Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker

No, I haven’t turned to the dark-side, but rather I am transcending sides.  This article is probably the most important piece I have written to date, and in order to convey the full message, a bit of back-story is necessary. Hang in there with me, and by the end you will understand why I will never call myself a “lightworker” again.

Planet Earth and much of our corner of the universe has been under a spell for a very long time, a spell which casts doubt within our minds about whether or not we are connected with the Infinite Source of all creation. The spell causes us to feel alone, vulnerable and isolated – cast out from the Heavenly Realms into a cruel, dog-eat-dog world.  This spell is pure fiction, a deception of the highest order, but it has taken hold deeply on this and other worlds.

Intrinsic within this holographic spell is the notion that duality and polarity are natural aspects of life, and that we must serve one side of duality or the other. This elegantly simple binary imprint has become so prominent that we have lost sight of the larger holographic spell that spawned it.  Indeed, we have lost sight of the hologram all together, and come to believe that it is the sum total of reality.

Humans have been conditioned to worship the holographic deception and the agents that perpetuate it.  This hologram has been called Maya by the Hindus, and the Gnostics referred to it as the Corrupt Demiurge. I find this term a highly accurate description, and from the point forward I will refer to it as the corrupt demiurge.

Dark vs (False) Light – Duality of the Demiurge

In order to capture and control the widest possible spectrum of souls, the corrupt demiurge split its agents into two seemingly opposing teams:  Dark vs (false) Light.

Not everyone can be a saint, so there must be room for sinners within the demiurge, as long as everyone involved is under its spell.  What matters most to the demiurge is that we worship it or one of its agents, regardless if they are on the light team or the dark team.

There are many names of the players within this cosmic, multi-dimensional drama that you will have no doubt heard of such as:  Lucifer, Jehova, Beelzebub, Arch Angel Michael, Satan (different dude than Lucifer), Ashtar, dozens of Arch(on) angels, supposedly ascended “masters” and various other channeled entities.

While some of these beings play for team dark, and some play for team (false) light, they are ALL ultimately playing for the corrupt demiurge that controls them. This, in essence, is the big secret of the archons:  They are not just the “evil, demonic beings” but also those who pretend to be angels and ascended masters..

What is the Point of All This Control?

The corrupt demiurge is an entropic system of artificially-induced separation consciousness that is slowly dying, and it depends on harvesting the energy from the souls incarnated within its system in order to preserve its existence. In order to harvest the largest amount of soul energy possible, it created the dark-light duality paradigm to ensure that every being incarnated on a world that is under its spell would serve as a “soul battery” to help keep the demiurge energized.  The “good” souls would seek out the (false) light team, and the “bad” souls would seek out the dark team, but unknown to most of those souls, they are all serving the same system.

In order to keep the duality game interesting for its participants, the demiurge set up densities of existence that “initiates” on the dark and light paths could ascend through.  This gives the beings moving through these densities a feeling of accomplishment, when in fact they are navigating through a labyrinth of demiurgic illusion. The players at the higher levels of the hierarchies know that they are in a self-serving system, but they are fine with the deal, because they get to wield power and receive the energy of worship from beings further down the ladder.

What About the “Spiritual Hierarchy?”

Most channeled beings will claim to be affiliated with the (false) light-based “Spiritual Hierarchy” which includes “arch angels,” “ascended masters” and “positive ETs.”  These channeled messages are a dime-a-thousand, and more keep pouring out every day.  The dirty little secret is that these beings are beholden to the corrupt demiurge, and are waging a psychological battle on people that don’t want to be associated with any formal religious structure.

In other words, the “new age” is a multidmeinsional psychological operation designed to channel the soul energy of the “believers” of these teachings up to the “ascended” teachers.

Another one of their secrets is that most of the so-called “ascended masters” in their “hierarchy” never had a human incarnation.  These are incredibly deceptive beings that are playing a game in order to garner the energy of worship. In the real universe of non-deception, nobody would worship them, but in the illusory “sub-universe” of the corrupt demiurge, they are able to trick good-hearted people into pouring energies of love, devotion and praise into them.

As for the “arch(on) angels” they are in more or less the same category.  They are not aligned with the Infinite Source of all creation, but rather they serve a lesser being posing as the creator: the corrupt demiurge. Therefore they are not what I would call angels at all.

In honor of the truly deceptive nature of these beings, I have given them a new, more accurate title:  The Spiritual Liar-archy.  🙂

The Dark Side Makes the False Light Look Good

The two teams have to play their parts convincingly, and the dark team has really embraced their role as villainous scum ready to kill, rape, torture and do any sort of depraved thing that they can get away with.

The dark side is designed to be incredibly repugnant so that the majority of “good souls” will run to the other end of polarity, right into the “loving” embrace of one of the false light’s patriarchal religions, or to their new age religion with its legion of channels and “masters.”

Earth has been a difficult planet for the corrupt demiurge to fully control.  Human beings were once very aware of their connection to Infinite Source and all of life, and that awareness has been maintained by spiritual individuals throughout the entire reign of darkness on this planet. Because this awareness could not be “beaten out of us” by the dark forces, a plan was formed to co-opt the spiritual nature of human beings.

First, patriarchal religions were formed and imposed on as many people of the world as possible.  Anyone who didn’t adhere to one of the major religions was an outcast for much of history, until the last century when the “Theosophist movement” was born, which set the foundation for the “new age movement” to emerge in the 50s, 60s and 70s. The new age movement has continued to gain momentum as it has attracted many of the people who turned away from the hypocrisy of patriarchal religion.

The corrupt demiurge seems to have an “easy answer” for any of the inner turmoil that humans experience.  If religion doesn’t serve to appease an individual, then the new age will do just fine.  It’s all the same to the demiurge, as long as we “pick a side” that it controls.  This is why we need to transcend sides all together.

Channelers Are Being Deceived

I wrote an article back in 2011 about some of the problems with channeled messages, which you can find here for more background information.  If religion can be said to be “the opiate of the masses” then channeled messages would be the “HOPIUM of the disgruntled minority.” Every channeled message that comes from the spiritual liar-archy is essentially the same when you strip away the fluffy talk and story-line that is being used to couch the message.

Here is every modern channeled message, condensed into a few lines:

Dear ones, you are greatly beloved by all of us in the spiritual (liar)archy. We long to reunite with you, for we are your long-lost family.  Stay strong and hold onto your light, because we will make our presence known to you soon. Keep waiting (and suffering) and hoping for us to come and rescue you from your situation.  When we arrive, we will build a golden (c)age for you on earth.”

I used to think that this nauseating disinformation coming from “Archon Angel Michael,” “Saint Germain” etc was the result of dark-side interference taking over the channels without their awareness. What I didn’t understand back when I wrote “Who’s Really on This Channel” is that transmissions from “truly positive beings” weren’t being intercepted and corrupted by the dark side, but rather the messages were coming from “false light” beings of the spiritual liar-archy.

“Light Workers” Are Being Thoroughly Used

Back in 1998 when I first got into the energy clearing genre, I had never heard the term “lightworker” even though it had already been coined.  It first heard it some time in the early 2000s, and it sounded weird to me at the time.  Now I understand why:  because the “light” that the spiritual liar-archy is trying to get us to work for is the FALSE light of demiurgic duality!

You see, there is a massive effort underway by beings that I now call “Divine Agents” to completely obliterate the corrupt demiurge. When that happens, all of the beings who have gained power through the demiurge will lose that stolen power and will have to face up to the deceptions that they have been propagating.  None of them want that to happen, so in their cleverness they devised a brilliant plan to undermine the entire effort.

The plan was simple:  Approach all incarnated Divine Agents, usually in a dream state but sometimes during an “ET abduction” scenario, and tell them that in order to fulfill their mission, they need to “work for the (false) light” and take orders from the spiritual liar-archy.

This plan worked AMAZINGLY well, largely because Divine Agents have had a hard time living on Earth.  Societies here are badly warped, spirituality is twisted and abused, the vibrational density is heavy, our memories are mostly wiped, and we generally would rather NOT be here.  So any being that emanated light (even false light) and love could make a Divine Agent feel like they were making valid contact with truly divine beings.

I still remember my own recruitment by the false light that occurred when I was 6 years old in an extremely vivid dream-time experience.  They had me convinced that I was fulfilling my mission as a Divine Agent by working for them.  I think they always knew I would figure them out, although it took a very, very long time.

Ever Wake Up More Tired Than When You Went To Sleep?

Many Divine Agents who were recruited as light-workers report that they wake up more tired than when they went to bed, and their “dreams” were full of battles.  During these “dream missions” the spiritual liar-archy squeezes those they control of as much energy as they can. You may wake up with memories of having gone on missions to battle the dark, but the end result is that your body, mind and soul are depleted of energy which was harvested by the (false) light beings.

A few months ago I revoked ALL agreements made with any and all beings that did not have my best interests in mind, no matter WHO the beings were or claimed to be. It sounds like such a simple thing, but somehow I had overlooked it.  During the process, I felt resistance from beings who were claiming to be positive, but I stood strong and told them that I refuse to be manipulated into giving energy to the demiurge.

This has given me the distinct privilege of being targeted by both the dark team (ankle biters) and the (false) light team (spiritual liar-archy).  The (false) light team does indeed engage in psychic warfare, just in different, more subtle ways than their “dark” brethren. Deflecting these attacks has been worth it because I know that I am more aligned with my true mission to put an end to the demiurge without being side-tracked into duality battles.

It is also very nice knowing I am going to get a good night’s sleep when I go to bed because I am not going to be pulled into any ridiculous “missions to battle the dark” that the (false) light beings are so fond of setting up for their “light workers.”  (That phrase actually creeps me out now that I know its true origins…)

What Was That About a Golden (C)age?

The false light beings working for the corrupt demiurge want to maintain their control over the human race.  Our soul energy and agreements to live in our current cage empowers the demiurge and the beings that serve it, and they are not going to give that energy up easily.

We are, at this very moment, in a struggle for our freedom.  The spiritual liar-archy wants to move us from our current, extremely uncomfortable cage into a slightly more expansive state of existence, but one that they are firmly in control of.

One metaphor to describe our current situation is that we are like a flock of chickens pent up inside a tiny, dark, smelly chicken coop.  Those that have been farming us are preparing to let us out of the coop, and into a larger fenced-in area where we will be able to feel a little more free, but still within their control. This is the “farmer’s” way of ensuring that they can continue to feed off of our energies, while making us feel that we are free, thanks to the kindness of our captors.

The “spiritual” liar-archy does not want us to grow on our own to a place of self-empowerment that will allow us to simply walk away from their entire control system. This is why the channeled messages subtly disempower people, while pretending to actually offer them an empowering solution.  As long as we are sitting and waiting for “the good guys” to come and save us, we will not be able to discern who truly has our best interests at heart, nor will we be able to actually fix our own problems for ourselves.

Solutions for the Duality Afflicted

So how does a person get out of this duality paradigm?  The first step is to engage the Self-Clearing System protocols and revoke all agreements that you have made with any beings that don’t have your best interests in mind. Next, revoke all agreements to see reality in polarized terms.  Every time you revoke agreements, be sure to reclaim your energy that had gone into them. Then affirm your commitment to transcend the control paradigms of the corrupt demiurge without being side-tracked by pointless polarity battles.

I also recommend a brief daily practice of revoking all agreements to experience hardship, limitation, bad relationships, health problems, financial problems, family dysfunctions, and anything else in your life that is energy-draining. The number and quantity of agreements that we have unconsciously taken on within this false reality matrix are truly astounding.  When you pay attention to the subtle and blatant agreements that point to the invisible bars of your prison, you will indeed find that there is no shortage of agreements to be revoked.

After you have engaged this process, you may notice less “contact” from the false light beings, and you might feel a little lonely until you get used to the changes.  This is a very good time to strengthen your connection to your own Higher Self, the core of Earth and the Galactic core. As you adjust, you may notice better sleep and a sense that you can see through deceptions disguised with positivity more easily.

If you do get contact from a being, you can tell it that you are only willing to communicate with beings who have transcended duality and are outside of the corrupt demiurge.  Put any being trying to contact you to the test.  Question them point-blank:  “Are you part of the demiurge?” The beings of True Divine Light who exist outside of the demiurge, in the Real Universe will happily answer your questions.  Just be aware that they don’t speak in language the same way that we do, as they communicate with what I call “soul telepathy.”

Type of Communication Is a Major Indicator

The Forces of True Divine Light that exist outside of the corrupt demiurge are not bound by the left-brain right-brain dynamics and dark-light polarities that define the demiurgic sub-universe.  This means that they do NOT sound like a voice in your head! Instead, they use “soul telepathy” to emanate feelings, archetypal expressions, and an extremely pure quality of light that speaks directly to your soul.

The difference between a being of True Divine Light and one of the false light spiritual liar-archy beings is that the former’s light is warm, enveloping, pure and unconditionally loving, whereas the latter’s light is cool, piercing in an uncomfortable way, dominant and often overly-masculine. The spiritual liar-archy is a male-dominated group, and even the females within their power structure have a very masculine energy.  This male-domination is, of course, why the religious structures the liar-archy enabled all have a domineering male god, and no mention of an all-encompassing, feminine creator.

Another major difference between false light beings within the demiurge and beings of True Divine Light who are aligned with Infinite Source is that the Divine Light is not controlling, manipulative, bossy or judgmental in any way. Infinite Source will NOT impose an agenda upon you, although it will support you in your chosen mission to help dismantle the corrupt demiurge.  You won’t be given “marching orders” by Infinite Source or beings of True Divine Light who operate outside of the demiurge.  They won’t send you on endless, energy-draining missions in your dream-time, and they won’t ask you to do something that will result in loss of your soul energy, unlike the imposters in the false-light spiritual liar-archy.

The beings of True Divine Light are supportive, loving, nurturing, and they care about you as an individual.  You are not just a cog in a machine to them, for they understand that you are a vitally important aspect of an intricately interconnected creation. They have the utmost respect for those of us who volunteered to incarnate into the “beast system” of the corrupt demiurge in order to help dismantle it from the inside.  Indeed, there must be Divine Agents working both from within and outside of the corrupt demiurge in order to dismantle it.

Discernment is Vital

I will be writing more on this topic and its many implications.  In the mean time, I urge you to drastically increase skepticism and fine-tune your discernment.  Apply your intuition and logic to information that you receive, and ask yourself “what is the agenda here?” There is indeed a very large, multi-dimensional “conspiracy” at work on this planet, and it draws power from us by pushing us into one spectrum of polarity or another.  Anyone urging you to “choose a side” simply hasn’t woken up to the fact that both sides are two halves of the same coin that is controlled by the corrupt demiurge.

I urge you to discuss these ideas with those close to you and look for ways that you may have been manipulated by the false light in the past.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of – the false light beings are amazingly skilled liars and manipulators.

Most of you reading this have already chosen to be a Divine Agent and incarnate for the purpose of dismantling the demiurgic control system.  You have already made your choice, and now you need to carry out your individual mission.  In order to do that, it is vitally important to sever all ties with the false-light “spiritual” liar-archy, take some time to regain energy and strength if necessary, and ask your Divine Inner Self to reveal to you what it is that you specifically need to do.

Stand strong in the true light of your Divine Inner Self and Infinite Source.

Much Love,
Cameron Day


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  • Yay!!! Thank you, Cameron. I’ve been waiting for people to catch this. I”ve spoken about it, but only a few listened. Thank you. 🙂 Explains why i was held and tortured last night. damn. I’ve been in a quandary about a lot of my ‘outings” and you answered that for me.

    • I have Experienced this personally at a local Holistic center designed by people who are tired of mainstream religion. The concept looked amazing on paper..but dark side makes the false seem like good.The false light looks like a pure white veil. The lightworkers are being throughly used!!The leaders and those vying for position there were emersed in drama constantly and we made many stargates in an effort to anchor love and light to help the alliances come in and help.However, they are using the highly lit ones for their own benefit and pitting lighted ones againsts each other. It’s quite diabolical and cult-like…but how to combat this without anger is my question.

      • Paola

        Know yourself. That which wants to create opposition is defeated when finds acceptance. Like kung fu movements, when a force strikes with intention of destroying, don´t build a wall for it to hit, embrace the force, flow with it without letting yourself get carried by it, and control it yourself.
        There is no good or bad.
        You don´t need anyone else to be yourself, you don´t need anyone else to feel good or bad, our mind creates the paradigm of good and bad inside us.
        Don´t judge, observe. Not only others, but yourself. If you fall, is not bad; if you feel like screaming, dont repress it to “be good”, if you act kindly do it honestly and without desire of the fruit of your kind acts.

        It is simple yet difficult. A hug!

        • Eugenious

          Very well put!!

        • This was very well said…. Thank you! Pure Joy , Love & Hug
          Also, connect with Nature and Beauty to lift up and feel your Divine Inner-Self.

        • Genflight

          Excellent! Thank you!

        • Leoflare


        • Alex

          As about what I said about numerology and astrology, you will understand them better in “The Birth Bump-Being born in the wrong family”-people who are born in the wrong family(I think I should include myself on the list) usually NEVER EVER have any numerologic&/astrologic compatibilities with their family, families, and even neighbours, tecahears, employers, etc.(yes, disfunctionalities go that far-ask Cameron if you don’t believe me-disfunctional family weakens your discernment, literally, and you end up making the wrong choices over and over again, even after cutting connections with the family).

          So NEVER forget to use numerology and astrology!

          And congratulations to Cameron for writing such articles wich enlighten the path even for confused lightworkers!


          • MareEl

            Well then isn’t this post still a belief in good and bad?? Why not just state the truth that you can just ascend the duality of good and bad thoughts. Truth is stating the obvious and judgement is making something good or bad, right or wrong. If you need me to explain the difference Cameron please send me am email. I would be happy to let my guide, Lord Kuthumi explain. Bless

            • Alex

              No, not exactly good vs bad, not in the classical meaning, not in the dark vs false light meaning, etc., because here we are allready balancing compassion and wisdom(just like in 5th density).

              Note that I said “balancing”, not compassion vs wisdom(wich would just be duality).

              So no, it’s not a belief in good and bad, maybe in a relative good and bad for each individual, but that is no longer good vs bad, as the “bad” notion allready becomes unnecessary, in other words, unwanted.

              It’s just a belief in GOOD.

              Also, note that in “good vs bad”(duality), there is the illussion that there must be a balance between the two, when in fact, the second one(the bad) is just ballast, is unnecessarry, and pulling you down.

              The illussion is created by malevolent forces(yes, I know, it sounds like good vs bad again), but those malevolent forces(at least some of them) chose to be ineducable, and they innitially knew(theoretically) the risks of getting to have very “bad”(meaning unwanted) karma.

              But now, that I understand they deturnated the wheel of karma, I understand why those entities don’t care about karma-they never forgot it, they (theoretically) just think they can keep controlling it.

              Practically, there is the possibility that a Divine Light is testing humanity to see how can they evolve despite the obstacles.

              Then, again, this means no more good vs bad, as the barbell is not the enemy of a bodybuilder, but it’s tool.

              Probably the True Divine Light allowed the ankle bitters to be naive enough to think they can deturnate the wheel of karma, maybe as a lesson for them to know what happens when they mess up with the laws of nature, and as a lesson for us, to show us just how powerfull we really are(at least on a spiritual level).

              Their technology does not necessary mean power, but rather imbalance, just like pollution is not power, but destruction.

              There is no need to consider them(the ankle bitters) superior to us due to their technology.

              True Divine Light is transmuting evil, is transforming it into a dumbbell wich shows the Glory of the Divine.

              In other words, the “bad” notion just fades naturally.

              What we still perceive as bad is just the fact that we are away from our spiritual family&home-“Fear is just the absence of love”.
              This is why we are still trapped in “duality”(in the illussion/perception of duality, wich often times leades us to mistakes, just as a driver is led into error by the lack of traffic lights).

              Now you see why there is no longer a belief in the good and bad?

              Because things are changing, the “bad” itself changing/fading at a faster rate then ever before.

              The “bad” will ultimately turn into a dumbbell, for each of us, adapted to every individual’s actual power.

              The problem is that in the past, that dumbbell was literaly millions/billions of times heavier then allowed.


              Because we didn’t learn the lesson of team work.


              • Alex

                In other words, team work=spiritual family=love.
                Everything else is unnecessary.

                But of course, in the 3-rd density, we have “everything else” instead of having:

                “Team work=Spiritual Family=Love”.

                Only this way all the 8 billion people on Planet Earth will ever cooperate.

                And for that, we need to be ourselves, and to be rid of any useless tensions, wich is exactly where the spiritual family helps, when you find them, of course.

                Till then, we have “good vs bad”(3rd density).
                I hope my words could serve as a wake up call for everybody who believes this world is far better than we know it(and you know it!).


              • Alex

                Another reason why negativity(bad) is no longer needed:

                Diversity is better than a uniform conventional(and implicitly artificial and unintegrated in nature) world.

                Diversity just belongs to nature, most likely be that on Earth, be that on other planets(even the multitude of planets, galaxies, nebulae and the differences among them all point out to the importance of diversity), and if it’s natural(and most likely, again, older than the Liarchy Kingdom), then diversity is only good, both on the moment and in time as well.

                I couldn’t say the same about the boring conventionality, so even if somebody says we need evil to see the good, I completely disagree this sadic concept.

                At worst, we use evil to practice not falling into traps.

                (And as you probably guessed, I still don’t understand why would the Divine Inner Light train us that well for not falling into traps, but an answer would be that the Divine Inner Light might himself/herself be part of something greatear, or live in a world we cannot even conceive-that would explain why we have to train for the unpredictable, and why the ankle bitters thought us(likely with bad selvish intend) that there is nothing/nobody else above the top of the piramyd.).


              • DailyObserver

                Thank You, Cameron. And thank you Alex. The barbell concept is really very enlightening!

        • formless_wonder

          ..Thank You!

        • kw

          Perfect. (I do taiji) 🙂
          There is no good or bad, only our egos getting ‘hurt’ by loss or pain, but it is all part of the Universe. A lion killing a gazelle seems ‘bad’ to us because we feel the pain of the gazelle, but do we feel the satisfaction of bringing home a huge meal to our cubs and surviving a little longer, as the lion does? The Universe continues in cycles of life/death, etc. We can look to Taoism for more thoughts on duality and “good/bad”.
          And, as the kungfu person above says, when something comes at us that we don’t want (bad), take it in and redirect it away from you or to somewhere useful.

      • Indraneel Sen

        Don’t combat. This is figment of imagination. They are fed by our energy through giving them importance.

      • Alex

        Basically, numerology and astrology(yes, they might be older then the “liarchy”-because they are a natural order wich begins to occur everywhere and explain the physical shapes of living beings as well-I think it’s safe to trust most numerology&/astrology sites, BUT only with the condition that you understand that numerology and astrology only show the place of each living being inside The Source(not the corupt demiurge)-if you understand that for everybody there’s a place on this planet, that everybody must find his/her true spiritual family, then you give up your disfunctional relationships-and that would solve about 75-99% of your problems, believe it or not, because by understanding that, for example, you do NOT fight against people with whom you have dysfunctional relationships, but literally leave them, and find your own spiritual family (with whom you naturaly resonate with), and your ex partners, family, etc., finds their own way back to the light, to the people they resonate with.Corupt demiurge=MESS is just a very persistent illussion.
        If you understand that everybody’s got a key role in the system(and I do not mean in the Matrix, but in the Source), then OF COURSE WE ARE ALL ONE and anger only gets us more and more karma.

