December 2014 Podcast

I have a very nice podcast for you that I did with Michael Stevens from Bending Reality TV.  We recorded the interview way back on September 3rd, 2014, but shortly after the talk Michael got caught up in another project.  Such is life.

However, the audio post-production is now complete and the nearly 2 hour interview is up on his channel, which you can view right here:

In this talk we discuss astral parasites, the false light, how people can protect themselves from manipulative influences, healing ourselves, cleaning up the astral and much, much more.

I hope you enjoy this interview, and if you did, please leave a comment on the blog.

As always, I thank you greatly for your support.

Much Love,
Cameron Day


49 comments to December 2014 Podcast

  • Stuart

    I am disappointed Cameron. Your first article was about ankle biters who were to be just shaken off, whose only power was fear to stop you exploring and using your potential. Since each article has become more and more fearful. More and more staying within body from fear of moving out. I found your early work so helpful. Where is the Cameron who thoughtlessly kicked the ankle biters off to explore his full potential. I did not listen to the whole thing as I don’t want to listen to all that fear. If you can kick them off why be so afraid of moving out? Have you changed your mind on that?

    • Observer

      You should probably listen to the whole thing before passing judgment.

      Your mother told you to look both ways before crossing the street. She told you not to talk to strangers. Was she promoting fear? Did her “fearful” warning help you later in life?

      • Stuart

        Time is limited and what I want to fill my sub conscious with is another factor in listening to all. I listened to much of it and have been seeing Cameron’s change in other posts. I gained a great deal from the early writings of Cameron, but was disappointed by this so said so. From your analogy better awareness about the traffic and how to overcome it was the early Cameron. The new Cameron seems to be more about fear of crossing. We were born for astral travel, kundalini, developing our psychic tools and waking up. Being aware of those trying to hold you back is important, but when that is all you focus on you are stuck. They will always be there if that is your focus. Yes there are possessions and ankle bits, but they get stronger from all the attention. We are able to move anyway – take them for the ride if need be. Remember they are just ankle biters. Understanding them is important, but that understanding should not limit us.

        • Phoebe

          I get what you’re saying Stuart, but it’s important for us to be careful with these things. The chakras/ Kundalini might have been implanted by the dark force…and astral travel can be positive some but dangerous for others.

          • Phoebe

            And I believe Cameron mentioned that it’s not necessary for us to astral travel or work with chakras to be “awake”. We just need to connect with our true self and do a lot of grounding. I think the majority of people aren’t truly inhabiting their own bodies because A) they either think/ daydream too much or B) they would rather spend hours in meditative bliss than in the here and now.

          • Stuart

            Thank you for commenting. Those seeking to limit us are there where ever there is a spiritual tool that is important to us. Often they use the same tools. Where they are is a sign it is important to us. They will be there to try to stop it when we move our energy in the kundalini. They try to chain us with fear of moving. To stay there for fear of them is the opposite of what Cameron used to say. There is a time for both being grounded and meditative bliss. We do inhabit our body, unfortunately they often also tag along. Give them our attention and obeying them to stay chained is not the response I want to give. Think of the horse tethered to a stick. Focus on the stick and he will stay there. Breaking free dragging the stick is better than staying tethered. You are an infinite being. All they can do is tether you with fear and trick you into thinking they can control you. Realize it is a trick and you are free. I am not there yet, but that is my aim. If I am wrong acha, better than being chained like Plato’s allegory of the cave (see youtube).

  • I’ve just listened to the first half of ‘Are you Possessed’ and I agree there is some funky stuff happening … About 18 months ago I purchased your clearing system, did the exercises and definitely noticed changes in my mood etc. Anyway I did not make the exercises a habit so the routine sort of faded away.
    Basically I forgot about it and went about my daily life. Three days ago I started doing your exercises again especially before bed and the difference in my morning mood is huge. So thank you for your great work.

  • chantelle

    Would have liked this interview except… The interviewer just started rambling about 5 minutes before the 60 minute mark and would not even let Cameron talk or answer questions for almost TEN solid minutes, blathering about his own opinion and predictions. I tuned out because of it, sorry.

  • Cameron, I so appreciate your interviews and incites. The things you mentioned in the most recent video ‘Are you Possessed’ most certainly will be disturbing to “Lightworkers” especially the “Channelers” out there. You inspire me and I feel empowered and get an even better sense of Sovereignty in my being after hearing your talks. Keep up the good work, no matter how whiny some of these comments get, the world needs to hear the truth as scary as it may actually be. I treasure the meditations and look forward to hearing more of you in 2015. THANK YOU.

