Podcast: Seeing Through the Matrix

Hi there,

Today’s blog post is a podcast that I promised you a while back, and today was the day for me to finally record it. I covered a lot of topics including:

Healthy expression of anger

Thoughts influencing reality

Seeing through the matrix

Balancing intellect with intuition

Hidden human history

Ankle-biters and the NWO

Channeled messages as ankle-biter disinfo

The “ET saviorship meme”

Entheogens (aka hallucinogens)

Humanity’s ascended future

Total run time is 1 hour, 42 minutes. Please right-click and choose “save”


Much Love,
Cameron Day



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  • Net

    Thank you, Cameron. I actually was looking for this an hour ago!! Listening now.

    Many blessings~

  • Detlef

    I find it interesting that you or some find it necessary to release negative emotions externally.
    All one needs to do is become aware and let go. The process of letting go simply involves intent.

    • Usually that is the case. However, some people have deeply buried trauma, pain and anger that needs to be processed, and due to these traumas forming muscular imbalances aka “muscular armor” in the body, there needs to be a physical expression of that anger. The bed punching process is very helpful for these instances.

      • Joseph

        Myofascial release and unwinding has helped tremendously with body armoring, for me … and ‘expression’ of anger, e.g. primal anger. getting in touch with my inner anima

  • Nicholas Fowler

    very interesting, Cameron.I take serious issue however with your ideas as to where the human species came from. all my listening has convinced me we are the result of genetic interference and interbreeding by up to and maybe twenty two races of ET’s I am fairly satisified this is the case or close to it. we are the result of many races of ET’s over the past several hundred thousand years migrating to this planet, we are probably a composite of the main races of this galaxy, plus one or two more.
    none of this can be proven but for me this is an intellectually more satsfying view of mans origens than any other.

    • I actually refer to the interference getting strongly underway after the disaster 12,000 years ago. I think there is a massive “new age psy-op” to get people to believe that humanity was created and engineered by ETs. Many of the regressive ET races can’t even manage their own genetics, and they seem to be obsessed with ours.

      • Clarity

        We cannot handle our own genetics yet some mess with other genes on the planet like some mess with kitchen ingredients. I feel being here was always a choice that onvolved accepting not knowing why once we excit yhe primary development stage as infants. The expression “ignorance is bliss” translates so well to the best option one has to dealing with purely negative forces yet dwelling in yhe positive only is again just a form of escape. We are here to make a choice, this is the real of pissibilities. You can become a prisoner of the so called heavenly or hellish realms or you can exceed polarities and grow to the nature of the fabric of it all. When the Buddha, that inner buddha that is beyond religion and all the buddhist dogma and mysticism sustained that one’s greatest aim is releas from the polarities and absorbtion iliberation from it all this to many does not appeal due to attachement to the very oscilation between the two polarities. Many find it lame as fantasies of angels and pastures of green in heavenly realm appeal much more to the ego identity that overgrew us. The idea of becoming something beyond what you can perceive intellectually is scary and trough the minds eye…well booring. I see so called spiritual people to all take excessive refuge in being what they see as good, badicly become complete prostitutes of the what is perceived as positive while some proffit of the inbalance and ride the balancig negative, destructive wave. Intellectual reasoning on this subject will not take u far and at some point will hold you flat out back. Quieting the mind in a peaceful, aware manner will bring you to balance. Let things come up, dont get involved in the mental storm and whitness its release and in time you will transcend the real of these dualities. Your magnetic pull will draw others tocenter as well trough the use of your pureintent without any direct intervention even. Meditate,do yoga but the yoga that flows trough younaturally not some superimposed dogmatised system. Question evrything before you swallow it and let it go once its done its job as information. You have all it takes inside you, all there is is a huge onion bulb coveting it, peelit away layer by layer.respect and love who you are no matter what you have done in yoyr past, no one here in this realm is beyond salvability.love you all!

