The Foundation for All Healing

No technique, no healer, no group and no guru will ever be as powerful of a force in your healing as connecting to your True Self.

It is of the utmost importance that we train ourselves to stop repetitive ego programs from running and relax ourselves into the thoughts that come from our Higher/True/Inner Self.  Those thoughts aren’t small and scared like ego thoughts.  They are expansive and in Love with Source and Universal / Natural Law.

The most direct path to healing is to engage one’s True Self, embrace it fully and work diligently every day to embody that Real Self while undoing the subconscious and ego programming that blocks out awareness of the Self.

Accept Your Self

The Higher Self can be thought of as pure awareness that is not limited by conditioning or illusions.  It is your ultimate guide, and should be your only guide through life.  Understanding and aligning with this aspect of your Self is the most important part of the healing and clearing process.

Many people are angry at their Higher Selves for “allowing” them to be badly harmed in this lifetime, and I understand that.  However, the Higher Self can’t stop bullets, and it can’t stop abusers with a desire to harm others from doing so.

This realm is truly a battleground, and we knew the risks coming into this world.  We knew we would be wounded, guaranteed.  We also knew that we could heal through reconnecting with our True Self.  The enemies of freedom know this as well, so they do everything they can to block us from accessing the Higher Self.

Often times, the closer you get to a breakthrough, the more they attack, because they are afraid of the power and potential that you truly possess.

A Real Breakthrough

Healing and accessing your True Power is not usually easy to do, and it does not happen all at once.  Yet at the same time, a breakthrough is literally a breath away.  It is as subtle as laying down the ego and embracing your Higher Self.  That is the basic foundation for all healing, and it must be done in order for deep healing to occur.

It is not about doing a technique, but about letting go of what you are NOT and accessing what you TRULY are.  It is not complicated, but it also is not easy, and it often requires attempting to do it again and again, in spite of all past failed attempts.

The number one key to “hearing” (more like feeling) your Higher Self is to quiet the ego.  The more you can keep the ego minimized and silent, the more you are able to feel and think via your Higher Self.

The ego is a construct of the left brain, and it tends to be extremely loud and disruptive.  It does not care about your happiness whatsoever, it only wants to be in charge of your mind.  It will constantly replay noise and programming from your past in order to maintain that control.

What is even more ironic is when the ego tries to contact the Higher Self with something like this:

“Ok Higher Self, I want to get some answers from you.  Here are my questions.  I want you to answer them all right now please.  Hello?  Are you hearing me?  I want answers, please.  Go ahead and send me those answers right now, please.  I’m waiting.  Go ahead.  Start now.  I really need these answers.  Go ahead and deliver them right now.  I can’t stand to be this way and have all of these problems.  I need answers so that I can heal, so why aren’t you giving them to me?  Hurry up, dammit!”

and on and on and on…

Obviously, no answers will be heard in that way because the ego is making too much noise, and then triggering feelings of upset that no answers were given.  I have seen this countless times in many people.

So minimizing and taming the ego is really one of the most important aspects in any ongoing spiritual practice.  Notice that it is about taming the ego, NOT destroying it or rendering it totally mute.  The ego is a tool for navigating 3d, and like any tool it must be used wisely.

Comprehending the Higher Self

Your Higher Self is who you truly are beyond the identity of any single lifetime.  It is a vast consciousness that has a very “high” perspective on everything in this level of experience.  It comes into one’s awareness through the right brain and through the heart, which is why the (left brain) ego construct needs to be silent in order to perceive the Higher Self.

The types of thoughts that come from the Higher Self engage both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously.  These thoughts put one’s life and circumstances into perspective, giving one a more holistic understanding of reality.

One important thing to keep in mind is that your Higher Self gives one answer at a time, and not in the way that the ego wants it.  The ego wants ALL the answers up front along with a flow chart, syllabus and FAQ provided all at once.  It doesn’t work like that.

The Higher Self can only give us a little bit of information at a time until we build up the “bandwidth capacity” to be able to receive its frequency in larger doses.  An analogy would be how an adult communicates to a 3 year old, but in this instance the Higher Self is 16 Billion years old and the ego is like a teenager that thinks it knows everything, yet still has questions while demanding that the answers comes in the way that it wants.

So the Higher Self will give one answer (with vast implications) that we then incorporate into our awareness.  Later it will give another piece of information that we incorporate, and so on.  In this manner we are able to put together a larger framework of understanding over time.

