Electro Magnetic and Radio Frequency Mitigation

I have been absent from the blog due to being extremely busy with a full session schedule, as well as a large amount of email.  Because of this big workload, today’s post is going to be a mini-blog on a subject that could easily require a very long article:  Electro Magnetic Frequency and Radio Frequency mitigation.

I hope that you are already aware of the fact that the multitude of wireless devices in use today emit harmful radio and electro-magnetic frequencies.  If not, just Google “cell phone dangers” and start reading.  The more sensitive your body and nervous system is, the more you will feel the negative effects of cell phones, wireless routers, cordless phones, “smart” meters, etc in your home.  We all suffer from the transmissions of these devices, whether or not we notice their harmful side-effects.

The purpose of this short article is to inspire you to take action to reduce your exposure to these frequencies by sharing with you what I have done in my own home.

Elimination and Reduction

Technically, I started this process over 15 years ago by getting rid of my microwave oven.  I don’t even think about that any more, it’s just part of life for me now.

My more recent mitigation efforts began with turning off the wireless feature on my router.  This means that ALL computers in the home are connected directly to the router via Ethernet cables.  Any laptop usage is done with the laptop on a table or desk so that it is not directly on a lap, and the wireless on the laptop is disabled, of course.

Next, I removed all cordless phones and replaced them with corded phones.  It’s like the 80s all over again, but with better hair.  Seriously though, going back to land line phones reduced a huge amount of RF pollution in our home.  I know a lot of you reading this probably don’t even have a landline anymore and you rely totally on your cell phone.  I urge you to get a landline again with a corded phone and turn the cell phone OFF when you are at home.  (Yes, totally off…I promise it will be ok.)

I recommend using your cell phone as little as possible.  I have a cell phone that is always off unless I need to make a call while I am away from home.  This is the only usage that it receives.

Also, if you live in a place with a “smart” meter, move.  Seriously.  If that is not an option, look into ways to shield yourself from the (not so) smart meter starting with this video.

Finally in the elimination process, I got rid of all compact fluorescent light bulbs and replaced them with standard incandescent bulbs.  CFLs produce much more dirty electricity than a standard bulb, they actually wear out faster in normal on and off usage, and pose a variety of health risks.  (LED bulbs are also a good option, as they do not produce much dirty electricity.)


The best thing I have done all year was to invest in “Microsurge Filters” for our home’s electrical outlets.  Yes, I know it’s only mid-February, but this has had a huge impact in our home.  These devices filter out high-frequency EM waves from the electrical wiring in the walls, drastically reducing levels of harmful EMF in a home.  This was a significant expense, but it was worth the cost.

When doing this type of mitigation, the first thing needed is a “Microsurge Meter” that plugs directly into an outlet and gives a reading of the “Graham-Stetzer Units” in the power line.  This is a measure of the magnitude of the voltage surge on the line.  Higher numbers on the meter are bad, lower numbers are good.

A “typical” high reading would be in the 500-600 GS unit range, and with proper filtration, it should be under 50, with 25 being the ideal level.  The readings in my home were 800-1100 depending on location in the house, and it took 25 filters to get readings on all sockets down in the 25-40 range.  My office alone took five filters to mitigate, and the bedroom required four.

Thanks to these filters, we went from a very bad EMF environment to a very clean one.  Now our home in the woods really feels like it is in the woods!  It feels like being in a remote location where there is no electric power at all.

My wife and I both noticed the effect right away, and I can assure you that it was not a placebo.  I honestly didn’t expect to feel a tangible effect at all, but these filters made a huge difference.  The best analogy I can give is that it was kind of like the sense of relief that one feels when a noisy refrigerator stops running, except that it was EMF based, not sound based.

I purchased “Greenwave Filters” along with the Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter from this e-bay store.  I talked with Neil, the owner of the store before the purchase and he was very helpful in answering my questions as well as resolving a shipping glitch with his supplier after my purchase.  I interacted with him as a normal customer, and I didn’t tell him that I might send a bunch of business his way if I was happy with the products, so I can honestly say that his level of customer care was excellent.  I negotiated a lower price by buying the filters in bulk, and he was very helpful throughout the whole process, but I didn’t receive any special treatment.

