How do I know the things I know?

How do I know the things I know? I get this question a lot, and while I have answered it to various levels of detail in past interviews and podcasts, I think it is time for a quick mini-blog to answer the question.

From an early age my parents cultivated my innate intuition instead of suppressing it like most parents do.  My parents were Buddhists, and their practice was centered around harmonizing one’s self with the universe.  Learning this at an early age was very helpful for many reasons, primarily because I learned to enter meditative states, leave my “ordinary thoughts” behind and access more of reality than just the physical realm.

This upbringing was also very valuable because I didn’t have to deprogram myself from any Abrahamic religious beliefs based upon a judgmental (psychopathic) “god” who sends his children to hell if they don’t follow his rules.

I was always interested in what is beyond physical reality from an early age.  While contemplating a series of lucid dreams as a young child, I had an insight that I could be “dreaming myself” into this reality, and that I existed “somewhere else” as an ancient, advanced being.  This was my first awareness that I had a “High Self” and that my true identity was far more than the human identity I had known for those few short years.

After that insight, I had an experience in the dream state of being back in my home realm, which is pretty much beyond words.

Another aspect is that I have put in a lot of work in other lifetimes to cultivate a strong Sovereign Self.  To write about that in any detail would require a lengthy article, although I only have limited conscious recollection of those other lives.

Transcending Belief

One of the most important keys to knowing anything is a willingness to question *everything* that we think we know and believe.  I do my best to avoid believing something without experience or evidence, because to me, believing in something means simply accepting something told to us by an “authority” because that is easier than finding out the truth for ourselves.

Living from this place of non-belief means being ok with saying “I don’t really know…I don’t have enough experience / information to really know the answer to this.”  It also means saying “In my experience”, “From my perspective”, “Based on my research” or “As far as I can tell” rather than proclaiming absolute knowledge.  There are some absolutes, but most of reality at this level is very subjective and prone to distortions as well as deceptions.

I do know for a fact that what I know is a small portion of the knowledge of my High Self.  The human condition is one of amnesia and not knowing, so rather than spending too much time and energy lamenting this fact, I accept it as the way things are, while working on improving this condition within myself and sharing my insights with others.

In other words, it’s ok to not know, since that is the current reality, as long as I do not choose ignorance or “comfortable beliefs” over learning truth.

I take in a lot of information, but I am constantly rejecting aspects of this information based on my intuition as well as my internal filtering system.  In this filtering system, I have determined certain types of information to be “most likely false” as well as having categories such as “possibly true”, “possibly false”, “probably a manipulation”, “probably a partial truth” and so forth.  Notice that this is based in possibilities and probabilities, and not in absolutes.

Only when enough probabilities towards truth or falsehood are determined do I then decide that I (probably) know the veracity of some type of information.  At the same time, each of those filtration categories is subject to revision based on new information.  The expansion of awareness never ends.

Learning From Dreams, High Self & Client Work

I have always paid close attention to my dreams.  From my experiences, I have drawn the conclusion that some of our dreams occur in the astral realm of earth.  This realm is just as imbalanced as 3d earth, especially in “bad astral neighborhoods.”  The key is knowing the difference between a dream generated only from the subconscious vs. an experience “out in the ethers.”  Sometimes it is easy to tell the difference, but not always.

In my nightly experiences in the dream realm, I have gathered many data points, although a lot of those data points don’t have context at first, and sometimes they don’t get contextualized for years.

Next, when I deeply inquire about something, my High Self transmits the answer to me in some type of symbolic manner, which I will then need to interpret.  When I am really receptive and tuned into my Self, the answer can just drop straight into my awareness.  Those are nice experiences.  🙂

I also learn a tremendous amount from working with clients one-on-one on a daily basis.  While everyone’s journey is slightly different, there are often common things that a large percentage of people are dealing with.  These common issues are something I can identify by working with a good number of people.  (I am working on a new full-length article about one of these common issues that will be ready soon.)

