Breaking Out of the New (c)Age Enslavement

On Friday, September 20th, I was interviewed on the Vinny Eastwood show about identifying and breaking out of the New (c)Age false-light vs. dark duality.

It was a good show overall and we touched on some important topics.  I am not accustomed to communicating in a segmented format like this, and there were several lines of thought that I was not able to complete.  I know that some of you may feel a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to “flow” like I can in a solo podcast, but I hope that you will enjoy the show in spite of that.

Here are some links

Youtube of the whole show without commercials: (90 minutes)

MP3 of the whole show:  (2 hours, commercials included) 20_sep_cameron_day_vinny_eastwood_show_2013.mp3

MP3 of hour 1:

MP3 of hour 2:

More articles and solo podcasts are coming as I have time to produce them.

Much Love,
Cameron Day


Living The One Law & Experiencing True Freedom

Living The One Law & Experiencing True Freedom

The recent “One Law: Do No Harm” blog post generated great dialogue, idea sharing and some debate about what it means to live in a truly free, civilized society.  Having only One Law is a radical idea, as our current society is extremely uncivilized and imbalanced despite its many laws.  New laws are created almost daily to attempt to patch up and hide the violent rapaciousness that forms the basis for the coercive governmental and societal expression that I call the “Old World Disorder.” However, most of those laws actually serve to propagate disproportionate rewards and immunity from “justice” for the wealthy and powerful, while literally enslaving the poor through the prison-industrial-complex.

As the number of awakening and expanding individuals continues to increase, humanity will need to break free of the shackles of Governmental tyranny.  We will need to redesign society from the ground up in order to ensure that hidden forms of coercion, fascism, tyranny and social stratification no longer undermine the natural human desire for freedom, independence, self-expression, family, community, service to all and benefit to the individual.  A radical shift in values must occur in order to enable a truly new, or perhaps simply long forgotten, type of society modeled on Self-Governance, non-coercion and One Law: Do No Harm.

Technically speaking, many of the laws currently in existence are based on preventing people from harming each other. However, they all too often fail for a number of reasons.  I will briefly focus on some of the reasons for the failure of “rule of law” in our society, then change focus to how a society that follows the One Law might look.

Unequal Enforcement of Laws Results in a Failed Society

One major reason for the disorder in our society is that laws can be safely broken by individuals or corporations with enough money and political influence to buy legal immunity.  If laws can be broken by a select few, or even changed to allow harmful activities to be “lawful,” the entire foundation of a society is undermined. This trend of skirting or changing laws to suit the wealthy has become so pervasive that it is now considered “business as usual” among the “elite” while the “common” folk are left feeling powerless to affect any meaningful change.

The thin veneer of “freedom, liberty and justice for all” in the so-called “first world nations” is beyond wearing thin, it is riddled with gaping holes.  Most people know, at least on some level, that almost all politicians are corrupt, that law-enforcement agencies target the poor and non-white races, and that the legal system does not dispense “justice” to the wealthy. Meanwhile, people all over the globe are watching their standard of living decline and prospects for the future dwindle.  Truly, the old world disorder is falling apart at the seams.

The Old World Disorder is Fed by Violence

The old pattern of conquest and rule by coercive force has left us with a shameful history of genocide, wars of aggression and Empire expansion at all costs, with no regard given to the harm done to individuals or the environment.  This propensity for State-sponsored violence has led to endless wars in other countries, as well as at home in the form of “wars” on drugs and various forms of crime.  The idea that something must be warred upon is so deeply engrained into the minds of Statists and bureaucrats, they can’t imagine any alternative way to solve problems. Of course, their real agenda is to further their own power and wealth, and war is a convenient tool to achieve those ends.

Many people feel the inherent “wrongness” with their society and the type of disconnected, insular lives they are conditioned to lead to “fit in” with those around them, but they can’t imagine a solution due to the powerlessness mentioned earlier.  They sense that they are surrounded by evil wearing the mask of benevolence, yet feel it is safer to remain quiet, lest their peers shun and condemn them for causing trouble. In truth, they fear for their safety, for the violent underpinnings of the State threaten to consume them should they raise their voice to protest the wrongness that they perceive.