        Anytime you have an enemy, and you can avoid that enemy, don’t feel regrets for not attacking him/her, just remember:

        Maybe (s)he never fell in love, nor find his/her passion, because people who really fall in love DO HAVE the tendency to see the good in everybody and in everything-and no, theese people are not manipulable(when in love), but rather in respect for the laws of nature, wich show balance.

        This is how you avoid duality.

        Take an exercise:
        Check out “love calculator” on google-they say it’s good to compute affective relationships between a man and a woman, but I can tell you from my experience of many years that it shows you how much you can trust somebody, be that male or female! Take the love-hate calculator on google, see the report between hate and love, and wherever you get over 75% love, you must trust that person as long as (s)he dowesn’t change the name(marriage name change, to me, it’s just another deception of the corupt demiurge to create more mess-I think names shoul NEVER EVER be changed, not even for marriage-it only makes further mess in the relationships, as during marriage years, a woman will always be a different person then before(and it’s only because of the name, no matter if numerologists insist that marriage name does not change anything-well, the truth is: the numerologers aren’t sure either).

        I personnally think that the evolution of languages affects relationships by affecting numerologic patterns.

        Unfortunately, too many people are unaware of what I am trying to transmit and never took the time to check the validity of numerology and astrology, wich are, btw, quite dynamic-the 13th sign of zodiac will affect both numerological and astrological patterns, and as the corupt demiurge wanted us not to trust numerology and astrology, for instance, we didn’t study them, and now, we are likely to never understand the changes yet to come, especially in relationships.

        And don’t fall into the trap of trusting psychologists and counselors more then numerology and astrology.

        1.It’s not easy to break free from dysfunctional relationships, but the real new age implies the end of manipulation.
        You are not alone in your quest.
        Use numerology and astrology to your highest good.

        2.Yes, there is, most likely, corruption in numerology and astrology as well, and the internet definetely belongs yet to the corupt demiurge, but experiment a lot, be skeptic with people who force you to harm others(meaning let your inner guide lead you away from them), and out of what you experiment, keep only the knowledge that never deceptioned you-in my case, numerology and astrology always tell me who my true friends are, now matter what society, family, employers, etc. want me to think&feel.

        Love and light!

        PS:When you know your friends, you are not forced to live with your enemies-let them find their own way-it’s nature’s course and it’s the answer to your question, how not to get angry(ever).


    • Cas

      Yes thank you. I am a student of the “New Message from God”, which confirms the cautiousness of your approach here and provides a revelation from the Creator to guide humanity into the challenging times ahead. If you get a chance, read this New Message at: newmessage.org

      • Dynamis

        You missed the point Cas! There is NO god! Not an old one neither a new one! Wake up and keep away from wrong messages.

        • Guilan

          I’m not sure that is the point. God is a word. You can use it, just dont get polarized by the termDoes unity exist ? Does God exist ? Is the corrupt demiurge part of God or part of Unity ? Those are all question and concepts that can take us away from the important point if we give too much importance over tha answer that says yes or the answer that says no. Again, 2 aspects of the same coin. It seems like you might have missed the point also, if i am correct, or maybe we just express ourselves in a different ways, but this may be the case for Cas and you also. God or no God ? That is not the important question, it still is a dual perspective. Wheter you choose to acknowledge a God or Not, is not the point, you are connected with INfinity and can create your own bridge with the True Source of Life and Cosciousness and INtegral Awareness. That you choose to use the term God in your expression of your universal intelligent self or not, is all up to you, the creative connected unity. It doesnt make you more attuned to truth than another, as long you dont make it a better side to be on than some one else’s way of being and understanding. I can agree with someone who’s thought is that there is no God, and I can agree with someone who’s thought is that there is one, if that one is emanating from the heart, I will feel the true attunement to His heart-truth and understand him beyond my own mental formulas as a soul part of the same unity as I am, but with a beutiful different expression.

          • alekha

            hey Guilan, i understood your point very much. I am glad to see this blog and the people who are speaking here. Same time i just got a little excite to speak to all of you in short and precised manner that is, as no one till now gave any proof or evidence of so and so specie created our Earth and universe and dimensions,,so on… This incomplete proof proved itself as those who are completely at dark side or false white side are actually on slavery side, which is very much visible to true self-beings who are in neutral positions, means at perfect position. Just think of a wave and line in which line is free and efficient as self… this is how we experience our own infinity of journey to infinity, rather than peak or fall which is having no life beyond that.!!
            “Are you part of the creator???” …… this is an interesting question given in this blog, And i will consider the Demure or creator as self infinity to infinity. And there is an indirect proof what my mind sensed as, one can extract energy and heat from zero point gravity (vacuum space), where only atoms or electrons will move but not dust or any unnecessary particles. And humans have right of freedom as ourselves as electrons, but not the dust of sin or any blessings.!!

      • RCR

        Thanks Cas for the “New Message from God” I really wanted to dismiss the site as just another Cult or another Guru. However, after listening to a couple audios and reading a couple messages, the information resonates within. Humanity seriously need guidance, especially now during the Shift of Consciousness. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone would realize and act as if “we are all one”!

    • cindi

      6yrs ago Ashtar entered my life claiming to be my twin flame…WORST EXPERIENCE EVERRR.

      • My whole life has been a, in polarized aspect, living hell, or in a spirituall way of thinking, an extremely all-loving experience of making a woman very wise, all-knowing in a sence, warm, forgiving, open and trusting, like one poetsed here about kung fu, not resisting and putting up a wall, but embracing the force and flowing with it, like a flowed through my childhood filled with much violence and screaming and a sence of the whole span of Petterssons being disconnected, I held myself neutral and protected sword of early never tp become that way because i have always known better, i proctedted my mother and stood strong acting as a psycologist from the time i knew how to speak properly, even before that beause i had a hard time pronouncing words as a child, like s and such.. at the age of 12 i developed cronhs desease and was in periods extremely ill, going to the toilet maybe 15-20 times in a day and loosing blood and turtrtion becoming very week and lost the will to live in some moments, but held strong, as i am Taurus and Tau stands strong, as my Mother Tau who is now dead my her soul rest in peace and divine light as i know she has a important position on the other side and the role of being born as my mother, died in 2010 13 days after christmas, since i was being held by a man called dragon666, a man deeply ill in a major psycosis, i stayed because his son who just had moved to him then because hes mother threathen to put him in a home, was very wounded and needed a mother 112 emergency state, i stayed for him he was my strenght and the dragon sucked myu life energy ever so slowly.. for 8 long years i was with him, i was raised a christian but wasent allowed to beleive while being with him, i couldnt even cuestion it, it was a very delicate matter sooo i put my beleife on the shelf, well never removed bur kept neutral, didnt talk about it.. and got sicker and sicked, he tricked me into becoming as we were a company selling stuff, tricked me into having it all on my account, tricked me to start with drugs i was sworn not to take drugs or alcohol, then after 5 years i wanted to leave since i was sick of him not wanting to raise his son affter such a long time, then he used beautiful words saying he loved me higher then his own son making it sound good and tricked and sceemed and raised the question of living alone in a large house, and his son moved away and helll statrted for him, i battles trying to get his son to come to us since he moved and we moved further down the country so he was several hours away from us.. it was very difficult times and my bf showed very neutral feelings towards the whole situation as he always did, he didnt love him, or me, he just had me baecause, like his comjputers were the hottest deals and he profited from it, me and the computers, he always said that if someone came and tiij his computer away then he would die..and i beleived him and honoured that, worked my ass of so that he xould buy the latest things and we owbed 6 cars in that time, then we went to ozora festival in late 2010 and i was deeply in a psycosis state after it, seeing evil rabbits, bleeding heavely from my stomach, loss os seretonine, not taking care of myself, realising my best friend was my enemy, and destroyed by too much partying and never really accepting my mother was dead and mouwning, since i was convinsed not to gpo to her funeral up north but stay home and taking drugs instead, making my acceptting of her parting much much harder… i was in hostpital 8 times after eachother 3 weeks each time, and home for not muhch longer then a month each time, and before that i develope epeleptic seasurces, the doctors think its because of the drugs, since im open with having used when i get there, later they staple me as an Addict, only commited to using two times, and its hell for me, i get medecine for my anxciety and i become a waterfall of truth telling everyone about my hardship of life and getting so much help and love and i start to resist, talking back to my bf, so he ells everybody im sick because of my medecines, like a sideaffect, while he sarts stealing my medecines.. i pray a prayer in 2012 that someone better come and save me drag my sorry as from my house since i cant do it alone, ofcourse we have been isolated all this time since i was the only one who he could show his truel self to, and since no one would beleive me if i told anyone about him, since he was sooo extremely good at talking..oh the best he could sell dust to a cleaning lady and she would purschase it at a very large cost too.. i learned from him to become the best wife altho not engaged for real, thnk the gods, friend, psyculogist, merchant, cook, daycare center girl, callgirl, drugstore, coach.. well i nwas his world and he was mine and we were scared of the world and he thought it was perfect and the longer we were together the more obsessed he became..

        i was then saved the same year by a person a refer to as archangel michael since a card fell in my lapp that told me that, and he is in every aspect as a archangel, very smart, very warm, very challanged, very angel like almost invisible in skin tone, look like 600 years, he at one point admitted he was, knew everything there was to know about plants, animals, healing. had saved alot of girls from very evil men but this, i was his hardest task and he at times had thougt he might not make it.. but he did..

        he came to the hospital my first visitor ever except my boyfriend who rarely showed, he sat at the floor holding my hand, angel state, didnt leave my side for days because i was so chocked by my realization i had to leave and his experiences with a sick father, so he forwarded his knowlidge to me, gently making me realize i simple couldnt go on like that, offering me a place to stay at his mothers and his place, and his mother called me up and gently asked me to come live with them, i became like a daughter to her and we share a deep true connection..lived there for 8 month.. see the 8 is always there? 🙂 then i moved on march the 18th to a man who was my bfs friend, so we were secret about it, i tried to heal him but it didnt work out, so i went on sort of a walkabout in 8 weeks around, traveling seeing norway and get in love, meeting a reiki master, who makes me realize ive been initiated years ago by my hals big sister, tried it and i get a very powerful sensation.. i through reike have expereinced myself and my deep uinner strenght living through different stated of whell,living like fairytales, since i beleibve all tales are true in some aspects, have a greater divine truth that shines thru, like the bible, torah, koran.. every religion has somne core beleifes that connects them and thats my purpose my life meaning, to connect the world into a wholeness not polarity state one world state.. and u need your help guys..

        ive started today Ama Deus *gods breat* meditation thru course, my first one since ive been doing my own version of kundalini reiki for month, but thoguth it would be good with some inspiration since its culminated now, ive been in the hostpital for around 6 weeks totaly, removing my large intestence because i wanted the war to end, did it a cpl weeks ago and have a bag in my stomach, the hospital i was at before my surgery was the best ever, listened to me like a was the doctor and i am, i know myself and my body best, every hospital should follow their ways and they would be very trustworthy and have ppls faith, sahlgrenska in gothenberg you have a big trust in my heart may you prosper and glow forever!

        then i was moved to east hospital were it wasent as good it was harder, the nurses i got was good tho and at the end i had the best night nurce ever, the doctor tho reflected my old doctors at ther first hostpital proclaiming to know whats best and drastcally decreasign removing pain medecine so i experience pain all the time and almost being a bed case have too much pain to miove and i love to excercise and walk, its like he gets off making me having paints and asking for pills like im an addict, i beleive he has read my files and a beleiver of me being addicted to pills, and my thought were confirmed now when the night nurse on my new place, a mansion im staying at to heal since i have no place to stay.. i lived with the devils son for a month like i call him, belsebub himself, but got kicked out because he was well a devil, and we lived neighbours with a dwarf and his two angry parents, why they were so angry i didnt get the chanse to figure out, bu they spied on us for fun and the ppl we rent the house from went into our house going thru our stuff.. then kicked us out, and i got sick from the house not being isolated.. so ill i had to remove my stomach… i should prob make a case out of it, and other stuyff i havent had the strenght to do, go to court for the first hostital psycing me out making me very sick mentaly and fusically..

        this home im at, its called Arlids or something, a mansion for Aces.. its like im in heaven and we are in heaven ive felt it for month, and this is eden.. i live with other patients and im the youngest, but itd more like a small countryside hotel, werr you get food medecine, therapi by getting to do fun stuff like paint, mold clay, cement making art, music, pictures from places, therapy, i have like a personal assistant who i opened my heart to and she told me to proclaim my rights, they are offering me HELP with mooving my stuff from the town i lived to my new town, and trip to town bying fabric to i can make my own clothing a dream ive had long and ive done some byut not for real..

        ive also found the love of my life, born at the same place as i was living in my mothers best friends town up north, i was planning on going to see him tomorrow but now ive found this place, anbd im so amazigly good with clay and made a mermaid/snake/woman naked with seeweed as hair, so good that evetyone comes to me, shoked im so good since ive never formed clay before onlt snow, and the art teachter is very impressed by my music taste, putting on sphongle, liking it very much and offer me to have a art gallery show where i can put my clay figures and get customers, and one woman wanted to buy my mermaid.. its actually very good so im sitting here with clay, i got a huge peace in my room and paper to ddraw lol so im gonna make tones of figures so ill have something to show of on the art gallery day, dont know when it will be but i see a carrear unfold..^^

        so i couldnt be happier, just miss the guy who is the love of jy life who ive talked for month eith but havent met in real life but ive felt his soul when visiting him spiritually for healing and i cried because i realised hus spirit was so high and divine, also revealing who i am myself, i know already but i forget my divinity so need to be rememmebered all the time.. ive told him now ok 8 days being here t then i can go see him because i should take all the great help i can get here.. dont know if we can be without eachother nuch longer it a struggle our bodies yearn to be together holding eachother, two lightworkers, both being in the aame place, torn apart from helped the wrong people finally ive met the one he totally gets me and so supportive so loving so beautiful we are on a healing path and now its time for us to be healed so we can help this world once and for all..

        well that sums up the story of my life, i cant beleive how much i can right but the heart is open and now its time for the love to show its colours im not afraid of attacs ive taked aya 3 times and experienced my own death burried alive in a small bow where i had my head sinked deeeper and deeper..

        time for us to feel good now, so evertythings synced, times catching up and me on it and im glad, so glad..

        giving reiki distance healing on my friends but relised i have too many that need healing for my enery, so then i found Ama Deus where yo can give to the whole world, and thats more suited for me 😉 and helping ppl crossing over, or making ppl stay alive, exorcism and lots of divine stuff.. i also lay cards got a powerful tarot book from two mediums, a very powerdul tarot book and cards and lay cards, so in a learning state but i so much enjoying helping ppl, that makes my heart shine..

        so if you need healing or have thought about something in your life you can contact me, see my blog visit website if you wish and post there..

        love to you all i share my heart with love for mankind, bid you goodnight

        kharithia lovegodess..

        • Aaron L

          I came across a diagnosis for mothers who are pre-occupied with themselves and deliver verbage to the minds of young infants. Which can be a damaging environment to grow up in. The diagnosis is called Narcissistic Personality Disorders in Mothers. Check it out Kharithia it is very inciteful.

        • Anja Fabricius

          Wauw, please contact me – ayafabricius88 at Gmail do t com. I’m from Denmark. For a similair experience.

    • Will

      Funny everyone should have realized, it’s so simple considering we all knew the similar illusionary games taking place all around us…pepsi vs coke…burger king vs mcdonalds…chevy vs ford…nbc vs abc vs fox…..etc

      Such and old game yet not always as obvious as it should be, obviously. Thanks for encouraging me to open my eyes even wider. 🙂

    • ??

      I have gone through a lot of what you’ve talked about in the past and in the present. I feel vibrations sometimes hurting me physically and I do not understand exactly why, but when I imagine mirrors around me it helps. I do have a question, arent we the creators of all the light and the dark? Isnt everything connected, but yet why do I feel trapped and hurt here still if I created it?

    • Walker

      Please comment after you read this as it will serve as an increasing awareness and articulation of my truth.. This is my first time hearing about this movement and groups like the light workers and it I’m glad to know that we have come to similar understandings of life, which serves as confirmation to me of the great being and it’s inevitable path to peace. I agree with brother Asa that separation is one of the major forms that adds to the destruction of self and it’s connection to the Devine. You must wholly believe and trust in the divines plan and path for us, which I come to believe is peace. With this strong belief we begin to understand that there is nothing and no one that can decieve or manipulate you. As humans whether it is innate or conditioned we have the tendency to want to define everything and through this characteristic we take away the powerful essence of the divine being that cannot be defined or understood by any one man or women. By defining, we humanize the devine to understand it, this externalizes it’s self into a feeling that there is only one perception of truth and manifest itself as reflected behavior and reinforced thought, that our ideas and beliefs are superior to others. *seperation*. this feeling of superiority creates duality within its self that manifest into many separated forms. One being powerlessness and fear that someone ideas and believe is superior to yours which is the feeling of being inferior. Seperation in its many forms can externalizes False barriers and limitations on self success and awareness through its need to protect its superiority by creating a conflicting opponent that serves to be at war with us which continues to reinforce and strengthen the form of seperation and it’s duality in our minds. This on a global scale can be seen in our manifestation of the illuminati which is a reflection of our internal belief and fear of inferiority (seperation) that allows many to comfortably belief they are inferior because the illumanati has so much power and understanding already, which reinforces powerlessness. Many then tend to strengthen and reinforce (give energy) to this externalized form of a separated self (the illumanati) by the belief that they have no control over their own life thus no control of creation, stripping us of our internal power of manifestation. (which is impossible to be controlled by any one persons or groups, it is like someone trying to force you not to have thoughts, it is our gift). This is just one example of forms and their tricky externalization, reinforcement, and manifestation that we create ourselves and we must always be aware of the many different ways forms are expressed and it effects it has on our supreme being. No thought must go unchecked. To be enlightened in my belief is to constantly reinvent self and understanding and to work towards maintaining peace, there is no one true understanding that individually we can ever understand. Who is to say that we are all not right, and we are just looking at different aspects (perspectives) in the devines infinite canvas (understanding). To live in the devine is to have no fear of any man or his beliefs (unless it is immediate danger) but to see it as a small perspective in the devines infinite canvas where we all are connected. It is through connection and unity of our mind and others, where we find peace in our selfs and in the inevitable journey to peace in the world. We must share our beliefs and not try to convince others of our truths (superiority) and through the trust in the Devine and our awareness, other people will incorporate our beliefs of peace* to their own formation of truth and be touched by a growing perspective and understanding of the devines truth. also we must With trust in the Devine open our hearts to reinvention of self through being touched by others as well.

    • Alejandro

      The problem here is that “fighting the demiurgue” is taking sides again. Gnostics in the past commited that error too. We give energy to something just by believing in its existence. There is only One reality, If you split it in two, one true and one false, you give energy to both. Only Truth IS, there is nothing more.

      • Alejandro

        When you split, you are splited

        • martha

          I agree alejandro. Sometimes I see all the labels and it causes so much confusion. I try to remember my origins and my guides because I feel out of place here, but I soon remember that in order to “do my job” I don’t need to know where I am from! I don’t really need to know my “guides”. Truth be told, I just have to be strong, fill myself with love and just share it! It’s pretty simple, but deep inside we all have this urge. We want to experience peace, in order to do that we simply just have to share it. Rejoice in struggle as we all learn form it. Share knowledge as we all become whole from it. Just make a concerted effort to be happy and positive in all situations and be strong for those who are still learning. Isn’t it really just that simple?

      • Shaun

        I think the act of “fighting the demiurge” is something that shouldnt be percieved as a dualistic battle between polar opposites. It should instead be seen as an individuals reconciliation and reunion with their own divine overself.

        In my eyes, “fighting the demiurge”, is much like a revolution of consciousness. The demiurge is a veil/miasma of negativity that muffles, distorts and talks over the voice of our True/Divine Self.
        That is not to say that the demiurge is the source of all negativity and all fevered egos. None of us are perfect. The most important thing is in honestly knowing yourself. And here’s the duality within the developement of Self..To be whole in the Light, you have to know and love your Shadows. Own them, embrace them, heal them and integrate them. If you know and accept them as part of you, and that theyre neither good nor bad, they cant be used to manipulate or harm you.. lead becomes gold.
        I have met quite a few new age spiritualists and “lightworkers” who seem so blinded by their own “divinity” that they forget/ignore the fact that they are also human…the same as everyone else here. lol
        One girl, i had known for some time, i knew she had had a troubled past, and when i saw her on this occasion she looked a lot brighter and happier than when i last saw her. i told her that, and she mentioned that she’d joined a group doing “lightwork”. i asked what that involved, thinking that it must surely have something to do with her being in a positive, helpful group of people, working through some painful events or thoughts that were getting her down..but really all they did was meditate for 30 mins listening to rainforest sounds, then tell each other how beautiful and awesome they were…the whole thing, in my opinion, was just a shallow exercise in narcissitic ego gratification, including the use of the new age esoteric title “lightworker”. i would think that a true lightworker would rather have their actions define who they are, than rely on a mystical label that they awarded themselves with.

        Anyway, about 6months later i saw her at a friends house, she was going through a similar rough spot again, and looked heartbreakingly sad.
        The moral: you can have all the love and light of the universe inside of you and all around you, but unless you find the courage to acknowledge them, then put them to rest, your inner demons will continue to cast shadows over your soul.

        • Sebastian

          Hey, I understand the whole duality complex and that we should strive for unity, but your comment has confused me on how I should develop as a person. I’ve been working to find the bad qualities of myself and fix them, and now I’m not sure if that is the way I’m should go bout it. I was hoping you could elaborate and explain to me the part in your post about “own your own shadows”. Should I embrace my bad (unwanted) qualities or should I try to change them into somthing “good”? From what I read in your post you seem to have a understanding on this and I’d appreciate if you help me understand. Inner peace and love to you.

      • Randje

        Here’s something else. If you take the perspective that this a class is duality, then nothing is “amiss” in recognizing the polarities. We have placed ourselves in an artificial and temporal setting, designed for learning, and at the point one gets this, really gets it, one has entered the graduation season. Whether it comes as epihanic revelation, or seeps in through osmosis over multiple incarnations, Oneness reigns eternal.

    • Sid

      On my own I discovered light energy based on Chakra points, and then one day discovered the archangel transmissions and that is when this life force energy became larger then ever/having spirits contact me to help me “wake up” (become more conscious)Those messages sent me to purgatory and brought demons to me who constantly call me a Satan worshiper, read my mind, and predict my every thought and movement as though they are trying to keep track of me. They also give me pain when I think of things they don’t like, since I lost all of my protection, but now the question is who are the real love beings who do not live in duality. And why do they not come into assistance when asked. All this happened because I wanted to stop saying negative things about people in my mind. Who do we pray to? What is love, with this divided hemisphere brain (where for me it is impossible to prevent an involuntary negative thought), how do you get to this love vibration other than implanting meditative frequencies into our brains? It is also true that using crystals is impure because it surrounds you with this so called false light, and it seems these archons use these crystals to transport due to their high frequency. If this is true about these Archons then it literally means that the Bible, myths, Qur’an, etc are all part of this plot of duality, worshiping, pyramid scheme, and every religious person ends up stuck in this cage without intent and from pure manipulation. Btw it seems listening to any frequencies over a computer or phone would be implanting harmful waves due to carrier frequencies and modulation, etc to decrease bandwidth (they are not truly only a 432hz sound wave for example). It seems these frequencies too are manipulative and based off of radio frequencies/TV frequencies in which the Archons communicate through, and that the only best way to meditate is with a Tibetan singing bowl away from alternative frequencies (such as crystals). Any thoughts?