Finally, two very important factors are that I work on myself almost daily, and I also pay attention to the subtle interactions of the astral and physical realms.  I view them as two sides of the same coin of “dense reality” and they are constantly interacting.  I keep the astral environment of my home as clean as possible, which allows me to more easily sense any attempted energetic intrusions.  In dealing with intrusions / incursions, I learn what works and what doesn’t work.

So there are the highlights of how I have come to know what I do so far.  I hope that helps those of you who have been asking this same question.  🙂

Much Love,
Cameron Day


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  • amanda lee monarch

    <3 THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge. 🙂

  • Thanks for this upload Cameron….always interesting and valuable to read your “knowing” and insights. Look forward to the next one you are already working on. You are appreciated.
    Blessings…Libby, Australia

  • Carol

    Well Cameron that’s certainly good enough for me because I do very much the same and that’s all I ask for in somebody sharing knowledge to help me understand what is happening in my own life. Thank You

    • AlexV

      Carol, Cameron. Pretty much my path, and that’s the way I use my internal BS meter when dealing with woowooww stuff, I even question a lot in dreamstate and do not take a word from spiritual “hierarquies” when they show up. Interesting to note that someone who’s very sensitive told me that I have been a rebel in the spiritual things, I do not accept ascended masters or authorities that tell me what to do or what’s more convenient. Is it possible that some beings try to manipulate people’s psychic skills in order to convinces us about the “master plans” and all that new era manipulation?.

      I have been lucky enough to see my innerverse in lucid dreams, I have been able to decide exploring my innerverse and it has become a nice place to visit when I wake up during a dream. Gotta make a paint about it.

      Alex V From Colombia

      • Hi Alex,

        Nice to read your comment and know that I am not alone in being a spiritual rebel. I just wish the discernment stays just right and people like us never trip over doing too much or less of it. Just right to know when and what to trust and what to doubt. This is what we all need in this time and reality.

  • Tina

    Respect and thanks for everything you do Cameron. Knowledge and experience you share is so valuable especially for people who feel lost on the way home. That’s about me 🙂 🙂 🙂 Indeed it’s awful to feel manipulated or attacked by other entities. A lot what to do fellows on the way of understanding. Let’s keep working. We can do it as well. Thanks one more time Cameron 🙂

  • Dear Cameron,

    For what it is worth, I have always taught that “experience” with maximum lucidity and minimal prejudice, is the ONLY way to actually learn… and must be REPEATED to verify one’s “interpretation”. We often call this, “science”… lol…

    CONSCIOUS astral projection is one way of “experiencing” what some would call, “THE Truth”. Unfortunately, I have yet to discover a way to prove beyond a “reasonable” doubt that we are all not in the Matrix… or that we are not on a “prison planet”, where “Light & Dark” and “Duality” are part and parcel of the illusionary existence.

    Yes, I have “touched” GOD, visited other worlds and other dimensions, been to the void, and back, etc… BUT….

    In Divine Grace,


    • Can you share more The Wandering Mystic…
      To me on one side we are all free if only we realize it and yet the physical reality of socio economic and cultural crisis points that the bondage and manipulation exists and we are indeed trapped at least to some degree depending upon where each person is in his/her understanding. and I would like to know more about your ‘BUT’… 🙂

  • Karla

    Thank you!!!


    I love your Meditations, truly have helped me and I will purchase the mp3 for the Level 2… You are truly a healer!!! Thank you so much

  • annexi

    “You must know your road well to travel among these shoals on such a night as this”. James Fenimore Cooper
    Thanks for an awesome mini-blog.
    Personally, I know not what I’ve experienced in my night awareness for the past 37 years, except to intuit that something BIG is happening.
    This is the first I’ve heard of there being 2 sources of dreams – interesting, because only in the last week have I come to intuit that some of my dreams are tampered with by a malevolent force.
    These are the ones I’m finally ready to fight. Enough is enough; a line was crossed for me earlier this week.
    Etheric plane hmm? I’m looking forward to perusing the site.
    Thank you again for sharing.