  • Amy

    Dear Cameron,
    What you put out as audio (such a wealth of useful information)no doubt exists as a ‘hard copy.’ I would very much appreciate (and I might not be the only one) if you would offer a written text as a choice. I have friends without computers who could benefit from the knowledge you offer. Just a thought… Amy

  • Net

    This info needs to be shared as many are out-growing the systems of the false light; which has been my experience. With the practice of Peace there is a profound sense of laughter that seems to make the ankle-bitters run for the hills!

    In Joy and Peace~

  • Janet

    Hello Cameron,

    I second Amy’s request there for a transcript, as I much prefer to read and skim through material than listening or watching. Printing the transcript below an audio or video is a great way to do it. Do you have someone who does transcripts for you? Email me if you don’t.

  • Nicki Tompkins

    Cameron, I really appreciate your candor among all the topics you covered in this podcast. Your information resonates deeply with me. Though, I’m not into any mind-altering assistance, I found your advice/guidance interesting. I am striving to keep a peaceful environment while energy clearing and protect what I allow in my body and mind.

    I look forward to your future podcasts and specifically, would like to hear your comments on bugs and sickness, which you mentioned on the interview you did with Robert.

    Much love back to you,

  • Sean

    Cameron, I’m having problems with the mp3. It isn’t playing. I am using google chrome on a windows xp platform. Should I be using a different browser? Thanks

    • Playing in a browser isn’t recommended.

      Instead, please right-click and choose “save” to put the MP3 on your computer’s hard drive.

  • Thank You Cameron! This data perfectly correlates with my own personal knowing and understanding. I found your sharing most validating and to be absolutely spot on.

  • Jackie

    Thanks Cameron, a great piece of knowledge…as always!!:)

  • Kelly

    Hi Cameron,

    Thank you for this – I love your work and your perspective.
    I have a question for you.
    How are you so certain about your interpretation of the history of humanity, ankle biters and that channeled messages are inaccurate? Isn’t it possible that you’re getting “interference” too? Where is your info coming from?
    And, why are you so certain that it isn’t “disinfo” influenced by those who do not serve the light. thank you!

    • Because I am utterly perfect and infallible…

      LOL!! 🙂

      Ok, now that I’m done laughing at the absurdity of that joke, the truth is that I could be wrong.

      I have come to this understanding over years of study, introspection, meditation, querying my Higher Self, and putting together divergent puzzle pieces of the hidden history of humanity. I rely on my Higher Self most of all.

      I am always open to information and insight that can help me clarify my understanding, or jettison incorrect information.

      As for ankle-biters, I have had extensive direct experience countering them, and I can discern their energies, tactics and distortions quite easily. I see their fingerprints all over channeled messages, and have for a very long time.

      For more details, see these older blog posts:


      • Kelly

        Thanks Cameron – I will read those older blogs.
        I really do love your work and your youtube clearing videos and the brainwave entrainment. thanks again – this is all so very interesting! sending love and light.

  • Denny

    Thank you Cameron! I am so glad you are utterly infallible or perfectly correct or whatever! For those interested in the entheogen subject check out Martin Ball and James Oroc; the God Molecule is also a good search term. Your podcasts have really enhanced my ability to avoid the “not so good” information and to rely on my own guidance. Your work here is really a blessing.

  • Tom

    Carbon Processing Unit, I love it! Gives new meaning to the term “CPU”!

  • Zsolt

    Are you telling us here that taking LSD is ok? I was always amazed by your meditation, but frankly i cant stop thinking weather that incredible understanding has anything to do with substances what you described in your teaching. I don’t mean any disrespect , but if i misunderstood, please explain it to me.

    • Nope.

      I am saying that for *some* people who already desire to experiment with such substances, or have already been using them, that they should take precautions to ensure the safest possible experience. I want to help them minimize the risks involved, and get something positive from the journey.

      I am also saying that it is NOT necessary to use these substances for spiritual advancement. I do not advocate these substances, but some people do want to use them. The information provided was for those people.