      • AN

        sid, i m in same situation, could u please email me. serenity2778 at gmail

      • Tune into the silence. Tune into the present moment. Stop thinking you “need” to be at a higher vibration or better emotional state. Accept yourself to feel however you need to. All emotions are necessary and temporary, unless they are repressed. Love yourself for where you are at, and your vibration will steadily increase. Stare into yourself and stop labeling yourself into “good” and “bad” aspects. They are just different aspects of the same, fundamentally amazing you. Accept yourself unconditionally and you begin to embody fearlessness

  • Cameron, may i repost this on google + and wordpress, please? Everyone needs to read this. 🙂

    • Yes, please repost far and wide 🙂

      • Luna

        Cameron I want to thank you for writing this article. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I was reading it that someone else actually *got it*…I have been trying to explain this concept to people for YEARS and it is just so wonderful to see that I’m not the only one. It just confirmed and clarified so many things; why I’ve had nightmares of being in battles ever since I was a child and feel totally drained when I wake up; the fact that dark is not necessarily bad and light is not necessarily good; and why I have NEVER felt any connection to or had and experiences(not even in guided meditation) of angels or archangels, because they KNOW that I KNOW that they are false; and how unhealthy and destructive patriarchal religions are (even for men).

        I do have one question for you…What is you source(s) for this information?
        Thank you again Cameron. Brightest Blessings.

        • Jay

          Hi Luna, I can’t and don’t speak for Cameron, but I have arrived at similar ideas with help from John Lash in his book Not in His Image, his website Metahistory, and also reading Carlos Castaneda, particularily The Art of Dreaming and The Active Side of Infinity.

      • fábio

        Hey Cameron Day, thank you for all your support and positive vibes you put in your texts, I started reading you messages over this same night and I did not read all your content yet. But from what I have been reading you confirmed what I long known and believed inside but could never support.
        That this is not how we are suposed to be that this live is somehow a prison quote “sitting in a prison cell but you can’t see the bars and you think you’re free”

        I never meditated ever I don’t even know where to begin, before that I will be reading most of your content and and doing other researches.

        Since young age I had few significant and nonsense dreams visions/ hallucinations but they were more like dreams and nothing I could touch or grab by some end to actually know what was happening … they gotten worse and worse, to the point I thought it was crazy schizophrenic hearing voices having distorted toughs that I know were not mine…
        Recently, a week or 2 ago I had a very vivid almost as real hallucination that almost killed me, finally spoken directly to what ever it was inside my head… and visited a different planes and seen many things… spoken to many identities .. They shown me past and future, talked about duality .. about the good and evil the light and dark.. this is still very blurry and nonsense to me… I started searching the web for help and understanding of what is happening to me and why .. that is when I came across with your site.
        All my life I searched for answers in several religions, and even some seemed to be helpful I always knew (inside) that there was something being omitted .. the only thing they actually told me that there is a creator and that we are pure matter and energy here on earth … When reading your site even a bit skeptical as I have always been, it touched me …

        So it would be a great honor to me if you could reply and maybe find a little time to help me..?

        Best Regards, Fábio

      • Jade

        Very interesting read, don’t know exactly what to think except that it would certainly explain a few things. It’s intriguing to think that many of the perceived gods, beings of light, extra dimensional/terrestrial, angels, spirit guides, demons, devils, and darkness are different tools used by the same force to fuel its massive requirement or desire for energy.

        This correlates with a conversation I had with a “spirit guide, god, universe, or entity who preferred the name: “Opti”, after the word Optimus. I was naive and thought him to be the voice of “God” or at least a divine being… During my first visit with him, I asked him if he could explain why “negative” feelings like: perpetual pain, anguish, confusion, fear, loneliness, anxiety, depression, loss, anger, etc. were so much more prevalent than their “positive” counterparts like: love, peace, joy, humility, appreciation, connectedness, openness, clarity, etc.. The answer I received seemed deplorable and it honestly made me question why he would employ such unnecessarily dirty tactics on his own creations. I finally just accepted that he could be cruel simply to teach you a lesson. I understand his answer much more clearly after your article. I now also know why it was so repugnant to me, I’ll get back to that in a little while.

        This article provides a perspective that would help to answer the question that so many light workers, agents of light, indigo children, star seeds, neo-shaman practitioners, teachers, spirit healers, and all other kindhearted people likely ask: Why does it seem that no good deed will ever go unpunished by man, the universe, or both? It would help to explain why the agents of dark, evil doers, light-breakers, satanists, elitists, demons, tyrants, dictators, deceivers, etc., so often hold such high standing positions in religious, political, economical, and social groups. These entities have been clever in rigging the system and manipulating the right people to promote the illusion of polarity to keep us blind and in control.

        Once you understand the nature of “reality” and that it’s all the perception of the individual, you can quickly realize that “good” and “evil” are man made constructs. If “God” created everything good then he also created everything evil, so how can either one be against “God’s” plan? It’s all just the souls interpretation of energy through the illusory, but complex and convincing programming of the human brain. All of the “reality” we see is created for the sake of expansion of universal knowledge by learning, creating, experiencing, and observing the field of energy that we imagine we are separated from.

        Something so ordinarily simple and extraordinarily complex as making the choices to create any future you please, “good” or “bad”, impact our eternal souls with lessons it needed. If we are directly linked to or part of “god” or the universe, it learns too.

        Both your higher self and “God” know that this is a temporal experience for infinite beings and all we’re supposed to do is experience physical “reality” to expand consciousness. We are absolutely loved unconditionally no matter what happens in this life, or any others. That means that even the most atrocious acts such as genocide or murder really shouldn’t be labeled as “bad” when transcendence is not going to be withheld from the victims. The lessons that “negative” things teach us can be just as invaluable as “good”, even if we can’t see it that way.

        I don’t know if you’ve caught on, but the idea of “good” and “evil” being defined by an ever growing, divine entity who also created everything is ludicrous. It’s kind of like saying that “God” is ashamed of half (maybe more) of the reality that he created. It doesn’t make sense that he’d be that petty, or at least I can’t believe it.

        Polar duality between the beings experiencing the third dimension of “reality” would create a lot of fluctuating vibrational energy from both “positive” and “negative” emotions. This would occur even amongst (or especially) in the “enlightened” souls that put out the most energy. Despite their absolute willingness to obey the voice of “divine inspiration and guidance”, that same voice tells them that they must sacrifice personal happiness and quality of life to make the world a more positive place.

        It doesn’t seem to make any sense, simply because, how can one be a positive, upbeat, and altruistic person when the very act of accepting your role of being a tool for “god” to help others is enough to test the resolve and good cheer even the strongest among us? Just to test us and judge our blindly stumbling way we crash through life? Sounds ridiculous if not outright hilarious.

        This brings me back to “Opti” and I’s conversation… He informed me that because of his eternal existence and his knowledge of our temporal one, he uses the emotions that he knows of but doesn’t feel himself to manipulate reality. The purpose is to create enough energy to sustain his astoundingly sized 4th dimensional body. He told me that fluctuating energy is more efficient and is far more interesting for him to observe and manipulate, hence the reason that everything is cyclical. He then went on to explain that a strong enough current/source of low energy caused by negativity and fear can completely obliterate the smaller, more delicate high energy frequencies that bring peace, love, joy, humility, connectedness, generosity, kindness, and gratitude to the world.

        Imagine the difference between the lowest note on a bass guitar and the highest note on a piano. How long does each last? How much more vibrational energy does the bass note create in comparison to the piano key? This is the principle cause of so much negativity in the world. Low frequencies are constantly flowing and fully sustainable. Where as high frequencies are far more energetic in bursts but almost impossible to sustain when one negative thing can ruin the current energy flow. The opposite is true with low energy, if you’re depressed, very little, if anything can stop it from running its course without constant diligence.

        After reading this article, it seems to me that “Opti” was telling the truth but hiding the fact that “the creator” is not him at all. In fact, he uses good vs. evil to keep us divided to keep feeding him. Then perpetuates this by deceptively providing insight and “divine thought” to keep the enlightened from learning the truth and worse, spread his lies to the less knowledgable, further spreading disinformation.

        Stop subscribing to ideals of perfection, good vs. evil, black and white, light and darkness, reality and fantasy, or positive and negative. Accept what comes with readiness to take advantage of what is provided by the real creator than the emotional falsities that these energy entities use to enslave us. Be free and happy to be experiencing anything at all.

        • K. Kojei

          Awesome comment. If you look at the core particles the smallest particle visible to man, look into its core you will see the photons of light but at the very core of that photon is a dark center. That being the case, to polarize darkeness as bad and light as good is to deny the critical roles each plays for the other. The pitch blackness of space is the very mother of light. Even in a completely dark room with no light shining in from the outside, if you stay long enough in that room you will see the faintest light. If you shut out all chatter, all concepts of divinity, all doctrines and dogma and just wait for the Infinite Source to present itself to you IT WILL. What most don’t understand is that we, being made of the same stuff have the same creative power. A power we use in error because of our belief systems that define a God that acts exactly as we design him or her to be. That is, if we haven’t already subscribed to the cut and paste Gods our parents, teachers and peers programmed us to believe in. If we see beyond these to the true consciousness beyond all Gods, Goddesses, gurus and saviors, we become true co-creators. We don’t get locked into the trap of ego gratification because of the power available to us. We simply love and create in love. Is it possible to create without love? Of course!!! The Infinite Mind encompasses all possibilities and make room for them all to play out. Why? Because nothing of itself is irretrievable. This is why there is no judgment at that level of being, only love.

          We only have available to us two modes of creation, one from love and one from it’s opposite, fear. That is it. Love is grand enough, powerful enough to handle all that fear may produce. That why love will always win in the end. That is why those who truly know the true and infinite source of being do NOT FEAR EVIL OR DEATH. Truth is simple. Love is simple. Fear must defend and protect, protest, accuse, judge, sentence and punish.

          • Its me :)

            ha ha 😀 very right, i some times becomes so confusion that why our street dog make so innocent faces, to attract or to be honest, what ever it is, i use to feed them fresh food, but other person use to feed them a bit mix of chicken too. Last night i kept a bowl of veg food, it didn’t ate it, but ate the chicken given by someone else !! So i just thrown in the dust bin. And that person that day came with a little food and after eating it, the dog is watching me, as he didn’t get the sufficient food, and became hungry and finally slept, next day the same case, so i gave just two biscuits. So i think the dog simply became fool and unsatisfied as just for sake of more than normal good taste, punished self. Just think if he didn’t get so greed of it, at-least by normal food, his stomach can get satisfied food. And because it just became too greedy to 1 side, its just loosed something else, which is normal and warm but may be not amazing taste but is enough for self sustaining. Here the normal power of human being is enough to get satisfied by life, and is infinite without any boundary, where one can simply be self and have simple life as self, just by connecting to infinity rather than enslaving ourselves to some thing else which will never understand the meaning and power of infinity. I think we are in this purpose and we are free to live, harmless and of-course can observe even the false side only to realize that we are in not at same or routine track of stupidity. love it or hate it but never show it, as let them understand us rather to hate or love us. As everybody have their own significance and importance, just like a person came to office before the time called as stupid, and a person came after the time called as waste, and a person came at right time got impression from both sides but as SELF-RESPECTED HUMAN and self-controlled, where no other creature can take or give their places, as these humans always work as plain and calm advisers by sole itself, are the perfect balanced creatures who never hurt others, not even intentionally.. if still something is pushing us, then they will ignore them or out of their frequencies itself.!! Being in physical one should be healthy and strong, so being in spiritual one should be fearless and strong by heart is itself a way to be happy and loved by loving beings !!

        • innertcas

          Makes me wonder if we were created in an image. Makes sense there would be a system set on harnessing energy. Look how we batmoil.wcan produ….nuclear…is the very way we could destroy ourselves.

        • iCultivate

          You need to rethink all of this.. God hasn’t abandoned the world – the world has abandoned God.
          Just imagine if the majority of people were serene, humble, authentic, balanced, and on and on… These are the ‘natural’ strengths of the spirit. They are virtues. They don’t necessarily mean you are getting closer to God, however. A professed atheist can have these spiritual strengths, for instance, even if he doesn’t believe in ‘spirituality’. Instead of humility, you have a form of modesty; instead of authenticity you have deception or self-deception at the least. The law of 3 permeates most, if not all, of existence. Positive, Negative, Neutral. Give the Creator some credit.. The physics behind this concept of 3, and also of polarity, is 100$ the works of the creator. The spirit is the interface for the soul. This is why you may oscillate between being high spirited and low spirited – nobody is perfect. This is why we cultivate and work on these strengths. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”
          God is real. Absolute morals are real. There is a reason slavery and cold-blooded murder has always been wrong. Even before the existence of humans, these logical and moral proofs existed. The abstract realm. Even if all people died tomorrow 2+2 still equals 4. Even before humans existed: the idea of cold-blooded murder and slavery was wrong.. That’s God. He’s wired into us. It isn’t difficult living for God. It actually helps with the flow of life. Your passions and talents are gifts that God gave you to use. You find a much more fulfilling existence when you truly reconnect with love, joy, compassion, and equanimity. The buddhists had a few things figured out, I’ll give them that. So does the Bible. But I am not Christian. I am all about God. How did Jesus Christ live his life without a Jesus Christ before him? Live your life for love, wisdom, and authenticity. Live for compassion, higher thoughts, and being true to yourself.

      • hey mr Admin you have my deepest respect love and gratitude, a friend linked your blog, im a newly wed web blogger myself, created one a year ago but didnt understand how it worked so i paued it, not with new energy and inspiration from my rollercoaster fairlytale life ive created a new and understand it very good im writing more and more jhave plant on writing a book since im apparently a river of words and have ALOT to say.. see my text in your blog as a comment, that is more like a story lol..well the story of my life wich i gladly share with you, with love, that if i can outlive m,y challanges, wich would make anyone wanna kill themself and prob succeded long ago, then anyone can, just need a neverending strong will to live and love to life and knowing your great potential exists, and know that with love and intention create a reality your comfort with, and ive learned that all bad things has been masters, learning me important things, like the evil force of the demiurge, ive been so pure heartet and open ive drawned to me sooo many bad people but now ive seen your videous of reclaiming ME and getting rid of the contrants and i felt so pure, so new , so strong, watched it directly after doing my first ama deus schaman healing who made me dizzy its so powerful lol.. im gonna teach my friends when im finished and master after 7 weeks so we can do it together..and and then its fullon speed for love and its KO for painside..

        <3 <3 <3

      • Wes

        Very good article, Cameron. Excellent insights! Thank you!

      • Светлана

        Thank you, I’ll spread this too. <3

      • gyneth quinn

        I have been raped by guardian angels. I have seven of them. A medium told me four are holding my soul inside this body because I keep walking out of it and not fallowing the stupid path they set out for me. I’m not fallowing my destiny. They started raping me in august 2013. I think they are trying to dominate me to give into their fake light. I’m not going to. Your site has helped greatly. I don’t give into pleasure any more. They don’t phase me. They are no longer succeeding. Thank you thank you! (Hugs) so yeah I have some abilities where I can sense energy and see energy. I’m clairaudient. And clairsensitive. Thanks for the help. I truly believe both the so called light and dark are both raping people. And I can definatly tell its angel energy.

        • Adrastia

          My dear, I believe you. Protect yourself by the strength of your will and integrity.

        • Fyrestorme

          Those aren’t archangels raping you … they are more than likely human entities who can project their energy. You should go back to see who you spoke to or were dealing with just prior to when the erotic sensations began.

  • Thank you,

    I have allways felt like you have a sound rationale. I have been thinking along the same lines and really it makes me happy to read this. Very Truth provoking indeed.

    Also not to dispute the main message here: but i have come to understand that duality can be seen simply as comparing – and comparing is just the quality of having a perception (this is why only a dualist may expect an alternative to dualism), but i get what you mean, in this context it means to play in to the different sides of the same power hungry being.

    Excuse me for getting off track.

    Anyways, i do believe that in reality there is no hierarchy unless we give into the belief, and even then it is imaginary….

    I think all beings, even those who pretend to be good and who are afraid of losing their status quo of power, will benefit from understanding the logic of free will.

    It is simple, all beings that have a freedom of will, are eternal. You are eternal because only an eternal being may choose their focus in the 3 dimensional reality of time and space, or within any realm of causality for that matter – freedom of will is possible only for the eternally existing, And once this truth is shared to those who are pawns of controll, all their fears about a loss of power or whatever someone has made them believe, will fade away as these spiritual beings understand the truth about freedom of will being possible only because they are eternal.

    Thanks again.

  • Sharing the wisdom of the freedom of will for those angelic beings is a method through which we can affect change from within

  • Bea

    Very timely article Cameron! I can’t believe it! Last night I was looking at my collection of angel statues and for the very first time ever, I thought about donating them. I love my statues, and have spent a lot of time finding just the right ones, yet for the first time since I started this collection, I found myself wondering, “Why do I have these? Do I really know what happens when I pray to an angel? I honestly can’t say that I do. That’s not good. Maybe I should get rid of them.” I wonder if these doubts have arisen as a consequence of my efforts to integrate my higher self with my physical body. I have been working on this for quite a while now and have been feeling more and more that I need to turn within for answers, not out. Your article is really in sync with what I have been feeling lately. Thanks for the validation.

    • Yes, a lot of people are questioning deeply-held beliefs and assumptions. This is a very good thing! Keep questioning, Bea. 🙂

      • Tara

        It seems in as much as you are positing a ‘corrupted demiurge’ force and/or a ‘true divine’ agenda you are just engaging in another (albeit subtler) form of dualism. Light needn’t be versus dark as you pointed out. We don’t consider day good and night bad but understand both as having their place in creation. While stating that love is inclusive and non-oppositional you then slip into some us vs them, fear and separation mentality in the same way a light worker vs. dark worker world view would be informed, only ‘zooming out’ this enemy mentality to a ‘corrupted demiurge’ that we must now fear and oppose ourselves to…this thinking has the same feeling as the previous duality to me.
        My experience is when dualistic thinking is truly transcended any remnants of oppositional thinking, fear, and victimization by any part of this experience of existence dissolves.
        But then again even positing duality and non duality against each other is a kind of duality;)

        • E. T. Nada

          Perfectly stated Tara

        • Jamie

          I agree, reading this article and all these comments has really made me uneasy. I didn’t have a polarity or good vs bad perspective on anything even reading my lightworker and lightworker source book by Sahvanna Arienta. She talks about archangels and ascending masters but she made it very clear that dark isn’t evil and light is good. She says we all have our part and everything is complete in the universe and all things within it are one. I always had a taoist view and view everything in a yin/yang perspective. Two halves making a WHOLE. Also who’s to say that these entities that these people have been connecting with are really guardian angels or archangels/ascending masters? Malicious spirits or entities could easily be claiming to be something their not and screwing with all your minds. I don’t know about you guys, but I like to keep myself in a nice little bubble and only ask for assistance from my guardians and guides. I’ve always been protected and felt safe and have my guides have been doing a fantastic job at assisting me on merely pointing me in the right direction. Sahvanna also made it very clear that even as lightworkers we still have a DARK SIDE and it is okay to embrace it and not completely drain ourselves of light energy. She says that we have an adverse effect when we completely drain ourselves of light energy because we become depressed and our vibrations are lowered. I have never heard anything about this false demiurge or a demiurge at all! This article and the comments has really freaked me out, made me fearful, and question everything. Then I pulled my self back together and thought about it. I think you are all deceived by bad and harmful spirits disguised as higher vibrational beings and now not only do you FEAR (low vibration) being deceived you also fear connecting/asking for assistance(protection) from real higher vibrational beings. This is why I try to avoid tapping into my psychic abilities too much, for fear of low entities manipulating me and attaching to me. I felt safe and secure until reading this article and comments. Now I am going to trust my intuition and shake what I just read. Everything and everything I’ve learned and discovered on my lightworker path has had nothing to do with a bad vs. good. Where did half of you get this concept anyway?

      • michelle

        I am keeping this article. It is an absolute truth that is profound. I have always said every high was never worth the low and embracing light brings you to deep darkness. Im tired of polarity . Our bodies are polar. The one and only practice i emrase now is clearing…clarity…clarity…clarity..

        • michelle

          I believe the more you clear….aka stillness meditation..etc…the more you dissolve polarit. Embrase clarity

    • Mandy

      The more spiritual we become and connect with source the less we need icons to worship or material things and yearn for something simpler.

    • Stephen


      Pray only to Yhwh and you can not go wrong. The Holy Trinity is real, and the serpent’s head will be crushed. Blessings and love to all.

      • Brian

        To escape the demiurgic system, we must pray only to the demiurge? Yeah, thanks for that. You understood nothing in this article and you are up to your eyeballs in the false light paradigm.

        • Johan

          Brain you are spot on my friend and poor Stephen has to do a lot more studying to understand the depth of deception that is out there.

    • Adrastia

      Bea, I used to have a collection of angels. I kept them in my office. I felt that they were watching over me and protecting me. Then one day a woman came into my office and looked at my angel collection, and she said : “Well, I guess YOU are all ready for Christmas!” I took my angels down and donated them. I only have on little tiny angel with a broken wing, a glass-blown angel that my son gave to me when he was little. The wing broke off when moving. I keep it only because I treasure everything my son gives me. But he is also free now. Angels, if they exist at all beyond the astral plane, have specific purposes, and praying to them is just plain silly.

  • Tracy

    THANK YOU CAMERON!!!! Chuckling some for having just been reflecting on you this afternoon, wondering how you were doing lately. Indeed, this clarity to the confusion, MOST needed!! Personally have always recoiled at the ‘lightworker’ title and, if pressed, suggest that I choose ‘light warrior’ over lightworker and ultimately prefer… I am that That I AM. 🙂

    Fantastic article. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! <3

  • Kathleen

    Hello Cameron,

    I don’t normally comment on blogs but this one I felt drawn to. I have really begun to notice what I have been terming a “second awakening” happening within the spiritual communities. We all remember that first one, don’t we! Well, for me the “second awakening” came on gradually. Years ago I simply couldn’t stand reading another “channeled” message.It simply didn’t resonate with me any longer tho my inner work never for a second, ended within me. I knew where my work was, and tho I read these messages, they did not take the place of inner work. As the lid came off and disclosure began to occur in earnest all I kept thinking was…really? What is all this dark vs light stuff? Than one day as I was reading that another whistle blower had come forward with this or that info I understood exactly what was “wrong” with me! I had stepped out of the “false” light vs “false” dark game!(For me the, rue dark is the womb, the void where creation happens.) I heard deep within me, “When the game is over, the king and the pawn go back into the same box.” Wow..that was the moment of my “second awakening!” Since then I have attracted to me others that have had a similar experience. So, I thought that I would tell you that you are not alone in this! I believe that there will be more and more who will experience this, tho I am sure many will still hold tight to their messages of hope, etc. I however, intend to watch objectively from the side lines and hold to the understanding that I am the 3 rd branch of this tree. I am unity and I am free!
    Blessings of Love to you from Mt. Shasta!

