CoronaVirus – Panic is the Real Virus

The “CoronaVirus” situation is being massively ramped up very quickly, and governments are taking extreme actions that none of us have ever seen before.

As a result, people are starting to “prepare” at the last minute out of fear and scarcity.

I don’t feel there is any benefit in panic, but when the masses get panicked, they clean out store shelves and disrupt “just in time” supply chains.

Given the highly unusual nature of current events, I do recommend that you buy extra of all the foods that you normally eat, and the non-food items that you use on a regular basis.

Don’t buy things you wouldn’t normally want to eat. That’s a bad way to prepare, and it’s something that a lot of “preppers” probably regret having done.  My philosophy is to have a “big pantry” that is well stocked in case of supply chain disruptions.

I recommend that you stock up your pantry and freezer with the foods you already eat, and keep them well stocked over the coming weeks as you eat what you’ve bought. This way, if your area gets “locked down” OR if there are disruptions to your local supply chain, you won’t have to worry about what to eat. 4 weeks of food on hand is a good metric, IMO.

What does it all really mean?

The levels of actions being taken by world governments does not match the severity of the virus.  I feel that there is something deeper going on, and that it will reveal itself over the coming weeks.

“Governmental incompetence theory” posits that no government wants to be seen as doing too little to contain the virus, so they are over-reacting.

“Standard conspiracy theory” posits that it is all about more control and mandatory vaccines.  In case there is a push for a vaccine, do NOT take it. Obviously.

There is also a popular theory that this virus is being used as a cover for “mass arrests of the cabal.” This is a storyline that has been promoted with zero results many times in the past decade, which makes a lot of people skeptical of this theory, including me.

However, I am seeing signs and feeling intuitions that this theory could have merit.  I am still investigating and will post more once I can digest the information and feel into the resonance of what is true.

My best advice is this:  Stay grounded and present with the emotions this situation will bring up. Take calm, rational actions to insulate yourself and your family from supply-chain disruptions, and prioritize food over toilet paper (words I never imagined I would type…). 

If you are in fear, anger or any uncomfortable emotion, ground yourself and accept that emotion as natural.  Fighting what you feel only compounds the inner stresses from the uncomfortable emotion, creating a negative feedback loop. 

Grounded, loving presence for yourself and your loved ones will allow you to navigate these strange waters as skillfully as possible.  Accept your feelings, calm yourself, talk with your loved ones, calm each other, love each other.

Much Love,
Cameron Day

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  • Magdalena

    I’m not buying anything because my business didn’t get paid therefore nothing is in the bank. Water diet.

  • Mary

    First of all, thank you for being one of the few people not losing their ****ing mind right now Cameron. LOL. Second, just a tip for everyone. Unlike toilet paper, the produce aisles are still fully stocked! Both fresh and frozen veggies are still aplenty. Buy tons of these and make soup, put it in your freezer. I will be doing that the net few days. Buy your fav veggies, put them in a large pot with water and Bragg’s liquid aminos, and onion and garlic if you prefer, then blend, (add chicken for protein if you like) put into containers, store in freezer. You will have plenty of healthy food for weeks instead of processed crap. Hope this helps. Everyone stay calm, stay safe. Listen to Cameron’s meditations or any others to help you stay centered. Peace.

  • Dani

    Thank you for taking the time to post this. I feel that there is something deeper going on for sure- We will probably never know the really story. I appreciate your calmness and your insight. Stay Safe-

  • Liz

    Thank you!
    I feel your calm and tears are coming.
    I agree and feel secure my fridge is full.
    Bless us all!

  • Richard

    Good advice Cameron. Yeah, the news is blowing it up. My local grocer went to China in Jan, spent 3 weeks isolated with family, came back to NZ and spent 2 weeks in self-isolation. She’s fine and back selling fruit and veges with a smile. She says the news about China is not accurate. Some cities are on lock-down like Wuhan but the infected numbers appear to be dropping in these cities as they recover, others operate as normal, but with masks. Those in China are aware but not in fear like “us”. But definitely, I feel there’s more to it and we won’t know until it unfolds. Yes stock up on good basics, because it will affect all of us in someway. And stay grounded. Peace.

  • Jed Dowd

    Clearly, the CoronaVirus has been, shall we say, weaponized in a socio-political sense. It serves as a fear-porn weapon to engender panic in the populace. Natural remedies can be used to blunt its biological affects. I well expect that President Trump (and his team) understands the game the Cabal is playing, and
    knows it will backfire on the Cabal.