A Reengineered Society Based on the Law of One

The One Law: Do No Harm is a natural extension of the Law of One, which states that everything that exists emanates from a singular source.  While we are in this density of experience, seemingly “far away” from the Oneness from which we emerged, illusions of separation are easy to believe.  I am in my individual body, you are in yours, and there are no visible connections between us. Yet every viable spiritual tradition through the history of humanity has reminded us that we are all connected to each other.

The Electric Universe theorists posit that all heavenly bodies are connected via electromagnetic currents, and this theory can be extended to human bodies as well.  When a person reaches a certain state of awareness, they begin to feel and eventually see energetic connections between seemingly separate individuals, and between their self and all of nature.

If every person on the planet were to reach that state of “enlightenment” then there would be no need for laws of any kind, and many spiritual teachers have worked to bring about just such a condition of mass enlightenment. However, given the current state of human development (and suppression), some guidelines need to be established to give people a framework in which to grow into a greater understanding of what it means to be truly free.

The Implications of Truly Upholding the One Law

The level of personal freedom that will result from building open, non-coercive societies based on the One Law can be difficult to imagine from within our current framework.  At the same time, when all people and corporations are held to the One Law, the level of benefit to all life on the planet will be astounding. While individual human expression will be greatly expanded, corporations will find their activities severely limited to adhere to the letter of the One Law.

For example, corporate pollution will simply NOT be allowed, because pollution harms humans and the environment. This will force corporations that rely on generating pollution for profit out of business rapidly, creating some short-term economic problems.  However, once non-polluting alternatives are brought into the market, we will have more economic opportunities available to more people than ever before.

Under the One Law, if a corporation tries to get away with polluting, all employees responsible for the pollution will be held accountable for their crimes of harming people and the environment. The wealth of a corporation will not be allowed to steamroll innocent people into submission, because upholders of the One Law will be socially contracted to take their jobs very seriously.

Individual humans will enjoy the freedom to travel without restrictions, to express their opinions without fear of becoming political prisoners, to protest and gather where they want in order to make their concerns heard. Some people will be bothered by the amount of personal expression that will take place in the early stages of living the One Law.  Once the novelty of being able to say and do anything you want (provided it harms none) wears off, society will become much more peaceful overall.  Arguments and disputes will be settled through mediation rather than violence, because the penalties for initiating violence (harm) will be severe.

Understanding Humanity as Caretakers of the Earth

Through living a life of true freedom via the One Law, people will begin to understand that humans are meant to be caretakers, stewards, protectors and defenders of Earth and all of nature. These words all imply a deep love and sense of reverence for Earth, animals and all of life, as well as a responsibility to manage natural resources in a balanced manner.  One who is a steward protects and defends nature and animals against cruelty and injustice at the hands of humans with malignant consciousness.

At the same time, the One Law does not contain provisions to force people to stop eating animal products against their free will.  New forms of tyranny will not be created under the One Law. Instead, what will naturally occur is a new model for animal husbandry that honors animals and allows them to live in balance with the ecosystem.  The wisdom of Permaculture systems will be the guiding principles in One Law farming and agriculture, ensuring that everyone has an abundance of food, and that farm animals live fulfilling lives integrated with the natural world.  (Research Sepp Holzer for real-world applications of conscious land and animal stewardship.)

This will mean an end to industrial agriculture that tortures animals, and permaculture models will become the new normal.  Yes, animals will be consumed as food, but they will be treated with dignity and respect during their entire lives, and during “harvest.” My original draft of the One Law focused on Humans not harming Humans, because when an animal is harvested for consumption, harm is done.  An animal is killed so that humans may be able to thrive.  Such is the responsibility of a steward of nature who understands the roles that all life forms have in a balanced ecosystem.

