Will We Ever Truly See “Cabal Mass Arrests?”

WARNING:  This is a long and nuanced article, so please read it carefully, even read it twice before commenting.  Reactive, egoic comments with an agenda of “I KNOW what’s REALLY happening and you’re an idiot because you don’t believe what I do” will be deleted. 

I’m not going to waste a minute of time on arguing.  Open-handed assessments along the lines of, “Based on my RESEARCH, this is what *I* personally FEEL is happening” are welcomed.  Please provide intelligent intelligence 🙂

Something very unusual is happening around this CoronaVirus situation.  Something we’ve never seen before in our lives.  Governments are closing borders and telling people to stay at home or mandating lockdown type situations, some people are getting sick with the virus and some are dying, although very few “regular people” seem to be getting the virus while a VERY large number of celebrities and CEOs are being announced as having the virus or self-quarantining because they are concerned they might have it. 

I can feel something much bigger underneath all of this, and my Inner Cynic, espousing “standard conspiracy theory” sees it as a ramp up towards martial law and the squashing of all of our remaining freedoms.  I listen to and consider that jaded, highly skeptical part of my psyche, but I also have a deeper intuitive response that feels more like optimistic anticipation. 

I live my life guided primarily by my intuition, AND I back up that intuition with logic whenever possible.  We have three brains in our bodies: head, heart and belly brains, and I feel they must all be operating in balance for us to truly understand anything, especially anything as complex as the current events that are unfolding.  Put very simply, Logic is the domain of the head brain, Love and connection is the domain of the heart brain, and Raw intuition is the domain of the belly brain.  It’s much more intricate and interconnected than that, of course.

I urge you to stay connected to your heart and belly as you read these words, and avoid the temptation to retreat into a purely mental state of analysis.  Let your body’s intuition and innate love guide you now, and throughout your life.

Rumors of “Cabal mass arrests” have been floated on the internet almost once per year for at least 20 years, making them increasingly hard to believe.  New versions of those rumors are very active right now alongside the CoronaVirus media fear-frenzy that has people buying massive amounts of toilet paper, and even some food to go with it. 

With regard to mass arrests, is this time any different from the false rumors of the past?  It just might be, but the details of it are hard to believe for most people, especially if you’ve already been down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories and concluded that the evil doers on this planet are too well entrenched into every strata of politics, banking, military, law-enforcement and entertainment to ever be eradicated.  (My inner cynic welcomes you with a fist bump.)

Why are the details so hard to believe?  Trigger warning… I’m just going to drop this on you before I explain it, but here’s the plot of the narrative that appears to be unfolding as I type these words on March 17, 2020:

Good guys (aka White Hats) in military, law enforcement, government, and business banded together to create a plan to liberate the world from a Cabal of evil, satanic, mass-murdering pedophiles who hold the vast majority of the world’s wealth and power.  They have been working on this plan for at least 20 years, possibly as far back as JFK’s presidency, and one of their major moves was purging Cabal members from the NSA so they could spy on all Cabal communications.

These “White Hats” asked Donald Trump to run for president of the U.S. so he could be the key player in implementing their master plan, including gaining control of the NSA.  This group calls themselves “Q” and they began posting “intel drops” on the internet in October 2017 in order to wake up enough unaware people as to the true nature of the evil that infects humanity, and to have those people serve as information warriors to help awaken others. 

Seriously?  White Hats and Trump?  Hard to believe, I know…

The Q movement appears to have been very, very successful.  Q has become an internet phenomenon, with many adherents who call themselves Q-anons (because they are all anonymous), although it is often seen by “veterans of wokeness” as just another psyop meant to befuddle, distract and occupy the minds of the newly awakened.   That was my automatic, inner cynic reaction to it when I first heard about Q in 2018.  I just dismissed it and kept on with my life and work. Because there’s NO way that Trump could possibly be a decent human being, right?

However as the CV scare began ramping up faster and faster, I noticed more and more chatter amongst Qanons that the virus, which is theorized by them to have been created and released by “the deep state” / bad guys, that the narrative around the virus has been co-opted by POTUS (Trump) and Q in order to enact their plan to arrest the Cabal, called “The Storm.”  Their theory is that the virus containment efforts are being amplified in order to keep people out of public spaces and safely at home so that the Cabal can’t do any mass shootings or other nefarious misdeeds as a distraction or revenge.

I initially thought the story of “The Storm” happening under cover of the massive Corona Virus response was just a secondary layer of the psy-op.  At the same time, I had an intuitive feeling that this needed my attention, so I started taking a deeper look, and I have seen a lot of EVIDENCE (not proof) that “The Plan” of these white-hats is underway, but probably not happening as quickly as anons believe that it is. 

The news is moving very fast right now, but since March 10th 2020, over 600 CGNJ and MS13 gang members have been arrested in the U.S., Saudia Arabia is making mass arrests (which might just be a power grab, though), 20k-30k US troops are doing an “exercise” in Europe (this happens regularly, though), Bill Gates stepped down from Microsoft and Berkshire boards, and government officials, celebrities, athletes and CEOs are “coming down with CV” at an alarmingly high rate, much higher than the regular populace… and much more.  The celebrities might just be acting out a script to make CV appear more contagious and scary than it actually is, however.

All of these pieces of rumor and evidence help my head brain to connect with my gut intuition that something is happening, and that it’s not just one more psy-op.  I am currently optimistic with a dash of healthy skepticism, and I feel the timeline on any kind of arrests will be much longer than a CV lockdown.

As for Trump, I don’t like his public persona but that is not relevant to the situation, and I actually feel that a “likeable” person wouldn’t have the qualities needed to play the presidential role in such a massive operation.  If “The Plan” is real and actually being implemented in spite of the (seemingly over-hyped) CoronaVirus, I will be very happy.  To finally put an end to human trafficking and child sacrifice on this planet will be the most impactful positive change that has occurred in our known history.

Actually eradicating the scourge of child sacrifice on our planet will have far-reaching energetic and “metaphysical” effects on every single human being, as well as on the astral realm around our planet.  To do that topic justice will require much more writing, which I may do in a future article.

At the very least, Q served to wake up and inform a LOT of people who probably would have never accepted the very dark truth about how the Cabal works on this planet, and how heinous their crimes are.  I see it as a way to build a critical mass of informed, awakened individuals who are all holding the awareness of “These people are sick!” and “This HAS to be ERADICATED from our planet!”

As someone who has known about these things for over 20 years, I have also learned about aspects of the Cabal’s crimes that I was not aware of through the Q information.  I am grateful for what Q has already accomplished, and I truly hope that the best is yet to come.

WARNING:  Whether you are a grizzled veteran of looking at the darkness on this planet, or if it is new to you, investigating this rabbit-hole of darkness can be traumatizing, destabilizing and exhausting.  Please do investigate, but do so at a slow, measured pace.  Take breaks from the information and ground yourself, connect to your body and your emotions, and be present with whatever emotions come up for you.

As you take in the increasingly shocking revelations, it is absolutely normal to feel things like fear, numbness, anger, sadness, frustration, powerlessness, rage, and fantasies of vigilante justice, as well as cognitive dissonance like “THIS CAN’T POSSIBLY BE TRUE.”  I’m talking from personal experience here, not from some lofty guru stance of having risen above all of those VERY HUMAN responses to the sickening evil hiding in this world. 

Please do not push past your own personal limitations.  You have plenty of time while the world goes into “self-quarantine” to investigate, and to take care of yourself.  If you want to take action, take care of yourself and your loved ones first and foremost.  As you are able to digest the information, you can help others who are new to all of this.  Go slow, be patient, be present, stay grounded.

This article is a good starting point if you’re new to the Q thing:

So is this video,although they do “lay it on a bit thick” so be ready for that:

I remain optimistic with a dash of healthy skepticism.

Much Love,
Cameron Day



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  • Ginny R.

    Cameron, Well said.

  • Beverley Loverock

    Great stuff Cameron Day so true as our Planet and Humanity proceeds through The Photon Belt the Procession of the Equinox Changing Everything into the Age of Aquarius. Thankyou ☝️??

  • Many of us have felt this , thank you for reiterating it

  • Gert Janse van Rensburg

    Thanks for the article. I felt something is wrong about CV and I hope that your analysis is correct. Please write more and inform us!