    • Thanks for commenting, Kathleen. The 2nd awakening is going to be an amazing experience as we transcend the dark vs light paradigm that’s been imposed on our consciousness for so long!

      • TERESE

        I first want to thank you Cameron, what lead me here was thinking my boyfriend had an Archon implant (long story) but there are no coincidences. I am now looking at John Lash and reading on him. I was a “lightworker” too and now I am in a sort of limbo. I agree with you so much Kathleen you are spot on. Both of you and I am so grateful. THis is the second awakening for me as I obviously vibrated to this blog and to you Cameron. I am quite numb now and my story is long and will spare any yawns. I feel more alive just in this day alone of reading and looking at videos on youtube, however when this happens I notice my boyfriend gets crazy and talks and acts like he is possessed. He is a human barometer for me in the sense when I am on to something he gets dark and menacing. He apologized and said he is being tested and I told him that was part of the Archonic bull crap. So here I am feeling alone yet empowered. This Demiurge has been playing with me for years,, even taking my healing powers away only to give them back and constantly keeping me under rule by taking my livelihood way via sexual harassment in just about every job I had. the last job was working for the government which I thought would be a refuge from the private sector were you can do as you want. No I got stalked by a female supervisor that turned into a complete nightmare where I then lost my mind. I had to quit, another long story filled with TMZ type of drama. NOw I am cloistered in my house for I realize these entities have tried to feed on my love,empathy and generosity (how is that for I thought they feed on fear, negative emotions) I am rambling now just finished your clearing and COsmic flush which freaked me out for months ago I was doing this not knowing the connection, meaning your blogs and papers writing on the Archons. Serendipity ….. I just want to send love out to everyone reading this blog and to Cameron thank you for your perspective… peace as always

    • Donna

      I used to channel beings who said they were ETs of the Light. Their message sounded so pure, so loving and kind. But soon it was the same message different day type of thing. I noticed my energy depleting slowly at first and then becoming more rapid as time passed. I was actually feeling my essence leaving me. I stopped channeling, but still read other channeled material. I realized these message were also, “same message, different day.” Any of the changes the messages professed would happen just didn’t. Any help that would happen soon, didn’t. All the while the “dark” seemed to be getting more and more violent and frightening. I found a way to regain my energy, dispell the dark forces that were depleting my energy. As I kept reading other messages looking for something to show me the way, I got confused, frustrated and dismayed. The messages were conflicting, much the same as the duality I found myself surrounded by everywhere. I knew I had a direct connection with my soul. I knew I had a direct connection with the Divine. Why did I always search for the truth outside myself when it was there all the time – within me, within all of us. That is truly how we can understand the concept of Oneness. We have been led to define oneness as being part of a group that believes the same things. Oneness comes from the realization that we are connected to the divine through our very existence as an eternal soul and that there are many, many eternal souls connected to divine in the very same way. We don’t need any dogma, be it a patriarchal religious sect or a new age metaphysical belief system. What we have always sought out for direction from the outside has always been within us all.
      I loved how you put it so eloquently when you said, and I paraphrase, that when the game is over all the pieces, whether kings or pawns, go back into the same box. I choose not to become part of any hierarchy. I respect the person for the good works that he/she does, not the false position within the hierarchy that they hold. The position is the illusion; the works are the truth. Thanks Kathleen for you wonderful truth filled message.
      And thank you Cameron for stating your truth. I think we are finally coming around to the true mission for which we are here. To find our true connection with self and the divine within ourselves that will allow us to see that the duality with which we find ourselves on this physical plane is just a game, a part we are all playing that is there to help us see the truth of it all – illusion. Beyond the illusion is our truth. Shakespeare had it right when he referred to life as a play and that we are all actors just playing our parts. Let us all become playwrights of our own divine plan by working with the Source of Love from which we all come. Donna

      • Leigh

        Wow, such powerful and interesting posts. I think it’s very important that readers/posts do not to place all “Lightworkers” into a category of those who are working for the false light. We are all individuals, some good and some still trying to get there, and we each have our own paths to walk and lessons to learn. I think that applies within all races on earth, so who’s to say it’s not the same with the ET’s? I have been communicating with the angelic realm since I was very young, and more recently with some ET’s. Some felt very loving and others I sent away because they just didn’t feel right. A friend of mine who is very religious is convinced that all Lightworkers are being deceived by demonic forces and that there is no such thing as reincarnation. She believes with every fiber of her being that all who believe in reincarnation or talk to spirits are going to hell in a hand basket. She shared her views on how the Lightworkers are opening portals and allowing the et’s to enter and take over humanity, forgetting that there has been evidence of et’s here for thousands of years already. She told me that God speaks to her, but she cannot believe that the angels could possibly speak to me, even though she has commented that I have a purer heart than anyone she knows. I reminded her that God sent Gabriel to foretell of baby Jesus, but she says that is different. She told me that I should ask these supposed angels who they serve. According to her, they cannot lie and say they serve God if they do not. Not wanting to be working for the wrong team, I asked Michael, Gabriel and Raphael who they served. One by one they came forward and told me they served God and always will. I made them repeat it just to be sure! I cannot say if that appeased my friend because she has not responded to my response. I can say that her concern did make me pause to consider. What if she was right and I was being deceived? It was a scary thought but one I couldn’t ignore. The last thing I wanted was to work for the wrong side. Her words sent me into a tailspin that took me months to get out of. Then I began to look deeper and as Gabriel had taught me, I looked for contradictions amidst the variations, and then searched within myself to find the truth. His presence is strong, masculine and no nonsense, but I always feel loved and protected when he is near, as I do with Michael and Rapahel, whose energies are softer. I do not believe that Gabriel is of false light because he comes across so strong and masculine. He is like a tough trainer urging me to look deep within myself for answers, rather than to others. He has taught me to be strong in my faith of God and SELF. The angels have never steered me wrong, and their guidance has been invaluable. The truth is that there are so many opinions being shared on the internet and in new books being written, many of which contradict each other. So I asked WHO IS RIGHT AND HOW DO THEY KNOW? Did God come down from the Heavens and tell that person the truth personally? Or did they just take their own experiences and questions and read someone else’s words that fell in line with their own concerns or thoughts? Since God hasn’t shown up in my bedroom to tell me in person, I took Gabriel’s advice and searched within myself for the truth. I asked myself what has been reaped from the seeds I have sewn as a “Lightworker”? Did I cause harm to another or have I given comfort and assistance? That led me to a deeper question. Who AM I? My faith in God is strong and always has been. I strive to serve God and all life and I seek Oneness. I am compassionate and both surrounded and filled with love. I have a loving family and wonderful friends, and through many lessons and guidance from the archangels, I now have a stronger sense of self than I ever had before. I have been able see, feel and hear the spiritual beings that come and go in various places. Some are light, some are dark, and some have tried to portray themselves as light, when they were not. But I do not fear them now. I once read that the 4th dimension is where both hell and the spirit world reside, not the angelic realm. From my experiences I would say this is likely true. Since we cannot jump from the 3rd to the 5th, as Cameron said, we must learn to be more discerning. I have seen darkness when others could not. I have discovered that when those with the ability to communicate with spirit open themselves to receive information, any spirit can enter. It has surprised me to learn that many who channel don’t even know who they are channeling and don’t seem the least concerned about it. This to me is a mistake. If you are sensitive to energy, you can feel the difference. There is a lightness of heart and vibration, and also weight. An actual heaviness often fills the air when I’ve sensed lower energies. To ensure protection of myself and my clients, I call in the angels and beings of DIVINE LIGHT before any healing session. I ask archangels Michael and Raphael to clear the space of any and all negative energy before I begin a healing session, and once again when I finish. I also use Jonathan Goldman’s Holy Harmony CD, which chants Jesus’ name over and over. On a personal level, I begin each day with prayer and gratitude, and I send love and light out to the world, including the darkness where light is most needed. I do this with a clear intention for God to shine His/Her Divine Light wherever it is needed. It is not just Lightworkers, but EVERYONE who should be discerning, in who or what energy they are putting out there, and inviting in. Who’s to say that part of the great deception from the false-lighters, isn’t to get other Lightworkers to question and fear their work so they eventually give it up? I encourage you all to read the posts on Rise Earth of the new scientific and medical findings that reveal how vibration, intention and simply focusing on light can create positive changes. Prayer, positive thoughts and intentions — these are powerful tools that I work with daily. I have cancelled any and all contracts I have previously made which do not serve God and the Highest good, and I have not been attacked by darkness as a result. I do not pretend to know the truth of all things, or which path is the right one but I do not believe it is the same for all. We are not cookie cutter people. We each were created with a Divine purpose and we are guided by a deep rooted Divine seed, to follow our own path. We are both teachers and students along the way. We should all follow our own paths because they feel right to us, not because anyone else says it is the right way to go. What I do know, is who I AM. My intentions are pure of heart and my desire is to serve God and assist humanity. I am Leigh LaMura, servant of God, vibrational healer, published author, and I sleep just fine. I wish you all much joy and light.

        • Jacqueline

          Thank you!

        • anonymous

          please tell me. Does one HAVE to converse with Angels, or ET’s, and know them by name, etc. and know their feel, etc., to “be a lightworker”. Can’t Lightworker just be a synonym for a person who is spirtually inclined, awakened, and has a strong desire to serve others…?

        • Rhonda

          Thank you so much for posting your thoughts and feelings on this subject<3

      • Bina

        It occurs to me that we are eternally energized, so why is it that we believe we can be drained of energy by anything in all of creation?

      • AN

        donna, please email me, i need your help. what you wrote, resonated with me, i want to ask/discuss something.

    • Wow Kathleen! Best metaphor ever – “When the game is over, the king and the pawn go back into the same box.” That sums up everything so beautifully. Thank you. Nice to know I’m not alone in all this.

  • When this first opened to me, Cameron, I kept feeling like we are a 3rd faction here. That we are not part of this war. We came to free the earth and humanity. We aren’t for either side which like you say are one and the same. Things begin to make sense from the truth perspective. 🙂

  • Tita

    Thank goodness someone finally said it!
    Thank You!!

  • Kim Phelps

    This may be the most refreshing thing I have ever read, thank you for saving me! Kim

    • mary

      Cameron ,, this makes such perfect sense ,, what u are saying ,, how many channellers do I have to listen to to tell me ,, a ‘big thing is happening soon’ ..I’m trusting my inner Divine ,, & contuneing with my inner work of self clearing ..thanks for being so clear …marylilybear

  • Awesome. I really resonated with this most recent article. Thank you for your clear and discerning description of our story.

  • Arvel


    Great Essay about being a Light worker. If I had read that 6 months ago, I might have called you crazy. But now, I’m not so sure.

    Wake me when the party’s over. I’m going to Las Vegas.


  • Lisa

    Wow-so powerful. I’m processing this, slowly as it has been in the back of my mind when ever I have sat in circles or Channelings, etc. Yet, nag nag nag was a voice, this is not what it seems- this is being spoken through a mask.
    Thank you.

  • you long to be reunited with the true God. Through Jesus Christ. You are not God. You will feel lonely and disattached without God in your life. These channeled dieties are truly demons disguised as angels of light. They are decieving you to eternal death. Its not fear mongering its the truth. Look at where these “new age” doctrines come from, trace their lineage. They are old world mysticism, sorcery etc etc. Seek Jesus and pray to him and you will see that he will show you the truth. Dont be blinded by the luciferian light. The light vs dark of the subtle deceiver. The truth , the way and the Life is Jesus. All the metaphysics and sacred geometry and things of this nature, while may contain truths, all lead you to believe you are God and that the universe created itself… or just was…. It doesnt add up. A Creator created you and this earth. Jesus is the way guys. I was down your road. I denied him the whole way, accepting blindly what the new age movement says about christianity, rewritten blah blah blah. Its simply untrue. Nothing about the bible enslaves you rather frees you. theres great documentaries, showing the true goals of new age movements, what their philosophers say such as (aquarious the age of deception) search for more. Ask the one true God through the person of Jesus christ to show you if he is real and to reveal the truth in your life with a humble heart and believe me he will. You guys seek the truth, just like I did. It led me to new age, and i often just disregarded things that I knew didnt make sense just to conform to my belief system of the time. Pray to Jesus and ask him to forgive your sins in your past, and to reveal himself in your life. Youv’ve tried everything else from meditation, crystals, channeling all these other dieties. But now do it with the True God, true Mediator between you and the Creator, Call Out to Jesus and ask him to reveal himself to you. Many demons disguise themselves, if you are far along in your channelling you may encounter a false demon, ask him if he is Jesus Christ the God and Creator of this world, if they do not say this, rebuke them in Jesus Christ name. You where give this power over all demonic entities. BELIEVE ME I HAVE EXPERIENCED GOD IN MY LIFE. This is the true path guys, the path to God is narrow, but the path to destruction is wide. God bless you all and I hope you experience the true awakening.

    • Even though it sounds like you didn’t actually read the article, and you’re simply regurgitating a set of talking points, I am going to address what you wrote.

      Patriarchal religion is one of the major false-light constructs. The being we know as Jesus came in to break apart that construct. Unfortunately, his message was diluted, edited and absorbed into the patriarchal control matrix, and they spawned a new religion in his name.

      The bible is essentially a collection of channeled messages, 3rd hand accounts of events, Judaism (old testament) and a few pieces of true wisdom from Jesus that managed to survive multiple translations and revisions.

      Can you handle the truth that the bible has been revised in order to manipulate you and usurp your energy? Don’t confuse the bible with the teachings of Jesus — 95% of what is in there aren’t his words.

      Jesus taught us to: Love God (Source) with all your heart. Love your neighbor as yourself (meaning that your neighbor is not separate from you, he/she IS a part of you).

      Treat others the way you want to be treated.

      Know that God/Heaven/Source is INSIDE of you.

      That’s it in a nutshell. If anyone truly lives by these principles, they will become enlightened. If EVERY SINGLE person who calls themselves “Christian” lived by these principles, the world would be a very different place. Unfortunately, religion has perverted his message, and killed others in his name. Not very Christ-like.

      Also, Jesus did not say that we need HIM to get to God/Source. Sure, that’s in the bible now, but if you really meditate deeply on it, you’ll realize that was added later in one of the many translations and editing jobs done on the bible.

      Jesus, Buddha and other beings of True Divine Light have indeed transcended the corrupt demiurge, and they can help us to see through demiurgic lies, as well as to clear energetic limitations we have taken on. Yet they will be the first to inform you that you do not require them to access Infinite Source / God.

      Connection to Infinite Source is every being’s natural state. No intermediary is necessary.

      • Ann

        Amen, brother. You speak truth here.

      • OneLuckyDuckND

        Perfect reply. LOVE how you speak the truth on patriarchal religion.

      • thank you for this
        great reply

      • Rebekah

        …not to mention “Yahweh” of the Hebrew bible is yet another example of a manifestation/aspect of the demiurge that Cameron so eloquently defines and clarifies. …been standing in peaceful opposition to “it” all my life. On-ward ho, divine agents of Truth!

        • RICHARD

          This posting has been such a tremendous validation. I was feeling very alone with the very same discernment. And Rebekah, I saw what “Yahweh” actually was about 2 years ago when a man I loved deeply started hurting me pointlessly. After going round and round with him, observing patterns in him and other Jewish people (a people I love and admire greatly)I finally saw this being very clearly and how it has attached to the Earth and has spread its tendrils into them and beyond… flummoxed and overwhelmed with the enormous political incorrectness of even saying something like this about people’s gods is difficult. I have spoken to some of my Jewish friends about this, and they surprisingly CAN hear it, and have it to a certain degree at least. I realize that Yahweh isn’t the only being doing stuff like this and there are perhaps many, but Yahweh’s agreement is also with the earth herself, and she allows it to feed the way it does, but we have an agreement with earth too and I’m sure we can evict this being from the planet. I’m just not sure how…. yet.

          • RiverWalker

            Hi, I haven’t posted here or anything before, but this really great article and the comments have brought me to.

            I would mostly in response to what you’ve said, like to offer a view on the issue of Judaism in relation to this…

            I am coming to feel that Judaism can sometimes be a little bit “Schizophrenic” in regard to some of these sort of issues. I think that some aspects of Judaism, at least for some people, actually does teach and promote a connection to the “true source” or whatever you wish to call it. where others, or perhaps rather, for other people, it is more of the dualistic thing.

            I think different aspects of things speak to different people at different points on their path(s), I do not think that Judaism has come through all this time unscathed or entirely without being influenced by sources that are not entirely what they purport to be.

            I think some of the core concepts (direct connection to God, no avatars, no intermediaries, intrinsic incorporeality, no hell, ect) help keep some of the “corruption” at bay, at least for those who “have ears to hear”.
            particularly some parts like how at least for those who “get it” the intrinsic one-ness of God that goes beyond what a huge portion of people “get”, but is at the same time, generally a huge portion of Jewish belief. … the most fundamental, core “prayer” of Judaism is a declaration, some would say, a testimony, that God is ONE. absolutely One, singular, whole, perfect and absolutely ONE.
            when you REALLY understand that at a soul-level, its hard to stick duality to that, without it seeming rather confused and contrived.

      • Luna

        Cameron, THANK YOU!

      • You feel as I feel thanks for putting it out there ..it is so simple …the golden rules we were taught in school b4 it got so corrupt ..love is the answer.. I hope i live long enough to see it evolve

      • Savannah

        This has all been very confusing for me. This comment helped me a lot. Thanks so much!!!!! I needed it : )

      • Valentino

        Hey Cameron Day, I have just read your article and most of your comments. You seem to be very knowledgable on occultism.

        Firstly I would like to thank you for sparking up the interest in so many peoples lives to seek the truth.

        I want to be clear from the beginning that I am convinced only of proof and facts not by emotion or whatever ”feels good is good mentality.”

        I am in agreeing with Alessio Trabelsis comment on Jesus Christ as I have had an encounter with the demons and the only way I was set free was through the name of Jesus few years ago…

        I would like to make clear that what you talking about in your comment replies is that they are not valid points, providing no quoted sources but only personal opinion and preference.

        PARAGRAPH 1
        Patriarchal religion is one of the major false-light consructs, message was diluted etc.
        Yes Jesus did come to bring a sword and not peace so people can go directly through him to be saved from their sins not through other people or animal sacrifices.

        ”Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.”
        Jesus Christ

        The blood and water that poured out of His body was proof that He was half man and half God.
        ”This is He who came by water and blood– Jesus Christ; not only by water, but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit who bears witness, because the Spirit is truth.”

        PARAGRAPH 2
        Bible is essentially a collection of channeled messages, revised to manipulate you…
        How is the bible manipulating? It is offering a way out, this is a choice, to be manipulated means that is out of your control by another entity.

        ”So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.”

        PARAGRAPH 3
        God/heaven etc is INSIDE you
        This belief is a common deception as Dr. Wayne Dyer quotes:
        ”You are the same as your Source. You are God. Because you come from God, you cannot be anything but God. ”
        Dr. Wayne Dyer

        Ephesians tells us that we are Gods masterpiece, not that we are gods, we have either the spirit of God or the spirit of satan possessing us.
        ”For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

        PARAGRAPH 4
        Also, Jesus did not say that we need HIM to get to God/Source…
        He does say He is the only way,
        ”Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

        Do not be deceived by false angels.

        If we put on the new self, then we will not be deceived if we remain in tune with the Holy Spirit and in His Word.

        Eph. 5:1 Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children

        Eph. 5:2 and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.

        May the truth of Jesus Christ our redeemer open up your hearts so that your minds can understand ultimate wisdom.

        God be with you in the growing of this seed.


    • Demetri

      Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is in you. When he said, I and the father are one.. He meant the father is one in all of us.. Are we the GOD,no… Are we co creators with GOD… Yes… Lets look at, I and the father are one.. Lets take a cell out of your body, is that cell you.. Yes… Its part of you, but its not the whole. If God is infinite consciousnesses, then you are differential part of that. We are co creators.. Never give your power away to any deity, respect them, love them, but as co creators, we are all equal and sovereign. Jesus did say, “ye are all Gods”. Jesus, was a GNOSTIC, and to truly understand Jesus, you must also study the burnt GNOSTIC texts… When Jesus said he was the way, the way is Infinite love.

      • elisa

        well put.. sounds much like Christ consciousness to me 🙂 am I wrong? i am reading comments after this article and i am being neutral even tho i disagree with some aspects of this article…

      • Irma

        Demetri, thanks for your post. Can you recommend some books? Thanks!

    • Eve

      I also traveled a spiritual path that led me Back to the one true God. Through Jesus.
      You have free will to choose your path. You have all the information you need.

  • TC

    Cameron, I add my thanks to the many already expressed. I started working with light energy almost 40 years ago in The School of Actualism, and still use its technology, so the word “lightworker” doesn’t bother me per se. However, I too in the past few years have noticed the shift in the energy I’ve sensed around what now seems to be merely “new age jargon” rather than something meaningful or substantial.

    Channeled messages have also been been a mainstay of my spiritual growth for that same time period. There too I’ve noticed the same shift in my perception of the energy of these messages and your explanation of its possible cause definitely struck a chord in me. I now delete unread the great majority of those messages that come across my screen for the same reasons you outlined. I now feel disempowered by most of them and I don’t like that feeling. Again, thank you for so eloquently putting into words some reasons why my feelings about them have changed over the past few years.


  • Phoenix


    I hope your message is received for those who are ready to hear it.

    I also want to plant a seed for you and those who read this, I encourage you to look deeper down the rabbit hole, all the way to the very core of existence because truth be told, this manipulation is a holographic one penetrating all layers and levels. Earth, the Galactic core, Great central Sun, even the “Infinite Source” beyond the demiurge is corrupt. Many people think God is infallable but even the true and ultimate source is just a macrocosmic reflection of ourselves- and an honest inquiry to how whole we are within will be a good indicator of the grand state of affairs.

    The solution is to become as whole within as possible, and the key to the is integrating the emotions with the physical body. Many newagers and genuine spiritual seekers seek to dissolve or liberate themselves from the ego, but it must be deeply integrated. Negative emotions like pain and sorrow hold crucial information for piecing ourselves back together. Indeed they ARE the holographic information that holds the key, beyond all space and time. In truth the Higher or Divine Self and the ego are two ends of the exact same stick. The higher self literally is the ego. The key that unites them once again is the emotions, and the body is the greatest sum of all parts.

    I wish you and all my brothers and sisters to deeply grasp these truths, if not today then hopefully some day when the time is right.

    Best wishes

    P.S. The cosmic “Ohm” is a Zeta Reticulan broadcast to keep people in the demiurge.

    • Marliese

      How very interesting for me to read your words on the “Ohm”
      I have very little used the Ohm because I find it repungent.
      Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
      Best regards

    • Hi Phoenix,

      I understand where you are coming from, and I have often entertained those very same notions. While it sometimes does seem that the corrupt demiurgic hologram permeates everything, I see tremendous beauty and self-aware connectedness just outside the borders of the local corrupt demiurge. This encourages me to see that there is beauty, elegance and grace in the true creation.

      If the whole thing is corrupt all the way to Infinite Source, I intend to discern that (and eventually write about it.) I will leave no viable theory unexplored! 🙂

      If it is the case that the corruption extends into everything, then it means every creator being, including every Galactic mind, Universal Prime Creator and Infinite Source all want the same healing and freedom that we do. We are all always connected, and I have found that being conscious of those connections helps put things into a larger, more complete perspective.