To my vegan friends, I know you would rather see the world convert to a vegan diet, but this is not practical for everyone.  There are many people who simply cannot thrive on a vegan or vegetarian diet, and we have to deal with the world as it is, not necessarily how we want it to be.  However, by adopting a state of conscious stewardship, and applying the One Law to the cultivation, husbandry and humane treatment of animals, we can eliminate the needless suffering that animals currently experience in industrial agriculture.

Radical Freedom May Be Uncomfortable at First

The notion that new forms of tyranny cannot arise under the One Law means that people will not be able to force or coerce others to conform their point of view, lifestyle choices, or even moral codes. This means that a lot of behaviors that some people find unacceptable will have to be tolerated, provided that the individual is not harming others.  Eventually the discomfort and annoyance of knowing people are doing things that one doesn’t appreciate will fade, and people will become generally more accepting of each other’s eccentricities.

Under the One Law, Humans Will Be Able To:

Marry or partner with whomever one wants, even if it is more than one person. This means gay marriages, bi-sexual marriages and “poly-amorous” relationships in any configuration that people desire to experience are allowed.

Consume any substance one desires, as long as they don’t harm someone else while intoxicated. This means people will be able to take whatever drugs they desire without fear of being jailed.  It also means that drug dealers will be able to sell drugs to willing customers.  Some form of regulating the production and sale of drugs will be needed to ensure the products aren’t tainted, but these will be commercial operations, not criminal activities.

Harm one’s self if desired. Drugs aren’t good for a person, but harming one’s own body is allowed under the One Law.  Obviously, we will build mechanisms to try and help people who want to be helped in these cases, but such help will not be forced onto a person against their free will.

Say whatever one wants to whomever they want. The one type of harm the One Law does not prohibit is verbal harm.  If a person wants to curse at and verbally abuse another person, the person being derided has to simply leave the situation.  If a person is being verbally abused on their own property, they will be able to have that person physically removed from their property if they refuse to leave.

Defend against any form of physical or financial harm, using lethal force if necessary. Defective humans who wish to harm others will ignore the One Law.  Knowing this, all humans are encouraged to exercise their inherent rights to self-defense.  Everyone is encouraged to be well trained in self-defense and be physically and mentally prepared to defend themselves in non-lethal and/or lethal ways.

Wear any clothing, or lack thereof they desire, provided that children aren’t exposed to nudity. In other words, nudists will simply have to post warning signs around their “nudity zones” so that parents don’t accidentally bring their children into a nudist camp.

Watch any form of entertainment they want to, including pornography. As much as I dislike porn and what it does to the human mind, the One Law does not allow for banning of consensually created pornography.  However, any and all forms of child pornography, or any form of forcing a person to participate in such activities will be met with strict punishment of the offenders for the crimes of Harm in the forms of rape and slavery.

Prostitute one’s own self, but NOT pimp another person. Pimping is a form of enslavement that requires physical and mental abuse to keep women submissive.  A truly free society means that men and women will be free to engage in commerce for sex if they so desire.

Keep all of one’s earnings. Taxation is coercion under threat of violence.  Just ask anyone who has had their property stolen at the point of a gun by government because they didn’t pay enough in taxes.  A One Law society forbids theft.  Period.  Funds for needed programs will be solicited and given on a voluntary basis.

This is not an exhaustive list, but rather a small sampling of the possibilities that will be available to everyone under the One Law.

Deterring Crime and Removing Benefits of Doing Harm

As mentioned earlier, some crimes are committed because an individual or corporation can gain some benefit through the crime.  This is often true for financial crimes where vast sums of money are stolen or swindled via market manipulations.  Then the perpetrators pay a small “settlement” fine and can continue business as usual.  True upholding of the One Law would put an end to that, and discourage all forms of financial harm via putting the perpetrators in jail for a very long time. In this way, the simplicity of the One Law cuts through the obfuscation of the current admiralty law system, which is actually designed to allow wide-scale piracy to occur.

When it comes to rapists, new measures must be implemented in order to protect society from the sickness of rape and child-molestation.  Rapists need to be viewed as individuals with a permanent defect that can NOT be rehabilitated, at least not with current methodologies.  Pedophiles are attracted to children, and this is a serious defect, but if they can refrain from harming children, they can be part of society.  Once they cross the line to molesting or raping children, they must be swiftly and permanently removed from society.