The Greenwave filters are a fairly recent design, marketed as being more effective than the Stetzerizer filters, which I tested myself comparing both filters in one plug, and the Greenwave filter gave a slightly lower reading on the Stetzer Meter than the Stetzer filter did.  The GW filters also have a pass-through plug in the bottom of them so that you do not lose a plug to the filter, unlike Stetzer filters.

More Mitigation

I also have a grounding mat for use at my computer desk.  I honestly do not notice a difference from the grounding mat, but I think it is worthwhile since my computer and monitor are generating EMF fields.

That is where my mitigation process stands as of now, although I will also be replacing all dimmer switches in the house with regular switches, as dimmers generate a LOT of dirty electricity, even if the dimmer is set to maximum.  I verified this with my own testing on an outlet controlled by a dimmer switch.  See item #7 on this page for more.

There are many more mitigation products out there that can be purchased and attached to a cell phone, cordless phone, router, etc.  I cannot speak for the efficacy of any of those products, but even if you do use them I urge you to follow the simple plan laid out in the “Elimination and Reduction” section above so that you are using the least amount of wireless devices possible. 

Feel free to comment below with the names of any mitigation devices that you have found effective.  Please avoid posting a URL, as that will get hung up in moderation until someone can get to it.

Much Love,
Cameron Day


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  • Where can I buy these devices? Im based in Australia. Thanks

  • Robin

    Where can I get these in Australia?

  • Janice

    Omg i would hate to see what my house number is. How do u get one of these?

  • Jennifer H.

    Oh very synchronistic – I am just about to start down this road. This site (in Australia) is very good for all sorts of shielding & earthing type products. So important to do this to protect our own (hopefully) high frequency 🙂

  • Jennifer H.

    Oh very synchronistic – I am just about to start down this road. This site (in Australia) is very good for all sorts of shielding & earthing type products. So important to do this to protect our own (hopefully!) high frequency 🙂


  • Jennifer H.

    PS: I am not affiliated with that site – just a customer.

  • Arka

    Thanks so much for tjis info.
    Have you tried or compared with the “orgonites” .

  • Aeonea

    Thank you for your hard work as it is much needed. I’d love to know where I can best purchase these things? What I have noticed lately is that there are pockets of hot radiated air that are not natural. I am wondering if you have noticed this? I believe they are increasing the outage so as to affect us negatively. I’ve particularly noticed this affecting me neurally and cognitively.

    Great article!

  • ed k

    Great info, thanks! Have you also studied the effects of cell phone towers? From the little I know, cell towers not only emit emf’s but also dangerous elf’s. ELF stands for “extremely low frequency”. Really strange that our govt decided to use elf’s for cell phone technology since it’s an extremely non-efficient technology that requires a tremendous amount of electrical power to operate. They do, however, mimic our brain wave frequencies (beta, alpha, theta, & delta), and hence the question… Why?

  • Maiki

    Great! but why just rely on products? I feel direct action to strengthen your immediate being, is crucial to surviving this lunatic-driven world. I strongly recommend Qigong/Tai Qi as a great way to raise your vibration and defend yourself from these challenging energies. After an initial outlay to learn the techniques you can practice by yourself. If you practice regularly, it pretty much turns you into a walking orgone device. In a nutshell Qigong works in all sorts of beneficial ways, not just for you but everything in your environment i.e other ppl, animals and plants too. Primarily it stimulates the nervous system and the cerebrum/cerebral cortex, balancing the hemispheres of the brain, harmonizing your own bio-electric currents and then some…Its a win win.

    • Thelma

      Maiki, I also regularly practice Tai Chi and Qi Gong (see my comment below.) I didn’t know about my balancing effect on what’s around me. Can we read more about this somewhere???

  • Dan

    I’ve been working with ways to reduce radiation for a while now. Unfortunately, my job requires that I talk on a cell phone for over an hour every day. I use headphones and I’m waiting for a Spinor device (made in Ukraine) which is applied on the phone and is supposed to reduce radiation, but I don’t know if it’s enough. I also carry with me a Shungite sphere which provides some electromagnetic shielding.