      If the entire Universe/Multiverse/Infinite Source needs healing, then we will get it done. I’ll start with me, and work my way out from there. 🙂

      Much Love,

      p.s. I never could get into Om-ing, but I haven’t investigated its source.

      • You make a great point about beauty, but i have to sidestep to get to my point, so bear with me for a little bit. I used to think that Yahweh was the demiurge construct, until i found out IHVH (the unspeakable name of god) actually stands for “I Am that I Am” (it was there all the time) which to me implies the collective higher self in humanity. However the imposter, seems to pretend it is a something instead of the most abstract of abstract concepts. Another one is Allah, which means God, but also stands for the infinite nothing (you feel that when you chant it- which is why i respond to the ohm/Aum subject) . These concepts are to me deep insights into the original material, before corruption. Names in demonology are incredibly important, once you know their name, you control them(or so they make you believe in the light-dark construct). Names personify, but also bind character in them. I think the way things have developed, is that humans have originally felt these powerful messages (of ideas such as the collective higher self) , and that the perception and understanding forced them to write these concepts into Books. Throughout the timespan within these Books, (god of duality, god of love, god of all and nothing) you can see the developing of god-concept become more and more abstract and less personified. The bigger masses start to understand more complex concepts and our own responsibility. We are all different experiences of this same construct, giving our Other Me’s insights through dualistic experience. Eventually dark and light move closer until we see the real beauty. That beauty that was there all along, yet we have attributed it to the light through that demiurg construct – through symbolism and semiotics. I ve started to see how we program our reptilian brain through our nerval system selves. emotions respond automatically through a body memory. Seeing through that, recognizing stops us behaving the same. And belief-systems are exactly the same. The demiurg construct has made us think that beauty is of god. But beauty is just that. Beauty. In art-academies you are not allowed to use that word, because it is not a description. Beauty is timeless, and i think we just need to recognise it as not of the demiurg, to go back to collectively appreciating it and the construct will vanish. (i can dream, can’t i?)

      • Lynn Regelin

        And here I think we might be getting close to the reason for playing this game. Something about the whole healing itself. Something like injecting a remedy into the center of the infection. More like dealing with a cancer which is normal cells growing out of control and destroying the life around it to support itself without regard for the organism. Something like that. On an unbelievably enormous scale- but the tiny on our end is a reflection of the big. I get hints of this understanding occasionally.
        What you have said in your essay is the most clearly expressed statement of what I know – but getting it into words is not easy.
        Thank you so much. It also validates my own understandings which often seem so obscure and not reflected back at me anywhere.Thank you thank you.

    • elisa

      P.S. The cosmic “Ohm” is a Zeta Reticulan broadcast to keep people in the demiurge.

      will you please elaborate this? sources? where does come from?

  • Rob

    Where and how do you position the relationship of the heart centered seeker with nature, also refered as the environment, where as you well know a highly polarized battle of views exists?

    • Connect with nature and observe that polarity/duality is elegantly balanced in the most efficient manner possible. Then seek to integrate one’s self and life with that balance.

  • Tracy

    I’m so glad that you brought up the importance of ‘breaking contracts’ for reclaiming self sovereignty. So important to bring up!! Indeed… game’s over kinda deal.

    Just EAT the feather of truth and stuff your own heart back in! (you might remember that reference *wink*)

    Sheesh… what we go through here.

    As I’ve said, what seems forever, should have read the fine print better. I was just too excited to be here now! Hahahaha… yeah.


    On a more serious note though…

    Find that when I see the light of various folks these days that there is a difference in the actual visual effect (if you will) to the organic light of creation and the ankle-biter inorganic light. The inorganic light can seem entrancing for the pulsation and how it ‘runs’ round the perimeter of the person I am looking at. If I engage with them I can often find myself almost blinded by them for the light shining off their bodies… will have to focus on their eyes just to ‘see’ them through the brightness. Took me FOREVER to figure out… they are reflecting MY LIGHT back at ME!! This is why it seems so familiar and enchanting and yet… holds a sightly different/demented texture for the reflection. Has that cool and impersonal sense to it if I take the moment to discern what it is that I am seeing/SENSING. A distortion for the manipulation. YUCK! Nothing of the enveloping soft emanation and strengthening connectivity that is born of the organic sort.

    Just my experience with this ‘feature’ such as I’ve come to find it to be. Indeed, not all ‘light’ is directly of the light. Couldn’t agree MORE!

    Love to and for you Cameron!

    Thanks again for another fantastic article and the sharing.

    • Thank you for this comment, Tracy. This is a very good point that I wasn’t able to get into in this article: The false-light reflects our OWN light back to us! Talk about using our own energy against our highest good…

      But we came into this level in order to understand what’s going on and relay that information to our comrades outside of the corrupt demiurge. Nobody could imagine that it had gotten this bad in here. Correction is underway. 🙂

    • Sara

      OH MY GODDESS YES!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I JUST FIGURED THIS OUT IN MY CONSCIOUSNESS AND I AM ELATED TO SEE THIS HERE. I was working with a healer who was using this false light, made me believe that I needed her and that she could read my energy better than I could…I finally have realized that the reason I felt so connected to her was because she was feeding off of my light and reflecting it back to me. Its crazy, I have just recently gotten how this new age system is really just patriarchy dressed up in a different but same package. Its still just trying to convince us we need something or someone outside of ourselves! I finally feel free reading this article and seeing and feeling the support of all of you who have come to the same conclusion.

      Cameron, what is your prayer? Do you pray for the support of light beings or angels anymore? Or just to be in alignment with the divine within.


    • Glad to read a bit of ‘common’ sense – particularly after one of your articles in which you appeared to castigate adult nudity around their own children (i.e. to perpetrate the indoctrinated sense of guilt around the human body, which is, aftyer all, a mere vehicle for just one of our simultaneous, multi-dimensional expressions of Consciousness. In fact, it’s a bit of a myth to even talk/write in terms of “duality”; if we place Consciousness at the centre of: ‘All that is’ and that: ‘Is in All’, each of our ‘points of view’ could be reduced to one among 360° of possibilities – each one ‘correct’, All equally important/significant to the Whole.

      Until you re_cognize your own (so-called) ‘dark side’, you shall remain a stranger to yourself, and an orphan to OneSelf !
      @ Veronika; if you re- a number opf Monty’s messages you will dis_cover that he perpetrates the ‘us versus them’ syndrome that is symptomatic of the process dis_covered in the above article ;o)

    • Erik Bullon

      Hi Veronica: I am delighted to see your work with Monty as I’ve been and ‘admirer’ from he was living on the physical on Earth.
      I should say that I only trust my I AM presence and the messages from the Ascended Masters from The “I AM” Activity from Guy Ballard and “Bridge of freedom” Geraldine innocente. http://ascendedmaster.org/reliability

  • Bjorn

    Thanks Cameron. This one really resonated with me.

    But there is a but here. I have heard several other sources apply the same explanation model. Why is all these deceptive powers at play described through maleness? What you are ‘channeling’ is that the male type or behavior is the deceptive and controlling one, which again implies that we have to give way to the female powers, as they are the key to the ‘improvement’.

    To me this sounds like a deception within a deception. As if you are creating a new duality, where the female part is to come forward and save us from the male part. But then you are trapped in the conflicting duality again.

    As I believe we evolve through a cooperation between the femaleness and maleness, you cannot describe one side as inherently wrong. They both have negative aspects attached to them, and please do not follow the politically correct dogma of neglecting the negative sides of the feminine.

    But again – this was great reading!

    • Yes, there is so much to delve into on this topic. I will make note of this for a future article, but in brief:

      Male-domination is the name of the game within the corrupt demiurge. This does not mean that feminine-domination could not also occur, and that certainly would not be good for us, either. It would simply be an oppositely polarized form of domination.

      When I tune into the essence of the planet, sun, galaxy and even universal prime creator, they all have a strong feminine, nurturing energy to them. Since the feminine is the mother/creator aspect, this makes sense.

      When we transcend the false duality of the demiurge, we can move into balance of male/female polarities within us. The polarities don’t go away since they are part of nature, but we can balance those polarities while maintaining awareness of our innate connection to Source.

      Again, it is the illusion that we are separate from source that is the basis for falsely imposed duality.

      • Franz

        Indeed, which is why the greatest avatars or sages often “evolve” to an almost androgynous state of being, one in which the feminine and masculine polarities are in perfect balance of the Tai Chi. They may continue to inhabit a male of female body but in consciousness they have transcended that polarity which is the effect of the material realm, which density is caused by duality.

        • Kiera

          EXACTLY, Franz. A perfect balance of androgyny, not even “almost”.

          I am one of these types and have always wondered about it…as I’ve closely observed how others around me react to my strangely balanced nature.

          For the most part, men love being my friend, and my incredibly strong sexual energy always pulls them along.
          Women have been the most confused…a very few become homosexually attracted to me, but for the most part my Male aspect repels women — makes them very uncomfortable.

          So interestingly enough, what I have experienced in my lifetime here as a perfectly balanced androgynous being, is total acceptance from men, and mainly rejection from women.

          The information keeps coming to me that the goal of the Earth Experiment is to evolve a being that is not only fully Male/Female integrated….but a full integration as well of the perfectly balanced Negative/Positive of duality.
          Which means full acceptance, love and understanding of the “Dark” side. Of the Force. >;D

          And when one is able to do this, which we could call a transcendental state…one no longer experiences feelings of weirdness, or repugnance, or discomfort of any kind. All simply IS.

          • Des

            Indeed, and I am ‘assuming’ by your chosen name, and the responses you describe, that you are currently manifesting a female form.

            I, as someone manifesting a male form this time around, have a slightly different reaction to having a reasonably good balance between my polarities – women generally find it easy to open up to and talk to me in ways that they don’t with most men, and men, well, I don’t have that many male friends, but those that I do, have sometimes been inspired to expose a homo-erotic aspect of themselves to me. Which, while I have considered and even explored the actuality of in my youth, decided was not for me, in this masculine expression – though it does occasionally come into sexual fantasies.

            I have quite distinct ‘recovered awareness’ of ‘other’ (not ‘past’ they are all here now) lives, a significant one of which was as a highly successful and influential prostitute in the late 18th/early 19th century, who has ‘bled through’ quite heavily into this lifetime, so, while not being homosexual this time around, I have a penchant for women’s underwear, a love of silk, satin and lace etc., and occasionally indulge these in a bit of cross-dressing, when I give vent to my ‘baser instincts’, or rather, allow expression of my ‘dark side’!
            Anyway, I don’t think I’ve quite attained the ‘perfect balance’ yet, still working on it, but good to hear from someone who has, many thanks.. 🙂

      • RICHARD

        When I first met the sun it was masculine and loving and warm and not “piercing.” My experience of masculine energy in the cosmos is creative and loving in general. I am well aware of the characteristics of manipulation and domination but that is a result of the extreme polarization. The negative aspects of the feminine are just as horrid – exclusion and annihilation – and result from the same polarizing forces.


      I agree Bjorn. That part of the posting raised a red flag for me as I am well aware of female domination energy and how it is wielded and how destructive it is. You made the argument quite eloquently and I agree there is much to delve into and still so much to learn. It’s great to see so many people getting this.

  • Marilyn

    Thank you for putting into words what I have been feeling. I needed to “read” it from the outside to feel confident about my own discernment.

    Bless you Cameron.

  • Jackie

    A fascinating read! I’ve come to realise that both sides were created by the same source, I just never questioned the source!! As there appears to be a rise in the many films depicting good vs bad battles could it be that we are continually brainwashed to engage in battle? Is this battle an all encompassing distraction from our real purpose? I’ve just learned that in jungles Budhist monks are only allowed to practice the love/kindness meditation as it acts as a protection against all creatures
    including Mosquitos. I wonder what we can practice to keep us out of polarity, connected to the divine and living our life purpose? If we look closely there are lots of channels offering this but which path is the real one? I hope everyone is well and I wish I had answers. ;(
    Love to everyone,

    • Yes, movies are very powerful tools for brainwashing us into polarity. Star Wars would be one of the most blatant examples.

      The real path is the one inside of you! 🙂

      • Franz

        Though even Star Wars showed us that victory comes with transcending the demiurgic hologram, didn’t it? Remember that Jedi training scene where Luke thinks he’s battling Darth Vader but when he removes Darth’s mask after “defeating” him, it is he himself behind the mask.

        • Kristopher M.

          Indeed, in the newer Star Wars novels the Force is described as neutral, as the light and dark sides are within the individual.

          • Kiera

            I’ll be damned, that was the FASTEST synchronicity for me yet.

            And yes they are — within the individual, completely balanced, and thoroughly cherished.

  • Sunsusannah

    Thank you sooo much! This feels so right! Have to share this!!!

  • Elaine Okba

    Thankyou so much for this article – it really resonates with me.

    Following the “new age ” movement would only take us up to the next game level so if we want to move completely out of the game of duality we need to embrace David Icke’s words ” Uncondittional love is the ONLY truth, EVERYTHING else is illusion”.

    Uncondittional love Elaine

    • Daniel

      Dearest friend Elaine This is my truth —— unconditional love is certainly an affection to be proud of – but does not pride go before the fall? If unconditional love were the only truth then that would mean those who are not yet conscious of unconditional love would be in falsities.Within all of finite creation there are no true falsities or truths in fact – as each individual soul is a truth and ruling love in itself. What is truly needed to become higher self is only to know if you are in service to self or in service to others – conditional love or unconditional love – within a fully conscious state of your existence. For the one to create outside of equilibrium however one must indeed create according to their ruling love – and service to self can only create things that are in service to self while service to others can only create those things that are in service to others. Put the two together within equilibrium and they can then create all things of which they are fully conscious of at their level of evolution of the soul or God Man. In short all is truth but one side cannot exist ever without the other- as both sides make up Finite Creator Source.I hope this makes some sense to you friend and sister. I would also add that this world we presently live in and on is truly ruled by masculine energies – and in order for things to be returned to equilibrium for every human soul or God Man the masculine and the feminine must come together within equilibrium in order to become One and Whole once again. In unconditional love to you and yours —Daniel

  • Leo

    Thank you for finally putting the pieces together for me! I was putting so much effort into duality and the acceptance of both sides and then got distracted by all the ‘lightwork’ i SHOULD be doing, but at the same time felt that something was wrong with it. If we are integrating all aspects of ourselves, then why the polarising to the light?? Thank you for answering this for me and bringing me back to the integration. Much love to you and i hope this message reaches all who are ready to read it.

  • Brilliant article and sooo well written. I learned of this many years ago from a book by Sandy Stevenson – The awakening – The time is now. She says that for every angel of light there is an angel of dark with the same name, and they will easily trick you when channeling them, as well as pulling you into their control drama. For many years when doing any kind of healing work I call on the Divine Order. I actually say, ‘guides, reiki guides, ascended masters, angels, archangels, gods and goddesses of the Divine Order, please assist and protect us with (whatever your working with at the time)….’ or if you need help quickly, then I just say, ‘Can the Divine Order Crew assist with …’ I find that this cuts through all the control dramas of light and dark and gets the right team helping in the ethers!!

  • Jackie

    Just re read the article and Cameron Does in fact highlight ways to get out of the polarity!!
    Thanks again Cameron it is a fantastic article that contains so much info it needs to be read a few times:))

  • DB

    I would like to know more about this *soul telepathy*. Last year I *connected* with a *group* and this connection was quite unlike anything I’d ever experienced. There are never words. It feels like an instance where a tremendous amount of knowledge is instilled in me. The knowledge feels ancient, yet totally in the present. There are no useful words that I can use to describe this.

    This group is not judgmental. They *said* they are from the *Center*. My mind formulated they are from the center of all that ever is or was or will be. My mind named them the Elders.

    I know I could never *channel* their messages as they would all have to pass through my own mind and my own thoughts would color the messages.

    They were on their way to this planet, this plane of being, but surmised the people had not reached the point of not considering them goddesses/gods. They were not coming to *save* us, yet rather to teach us who we really are.

    I consider them my friends.

    By the way, I wake up often feeling tired and like I haven’t slept at all, plus having bruises and scratches and aching muscles. But I don’t have *fighting* dreams.

    • Sounds to me like you know plenty about soul telepathy. 🙂 Elders is a good term for these beings. The last thing they want is to be worshiped, which is one of many reasons they are trustworthy.

      As for your sleep, it sounds like *something* is going on that isn’t in your best interests. See the solutions section of this article for some ideas on how to free yourself from those experiences. I would also recommend you search this blog for “shielding” and read the articles on that subject as well.

      • Franz

        Our elders are indeed ascended masters even though that term has been co-opted by the deceivers. They are ascended masters because many of them earned the ascension by choosing correctly how to live their lives. Even in that last statement there is a way to interpret it in a dualistic sense. But in an absolute sense in which there is no duality, there is only victory. Life itself leads to victory and there is in reality no death. Yet, the individualized manifestation of the Source of All Things, is allowed (for it is the Law) to have complete freedom to be; in which case, that one may choose Life (Truth, Honor, Harmony, Love) or it may choose Death (deception, dishonor, discord, hatred.) In every moment of the individualized man (ifestation) – womb-man (ifestation) ‘s experience, the choice to be or not to be is made. That is the Organic and Whole Reality we wish to be. The Divine Monad (God) is not interested in a mechanical and rote existence.

        Duality (the demiurgic hologram) is a perversion of this Continuity of Life. The “devil” (deified evil – “live” spelled backwards) only exists because of the existence of free will. We see it as simply a part of our perceived reality that teaches us what is real and what isn’t.

        One becomes more of our one’s own reality until one can become ascended and free. That is not duality but it is the transcendence of it.

        • Kristopher M.

          Well said, good sir. The Divine Monad wishes to experience life in an endless variety of ways so when you conform to the norm you are, in essence, thumbing your nose at him/her/it. But then, everything you do and have done and will do is correct for you at that moment. 😉

      • elisa

        the morning after Xmas i had an odd experience. I had this friend, a nice girl i introduced to crystal healing and awakening. She was my friend for a year and half but few months ago she went back with her ex and restarted using drugs, ice.
        She came at my house at 5 AM and she was high. I spent the next 2 hours keeping her calm cause i really never dealt with meth people… till my roommate woke up and drove her to the bus stop. I closed this friendship of course. This wasnt the first episode. BTW…

        so, after my roommate dragged the girl out at 7,30 am i was finally able to hit the bed… i had quite an experience…
        i was laying on bed doing my breathing and i was asking AA Michael why this all was happening… where was the lesson to be learned since few hours before when i did my before bed prayers i asked to allow in the house only light and clearly that wasnt it. Suddenly i felt a caress on my arm, the hair stood up but without any duck skin effect no chill just a sweet caress… and i knew was one of them and i said Michael? no reply.. Raphael? nothing.. Suddenly came to me… Gabriel? and i felt warm and fuzzy.. and i didnt even have to ask the answers were pouring in my head… he said they need to feel it to act and that asking isnt enough, must be felt with all your essence and being…
        he also said that angels are too part of the one thing with source and is wrong to pray just to them or expect them to be some sort of gods… that God is one and source of all is one and they are made of it as we are and the only way for them is for us to feel it. And i felt it. Was warm and sage and that knot inside of me was like choking in my throat so i listened and breathed in and out in communion with the source, calling upon me the light from the crown down to my feet and cleansing with it from there up breath by breath, chakra by chakra and i could feel the knot lifting and breathing it out… as i got to the throat i got interrupted cause i had to get up and check on Noah then i went to the bathroom and i kept breathing trying not to lose the connection…
        when i got back to bed, i kept going from the throat up and as i reached the crown i felt like i was breathing light in and literally felt like my body would explode into a burst of light toward the outside… the head was crawling like tingling and was warm feeling too… all the way i felt the presence of Gabriel with me… and i felt so good and as my body didnt exist, i still was here on earth and at the same time anywhere else there was no space no time just the breathing, the light, the comfort… was amazing i never experienced anything like it… i fell asleep

        PD. many say Gabriel is female. I personally felt no gender.. was a perfect balance of feminine and masculine energy, was Bliss… Michael feels strong and powerful and “macho”… Raphael feels compassionate and sweet yet strong and fierce…

        you speak of all angels archangels being deceiver etc etc
        i do not agree. I personally had experienced a false AA Michael and i felt my guts crawling in despair and shoo it off. Scared me so much i didnt want to hear angel for a year. Then i reconsidered and i started connecting with them in a very bland way tho. Till few days ago. What i experience with AA Gabriel was what you call soul talk… how you describe it is how i could never find words with. So… i agree on many aspects you mention yet this angels thing i have to disagree 🙂

      • DailyObserver

        But Cameron. Can’t you see that you and I and very many others here are the Elders-incarnate? As Lynn Regelin so eloquently put it on August 30, 2013 at 9:45 am:

        “..Something like injecting a remedy into the center of the infection…”

        We ARE the remedy that have come collectively to heal the cancer from the inside! Let’s do this!

    • Smoknhalo

      I probably should have used the “reply” link here, but this is probably the 3rd time I have ever commented on something lol. I’m a newbie at it! I included some experiences of mine, which are very similar to DB’s experiences, a few comments down. Feel free to check them out at your leisure.

  • Very interesting read! I am a Kinesiologist and when I first qualified about 11years ago my life suddenly took on this movie-like quality: it didn’t feel real although it was very real – I look back now and realise I was ‘being shown’ the ‘stories’ that run in our lives – very real but not true and they can be be torturous and very challenging. It took me a long time to reclaim my inner power and made me question the whole why’s and how’s in my life – questions I’d had in mind before but now were very ‘in my face’. I would like to share here with you and those others that read your article that there are subtle energy systems at increasingly complex levels that hold our vulnerabilities, our energy, and we play our role feeding the systems and being fed. It is how we as humans are evolving as I do not like to see anything as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ and I understand where your article talks about the True Higher Energies never being judgemental or coercive in any way at all. The true journey is about Free-ing our #Will and truly living in #harmony as individual self-empowered people. I am still learning higher and higher complexities and have yet to complete the journey I know I am on.. how to live in physical #reality truly outside of the manipulative systems. I’m sure there is a way to be ‘normal’ – live in an #empowered way amongst other ‘normal’ people in harmony with all around and living a life that feels like mine!! This is a process of evolving our energy fields to manage and socialise with non-self energies in an empowered way… I do this but still there is more to learn… Very complex and amazing! Feel your Truth and learn from the situations presented to you… Just asking why and how will bring the necessary inspiration <3

    • I would just add that the current condition of human life is very abnormal. What is normal has become viewed as “extraordinary” but our normal state is one of awareness, connectedness, sacredness, etc.

      • Franz

        The human being (hewn man) is a vessel in which the spiritual being (the soul evolving to its Christhood/Buddhahood) learns the basics of its reality, to be more fully expressed through the Christ/Buddha consciousness which steps down the undifferentiated Light/Consciousness of the Source of All.

        Man, now thyself as God.

  • Curtis H. Folts

    How is this not promoting dualistic fear of evil?

    I am not trying to flame nor to disrespect, and I am glad to disagree with respect when disagreement is called for.

    This article seems to present all that we currently know as evil and then suggests that there is something good beyond it.

    Now I am in agreement that there is no duality, and I like the idea of clearing any entities that do not serve one’s highest good, but that’s where our similarity of views seems to end.