  • Lenie Hansen

    Hi Cameron, I have respected your articles, have recognized in the past regarding “why I am no longer a lightworker”. Now as to your thoughts on Corona Virus; maybe I’ll read the articles. The whole situation is overwhelming already. From an Astrological point of view, we have some really violent Transits this week and up to spring’s equinox. All Astrologers sit on sticks, awaiting what it brings. I can feel the energy from these tensions very clearly, but do not know from where it originates, or how it will unfold. We have Conjunctions between Mars, Pluto, Jupiter in Capricorn, as well as a Saturn changing sign, all here in the next few days…

  • Marilyn Kelly Linton


    I am in awe of your ability to share your views in such a grounded and integrated way. All I can say is Right on and may love and justice prevail. For every child and every inner child.

    When I learned of what you have spoken of years ago it broke my heart and nearly crushed my soul. I tried to share this information as I could but I think it was just too horrific to be accepted by most. It definitely activated my inner warrior but as a young mother myself I didn’t know exactly what my role was or what to do with the information so I’ve just done my best to share your information from your site and podcasts with my family and help support a healthy sense of sovereignty and empowerment in my son, and be as honest with him about the goodness of humanity and the evil elements.

    I don’t know what will come from all of this but I extend my energetic support to the best of humanity emerging now. I have already seen so many people helping each other…even myself as an introvert have felt called to reach out to all my friends and loved ones and just offer love and support.

    Today I did some pretty heavy inner emotional processing work with my own inner child, and emerged feeling much lighter. I wrote in my intention journal today..
    May all children feel loved and supported by their families and communities and that really goes for all of us. I can’t help but feel this is in somehow related as we are obviously all connected!

    May we humans have all the support needed to free ourselves and our beautiful mother earth from the toxic horrors of which you spoke. I say YES with all of my heart and soul. AND as for Trump I agree with what you wrote and even though I’ve had to say a bit in the closet about this… I appreciate him and his willingness to help with all of this in any at he can. Despite the persona, I get a good feeling from him, although I don’t say that out loud much.

    Anyways, Blessings to you and please know that you and your work are regularly mentioned in our household. Gratitude and Respect big brother ? (I’m 33 so I think that’s accurate to say)

  • Katherine Green

    I have felt an unexplained optimism myself, and, have seen good things coming out of this difficult situation already, albeit on a small level. I truly hope the real reason for the positive intuitive setting that I am experiencing is that something new, something powerfully good, will emerge, for humanity, and for our planet, after this “storm.”
    From the “White Hats,” or, from all of us!

  • I agree completely. Have been following it for over a year. Too many coincidences. thank you for disseminating this.

  • Susan Hinkle

    I have heard about the Q Anon for a while now and I keep going back and forth with what I believe. It is interesting that it is a positive story/outcome instead of all fear mongering. Can anyone explain why Trump has been seen socializing with the Clintons, not to mention the Queen, if he is in fact a White Hat? If Reagan was a good guy, why did he ask Bush to be his vice president? Why has Pence said that he admired Dick Cheney? Didn’t Jared Kushner attend the Bilderberg meeting? And why do they all equally make all the Illuminati hand gestures? I so much want to believe in Q, it is very compelling, but I do see red flags. Could this just be a very well performed drama filled with more lies? This was posted on FB, which if true, will unfold by the end of next month (I have no way of knowing if this info is trustworthy) 10 Days of Darkness (coming):

    Michael QAnon Frenzel
    Yesterday at 4:22 PM ·

    Kay Kunze
    March 15 at 10:40 PM
    By Qlobal Change

    18) The 10 Days of Darkness will not include social media or internet.
    There will be electricity but no TV or radio.
    No newspapers will be printed.
    The militaries of the individual countries will close these.
    19) POTUS will have the only method available to reach the public worldwide during the 10 Days of Darkness via the Emergency Broadcasting System (EMS).
    Every military will be broadcast to TV and devices in the respective countries worldwide.
    20) POTUS will be overseas or at AF1 during the days of darkness for optics.
    Allegedly, the excuse for using AF1 is the safety and / or risk of infection.
    The EMS is transferred from the AF1.
    There will effectively be a total news ban, with the exception of POTUS.
    21) Professionally made documentaries are made via EBS on TV, devices, etc. broadcast worldwide.
    The content will reveal all the horrors / crimes and details of anything related to Q.
    However, it will be family friendly.
    It will be undeniable.
    22) POTUS will describe how he was asked by the US military to overthrow the Deep State, and that he is not a ” politician
    He will check the Q distribution program.
    23) These documentaries will contain recorded confessions by famous politicians and elites of the ” deep state
    The structure of world control will be outlined.
    Evidence of crimes is being presented.
    The results of the military tribunal will be known.
    24) Presentations will take place about 8 hours / day over 10 days.
    Repeats will take place for the rest of the day so shift workers / emergency responders don’t miss anything.
    EMS will be around the clock.
    Families will have nothing else to do but watch.
    25) The most vile videos / evidence will not be for everyone – and they can be seen on the internet after the 10 days of darkness by those who desire so.
    There will be time to reflect on every day of these 10 days.
    26) There will be mass shock / disgust and confusion.
    Our role as Patriots will be to convey a sense of calm, affirmation, compassion and reassurance.
    Many patriots who have been too scared to talk so far will be able to do so.
    27) It’s unlikely but possible that JFK Jr. and others will contribute to the correctness of the operation.
    As the 10 days of darkness come to an end on Easter Wednesday, there will be a mass eruption of spirituality.
    28) On Easter Friday, people will be told that the virus can now safely go outside and gather.
    Churches, synagogues and mosques will be full.
    There will be a lot of grief but also relief.
    29) A small percentage – maybe 5 % – will gradually be disturbed and brainwashed to accept the truth.
    They will try to riot as usual.
    However, they will soon realize that the “people” are much more angry, more disciplined and potentially violent.
    30) The deep state will lose control of the roads forever.
    The military will guard TV stations / newspapers to avoid vandalism.
    After the power outage, the MSM will be completely exposed and will not try to oppose the narrative.
    31) Those deep state actors who didn’t freak out and went to GITMO will be involved in suicide weekend of April 11. and 12., 2020
    Unruly ones are left to themselves before the informed masses.
    32) There could be an economic setback within the 10 days of darkness with the end of the Federal Reserve and the introduction of a gold standard, but I’m not sure.
    33) And this is my best guess for the structure of the storm….
    In a way, we must demand justice, but also, if possible, be benevolent.

    Here is another article, with a list of CEOs who stepped down. Lockheed Martin’s CEO also has stepped down. She sold all her stock shares just before the crash. It also says the tax deadline will be extended, which has not happened.


  • Terra Amber

    Let’s put a big amen on the Cabal take down
    I have followed q by watching the praying medic who decides it well when q posts.
    I have an immune disorder and I was taking tourists from hot spots to dinner places and back in Arizona via rideshare. I would be considered very vulnerable and no flu or cv as of now.

  • Arantha

    Thank you for confirming my own intuition. Highest blessings to you and All. #goinlove

  • Denise

    I believe this to be true. I have been following various people for years now and the truth crushed me, crushed my soul and I had to work through it. The thought that there were good people out there in high positions kept me going and praying that it come soon. I have gone through all the emotions you write about. I have deep intuition myself but found myself daring to believe in case it was not true. Emotions and thoughts up and down and in and out and sometimes so overwhelming that I just had to pull back and go get some needed ‘meditation’ (go to the movies). Now I am filled with hope, quiet optimism and an emerging joy that has been so absent in my life. To think that ‘we’ (the good guys) are overcoming such an ingrained evil is positively euphoric. The ONLY negative I can see is that money is being blamed for the spread of the CV. ie let’s get rid of cash. But even so, I now live in hope and quiet optimism and with a feeling of pride for all those working towards a better planet. Thank you for your post, looking forward to more. Bless you. xx

  • Jacqueline

    I never trust my emotions, they are false mental/body/nervous system/gut reactions which are only good for fight or flight responses. When grounded and balanced, I connect to my intuitive feelings and true guidance. Besides the many obvious negatives of this situation, there are seeds of new life already germinating, where what is being learned and experienced, is valuable for a humanity which needs to know how to break negative cycles and separation and how to live in greater harmony. Most people are aware of ‘what’ we need to do but there will be greater understandings of ‘how’ we can do it, both individually and collectively. That’s a breakthrough. Starting with emotional responses, it’s a great opportunity to work on clearing fear patterns and begin embodiment of true higher intuitive knowing. Time to breathe, ?

