May 2015 Podcast

Today’s podcast was recorded on May 22 with Michelle Walling from In5d.  The audio quality is mostly good, and we covered some topics that I feel are very important for us to keep in mind as we work to build a more enlightened society.

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Cameron Day

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  • I will benefit from the information about cleansing the DNA. I wonder if Cameron is familiar with the work published by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming. Dr. Yang teaches Yi Gin Ching/Shii Soei Ching (Muscle/Tendon Changing and Marrow/Brain Washing) Chi Kung. He has also researched and teaches many other forms of Martial arts.

    Cameron’s explanation of the process is contemporary and much simpler to experience. It does seem to be the technique taught by Da Mo who traveled from India to China many centuries ago where the Buddhist monks had been suffering a general decline in health.

    It’s the REAL DEAL! Thank you Cameron, my friend.

  • David

    Very many thanks Cameron. I found this to be most enlightening and effective as I had lots of ‘astral stuff’ going on last night, and I was very tired today. On the factual basis that ‘everything is connected……..’ I now plan to investigate your work more, and so again thank you.
    Love & Light

  • Damian

    Will there be transcript published?

  • Kirsten Hagelund

    Great interview, really appreciate it, I have known about your info and site for quite some time, I am so grateful to be made aware of the deception, even in the horrible extend, that it is going on, and I also know about it from other sources too. In my own internal feeling, it makes so much sense, even for people like me, who has been on the “spiritual path” (we think) for more than 30 years and who believed in going into the “light”, when we pass, believe in “karma” and that it is necessary to wipe our memory to “grow as a soul” and “learn lessons”, (I say now; … really ? … oh, man … – how have I not seen through this bs before? – how can I grow as a soul, if I do not remember, what I have done or been ?). I did know, however, from long time ago, that imposters could pose as ascended masters, angels or other guides and if you encountered them and were in doubt, you had to ask them 3 times, if they were the real thing, and they would have to be truthful according to universal laws … and so on. So we’ve know about imposters a long time, just not, I believe, in the extent that is and has been going on and that they actually have highjacked the afterlife too, but most of the spiritual people/communities of “love and light”, do not know or acknowledge this, mostly I think, they do not know about it. I do, however, remember Stewart Wilde, who passed a couple of years ago, talking about this afterlife grid that was almost impossible to escape, but he wrote that he thought he knew a way out (I bet he did :-)).. I could not relate to that at the time … I can now.

    I do also find your advice about gathering up several likewise life/ancestral-themes to work on in regression therapies as a very good and useful approach, if one can find a good therapist and afford it.

    Also food-wise, ahh, thank you, … that makes so much sense in my world too, I hadn’t considered the connection with our ancestors. It is so not know and so misunderstood, that we all have to be vegans or vegetarians, because it is very “inn” now and the “right thing to do”, in order to save the planet and the animals, and I see people in their best intentions struggling with health issues and totally denying it has anything to do with their “perfect vegan diet”. I believe a vegan diet and even juicing for weeks/a few months to detox is very, very beneficial, if you know how to do it right, but for most on a long term basis … no way. makes so much more sense to me … long term.

    We say that people are waking up, and I want to believe that, but I do not see that big awakening … even in the so-called “spiritual” people here in Copenhagen and Denmark generally (and no, we are definitely not the happiest people in the world, what a load of crap lies, we have more people on antidepressants and kids on retalin than is even believable and extremely sad ..), but for the spiritual people, it is still mostly “love and light”, karma, don’t look at the negative, you cannot talk about what’s really going on, then you will create more of it”, bs – but I say, we cannot change, what we are not willing to look at ! We can still visualize the world we want to live in, but not be blind to what is !
    I am not a really great fan of “the law of attraction” stuff either, that has been promoted so intensely since … geezz … “the secret” as if this is new stuff !!! Look at the older books (that I like a lot more) way back from the 40’es and 50’es mostly from DeVorss, they say the same thing, but is not so focused on material stuff and it is not, that I do not believe, that we do not have a saying in our reality or are not creators, but I do believe that there are “contracts” (from the “recycling”process”) and other forces that may have an impact until we wake up and find out, that we may be manipulated with from the astral and cancel those contracts and beyond that I believe there are other forces in work and a huge factor is our upbringing limiting beliefs.
    But I do not believe that we “attract” everything that happens to us – that is a preposterous idea (as Caroline Myss would say) – children being abducted, tortured and killed in all these satanic rituals that literally are going on in much bigger scale that anyone knows, other abuse ect. ect. – what “learning” is there from that, oh, yeah, it could be “karma” (pay back), they “chose” it ! … before “coming down here” … really?
    .. and so we “choose” everything that happens to us, and we can create anything we choose – anything, … we just need to raise our vibration to be a match to what we want and …. bingo … it will be there and we will have what we want ! Yeah… Hmm, .. real good advice for all the children and people, who are totally in the dumps or starving (oh, it is your own fault, you chose this – you attracted this, raise your f* vibration, then it will all change …)..

    Not so say that we do need to raise our consciousness and awareness, we do, it is the only way …

    Your info is in my view more important than anything right now, and of course as always we must use our own inner discernment, many think they do and are blinded “by the light” (no pun intended :-)).

    Anyway I look forward to be able to purchase your self-clearing system, level 2. I am going to hear this interview again and go through the level 1 clearing again and thank you for making that free.