    • Eve

      Yes I agree with Tre completely However I can see the concern about focussing on fear however that does NOT mean it was ever Camerons intention.
      Sometime you gotta use your own discernment to see that possibly Cameron is being incredibly diplomatic with his interviewer. Also,I have learned about negativity long before I found Camerons great work and learned that you gotta aknowledge the negative to call its bluff! I have used this approach with frightened children and in stead of saying to them ” Oh No there is nothing to be afraid of ” I would instead say, ” Tell them to get lost and tell them to get into the light or go back to wherever they came from”!
      Because I was showing them how to say “I see you ” and I respond without fear then this was the most empowering for them and they would laugh and laugh and their hearts would fill with their own courage…..

  • Pine Cone


    Divisive evil usury seems to be our system of fear, and guilt of separation here on Mother Earth, our predator planet, and since evil remains divisive, then our dumbed down energy remains as Satanic here as everything visible, or imagined, from all our complicit perspectives.

    “Who am I?”

    This inquiry of all time here, begins many steps through selective authenticity, toward more inclusive ONENESS, to Awaken Awareness Atonement Ascension steps of fully Conscience “Light being” status. As I have committed my devotion toward Unifying Sovereign Mercy, by renouncing this World to accept it as it is, and not as I would have it, it was made possible to hold myself a little separate from all the rest, up until now.

    As I have been asking for help to forgive, to enlighten compassion, and humility toward Unifying Sovereign Mercy, and to let go, I have also asked for help to debrief my ‘mind control’ here, by reversing social norms, and all normalcy biases. Today, it comes to me, that I am a part of everything here, as a ‘visitor’ in Loving service, to unlearn Satanic divisive evil undead bias, and to replace my emptying Heart of denied anger, with the Nurturing Mercy from deeper down inside all of us, inclusive.

    While I surrendered to, sort of marrying Holy Spirit, as soon as I welcomed Christ Conscience, and Unifying Sovereign Mercy, I thanked God for creating us in ONENESS, more, and more, to get used to ever-new joy, and forgiveness energy of delight in Spirit favor, in much needed steps toward a Heavenly Harmony. Now I can sense, more than ever before, that with this much empowering self esteem on board, I can surrender to, also embracing, that I am as Satanic as all our divisive evil usury intention on Mother Earth, our predator planet.

    Thank God of ONENESS energy for the forgiveness steps of compassion, to Awaken Awareness Atonement Ascension, for without Selective Authenticity along the way, toward Spirit favor over body favor, today would have become a much darker exclusive divisive day, for me, still. There is, really nothing here to fix in our mirror, or change, from some sort of illusory outside intention to make it all better here. We all remain the Dark on Mother Earth, within this Dark predator planet, and I am a benevolent part of ONENESS magnanimity, just as anyone here, still remains included in our ‘exclusive’ inquiry: “Who am I?”

    The evil elite remain the mirror of all our evil separateness from the collective bottom up, because we all together have already co-created them in the second place, or they wouldn’t have become the ‘body favor’ Centralization icons to show us who we, really are. Now I want to see myself as a visitor from some other planet, that came here to help change things, from the inside out, as it were. But I would rather become more inclusive with my selective authenticity, just accept my own complicit divisive evil, and switch my allegiance from creation to our possible un-compromised Creator energy of magical Love within mystical creative miracle intelligence.

    “Who am I?” exchanges into Holistic Light of, really “Who are we in Spirit ONENESS Conscience” at the core center of each of our possible Unifying Sovereign Mercy altogether, instead. I remain a mirror part of all divisive evil, as well as the same Holy Spirit core energy of Love, within every Sovereign creation reflection variation in ONENESS service, to even appear here. We are a little over 7 billion, so flowing ONENESS Love remains a little over 7 billion, and ONENESS blesses us for-everywhere in timeless Unifying Sovereign Mercy reverie, with, or without, any individual divisive fear need for any more selective authenticity.

    • Pine Cone


      Love is freeing energy of nurturing Mercy, compassion, and humility, from letting go into the flowing flux ONENESS Spirit Conscience of Immortal Love Reality, deep inside throughout every Sovereign mortal portal.

      Inclusive Singularity, whose Love and Joy are present everywhere, can’t come visit until no one is there, so timeless reverie, like inclusive humility, never moves foreverywhere, until no group appears to rob such a Conscience clear.

      Only arrogant narcissism appears in the mirror of many, who follow a Centralization iconic whore, and what, but a restless gang, can better describe such unconscionable politics, without one idea left, but to rattle death’s mortal fear?

      Love, in spite of fear, and guilt of separation invites each portal to the dance of creation’s lust for more, and who, that uses form to drown the guilt of passion to make more passion possible, can’t open up to free all, who are blessed forever?