  • Breathe

    Thanks , Cameron…this is what I needed;
    Good, sensible, pragmatic advice regarding
    Energy Mismatch. My husband won’t be very
    Happy, but my hunch is that he’ll heal faster
    And more efficiently if some of these items can
    Be replaced(three weeks post-op and an open
    Wound in the process…surgeon was adamant
    Wound not be covered, which has me wondering)!

    • Skath

      Modern knowledge says wounds should not be covered. Must be kept clean of course. My son almost cut off the tip of his index finger, and he knew that. It healed very well.

  • Frank

    Hi Cameron,

    I found that most of these effects are only working on those people, who are in OIC (dark demiurge). Example: The food really changes a bit in microwave, but this has no negative effects on physical level (string area). Also no negative effects on those people, who have their higher aspects not in OIC (dark demiurge). But those who have their aspects inside have strong negative effects, there are different physical and rules systems, in which it can make huge damage!

    “Down here” in 3d (area II) the 50 Hz electrical wire system has much worse effects! This systems works exactly on frequencies which block our higher aspects from getting down here. By this they keep away the real powers of the people from this level, and protect the darks systems.

  • Elva Thompson

    Another brilliant article, Cameron. People tend to forget that our bodies are electric and any frequency that we have not evolved with over millions of years is going to do us harm. There is so much electromagnetic pollution on the planet that ‘our new technology’ is overwhelming the Schumann resonance and is destroying the migration paths of all animals, birds and insects. With no bees, birds and butterflies, man will know true loneliness. Is possession of a cell phone, micro wave oven and wi fi worth the life of the planet? I don’t think so.

    One love

  • Lynn

    Brilliant Cameron! I am reading an article in Vitality Magazine entitled “Invisible Threat…the link between wireless radiation and a host of Serious illness” by Frank Clegg, who was the president of Microsoft Canada…..obviously not anymore…..
    Check out this article. It is a continuation of this “new thought pattern”. As far as I’m concerned, we were better off without all this wireless stuff…..I don’t own a cell phone, don’t use a microwave, my office phone is a land line and have been a vegetarian for the past 35 years…….The Big Machine just wants to keep us ill, so their pockets will be lined with money. Frustrating for me, and I’m sure for others out there, whose partners are the opposit……little by little, the change must happen, first from within……
    …and what about these kiddie IPads….OMG…..I’ve seen very intelligent people, buy these for their grand kids….and people wonder why kids these days, are bouncing off the walls!

    Thank you so much Cameron….keep passing on your message!

  • Jacques Vaillancourt

    Hello Cameron,

    I bought shieldite stones for my laptop computer, but since I don’t have an instrument to verify the before and after EM waves emitted, I can’t swear of their efficacy. Check for an independant review on shieldite on the Web.


  • fred

    Aside from using the orgonite, you can also limit the effects of those frequencies using a frequency detox via this website masterpiecelife.com/clearings-and-activations/ , it will not only detox your vibration, limit your exposure, and reverse the processes as well…not only does it limit the harmful electric frequencies, but other frequencies that most Pepe may be effected by, yet unaware of.

  • Mitch Mattraw

    Thank you Cameron for sharing your very thorough method’s, wonderful. I might only add that the company SAR shield make a very effective, inexpensive EMF blocking shields that come as peel sticker’s, (sarshield.com) being very sensitive to EMF’s, I’ve found them to be very effective. This was mentioned by other’s here but I can not stress the wonder that is orgone enough, it is the only known material that not only blocks the EM and radio frequencies but actually transmutes the energy into a higher frequency, one completely harmonious with mother earth and all life form’s, people have been doing what’s known as ‘gifting’ for years, placing or burying orgone ‘pucks’ around cell phone tower’s, utilities transformer substations, smart meter’s and beyond, orgone pucks have a range of 500 meter’s, I highly recommend Bo from orgonia.bigcartel.com, Bo’s is a true artists, craftsman and makes unique orgone wall plaques, very powerful and filling your home with the gentleman above aptly described as Qigong type of very high, lovely, vibration, popular blogger Zengardner has an awesome article on his love affair with orgone, how he placed hundred’s of pucks in his city. Blessings Cameron 🙂

  • Jack

    Still in Australia but offering a world-wide service I can recommend Gerard at this site: orgoneffectsaustralia.com
    Having suffering from nervous stress due to EMF and at the same time working in IT, I use Gerard’s Geoclense Home Harmoniser at work and home and the difference is instantaneous.
    He’s also a wealth of knowledge in this field which he freely shares with all comers. I’m not a shareholder, just a very satisfied customer.
    Thanks Cameron for your consistently helpful articles.