  • Alex

    Thanks for your considerations on this Cameron! I’m a long time conspiracy researcher and in my seeking I had uncovered some of the dark side of “operations” going on now prior to learning of the Q phenomenon to overthrow that dark side. I’m eagerly anticipating our emergence from this situation and have no fear about what is happening. I understand this will be a highly transforming time for all cultures/civilizations around the planet as burdens are lifted. I’m speaking of the burdens of tyranny and misinformation on physics, medicine, economics, and technology as well as the more occult/spiritual burdens that have been at work enforcing those. For anyone newer to this kind of information, go slow, and always try to see the bigger picture. That helps you see connections as well as build understanding around that which can be confounding.

    “These people are sick!” and “This HAS to be ERADICATED from our planet!”


    Cameron, thank you so much for this article. I had never heard of Q before..I’ve read the article and watched a video…
    I wish , I hope this is true that they are getting rid of evil pedophileS..I’m well aware of these scums controlling the world, their rituals etc…but I really wonder..

    I’m IN the area in Italy which has been affected mostly by this CV..i M IN A VILLAGE, 60 peopel died in a few weeks here, in my block of flats 3 people this week… It s not only famous people who get it.
    Here there is no place left for dead bodies…they are struggling to find places in the hospistals , in the cemetery..
    But, a part from these considerations….the threat of mandatory vaccines is very real…Here you can be fined and arrested for going out of the house without a valid reason…you can go out for shopping once a week…DO YOU THINK WE CAN JUST SAY NO TO VACCINATION and be ok?????
    Are the Q people against vaxx?????

    I can see there can be some good coming out of this, nations regaining sovranity and control over the monetary system…but the rest seems dictatorship to me….
    So many rights will be abolished for a very long time, if not forever..
    Can they be good and allow mandatory vaccines and other awful stuff that is coming??

  • Phillip

    Let me start by saying I hope this doesn’t come off too negative and please take overall as an open-handed assessment. You can consider me one of the “already down the rabbit hole” types with the EXACT sentiment you state, and yes, this is all very, very hard to believe.
    Some points I’d like to make:
    – How many casualties in China now? I’m sure the number far exceeds what’s reported. And all just to take out the Cabal? It’s not adding up.
    – The white hats. They read too much like a mainstream cop show – believe there are “good” ones behind the scenes and trust the authority, sorry, not happening.
    – How is it that the same media, which has become increasingly propagandized since 2016, and are the ones pumping all the hysteria, now working against the Cabal?
    – Infected celebrities, not seeing the evidence to back up that claim.
    – Q-anon, too many missed predictions, etc, with the post Mueller report Hillary arrest as a prime example. Perhaps all part of the master plan, but this only reinforced the skepticism.
    – Saudi Arabia, which is basically an oligarchy, making mass arrests? How can we trust them?
    – Epstein murder… What was most troubling was the FBI only raided his island after sufficient warning

    All that said, I truly hope you’re right Cameron, time will tell…

    • Marilyn A.

      You might have missed what Cameron actually stated, which was that “…the virus scare had been co-opted by POTUS (Trump) and Q in order to enact their master plan to arrest the Cabal, called “The Storm.”

      I believe the operative word is “co-opted,” which is defined as “adopt (an idea or policy) for one’s own use.”

    • Kevin

      I’m with you on this Philip unfortunately,hope I’m wrong,I think the cabal are collapsing the worlds economies to introduce new economic model to centralise new system aswell also force vaccination on everyone,that said I do feel strangely positive

    • Denise D

      I am also with you on this Philip. I’ve been down the so-called rabbit hole for the last 25 years. There is something called the “problem-reaction-solution” model that is so obviously being promulgated against us at this time. “They” create a problem (virus, tank our economy,etc), we react by panicking and acting like animals, then they offer the solution (happening in real time with government intervention, and soon will be stripping any civil rights we have left). Sure, there are most likely two warring factions, but both of whom do NOT have our best interests at heart. Think: one faction (white hats) is trying desperately to usher in the New World Order, while the black hats want to keep status quo. HOW CAN PEOPLE NOT CRUNCH THE NUMBERS AND SEE HOW OVERBLOWN THIS IS? How perfect a cover this virus is to give the government the ability to enact martial law (this, what’s happening NOW, IMO, is a dry-run to see how we all react to lockdowns, and separating us from one another because there is strength in numbers). The narratives out there that there is some “hero” coming to save us all is just another lie for us to eat and give our power away. No one is saving us. We have to do that ourselves by educating ourselves, doing our own research, gathering info.

      As for Trump, I am a New Yorker and I grew up watching his malignant narcissism and how many people he screwed over and hurt throughout the years. IMO, he isn’t capable of compassion, empathy, or love for humanity. He’s just another puppet.

      I have been following Cameron along with several other spiritual seekers for years. I am not throwing out the baby with the bathwater. There is a lot of good info here. I hope people don’t get sucked into the corrupted alt-media narrative without doing their due diligence.

      Here is another blogger that I follow: redefininggod.com

      He’s been down the rabbit hole as well. Worth checking out his take, too.

    • Phillip

      Marilyn A. – Thank you very much for that, embarrassed to say I did miss it, clears things up, but still leaves unanswered questions
      Kevin – I hope I’m wrong too! And with you on the new economic model/vaccinations concerns.
      Denise D. – Wow, 25 years! I’m only 5+ into it, but did jump off the deep end too. And yes, they’re constant keeping us off balance is driving me mad. Cameron is the only one I still keep tabs on nowadays, and came out of “retirement” because, well, it’s Cameron. I abandoned Ken @ redefininggod a few years back. Too many red flags for my liking and not to get into the weeds, but I suspect Ken hasn’t been running that blog for quite a while…

    • Bella

      I’m with you on this Phillip, Kevin, and Denise. As much as I would love to believe the “good fight” story, I can’t quite get onboard. This panic is cultivated by the media, politicians at every level all around the world, WHO, and the CDC – all extremely corrupt entities. Why would they suddenly feed a storyline that will be their demise? I would love nothing more than to say at the end of this that I was wrong but for now my guard is up. What frustrates me the most about this whole thing is how easily people buy the storyline fed my the media and push it along. I work with “highly educated” people and we have all been shifted to work from home environments. I can’t believe the scrutiny I’m getting for saying that I still leave my house. I’m literally being told that I will be responsible for people dying. SMH. Thanks for letting me vent. Stay safe out there and let’s see where this ends up. Can’t wait for your part 2 Cameron. Reading your articles always brings light to my day and gives me new hope.

  • Perhaps the illusion of this Earth Consciousness is such an overwhelming concept that to understand it we must pierce the subtle veil that covers our physical form. We approach this life with our personal perception of what is real. That perception is individuated to each soul and our experience here works through the veil of that perception. Those who have pierced the veil, through intense meditation practices or other esoteric modalities understand the illusion and are not directed by it. Rather, they sit in the larger cosmic consciousness and are one with all that is. Conspiracies have been the engine of change for millennia. [Who knows the truth] is a thought, an idea, dictated through the mind, a mind veiled in the illusion of this realm of consciousness. Perhaps we should trust nothing but the true barometer that lies deep inside our divine heart, where the soul connection is made and the animation of our being begins. The silence that resides deep there holds the truth beyond the veil, and once sensed will make this life a matter of conscious evolution, not a matter of fact. Of course, there is always the idea that the Law of Karma has reacted to this dark period of self-serving greed and the apathetic lack of empathy, and is our ever-loving reboot.

  • Jerry

    I love your article, Cameron, and I agree, though I admit I probably lean more towards the skeptical side. We have been told many times that good things were coming,only to be disappointed. I now know how Charlie Brown feels when Lucy tells him she won’t move the football THIS time. I don’t pretend to know what is going to happen, but one thing my heart and belly brains are telling me is that we are going to have an opportunity to take our consciousness to a higher level through(and after) this. I hold out some hope because there have been some arrests affiliated with the human trafficking sickness.