  • Nathan Jacobs

    Thanks so much for the kind and thoughtful words

  • JR

    Thanks SO MUCH FOR POSTING Mr. Day for these sage words of wisdom and advice right at this particular time of fear and uncertainty! It is most generous of you considering how busy you are doing the intensive programs and keeping your own self and family safe as well. Feeling a bit paralyzed today to go to the store but plan on it as soon as they open tomorrow which may be too late ….I dunno but since i am off work because I work in education I am gonna do as much, grounding, meditations and level 3 & 4 self clearings as I can and make the most of my time off.

    Is there any particular spiritual protection you advocate using which might help protect ourselves from absorbing the panic and stress of others we are forced to be around in our reality and life interacting situations ??

    Continual Gratitude for this Post and years of continual healing in the level 3 & 4 seminars – self clearings!!!!

  • Patrick

    Holy shit Cameron, you’ve buffed up since I last checked.
    Hawaii treating you good. Thanks for the post. Tinned food ain’t so bad.
    Can always water it down with toilet paper if too salty!
    Get ahead of the curve everybody

  • Betsy

    Hi Cameron,

    Thank you so much for posting. I am in 2 meditation groups and we feel that this is definitely a cabal thing that’s going to backfire. One friend thought that the governments also have a virus – they’re made out of old people and old structures that are going to crumble.

    If you do a search you’ll see Bill Gates and the CEOs of Disney, Chipotle, Salesforce, UPS, NIssan, Bestbuy, Canon, Expedia and a lot of other ones. Here’s the link: I think your spidey senses are correct – this may signal mass arrests.

    I have also read some uplifting information on this being the beginning of the shift- so whatever crap we have to wade through right now will have a huge silver lining. Maybe people had to clear out their trauma from their root (survival) chakra, before the next step. I have also been drawn to Lake Titicaca in meditaiton – huge amount of stuff going there for the good of the planet.

    Again, thanks for getting in touch – I was in your manifesting class by the way and always appreciate the path that put me on.


  • Betsy

    Sorry for leaving out the word “resign” in the second paragraph – key word!

  • Chantel Dunlap

    Agreed, however I don’t think stocking the freezer is such a good idea since the power will be the next thing to go.

  • Hat Bailey

    I am impressed and gratified that your take on this is so similar to mine. I also have begun to give the theory that both “sides” are using this for deeper agendas, and the long hoped for “tqkedown” and restoration of the republic may be in the works. Getting people to stock up and get off the streets and out of mass gatherings and kids out of schools could clear the decks for some kind of mass arrests or other actions that might spark “false flag” events. Kids out of schools can’t be a bad thing either. I think the dangers of the woo flu is greatly exaggerated, but always good to be prepared with basics. Above all much better decisions are made when one is not in panic or fear.

  • gill marais

    This is a wake up call. If you cant control your negative environment, you have free choice in choosing your attitude towards it. Do Cameron’s self-help meditations. Cleanse yourself spiritually. Physically, buy a small bum-shower, attach it to the loo to cut down use of toilet paper. Trust in the Light but tether your horse before going in to pray!. Ground yourself every morning for five mins by paying attention to what you are seeing, hearing, feeling,(touch your fingers and body) tasting and smelling.

  • Lydia

    Please please be open to this possibility!
    Bill From occultscience101 makes a convincing case the virus is aimed at THEM, the pedo sodomites (the ‘illuminated ‘) and that they are scared shitless right now; that’s why all the measures to keep US quarantined. We can be carriers but it’s not dangerous for us, they want us to stay as far as possible from them as they are susceptible to it.
    What’s scary though is if they go down they will do everything they can to take us down too. Pure evil.
    Check out to learn more.
    Once you’ve taken the vaccin you will be susceptible too so do not take it.
    It’s the end of the cycle and the creator (the real one) is ending the atrocities. This plague is aimed at them. For us it’s a flu, for them it’s deadly and that’s why politicians, actors and sport players did catch it.
    Listen to these

    And to this (and to all his former videos if you want to see through the deception of the fallen ones, see my playlists)

    And here’s a decode about Jordan Maxwell talking about it:

    The YT channel is no longer there but others mirrored his work decoding what’s going on here, fi here

