no wonder my friend is so miserable these days, always feeling sorry for herself, so angry and so so greedy. Thank you so much for having the courage to post this! Thank you for helping me recover from all the work we did. I will continue to reclaim my own power and send them to the vacuum as time passes. This feels right in my gut, this feels true, rather than going thru all the stuff the ToK wanted me to say and do. Thank you so much.I will also steer clear of this “friend”, as I know she won’t listen to the truth. She told me she is an ascended master, (my 1st clue something was wrong) and that no one on earth is as powerful as she is…that only 1 in 500 can connect with their Goddess self and of course she was a chosen one, while I am not. Thank you for helping me realize I am a divine child of the universe. It feels good to be one with source again. The RIGHT source! <3 Thank you so much. <3

  • Nikita


    I am aware that an honest answer could scare off some sheeple from Your audience and whatever You choose to answer proceeding on this premise, or whichever motives You choose, it won’t diminish my uttermost respect to You, but THIS QUESTION HAS TO BE ASKED.

  • Rivka

    If we revoke agreements to health problems, can we be cured of disease and ailments?

  • ABedolla

    How can I know this truth first hand? How did you get to this truth?

  • Bee

    Hi Cameron. I know that it was a while back since you posted this article. However, I feel it must keep circulating, because the harder things become out there, the more people will be looking for something to grab onto in order to “save” them. I too was involved in the new age movement, and up until recently considered myself to be a light worker. Your article is one of the very few out there that you can actually feel is just simply and honestly done. I agree with you about the fact that we are being lied to and swindled daily by just about everyone and everything out there. I no longer believe in ascension, or that just being good will get you into heaven. I now am in a mindset that I came into just on my own since the Katherine E May incident I think it was back in October 2014, that we are all really our brother’s keeper, and we have our eyes to see and ears to hear and heart to know when we care and work together, that all makes us sovereign together. Being united will bring about change, and that is the only thing that really can bring it about. On the other hand I do believe that something is definitely on Humanities side, because our planet would have been destroyed many times over if there wasn’t. Btw, I have also recently come across a womans work by the name of yellow rose for Texas. While I do not believe much of what she talks about, I do definitely believe that things are really not even close to what we are being told about this reality. I thank you for your life changing words and wish you blessings and peace

  • Kate

    So let’s say one loses a beloved pet prematurely in a tragic accident. Will I ever be able to see my cat again on the other side? This is a serious question. I was led to this website after spending time on yesterday, reading the channelings…and thinking that there was something “off”. This whole vision is disheartening in the sense that 1) will I ever be free to see my cat again after I leave this physical realm? 2) do I have to dissolve my marriage contract in this life? (making it certainly seemed to dissolve other contracts). Also before my cat died I experienced him dying brutally many ways in dreams. Little did I know, I dismissed this, and other voices that could have been whatever gave me little warnings but I didn’t piece it together until after the fact. Man oh man, I just want to go to the real heaven. I wish there could be a place where we could all meet again in joy without being trapped by any of this stuff here.

  • Kate

    Not only were there dreams, but I had the “delusion” of him being dead in a “manic episode” about 6 weeks before it happened; the dreams started after the mania. The “mania” started because I think I figured out just a tip of some of the conspiracy and wasn’t good at articulating it, only articulated part of it…really shouldn’t have said anything at all. Just on the human level, there seems to be some deeply wrong “game” that I know I’m supposed to feel like playing but it’s so hard anymore. Of course many of us have learned by now that we sound crazy when we talk about certain things to certain people. Will renouncing contracts in this manner lead to more discord in interpersonal relationships here?

  • Cameron, for you! “Love withheld is a burdened Heart”, as you so profusely poured your love out in these two articles, I so send my LOVE to you. To all that are in pursuit of Truth our bonds remain unbroken. Humanity will will win and thrive.

  • Jacqui

    I agree with some of the article, but not all of it, as Cameron is talking about his own reality and experience. The positives are that we are all a spark of the source and can create our own reality, it is great to strengthen that within ourselves and foster self-reliance, rather than waiting to be saved by an outside source.

    I also think it is positive to revoke all past agreements to victimhood.

    The negative is the concept that all light beings are deceptive. Ive never worshipped a light being and have been happiest since connecting with the light, one or two archangels, and the Goddess. It is good to use discrimination and test what you connect with, but I think this article is dramatic and promotes fear in the reader. Fear blocks healing and enlightenment. Maybe there could be more instruction on how to live within the duality in balance, rather than cutting off completely from the light.