  • Cameron: I AM totally on your page and have been for a number of years. You shared it all so well without the drama of association. The rest of 2020 will be a fascinating time we have agreed to BE here. Congratulations.

  • Averil

    Thank you for a good article. I have come to similar conclusions also. As for Phillips objections, I would have answers for those but do not feel particularly motivated to enumerate. and as he says–time will tell. I am not of an inclination to convince anyone of anything. Thanks again.

  • Elisa

    Thank you Cameron for this new hopeful perspective, opening my horizon.

  • dreamqueen

    Cameron, I am with you on this. You are doing your due diligence and exercising caution. This one is way bigger than any of us individually. I am looking forward to your follow ups. Things are changing very quickly now. We were made for this moment. Much love.

  • Caroline

    Thanks for summarizing all what is said on the internet for years now in the underground media. I am still sceptic of Q as this earth has different factions at play, as much as who is Q/trump as savior for eradicating all of them. And what is happening for them right now? I don’t mean I am ok with all the crimes they did but still where are they held (killed, burnt or just hidden?)? This still feels like tyranny too, as nothing is said. And many pedos are still around too (one of our ministers Elio Di Rupo is still in charge!). I must say I am confronted with 2 divergent ways of behaving for the moment that puts me very much into confusion of what to really decide of what is really possible for me now and in the future: 1* Having this hope to still feel that things could change and people wake up, but when I see my neighbors, it just feels impossible for loads of people to wake up. And on another hand, feeling just exhausted to have to repeat the same alarmed messages of savior type like “what is next, disappearance of cash, destruction of all borders, establishment of a single currency, centralized and globalized power, implantation of the RFID chip, 5G everywhere in our faces, transhumanism, Haarp, MK Uktra for everyone, martial law, population reduction, civil wars etc. etc. And clearly, they will not stop! Since the time of the Templars, these raptors have been planning their occult agenda … ?” We are 99% facing 1% of the population, but most of us are still or asleep and way to aggressive to make up a wise decision without violence….So is it still possible for us to reverse this? * 2 understanding that I am exhausted to be trapped in the play of fear of all theses factions and need calm to regenerate my energy and connect with my creativity during this confinement and connect to my truth : but will that be enough to change our world?

  • Ionut

    I don’t know how many “good guys” are there in these secret programs and covert operations or if this is a fight for the liberation or for the control of the planet’s population…but…Conciousness works in mysterious ways, especially when it starts to awaken.

    • Mr.Nakabura

      White hats exist, people in the IC are notoriously ordinary, inconspicuous. Which is exactly why this Q-Anon stuff reaks to high-heaven. I assure you nothing worth being kept secret is so obvious.

  • Carol

    I have being following Q from the start, WWG1WGA Blessings to All, from Ireland.

  • Stuart

    I agree with you, see it the same way. Your early work on ankle bitters, new age etc was important to me. Did you see things differently with later podcasts?

  • Judith

    I have many doubts about the veracity of this take on things. I opened my mind four years ago that there might be a positive agenda behind the Trump presidency and I hoped for the best. I was grievously disappointed. No “white hat” in my reality would stir up racial hatred, abuse women and brag about it or take children from their parents and cage them like animals. If we are trying to save children why put more of them
    in unsafe positions and allow more of them to be preyed upon by sexual predators? Why roll back environmental protections and do everything possible to hurt the poor and endanger life in this planet? I cannot reconcile what Trump has done since entering office with anything resembling goodness or decency. Abuse of children the worlds biggest problem? Then don’t exacerbate that problem! Looking at what has occurred under the Trump administration has killed any hope I had that he is working for the “white hats” and additionally killed any belief I might have had tin that agenda.

    • Chantel Dunlap

      Judith, I am no Trump supporter, but you need to remember what you see, hear in the news is mostly propaganda, not true in the slightest. I wish there were ways I could prove this, but sadly most of the “truth” that was available online has disappeared from any and all searches. Please try to open your heart. I am not saying I believe it to be true, just that what you are saying isn’t, in my opinion.

  • Anne

    The real virus is that mankind has forgotten its connection with Source, and that has allowed the creation of all these horrors. We have to take responsibility and uncreate what is only the result of our own lack of consciousness. Wake up!!! Send unconditional love on your hearts and all these darkness, all the lost creatures who don’t know what they are.

  • Arnlee

    Aside from the much needed and prayed for clean-up of our world, I am looking forward to experiencing a renewed peace on an esoteric level. As a senior I witnessed the world change forever after Nov 1963. Those born later have no understanding of the heaviness we all intrinsically carry. This clean-up has been done once before on this planet as mentioned in the Nag Hammadi.

  • Auror'A Azur'A

    My Core feels this is an electro-magnetic,’biological warfare’ beamed at us through ‘pulse wave’ technology.. A sonic type waveform which compresses CNS system & auto immune receptors..

    Also could drive one crazy! I hear it and feel it crushing me at times, a sense of suffocation & panic which I’m having to vaporise with Power of Love so I don’t go all gun hoo, as I feel indigent to this assault on humanity.. 💞

    Spring Equinox, will bring True light, Rainbow Plasmas to infuse light-bodies & supercede this gross violation of Sovereign,Freedom Right; but only if we’re not caught up in their mass distraction – ‘loosh Web’ to receive & know Truth:🌟

    I feel Stargates opening in beautiful synchronities,galactic core aligning, over-writing ‘black hole’ curses & phantoms.. The lid is being lifted, the masks unveiled.. “Will the real Slim Shady please stand Up!”

    We need Leaders like you Cameron to help love,calm & stabilise, as you do, so authentically, rawly elequonetely and passionately and we all act as Anchor-Points to hold this organic, liquid- light Beam..

    A type of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ where we could see masses queuing up for multi billion, pre-designed ‘antidote’ vaccines because we don’t ever want go through such “hell” quarantine etc again..

    I am saddened that this wildfire has taken mass hold but hold true to CORE that our StarFire Codes are fusing DNA to repair this total infringement, if we allow?

    Im on week 5 of your Course and its my Rock, right now!! The Earth tells me to walk BAREFOOT on her lush peat to receive her true conductor, magnetic waves of beauty, justice and Freedom, I wish for All…

    Thank you for allowing me to have a voice to share my opinion.. Au x

  • Chantel Dunlap

    I have been very skeptical of Q myself and this plan since I discovered it a while back. I turned my back on it because I too thought it a psyop. The rabbit hole had me in a shambles so you are so right on the money there! In fact you are describing me. Anyway, I really hope the plan is real, we can’t take much more of this pain on this planet.
    Much Love Cameron
    Thank you so much for doing this

  • Thanks for the great article. I followed Q for a bit but became skeptical due its supposed political leanings. I see all politicians as bad actors lol! I believe that the benevolent forces in this universe are now guiding the process with the ethics of universal law and full connection to source and the divine “Mother” the true creator (this is my belief of course).

    However, I am always open to changing my thinking based on new information and what is happening now on our planet is remarkable! I here talk of a new world order power grab, man made disease to panic people so that everyone can be herded in corals like cattle and of course a few other theories as we grasp to understand what is happening.

    I also know that evil will always meet its match and that too many of us have worked extremely hard to obliterate the anti-life pox that had been rooted deeply into our wonderful planet. Our universe allows for many possibilities – until tyranny show its ugly face and that is where the buck stops.

    My intuition is calm, and my emotions are resting in a state of peace whilst being fully aware of the times, no panic here. What is happening is remarkable! We should all be preparing for a great transformation that will usher in the kind of times that not even the fairytales spoke about. These are the times to take hold and create our own “scripts” as guided by our spirits (higher selves) and ditch all imposters – The physical and non-physical ones!

    We are now unencumbered we can take the powers we have given away and start using them to better ourselves, families, communities and indeed the world! At the end of the day WE must choose to make a difference the only savior that exists is the one you see every time you look into a mirror. We first start from within our own selves. Level 3 clearing is a great place to start.