      The less I appear, the less others appear in my mirror, and the more I am nothing but humility, the more inclusive Love replaces any other possible idea, but healing ONENESS Love in the wet mist Spirit of coalescing effulgence, Unifying Sovereign Mercy.

      No one seems excluded from our preoccupation with physical survival, yet procreation’s surprise will never replace the constant din of deadly silence in Duality’s other main job, continual co-creation mirror gangs, without any connection left to Sovereign Mercy.

      Humility barely dares to, even whisper here, and who can see through the single eye vision of inclusive Mercy, and still remain a mirror gang of such noisy clamor for Centralization proof, to improve fear’s constant need for guilt of separation?

      I am not a fish out of water, for there is no fish, nor water, for enlightening liquefiable Love energy replaces the observer’s gang mirrors, with sublimation from above, down, and throughout each mortal portal into Love energy, without any more thirst to drink, or breathe in Humility’s Ocean.

      I am nothing without opening up to Holy Spirit, and Love is nothing but humility, for ONENESS energy, whose Love and joy are present everywhere, can’t come to visit until no one’s here, where nothing visibly apparent shadows away Love’s inclusive acceptance, humility.

  • Sunworshipper

    Cameron is a Blessing to the Human Kind. He is a rare Genius! (from Nikita)

  • Pine Cone


    Since I co-created my parents from whencesoever future past-life regrets, then my parent Holograms flicker generational shadows in haunting replications for us together, until Unifying Sovereign Mercy replaces how all future parents thitherto in endless reviews.

    Since this linear time lifetime life-plan remains my former parent life review to experience what I did to a child from whence we both came here again, in Engendered Karmic Reversal, then I, really am suffering here again, as that former parent experience in reverse.

    Since inclusive ONENESS Spirit Conscience of Immortal Love reality, abides at the inner core of all shadow generational replications, then we both remain Holographic engendered Karmic reversal mirrors, until I return within, to remember enlightening liquefiable Love energy.

    This life, really remains our Spirit life review, personified, and engender-fried as the very former Hologram experience, that we all harmed in disregard from before, so every colorful reversal, every caricature reversal, and every gender reversal indwells within every Karmic suffering.

    This life, really is living in past life reversal to experience genuinely, how it feels in suffering review from what we did to harm others, and until we forgive others, as, really our own past life transgressions, we continue in future reversal regrets in this same “Time” thread Hologram.

    Mortals are light being Holograms stuck together in illusory generational family ‘soul groups’, who keep waking up, stunned in mortal accidents looking for a place to happen altogether, while remaining transfixed with denied contempt, from staring in all our Karmic rear view mirrors.

    The realer value from these lyrical life review melodies, is to imagine in new Wonder, where, and when we are now, even before mortality, and before from “Whencesoever Thitherto Review”, and after unifying Sovereign Mercy within all our ‘inner child’ life reviews.


    Gender may, just be the linear time required to fall to half its original value, and our life review may, really be right here, right now as gender half-life, after gender reversal half-life, until we let go of spinning family generational nuclear stuck energy, within Spirit favor, finally Unifying Sovereign Mercy into ONENESS Spirit Conscience of Immortal Love freeing energy, as fully conscious light beings, instead.

    Parent half-lifes mirror gender difference perspectives into more enforced gender half-lifes, within one helpless child gender perspective again, and again, so this nuclear cell division remains stuck spinning energy, until gender lets go of gender differences, into coalescing effulgence of enlightening liquefiable Love flowing energy, Atoning, and Ascending alive again, before time began, and before the big bang explosion, when fear took over to favor guilt of opposing gender separation illusory differences.

    Since this sort of life review experience of half-life, after half-life never seems to ever, really finally end, then time never ends, either, until gender lets go of limited linear time family generations to imagine immortal Love replaces any more need for continuing stuck in this Karmic half-life review. Can engendered Karmic Half-life illusions, really ever have any ONENESS perspective, and still fall back on only half our Duality perspective value herein?

    Can fear have any other perspective, except from an innate guilt of separation Duality half-life perspective? Is this Life review, herein, to forgive, enlighten compassion, and Unify Sovereign Mercy into timeless, and genderless Love Ocean, freeing water’s wet mist of Spirit into enlightening liquefiable Love energy of ONENESS Spirit Conscience again?

    When we lose our full Conscience interconnectivity, we, really die-die to also lose our telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, and transfiguration, as we begin our life review in living color, just like at the movies, where some come back after a half-life near death life review preview, once again. When we die from one body, to experience another taxi ride toward diminishing half-life ONENESS Heaven, each lifetime gender, still remains limited from Unified Plural Conscience, until we pretend ourselves right back from pretending all gender difference limited “Karmic Half-life Review” perspectives.