      As for the self-clearing system, it was developed in meditation and sobriety over many years. 🙂

  • jp


    Do you think a pulse frequency offset technology is possible in order to curb, nullify or jam the effects of cell phones, cordless and wireless routers? For example, I’ve been reading up on the 432hz thing, and how possibly music has been hijacked by the A-440 standard. Currently, there’s even a free smartphone app available “432 Player” that detunes your iTunes 8 hz down. Imagine apps or small personal tone generator devices to cancel out the negative tone/freq/pulse aspects of wireless devices. And what about crystals? Where are you on the crystal thing? Might they be a factor in this context?

    I understand and fundamentally agree with doing without these devices as much as possible. But that said, even people living without them are still exposed to tons of human designed RF and various fields no matter what. So now we’re really talking about is degrees of intensity & degrees of proximity. So ultimately it seems like introducing phase and frequency cancellation methods may be a possible alternative trying to abstain or distance from communication devices. The speed of communication flow, and access to information benefits the 3D onramps to ascension in some respects. We just need “Organic, non-GMO, glutan free” wireless equipment, so to speak. Or a way to filter out the fluoride & chlorine in frequencies they way we filter our water, because we certainly can’t give up water either.

    Your thoughts?


    • I think everything is possible. 🙂 The only way to be sure is to use RF and EMF detecting devices to measure before and after emissions. So far, I haven’t seen any mitigation devices that can truly reduce the emissions from these devices. But I’m not actively testing out these devices, either. Here is a guy who does lots of testing, though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICA19oKPi5I

      You might be surprised what a difference you can make by going back to corded land line phones, leaving your cell phone off (especially at night), and turning off your wireless router. There will still be RF fields from outside, but with all the local sources turned off, your home environment is much more relaxing.

      Also, I didn’t mention this in the podcast, but DON’T USE A MICROWAVE OVEN.

  • Cassandra

    Thank you for doing the podcast! I look forward to your next one. Thank you for going into channelers and how to use discernment. I have been dealing with pathological jealousy for quite a few years. If I were rich or had the looks of a supermodel I could understand but I’m not. Also I’m not a jealous person so I don’t understand it. What am I missing to heal this or is this just AK’s in action?? I just don’t get it. Any intuitive input from you or the board is appreciated. Also I’m a nine to fiver and am on the computer all day and need my cell phone for work. For someone like me what can I do about emf??

    • The jealousy could indeed be ABs sending certain people your way. The best thing I can recommend is to do a lot of energy refunding, and reclaiming your energy.

      As for the EMF, if you’re on the computer all day, I would start shifting to using Skype for at least your outgoing calls. Of course, make sure you’re hard-wired to your router, using a corded microphone, etc. Keep the phone at a distance from you as well.

  • free1

    This was great… thank you. Packed full of so much important info!

    Am curious to know where you learned about our real history re our original state before we got messed with. Have heard snippets and similar to what you have discussed here but is there a book or website that covers this in greater detail?

    Many Thanks

    • Answered above, but I came to these ideas through meditation, asking my higher self, querying the history stored in my dna, asking Mother Earth, studying the works of others and picking out what resonated as accurate.

      I still only have a basic outline, but I’m always adding to it. 🙂

  • Anna

    I use a grounding mat at my back when I am on the computer and I use my cell on speaker mostly (and I only talk to 3 people for brief periods of time- I’m no phone person), do you think that this helps at all? I will however also figure out about turning off my wireless router at night. Because my bedroom is feng shui’d 🙂 I don’t have any electronics of any kind in my room and my mattress is on the stone floor. But the microwave. I have always been leery of it! What does it do? Yikes.

  • Cassandra

    I know you don’t trust channelers so are there authors or books you suggest? Are there any channelized you do trust? If I pray who can I pray to? I feel like all there is and god is Impersonal and doesn’t really care because he is just experiencing himself and creating. Who do I pray to if I feel lost or need help…the higher self??

    • me...