As your awareness of your True Self grows, it is able to reside more and more within your physical and energy bodies where it belongs.  This is only possible through silencing and taming the ego so that it can be easily set aside when you want to act and think through the greater awareness of your Higher Self.

As we reincorporate the Higher Self back into the body over time, especially into the Heart center, it returns to its true place as our Divine Inner Self.

Much Love,
Cameron Day


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  • Great reminders Cameron – loving thanks. Libby, Autralia.

  • Thanks Cameron, yes I do receive special messages from my higher guidance not quickly but just at the right time to help me understand my process which helps me fully appreciate my experience. Yes this is a continuous journey, daily and momentarily at that too. Wow, My guidance is to surrender with heart breaths. I am grateful for your wisdom. I listen to your latest videos on morning, afternoon, and evening meditations. They have really helped me.Pat

  • christine gossin

    Our Self as our guide for healing and insight… Yes!
    So simple and so obvious and yet, so distorted by our conditioning to give our power away or to receive our wisdom from an outer authority.

    Thank you for taking the time to share this, Cameron!

    How many more lifetimes do you think it will take us?

    🙂 🙂 -Christine

  • Peggylynn

    How true! Is it not amazing how, once we quiet ourselves enough to hear our Higher Selves, that we no longer need the gurus, healers, groups etc in the manner in which we did during our beginning steps of ‘remembering’. The answers once sought from those who seemed to ‘know more’ or ‘the experts’ are found within our very own hearts. thank you, Cameron. Peggylynn

    • Evelyn

      Peggylynn, you’ve articulated my recent revelation so well…Thank you!
      I’ve been traveling down this amazing “rabbit-hole” the last couple of years and only 6mos ago spoke aloud my desperate desire to wake from the amnesia I knew I’d been suffering (in this life)… Almost immediately my journey began to excellorate, still prompting me to seek answers “with-out” myself…however each time peeking behind the curtain more and more quickly until I came to the understanding that I had exhausted myself on the chase…and decided to remain “still” for a while.
      Only then did I awakened to the knowing that what I had been seeking was right there, “with-in” me. Today, I understand that I am free!
      And thank you Cameron for being a beacon onto the (promise land) one’s inner-divine self!

      Much Love to All!

  • Kat

    Cameron Day! Perfect timing as usual☀️Always consistent
    Your pure love

  • Janet

    Very timely, Cameron. Thank you for that.
    BTW, I’ve been working with your GBP for over three years now, but just recently started doing it with my eyes open. Things are really opening up now 🙂

  • Bea

    I have been utilizing your self-clearing meditations (levels one and two) in an effort to clear away blocks
    and make more room for my Divine Inner Self. Sometimes I feel exhausted from all of the effort; however, it is ultimately well worth the results. Your words inspire me to keep at it. Thank you.

    • nadine

      right (divine) things are never exhausting. have sincerely the intention to clear them away while silencing your ego, as Cameron says. intention is key word.

  • Alis ~ Itlatol

    With gratitude for who you are cameron, i came and checked here yesterday…i said hey wot up Cameron …and here you are… and what is even more interesting is that i did this technique…friday…and yes, one concept with vast aspects…and here you are confirming….what i was being naturally drawn to do… .

  • Kalina

    Thank you Cameron for your work.
    What i found i do healing on me now actually with energy closed around me but this energy is my . no color only consciousness – mind . we can,t forgot any parts of our body .any sensation i am balancing with my mind .what you think about this?

    With love from Poland Kalina:)

  • mary

    hi cameron ,,, with more trust of my beautiful Higher Self ,,, i just learned (& still deepening this learning),,, on a deeper more profound & thrilling level ,,, what i”m learning ,, as i keep trusting my Christ Self ,,, i”m getting instructions on how to heal my illusional pains ,,, it is very cool ,,, healing with the Heart of Love ,,, it is an endless supply of unconditional love ,,, i can never run out ! ! ! marylilybear

  • mary

    when i’m in the flow with my Higher Self lots of fun things happen ………….marylilybear

  • mary

    i’m so in Love with God

  • mary

    if i look outside for god ,,, i’m going the ‘wrong way’ ,,, inward is the path to God ………

  • Kelli

    At different times yesterday, I kept thinking to check your website for a new message and then this message was in my email this morning! I love the simplicity of your messages and the humor too. The Ego being like a Teenager that wants answers is right on. I’ll remember that now when I slip into asking question after question. May Grace, Beauty and Balance be with Earth and all of her Beings. With love and Gratitude~

  • dana

    my boyfriend tell me things very strange, that he have fear of me and he don’t let me speak. I tried to change his image inside of me and find his truth self and now I can feel his truth identity…but each time that I start to be fully myself he is there to drown me down. Is dificult sometimes because I do this by meself, here I didn’t find free humain expressing themselves…
    I know all that you say. Yesterday when I listened you for the first time in an interview with George Kavassilas I felt a biger truth…what greate being I was on this earth. I know all this even I don’t see or speak. Is all in my.
    Today I’m very upset.
    Thank you for the truth.