    Everything, and everyone I can see, or hear right in front of me appears as my mirror half-life reversal parent replications, co-created by my need to remain separated by fear of, really looking herein my life review healing ONENESS opportunity. “I AM that that I AM”, and “To see God in each other” comes together in Communion, when we experience this gender half-life review with Unifying Sovereign Mercy, letting go of any more ‘alone’ need to see anything different, but our own inclusive Sovereign ONENESS perspective, as one for all, and all for “The One”.

    To see, and hear, only ONENESS in each other, ends time’s half-life perspective, and all other half-life replication variations of possible fear, and guilt of separation illusions, so this just has to, really be our life review, where we experience ‘unreality’ as if all our feelings are real, instead of Atoning, Ascending, and enjoying Heavenly harmony in timeless reverie. This life review includes all our Karmic half-life replication variations, when we open our ONENESS heart intention to embrace everything we forgive in others as our own co-creations, in this ‘seconds’ place, we can call Duality-split-in-gender halves.

    All this seems to be a great relief to me, to look up the ideas that come to me in meditation after forgiveness prayers, and discover the meanings of words, that turn into lyrics when I write from what I experience from deep inside. I admit that I have never been ready to welcome such humility, and compassion, but “Life Review”, and “Half-life” seem to come together as gender differences begins our migration, more as Angel butterflies with clipped wings, until we emerge as light beings, from our shared Duality ‘two parent’ perspective’s limited gender-tie die-die T-shirt perspectives.

  • Terese

    Cameron, I cannot not tell you how much you have helped me reaffirm my journey with these Archons. Also helped my boyfriend. I have been attacked since I was a child but up until 10 years ago I was very well armored and kept moving, free spirited and letting go. I am 55 and the last 10 years have brought me to near suicide because the Archons went full nuclear on me and as you said they will use anyone and anything to bring you down. the dark night of the soul was because I was waking up and I have noticed through different websites and youtube videos, People are waking up and realizing (especially healers, which I was one) that even the Archons have pervaded the “New Age Society” and why not they have to cover all basis.
    I began to realize this is a true prison including the Karma bull and all that the “IN STONE BELIEF SYSTEMS” that are imbedded in our DNA is not truth. THat is when I discovered you and many others who are now at a higher level of TRUTH!!. Mine was so obvious as you said people turned on me for no reason, hating me for being a light, family members, co workers boyfriend (but he realized what was going on with my help) I always knew in my spirit that I was here to do great things because as a child I was so generous and loving filled with compassion, but they made sure I was in a unloving home, 8 years of Catholic school getting the crap knocked out of me.. Being raped as a virgin (15), almost murdered a couple of times. But they broke me at 44 years old, they finally got to me where I was suicidal for they pulled the big Archonic machine guns out, when I sued the Federal Government, it was a big trial and I lost for they used every thing made up or embellished things that were not true to convince a jury I was a homewrecking fool, yes they made the trial into divorce court and many things were not allowed in my trial.. They basically made sure I would be nothing further from my destiny. And now I am so angry and they say KNOW THY ENEMY well now I know and I am going to call them out daily.. THank you so much. I wish you so much more wisdom and love and abundance. SO much to say but really hard to condense the madness into a blog, it would read like a novel

  • Diana

    Thank you Cameron. As always I listen to your podcasts as soon as they pop into my email inbox. Actually I listen and re-listen several times to get every bit of wisdom and nugget of truth that is revealed in your interviews. Just like the energy clearing sessions you do for me, I always listen between the lines and ask my Higher Self to reveal to me the important bits of information I need to hear this time. I find that re-listening always uncovers another layer of truth for me. Thank you for your loving and powerful presence. You are appreciated and loved.

  • Israel

    There was a dream that puzzled me for a while and I finally just let it be. This interview was very informative on the true nature of that dream – really 3 dreams across three days. My brain now understands that I relieved myself of whatever entity was clinging to me and opened the door to redemption for it intuitively What a unique synchronicity for me Thank You

  • chloe scarf

    hello cameron.,i want to thank you for being unwavering around the dogma of so- called prophesy- i like it that you are not afraid to disagree with your interviewer-while at the same time being respectful of their right to believe’ whatever’ – while you make a distinct stand on things like this-which, as you have pointed out, has been used again and again, to set -us- up for a big crashing downer! it is such a subtle trap of projecting hope into the future rather than dealing straight-up with the here and now!

    …and i really love it that your def. of ascension is a very inclusive global state- of -being where absolutely everyone has all of their basic needs covered by rights of soverignty alone! beautiful!

    i quote one of my favorite american activists of all time-Woody Guthrie ”until ALL of us are free- none of us are free !”