  • Simm

    Definitely more in line with truth here.

    I wanted to kindly point out one thing, we are not trapped here. I am aware I came back for a last incarnation here for personal reasons but we can leave at any time if we become aware. These things are nowhere as powerful as us fully awakened and spiritually grounded.

    Beliefs, attachments, duality… It’s all just a big illusion anyhow.

    • Simm

      Btw I wanted to add! I did the revocations for a few days now and they are working.

      I think take my comment with a grain of salt, I know I was one of the ones who volunteered to come back and that it would be very difficult as I must’ve also agreed to some contract allowing abuse, energetic draining etc.

      Interestingly my energy turned golden in the areas revoking the contracts and the attacks that normally got through (which I’ve lived with for 5 years at their heaviest) are not able to get through.

      At first I wasn’t sure it was due to me revoking contracts but I think yes it was now.
      There are those who are skeptical of the other worlds bit but quite honestly I’ve had memories of those worlds since I was little, and some are much more peaceful and aware of nature and other life forms than here.

      I knew as a kid I volunteered for something difficult. That I knew I could handle it. And that I was part of a larger group but could never figure it out. I think now you posts have resonated with me plus the revocation allows me to remove the draining attacks I’ve lived with for so long.

      🙂 thanks again for your blog!!!

  • Helen Black

    Maybe about 20 years ago, I woke up and said “there is no karma.” I don’t know why because I practically never remember my dreams. I have always felt that karma perpetuates more karma and it is, therefore, never ending. When I read several years ago about “the lords of karma,” my first thought was “who the hell gave them that job?” We are prisoners of karma, consequently, and I have chosen to reject it now for many years. In my meditation, I ask Source simply to heal all beings, since we are all ONE with Source and, therefore, no one can ever recall anything of the past and start anew in a perfect state of being, which we are. Therefore, I commend you on your article and exercises to remove karmic beliefs. Thank you.

  • Dustin

    Hi there,

    I was just curious as to where you got the information that you published in this article here? Thanks very much.

  • A Free Soul

    Concerning the Coerced Demiurgic Entry Agreements, I had the full list and more. That’s the reason why I was early recruited by false light for years.
    I started to realize this big New Age manipulation in 2010 and get rid of it in 2012 after a second archontic attack. I started to write things for me about discernement in those years but I never published anything on a blog.
    Jsut opposite to new age teachings about “fear and love”, I realized that the higher my vibration was, the more I’ll get attacked. This means archons can be attracted by real light, not only by low vibrations generated by fear etc.

    As you describe it, when taking back my freedom, I’ve been very badly attacked by false light workers “sold on their false-light “ascended masters, ETs and angels” who tell them what to do, how to think and how to live”. A new attempt of recruitment took place in january 2014. I of course resisted and had a strong headache while refusing to let the self-proclamed “Spirit” enter in my head.

    As nobody in my country seems to realize this falsifications and as I couldn’t believe to be the only free soul on this planet, I kept on seeking about archons.

    I finally came accross John Lam Lash books in early 2013. As Kay Karinski and Ines Radman, sophianic vision of mystery schools really helped me put all the pieces together.
    Then in 2014, I came accross your message and Alloya’s website.

    From my own experience, John Lamb Lash and Alloya, the Christ-grid migth be part of the problem and not part of the solution.
    By the time being, do you still believe the vision you in march 2013?
    I don’t agree with Alloya concerning her interpretation of her encounter with the greys but however she has a great experience in archontic parasites that is very helpfull understanding the phenomenon.
    I think that the main job for free souls is to work together recovering a complete and coherent vision of the story of this planet and this can not be done if we can’t decide what the christ-grid stands for.

    As I understand your website, you fully realized the falsication around august 23rd 2013. Does this means that the informations you posted BEFORE such as the christ consciousness are to be red with active discernment ?
    You might knwow that before JC, Christos was a gnostic word for something else that has nothing to do with Jesus.
    What’s your position by now concerning “christ” as Jesus ?

