Announcing Self-Clearing System Level 3

I have a big announcement today:  Level 3 is coming!

This Friday, August 28th, I will open enrollment for “Self-Clearing System, Level 3” which will be a series of eight web-based seminars held every two weeks.

The first seminar will be on Friday, September 4th at 4:00pm Pacific / 7:00pm Eastern time.  Each seminar will be 2 hours long, and they will occur every other Friday so that participants will have ample time between seminars to review and practice the techniques and clearings from each class.

I am implementing this “webinar” format in order to be able to reach more people in spite of having an over-booked one-on-one session schedule.  During the 4 months of classes, I will be transmitting a large amount of information as well as guiding participants through multiple levels of self-clearing techniques that you can use on yourself as well as with clients in your own healing/counseling practice, should you have one.

You will not be required to attend the live seminars, as a video recording will be made available after each class for review, which means that you can participate even if you are on another continent or simply cannot make it to the live seminar due to your schedule.  The seminars will be progressive, with each one building upon the previous class, so those who choose to join are asked to commit to attending all 8 seminars, either live or via the recorded video.

In these 8 classes, I will teach you my most effective techniques for connecting to Source Reality, revoking contracts / agreements, working with emotions, clearing blockages and programs in the subconscious mind, and much more.  These classes will cover a lot of advanced, sometimes seemingly disparate material, but by the end of the class you will understand how it all fits together in a way that empowers you to embody your deepest Core Self more fully.

Requirements for enrollment are simply to have used Level 2 several times, and to be a fairly well-grounded, stable person.  You will also need some basic technical skills such as downloading and unzipping files, along with a stable internet connection.

Also, please understand that with a great many participants in each live seminar, I will not be able to divert from the class structure to address individual issues. 

Enrollment space is limited, and the monetary fee for this webinar series is $77 per class, auto-billed every two weeks after you subscribe.  To clarify, there will be 8 two-hour seminars with a fee of $77 per seminar, and billing will be automatically done every two weeks on the card (or PayPal account) that you use when registering.

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday occurring in the U.S. on November 26th and 27th, the 7th seminar will be moved up a week to November 20th.  The 8th and final seminar will occur two weeks later on December 4th.

The full schedule will be as follows, with all seminars on Fridays at 4:00pm U.S. Pacific / 7:00pm Eastern time:

September 4th
September 18th
October 2nd
October 16th
October 30th
November 13th
November 20th (one-week gap between this and the previous seminar)
December 4th

Enrollment will open up on Friday, August 28th via this page:  Level 3 Enrollment. There is a sign-up box at the bottom of the page to receive a notification email before the rest of the mailing list so that you can get a head start on the enrollment. Again, space is limited in this class, and I do expect all available slots to fill up. That’s not just a sales-pitch, I truly will be closing enrollment when all spots are filled.

I am very excited about these classes, and I hope to see you there!

Much Love,
Cameron Day

11 comments to Announcing Self-Clearing System Level 3

  • Jackie

    I have worked with Cameron Day for three years. As he is not available as often as I’d have liked to meet him I’ve worked with other healers. I can honestly recommend both him and his work. I am amazed at how much his work has progressed, changed and developed over the years and genuinely believe him to be one of the best. I look forward to learning all his techniques.

  • Steve Fierro

    I found out about Cameron by reading his 2 part article Why Am I No Longer a Light Worker which I found to be extremely helpful in answering many questions I had about the Cosmic matrix and continuation of its system of limitation and control.
    I then did his Self Clearing System and found it worked not only in freeing me of fear but it also relaxed me thoroughly and i feel was very helpful in balancing and grounding me. I particularly love and find extremely helpful his technique found in the Self Clearing System of telling the ego to sit down and go to the corner which I use often throughout my day and evenings.
    Cameron thanks for putting yourself and your ideas and experience out there for all to benefit from.