  • Rachel

    Dear Cameron

    I am deeply grateful for the information you are making available to those who have ears to hear. It is a great relief to hear the truth about karma and reincarnation. I want to know if we are totally on our own in terms of finding our way in this earthly life after all the stuff about guardian angels and guardians etc constantly helping us.
    The meditations of level 1 and 2 have been life changing for me and I have just started on the brain entrainment program.

    Thank you

  • chloe scarf

    p.s, again, i thank you for ‘ throwing us a rope’ !! … and showing us where there are some others doing it for themselves too! …each with a piece of the bigger picture. – i am gob smacked by the amount of dilligence and dedication ”redefineing god” has put into his site! wowsers.i can’t tell you how much your work has impacted my life- my relationship- most noticeably.
    your work is a god send! big warm hugs to you!!

  • Heather

    Thank you Cameron!!

    As always exactly what I needed when I needed it. I am sure even more of what you said will make even more sense in time as I get closer and closer to my sovereign core. I think it all makes sense when I listen but then later things happen and pop up and it gets even deeper. I have had several attacks lately and I admit that I was deterred for a bit, but every time I awake to them I get more and more determined to take my power back and put in the work to actually become sovereign!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do!

    Hug Hug Hug!!

    Love Love Love,

  • Tas

    I do agree that all those written in stone systems are limiting and a heavy illusion.. We all did know this when coming here, but again that really means little when youve got to go underamnesia. Heres the thing.. As many archons and evil powerful beings as there are, there are as many moral true light beings helping.. So yeah I agree with the first poster.. Too much fear.. Such is the nature of energy that anything lighter will always affect and lighter up anything darker or heavier.. Do yall really think the rest of the free universe and all the beings contained along with prime source would really be power less and Inn effect ive IF indeed we have all been controlled against our will? Doesnt make sense.. The point is.. Pretty much.. Dont let the fear get out of control.. Stand firm. And use logical as well as gut feelings.. Be strong..

  • Tina

    I was grateful for the added info on how to handle the ankle biters and their repeated attacks. I didn’t think you were going into fear at all as one person mentioned. However, I did feel your host had his own agenda/issues and got a little carried away with it. But, as always, you came right back to the topic at hand in a firm and respectful way. Well done!!

  • Gloria

    Hi Cameron, did not find this interview fear based at all, actually found it to be very, very uplifting to me as a truth seeker. It is good to know that there are truly brave souls out there who are willing to speak out!

  • Deb

    Thanks! Cameron & Michael. I did enjoy this informative talk- (keeping it real 🙂 with tips for discernment-which I found helpful to be reminded of.

  • mary

    Hi Cameron ,, I agree that your interviewer was too involved in his own stuff at times to allow you to speak your wisdom ,, but I still enjoyed what you had to say ,, lately I find everything outside of me so irrelevant ,, & I’m having to work @ forgiveness a lot more ,, but ,, my patience is running thin & my energy gets eaten up by all the insanity I see & hear ,, the only thing I can do is extend from my HEART the Love I have from inside of me as I walk thru my life here ,, letting this extension of God’s pure Love effect whoever is open to the Truth of who we are ,, not slaves ,, but sovereign beings

  • These meditations are super beneficial bravo

  • Jean Marie

    Thanks for the podcast Cameron. It would be really helpful if you would consider publishing some real time 3d examples of the ways and means that the parasites create problems in our day to day lives. Also any visual examples of their presence – what they “look” like in their true form.

    It seems to me that many folk may confuse their own soul, consciousness evolution with blaming an outside element for their ” troubles”. How do we discern the difference?

    I have personally seen with my eyes and psychic awareness small luminous beings that resemble jellyfish or translucent bugs ( about 1-2 feet high ), trying to land on my body or floating near my bed. Do you think these beings are from the band of parasites you know?

    Also, as a side note – the interviewer in this podcast might consider that sacred knowledge and true spiritual assistance we offer our fellow man should not be “charged” out at fees of $500 -$5,000 as offered on his site.
    Isn’t that what the new agers do?

    Thanks again!

  • Pine Cone


    I am the missing son of my lost older brother soul, and we all share the same ex-Mother evilivery as karmic Satanic Earth Nature comic Man. We were all ex-Mothers to even come here in gender reversal shame as helpless males, still worshipping Mother iconic gender, just like before, when Love-less travailing Usury demanded too much out of everybody’s nobody’s Mother.

    Son, brother, Mother, and a whole lot more ‘other’ lost souls, come here to worship ex-Mother evilivery, ‘wronging’ man, the thing that’s wrong with all ex-Mothery. Who was the Mother of Christ, who appears from nowhere, and who was the Mother of Satan, but the same body of ONENESS Spirit Conscience, still missing Immortal Love in everybody’s nobody’s Mother Earthly ex-Mother Nature?