  • Bea

    I love your reference to “bad astral neighborhood” dreams LOL! I’ve been there and that’s exactly what it has felt like. Thanks to your meditations, I’ve been dealing with those elements much better than I ever thought I could. I am so grateful to you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us. 🙂

  • Alis

    Always am so In Joy hearing from you. Thank you Cameron.
    I too was raised out side god-dogma. In the “dreaming into reality” i have found besides the many different “types” of dreams, such as physical, emotional, mental influenced ones… there are genetic memory dreams … genetic may include ancestral lives, genetics of the physical family and family linage, and other linages as well … and also the life of the various aspects of the dreaming because we are made of the elements of creation, and means that waking or sleeping the dreaming does not have the limitations of time-space as currently thought of …in other words how old are we really- if we are made of the elements of creation? and these elements are alive “awareness” as well…

    I think one of the most helpful things you have shared for me is the stepping outside of every matrix of belief… and i dont’ know fully this great mystery. This has allowed me to Be available to/for/with… what else is possible.

    I don’t really have a concept of a “higher or lower Self”, although have interesting experiences when i choose to, with various life forms. Hope to hear more form you about this.

  • Петр

    Не со всеми выводами согласен, но основная концепция верна. Что бы вырваться из этого мира, надо собрать все свои частички, разбросанные по вееру миров. Иначе из этой виртуалки не выбраться. А вот как это сделать, вопрос.

  • Петр

    А их в нашем мире где то 780000 штучек. Частичек Я.

  • Петр

    Я не знаю сколько уровней плотности нашей виртуалки всего,-7,9,16. Но следующую плотность представляю так,- Если представить Солнечную систему как планету (и остальные С.С тоже)на которой существут разумная жизнь. Если исходя из этого нарисовать карту звездного неба, это и будет следующая плотность. Так ли это?

  • Marion

    Thank you Cameron. I think we have a lot in common.
    In my opinion there are two ways of knowing:

    a) reasoning: it leads to conclusions and forces us to recognize them and accept them as a truth but it does not lead to certainty. It does not take away the doubts so that the mind can find peace in the truth
    b) experience: then you will know within.
    In the process of sharing experience, the importance and the truth can never be completely transferred to others. Because the directness of the experience is lost and for the other it is just as a belief about.

    My family of origin introduced itself to me in my bedroom in nov 2005. Before I never had heard of such a thing like a family of consciousness. In the 8,5 years after, till now I mean, I found out so much about reality that I come to the conclusion that science fiction is reality and reality is pulp fiction they want us to accept as reality. All this I found out by myself and with a little help of my family and also with a little help of other who confirmed my own findings.
    FYI I am an Oraphim indigo type 2 and that is not something I did read in a book but has been told to me by my family of consciousness. I hade to find out in a book what that means and also came to the conclusion most Newage book are also pulp fiction, manipulated by dark forces. Thank you for your article. My real name is E-Rè-Sha. Sorry for the English. I am Dutch but I do my best to improve my English. Blessings and Love.

  • Dorota

    Hi Cameron,

    are you familiar with the concept of crocodiles of Russian author
    Awiessałom Podwodnyj ? Have you eve heard about them ? They are kind of non-human parasitic creatures living on the cost of a human individual dwelling within their subtle bodies.

  • Mia

    Hi Cameron, it takes courage and perseverance to search for Thruth. On this path you have been a beacon of Light and help, with a loving understanding of the challenges we’re going through. Bless you for all your help and the knowledge that you share with all the other brave and courages souls who came here to put an end to the domination and control paradigm. Once again, Thank you !!

  • This is very well and succinctly stated, Cameron. And a great help in clarifying my own way of processing. We all “get” what we get when we get it. In my youth, as a product of a combative, angry and happy mask-wearing family, I had a much different path to take than yours. For most of us, a huge part of the path is the process of getting fed up with what has not and will not work.

  • Althea

    You have provided much “food for thought”. I appreciate it, especially the topic of keeping ones home environment clean so as to recognize any energetic intrusions. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and knowledge.

  • Ehwazdaeg

    Thanks! Would really be interested to hear your perspectives on our star sisters & brothers… the most effective way to initiate contact & possibly even visit one of their ships. Astral plane?