  • Elisabeth Hecker

    I think you are right. Ì believe it also

  • Jacques Vaillancourt

    Hi Cameron,

    I want to believe that Trump works for the right side, but, as someone else said, how can he be when he’s all out for 5G? As far as I can see, 5G is an enemy of humanity. Anyway, with our limited perceptions (…), only time will tell.
    Thanks for your article and your work

  • This is a wildly far out topic indeed Cameron. LOVE IT! No matter what is real, true or not, LET’S MANIFEST A CHANGE TO HEAL THE HEART OF ALL HUMANITY, RIGHT NOW! Sending you all Love, hand sanitizer, hope, and virtual big squishy hugs, III

  • Sylwester from UK

    Thanks Cameron! I have been feeling this for the past few days. It feels like a lot of people in the parliament (here in UK) have changed the way they act and do things about people. I see metaphysical changes around all the time. Its not just visuals. We must have entered into an orbit of the galactic cores as the love is getting stronger everyday. I look at the nature and can see that it’s evolving in a faster pace then I could notice in previous years. Local people started to care for each other and making sure the needy ones can meet their requirements. The funds been released by treasury (here in UK so far)
    The vibrational frequency of our mother earth is increasing as we are entering a phase of enhanced love connecting all. Dark not survive in the light of pure love! Let the central sun bless you with everlasting wisdom and love!

  • Marylynn

    Thank you Cameron for sharing. I’m on the fence about this and I guess we’ll know more if the 10 days of darkness happen in the beginning of April. I’ve heard this before and find there is so much misinformation on the topic. I sense and feel like keeping a suspended yet open minded approach. I feel as though no system, government or spiritual entity can relieve my inner challenges other than my own Source Infused being and my own inner healing work. Going deep into my heart and intuition is where I’ll find the truth and then look for corresponding facts out in the world, then take it from there. I’m grateful for your work which has guided and helped me in many ways. I’m curious, open and skeptical all at the same time. Until your next post…all the best.💜

  • Greetings Cameron, like you I kind of ignored the whole Q stuff, and then I too chose to do a little deep diving into it, so that I could track Trump’s drops. Trump is definitely listening to Q & vis versa.
    Thank you for inviting us to respond. I certainly hope am communicating in English clearly enough.

    And thank you to Susan Hinkle for this very informative post ~ nice.
    Maybe some of my information is a “prequel” if it is even included.

    Is true what Cameron says about Love’s Truth. Please drink plenty of Water & give care to yourself.
    I would not be able to speak to you about this if not for Cameron opening the pathway & extending an invitation.

    I track almost totally in “Indigenous Circles” because I care for other knowledge that has a longer timeline and multi-dimensionality than the modern age. So I compare what Q is saying with the “prophecy knowledge” passed from generation to generation because we have been “fighting this War” that has been waged for thousands of years against the inherent Nature of Earth, All Life and human beings and how we are naturally created.
    The knowledge of how we were naturally created has been very distorted over time, and lost to some peoples.
    We have different words in our languages for what Q is talking about. So I agree with what Q is saying up to a certain point.
    For generations we have been preparing and sharing our knowledge for this time – Now.

    I am also responding because Now is the time we come together as a human family, and share what truth we know, and see from all directions.
    Is what all peoples have done throughout human existence. Since before time began – immemorial.
    So I look forward to what Cameron & you may choose to share more about.

    1. MMIW, MMIR, MMIWG these hashtags are in reference to all the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Relatives, and Girls.
    “Man Camps” are installed at all the major Oil and Extractive industries. This is where drugs, rapes, murders & trafficking goes on, supported by OUR consumption of the energy produced by these industries that pollutes & kills our Water, Air, Land & Nature that all life needs to live with Planet Earth.
    And lots of that $ goes into building the culture of corruption: casinos, porn, marketing & media propaganda, hotel industries, & resorts etc. This is the Billionaire Petro-dollar “e-con-omy”

    Note: yes I personally have a “missing” relative. Was taken most likely by Mexican drug cartel in Mexico, ( who work with US military Agencies) yes they operate in US too. And hear about the arrests. Yes the “Church” is one of the biggest child abuse & pedophile rings, just read about the Native American Missionary Schools – which is what US modern education models are based on. I have 5 “missing” children of my grandmother’s generation and that buying & selling children of the slave age, grew into what it is now. In fact for Native Americans part of the “ring” is in Health & Human Services “adoptions & foster care”. However nothing in any of what Q anons talk about ever gives the “newly woken up” a person that has connected the dots with these circumstances – it’s rather like talking to people in gated communities of “woke ups”. Why are Native Americans targeted? Because NA are the longest resistors to their War and still have intact original knowledge. So am simply getting a little up close & personal with you. We need you to be woke up to help in the resistance & ultimately the transformation of Reality in the movement from the 4th World to the 5th / 5th Sun to the 6th Sun.

    This “4th World to the 5th / 5th Sun to the 6th Sun” may or may not be familiar to you, however we have been educating for generations about this Now Time.

    2. The corruption or as Q calls it “The Cabal” long ago, was first seeded into every “Religion” – there is a trap in every single one of them. So most Indigenous Peoples are Spiritual not religious unless they have been infiltrated by the “virus” which we know by a Cree word ” Wetiko” a psycho-spiritual virus, a type of spiritual starvation – because human beings are spirits living alive conscious aware, energy of the Source Love Intelligence- the predator feeds on the distortion of this e = energy in motion which is: e-motion-al-intelligence. Is like feeding on your Spirit. Which Cameron refers to correctly as heart, gut & mind and our human senses of intuition, vision, the Dreaming, knowingness etc. Believing takes you out side of your Self Knowing. Clear Coherent Thinking is inherent to how we are naturally made because this is inner and inter-connected with the Alive Living Conscious Aware, Intentional, Intelligence of Source Love.
    The greatest fear “the cabal” has is clear coherent thinking that can not be manipulated by lies & fear.

    3. Code words: Q has never said where the “thinking” came from that created the Virus & Predators. I went down the “Rabbit Hole” & it became irrational & incoherent. This does not mean that the horrific things documented aren’t true, they are, I have given you examples. Nor does Q fully acknowledge the mass genocide on this continent, called Turtle Island, & Nazi’s running around saying they are “true patriots” while still killing us, today.
    From our knowledge WWII was won by the Nazis, there were a lot of deals in how to further divy up the planet “resources” & weapons domination during that time. And these “resources” are alive living parts of this planet, they are not “things”. This is another conversation though.
    in other words Hitler admired “America’s” genocide of the Indigenous peoples here, modeled his political platform on the same ideologies, used propaganda to spread the virus and then negotiated a “surrender” for key scientists to continue the geno & eco cidal technologies.
    Tech-no-logical ~ Thus continuing the rise & domination of the Industrial Ruling Class.

    So the Documents and EVIDENCE of the creation of the Virus is in the “encoding of the latin/english language” of the Doctrine of Discovery, Manifest Destiny and the Papal Bulls of 1492. But the war across Middle East & Europe started long before that to perfect the Virus & give it “cover” in religion, before it went out to colonize the world. COVID-19 is more than a physical virus, is also a pshyco spiritual virus.
    The “coding” is in those documents and can be understood if you go here: https://www.38plus2productions.com/ “Decoding the Doctrine of Discovery” begins the journey to understand the american educational, judicial ,economic & ism systems of the Wetiko.

    4. There was a dream a woman long ago received which said there would be a black snake & it would come and kill us. My uncle told me that the other part of the dream which is not well known knowledge was that there would come a time when the head would be cut off. What is the Black Snake?
    The Oil industry PIPELINES & the Petro-dollar, that Trump is supposedly going to change to break ties with the World Monetary Banking System of enslavement. What is the “head” it is the Virus in our thinking and perception of Reality. “Currency” is our energy – energy is alive living aware intentional conscious intelligence in motion. (and that is a whole other conversation about “currency and admiralty law, water & birth” )
    We recently saw the Wall Street crash & Oil prices drop – However Trump wants to bail them out. Why bail them if there is to be a ”new monetary system”? I don’t know looks like same corruption to me.

    Meanwhile First Nations across Canada shut the Canadian economy down, coast to coast in support of Wet’suwet’en unceded territories the CGL Oil wants to put a pipeline through & poison. Some people do not seem to understand that the cabal want to run these pipe lines from NW territories to the gulf of Mexico, through the great lakes – killing the water shed of this continent & that will kill this continent – Turtle Island. Nuc waste for weapons is even more lethal. The first thing Trump did when he got into office is give a go ahead to the pipelines, dilute NEPA , next was to open national protected lands to the oil industry, etc etc etc , yet am asked to trust this by Q anons?