  • Gordon Calvert

    Never knew all this
    Thanks very much for info

  • Gordon Calvert

    Great update thank you

  • There is an energetic device that helps shield from negative energies. It is called Orgonite and you can place them in your home, carry them on you or have them around the exterior of you home as well. This is a technology and we are creating them as energetic art pieces so they are also pleasing to the eye. Check out our shop- etsy.com/shop/HighVibeStudio

  • Jen

    Hi Cameron,
    Thanks for posting this article and doing the research on products that help. I placed a Sar Shield on my cell phone. My ears used to hurt during conversations and this little sticker stopped that. I still put it on speaker phone to keep away from my ears/head when not in public, just to be extra cautious. I also use orgonite and found the first night after I put them around the house, I slept much better. I still might get the Greenwave filters, just to be sure.
    Thanks for all you do,
    Much Peace, Jen

  • Hey, this was a great post Cameron! I do my best to educate and spread the word about EMF’s and how to protect yourself and loved ones. For 8 years I’ve been researching various gizmos and geewahs to alleviate electrostress. In the spring of last year, I finally found a company who makes stuff that really works. They’re called EnergyDOTs and the come from a company in England called Phi Harmonics.

    Anyone reading this can find the more info on these fab products at emfprotectnow.com, and there’s loads of research and product info docs, videos and such on the site too. Loads of links on EMF’s and electrostress in there as well.

    Many thanks Cameron!

  • Snejanka

    I em from Bulgaria.I want to ask can I use crystals and how to protect against harmful radiation. Sorry for bad English. Thank you very much for all the tips and practices.

    • Mira

      I think it’s better to use orgonite – they have crystals inside and don’t need any cleaning or charging

  • Thelma

    Thanks, Cameron, for such a helpful post.

    Sometimes our intuition guides us on how to stay out of harm’s way with these frequencies.

    I am being prompted to ground my energy outdoors by wearing hematite or malachite necklaces. Does anyone have a good source of info on the use of crystals for EMF protection?

    As Maiki pointed out, I also practice mind-body exercises like yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong daily. This, too, has increased in recent months and has helped me to stay grounded.

    I never bought a microwave oven nor a cell phone and have my router physically connected to my computer with cable. Now I understand why I will keep my land line as long as I can. I am also staying out of WiFi areas.

    This is an important topic as we are bombarded by these energies as well as chemtrails these days.

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  • Love the suggestions about getting rid of the microwave, cordless phones, etc. We did those things, and were happy to do it (couldn’t really feel the results, but know it had a positive effect).

    As far as moving if you have a “smart” meter: If there’s no way to get it off the home, I’d agree. Just make sure you check to see if there IS a totally safe way you can get it off before you move, preferably without getting your electricity turned off. Some states offer opt outs. And remember, there is NO LAW that says you have to have one!

    BTW, if you don’t have one, be sure and hang a sign under your analog (the kind with the spinning wheels) that says “DO NOT REPLACE METER. We refuse the ‘smart’ meter due to health, safety, and privacy issues.” You can put it in a gallon ziploc to protect it from the elements, and hang it where both the sign and the meter can be read easily.

    You can also write a letter to your utility forbidding them to put a “smart” meter up. Here is a link to suggestions along these lines: http://stopsmartmeters.org/how-you-can-stop-smart-meters/

    God bless you and yours!

  • Liz

    Orgonite – does it really work? I have 20 peices, large and small around my place to neutralize EMF. I was wondering if it worked. I also recently have discovered a stone called Shungite, it neutralizes radiation and emf. “Dancing with Water’ book by MJ Pangman talks about it.
    Thank you anyone who comments. Love Liz