    I am nobody; my nephew is nobody; my older brother is nobody, and our Mother is nobody, just like Christ is nobody; Satan is nobody, and Nature, still remains just the Mother half of the worst Earthly swear. I saw my nephew speaking in front of his karmic father, so clearly in disdain, from my older brother’s missing lost soul connection to anything but Mother evilivery, and if not for an Orb’s comic presence, I would never have completely identified.

    I see how men do everything from the same empty Mother codependency, that merely remains the gender reversal role projection of karmic ex-mother’s narcissism from before. Not only do we dumbed down Satanic Earth Nature engendered, all, still claim Mother commonality, we all ‘were’ a missing ex-Mother from before, or we wouldn’t even think we come here as Karmic comic Man. Mothers are not real, invisible Love remains Immortal, and ex-Fathers are no more real than everybody’s nobody, just like the Mother of Christ, and the Mother of Satanic evilivery are not, really real.

    I’m not any more real than my nephew, my brother, my Mother, or anybody’s ‘other’ nobody, so to become invisible like Christ, is to, also disappear as Satan. The Mother of all fear, still remains the fear of all our Karmic Mother evilivery, so no Man appears without, still hiding many past lives inside the body of all our Mother half of a much longer Satanic Earth Nature worst swear. I remain a missing lost soul on this predator planet we worship in form, and thank God I first saw my nephew’s spoken truth in my older brother’s emptiness, at the same time I can identify myself in all the parts of this Holographic karmic dream.

    Deliver me from this Mother evilivery Loveless worship, and help me see, that to surrender to Invisible Immortal Love, is really ‘winning’, wherein there are no losers, still doubling in gender reversal on the wheel of Karmic comics, without a heart-home soul warming idea of ONENESS Conscience in the Spirit humor of Immortal love Reality. Take this Earth half of a much longer worst swear predator planet, and welcome it inside, where the Son really does shine Motherless in timeless reverie, and without Nature Usury, still justifying ‘other’ nobody’s travailing Guilt movie producing codependent double-pain linear-Time switchback projection way!

    • Observer

      Dude/lady, is this YOUR blog? I’m not interested in your long-winded comments. Start your own blog and post this rambling “God oriented” stuff there. Don’t do it here. Cameron should really delete your posts.

      • Pine Cone

        I am sorry for breaking the social norm rules of gender engagement, and for avalanching a myriad of coverups for my tremendous pain, and shame from pretentious separation from Love here.

        It’s wrong for me to violate the comfort boundaries of yours, and Cameron’s “Ascension Help” site, so please forgive me for so much pre-ascension rambling.

        Thank you for your guidance, and protection to remain ‘much’ more silent to fit in here, more as an ‘observer’ of Centralization, like you say.

  • Robyn

    I love your calm, clear presence as you speak a truth that many would prefer not to know. You bring such a gift to help us all on this earthly journey. Loving thanks

  • Pine Cone

    Thank you for your loving response, and kind wisdom of such Gratitude.

  • Pine Cone

    LIFE REVIEW 120914

    I keep forgetting that I have had 40 near death experiences in this one life time, already, where I floated above my body as if life in the ethereal was more like real life, than all the past gender roles I visited on the way toward the welcoming great light of ONENESS Conscience. Timeless generations seemed painless from this genderless observer’s perspective, so I notice back here now, that ONENESS Spirit Conscience through the center Pineal Portal Crystal transforms this life perspective here to the realer ethereal ‘death’ of ONENESS compassion, and humility’s Mercy perspective.

    A near death experience(NDE) from separate gender fear’s well guarded perspective, now seems more like a near ‘Life’ experience(NLE), without gender roles separating into a sort of divisive evil(‘live’ backwards) perspective. Now I notice this ‘death’ experience, here, seems like my life review, where I play gender role reversals, over and over again, as if until I unify gender Sovereignty into the same missing Mercy, that ONENESS Spirit Conscience now has to offer my new mind of delight’s perspective.

    We turn “Christ” into a male gender role, so this divisive perspective co-creates female need for more ‘backward life’ intentioned Mother roles to claim, that the Mother of Christ is who we really celebrate at Christmas, and normalizes, even more divisive gender birthday worship of their main controlling female role. Gender roles are the opposite of ethereal ONENESS Spirit Conscience freeing energy, so to, still make believe Christ was a male, is also the opposite of my genderless near life experience(NLE), not near death experience(NDE).