    I hope you are following me, because as soon as Q says “believe” in the “Patriot’s Plan” and “Trust Trump” that is where am curiously questioning.
    1. Trump’s dismantling NEPA and violations of NAGPRA for OIL and the destruction that the border Wall is causing ~ is contrary not only ecologically along a main water artery the Rio Grande – we did not cross the border the border crossed us, without our free prior and informed consent when the US bought FL, TX, NM, AZ & CA from Spain – not “Mexico” which was already dominated & oppressed by Spain, (Treaty of Guadalupe de Hidalgo) This is just one of many in the divvying up of the planet. The only way for the most brutal “civilization” system on this planet to be maintained is by war, & military. The War & Military are the Largest consumers of OIL & Gas, they can not run their hummers & tanks & planes and submarines and bombs without it… this is why they do not want a transition to Solar & Wind.
    So why bail Oil & all the systems of the oil industry out? Am listening.
    Why not just say, while all transition to a more harmonious lifestyle with Earth and each other, we still need a defense, so the remaining existing oil reserves will be for defense and building different infrastructure?

    As soon as human beings know they are occupied and slaves to an occupying system of beliefs, our inherent nature is to choose to be free. reclaim our Free Will, not Free-dom, which in latin means domination over Free.

    2. ” The Patriots” I have come in contact with say they believe that this continent is theirs, they are racist patriarchal sexist, right to lifer, pro militias christains. I agree with them totally in wanting to be “free”. We are right there as indigenous people, however they are just another form of occupiers wanting to impose their domination of beliefs on us, nor do they recognize our right to exist & govern ourselves on our lands, nor want an alliance with us in any way shape or form. They tell us to just get the f off our territories and assimilate. We are not about to trade one oppressor for another in the binary flat map duopoly of DEMs and GOP. they do not or maybe they do? have a clue about what am sharing with you here, & know the most recent history of the last 500+ years and why their ancestors came here traumatized from Europe. We have been dealing with the “Cabal” since they arrived & knew about them for generations before 1492. And we even sent help & food to peoples in Europe suffering at the hand of the cabal.

    3. The documents of evidence that I mentioned – the reason for not addressing those is because the very legitimacy of “America” and it’s laws, would be known for the total lie it is. In fact the judicial system would come down. So there is a lot of “talking” behind the veil of government.

    4. All this “secrecy” and “believe” all wrapped up in the word “trust” sounds like having blind faith. is too much like the grooming a predator does. While I have seen no evidence to do this, believing is like looking for a savior outside of themselves. And am not one to agree to any “Plan” without my free prior and informed consent.
    Am free to do that or Not. Secrecy keeps all of us out of the conversation ~ yes everyone is trying to avoid an escalation of violence & death “in America” on this soil and around the world. Did you not see what happened at Standing Rock ? Unarmed people protecting the Water & the violence of private military ops hired by Oil & State government and the laws that Trump & the GOP are having their judges approve to take our “rights” away ?

    When the Industrial Ruling Class has no more need for your indentured servitude to keep their system going, they will do the same thing they did to the “Native Americans” to you ~ has been happening for quite some time. This is why we must become Relatives again, the human beings, a human family.

    The Truth and Reconciliation conferences have been going on for a long time between Indigenous Peoples and “the cabal” we know exactly who they are, and they know who we are. Our Existence is our Resistance. We are Peaceful Peoples, care givers of the Great Law of Peace and we shared this Great Law with the founding fathers of “America” and told them that they would have a problem because of what they did not include in their Constitution. Yes they modeled the Constitution after the Great Law of Peace.

    What is Great about the Trumpster is more people are waking up because they are suffering and is painful to see the pinnacle of America MAGA – and the corruption in the american gov. not exclusive to either side of their duopoly. He is weakening the stranglehold of the American gov. laws & regs, yet for who’s benefit ? Earth’s ? Truly we want to be Free.
    Whatever QAnon’s want to claim about why Trump was chosen, Matrilineal cultures know his “style” is reckless at best.
    Some people will not know what to do, how to live ~ and we will be very busy helping them to inner-stand what becoming awareness is and the existence of parallel multi-universe realities and the map is not flat, Source Love has infinite power, potential & creativity.

    So just imagine that there are all these human beings that do not live in the reality of “America”, they are spiritually mature, or spiritually responsible – have responsiblity and therefore know how to live peacefully without governments & their systems. This is not a “New World Order”. We had no need for something to be imposed on us nor ever again. What has happened is an interruption to the evolution of the human being rather it has created a devolution.

    More and more people are aligning and coming together for Peace, Beauty, Love and to protect Earth.
    We are dropping even the “indigenous” and “non indigenous and ally” and all the Identities that quantify & qualify our existence that divide us, we are coming together as a human family, one species of many, we are children of Earth n Sky, we are coming together to Live the Original Instructions of Peace.

    Last am going to mention that I was on the other side of Earth visiting relatives about 4-5 months ago. It was there that Earth and her plants were talking to me about the ”virus”. I had another one of those kinds of conversations during the winter just before the BP oil spill ~
    Elderberries among other plant allies was very prominent in our conversation.
    When you add the juice to water it becomes Violet Light.
    Elderberries is said to also create a protection around healthy cells that a virus can not pierce.

    Thank you for listening, Love & Blessings to All My Relations ~ Mitakuye Oyas’in
    Abril Mondragon

  • Charles Picerno

    The Circle Theory: Present:
    Prelude: I am just a 67 year old male of American origin.my stated Goal here is to Teach A basic truth about LIFE.I discovered this TRUTH at the age of 15 and applied it to all aspects of my Life and succeed because of the Truth that is core to Everyone’s existence. I am Just a Junk yard Auto mechanic in real Life, But I could run any government or company with the Basic Truth out lined in our shared reality I post here.
    I hope Many come to know and understand the simple Truth you are about to read……..Charles
    Everything in life breaks down into an orb a globe a sphere a circle. Everything is molecules, atoms, cells. Then everything breaks down into threes with a little bit left over. The earth is a Globe, it goes around in a circle in a day. It goes back and forth on it’s axis yearly. The earth travels around the sun and the moon travels around the Earth. Then everything breaks down into Threes…
    There 360 degrees in a circle 365 days in a year. It takes a little over 30 days for the moon to circle the earth. Every month is 30 or 31 days Except February 28.This is because there is One thing that is not a circle in Life. A ray of Light, But even a Ray of light bends, curves is not a straight line.
    Time is a Circle also 24 Hours is broken down into 3 Parts and 30/60 increments. Which shift did you want to work on 1st 2nd or 3rd?
    Earth is the third rock from the sun. We are in the Third dimension There are 3 seasons winter and summer are the extremes spring and fall are the same season only in the opposite direction.
    Walking is a circle. talking, hearing, seeing, feeling, breathing, circles. A smile is a half of a circle a frown is the other half. The average human mouth has 32 teeth. The normal thing is to have 3 names Frist middle last. When you are born you are bald, toothless and urinating on your self. When you reach old age you loose your teeth, hair and you start urinating on yourself.
    Sex is one circle inside another circle completing a cycle. Women have a cycle once a month. When the Man impregnates the Woman the 3rd trimester of pregnancy occurs Boom out you come 9 months later Woman has a vagina and 2 mammary glands. She also has 2 ovaries and a womb. A man has a penis and 2 testacies. Crazy when you think about
    The number 10 is really 3 1/3 123-456-789-10 a hundred is 33 1/3 a thousand is 333 1/3 That’s what is really the count. There are 3 Primary colors, Yellow. Blue. and Red. They make up all the Colors except White and Black. They make Gray. This is how Everything works on/in our Life. It takes 3 things to make any engine run. Spark, Fuel, Air as long as the engine is Mechanically sound.
    ON January 1 2001 we entered into the 3rd millennium because there was no 0 zero A.D. We also became the 21st Century also it was 01-01-01The most basic complexes molecule found on earth is Water H2O………………………………..
    Now here’s the Conclusion: There is one Three 3 we do not have YET WW 3 but it will occur soon Freedom friends…………………………………….Prepare ………………………Charles

  • Dolly Smythe

    There is a very grounded writer who wrote a book called “Vague Apocalyptica” about this nuanced dance between reality and fiction. This is really out there Cameron. Sorry, you.ve gone off the deep end encouraging this.