  • Cameron, such wonderful confirmation. Sometimes it can get “dreary” living in 3D reality, but knowing forever that we’re all being led by our Higher Selves, if we can take the time to be still and LISTEN, is such an important part of BEING here and of integrating and anchoring our Souls onto this Earthly realm. Thanks for BE-ing! Love and blessings to ONE and ALL x

  • Lynn

    Hi Cameron….thank you for all that you do……and for assisting all of us, to a clearer path as we continue our Earth Walk..
    Peace, love and harmony to all. 🙂 Tanya’s note

  • Thank you so much for this reminder! Your clarity helps break through the ego/fear that I notice arising as I try to shift the “signal to noise” ratio between my Self and my ego.

  • Carolina E.

    Cameron, You are definitely blessed by The Source/Father/Hashem/Holy Father Creator of the Universe.
    I’m Jewish and i have been following you for the last 5 months. We believe in one Father, one God, and I have been connecting to this Source for a while. Your information has helped me a lot, specially in clearing and visualizing my visions better.
    Yesterday, i had a very depressing day, because i was following, indications of my True Self, but it seemed everything went wrong, and at the moment I am very upset with him.
    I’m gonna try to Meditate again today, applying all the concepts of the Ego and just one Answer. This Post came from Our Creator/The Source just in time for me. THIS IS MY LOVELY FATHER HELPING ME through You Cameron.
    I send you the best Energy of the Universe.
    I would like to set a healing session with you someday.
    Originally from Venezuela. But in Miami, Fl.

  • Alison

    Dear Cameron:
    Thank you for another wonderful post. I greatly appreciate your work and your meditations.

    Working as a therapist, I am very interested in assisting people know their truth. My guidance to them is to listen to your heart and your gut (right brain). When the truth is spoken you may feel a bubble of joy burst in your heart. Your gut is calm.

    Recently, I began reading the Anastasia books. The series is also called, “The Ringing Cedars of Russia”. Anastasia has added to my understanding of truth when she said: “A lie is limited. The truth is limitless.”

    So thank you again for reminding us that we are limitless beings.

  • Nancy

    Such perfect timing!

    I am emerging from six months of one health set-back after another and telling myself that there must be more to this than meets the eye. It isn’t just about my physical health.

    Thank you, Cameron, for words of wisdom at the proper time.

  • Lynne

    So nice to hear from you again. Finding a post from you in my email is kind of like the thrill of finding an Easter Egg–but for an adult! Thank you for the words of wisdom, the reminders, and the good counsel. You always put an “egg” in there someplace that is just the one I was looking for! Thank you.

    • Jackie

      Hi Lynne, I felt very drained of energy for a while. I found that revoking vows to experience ill health, exhaustion etc….really helped me, I also used Cameron’s energy clearing system 🙂


  • Shari

    Yep. Nothing but the Higher Self will do!

  • “Souls are like athletes, that need opponents worthy of them, if they are to be tried and extended and pushed to the full use of their powers, and rewarded according to their capacity.”
    The seven Storey Mountain

  • Althea

    Very educational. I appreciate it so much. Thank you, thank you.

  • Denny

    Great guidance, careful explanations and wise reminders! Your timing is in most ways perfect! Very much appreciated.

  • Cameron, I have never seen such clarity regarding our ‘higher’ self. Simplistic yet a solid explanation. I feel like I now have the how-to-steps to fully integrate with my true self. Thank you.

    With much love,

  • bernadette

    wow common sense…love it

  • Sunil

    I now believe all divine beings share the same consciousness. I just checked your site few days back and was wondering why no post and then yesterday you posted which was exactly what I experienced after 37 years.

    I believe Our Higher Self is us and it will show up in TIME when its right for you. One thing i learned. ITS NOT YOUR FAULT. Humanity never created any problems, they were thrust with problems and the dark forces made sure we feel guilty for the problems they created. They came up with Karma and all eastern religion to feel more guiltier.