      Hello cassendra, this question came even in my mind ! For me the higher self is simply my own surroundings. I just have a walk to nature and animals or to my friends and family. Only you know how to handle it. In-fact before connecting to any higher self, one should be strong enough to make one welcome note, and never get hated by your own-self, just understand it. You know what i get bored by loneliness, but this not means that you are thrown away in someplace, but you are simply given too much time to boredom and thoughts.!! I studied about Christian conscious given by this administrator, but what i felt is, he is not encouraging to stick to it, but realizing Jesus as human but happiest specie, and there are many like him, e.g. Budhha, Allah, so on and the main differenc between them and the fallowers is, they just love everything, they know their own powers, and always fallow joy path. And we are all different, say someone may enjoying in meditation, and someone may be in astral travels, and someone may be in job, and i enjoy in all, but too much of thinking, made me realizing that i simply gone to boredom state, so i stopped to think for more than 1 hour, and making different plans, by learning krav maga, sometimes say shopping and so on. As we are in physical reality, and one must not compromise to one side of path. Doing same routine is too difficult to digest. So there is no wrong to divert ourselves to other works, instead of sticking to higher self, as this may cause anybody to get bored, and finally alone and helpless. So i sometimes help others by engaging myself with them and making different topics to enjoy, if get exhausted, just get stick to laptop. Because if we are balanced, one can make a day to pass more quicker. So watching a bit T.V. or laptop for jokes or entertainment is not bad, if not too much.!! :D. And i am famous as with best sense of humor, as i am introvert person, but my single sentence always make them more joy, and i get felt more happy, i think this is how we describe love. 🙂 and it costs nothing, compared to any other things, cause no one is perfect, not even this blog, but i collect information, and finally i choose only those which gives me more happy and love, that’s it. And everybody have rights to have their own joy of sense without harming or judging others or self.!!! Anyway i like this blog for one point “DO NOT HARM”, and for me “do not get bored”…. ha ha 😀

  • mary

    hi cameron ,, finally able to listen to your wonderful podcast today ,, i have friends waiting for the et’s to come down and “save” us ,, it doesn’t feel right to me ,, so i was glad to get verification from you , , it feels right that i need to stay self-empowered & trust my higher divinity ..
    i was blown away about your remarks about the moon being placed here , , can you comment on whether it is having a negative effect on us still ? it seems so pretty up there & has so many beautiful songs about it ! the effects on the ocean & emotions seems real ,, what can you say more about the moon .. thanks cameron ,,

  • harry hankerson

    I’m currently listening to your podcast, specifically at the point of subliminal coercion. I was moved to pause and express/reflect upon the Zimmerman case. Although I understand and agree with you about the nature of the dark influences, I just can’t wrap my head around how someone (non-law enforcement) could confront an unarmed individual carrying a loaded weapon, proceed to get his ass whipped, then use said weapon (which he had every intention on using in the first place – if not why bring it?) and claim self defense resulting in a not guilty verdict. Are people in Florida smoking some special type of crack? I just can’t imagine that humankind is in such an occluded state of mind. I don’t feel special (I feel rather ordinary actually) and yet everyday I witness or hear of such atrocities to logic and reason that I wonder what/how could I possibly express to my brothers and sisters throughout the world that could even remotely make a dent in the psychic cages they find themselves in as well as what cages are surrounding my psyche of which I am not yet aware. Still I shall endure, but it is most frustrating. Venting is GOOD

  • Jasmine

    Hello Cameron! Thank you for your posts 🙂

    Would you happen to know how I can separate ankle biters and light spirits? Sometimes I have visions were humanoid energies (generally green, blue, yellow and pink ones with a light background) talk to me and support me. Because they appear as more repitilian ones, I got cautious over them even if they appear right. They differ entirely from the gray ones that sometimes I see, as these feel deep, dark and desperate – but I am a bit lost at it. Wouldn’t repitilians feel bad?

    And would you know anything to help headaches and sickness? Often when I go to more deep places with too many people I feel it, and it is starting to annoy me.