  • Have mentioned this same scenario (virus is a cover for mass arrests) to my wife and friends after learning that the celeb’s like Tom Hanks were given a chance to surrender to the good guys by a certain date by falsley announcing that they contracted the virus. (fake news- but it shows they’ll testify against the bigger fish).

    Also, there are 70 million private business owners, me being one, who have a silent but invisible line that the government has now stepped over. Most of our business’s are devastated and many, many will be bankrupted by the actions already taken.

    If this isn’t a rescue by the government, the government is going to need a rescue from the 70 million taxpaying business owners, that being us. Get my drift?

  • Robin

    As a person who has always lived with anxiety, I feel a most unusual and wonderful sense of calm regarding the state of the world at present. Over the past few years, it’s been a tremendous journey researching. There were times I felt such anger and helplessness over knowing there were those without a voice as victims of human/child sex trafficking and the plethora of cult activities by the worlds ‘elites’ that most people ignore or refuse to believe is happening. I’ve wondered if part of my anxiety issues were a physical manifestation of the fractured souls I was sensing. Perhaps in part.
    Around 2012 I felt there was a massive energetic shift that was as if the colors of the planet dimmed a bit, as if it all became less vivid in some fashion. A veil, or a heaviness like a filter over a lens. I noticed an incredible revision happening in recent months. Brighter, and just better. Words such as alignment, congruence, and transmutation come to mind.

    I’m grateful for your newsletter this morning. Like so many here, we resonate with your eloquently written words. Well said and well done! I’ve also enjoyed reading everyone’s comments. Much love to all reading this and thank you for letting me share my thoughts.

  • Cameron, where did you find the statistics that so many celebs are coming down with the virus? Who? Where is it written or proven? I’ve not seen it. Plus.. even if many have, even if that’s true… you say that’s MORE than the many thousands of ‘ordinary people.” Such an odd statement. Of course we don’t know the names of those ordinary people and any familiar names will stick in our minds. Such an odd assertion to make, it seems based on nothing.

    Second… and Judith said it well… is Trump! Everyone knows he has always been a corrupt selfish sociopathic con-man. Everything he has done since taking office is to harm ordinary people and benefit himself, the elite rich and corporations, to destroy the environment and harm children and poor families. It is in my opinion the utmost delusion to imagine him as a hero riding in on white horse to save the day. In fact that whole scenario has the ring of a Hollywood movie, does it not?

    (And the fact that some people will say I’m misinformed because the media tells lies.. well, they don’t tell the whole truth, but that fogging of what is reliable as fact is just another one of Trump’s and the alt-right’s intentional manipulation of people’s minds, IMO. The only people who believe that are the far right.)

    Finally, why is it that “spiritual” or New Age people are aligned with an extreme right -wing group who include anti-Semites? I know people are desperate to have a “happy ending” to the suffering on Earth. And I too feel the energy of positive change in the air. Because we are heading to a new world, I believe. But this version is to my mind a dangerous fantasy that reveals how naive people are and willing to set aside critical thinking to believe in a fairy tale with good guys and bad guys who will come to their rescue. It’s all too neat. And.. their wishful thinking has been proven wrong over and over again. Wake up, humanity!

  • Janet Muller

    Hey Cameron! Great post to get me thinking out of the box.
    Mother Earth’s energy seems to be in on the virus…water clearing in the Venice canals without heavy tourism, blue skies being seen first time in forever in China’s industrial cities.

  • gill

    Develop your sixth sense to assess the flood tide of information. The sixth sense is higher than instinct. BUT you can only reach this higher dimensional 6th sense by developing your god-given five senses and don’t be stuck in your head.

  • Michael Pettit

    Now I know that when I was looking at your picture before I sent a friend’s request It’s all that intuitive side of me needed what you have shared.
    Thank You 🙏

  • Liza Lund

    Thank you for posting this and I agree in everything you tell.

  • Hi Cameron- we haven’t talked in a L O N G time! I really loved this article:
    “At the same time, I had an intuitive feeling that this needed my attention, so I started taking a deeper look, and I have seen a lot of EVIDENCE (not proof) that “The Plan” of these white-hats is underway. “…. exactly and I had the same reaction. After a year of not doing “Transpicuous News” I suddenly realized that it’s time once again to start really observing what is currently playing out. I’d like to talk to you about this when you have a moment: dani (at) rts (dot) earth
    … I’d like to get you on the show to discuss this topic

  • jo

    I hope this is true, This latest Corona Virus scare mongering is set to make everyone poorer and upset the world. Look who will benefit. The Elite yet again taking real property share etc from the poor and placing more people in debt to them. They thieve time and time again and get away with it.

  • April H. Minkler

    Thank you, Cameron. I greatly appreciate your perspective. There is so much ‘info’ and it is hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. I see the possibility of this event being an agent for a greatly expanded awakening, and that we as a species, especially if we can eradicate the horrors of what has been happening to our children, could take a giant spiritual leap in evolution. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. Much gratitude!

  • Doreen E Lose

    This is the first time I have read about this and it sure makes you step back and think. Thank you for the information.

  • Cameron, I sent you an email with links to some info you may be interested in, but here, let me just say that while the White Hats may have something good up their sleeve (or under their hats!), in the info I sent you, someone described it as both the Good Guys as well as the Bad guys work to further the goals of the Globalists, and we are being shepherded in from both sides down the middle in order that certain countries’ecomomies can be crashed, which will lead us ripe for picking, cue entry of The New World Order

    I hope you get to read Ken’s stuff in case it answers your questions or clarifies what you are seeing

  • Adriana

    Cameron, here from South America , i follow you and admire you very much, you have help me in ways you woun’t belive, so this article is very interesting, passing to some friend here in my country. Love to hear more when you writte.

  • Angela Warner

    Cameron this is from someone who has gotten so beat up for voicing my opinion about Hilary in the last elections. Even before that I can easily say I spoke about Pizza Gate and people could not believe I would say such a thing about this “great” woman.” It was beyond belief knowing the thing I had read about all of the people involved It made me sick to my stomach and when I opened up your email I actually couldn’t believe what I was reading. I thought there are actually people that really care about the world. Enough to sacrifice their live and really do something about the horrible atrocities that are going on in this world. When ever I would bring up thing like war or misconduct. People say it’s been going on for thousands of years it will never change. I always felt so alone on this subject and never brought it up again. Till now. The rabbit holes are frightening and you have to really go slow or you will have everything Cameron said will happen. But now this is what is going on in my head now. The internet went out twice today. I thought could this be real. Could Q really be doing this. Then it came back on again. Another time I pass the tv and it was on pause. I thought it was frozen and was being controlled. I stop in front of it thinking has it started. Then just an hour ago the Governor of California came on and announced the State was on lock down and all I did was prayed please let Q be real. I looked up a lot of the people mentioned in the article to see if they were creditable and so they were. I am almost frightened in either way at times. One because of the reaction I got from so many people when I spoke of the thing talked about I the article. I can’t see them believing this to be true. I see them thinking it’s a coo of some kind and freak out. This is all so surreal. I feel like I am outside of my body watching all this because I can guarantee you this is not the awakening I was preparing for. But if this does happen it will still be an awakening. This will be amazing if this happens and if it is all in Devine order I will sing the praises of everyone who made it happen. I pray it is so. Bless this world and let us wake up to a New World of promise freedom hope and love!!! Thank you Cameron for your bravery. Well done.

  • Lynne Lillie

    Hopefully this link is apropos to the conversation–pertinent to many of the topics that have surfaced in this thread: the coronavirus and 5G to name two, as well as the deeper significance of how these seemingly isolated incidences may be linked. Of particular interest is Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt’s interview which starts early in the video, around 2 min. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70xuorU4XuE
    Many thanks, Cameron, for letting us share our thoughts/concerns in this comment forum. Thank you for your work. While I’m not aligned with the Q narrative nor with Mr. Trump as a white hat, I am definitely a sucker for “happily ever after,” and tip my hat to that, however it happens!