Yes, permanently.

It is a fact that rapists and child molesters reoffend at an extremely high rate, so for the protection of society and especially our children, all rapists must be imprisoned for life.  Once rape is seen to be equal to murder, with life in prison being the penalty, there will be a “chilling effect” on would-be rapists, greatly reducing the number of those will attempt this type of harm.

The punishment for murder will also be life in prison, unless it is self-defense.  Self-defense will not be punishable in any way, even if the force may seem excessive to someone who wasn’t present when the incident occurred. For example, if a person shoots a “home invader” who dies, they need to be given counseling to deal with the trauma, not be made to feel like a criminal for defending their family.

Similarly, using all levels of necessary force to defend against rape should be viewed as not only acceptable, but encouraged. When rapists start getting pepper sprayed, tasered or shot by their intended victims, the rates of attempted rape will decline dramatically, thus reducing the number of rapists that must be imprisoned for life.

If these ideas seem too extreme to you, I would submit that they are actually very reasonable given the amount of damage that rapists and child-molesters inflict on society.  For example, take this quote from a recent article:

In 2007, Delmar Johnny, a Cowichan friend on Vancouver Island, told me,

“Before the whites arrived, our people used to kill anyone in the village who harmed a child. Just like that. No second chance. Because we knew that if our children were damaged and broken, our people had no future…”

By that standard, life in prison is quite gentle, in my opinion.

Role of Government Is Nearly Eliminated

In a free society that follows the One Law, government will no longer have power over people’s lives, will not be able to tax people’s earnings, will not be able to war on other governments, and will become purely administrative.  In a One Law society, government is simply not necessary for more than a few basic things such as: Enforcing the One Law, managing prisons (prisons must NOT be for-profit slave-mills like they are today), and maintaining infrastructure.

Upholding the One Law will be seen as the only role where a body of people has authority over others.  However, this authority will be strictly limited to those who have harmed others, and not to anyone else. Police and military will truly become “defenders of peace” by actively arresting and maintaining imprisonment of those too dangerous to be allowed to remain in society.  They will not be wasting time issuing speeding tickets or harassing teenagers for consuming drugs or alcohol.

Libertarianism by Any Other Name

Those familiar with various branches of libertarianism will recognize most of what was written today to be very similar to some versions of libertarianism.  The main difference is the idea that the One Law be a guiding principle for society, and be very strictly enforced through a citizen-based body of law enforcers. To a libertarian “anarcho-capatilast,” even this much “government” is abhorrent, and they would prefer that all law enforcement be left up to private corporations.

My view is that corporations are one of the major problems on this planet, and that they need to be reduced in power, not given more of it.  Basing our society on the One Law, as outlined in this article, and holding corporations to the law will be a major boon to every human on the planet, freeing us from the current corporate wage-slavery that is currently perpetuated. Even so, there will still be damaged humans who will seek to harm others, so we must have a mechanism in place that holds every single person to the simple standards of the One Law and protects society from criminals, even the super-wealthy criminals who currently stand above the law in the Old World Disorder.

Emerging Technologies will Enhance Freedom & Quality of Life

Fully implementing the One Law will also result in previously suppressed technologies being developed and sold world-wide.  At the very tip of the iceberg we have super-efficient motors, engines that run on water, super-efficient solar panels, super-efficient batteries, electric cars that use those batteries, nano-technology and 3D printers that allow people to manufacturer many of their needed goods right at home. Just these few proven but underdeveloped technologies will radically shift the nature of our society once they are widely implemented and available.  This is one reason they have been suppressed by governments and malignant corporations that place more value on money than human life.

We need to put the well-being of humans above corporate profits, forge a non-violent, non-coercive society, live in balance with nature, live by one simple law and rapidly develop new technologies to truly bring ourselves into a new era of human prosperity.  We already have the technological means and resources to raise the standard of living of every human in the world to an extremely high status, and this is a worthy goal to pursue.