  • Dave Fitzsimons

    Cameron, Thanks again and good health. Could you please go on tour the east coast needs a lesson in revoking agreements. Blessings,Dave

  • Mr. Smith

    Hi Cameron,

    The triangle/pyramid within a circle has long been a fundamental illuminati symbol.

    You stated in your dream shielding article that your “higher self” gave you the shielding image of basically the same identical symbol of triangles or pyramids within circles/spheres placed around ones body, home, and even.. the earth…

    Doesn’t this logically lead to the conclusion that the force you call your “higher self” is actually an aspect of the Matrix that supports the illuminati agenda through you? With thousands of people who read your articles now putting illuminati symbols around themselves and the earth, doesn’t the illuminati benefit from all the additional worship and energy being stolen from humanity and the earth?

    • Your logic is truncated, therefore your conclusion is faulty.

      The non-illuminated ones have laid claim to every symbol imaginable, but they are pretenders who have taken the original meanings of ancient symbols and perverted them to suit their parasitic agenda. However, that does not mean the symbols themselves are inherently evil.

      Being afraid of the non-illuminated beings (or their symbols) is giving them your energy and power. It is far better, in my opinion, to dismiss their insanity as the ravings of mad-men, choosing instead to explore and learn the deeper meanings and uses of symbols, basic geometric shapes, etc.

      To use a somewhat crude 3d analogy, if a tribe of psychopathic cannibals used bronze shields and spears long ago, it does not mean that people who needed to defend themselves from those cannibals could not use the same shields and spears for righteous self-defense without becoming cannibals themselves.

      As for the shield itself, you have to be able to envision things in multiple dimensions for the shielding to work. Triangles and circles won’t produce an effective shield. Neither will a pyramid (half of an octahedron) and a sphere. An octahedron and spheres will.

      Notice, however, that the triangle in a circle is only a small facet of the full structure, shown 2-dimensionally. This is an example of how the non-illuminated distort, fractionate and lay false-claim to larger concepts.

      If you are still worried about giving them power, then use some other shield that you prefer, maybe something very basic like a sphere.

      Get to know the Platonic solids. They are building blocks to be used for good if you so choose.


      • stuart

        I agree with you Cameron. In this city we have a legislature building built as a masonic temple. It was done expertly. Recently we have been able to use it for what I see as very powerful and good true light sound meditations, with up to 100 people I know and trust. My of looking at it is that it was built as an effective tool. Just like anyone can use a hammer, we can can use also use this tool.

    • Hello Mr. Smith,

      I will just add something to what Cameron has said.
      I also had similar doubt about using symbols…and giving my power to something outside.

      Now I have reversed the whole thing. I know that my words / intention is the biggest symbol. So what I speak from my Awareness self…will always protect or guide me. In such awareness we even realize there is nothing outside to protect. All symbols are within you and thus nothing can harm you ever. Knowing this you can use what you wish to use to accomplish what you want.

      Knowing your own infinite power is all it takes to dismantle our subtle fears and need for protection. Slowly as we practice being fully aware of our power the need for protection itself will dissolve.

  • Misty

    Cameron, this is a very serious question that I am really hoping that you will reply to. My information tells me that the dark beings have been removed..or voluntarily left or transmuted..all that remains a
    re the residual effects of their presence can you confirm this?

    • Sorry, but no. Keep in mind that the false-light beings have to be removed along with their “dark” counterparts. There is still much work to be done.

  • FYI, I was not able to share this post on Facebook, it kept giving me an error message that there was a dangerous link on your page, so I instead reposted it on my blog, with links here, and then shared on Facebook that way. Great post! xo <3

  • stuart

    100% sure of anything = stuck
    0% sure of anything = stuck
    It’s best to see ‘beliefs’ as a probability and be willing to change them. Make your best guess and pretend its the way for now.
    You can look at a tree from infinite angles which are all real. Even if a belief is absolute it rarely means a different belief is wrong. Avoid dumb down and manipulative “either / or comments, or unrelated ‘not’ sayings on a Facebook caption.