  • Heather

    When I saw this I was so excited! I love to learn so much, and as much of anything that I am passionate about which is really just learning how to do things energetically and discerning between everything. In a nutshell, that’s kind of what this is right? I have been running into issues such as worthiness, finacial worries, and if this truly right for my process or not. I’m wondering if these issues are here maybe it is not for me. I think I will sign up for the email first area in hopes that things pan out…everyone who is willing to learn should definitely go!

  • ste

    Thanks for the unlocking system of thought process anyone who looks at these informative blogs should try also to balance your ph in the body go through the thought processes in your mind any whome arnt sovereign tell the to do one listen to your sovereign thoughts ignore egotistical thoughts do urine therapy , I want to give aknoledgement (not the best speller ) for unlocking my ability to aid in my own thought processes , peace love oneness as wholeness

  • Mariela

    Cameron, congratulations for this program.
    Are you opened for personal healing sessions?
    I have been comparing healers but Cameron is the best, Thank yo God Source that allowed him to be here in this life time.

  • Golden

    I can not wait for this class to start, thank you Cameron for this course. I am so ready for it. I am here waiting for the registration to open

  • Seif Belhani

    Congrats Cameron! Happy to read that classes filled up so quickly. I have been visiting your website on a regular basis, waiting for such news. It happened that I ve been swamped these last days in many other things and missed the registration window. Well, I guess I ll catch future sessions. Wish you the best to you and the participants for the upcoming seminars 🙂

  • donna mclean

    I would like to register for the self healing webinar sessions3please notify me if I can be enrolled.thank you

  • zephyr

    It’s good to see someone asking important questions. Have I missed explorations and origins, or was this not covered? So far, no one can say for certain what we are, much less where we come from, purely on the basic premise of history repeating itself. One particularly distressing note is that this world we seemingly are consigned to is rapidly becoming uninhabitable for anyone or anything, including the sacred creatures who are the only authentic natives. I see much writing of ascension, but to where? Have any of you explored,, or the information of Dr. Helen Caldicott? Certainly the ether can be a nice place to visit, but unless you have genuine offworld means, you will be bound here. There are reasons we aren’t wanted beyond these confines, the evidence of which is everywhere. The selfish ancestors referred to in ancient chaldean and sumerian texts couldn’t distance themselves quickly enough from us. And should you find actual liberation, have you no compassion or affection for the creatures of the sky, earth, and sea? Are you prepared to move beyond the ideologies of platitudes to something spiritually utilitarian? I’d truly like to know. It seems a lot of critical considerations have gone unaddressed here. None of our bodies have very long on this plane. ***Sorry.***

  • Cameron is like the bigger brother I never had but always wanted. Over the last ten years or so I have worked with various individuals and I always felt like the counseling I received was a bit overgeneralized and not as practical as one would need. I love how Cameron provides actionable steps, feedback, guidance and tools that empower the individual to live a life that is more authentic. He also have a beautiful perspective that transcends surface life, worries, doubts and history that might be holding someone back. He doesn’t tell me what I want to hear he tells me what I need to know and reminds me of my deepest heart’s desire and purpose. In working with him he has shown me that I am an integral part of the healing process even after our sessions, as he provides a clear framework for how you can continue to deepen the healing and understanding beyond your session. He is a high quality individual and I am eternally grateful for all the ways in which he has helped me embody more of my source being. You are simply the best Cameron!

  • Eve

    Dear Cameron I would love to attend Seminar recordings so I look forward to having the opportunity to do so in the near future. All the best to all who attend. I have been practicing level 2 for over 1 year now and it is the most reall process I have experience since I got my Self Realisation many years ago yet I was never able to resolve so many issues which appeared to be of a Karmic sort until I had a desperate and very loud conversation with God and that is when I found C Day and his 2 meditation levels of 1st the free website and then the paid for 2 nd level to cure me of these constant Ground Hog days which didn’t give up on wearing me down to the point of making me feel exhausted and wanting to give up on Life for the umpteenth time ! Namaste Cameron Day thank You Thankyou Thankyou