    My higher-self went to the core of darkness. It created a copy of myself to fool the AI aka dark smoke covering our planet and went to its source. It took 37 years to do it.

    Unfortunately, The message is not of good but darker times ahead for human race. Sorry. They have shifted the entire Matrix itself, 180 degrees opposite. Now, the path to destruction is the path to enlightenment aka the truth we are uncovering which they hide on 3D will lead human race to give away whatever is left from the lies they constructed on earth. 50% they took from lies, now the other half will be taken away with truth.

    Its really really darker up there where our higher self could go and check on things what they are planning. Now, They don’t even require Illuminati, Rothschild, Masons, Most lower worker Aliens etc they too have become expendables. Expect elites to reveal more truth, more uncovering of their own lies. They knew Light Beings are coming on earth. The Dark Played its Ultimate Card, A brilliant spectacular move that needs to be known now to all of us URGENTLY. The path we are on is exactly how the new Matrix is created. All Light Beings, Be Extra Cautious, Disconnect, Recharge. Not many human beings could be saved, even Light Beings are in Danger now. This is coming from the core of darkness, there ultimate plan.

    Its very hard to understand this message, but divine beings will get it. I’m just putting it out there. I have written about it in detail in David Icke forum with another star seed who had experienced the same.

    Since, This post was about Higher Self, and I came in contact with it after 37 years. This is the message I got from it. Sorry for the long post. I just felt I need to write this out. Thank You.

    • Claudia

      Thank you Sunil.Very interesting. Which Forum are you writing in?

      • Sunil

        Hi You can read it here…

        This is the experience we two star seeds had…with the core of darkness….Its their ultimate plan …the final move on us…Thanks

        • I didn’t read the whole story, but it sounds like you both got totally run through the wringer by both “sides” of the demiurge, the dark and false light.

          Her praying to angels is a big red flag that she was getting heavily manipulated by the false-light and then attacked by the dark. They are both two sides of the same corrupt control system.

          Any reliance on beings outside of our True / Higher Self opens one up to being manipulated, and she got some really horrendous treatment.

          However from what I had time to read, her conclusions are incomplete.

          She DOES need to disconnect from individual beings and focus on her True Self. Any connections made need to be done to celestial consciousnesses like the Galactic Core and Infinite Source.

          I hope you both can work to clear out all of the garbage the false light put into you, as well as the traumas the dark side abuse. Then work on rebuilding her energy field through her True/Inner/Higher Self.

          Best wishes,

          • Sunil

            Hello Dave,

            You are the only person whom I know, other than Aliens and TPB who has experienced and seen the thick shadow, black smoke like thing covering our entire planet.

            I agree with your assessment, She was tortured by Masons, made to go to the dark by sacrifice, she is from Croatia….She herself says, she has become deluded and is of no use other than to inform what she has witnessed.

            I would not have believed her unless I had experienced it myself. This is very important. This message is impossible to get it, unless one has experienced it.

            The Divide Beings, Light have invoked the “Mutually Assured Destruction Protocol”…Any further move by the dark ensures the destruction of itself and light also. This was the only way to stop the darkness from taking anymore territory.

            This is the final game now. The reason I’m still writing to you is because of the MAD protocol. Any further move by the dark ensures the destruction of each other.

            We are all connected. I wrote on 12 Jan, today I had a feeling to check the site again and I see your reply which was on 23rd, all these days, I did not check your site and when you replied, I was somehow felt to check your site again. Please do not misunderstand.

            All light beings are connected to each other even if we are far apart. We had already planned equal to what dark has planed for us before our arrival on planet earth.

            Best Regards,

    • Jackie

      Sunil myself, my cousins and Uncles had a similar experience of reaching for the light through Angels, praying, God, connecting with source etc and we found darkness that tried to connect through us to everyone around us. Its true that thats how they operate, but THEY HAVE ALWAYS OPERATED LIKE THAT…we are actually only realising it now. You can get out of this bondage by calling on everything you ever worked with, God, universe etc..and revoking all agreements made through prayer, meditation etc look up the transcripts if possible…Its time consuming but it works. See Cameron’s post on revoking agreements. Its the dark before the dawn….we’re spiritually nearly there ;))

      • Sunil

        Thank You very much for the reply…I understand…You are wonderful human being…more power to you….

  • Marypeace

    Much appreciated, Cameron. Many blessings in deep gratitude.

  • George

    Hello Cameron and thank you for your message.

    In order to better understand the process of connecting with one’s Higher Self, could you please tell me the difference between my ‘Higher Self’ and my ‘Oversoul’? Are they both the same thing?