  • Lynn

    Hi Cameron…thank you for sharing your knowledge. In today’s world of “mendacity” and energetic extrusions , walking in a higher self mode allows one to see the emotional density vampires…they are in many forms, in many places…..
    Thx for your wisdom and the awareness!
    Best wishes to all for a harmonious earth walk!
    Blessings to you Cameron! 🙂

  • Lynn

    Oops..meant to say “intrusions”.

  • “While contemplating a series of lucid dreams as a young child, I had an insight that I could be “dreaming myself” into this reality, and that I existed “somewhere else” as an ancient, advanced being” This rang so true with me. Wonderful post.


  • Bryan P Semones

    So all of the hijacked geometry is now sacred only to those who want to sell it to you.

  • josephine

    Dear Cameron,
    I’ve just read your post with great interest and I thank you for that, as I am one of those who asked you about your knowledge.
    Again from Italy. Everything is so interesting, even though nothing can be considered as absolutely TRUE. But what is TRUTH? And so I have chosen one of your statements because I feel it very close to my ‘inner way’ of thinking/considering/feeling my experience on the earth: “…I do not choose ignorance or ‘comfortable beliefs’ over learning truth…”.
    I would like to share with you another topic that seems to be far from our discussion but actually is strictly connected to it. Do you believe in ‘bad aliens’ servants of ‘the dark side’ that have been trying to steal what they do not have, our souls, for thousands of years, abducting us and manipulating our DNA, creating hybrids and other nice things…? Have you ever thought about the possibility of being or having been an abduct?
    Thanks for everything, Cameron. As usual you are direct and clear.
    I embrace you from a sunny and hot southern Italy!

  • Maria

    I really don’t like the fact that you can’t edit after you post something

  • Rod

    This is a very strong and clear message for those waking into the higher levels but find confusion clouds their awakening. Thank you, it applies to my work and exciting progress and helps clarify and answer a lot of questions. Thank you.

  • misty

    Cameron, I was really hoping that your answer would be yes to my question about the dark beings being gone. I have been involved with many groups lately..One said that the beings are gone..I wonder if it’s a ploy to get people to trust..So far there has been nothing that feels negative to me, or energy draining. In fact it’s all about raising vibrations, helping the whole world to ascend.. with one main thing that is a bit curious. They make promises of mass landings on certain dates..which come and go. RV dates which come and go. Seems these beings promise the world help, but then place the responsibility in our hands..Only after a date came and went. I have experienced things in my life which can’t be denied apart from the online groups and information. I recently listened to a show which discussed computer programs and AI designed to help the world..but are in essence playing a really good game of chess and ultimately not wanting to be shut off.I’m certain that I can’t be controlled and I don’t “think” that I can be unknowingly used. This may be a good subject for an upcoming article for you..perhaps contact me and I can give you some more detailed information for research if it interests you..The members of these groups are growing very fast!!! I trust myself but I would love to hear your opinion!!

  • Thunder

    Hi everyone. I have a question. This sounds strange but — back story – I have been feeling extremely strange lately. Thinking I was coming down with something I was googling my symptoms. I even went so far to look at personality disorders trying to make sense of the neurological and physical changes…. I end up coming across the symptoms of ascending. I mean everything to a T. I didn’t quiet catch on what was my “ailment” was initially so I thought I was going to die as I met EVERY single one of the symptoms on that loonnggg list.

    Here’s where I’m baffled… I had never actively sought out anything like this that would open me up in such ways. I don’t understand how it came my way. I’m an ordinary mindless person to spiritual things like this, and I’m almost terrified as to how everything has manifested itself to me, a skeptic to these ideals…. I am genuinely scared. A little paranoid as if an evil is after me that is why I was led to ‘open myself up’. I understand through light work this would not be the intent.

    I guess, I just want to know why and WHO brought me here. How did this happen without me creating this causation? I’ve never been into spirituality. If soul telepathy is real, how can I channel them?

    I’m sorry Cameron and others if I’ve posted this in the wrong place. I am just….wow!

    • Misty

      Your higher self likely brought you here.. 🙂

      • Thunder

        is that who has been whispering my name to me? where was my higher self for the past few decades? i’m going insane.