  • Tuba

    I was looking forward to hear from you on this. I am right there with you, remain positive with a healthy dose of scepticism. They know they lost the war, no matter what happens ankle biters are done. I found your blog when I was on my knees, begging my star family to take me home, yet last couple of months I understand fully why I had to go through everything I’ve been through since I was six or the last thirty years, like you said before no matter what humanity worth fighting for. Thank you for your wisdom and honesty for all these years.
    And your shielding exercises 😉

  • Katryna 'Kat' Rael

    Excellent and objective report, Cameron. Q Anon certainly does raise many questions (for critical thinkers at least) and we are left wondering if indeed they are perhaps the ‘lesser of the evils’,, yet another clever cover for ushering in a NWO- One world government (??). One thing is certain,, I for one would be thankful for them culling the baby eating-blood drinking pedophiles and sickos that are the deep cabal….I’m sure you’ve seen the full video Fall Cabal by Janet Ossenbaard (you have a video link to an excerpt of it in your article),, but I thought I’d post it for the rest of the readers here….

    [NOTE FROM CAMERON: To anyone about to click on the link below, this video gets into VERY disturbing content. Please do not attempt to force yourself to watch more than you can handle at any given time.]


  • Dear Cameron and all consciousness explorers, a must-listen-to this 10-minute talk of doctor Tomas Kouan. Very sobering information but clear. The electrifying of our earth is the issue of the excretion of toxins of our cells which is called a virus. This process of becoming ill is NOT contaminating at all, as was proven in 1918 with what they called then the Spanish flu virus. This talk of Tomas proofs that today not many people know what is actually going on.

    This process of electrifying our planet has repeats itself already several times the last 100 years, from radio waves in 1917 to radar waves in 1968 to what we have today and with every implementation for more electrifying our planet we see the same outcome, except that this time, the 5G implementation (Wuhan was the first 5G city) will harm Mankind and many biological life forms on this planet till the point of extinction. The drama fear-porn and the huge amount of information that is like a Tsunami spread over our heads I think is there to distract us to the maximum.

    The major reason for so much confusion is that there is not 1 agenda, but several agendas are crossing each other. The most important thing is to stay sane, sound and clear. Stick to the facts and stop all assumptions and weird theories. Make as many people aware of what is really going on and stop any low vibration and promote care, patience and questioning everything so that there is enough counterweight of frequencies that will make the change into the direction of a reality that the people of earth love to live in. Lots of love from your siSTAR Rose, the link youtube.com/watch?v=ky3okDaDQaY

  • Hi Cameron, I feel more relieved since reading your take on the events occurring. It is becoming a little easier to digest after reading some of the comments and links here, along with seeing a limited list of arrestees.

    A few days ago, I awoke to feeling like something broke inside me, deep, internal, soul depth broken. I could barely move or think, the emotions flooding me. Took me a day to realize my empathic abilities were absorbing and feeling much of the emotions of many on the planet. I spoke with another empath and we’ve been helping each other release the energies, so I’m feeling better today.

    I really appreciate you taking the time to reflect in writing what I’ve been feeling. I also keep hearing my intuition tell me–follow the money. I look forward to your next article and I thank many of your readers for their input, especially on Q.

  • Ilzite

    Thank you for sharing this information. I just think that the narrative of Q is the same narrative that has dominated for so long on this planet earth – we are the good guys and they are the bad guys, we are going to win this battle for you, just trust us – NSA and Trump. I felt very uncomfortable with Q’s message (although they say that we will fight for you, common people). I think that the same deep state is behind this advertisement of Q (I saw the 10 minute video). Deep state is punishing “their own people” – meaning sacrificing them so that they can continue their surveillance and oppression of the people in the future. The actual people of the world have to make the change in this world. It does not work any other way.

  • Veerle

    Hallo , ik ben al een paar jaar deze evolutie aan het volgen waaronder ook q-anon. Ik vind jouw artikel geweldig omdat ook ik vanuit mijn buikgevoel dit ganse , dit kan toch niet waar zijn, verhaal volg maar er geen frontsoldaat in kan spelen. Ik voel vooral dat ik beide voeten stevig op de grond moet houden. Ik kijk al uit naar joyw vervolg. Bedankt!

  • Mario

    Many attempts by the good guys in the last years, will they succeed, who knows. Rely on yourself. Hone your spiritual abilities. Get independent, souvereign and free. Cameron’s teachings are very valuable to get there.

  • Harold

    I too had moments of hope when I was introduced to the Q concept.

    But to address some of the evidence you listed, Cameron, consider this:

    1) Isn’t it more likely that the 20-30k troops were sent to support the federalization of Europe that’s rapidly underway? Doesn’t that seem more likely given the fast move toward authoritarianism we’re seeing in Europe in the last 2 weeks alone? (Germany and Italy are already practically police states.)

    2) On Bill Gates: Isn’t it more likely that he stepped down from Microsoft to support the transhumanist plan and agenda 21? He’s the leading voice (not Trump) in the media on this virus hoax, creating the narrative that we all need vaccines, digital signatures, and implants (ID2020).

    3) On Trump: if he was truly on the side of the people backed by a positive force like Q…

    A) Would he have disabled the US economy, putting millions of people out of work with this quarantine?
    B) Would he have said that “hydroxychloroquine should be a first-line treatment for Covid-19” (retweets on March 23rd from Andy McCarthy) when hydroxychloroquine is toxic and not the solution?
    C) And perhaps most importantly, would he have signed S.893 – Secure 5G and Beyond Act of 2020 yesterday, in a way sealing our fate, and furthering the UN agendas?

    Perhaps I’m missing something, but I personally don’t see any actual evidence of Q coming to “save the day.”

    But I truly hope I’m wrong…

    • Harold, I appreciate your level-headed response. #1&2 are just as likely to be your perspective as something positive, of course. To answer your #3 questions: A) I feel that he doesn’t really have a choice, as there IS a virus in play, probably released by Gates et all. Notice the media and politicians crying foul that he wants to re-start business as usual by Easter. They seem to want a long-term shutdown. B) Hydroxychloroquine does not appear to be toxic when used correctly, and it’s been used to treat malaria for 60 years. It also buries the Cabal’s hope of foisting a vaccine on the populace, so the media is crying foul on that one, too. (Dig deeper and avoid the mainstream noise echo-chamber to find real answers). C) I’m looking into that, along with looking at a theory that the “beyond” part contains a solution to the 5g problems to render it safe. I am still investigating the theory, and I am NOT advocating it. Simply investigating with an open mind.

  • Boe

    When I read the first article stating that cabal mass arrests are going on my first thought was that Cameron lost it or his body was swapped and he is not the Cameron we have known for years or he was just tricked into believing something that is not true. Then I decided to feel into it and my intuition was telling me something was off. After reading the second article my assumptions became even stronger.

  • Boe

    30k troops having “exercise” in Europe in order for mass arrests? As I undersstand the exercise is postponed and troops are heading back home.
    Mass arrests in Saudi Arabia? There were mass arrests in 2017, initiated by the Royal family because the politicians were stealing their money. New ones in 2020. I see nothing particularly stunning in that.
    I haven’t heard about alarmingly high rate of celebrities being infected by the virus.

  • Boe

    In my opinion connecting with Mother Earth and our Higher Selves for guidance as often as possible is one thing, radiating the healing energy of LOVE, PEACE and CALMNESS to ourselves, all the people and the whole World is the second one. It will help the fear disappear and as I see it it also affects the CoV-2 virus. As I see it, it is gradually becoming less and less effective. I heard it is supposed to be much more dangerous as it is.

    Actually in your meditation you can directly visualize the virus losing strength and vanishing. We are all aware of the power of the energy of our thoughts, intentions etc. The more of this done on a mass scale the sooner the virus will be gone.

    Most of us have now more time to work on ourselves. Use that time wisely. Healing the traumas, expressing and transforming the emotions, connecting with others, informing others about the Truth, teaching others how to connect to themselves etc.

    And I am curious what Cameron is going to write in the next article. I haven’t shut the door to Q theory entirely yet and I am close to it. I will be happy if it’s true as at least it will end one era of darkness.

    Finally, the one thing we all agree upon I assume is that we all desire the suffering to end. Whether it is through Q or raising consciousness or both doesn’t really matter for me.