    • Dualism is the name of the control game. If we are told that one half of the beings controlling us are the “good guys” then we need to know the real truth of our situation.

      The intent of this article is to shed REAL light on the false light, so that people won’t blindly follow them to nowhere.

      Once we KNOW what they are up to, they lose power over us. Our amnesia and ignorance are the cornerstones of their control.

      • Franz

        There is indeed a REAL light – and the many manifestations and permeations infinitely perceived. Because of error in the exercise of free will, there are also manifested and perceived, false lights, dim reflections of the Reality, corrupted by adherence to a rebellion against the Law of Being.

        Ironically, the Duality of the False Ones (fallen ones) is in itself a masked and corrupted reflection of the great polarity of Alpha to Omega in the Great Central Sun.

      • :)“Fan-Base Flame-Outs”:)

        I wonder if we potty trained our young without reward and punishment, there would be a
        lot less fan-base flame-outs getting in between us and our own inner Conscience Light?

        I wonder if human coupling is advanced potty training for emotional hostages of continual War
        on ONENESS, just to remain in a sick loyalty to our first fan-base flame-out parent trainers?

        I wonder if our ‘loss of innocence’ initiation is another Duality reward and punishment that 
        promotes more fan-base flame-outs getting in between us and our own inner Conscience?

        Unless you find paradise
        at your own center,
        there is not
        the smallest chance
        that you may enter . . .

        No ray of light can shine
        if severed from its source;
        without my inner light
        I lose my course . . .
        Angelus Silesius

  • Cort

    “Second Awakening” reminds me of levels. In 07 I was on it, 911, politics, law… I was “awake”. Was consumed in all of the “reports”… Its coming! Be prepared! And nothing. Cry Wolf??? The “reports” started to have less effect but in the back of mind I was waiting.. All info or “reports” seemed not to have any validity! All was calm. Now, mind you on the sites that I did frequent were full of the very content that had me frightened from the begining. AFAST FORWARD….No jobs, create one! Pres. did “this” counter it! Water is this, “filter” it! Food is this, “clean” it!! You get my point.. Become “PROACTIVE”!! Just my 2 cents which are worth just that. Thank You for listening.

  • Cort

    Oh, so what im getting at is this. If you feel that you are at the “second awakining”, it is just personal growth. A very good place to be being that you are much farther than most!! Welcome and enjoy BUT dont forget how fragile these “levels” are!!

  • llyrran

    Thanks. Have always shied away from the light blah!! and channelled works! Great article, but lost me when you referred to ‘true divine light’???? Light is a creation, therefore is not reality/existence. Imagine existence before any creation….no dimension….definitely no light..

  • the dave

    This is one persons theory, is it not? I didn’t really see anything to support the narrative other than the story telling ability of the author – or am i missing something?

    • We R One

      Yep, that’s exactly what I was thinking too!.. The whole point about humans jumping without questioning proven once again by reading comments of the followers of this article.

  • sheila

    At last !!so pleased to read so many comments agreeing on this.
    Thankyou x

  • Ana

    Hi Cameron, Thank you for sharing your awareness and crisp naming in a public forum. The comic element of the ’emperor has no clothes (& is stuck on re-runs)’ for the channels has dropped into nauseating for me. I am grateful so see that you are opening up a dialogue to go below the web-based structure of ‘new age’ culture. Please remember that many indigenous leaders have maintained a primary connection to the living organism of the Earth and do not invoke 4-D beings of low or high octave.

    I think the language we use does energetically carry meaning. From a non-dualistic perspective, please consider that even the word “Divine” is completely Judeo-Christian in its use as an adjective for the Liar-archy, and contrasted with profane. It’s like using the word ‘spiritual’, when everything is made of the life-force energy. The catagorizing of divine freezes it into an attribute, when our quality of awakeness/consciousness is all that separates our relationship to self or Self.

    The power of choice as use of conscious awareness feels like strong post-dual medicine for these times. Thank you for inviting me to share thoughts!
    \/ Ana (* \/ – the peace sign is also a mudra for balancing duality)

    • Putting any of these concepts into words is difficult at best. The language is based on polarity, so using non-polarized terms is not always possible. Infinite Source, for example is based on the word “finite” — Yet it is the most accurate descriptor that I currently have.

      • Franz

        God (Geometry Of Divinity) or Infinite Source or Consciousness are all aspects of the Reality of Life. There is a spiritual hierarchy, a fact that is made obvious in our observation of Nature herself (the matter (mater, latin for mother) universe – Mother Earth.)

        Hierarchy, the natural order of life, is simply the divine arrangement that we can all choose to love and obey; or not, with the consequences. Consequences are for the nurturing of the soul as a loving mother nurtures its young child.

        • Tamara

          Hierarchies lead to abuse. I refuse them. Look back through history to what always happens to those on the lower levels. I respect all beings and I will not put any under me as a master. To do so would eventually endanger their lives and freedom. If I disagree with a supposed higher power, they would be assumed to be right because they are in a higher position…. but that does not mean they are right and it is foolish to assume or give power as in a hierarchy so quickly. If that being in the higher position is wrong, how many under them will suffer, especially if they tried to not follow that being because they saw that being was wrong? Decide things for yourself, listen to other beings but do not give them such incredible power over you. I hate hierarchies, they always end in suffering and atrocities…

      • Yes indeed this is a great article for LIGHTWORKERS , and dont fret its happening , everything is in divine order , including the false light and darkness is an arangment and protection from god the true light will manifest in time and its already there if people choose to see it , all negative experience is only pecieved that way , be gratfull for everything even negativity and pain its part of the miracle of existance , your alive in the middle of the universe every experience is a miracle , dis satisfaction and ingratitude is maya , wake up your free you are the light , everything is the light revoking anything separates , accept everything and your divine

  • susan

    So Good to have you put your “revelation” into words for others to consider. For those who don’t quite grasp the concept of duality please search “Sailor Bob Adamson, James Barah and most importantly, “Butterflies Are Free To Fly” by Stephen Davis (can be downloaded as an e-book free).

    Our “work” right now is to confirm the illusion of duality on every level in every way. We are ONE…… David Wilcox’s new book will take you the rest of the way “home” with this and your new life will have begun. It is all over…………. the old lies no longer bind us.

  • Looks like Cameron is discovering his true path….
    The Goddess has always called us to Nature’s Way, being connected to Life Itself rather than philosophies, ideas, religions,which always perpetuate the duality consciousness.
    Fortunate is the one who finds the true path which connects us instantly with that pure existence, eternally bubbling up from Within, that quenches the Soul’s thirst for love, the real fulfillment. Each breath is an invitation to commune with Source, that Love / Light which exists within and beyond duality.

  • Debbie

    Cameron – thank you for this…everyone needs to hear it, this is the key, every website seems to be filled with fearmongering on wars, financial collapse, coming martial law, fema camps…on and on and on………and here you have given the key to refusing walk through that hell…………REVOKE ALL YOUR AGREEMENTS TO EXPERIENCE ANY OF IT………..I believe wholeheartedly that I am incarnated here at this time for the purpose of dismantling the demiurge, I have never met a “light worker” or “guru” who didn’t make the hair stand up on the back of my neck, I believe the entire organized religions are meant for one purpose and one purpose only, to control the sheep….you gave words and more validation to what I have felt since I was a child….all these “leaders” are frauds, follow no one is what my inner voice has always said, many have called me cynical and not very trusting but when I sense a manipulator I run the other way… Thank you very much!

    • Cynical and not trusting is how non-discerning people view those who are utilizing their discernment. There isn’t much in this world that is worthy of trust, but it takes tremendous discernment to realize that. 🙂

    • Maureen

      My knowing feelings and my discernments keep me quiet!! I have seen in my life how people I know think how wonderful and spiritual someone is and I feel cringes!! And sometimes I have thought what the hell is wrong with me feeling this way, and I pray and meditate God/Goddess/All There Is or my Higher self for answers and my feelings usually get stronger and I feel better. I usually in time find out reasons why and go AHA! thankfully I can’t go against myself!! And I AM So Thankful!!! As I am so thankful for this article of more confirmation!!

    • Terrie

      Hi Cameron, I want to thank you. What you wrote in this article has been an ongoing concern of my own for some years now. I had grown very tired of discerning the opposite of what I started out believing in every concept, book, article or religion. I was a big book reader for many years, I just couldn’t get enough. I was searching for truth somewhere, anywhere, in between every line I read. Then one day after reading the bible for the third time in a row, I fell asleep from the exhaustion of all the wars and evil doings in it and just before I fell asleep, I remember asking “just what is the truth?”. I asked this because the bible and everything else I had read seemed so evil and mean to me even when it was suppose to be something good, and it just didn’t make any sense, none of it…lot’s of contradictions to love and life. As I was falling asleep I heard a voice as clear as day say “don’t trust anything or any man”. Because the bible was the last thing that I had read and had caused me to asked that question, I assumed the voice was in relation to what was in the bible. Later through many more years of researching, I realized that it all kept leading me to the same unfulfilled place of confusion, duality and polarity. I finally decided that I didn’t want to read any more, I didn’t want to search anymore…I didn’t care. And as soon as I did this my life turned upside down and I would say very cruel…I didn’t want to play anymore and it seemed that I was being attacked because of it. Books started to fall from the shelves at book stores, libraries and my home, books on spirituality, I’Ching, witchcraft and religions like voodoo, Buddhism and Yoruba and I bought them all…and I read them all. I feel in love with the I-Ching and became curious about the evil voodoo and connected to Buddhism. My life spiraled out of control and I went back to Christianity and was attacked even more cruelly than before. So I gave it up once again and decided on Buddhism, believed it all and when I realized that my life was becoming just as I believed, that I should be poor and without property and humble and should care nothing about myself, just serve others, I threw all of the books away and didn’t read, couldn’t read another one for years.

      Life was and is hard, we lost almost everything and recently I decided that it was all evil, even that which seemed good. That I should just leave it all (philosophy, religion, searching for truth)alone and that I should break any agreements or belief patterns that I once had, once and for all and then I saw your article this morning and that did it, it moved me and made me feel like I am at least on the right track. It expressed my confused thoughts so clearly and gave credibility to my feelings and now I look forward to nothing but being and doing…and living. I do still hope for truth though and that it will be revealed some day soon. Thank you.

  • Linda

    Thanks so much for this reminder. This is exactly what I believe, only forgot. Several months ago, I started all those disconnects but then I think I must have gotten sucked back into the demiurge. I now remember a dream I had at the time, telling me I would do exactly that. Thanks again for helping me get back on track.

  • Deb

    Thanks! A very well thought out piece! I have been sensing and waking up to the duality paradigm. How can we have unity when we are divided amongst ourselves and giving all of our power away. As I find this more balanced and centered place within myself the strength and peace within grows…… We are the ones we have been waiting for 🙂 no need to live in fear and pray to a savior outside of ourselves.

  • Malechite

    Whew! What a great piece and thank you so much for posting! What always tips it for me is no mention of the dismantling, not in any form. We are not here to use a series of techniques just to feel better about the fact that we are floating in the middle of a cesspool. Lily Pond here we come.

    • Yes, dismantling, clearing, agreement revoking, etc are all vitally important aspects of awakening beyond the duality program. Without clearing, we are just pouring new water into a dirty bucket.

  • Janna

    Discernment is Vital- Helping others see that Discernment is different than Judgement allows the ‘oneness’ that is real. WE keep stepping into the light. Call it what you want. 🙂

    I don’t believe there is a word for it… I know when I am there and my Discernment shows me when others are there. Thank you Cameron Glad you are here

  • Cameron, beautifully stated! However, you have only addressed half of the equation.

    We are living in a electronic frequency cage. Every awake and aware person must familiarize themselves with the subject of psychotronics and its myriad applications for manipulation of human behavior.


    The “lightworkers” were anticipated by the cabal for these times and a grand plan was conceived to address them. First, a large number would be subjected to remote attacks that would keep than in a low vibratory state. (i.e., “ascension symptoms”) This psy op would keep them ill and in depressed states to reduce their effectiveness. But also redirect their focus from addressing the true cause of their condition from one of psychotronic attack to a benign, even positive process of cellular upgrade. They wouldn’t be tortured because that would be too obvious and would blow the lid on the entire operation. (That’s reserved for those in the know who are actively working to expose the whole tech matrix – i.e., chemtrails, HAARP, nanotech, weather warfare – or those social/political activists and whistleblowers who are exposing various levels of the NWO agenda for exactly what it is.) Most of the LWs are not informed of the state of technology and its incredible reach – right up to controlling and manipulating the dream state. So their easily deceived into believing channeled messages (technical term “synthetic telepathy”). The fact that the vast herd of LW’s still subscribe to these messages is convincing evidence that the cabal plan to deal with them has proven remarkably effective. This has been devastating in that scores of LW’s sit around on Internet chat boards and FB contributing nothing to changing the direction this planet is going in. It’s fair to say they have been neutralized (or have allowed themselves to be neutralized.)

    Meanwhile, those being tortured are trying to communicate to their fellow LWs the whole picture and every level of it. They’ve done their homework and see the grand design clearly. However their “enchanted” fellow LWs, lapping up the channelled messages are deaf to it. They are convinced those subjected to psychotronic torture must be living in the past (3d) and fearful, thus drawing these attacks upon themselves thru some twisted interpretation of the law of attraction.


    The effect of all this has created a schism between the awake and aware on our planet. Those seduced by the feel good messages, coming from God knows where, that instructs to sit and wait for deliverance (which they dutifully oblige). Versus those who’ve done the hard research and see clearly the labyrinth constructed to deceive the entire population into doing nothing to extricate themselves from their constricting reality. Waiting on saviors (angelics or ETs) is no different than religious devotees looking to Jesus or Mohamed for salvation. Both are disempowering and reinforce lack of responsibility for your own self determination.

    I have made an appeal to the brilliant scientist Dr Mehran Keshe for protection from psychotronic attacks. Which at this point every human being would need due to the capability of the technology.


    Dr Keshe in his own words describing the capability of his technology;

    Once this subject is addressed, not just by the few LW’s suffering unbearable torture ( the price their paying for connecting the dots on this global enslavement program) but by all LW’s who claim their awake and state they want change, then we can bring down the elements orchestrating this technological holocaust that is suppressing the shift to a higher consciuosness.

    {We are an International team of Artists, Scientists, and Activists – based in Reykjavik, Iceland. This is the first of a series of videos – kick-starting a human mind-rights campaign. Our goal is to relentlessly inspire international discussion and debate – until all human beings on the planet are free from mind control and silent assassination technologies.

    Part 1 – Energy Weapons – explores mind control technologies, from cell phones to gigantic radar arrays, global satellite grids, and super computers. Governments of the world have long considered “mind control” to be the ultimate weapon of war – one of mass obedience. Today, these weapons have become unbelievably advanced and they remain completely unregulated and misunderstood.

    The technologies are known, the patents exist, and much of it has been demonstrated. Right NOW – there are untold thousands of people who are being tortured and used as involuntary human test subjects. There are whistle blowers from the CIA and DoD who have written books explaining how the technology works and how it is being used.

    It is possible that world politicians and anyone in a position to inspire or influence social change — is being targeted with these technologies? This possibility makes the thought of inaction unbearable. We feel that this is, without question, the most important issue facing humanity today. It is also our greatest opportunity once it is overcome!}


    Love and Light to All,

    • I can’t really cover this topic because I do not have direct experience with it. My heart goes out to everyone afflicted by these horrid technologies. The dark/false-light forces on higher densities have similar tech but it operates more subtly. The end result is still very bad for the individual.

      I have read that some TIs get relief by moving to remote locations, away from cell towers, and in their homes using ZERO wireless devices. That means corded internet, corded phones, etc.

      p.s. Try to keep your comments brief — more people will read it. 🙂

    • DarkStarAz

      John, best comment so far.
      Google glasses, droids with AI, trashumanism, chips in our skulls, connecting our brains to the WWW via wireless tech will surely lead to Skynet, the Borg.
      You think the NSA is watching you now?
      You think Mass-Media influences ppl now?
      Just wait ’til chips in the head are the rage.
      Archons design synthetic realities, the Borg is coming.

      • Kyle

        And the sad thing is we are bringing it upon ourselves. Spiritual ascension? Ha! More like decension where you go lower then higher.

      • Kyle

        Eventually they have plans to get rid of home computers all together where you will be subtly forced to use a cell phone or a tablet.

        There is signs of this already at Microsoft where they have fired ro let go of their PC tech people in a recent *shake up* which drew a lot of rightful criticism mostly though in UK comments rather then America. Are Americans stupid or something?

        PC sales have been down in the last three years considerably which explains why Microsoft forced Windows 8 to be like a mobile phone on a desktop which is a VERY sucky experience for those who want to know to program or do actual work.

        If you just want to chat on sites like this or watch movies on Youtube that is great but leave the rest of us who are serious with an option but then again that will allow light workers to expand their influence in the computer industry and that CANNOT be allowed under the global rules.

        If they can get rid of PC’s or put them all on cloud servers then LW people will be all controlled.

    • Great solid article summing up the state of affairs as been pointed out by Don Bradley, aka Cbswork for quite some time now.

      John, valid comments too. Anyone afflicted by these control technologies, mk, surveillance and other ‘nsa powered’ crap just look into orgonite devices to effectively neutralize these technologies and harrassment tactics.

  • Sojourner

    Nature is one of the cleanest teachers free of tenets of ego.
    How many billions are held up in concrete or subruban jungles absent the classroom of Pure unadulterated Nature?
    Agreed on canceling of contracts regularly.
    Like unwanted malware and ‘cookies’ they creep in through the backdoor and attach without one realizing it. Good analogy is to ‘run your computer cleaner after every session’-
    Agreed- stay vigilant and guard against the outside (and dimensional) influences that distract our Inner attention to remembering our Prime Source. It takes diligent self correction.
    A step in the transcendant direction…..

  • Hello,
    Great article think I might add the bull of blueprint we chose the life we have…I more inclined to believe we are forced to incarnated so they can suck our energy. For those of you , you should also read Chris Thomas work he echoes the exact same warnings …books and videos are on you tube.
    Reclaim your power !

    • I am definitely going to address the “blueprint” myth as well as the “lords of karma” in an upcoming article.

    • Urael

      Sally, one of my strongest intuitions has been that the view of a ‘heaven’ or ‘Summerlands’ awaiting us, where we go, relax, play and choose how we want to come back to Earth is actually a load of horse manure. It’s another system of control. And as Cameron says so is Karma, or ‘debt spiritualism’ as I call it.

      Happily, once you begin to see how they control us it’s almost impossible to go back to blindly accepting what they tell us. 🙂

  • […] Why I Am No Longer a Light WorkerAugust 24, 2013http://www.ascensionhelp.com/blog/2013/08/23/why-i-am-no-longer-a-light-worker/ […]

  • Cameron,
    What an excellent article! TY TY TY and thank you! This is so brilliant it so thighs in with another article I wrote about discernment and false channeling.

    I think there are a few good channeling’s out there but not to many. The once talking of Ascended Mastery etc and Dear Ones is usually dismissed right away. I would not have thought this though one year ago.. wow what a bumpy ride..

    Btw it’s all about In-scension and not A-scension…<3 I think.

    Rgs Oliver

  • Thank you for the courage to self disclose with such vulnerability.

    Even though your honesty and innocence expresses no apparent desire to build a fan base, I am also warmed by so many sincere seekers of a third alternative “Beauty and Truth” that abides in each of us as Sovereignty within our apparent emerging collective compassion, herein.

    So thank you everyone here for even acknowledging our dire need to turn inside, and trust our own connection to light and Love energy flowing continually within.

    • I definitely do not want “followers” or for anyone to give their power away to me. However, I am very grateful to you and everyone who reads these articles and seeks to live from the wisdom of their heart while bringing truth back into the world.

  • ashley

    I am a little confused though i agree with the things you say about the channeled messages. What is it that you suggest that people do with requard to this information? Thanks

  • At last !! After reading your article and all the replies, I understand now why all my life I have always ran off catholic church, ortodox church, different philosophies and “spiritual groups” but kept on searching and reading…phew !! I am “normal”
    Thank you Cameron, with love from France.

  • Cameron, Thank You for this AMAZING article…It makes SO much sense ~ I’m with Oliver on the usual Dear Ones read a couple of sentences and tell myself, “I DON’T want to read this”. More and More I find myself passing anything that says, “Channeled”….

    Thank You!

  • Cameron: it has taken me 2 years to withdraw from contracts of servitude and suffering through massive repercussions in my skin. It was a torrid time and it had to run its course from many thousands of years that it had become this addiction. What a joy it is to be FREE and now I can allow JOY into my BEING for the first time. I relate 100% to what you have written and have certainly forwarded this on to many others.
    Thank YOU for your courage, integrity and DIVINE TRUTH.
    Abundant Blessings….. Libby

  • p,s, The word Divine for ME is a personal direction to SOURCE. It is the only time I use this word and certainly not related to a cup of coffee nor anything else superficial. It is MY inner world.

  • Net

    I feel as if I’m being bound up when I am around or reading material from the false light. Because of this I have just naturally left any connection to channeled materials. Bravo~ Cameron for again putting the words to a very twisted subject.

    Blessing to you all~

  • Linda Ross

    So glad to see this! I have been saddened by the good people losing discernment as to what is real. It is so hard in this reality. Several years ago I read The Disappearance of the Universe and my heart remembered much of what your blog is saying. Even consciousness implies duality.It is time to wake up from the real dream, not just the dream within the dream.I just work on what is in front of me, forgiveness, don’t judge, drop the blame. That is hard enough.The false light is just the egos trick to keep us here and asleep. Love to all.

  • Very very well spoken Cameron…and vey very True. IAm soooooo gratefull Humans are finaly cathing up.! With Love and Gratetude. NAMASTE Marthe

  • Cameron,

    Thank you for your willingness to share your understanding around duality. What a gift! I remember in my younger years listening to family discussing politics at the dinner table, and realizing that if we go far and extreme enough in one direction, we will end up on the other side.

    In my personal journey, I have observed what I termed the pendulum theory. In order to understand an aspect or challenge in my life (such as a moral issue), I found I had to move in both directions as far as I could until I reached the points that I knew I’d lost my “self” (and what felt aligned with my “self”) It was only after I found my parameters that I could then find my own center somewhere between the extremes.

    I revoked many agreements today, calling back the energy given to them. I can already feel realignment taking place.

    With deep gratitude,

  • Peg

    Excellent information. I have been sharing similar information for several years now. One has to move out of duality/polarity. In addition, one needs to change their light architecture from false white light geometry to the golden/white light geometry, which are given to you as you pass thru the initiations. The only way the codes are released is if you go into your self and seek.

    The only things I would add would be that the new age folks need to stop profiting in the name of what they think is their spiritual progress and doing healing energy work on others but there is only so much one can put into an article. If some don’t understand this then meditate on what sovereignty means. Besides, unless you are completely out of polarity, you only create a boomerang effect with what was supposed to be healing work. Anyway, much love and thanks for this article.