The One Law is one piece of the picture of how an open-source, peaceful, free society can be designed.  There are other ideas with equal merit, but all of our ideas so far are only theory.  It’s time to test our theories, and I can guarantee that if the One Law is implemented and tested, it will yield profound results within 5 years, especially if the power of human technology and ingenuity is also fully unleashed.

Much Love,
Cameron Day

p.s.  I could go on for pages and pages about things like currencies, banking, commerce, truly free markets, technology, etc. but I am not drafting a charter for a new civilization.  My intent here is to spark a conversation and plant a seed in your mind so that you can grow it into a tree and share the fruits of your thoughts about true freedom with others.


True Civilization Only Needs One Law: Do No Harm

True Civilization Only Needs One Law

In order for all Earth Humans to be free from the violence of the old world disorder, a radical shift in values must occur.

For all Humans to be free to achieve their highest creative self-expression, whatever that may be, we must follow the One Law that a truly civilized society needs:

Do No Harm

Under the One Law, everyone is free to express their unique individuality, as long as they do not inflict harm on another Human.

Anyone who can’t abide by this one simple law must be isolated from free Human society to ensure the protection and safety of every single Human on Earth.

One Law:  Do No Harm

Do not rob, harm, enslave, rape, torture or kill another human

Do not steal another’s possessions

Do not physically harm anyone in any way

Do not enslave others in any way, shape or form

Do not rape anyone in any definition of the word

Do not torture anyone mentally, physically or in any other way

Do not kill another Human, unless in self-defense against someone attempting to harm you or a loved one under threat of violence.

To All Law Enforcers:

We ask you to stop enforcing the numerous unjust laws of the state and switch to upholding only the One Law: Do no harm, while being the front line defenders between pacifistic Humans and the psychopaths that plague our disordered governmental structures and society.

Damaged humans who commit the first and second levels of harm can often be rehabilitated.

Those committing the third through sixth levels of harm need to be imprisoned, and prisons should only contain those who have harmed others.

All prisoners who have not harmed another person must be quickly released, and that space filled with the suit-and-tie wearing criminals of the world who have worked to block human evolution so they could maintain their power and wealth.

Focus on government officials, bankers, corporate executives, lawyers and billionaires. These people must not remain above the law.

Follow the evidence while also purging the criminals within your own organizations.

Once the real criminals of the world are in prison, the One Law will be easier to uphold.

To All Military

We call upon you to disobey your orders to harm your fellow Human beings.

You are not actually fighting for freedom in the Middle East.

Drone operators: You are not fighting for freedom by killing “possible terrorists” and their families.

Your true fight for freedom is in your home country, so please come home to help local law enforcement uphold the One Law.

The Old World Disorder is Fed by Violence

The old world disorder can only exist by convincing humans to commit violence upon one another.

We don’t need to ban weapons, we need to ban violence.

The One Law does this most effectively while allowing for every Human’s right to self-defense against those who desire to harm them.

In order to forge a truly civilized society, we must leave behind the old world disorder’s system of governance.

Humans will only be free when we take responsibility for self-governance instead of abdicating our power to governmental authorities.

There is no need for lawmakers when every single Human, regardless of social or financial status is held to the standard of the One Law.

The Next Step Is Up To You

We call upon every human being on Earth to cease any activity, job, career, military endeavor, etc that causes harm to another Human, even indirectly.

We ask all Humans working for corporations that have harmed others through pollution, theft, market manipulation, technological suppression, etc to leave those jobs and reinvent themselves.

We ask everyone to avoid corporations that harm their employees, customers, or the environment, and instead use a small business or co-op to buy your goods whenever possible.

Living the One Law will eventually be easy and fulfilling, but transitioning our lives will take time and effort.

The most important factor in the One Law being accepted is for you to share this idea with others, so please spread this message far and wide.

Much Love,
Cameron Day

p.s. Is this the shortest blog post I have ever written? Probably.  :-)  I will write more about the One Law, and my other usual topics soon.