    I hear these two terms interchanged a lot but there’s no real explanation about the two terms and it’s really confusing to me.

    Thanks again Cameron!

  • Denise

    Thank you for the great write up! Everything stated in TRUTH.

  • Many thanks Cameron, my has run away from the pain that I suffered, I trust, I love, I heal

    much love and light


  • Βαγγελης

    Thank you very much our Good friend.
    I would like to write some more things but english is not my language and at th e same time I have to take care of my father as we are in the hospital at this moment.
    I just send you all my love.

  • Thelma

    Wonderful article, Cameron!

    I surrendered my ego to my Higher Self a few years ago (using affirmations & a heart-felt intention) and the answers are coming in much more clearly now. I journal with my Higher Self regularly, asking questions that get answered from a deeper level of mySelf.

    To welcome more of our Higher Self into the physical, I find it helpful to do integrative mind/body exercises like Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Yoga, to walk in nature, to appreciate beauty in everything around me, etc. For me, the qualities of harmony, beauty and joy ARE who I am at the core, and Higher Self is also Who I Am.

    It also helps to regularly take a few minutes to meditate in stillness and IDENTIFY with the space between our thoughts, which is our Pure Consciousness. This helps to lessen the grip of lower ego/lower mind.

    I also wonder (as someone else commented) if what has been called the OverSoul is another term for Higher Self?

    • Robin G

      Thanks Thelma for the straightforward advice, “surrendering my ego to my Higher Self”, with affirmations and intention plus other advice. Yes, as far as I know OverSoul is another term for Higher Self; some call the HS their I AM presence; I prefer to call that part of myself my Divine Presence.

      • Thelma

        Robin, I’m glad you found my tips for accessing our Higher Self useful. Thanks for answering my question about “OverSoul.”

        I actually call my Higher Self “My Divine Spirit” now because the word “higher” creates an image of a level above us, when the reality is becoming “matter infused with Spirit.”

        We have to find a term that we’re comfortable with (I can see how Divine Presence would work).



    I’ve been looking everywhere on your site for the “CONTACT US” box.
    Unfortunately, You don’t have it.



    • Bea

      If you scroll all the way to the top of this page you will see the blue words “Ascension Help Blog” on the upper left hand side. Above that, in smaller black letters, are the words “Ascension Help Main Site”. Click on that. When you get to the main page, the contact link will be the third to last item on the menu bar.

      Hope this helps.

      Best wishes,

      • chloe

        hello. Bea is not a very common name.I had a friend i have lost touch with by that name.,as i have a message for her from someone else,and am wondering therefore,if you ever lived on commercial drive in vancouver>>?

        • Bea

          Hello Chloe,
          I’m sorry to hear that you lost touch with your friend Bea. I have never been to Vancouver, so, I regret to report that I am not her. I wish you and your friend the best in your search.

  • Renee

    Feeling connected and grateful for this great article Cameron. You really have a great ability in presenting some really thoughtful, and inspiring literature. While reading your articles, you have an uncanny knack for saying exactly what I am thinking, and processing in the moment. I’m sure it is the synchronicity itself that is prevalent, but great timing nonetheless! I love these kinds of synchronicity, and thank you my friend for coming forth with these very healing messages—Passing it on! Peace to you my broth-ah!

  • Pixie

    Cameron: I am new-ish to your site and wondering if there is any older stuff on here that you want us to avoid or ignore? I don’t really think so, thus far, but wanted to ask.

    Thank you.

  • Evelyn

    Cameron: Can you please reply/comment on Sunil’s comments? I don’t think I’m alone in wanting your perspective on this statement…please and thank you.

  • Alex

    Think the answers from our divine inner self are ussually what we call revelations-and then, of course this has major implications, it ust occurs naturally.


  • Thank you for the loving reensurance that I been living my true nature and continue to do so. It’s when I come across souls like you, that makes me feel, we will make the transformation of humanity despite all what is against us. I see you 🙂


  • Carol

    Thanks so much for your generous gifts of wisdom and tools for self-enlightenment. I just used the first level self-clearing tool for the second time, however, I have questions about my specific situation as it relates to using your tools. I posted some of this last night under one of your other blogs.

    I’ve had a parasitic entity in my body for the last 3 years (it resonated with the fear brought about by the “healer” I was working with at the time plus another “healer” who connected it to me) and am currently working with a chiropractor who is using applied kinesiology to remove it, but I’ve been working with him 2-3 times a week since May 2013 and am frustrated that it’s still with me even though he says it’s almost gone as it doesn’t feel that way.