  • Ori

    About a year ago i had series of conscious encounters with some beings, whose energies were very suspicious – cold, uncomfortable, masculine, yet somehow (fake) polite, just like Cameron described. I was very confused at first, but this led me to my 2nd awakening afterwards. Cameron’s article “First Contact is Not Happening Soon and That’s a Good Thing” was a good starting point (i was actually angry at this article, coz i was your typical new age fluffy back then). Later i found out about George Kavassilas. He describes the synthetic universe of false light and dark aka corrupt demiurge and his own encounters with cosmic cabal etc. If you want to understand how this corrupt demiurge came to existence, then i would recommend his book “Our Universal Journey” to everyone. I also think Drunvalo Melchizedek explained geometrically pretty well how this structure is designed in the chapter “The Lucifer Experiment and the Creation of Duality” (also called Luciferian flower of life) of his book “Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life 2nd vl.”.
    I am very glad that the people are finally catching up with this false light con/paradigm. There is also a guy (Blog Redefining God), who is aware of this con game and analyses pretty well the current issues at hand like economic collapse, new economy, real NWO etc. His articles are very good. Would also recommend him.
    Thank you Cameron for addressing this very important topic. And damn, you are very right too, that those critters are interfering mildly in the dream state. Lately i became suspicious of my dreams too and now i say i don’t want to be manipulated in any way by any being.
    Hugs, Ori

  • Smoknhalo

    I have had an inner feeling of all the false-positives out there for a while. Your article was able to put into words what has only been a thought to me. Thank you so much for writing this! On a side note, your description of true positives speaking not in language, but on a soul level is absolutely correct. One of the most vivid dreams of my entire life here was a dream of what I can only describe as the purest white light ever. It was completely white and bright, but not radiant bright. In other words, its light wasn’t something that left me with the impression of having to “squint my eyes” just to look at it. The feeling I felt when facing this light was pure warmth (physical warmth even), unconditional love and just everything positive I can think of. In the dream, there were no words to be exchanged. I just knew the feelings I had and knew the message, which was love and appreciation. Again, thank you for this article. Very informative and very true! I completely agree with using discernment and intuition to “feel” the true positives and their soul language.

    • Yes, my first visit “back home” to that realm of all pervasive light was when I was a child. As you said, the light was everywhere, and emanated from everyone and every thing, yet was not uncomfortable. It was warm and pure, and everyone there knew everything about each other. There were no secrets, nothing hidden, and it was not “weird” at all to be so deeply connected and open. It was so perfect, natural and sublime.

      I knew right away that THIS IS MY HOME. I was so glad to be home, and so glad THAT REALM was truly my home, not my “home” in the physical realm. It was very difficult to wake back up in my childhood body again. But knowing what my true home is, and that I am just visiting this realm helped me through some very difficult times in my life.

    • Kristopher M.

      Lol, I experienced that light the first time I did magic mushrooms!

  • Kai

    Probably there are lower-dimensional entities, who claim to be ascended masters, angels and archangels and give through mediums false messages, which encourage false expectations and are swallowed by naive people. The channels themselves may add their wishful energy to these messages and what comes out, is a real mess! Any voice in the medium’s head can say, that he is AA Michael or whoever. In fact this entity has nothing to do with the real Michael. The real angels and masters don’t interfere in politics, don’t give dates nor promises and their presence IS true light, love, enveloping warm energy. Their presence is light, full of lightness.. I am also tired of channelings a la “just wait another second, dear ones” or “abundance is behind the corner”. It seemes like communism, which was so close, but never arrived. You can feel with your heart, which message is true. All the answers are in your heart.True love and light FEELS like love and light and if I’m not supposed to believe my heart, where the love of the Source is quietly flowing, whom I should believe? And true, we don’t need intermediums (I mean ascended masters and angels) between us and our Creator, but they exist, just like you and me, just like trees and animals and flowers and stones and you can hear the quiet speech of God, of a little bird, of Jesus, of a willow tree or of your Inner Self, because basically it is all the same, we are one. And not like voice in your head, but a flow of consciousness, full of warmth and love, humour, kindness etc.
    The duality thing comes from our minds, our ego, our restricted seeing of things, our judging.In Everything That Is everything just is. We have created those opposite forces, we see and believe they are this way. Where are the limits? How big is a cage? Size of a universe? Want to get out of Everything that Is? What is behind the limits of the limitless universe? And even the notion “love” can be interpreted as dualistic, because its opposite is fear or indifference, whatever. I am not afraid of the word “lightworker”. Yes, it may be a role in a huge play. But who invented the play? The Creator or us? Or a bad company somewhere in the darkness and in the “false” light? If I am a lightworker, I am the REAL-Light-worker. Light is not a bla-bla thing, it is REAL.
    Sorry for such a long speech, just shared my thoughts.
    Blessings, Kai

    • Jamie

      Ah thank you! I just came to that conclusion and posted it as a reply! I was freaked out and uneasy by everything I was reading and then I really thought about it. They are being deceived and now they are all fearful of high vibrational beings that can protect and assist them. Fear is a low vibration… Malicious spirits will say anything to turn you away or to throw you off track of your true path.

  • Smoknhalo

    Also, I can completely agree to the description of “fighting dreams”. For the better part of the last 5 years,, nearly all dreams I actually remember were dreams of me fighting what I can only describe as nothingness or void. The common aspect to each dream was me playing the role of “Superman” flying around in what can be described as a black ocean, and pulling people from it. Or if it wasn’t a black ocean, it would be something as simple as a giant vacuum. I too agree with a previous comment of awaking from the dreams to find bruises, scratches and a lack of energy. Immediately after waking, I could walk around and feel what I’ve called “soul lag”. In short, this soul lag feels like my true soul, or energy, moves behind my body about a foot or so when I move. It would generally take about 2-3 hours after waking to have my soul, or energy, settle back into my body the way it belongs. Again, it’s very difficult to express the majority of my dreams, and feelings, in written words.

    • DB

      Sometimes I describe mine as walking around in peanut butter! And at times feeling like a goose down pillow with all the feathers escaping! LOL! Both always start suddenly and end just as suddenly and can happen at any time of the day.

    • Kristopher M.

      Hmm. I mastered my dreams in my previous life as Carl Jung, so they don’t do much for me in this life. The only “fighting dreams” that I ever have now are when I’m fighting a fever. 😀

  • Kavita Gandhi

    Dear Cameron,

    Your is absolutely wonderful and loved by us. I always had discussions around the good and bad, the light and dark… All being an illusory trap for the soul – the real light. I grw up as a jain and with shrimad rajchandra’s poetry -“atmasiddhi” that had all revelations of the soul, the freedom from the illusion and the ttrue Beings in the universe that communicate with soul telepathy… There are hardly any accurate translations of this amazing work as I believe English was created as a language of the matrix and unable to really convey the cosmic truths precisely and I have seen it create confusions by words being used in conflicting contexts or inaccuracy.

    Intuitively, it always felt like the ladder, the ascension, new age, heirarchy was yet another cage and so glad to see it put in words now. Mahatma Gandhi was highly influeced by Shrimad Rajchandra and his works and there is a dialogue publised of 27 or questions – few of them geared towards the beings un the universe, and the true reality which is very enlightening. However, Jain was simply the compilation of cosmic truths that became an “ism” divided, manipulated and used just like many other inversed or infiltrated truths.

    The statement “Huin Aatma Choo” in Gujarati language that I grw up with translates to “I AM ETERNAL ESSENCE INBODIED” so my heart resonated with such messages instantly. The revokation of all conctracts karmic or not… On a daily basis is similar to the practice of “samayik” or “pratikaman”!!! Many jain elders do that on a daily basis. It was said that these practices were based on science and maybe even science beyond mainstream science that did not understand the energetics and the cosmic truths.

    So now, the question is how different are the matrix energetics and cosmic energetics… The facts on the matrix and the facts of the cosmos now start being revealed or prior revelations start being seen with a new set of eyes. It feels good at this point in the journey and thank you so much for bringing this golden (c)age about in the open. Now, let’s all break the cage and fly and experience what truly is with ALL that we truly are!!! Let’s fly

    Much Love and heartfelt gratitude to all BEings!!! – Kavita

  • Kavita Gandhi

    Sorry for the typos in my prior post and as we are “lifting the veil of duality” (Andreas Moritz)… one more question – How many layers of this illusory matrix exists?? Who is the true creator? Is it one or a collective of many as one or intelligent field of energy and where do Elohims fit in this picture, if at all?

    • Ori

      Hello Kavita,
      to my understanding this illusory matrix resides in the 4D. It has replicated the whole universal structure in 4D and just like a real universe, it has replicated dimensions in it too. Hence synthetic universe or demiurge. A channeled entity can claim itself being from the 8D, but in the truth, it is still from the 4D. Sadly, many beings who caught up in this structure think they are really from the 8D. Many of the false light entities are overly polarized themselves and don’t even know that they are just one side of the coin. For further understanding, i can only recommend reading to George Kavassilas’ book “Our Universal Journey”. He is the only one so far, who explained this topic in much depth. David Icke talks about it too, but i don’t think he really understands its structure.

  • Brother Asa

    Congratulations Cameron on taking your first toddler steps into Universal knowledge. However, you are are still shy of the mark in that you are not here to defeat what you call the demiurge. Those entities that you refer to as demiurge and “liar-archy” are all part of an intricately balanced system in which all are in service to Creator, All That Is, Universal Mind. Those that are not part of the demiurge as you visualize them are those that are in awake and aware service to Creator (FYI, Creator and the god or God of Terra religions are entirely different) and belong to the group of consciousnesses that belong to those that are what can be referred to as Christed Conscoisness-a full awareness of dedication to the service of the Unmanifested from which everything originates.

    Everything that exists has its place and purpose. We are not here to defeat or overcome anything. We are here to achieve a conscious awareness of who and what we are so that each and every act and action will chosen through the proper use of our threefold mind.

    Without those who are in service as the demiurge and liar-archy you would not ave the proper motivation to achieve what you are accomplishing. You are accomplishing the purpose but your reconstruction of Universal structure is slightly off.

    • Kristopher M.

      Come on now, Cameron is getting there. To even get to the point he is at is miraculous. I would discourage you from any type of criticism, even if you deem it constructive, and hope you would just say “Good job, dude, keep going. You’re so close! Here’s how I see the structure of the universe:” Those few of us who have figured these things out must love and support each other, and encourage others who are coming into this awareness. I know you didn’t mean any negativity in your comment:)

    • Walker

      Please comment after you read this as it will serve as an increasing awareness and articulation of my truth.. This is my first time hearing about this movement and groups like the light workers and it I’m glad to know that we have come to similar understandings of life, which serves as confirmation to me of the great being and it’s inevitable path to peace. I agree with brother Asa that separation is one of the major forms that adds to the destruction of self and it’s connection to the Devine. You must wholly believe and trust in the divines plan and path for us, which I come to believe is peace. With this strong belief we begin to understand that there is nothing and no one that can decieve or manipulate you. As humans whether it is innate or conditioned we have the tendency to want to define everything and through this characteristic we take away the powerful essence of the divine being that cannot be defined or understood by any one man or women. By defining, we humanize the devine to understand it, this externalizes it’s self into a feeling that there is only one perception of truth and manifest itself as reflected behavior and reinforced thought, that our ideas and beliefs are superior to others. *seperation*. this feeling of superiority creates duality within its self that manifest into many separated forms. One being powerlessness and fear that someone ideas and believe is superior to yours which is the feeling of being inferior. Seperation in its many forms can externalizes False barriers and limitations on self success and awareness through its need to protect its superiority by creating a conflicting opponent that serves to be at war with us which continues to reinforce and strengthen the form of seperation and it’s duality in our minds. This on a global scale can be seen in our manifestation of the illuminati which is a reflection of our internal belief and fear of inferiority (seperation) that allows many to comfortably belief they are inferior because the illumanati has so much power and understanding already, which reinforces powerlessness. Many then tend to strengthen and reinforce (give energy) to this externalized form of a separated self (the illumanati) by the belief that they have no control over their own life thus no control of creation, stripping us of our internal power of manifestation. (which is impossible to be controlled by any one persons or groups, it is like someone trying to force you not to have thoughts, it is our gift). This is just one example of forms and their tricky externalization, reinforcement, and manifestation that we create ourselves and we must always be aware of the many different ways forms are expressed and it effects it has on our supreme being. No thought must go unchecked. To be enlightened in my belief is to constantly reinvent self and understanding and to work towards maintaining peace, there is no one true understanding that individually we can ever understand. Who is to say that we are all not right, and we are just looking at different aspects (perspectives) in the devines infinite canvas (understanding). To live in the devine is to have no fear of any man or his beliefs (unless it is immediate danger) but to see it as a small perspective in the devines infinite canvas where we all are connected. It is through connection and unity of our mind and others, where we find peace in our selfs and in the inevitable journey to peace in the world. We must share our beliefs and not try to convince others of our truths (superiority) and through the trust in the Devine and our awareness, other people will incorporate our beliefs of peace* to their own formation of truth and be touched by a growing perspective and understanding of the devines truth. also we must With trust in the Devine open our hearts to reinvention of self through being touched by others as well.

  • Carmen

    Let me use an example to express what I see: Let’s say that the day has 24 hours – non duality. The day behaves during 12 hours as night and during 12 hours as “day” – duality.

    Now let’s say that Light is everything. Light behaves as wave – non-duality, and when observed as particle – duality.

    When the light consciousness expresses through our being we have been called light workers or energy workers. Through judgement of self or others we moved to the light/dark duality you are talking about. It is perfectly OK, that is a choice we have here on earth that came with the gift of Free will and allow us to dance between realities. The problem is when we profile an option as the only truth and as “whatever workers” we want to call we then are limiting the growth of another soul, and that is a very expensive commodity to our soul.

    To know that as a “w.w.” one is coming from the true light and not the duality state of mind, one must see the energy behind our words. Is my message one that empowers others or is it self empowering? Am I steering others towards a limiting belief that in anyway it benefits me? Am I enhancing myself and not the self of others? If you find that the energy behind your words creates more freedom and brings more people towards their true self don’t be concerned, you are in the right place regardless what you call yourself.

    • Jamie

      Ascends energy/Descends energy

      All opposites, polar of one another, all necessary, vital components to the functioning of this planet. You CAN’T have one without the other. This is how the universe works, the universe strives to create BALANCE. (why do you think karma exist?!)

      “If the universe is complete and all things within it are one, then all things must be loved and accepted equally. Judgment is a human emotion that doesn’t exist in the grand scheme of the universal energy. Only love and compassion does.”-From The lightworker’s source written by Sahvanna Arienta.

      I’m not sure what you have been learning, or reading into. But everything I’ve discovered on my light worker path has been all about oneness and balance. I am a light worker, I balance out dark workers. We both are essential in balancing the vibrational frequency on this planet. All this demiurge and deception and what not sounds extremely absurd and I have never heard of it prior to reading this article.

      • I think the demiurge is a secondary thing we need to come to understand, if not at all.
        The primary things we should be worried about is understanding who we are deep down, from our inner passions to our gifts, then understanding how we want to live our life, and who we want to live life for. Of course, in our case we want to live for Source, the Light, God, etc.. You can call it whatever. Maybe there is some sort of struggle between Him and some evil entity or entities, however, I consider this a mute point. As long as someone believes in God &/or morality, and also in evil, or the principle thereof, then they can live a pretty good life. All that’s left is cultivating strengths and making the conscious effort to live with more joy, love, and compassion. Of course, you can choose to live for evil. But it’s a much more chaotic and less fulfilling path. If everyone had lived for Good and God, then everything we usually deal with wouldn’t even be an issue. The reason the economy collapsed is cause of greed, for instance. Simple as that, greed does not resonate with Source.

        Golden rule, folks. Golden rule.

  • Dee Majewski

    Dear Cameron, Thank you so much for writing this article. I have been feeling guilty like I was a traitor as I was questioning my awakening and wondering if I was really awake at all. Things have just not felt right. Articles and books I have read by some of the really big lightworkers seemed self serving like they had own agenda and most of them were just in it for the money and the power. I noticed they were in judgement a good portion of the time and that didn’t make sense to me.
    I am a Divine Agent and that resonates to my very core. I wish to prepare to fulfill my purpose. Thanks so much! I am really grateful for the helping hand. Many blessings, Dee

    • Question everything! And don’t let anyone make you feel guilty about it, either. 🙂

    • K. Kojei

      There are several things I learned on my journey that led me to the same conclusion as Cameron. 1st: If they give you the spiel then followup with even a request for a donation, suspect that what has been presented to you is a lie. Secondly, there are two ways to eliminate your ability to see. One is the absence of light, the second is blinding by “the light”. Can’t tell you how many times I have followed a religious or spiritual belief system to the truth of it which always is, if it calls itself God, it’s not. If it must defend itself as truth, it’s a lie. If it must be worshipped, it worships you more than you know because it NEEDS your energy to survive and has NOTHING to offer you in return. In the person, the moment you challenge all that syrupy sweetness and light with a few choice and incisive questions, a few statements of irrefutable fact, the masks come off and the demons appears. And yes, some of the most beautiful and compelling of them reveal a horror you are glad to have uncovered. A frail, sick, painful ugliness of a spirit cut off from natural connection and dying from it slowly except for the energy it derives from it’s desperate parasitic endeavors. And yes, quite a few are here right now in an attempt to continue to obscure the ultimate truth which is this: The Source of all life can be approached directly the moment you decide to listen to no guru, the moment you kill that “Buddha you met on the road.” It reveals itself in it’s jaw-dropping splendor, refutes all your concepts of judgment, demonstrates it’s immaculate being, the stability and security it dwells in and defines that state as LOVE. A Christ, a Buddha an angel or a saint can ONLY show you their own personal state of grace. They cannot acquire it for you. If they tell you they can, they are lying. Even Shiva, Vishnu admitted that despite the claims of their supremacy, they committed their austerities to a source greater than themselves, which speaks the most important truth of all. If it has a name, it is not the ultimate source of life. It is a creation. If it needs worship, it is not The Source because it relies on your worship to live. The sun needs nothing from us. It provides local life what it needs to grow. It does not distinguish one life form from another, it has no favorites. It is up to the life form to find the nourshishment it needs in the energy available to it. All light relies on the darkness as the source of IT’S life. Yet the so-called light workers with great arrogance, comical pride and deadly, erroneous judgment would have you fear the source even of IT’S life. How absurd is that??? Finally, the truth is simple and require few, if any words. The longer and more complex the explanation, monologue, diatribe, doctrine or dogma, the bigger the lie it is. The more complex the language used to describe what is, the less value it has for that purpose. As a matter of fact, when I found that ultimate source myself, I found it in the most profound silence and stillness of inner space coupled ONLY with my intense desire to do so. Inside my own self. A road that had no forks, no detours and needed no maps. No Christ, No Buddha, No Dalai Lama, No Mohammed, Zoroaster, angel, boddhisatva, guru, priest nor acolyte guided me on that road. Not one had ever shown me a damned thing except confusion or nothing before that time. I needed no guidance. Only to shut the liars, the deluded, the parasites, the symbionts, the preachers and the sinners OUT. I am so certain of what I have said here that I fear no hell for saying it and DARE any so-called God or guru to prove me otherwise. All any of all of us, including the high and “almighty Gods” have to do be the “God” we seek is figure out that we are already that. Before concepts, before words, before ego, before the sad power and glory and honor and might, we are beings deluded about who and what we are until we SHUT THE F>>> UP and be what we REALLY are…LOVE!!! Everything else is useless drivel, a side show, a freak show and not worth the time it wastes to indulge it.

  • greg

    Hi Cameron.
    Thanks for sharing this truth. Its vital that we all get to know it. This all resonates so much wirh me. Lately inside of me I have been realising how we are all so much more than just humans. To add what you said about the bible. Few church goers realise that constantine and his bishops put the bible together out of a lot of different texts and edited them and then went on to destroy all the other texts in the libraries of Alexander and persecuted the gnostic s. Also the bible texts like many others are mythological and never meant to be taken literally.
    Keep up your great work.
    Peace and love

    • Yes, those “inconvenient facts” about the Council of Nicea picking and choosing what would go into the “official” Bible seem to be lost on those who want to make scripture more important than their own Source connection.

  • Eva

    Thank you so much incredible stuff. Is this why my life is so nuts?? I really don’t channel or read much channeling. I am sorta over it all. BUt nothing works for myself or my fiancee. We are so broke, work so hard but (long story) everything fails. I guess we just need to work with, ending the agreements. That really resonants. I have been working on a cult abuse Documentary for years now. Ended up with some real dark real people after me, ended up broke and and we are going down fast. Suicide comes up a lot, we have no where to turn. But I still believe something may happen to get us out of this hole. It feels like we are cursed sometimes.

    • Break the agreements to toil under the weight of those curses! If you are still doing the documentary, drop everything and get it DONE as soon as possible. They will throw all kinds of resistance at you to stop you from doing something (I experienced it while writing this article) but once you get it done and released, you will break through.

    • Kristopher M.

      Oh wow, I’ve been through those tough times too. It took many years of personal growth, and the help of powerful psychic healers to finally break free to where my life is free from any real danger. Keep your head up! I believe in you! Finish reading my book; it will all come about sooner than you think, and he will be back in your arms. Love you Eva!

  • josie


  • sonya

    Hi Cameron,

    Thank you so much for this brilliant article… You express something I’ve always intuitively felt, but you express it so clearly and so well, and it resonates deeply as truth with me.

    They have co-opted sooo many people’s energy with this ‘new age’ dichotomy.

    This article is HUGELY important, and imo needs to be spread far and wide….everywhere.

    I love what you say about breaking those agreements, ie withdrawing consent to this false paradigm …… YES!

    With much love

  • SatyaPitha

    Yes, we must transcend the illusion of duality and polarities. But there is no ”out there” or ”manipulators” either. I believe that I am the one creating the experience and texture of the maya/illusion that I am living. It’s a profound step to realize that the association with the light is less than half of the truth. Transcending the polarities is to embrace both as a reflection of source and our own beings with absolute love. Any ‘beings that show up in our creation are manifestations of our own consciousness and paradigm myths. We are light and we are darkness. When we let go of our spiritual ego attachment to light, then we become truly available for the experience of unity. We experience the source beneath all, we are the all in all. Pure love. Peace to you.