    My life time providence promises to me that I will die from here, and that I will return many times playing both gender roles until I am ready to Atone, and Ascend from here, and each time I switch from one gender to the other role, really does seem, just like my life review, that I experienced 40 times this one life time. New Mercy from within my Pine Cone Portal experiences shows me that all other ‘peep pop poople people’ are Holograms of light, just like me, and that I am all the parts of this life-time dream, just like I am all the parts of night-time dreams, and all the parts of my meditation gift visions.

    Here as gender, I get to experience one role perspective as if it’s really real, but with forgiveness, compassion, humility, and unifying sovereign Mercy light exchanging energy, I get to seem more alive, from ONENESS Spirit Conscience of Immortal Love’s perspective. What we call ethereal, seems more like “Love” to me than divisive evil intention, spinning gender yarns here in Atomic Half life undead cell division Mother celebration bithdayville. So, whether you are a Mother, or you claim Christ was a male baby born to a Mother on mind control Christmas, gender roles seems more like hatfuls of humanoid hate-filled breeder “Hateville”, than any genuine “Love” celebration Near Life Experience.

    When I play the pretentious role of female, the male replications that I co-create from hating myself as a male before, still seem to need to be hated, just like when I was that divisive evil half human before, and vise versa. When I ask for help from ONENESS Spirit Conscience to continually forgive, enlightening compassion comes bubbling up from inside for both gender, as neither, really. Each gender life now seems to be weaving light together into an outer garment cloth of Mercy, to enjoy whensoever thitherto harmony of Immortal Love ‘ethereality’, in timeless/genderless energy, ending any more Life Review’s need for undead/unreal divisive evil gender’s perspective.

  • Bea

    Good interview all around. I appreciate the time and effort that you and your host put into this podcast. Thanks for the info on healing from trauma. It is a unique and fascinating approach. 🙂

  • Dorothy

    Thank you for this interview. Are you familiar by any chance with the Lipstick Mystic’s work? She has a lot of articles and one book with a similar tone to yours, outlining how we can become spiritually “street smart” in avoiding the parasitical archons while also maintaining a sense of sovereignty and cheer. You are each a breath of fresh air to a long-time weary seeker like me.

    • sheila

      thankyou so much for putting me in touch with lipstick mystic, there are so few that dare tell the truth.You might be interested in chris thomas psychic surgeon uk he is another of the few.

    • Phoebe

      I am also a fan of Lipstick Mystic’s work. Great stuff!

  • Cat

    Thank you for that podcast.I heard my story in there. I did not hear the “fear” message. I heard experience, strength and solutions for the folks that are a still recovering from the false light pink earth angel nonsense. I’ve been battling the parasites since I was a child but I didn’t know what they were. I thought they were demons. I also I thought I might be crazy. After several months of this night time terror I was sleep deprived and terrified. My family thought I needed institutional help. Those attacks finally ended when a Being intervened.Gone for years or maybe I did not notice because I was an active alcoholic until 36. I had also developed cluster headaches starting when I was 30. I was a piece of work and a threat to No Thing. After I got sober the attacks started again but they were quicker to end.Maybe it had to do w/ a relationship w/ a higher power that I could relate too.I started my Reiki healing work and thought it pretty cool when the angels showed up but I still had the headaches, and all sorts of physical issues and weird timeline, twin flame type dreams.Alot of things were not working for me. And the channeled info did not resonate with me. At about this time I discovered there were/are two primary water veins that intersected in 2 different locations under my home. Basically that’s a negative energy highway that depletes your life force energy AND attracts negative entities. Between those lines, the chemtrails landing on my house and all of the parasitic hosts in power I went looking for something more effective than what i had. I asked my soul for guidance and I discovered Ethan Borg in Roch, Ny. His medicine is directed, not channeled. Wow! What a difference in clarity and effectiveness. That’s when I made the connections w/some of the parasites in the body and the parasites from Orien, and other things. That’s when things got really active around me. Of course! But things really got nuts for a bit when my soul directed me to lose the Chakras the Snake and my Astral body. Something was pissed and came at me 24/7 for a bit. I guess they didn’t like losing the food source. Too bad. I am not food or a play thing and I have many more effective tools to use. It actually got to the point where I gave them an ultimatum. Be transmuted or be destroyed. That’s when I found your article, “Why I’m no longer a Light Worker”. The timing was perfect.

    I have to admit I was a bit combative. I don’t like being attacked or my people and animals being infected and affected, the planet destroyed.

    I listened to your podcast and again the timing was perfect!
    I had an opportunity to “dissolve a situation” that very night I listened to your podcast. That’s exactly what I did and went back to sleep. I didn’t feed them. That was empowering.Thank you.

    Lot’s of info for a 1st time post here but I didn’t even mention the UFO nonsense over my house. These past 4 years have been unreal.