  • Gary

    There is a lot of ways to look at this. To get a good feel of just how bad it is I would like to know how many has had it and now are cured? A vaccine will take 1 year and a half unless they pull all the safeguards for testing it. Its air born to and mask do not stop this because its smaller then the mask stop. The other thing? 50 Billion on what? thats a lot of Moola. I want receipts lol we know who will have to pay that back, ummm, our children and there children. Its a wake up call non the less. ON mass arrests of the cabal, thats wishful thinking, like Chakras. I have looked up how many Sealed Indictments are waiting and they are still waiting. This may be normal idk never looked it up before. I have not seen a President or any Politician, that has done for the people what Trump has, thats almost spooky in its self. On top of all that the Democrats have shown there hand at being socialist-communist-Dictatorship. I had no idea we were that infested and have to watch our P`s and Q`s. They want to run every thing no more freedom to choice. I can go on n on but wont I think we have it…

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    Only The Truth will Set Us Free

  • Josie Ratzlaff

    Food /water/all things needed in case of emergency that has always been my life way. On line youtube check out the 1918 pandemic. Having been a house cleaner for many years. I have seen how Americans live with their pets. I have seen beyond just dirty. We need to step back take a good look at our homes. Sad that Government has to tell you to wash your hands. Ever looked at public restroom doors? Going in is cleaner than coming out.I walk daily people trash the lands. No wonder they are taking advantage of us in panic. My goal is and will always be BUILD YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM

  • Sheri

    I do believe this difficult time will ultimately act as reset for humanity in this time of purification and energy up leveling. Humans are resilient and have a great capacity for compassion. I believe these qualities will emerge in many at this time. We can be a model of balance and sanity, holding presence for those around us. When humanity comes together in unified purpose, all things are possible! Go humans ?

  • Elisa

    I although think that the virus is not the problem, but the actions behind. I opine that they would like to reduce the humanity about 95% like we can read it in “The new world order” on the Georgia Guidestones. But not whith the virus (that would be out of control for the 5% who would like to life after all that szenario) whith the vaccination, the panik, the caos…

    Sorry my english…

    Depressions are a human natural (i would nearly like to say “health”) reaction of all what is happening on earth now. So be careful and lovely whith yourself. We all are living transformers. Belive in yourself and your power! Let us transformate the ugly energies behind the happening and the panik, aggression, depression…into love, devine present, empathy…and give it back to every beeing in this world. Let us take the “galactic vacuum” to bring away all the troubles behind.

    Stay in consciousness of your inscredibly eternal soul and divine present.
    With love,

  • Mikey Love

    I totally agree with what you have to say Cameron! Stay calm, help those who need help (food, shelter, kindness, and not greed or hording; that only makes the situation worse. Send positive thoughts, toward all beings. Namaste!

  • Torus

    Great common sense article Cameron !

    Most people are falling into mechanical knee-jerk behaviour over this issue eg (i) vast majority are concerned about it but there is also a trend amongst ‘truthers’ that (ii) it is completely fake and it doesn’t exist at all. Due to state/cabal control of media we have very little facts about it so no point in jumping to conclusions like eg the binary think that I outlined above.

    It’s easy to fall into the binary trap because it means we don’t have to think for ourselves and explore our feelings deeply, it means there is an uncertainty different from the fear propagated by the binary think. But it’s important to delve into this and get to know your fears around it rather than just remain in the reactionary mode in which your fears have control over you.

    Taking basic precautions over food supplies and health makes sense but panic stations is unnecessary. Let’s keep ourselves grounded and connected.

  • Thanks Cameron. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to think there will be mass arrests of evil cabal members. I hesitate to even hope…but if there’s even an outside chance it would be wonderful. I agree that coronavirus = panic. We have a normal flu season that has been hyped. The virus is panic just as you said..and it’s spreading. Sad.

  • Miladys

    Thank you Cameron! I liked your approach. It is important to process all possible scenarios. Yes let’s stay grounded in love and kindness

  • Thank you Cameron. I’m glad that you can sense the Truth in most ideas despite the origin and its feeling tone.

    I found your site in February 2018. I can’t believe it’s been two years. I’ve used your meditations countless times. But I never really read on….until recently. Events have arisen that have uncovered the same Truths you speak of here. I had to experience them first hand. I read them at the right times. A-mazing. They fit into the crevices of doubt when compiling my experiences with another. Thank you. If you can, please write.

  • As I sit here typing this, I think about everyone gathered together in there safe places, if lucky enough to have one, all over the land. This may be a huge reset to each of us, to remember what is most important to us. A HARD REBOOT TO OUR ROUTINES, AND MUNDANE LIVES. We get to take a look at who and what we value, up close and possibly “cabin feverishly” close, for this period of our lives.


    Love the ones you’re with.


  • Gary

    My friend? they have got this far already, its not looking good for going the way you think it is. Be wise and see whats before us.