Healing the Head Brain and the Gut (Belly Brain)

In my September podcast I mentioned that I was working on an article about gluten and the small intestine (which I often refer to as the belly brain).  The problem is that the more I learn about nutrition and the small intestine, the less I know. :-)

So rather than give you a bunch of information that I have accumulated which may or may not be helpful for your physical health, I am going to do something different and point you to an interview series on gut health called The Digestion Sessions that is launching on Sunday, November 9th.

I am familiar with several of the experts being interviewed in this series, and after watching the first pre-release video on the gut-brain connection, I feel very good about recommending this video series to you.

The way these kind of things work is that you sign up and get free access to all the videos for a certain amount of time, and the full video set along with some other bonuses is available to purchase.  I already made my purchase, but remember that you can watch all the videos for zero charge.  (Full disclosure: if you do purchase after clicking my link, I will get a commission.)

If you’ve been with me for any length of time, you know I don’t promote things often, but after you watch the first video with Dr Kharrazian, I think you’ll understand why I am excited for all of us to learn this information.

This link will redirect you to their website where you can sign up to receive the videos:

Here’s to happy belly brains!

Much Love,
Cameron Day

p.s.  Biological bodies are all different, and what works for one person may not work for another. In this day and age, diet has become more divisive than religion, so please do not post comments like, “I’m doing the ______ diet / regimen, and everyone else should be doing it too because ______.”   or, “If people aren’t eating _______ they are killing the planet/themselves/etc.”



Supplements for health, immunity and (maybe) radiation protection

On Monday, March 14th I sent out an email about the potential for radiation from the Japanese reactor problems coming to the U.S. as well as the importance of meditating in order to stay calm in the face of chaotic circumstances.

When you are meditating, I also ask you to send blessings to the people of Japan, including the 10,000+ people that lost their bodies in this event.

I want to emphasize that in spite of what the media is putting out, there is NO guarantee that toxic radiation will be blown across the U.S. and all over the world like some people are reporting. Hysteria (fear) does not solve anything. Staying calm and preparing for what *may* come does solve many situations before they can become major problems.

On Monday, the only recommendation for physical protection that I could make in good conscience was to take potassium iodide to protect the thyroid from radioactive iodine.  This is because there is a lot of questionable information about which foods and supplements really do help the body to deal with radiation.

I have been doing diligent research into the best nutrition and supplementation protocols to use for overall health and detoxification for years. On March 11th I started focusing on protocols for protection from radiation, just in case it was needed.

The good news is that there is a tremendous amount of “overlap” in regards to the foods and supplements that strengthen our bodies and immune systems and the substances that allow the body to deal with radiation. In fact, you may already be taking some of the supplements that I recommend below.

In this letter, I am going to recommend supplements that can be taken for overall good health as well as radiation protection and detoxification, so that even if you never get any radiation exposure more than an airplane flight, you can still benefit from these substances.

Before I get into the specific supplements, I want to stress the importance of determining the dose that you need to take via muscle testing.  Muscle testing is simply accessing your body’s own intelligence to find out if a supplement or food is good for your body.

It is beyond the scope of this message to properly explain muscle testing, so for now I will recommend that you google “finger muscle testing” for more information on this very useful method of testing what you put into your body.

On to the list…

Here is a  list of herbs, supplements and foods that I recommend you purchase now to have on hand in case radiation reaches your area.  If you don’t need them for radiation protection, they will also help improve your overall physical health tremendously.

I am listing websites that I personally have purchased from whenever possible, but I am not affiliated with any of these sites in any way, and I do not make money from your purchases.


Zeolites are volcanic minerals with a unique honeycomb-like structure that helps trap toxins and remove them from your body in the bound state so that they cannot be reabsorbed.  Zeolites were given to Chernobyl children to help them detox from radiation poisoning.

There are a LOT of sites selling zeolites, and I have personally found that liquid formulas did not do anything for me, so I recommend a powdered form.  I would have recommended this on Monday, but I did not have first-hand experience with a good brand of zeolite.  However, both of these appear to be good micronized zeolite products.






I have not purchased from the zeohealth website before, but I spoke with the owner, and he sounded very sincere and passionate about the quality of his product.  For a major detox, including radiation detox, he recommends 1 measured teaspoon taken 3 times per day for 3 months, but no more. One bottle of the Zeolite Pure product will last 1 month at that dose.  However, ZeoForce in the first link has a better price.


This amazing substance has the highest concentration of chlorophyll available anywhere on the planet and is a wonderful detoxification agent.  This is the brand that I use, and since it is made in Japan, it may not be available for much longer: http://www.iherb.com/Jarrow-Formulas-Yaeyama-Chlorella-1-Kilogram-Powder-1000-g/147?at=0

I recommend taking 1tsp per day and increase by 3-4 times if you are exposed to radiation.  (Please muscle test to find your body’s specific dosage)

Liquid Iodine

This is still on the list, but I recommend taking 2 drops per day for now (double the lable dose), then move up to 10-15 drops per day or more if you are exposed to radiation, and stop taking it as soon as radiation exposure has dropped.

Large iodine doses can be hard on the thyroid for prolonged periods of time, and if you are on thyroid medication, you should probably NOT take any iodine supplement for more than a day or two.


Other good, natural sources of iodine are Kelp and other sea vegetables.  Just be aware of how much iodine you are ingesting so you don’t take too much and stress your thyroid.


This is one of the best immune system supporting substances that I have ever seen.  It is a truly amazing probiotic drink that will strengthen your immune system tremendously.  You can buy (unsweetened) commercial varieties to start drinking now, but I recommend that you google “buy kefir grains” to get your own living kefir culture (known as a “grain”), so you can make your own kefir at home with (preferably) raw milk from grass-fed cows or goats.


Beneficial bacteria are the heart of your immune system.  If you can’t find kefir in your area, look for probiotic rich foods like raw sauerkraut, kombucha, coconut “kefir” or at least take a good quality probiotic supplement at 2-3 times the recommended dosage.  You can’t really overdose on probiotics.

Vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants

Vitamin D3 (Huge immune booster): http://www.iherb.com/Now-Foods-Vitamin-D-3-2-000-IU-240-Softgels/16272?at=0

Minerals for men: http://www.mineralifeonline.com/pd-balanced-man-16oz.cfm

Minerals for women: http://www.mineralifeonline.com/pd-balanced-woman-16oz.cfm

Fulvic acid: http://www.mineralifeonline.com/pd-fulvic-trace-32-floz.cfm

Magnesium:  http://www.mineralifeonline.com/pd-magnesium-oil-8oz.cfm

Himalayan Salt, Real Salt, Celtic Sea Salt

These natural, healthy salts can help your body to detoxify from unhealthy iodine, bromine, chlorine and other substances.  Yes, this salt is GOOD for you!  Table salt that you find in supermarkets is NOT good for you.  Please don’t confuse the two.  I get my Himalayan salt here:  http://www.saltworks.us/shop/product.asp?idProduct=373

Ok, that’s everything for now…and I know it is a lot.  Please start accumulating these items now.  Having them on hand and not needing them for an emergency just means you can take them to improve your health. It’s an all around big win for you, I promise.

It is my hope that radiation never makes it to you or your loved ones.  However, the substances above will help your body deal with *any* stress that life has to offer, including potential radiation.

Knowing that you are prepared will help you to stay calm.  Your calmness will help your family to be relaxed.

Please continue to meditate whenever you have a spare 5 or more minutes, and remember that Love is all that really matters in this life. When your journey in this body is done, the Love that you shared will be your most precious memories.

Much Love,

Cameron Day