    I wanted to post your articles and website on my fb some time ago – I have hesitated, because I do not know anyone there, who are ready for your info (even for the few “light-workers” there – it will shatter their world … for crying out loud), but I am still considering as the provokator, as I am … to just do it anyway maybe someone will benefit even the ones, who really think that they are awake, which they are not – really!.
    .. and who am I to say that I am … I am not … just being open to truth !
    Thank You for YOU ! Much love and grace Kirsten

    • Keith

      Have you visited the Wingmakers website? It is likely where much of the knowledge you hear from Cameron comes from. I’m surprised he does not mention their website more.

      • Kirsten Hagelund

        Hi Keith
        I know about the Wingmakers yes and the Wes Penra papers.
        I have in pdf his “Beyond 2012, a handbook for a new era”.
        I haven’t read it yet though.

    • Phil

      Couldn’t put it better myself! I like Camerons words but I like very much the comments section!! Peace!

  • The page isn’t redirecting properly

    Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

    This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies.

    Dear Cameron, I have tried a variety of ways and browsers but can’t ‘get to you’. Have you any suggestions. Thank you and kind regards

    • Aussie Girl

      I was having the same problem reaching this broadcast, finally got through via Cameron’s Facebook page
      Good luck

  • joe bannon

    live in n.ireland done some regression need help to release fully iam 55. where can i get help .

  • Phillip

    What I find most concerning with this interview is per Cameron’s big squeeze article 2+ years ago now, the astral realm containing the “lords of Karma” had been fully liberated, as well as the “open air prison” where souls were being held between lives. Per that excerpt, I interpreted this as the “trap” containing our life review, etc, should not be there anymore, but this interview makes me think otherwise. Is this not the case?? Is there something I’m missing?

  • Questioner

    Hi Cameron,

    Could you please blog about what people can do to stop UFO abductions. If the universal law is not to harm another, how are these aliens getting away with abusing and experimenting on human beings for so long? What can people do to physically and mentally protect themselves and chase them away from their homes and from the planet?

    Can you also talk about prayer and whether you believe in it and if the Source responds to prayer? How can you pray to have the good answer?

    Thank you.

  • Anna

    We really need to use our discernement in any area. What gets me is the idea that we reincarnate over and over again to learn. I remember Dolores Cannon saying that we are parts of source having various experiences, learning and taking it back to source(God) but hang on a second….If God can create this vast and marvelous universe then God knows a lot more than our little life experiences could ever teach.

  • Robyn

    Your calm presence and great wisdom nourishes my soul. Thank you for being.

  • Aussie@Byron

    thank you Cameron for your wonderful contribution for us all. You are like a bright clear torch assisting us to see and navigate through the fog we live amid. Because of various experiences I have been through,you validate truth I had discovered the hard way…thank you.

  • Irina

    Hi Cameron,

    My question is related to another article, comments to which are closed, and there is something very important I need to know so please forgive me for commenting here. Can birth bump happen not on the day of birth but a few weeks before it? And can it be somehow that the soul wanted but could not leave the wrong body and family after being placed there? I hope to hear your point of view on this. Thank you.

  • Tas

    I have a question,if beings from the free universe have been working on dealing with the astral crap and the turds of karma why is this stuff still happening on such a widescale?ive asked beings from the fre universe to help with my own problems with parasites and asshole entities but have never ever received even a blip of anything remotely close to guidance or help…where are they all and why are they seemingly so weak and obscure? Please help answer this for me i really.could use clear answers to help move on

  • Tas

    Also according to you some of us who are here to dismantle the Demiurge system, were allowed to come in ..first of all that sounds like a typical lightworkers mission,second why on earth would anyone like this be allowed to come in..also,as I mentioned before…would we be so stupid as to sign up for this crap being free and enlightened spirit…just doesn’t make complete sense…it sounds like an offshoot of what is lightbody by tashira tachi ren..
    Shrugs…the best way to get along is like u said using your own god self..but using force of will alone to break agreements isn’t enough..engage the heart and higher chakras while going this..your will is more powerful and also coming from a clearer place.u don’t need to chase so called copies of contracts etc..just figure out what the essence of the block ,harassment or interference is about and work on the root cause..the root cause..don’t waste time thinking it works like a lawyers office where some clear legal process is being followed…the word contract carries too much power…be careful don’t waste too much willpower chasing your own tails

  • Tas

    If u have removed an imprint that looks like a contract or agreement and the problem reccurs then it’s just a smokescreen…they can show u all manner of crap and give u a feeling of binding agreement u need to keep exerting force of will to keep at bay or break…This in itself is a trap and waste of energy…the only way to cut thru all the crap is focus on divine inner self…focus on heart chakra..and higher chakras..focus on your idea or knowledge of what enlightenment is and work towards it…remember that u can break it all down into energy..what is the energy breakdown of a continual process of having to exert mental force in order to keep a block or agreement’s a never ending mentally and spiritually exhaustive waste of your energy..once u are aware of any block or contract etc it loses power..then work on the root cause of this stuff..which is..fear…in essence..So move out of it instead of getting wrapped up in the mentality of just keep u in your fear..feel things out as well..and focus on heart chakra after a while it will alter your energy and self the way u want …relax…relax..

  • Josephina

    How do you cleanse ancestral dna? Thank you for all you do Cameron.

  • Phoebe

    Thank you for your explanation about the chakras and how they can be part of the deception. I am wondering if we activate the false programing and chakras by simply doing full-body breaths( from belly, to solar plexus up to heart) ?

    Also, I am wondering if the dantien is the same as the belly brain.

  • i am so relieved that you have posted this. was wondering where and what had happened to you.