    I mentioned the chakra info because someone here made a comment about the Chakra’s being implanted.We believe that occurred about 17,000 yrs ago and I believe it’s related to the frequency fence around this planet.They also keep our light separated and open to Astral realm entities. We are God in a body. Now would be a good time to act like it.

    Just my humble experience and opinion.

    • In agreement


      Thank you for talking about the chakras and snakes.

      As much as I and my partner thought we knew about healing, standing against archonic/parasitic attachments and diversions, and so on, it wasn’t until this past year that we were clearly able to see that the chakras are NOT organic and act as a type of exoskeletal structure, guarded by snakes; we had already been shown the true nature of the angels and had sent them packing but now we needed to work on healing the very core energy anatomy of these physical bodies in a new, “controversial” (not mainstream/not accepted “New Age” thinking) way.

      There was a lot of pushback but it was very much worth it!

      I encourage everybody to expel the artificial chakra constructs, dismantle them (use strong intention, that’s always best!) plus the guardian snakes that sit as gatekeepers at each chakra/door.

      If you can combine this with a physical parasite cleanse (cleansing worms) all the better.

      You are likely to have dreams or visions of neon colored snakes and you might need to “fight” them or they might simply be flushing out of you within the context of the dream. This is good! It means that you have cast out lies and deceptions and are willing to finally see the truth.

      Here’s to everybody’s massive healing in 2015!

      • Pheobe

        Very interesting @ in agreement!

        I heard from George Kavassilas that the artificial chakras are at the front of the body, while our true core is further to the back of the spine (I don’t know whether that’s correct or not).Makes me wonder because the artificial kundalini can be stimulated through the base of the spine too.

      • stuck

        I have tried dissolving my chakras; the moment I was seeing progress, the ankle biters were protesting and the whole process has basically suspended due to their interference. It only took one day for that to happen, and I can’t seem to find a way to completely clear my sinuses. Prior to my discovery of the true purpose of chakras, they had been attacking me for more than three years, using the upper chakras for whatever it is they usually use them for, resulting in constant sinus congestion, constant stress, and constant choking. It’s keeping me from meditating and shamanic journeying.

        I already had contracts cancelled, voided, nullified, and they are still interfering. I don’t worship at all anymore, so they should have packed up and gone away by now. I don’t know if I followed the procedure for dissolving chakras properly, but there’s no reason for the process to be blocked after a day.

        What could possibly be the issue – a crossed condition, a rebellious or non-cooperating subconscious – . . . ?

        • Phoebe

          Interesting you mention the sinuses-when I ground myself my sinuses disappear and when I get into my head they immediately return.

          I use to do chakra work and meditations that would make me feel “spacey” but no more. My whole focus now is training myself to stay grounded in the present and now ( so tough when you’re used to escaping). Maybe we are under some illusion that there is still more contracts to cancel and more work to do.

          • stuck

            For me, my sinus problems are basically 24/7. Medicine does not work, and I’m grounded almost all of the time anyway. The problem for me is that we’re supposed to be multidimensional, and we’re supposed to use both sides of our brains, but I’m being blocked from doing anything that allows me to be that type of person.

            I doubt I’ve ever had a kundalini awakening – I think there’s no such thing, the ankle biters use this as cover for another type of psychic attack – but regardless, I’ve been yawning excessively since the day “they” told me my “crown chakra” opened. Doctors can’t find anything wrong with me. For the past three years, there’s frequent yawning which always results in sinus congestion – and it happens most when my sinuses are closed to getting cleared. But I need them clear in order to control my breathing, which is necessary for meditation (not the “newage” type of meditation), journeying, even sleep.

            The contracts thing is a serious issue, as it affects the subconscious and can be a major factor in sabotage. They’re not illusions, but they’re not valid either because they’re always fraudulent – first we’re forced into agreements that won’t work for us, and then we’re blocked from remember what those agreements were.

  • I find more and more common ground with you Cameron, especially compared with some things you were saying 2-3 years ago. Now I can honestly say that I have no reservations about your position. I really liked the moment when you said that you don’t go with prophecy. It’s so important to realize that prophecy tends to undermine our sense of our own freewill. The future is not cast in stone. Nothing is guaranteed although emerging trends can be recognized. It’s up to us, to humanity as a whole to co-create what actually will happen.

  • woft2394

    thank you !

  • Pheobe

    Cameron, I want to thank you again for telling us about the importance of being grounded and connecting to source from within. I had an odd dream a long time ago where I was about to get into a fight with a ninja…I became aware and decided it’s not what I want and then woke up. I then heard a man’s voice say that sooner or later I will ask for his help again -he was very angry that I chose not to participate in the dream. I was very sleepy so I might have been imagining things.

  • Nat

    Thank you, Cameron, all your posts are very helpfull. Best wishes!