  • Anthony

    I say this to all my former new agers and occultist, that my eyes are red with compassion for all you. I too am plagued with theses archon,reptillians,parasites,greys,they are all of the same dark energy of the inorganic beings or to put it truthfully and biblically…The Fallen angels. Nephlim, Giants, etc. They want bodies and souls. they walk like dry withered beings looking for housing. If your a new ager you are really in for some guest in your temple. I started looking for protection in the bible and was led to psalms. That led to me watching TBN and I was shocked and ashamed at myself for making fun of some of these pastors in the past in finding that true Christians are picked on worst than any doctrine out there…..That’s because its the truth. I thought giving myself over to Christ was a free out. No way. You are really singled out for torment Amen! You know you are doing something right when the devil sees that you have Salvation and the Benefits of protection that come from the Holy Ghost that only Christ can Baptize you with. The Bible is an arsenal that is both the truth that sets you free and the Wisdom beyond the worlds Metaphysical and philosophies that are so funny to look back on. Your auras or Chakras are gateway in for manipulation by these parasites. No one can fulfill the Karmic law. We all fall short of the Glory of the One true Father… not Creator. When you say Source and Creator it is so lacking any relationship with Your Abba…Daddy. I sit with these parasites around me cause they are stuck here. I see them and with the indwelling Holy Spirit (The Only way to dominate them) Cast them away. The Holograms are them. They are Projectors. They can project into your mind or around you. If your a Chritian they cant possess you, but they can try to put the fear on you. When they look at you they look into your eyes…What are they looking for?? To see if you have the Holy Spirit the knowing of who you are in Christ. If they don’t see Christ dwelling in you, then you can cast them out forever and you will be scoffed at and deceived as if they actually left and really just went behind you. They are Twerps and they are inferior to us and our job is to subdue this planet. Hence Jesus Christ the Blood and all the deeper mysteries of the cross that is placed for the one who wants to escape the god of this world..devil. That’s right. devil is in charge down here. God made the provisions and gave us the tools and soon as we rid ourselves of these anti-Christ spirits of We can do it on our own and we don’t need God or Christ for anything then the true Power that’s been hidden from us by the false doctrines of what we can see and feel into.. We walk by Faith and not by Sight, then we are seeing in the Spirit and Hearing from the Spirit means that is not external but internal and that is the Christ in you,,,,Not Christ consciousness. Christ in You!!! The doonamis or Dynamite that you will never get without the relashionship with Christ in you. Oh there is another perk joining into the Family Kingdom…You Don’t go to Hell! I was one of you, and 20yrs I got my but kicked. Now I don’t have to fight them…I let my Father do it. Hint: Everything is Backwards. The Kingdom of this world or fallen world is exactly Backwards to the way the Kingdom in heaven works. Love you. We are To Reign on this Earth, Lets do it…

    • Emery

      Before jesus and christianity there were many tribes and peoples who lived in a garden… they were in touch with the divine feminine and the divine masculine. Serpents are just as sacred of a being as any living creature, yet groups of men gathered to create stories demonizing it and giving it names. Think about it, a talking snake that is here to tempt a human in a beautiful garden. Sorry but these are stories… This jesus guy might be the answer for you in your path but to claim it is the way for us all is beyond limiting. To say this place is hell is even more limiting while many are here living peacefully and coexisting. There was a Christ before this jesus character. (look into gnosticism) ..there were many “masters” who were nothing more than you or anyone else walking a path bearing such truth, revolutionaries. Feel free to go on, I don’t need saving nor do I need to believe in any god outside except the one “god” that is in all beings.

  • Glenn Brown

    You know, the very FIRST night I started voiding these contracts the dream retaliation began. I very definitely took note that Cameron said we might expect dream blow-back, but I thought: “Naw. Not me.” Well, yeah, ME. It started IMMEDIATELY, the very same night. I was in a building made entirely of glass (like an office building, with glass walls AND ceilings) and an over-arching unseen voice (hah! over-archon-ing voice) said to expect the terrorism to begin now. There were many of us in the building, and the glass walls began to shatter in our faces as we ran. Doors exploded in shatters and shards, ceilings shattered and fell in on us. It was a full-blown attack, controlled somehow from within, like a controlled demolition. It was such chaos that I tried to find a safe closet to hide in and shield myself, but then machine gun fire started at me. I woke up then, and realized it was the retaliation Cameron told us to expect. The next night, I was apprehending criminals, and in the midst of it, great bolts of lightning just started striking transformer after transformer in the neighborhood (actually, it was striking every house) and it just came house-by-house down the line after me. It was a pyrotechnic mess, and it sent a great tornado of splintered wood and debris hurling at me and past me as I tried to hide. Again I woke up knowing it was the retaliation Cameron told us to expect. (Oddly, I never get hurt in any of these attacks, nor am I afraid, because I seem to know it’s a retaliatory attack for denying my resources to the psychopaths.)

    Let’s see what tonight bears…

  • Celestine

    Thank you so much. This is freeing.