    I would love it if you could be as gentle as to give me your opinion. Thank you 😀

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  • anonymous observer

    Hey, Cameron. I’m curious to get your take on the recently-aired “Galactic History” shows by self-purported “Galactic Historian” (edited). Apparently, this guy has a direct line to the Akashic and basically knows EVERYTHING. Much of his info differs from your’s and I’m just wondering if you were aware of him. There have been six shows so far and more to come (there’s another one scheduled for today). They’re doing four shows a week and spilling out so much info, it’s making my head spin. You can find the shows here, starting on July 18/19:


    • anonymous observer

      LOL. Just saw my post came in at 11:11. This happens to me constantly and I assure you it’s completely unintentional! Maybe it’s a sign these shows will be incredibly important to you? I’m just the messenger.

    • Sorry Anon, but I don’t like to get into discussions about what a certain person says, or if I think so-and-so is a valid source of information. That kind of thing can very quickly devolve into “All those sucka MCs ain’t got nothin on me.” 🙂 (for all my non-US readers, I apologize for that idiosyncratic reference)

      I came as close as I prefer to get to that type of thing in the podcast, where I debunked some of the more popular stuff that comes through in channeled messages. In general, if someone or something sounds too good to be true, be careful.

      I will say that it’s nice that at least he isn’t channeling!

  • Cameron, I am just beginning to discover your work, referred by a friend who shared your most recent blog post which I very much appreciated. As I do this podcast. Great analysis of the LOA! Excellent, and quite heartening to discover someone expressing this perspective so clearly.

    I’m just at the point where I am listening to the comments about South Korea and digital dementia and wonder if you can provide a link to that article here in the comments? I have a friend for whom it might be quite useful info. I’ll google it but thought I’d go ahead and ask.

    Thanks very much! (Back to listening….)

  • Hi Cameron,
    So many thanks for your work.I just listened to this podcast and was grateful that you exploded the myth that we just have to heal and get out of here.Frankly it is so much more gratifying an idea to engage in taking our planet back.
    There is some rather deceptive material out there at the moment that ,while fully agreeing with the “false light” idea,sugests that ,because the planet is a hologram,that once awakened we will simply depart because it is a false reality.I would be most grateful for your comments on that!!

  • Sleazkey

    Hi Cameron

    Impressive, certainly, but I am curious as to how you interpret the work done by Micheal Newton (‘Journey of Souls’, etc). Were his hundreds of regressed patients deluded?

  • K.W.

    Just curious, what do you think of Kryon? Legit or false prophet?

  • Glenn Brown

    I have such appreciation for this broadcast, particularly the tail-end where you talk about the traps and pitfalls of the guru thing. What a colossal hole to hell that is — for the guru and the student. And that hierarchy thing… yeah. Bad news. No one wins with that one. I got caught in that one myself: set up a school in 2000 that ran for a decade, with great efficacy until all the egos started coming. And I was crucified for insisting on being what I am: an ordinary dude with some information and abilities to share. People wanted the typical swami guru sitting lotus on the pillow speaking in soft tones and saying feel-good things with Tibetan bells in the background — and that just isn’t me at all. I expected folks to come and do their work and then go home and let me have my life. And it morphed into something way, way different than what I intended. Everything you describe happened, Cameron: the hierarchy started forming in spite of my best efforts with “first level” students, then the false worship thing comes in to just skew to hell the teacher’s perspectives (because suddenly agendas start showing up, and ego, and opportunism, and power games — and the false flattery is the most deadly — and it becomes harder and harder to know what is trustworthy, and then you lose your objectivity altogether, and it all crashes and burns). I just wanted to help people feel better and find their power, and I HATED that people wanted to make it about me. I finally just closed the doors because it became such a circus, and I had to go inside for a few years to find my own balance again in the aftermath. I’m so glad you’re smart enough not to get caught in that, because your accessibility and realness is what, in my opinion, makes you good at what you do (along with the effective data, of course). Such and important message you’ve shared with your listeners. We have to be our own teachers, in the end.