        • misty

          it can feel like you are going insane when you don’t understand what’s going on. Have you tried Cameron’s clearing meditations found here on his site and on youtube? start with the first one and move on from there if you are open to it 🙂

        • voices aren’t really a good place to go to, specially if they tell you to do something or that something is right voices feel wrong, go within, it is very difficult for me sometimes but not impossible mostly because voices can be very logical and convincing but at the same time completely insane also amusing, when you familiarize yourself with the “thing” further reference ankle bitter, they are angry prone and very under developed when you don’t listen they are like a really sh*tty friend that only cares about itself but cares little to nothing about you while it pretends it does. true service to others or further reference divine sources are calm very chill and all loving they don’t make you feel weird at all they are far more relate able, and very accepting, not in a fake bad jokes kind of way but in a familiar kind of way.

  • Tara Susanne

    Thank you Cameron for your dedication and sharing with us…

  • Seeker

    Hi Cameron, can you please tell me why only some people are waking up to the truth and lies? Others don’t seem to care even if they know what’s going on. Is it just a matter of time?

  • seeker

    Hi Cameron, can you please share your thoughts on the difference between a person’s higher self and his/her soul? Do the self clearing techniques help to get in touch with our soul as well?

  • Janice

    I can’t meditate. when I do “things” come around me and try to scare me. Then they follow me and some time become poltergeist like. I do have a very powerful manifestation ability. When I get signals to pray it’s for help to others ir manifest fullfilment needs and they usually avoid something that could have been terrible or get what they need.
    But because of poltergeist like activities I became scared to continue. And haven’t prayed orimeditation in many years. Can you help me know how to avoid these things so I can continue.

    I was visited by light beings w h en I was very young they tried to get me to go with them out they promised me they would show me many things. I told them no, I did not want to leave my family.
    I have always felt followed and try to ignore it. But sometime s i don’t understand what the right thing to do is.

  • Jeff

    Hi Cameron,
    I was wondering that when we do meditation and we send our loving heart energy into the matrix grid above the planet Earth, are we in fact helping to keep the cage energized or are we actually helping humanity?… Its a question that has been nagging at me for some time and until now I have not found the right person to ask…
    Thank you,

  • Tyrie

    Hi Cameron

    i understand what you are saying but would like to ask a question not to try to refute what you say but to gain an understanding for myself

    When I first saw your assention help videos they rang a bell in me – but having started the process I would like to understand something before going forward

    I have only recently come to the knowing that we are all made up of a piece of the god essence, therefor we are all able to manifest and build our environments and bring things into being as we would wish

    I would like to understand what was the thing that made you question the way things were in the spiritual arena and made you move to this way of thinking

    I would really like to understand

    thank you for your help


  • Maria

    I feel that every word you have said, I completely understand. I feel like my head will burst open from just reading a few of your articles. I can’t explain what it means but I can say it feels lovely. I sound crazy, but they say the best people are.

  • halona

    hi there, i resonate with every word you say. for a long time i thought i was the only one that sees it like you. i call this blue bloody honest.
    blue meaning for: blue printing everything.
    bloody: because its only you.
    honest: because its only you who you lie too, so why remember.

    thanks friend, you have restored my confidence and for helping me over this ledge that has been blocking me or should i say trust. with all this disinformation going on it is easy to loose your way or never find your path…..thank you!!!

    i realized something in the clearing. i have been doing this for a long time, but did not know what i was doing or what it meant. now i can fine tune it and trust myself….thank you! thank you! thank you!

  • Thank you for such a wonderful post.
    I, too, wondered about how I know things without fully understanding them but you have hit the nail on the head when you brought up dreams and higher self.

    Dreams are just as real of an experience as the “real world”.
    And although it takes time to discriminate between subconscious dreams and symbolic dreams, I agree and believe it to be the most valuable experiences to gain for spiritual understanding.

  • Dear Cameron Day,

    i am so amazed to find someone who knows all the things i do too. That is so rare to find.
    I´m curious what you do think about the Nag Hammadi writings?



  • Did you read the books of Franz Bardon? I can recommend them.