    First, I need to know that your process is safe and not empowering this tricky pest or giving it power. The entity is very physical–while I was doing the cosmic flush, the entity resists and causes my body to shake mildly and applies pressure to my brain (between my eyebrows). It’s done this for a long time, but it had lessened. It messes with my brain in other ways-there is a black dot, like a floater, in my right eye that makes me think of a slave driver as it tries to control what I think or do by waving it like a whip when I think or do something it doesn’t want me to do. It tricked me into taking a longer walk than I had planned one day and I got annoyed and covered my eye up with an eye patch and after that, it blocked all light so that I can’t see colors or visualize anything but see only darkness when I close my eyes. It’s also pretended to leave but it comes back and lots of other things.

    Second, I would like to know if it’s safe for you to work with me to remove it as my former healer (the fear inducer) who supposedly had a direct link to God (I know better now) stopped working with me because it was she said it was too dangerous. I fell for her hype about being chosen to go on the “lightworker” path. If so, I would gladly book a session.

    I downloaded the second level clearing mp3s and also the morning, afternoon and evening set. If it’s safe, which would you recommend I use first? Would the Genius Brain Power set also be helpful, and if so, which ones in particular? I have worked with a psychic in the past who told me that I am very nonphysical and that a lot of these things don’t work for me. I’m not sure whether or not that’s true.

    This has been a huge lesson about giving away my power to others and I don’t want to repeat that so while I’m looking for answers, I don’t expect a savior. I appreciate your process as it’s all about self-empowerment. You are a voice of sanity in this crazy world and most everything you’ve written or said resonates with me. It’s also great to see from others’ postings that I am not alone, that others are going through similar situations and working through this.

    Finally, I hope I”m writing in the write place as I, too, couldn’t find a “contact us” so that I could post questions there, so I hope this message finds you.

    With sincere gratitude,

  • Susan

    Are archons parasites or are they beings with personalities?

  • Chantal

    Your message is very clear Cameron, only the EGO (the teenager) is seeking for more answers.

    Love & Light

  • Carol

    I want to thank you again for your generous messages and encouragement. I’ve been using your Self-Clearing process almost every day for the last two weeks and I already feel more empowered and that things are shifting.

    I also have some questions if you have time to address them in your next podcast:

    1) When we visualize the galaxy being spinning–does it matter in which direction it’s spinning–clockwise or counterclockwise? Same question with visualizing the figure 8 towards the end of the Level 2 Part 2 process.
    2) Do the emotions around crying feed the ankle biters?
    3) What is your take on energy exchanges around giving money or gifts to people with lower vibrations?
    4) What is your take on astrology and numerology?
    5) Can you talk about compulsive addictions and how to eliminate them?

    Thanks so much!

  • Maggie Kwan

    Dear Cameron and Everybody,

    I am new to this website and nice to meet you. I have always wondered why our best intentions can go astray all the time and why we must come back to earth even though “kind guides (beings)” told us that we always have free choices. I also know why I have lived with the same family members life after life. I have been betrayed many times by the Gods and Archangels during critical moments of my life. That is not fun at all!

    There is only one thing that I don’t quite understand. I believe that (spiritual) energy or consciousness itself is neutral but can become good or evil because of the ego of the person handling it. If the Divine Conciousness is pure and without an ego, it cannot create anything such as the Corrupt Demiurge. Can anybody tell me who created the Corrupt Demiurge in the first place? Does it exist in from the beginning with the Divine Consciousness? How can the Divine Consciousness allow it to exist at all? Or, is the demiurge a creation/projection of human ego?

  • cassie

    Hi cameron, i have a complaint! I love your writing and they are too few and far between! Please bring back the mini podcasts or posts. many thanks 🙂

  • Day-Day

    I did yourself clearing system and when I got up to the part where you minimize your ego I rolled over to change the video and when I opened my eyes I realize I couldn’t see properly. I have always had 20 20 vision , this is just about brought me to tears . This just happened to me and my vision is slowly coming back not completely back in my right eye . I know I’ve been under heavy heavy heavy attack lately and for the last few years and I would feel safe to assume the clarity I feel now has to do with the release of ankle biters from my subconscious as well as the strain on my eyes . Maybe for people who are under heavy attack not goes through the whole self clearing process all at once . I have practice meditation and yoga workshops for the last couple years now and I’ve never had this happen to me .