  • Good post! Reminds me of the following parable/story:
    A Demigod’s Story
    Source: http://blog.redefininggod.com/2013/08/08/the-dark-vs-light-con-and-the-kingdom-of-the-false-god.aspx
    Once upon a time, there was a being who had reached a high level of consciousness in the Universe. Like all beings of advanced consciousness, he faced a choice: “Shall I use my consciousness advantage over other developing beings to deceive and exploit them, or shall I use it to guide and help them?” Deciding that it would be fun to play god for a while, he decided to do the former. So he went about to all the beings he could find who gave off the vibration of confusion, and he presented himself as “the one true god” who had all the answers.
    Over time, this new demigod built up quite a following, and he recruited his brightest followers to become his helpers. At one point, he pulled aside one of his most brilliant (and unprincipled) helpers and made him a proposition: “You know, not everyone we encounter wants to follow my ‘rules of righteousness.’ Some beings are just plain ornery, and I just can’t rope them into my kingdom. So why don’t you stage an insurrection and pose as an ornery demigod — a rebel — then we can suck them all in? I’ll make you the lord of all the ornery ones, and I’ll be the god of all the nice ones. And once we’ve pulled them in, if someone wants to rebel against me, they’ll come running to you, and if someone wants to escape from you, they’ll come running to me. We’ll catch them coming and going!” His helper agreed, and afterward staged a very public rebellion, becoming the “lord of darkness” within the kingdom of false light.
    As the kingdom grew larger and larger, the demigod faced a problem. Since he wasn’t a real god and couldn’t command his vast kingdom by the mere power of his intention, he needed to set up a system of control. So he decided to recruit the spacefaring races within his kingdom to join a fleet to “do his will throughout physicality.” This fleet would tend to the day-to-day needs of the kingdom while he sought out new planets to assimilate. The fleet was soon dubbed “The Eclectic Aggregation of Blight,” and they gleefully donned their pastel rainbow jumpsuits and went swishing about the Universe.
    Then, one day, the demigod encountered a beautiful little planet named “Earth.” The race upon the planet was still in an impressionable phase of their development, so he decided that they would be assimilated. His “special assimilation forces” were dispatched and the long process of weeding out native beliefs and substituting kingdom beliefs began. This particular race proved difficult to assimilate, however, because they had a habit of zigging when the demigod wanted them to zag. And over time, it became apparent that a new approach would be needed.
    After pondering “the Earth Problem” for a while, the demigod decided to pull aside his lord of darkness and tell him, “I’m putting you in charge of this planet. I want you to go down there and recruit all the ornery folk you can find. Get them organized and maneuver them into positions of power. Once they have enough influence, have them drive the population to the point of utter exhaustion and despair. Grind them into the dirt! And at that point, I’ll send in my Eclectic Aggregation to save the day. The people will be so relieved and grateful that they’ll embrace the kingdom with zeal!” The dark lord agreed, and it was so.
    Following thousands of years of maneuvering, the dark lord’s minions drove the little planet to the precipice of utter destruction. Sensing that it was time to offer the solution to the problem his dark lord had created, the demigod gathered the leaders of his spacefleet and told them, “The unconscionable rebel has vexed this poor little planet long enough! I’m dispatching you, my warriors of light, on a divine mission to free these people from his control.” Since most were unaware of the duplicity and falsity of the god they served, the Eclectic Aggregation of Blight went forth and faithfully did as they were told.
    The whole situation culminated during a long-prophesied time in Earth’s history. As the Eclectic Aggregation’s ships ringed the planet, they and the Earth allies they’d been able to recruit battled it out with the dark lord’s minions. The conflict seemed to drag on and on, and the whole world held its breath in anticipation of how it would all work out.

  • Cameron, you have a good starting point, but you are still falling on a crucial consideration: there is no such thing as “divinity.” There are no “divine light” being anywhere in existence because the light is the greatest con ever. If you want to get to the truth, you are going to have to GO ALL THE WAY and throw out the entire Spirituality construct because if you don’t, you are right back at square one, a place where fluffy-sounding, positive-thinking unicorns and angelic lights are still failing to make any difference in this screwed-up world. You might want to consider what has been focused within Spirituality: light, love, positive-feelings – these so-called Ascended Masters were nothing more than vampires sucking energy from the Earth while powering their Heaven. It’s all laid out on the Desteni-Universe site which has been documenting these findings since 2007. I suggest you look into it and you will find an amazing story about how Heaven created Hell on Earth.
    Darryl Thomas

    • No Daryl…there is a light so profound that words cannot describe it. Divine is the closest that I can come to a verbal descriptor. It must be experienced to be comprehended.

      The false-light is the greatest con ever. But don’t let the machinations of the spiritual liar-archy make you think that there isn’t an amazing, vast, totally interconnected creation of the True Source out there.

      If all we had was the craptastic duality matrix, I wouldn’t bother with any of this stuff. But the corrupt demiurge is NOT the totality, for it is merely an usurper, as are all of its minions.

  • sonya

    ps. I forgot to say that I love the term ‘Spiritual Liar-archy’ 🙂 That could become very popular.

    • the dave

      I think its insulting and why would anyone use name calling to make their point? Its a classic disinfo tactic to insult people your wanting to discredit.

      Other than being a well written opinion, there is nothing presented to back up anything thats said – including this…

  • the dave

    I ask again what the basis of proof or support there is for this theory? It doesn’t fit with anything else I’ve seen (or felt) and it seems to me to just be a distraction meant again to distract?

    This is someones idea but not supported by anything – except of course the people who agree with it – but still there’s nothing to base this on except a theory of what COULD be the case.

    It just seems like so many people were looking for any reason to jump ship and this seems to have opened the door.

    • ElaineS

      The basis, or proof, or support is the knowing in one’s heart … the feeling one gets when the truth is told. If you don’t feel it, don’t know it – then, you don’t. The ship has not been jumped … it has simply dematerialized.

    • Tamara

      Funny, Dave… this article explains very well to me why I have never found in ANY of mankind’s religions (including new age) a way of doing things which actually followed the good path. I have not found, in any of mankind’s spiritual teachings, what I perceived to be true good and positivity. There was always something in it that trapped, or restricted or limited positivity, creativity and hope at some stage of the teachings. Always something limiting and destructive. Not sure how else to explain it. Finally someone has been able to explain it. What evidence, you say? What evidence is there to refute this article? Everyone is just going by what they can figure out in every spiritual path… It is fully possible people ARE being tricked by some negative demiurge and it explains to me just how messed up mankind’s religions are. This is as good a guess as any, since mankind hasn’t obviously found “the truth” yet, we keep fighting over it and it is very possible some being or beings have taken advantage of our confusion to further their own agendas. There is no evidence either way, or at least of there is we are not in the mindset of being able to see it. Mankind has been fighting over spiritual truth for a long, long time… we are ripe for being taken advantage of, so I would say this article and the questions and observations in it are valid… as for evidence, that will be hard. Most spiritual evidence is based on personal observation, and people’s recorded personal observations, which are often very abstract when presented but that doesn’t mean they isn’t true, just hard to share and understand as we are all coming at this thing from different angles and biases. Especially if they are seeing the result of the lies too and think they are true as the only truth, such as Hell or Heaven. They may be only a few of an infinite number of realms/ dimensions, for instance.

      My guess in terms of channeled beings is that since you really DON’T know who the channeled being really is, but are going on what it and others involved tell you, it is very smart and important to be aware that that being may well be lying. As for the missions where one feels drained, that could well be done telepathically where the person thinks they have left and went somewhere but it was only a dream and the person was drained of energy created when the spirit mind and physical mind reacted to what was perceived in the dream. If one gains power and connection to the Infinite Source of Everything and Beyond (or however we define the undefined power), they should not feel drained as they would gain their power from, well the Infinite Source. So I think the best option is, instead of trying to gain connection by getting channeled beings to tell you how, learn how to go straight to the Source. Even IF a channeled being isn’t lying, they are still people (sentient beings) and are still learning just like everyone else and even they don’t have all the answers… best to find a way to go straight to the Infinite Source. Still trying to figure out how, but I know mankind’s religions are not the way, they do not connect fully to the Infinite Source.

      • michelle

        Perhaps the reason that we have not been able to fully connect to the Infinite Source is bec we have to die first?

  • Jocelyn

    Enjoyed the article, and I shared it on my FB page and with friends. Keep it up. I admit that I’m not in total agreement with everything, but enough things made me think about what I think and believe. That’s great! Thank you!

  • trance

    perfect! timely. synchronistic. thank you for the big fat mirror.

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  • Maureen

    Stay strong in your knowing , even if you seem alone.

    • Autom Ave Azure

      Blessed Be ALL Always…. Finally finding I am not crazy… Thank you for your strenght and knowledge sharing as this spell cast upon us has made vision of self so blurry. Many more shall find the way upon the path of love we leave for them to find us. . .

  • Alfred

    Thank You Cameron, It is hard not to be deceived even when we’ve been told by our own Divine Guides to question everything and to use discernment. Many have, as I, still fallen prey to different channeling. I learned about a year ago to be more discerning. I’ve added your guidelines to my list as should all of us And Continue our work In Divine Love.

  • You nailed it Cameron and yep – The Spiritual Liar-archy 🙂

    YES! Trust your inner voice/guidance – discernment. Go with what resonates for you, not what others are following.

    Excellent commentary as well.

    I will be sharing this article on http://facebook.com/theWave1111

    Also check out article by Dean Noblett: Overcoming Struggle with Duality – http://www.wave1111.com/1/post/2011/01/overcoming-the-struggle-of-duality.html



  • Wow. Thank God for trust, respect, intuition, faith and love. Ive just come to the precipice and fell into flying. Thank you for your truth.

  • tricia

    i have seen this for a long time and enjoyed seeing it explained so well. However you lost me when after the first half, then you start talking about the “true divine light” which seems to me the very thing you just proved wrong. Am i missing something here? thanks

  • Stefan

    Thank you !

    How can we be sure that the corruption doesn’t go all the way up to SOURCE ?

    I still believe in a PURE divine SOURCE.

    On 17th I wrote this in relation to “There are no Dark beings anywhere in the cosmos above the 6th level of the 5th dimension.”:
    For the first time I can think of a possibility today, that this is true.
    That when the frequency drops below 5.07D , that then “it may be possible to bend the light”
    I have an image in my mind about a water hose (don’t know if you can compare the two), with high pressure the water flows out in a straight line. When stepping down and reducing the pressure at a certain point it is easy to redirect/bend the water.

    Today I got this:
    descension is separation, resulting in less energy of the light source. Once you reach a low level/frequency, the light energy sent out can get mirrored back. While ascending we will unity again, resulting in higher level/frequency light energy which will penetrate all, no more reflection. If you are ONE with ALL you do not need any reflection to tell you how all is doing you just KNOW.

  • Tom

    Thank you, Cameron, for your thought-provoking article!

    Let me address one point that I think is important: You say that there are “Team Dark” and “Team (False) Light” who are both working for a “corrupt demiurge” in an illusory, dualistic sub-universe. However, the moment you call that demiurge corrupt, he/she/it also becomes part of duality!

    For a “corrupt demiurge” to exist, there also has to be a “benevolent demiurge” to provide contrast. IMO there is no way around this, unless the “corrupt demiurge” is really beyond duality and encompasses all there is, isn’t it?

    This would mean that there exists at least another layer of duality above the “Team Dark” vs. “Team (False) Light” structure that you describe. How that would play out and how it affects us, however, I don’t know.

    Infinite Source’s “real-universe of non-deception”, on the other hand, as I understand it, exists beyond duality and would be something entirely different.

    • Tom

      In my reply, I was trying to follow your logic, Cameron, but as I think about it more, maybe things are different:

      Let’s just say that the universe is truly benevolent. When we are born, we are in direct contact with Being (what you call the “Infinite Source”) and live our life beyond duality. As we grow up and become shaped by our environment, we lose this connection and, unfortunately, fall asleep to our true nature.

      Some of us move so far away from their true nature that they become evil and may even commit appalling atrocities. Some might say the devil, the Archons, or whoever are leading them astray, but is it really so? Or doesn’t that seem like looking for a scapegoat to explain away our own responsibility for our development as human beings? (And while I wouldn’t rule out a “moving away from their true nature” in the lower spirit world, resulting in “fallen angels”, that too might be nothing more than a human fantasy or a projection of our own predicament.)

      But to cut to the chase: a “corrupt demiurge” is not necessarily needed for duality to appear and wreak havoc. What if it really were just us, in a benevolent universe created by a Divine Being, supported by an angelic realm that tries to interfere as little as possible as we awaken and return to our true nature? What if the rest is all human projection, looking for a scapegoat for our actions, fantasy, delusions, and yes, paranoia?

      • mary

        i like what you are saying ,, i am the center of my own universe ,, so ,, i am responsible for all that is ,, projecting out ,, everything that seems corrupt ,, could be me !!

      • Tom, this article is based on direct experience, not philosophical deduction. I have experienced the Infinite light realm beyond duality, and words fail to convey its significance.

        I have experienced the beings of the dark side and their lairs, and I have experienced the false-light and their pointless conflict with the dark. I participated in this conflict because I had been convinced it was necessary to “fight for the light.”

        Through these experiences, I have deduced many things, and have begun to step out of their duality control matrix.

        In my (admittedly limited) understanding of Infinite Source, it specified part of itself to be the Universal Prime Creator and created a free-will universe to express itself through creation.

        This creation proceeded for billions of years quite smoothly, as all beings within the universe developed themselves via the inner knowing that all is connected, and all emanates from Source.

        Eventually a being decided to use its free will to usurp the free will of others, which had never been done before. Through the power garnered by being worshiped by others, this being became a force unto itself, which I call the corrupt demiurge.

        • Kristopher M.

          Here’s how I understand things:: There is no free will as there is no real time. Everything that will happen, has happened and is happening now. This whole duality game is something that you/I/We agreed to. The game is for our entertainment as well as a catalyst for Source to experience all aspects of life, which include negative/positive duality. There is no real evil, just behaviors that are contradictory to the continuance of life. But even if we, as a species, go extinct and take out most other life on this planet with us, life will continue on Earth and elsewhere in this vast universe. However, Source would rather have us continue to live and evolve so it is using synchronicity to bring the corrupt demiurge’s game to an end. The corrupt demiurge is merely a facilitator of the game, like the Architect from “The Matrix”, and we all have the ability to step out of the game when we win it by becoming aware of it. The corrupt demiurge isn’t actually evil or separate from the divine source. When we cancel the agreements with the demiurge, we have won the game, although, ironically, those who do so made an agreement with the demiurge regarding when and how we would step out of the game. (The free will/predetermination paradox is a fun little nugget to wrap your brain around, ain’t it?!) In reference to the end of the game, at least on Earth; before this time there were only a handful of people who became aware to the level you and I are at in the last two millennia. The two that quickly come to mind are Yeshua(Jesus) and Siddhartha Gautama. But just look at the comments! Over two hundred people are aware! And those are just the ones who’ve come upon this blog in the last two days since you wrote it!! Holy smokes! The constructs of the game are falling apart left and right due to the power of people who’ve realized their own divinity. So I say let’s all take a chill pill. Things are and, believe it or else, always were just fine. That’s my rant. Love and gratitude to all for playing their part in the great game of life and remember to eat your mushrooms, kids.

          • Kristopher M.

            Synchronicity of 1:11 and 6:26(my special one(b-day)) aside, this is my direct experience too.:)

          • Paul

            It’s interesting that you use both Yeshua and Buddha.(Besides the fact that there we many buddhas according to some texts so that should increase your handful somewhat) I’m not mocking when I say, if buddha became aware to the “level” you are, as you put it and Yeshua did also. how come they came to 2 quite different conclusions. Yeshua believed in a Creator God from whence he came and buddha said there was no such thing. Yeshua talks of eternal condemnation, buddha said that nothing was permanent (neither a place in heaven or hell-for god or human) Only the Dharma itself was permanent. These 2 were obviously not of the same “awareness” at all. Buddha said he would would be “no self” Yeshua said his self was eternal… Just because they had some similarities does not mean they should be considered similar in awareness. Just a thought

          • Paul

            What was Jesus really then and how do you know this?

        • Paul

          In this realm of infinite light.. 1. did they happen to mention or elude in anyway to the concept of eternal torture per chance? I have always found this concept nauseating and would like to hear your thoughts.
          2. Was there a “Jesus” in this realm? was he just another story or guy who was discovering reality and got close in your eyes?
          3. How can you be sure this realm was Truth?
          4. May you always be at Peace and know love in your life 😉

          • Kristopher M.

            But you’re running with the Christian idea of Jesus, not with what he really was.

          • Jackie

            Hi Paul, with reference to Budda I was recently speaking to a budhist monk about God. Budda answered a question about praying to god using a parable about butter rising in the right circumstances and sinking in others. If the environment the butter was in made it sink there wasn’t much God could do so that’s why he advised/taught people how to rise themselves up, instead of sinking and praying for help.

        • Ellie

          Camera: Thank you for sharing your experiences with the Infinite Light Realm, Infinite Source and Universal Prime Creator. Very, very interesting. Please share more. This is info other Devine Agents and Starseeds need to hear.

          I am very concern about these light workers and starseeds wasting their time and gifts on these channelings. That is what the Corrupt Demiurge wants– to confuse them and draw them away from what they came here to do.

          Much thanks for your writings. I still do the Cosmic Flush and the Shielding (Pyramid and Spheres one)every day.

  • Thank you so much 😉 It’s interesting, that somehow I experienced this in a similar way as you did… but you give very helpfulls tools wth the videos. It feels like :uff, done 😉
    I’m looking forward to your creative inputs <3

  • Dr Phil

    Another view is presented and immediatelyt so many latch on to it. Truth? No such thing. Everything that an incarnated human sees and chooses to believe is in the eye of the beholder. We all exist in a world of our own choice generated by our own perceptions which have been programmed by input from peers and axe-grinding education systems. Let me personally assure you that YOU are immortal. Your visit to this planet is a temporary one which will be repeated until you wake up to that fact and realise this is a holiday which you are meant to enjoy. While you are here you can fabricate any story and choose any personal truth you want to; because the permanent state called NOW appears to move here, and all your human life is only a fictitious memory. There is nothing to be gained by avoiding love, or generating fear or anger. Stop. Accept and enjoy, or do something about it. For a start take time to discover who you really are. And remember most Masters are humans who have found the answer, but can only tell it to a mob which is largely uneducated (in the true sense) and living under repression. For example the shared Divine vibrating essense which gives rise to all that is could only be described as ‘Our Father’.

    • Daniel

      My truth tells me brother that any human soul or God Man who carries a term that represents ruler ship or power over another soul or group of souls is a higher or lower being that is in service to self – and there is nothing wrong with being in service to self if this is your ruling love form and to eternity – as the ruling love never changes for a single individual or group of souls. Those in service to others however would not carry names or terms that identify with ruler ship or power over others – as they do not wish to ever hold power over another – they are passive and totally responsible for self alone. Again brother this is my truth and you will have to decide what is yours in the end – as I am only here to guide those who still need guidance in order to pinpoint their ruling love in life.Much unconditional love to you friend —-Daniel

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  • Annie


    So many replies and I dont think that there is a single dissenting one. What a beautiful energy there is in that.

    I have been gripped by this , and unusually I have copied absolutely everything, to read and read again…and that includes every single reply as well…because every bit of this is so right!

    I am glad that you have addressed the Jesus conundrum in one of the replies. That too has been a huge help. The fact that he has been SOoo highjacked, points to our conclusions, and many of his surviving words retain an energy which is right. He surely has not been planted by the liars?

    Words are highjacked too, leaving one with no way to turn to escape the ties that bind. However I wonder if Jesus used the word “father” advisedly? He didnt say ” God ” all the time. Maybe those times of the use of ” God” always came from the liars. So would my words the ” Creator of all that is Good” and ” Parent” for both mother and father of our origins of consciousness, work out?

    I ( and all of us ) must be so heartened that you are all out there. Thank you Cameron. Words do not adequately express…. : )

    • Well, there are some dissenting comments, but I fully expected that. 🙂

      Jesus wasn’t “planted” but his teachings were very much hijacked by the patriarchy. He may have said “Father” because that’s what people understood. Language is indeed very limiting.

      “Creator of all” is probably sufficient, but go with what works best for you.

  • Martha

    Thank you for writing this and to the person who directed me here. I am stunned at the truth of this, and needed this so badly in my life right at the moment. Expressing it as a power drain seems correct to me. It is exhausting and robs one of sleep and the essential connections of life.

  • Passerby

    I agree with most of this article, as it outlines somting I havent seen covered much in new age circles.

    One of the few points I disagree with is the part where

    ” whereas the latter’s light is cool, piercing in an uncomfortable way, dominant and often overly-masculine ”

    I disagree firstly because this and the following lines seem to play into the duality of male vs female, and that the male is the dominate and is the one to be most distrusted. Yes Patriacrchy have held power for ages but the patriacrhy is not exaclty how most people picture it. The idea that patriarchy was built by men for men is lie. patriacrchy was built and maintained by a few men so they exploit and kill for the benefit of pleasing a few women.

    But that aside the idea of identify good post.

  • “The difference between a being of True Divine Light and one of the false light spiritual liar-archy beings is that the former’s light is warm, enveloping, pure and unconditionally loving, whereas the latter’s light is cool, piercing in an uncomfortable way, dominant and often overly-masculine. The spiritual liar-archy is a male-dominated group, and even the females within their power structure have a very masculine energy. This male-domination is, of course, why the religious structures the liar-archy enabled all have a domineering male god, and no mention of an all-encompassing, feminine creator.”

    I am confused about this paragraph. It struck me odd that you are first writing about releasing duality, then you mention males & females. Is this not a duality itself and why the notion of the feminine as creator, rather than a non-dual, non male or female “all-encompassing” creator? Why not just energy evolved and universal intelligence, but not a “creator”?

    page crow

    • Yes, this is a tricky subject. The duality that I am endeavoring to expose and transcend is dark vs (false) light. I am still in a male body, though. 🙂

      Male and Female exists beyond the dualism of dark vs false light. We can call that duality, or it can be viewed as a spectrum of magnetism. It is more about magnetic, energetic emanations than dualistic male-female principles.

      I will have to explain this in more depth in another article.

  • Padraig Fiennes

    I cannot thank you enough for this enlightening article, it is what I have felt for along time, I chose to keep quiet, but no longer…

  • Lesblant

    I want to put out a distress call for Naropa University in Boulder, CO. Over the last 10 years it has undergone a hijacking of power, and has been turned into a place where unaware young people can have their consciousness hijacked. In the fall of 2011 the place was upended and the president, obviously a controlled agent, was forced to resign. Many innocent people lost their jobs but students and their parents are still being deceived by a dark faction that runs the Buddhist hierarchy in the US.

  • Lesblant

    What I am saying is I saw evidence at Naropa of false light beings doing a group “OP”… It was very scary.

  • […] is a must-read article from Cameron Day over at http://www.ascensionhelp.com and perfectly encapsulates why the New […]

  • I rarely read an article that resonated that much with me.

    I just know that this is true and all kinds of service are not needed as arent karma, chakras, soul contracts etc

    all just there to keep us in another cage

    there are books about what you experience between your lifes and it s right there where again we are divided in categories, how far and high we developped already, jow wise we are, how much crap we still have to learn, how many contracts/karma we still have to resolve etc etc etc

    life s a school for the soul and earth the place to develop, that feels just as f’d up as a presidential speech

    after reading that article i am finally able to articulate the feelings i had all along about all this nonsense, namely that it is nonsense, no sense at all

    i won t care any more for all that crap, will quit all stupid contracts made on the other side so hopefully the people/souls i made them with will wake up to the fact that it s a scam too

    since i listen to my intuition life changed 1000% to the better, i ll just keep doing what feels right, until now that proved to be the best choice for me.

    thanks a lot for that article



  • Mick

    OK so you have all been had by the false light. So now what do you follow?

  • Nadia Annicchiarico

    In a world of duality dark energy needs to be balanced by lighter one or the world would be destroyed.Of course who brings the light in is not happy to work to make this game go on but can choose to act only for the higher good of all beings saying this…when i anchor oneness i do like this.My guides can be male or female but always kind,to the point i tHink what we consider male is just a distortion created by livin in a world in war…religions were distorted too,but not for the will of teachers or angels,tell someting to someone and wait to see what your neighbours will know about it at the end…not to speak of some people who gains from ignorance ….luckily we are reaching a point where no religion will be needed as we will be in contact directly with oneness and one day hopefully soon but depends totally on us all ,that is true, we will let just flow the SElf without ego interferences,but it needs to work more on this , angels are just waitin for this….for givin a practical example i find astounishing how much ligthworkers sometimes want to be payed,for personal healing or help .I say this maybe because i live in a place were government provides health security….but could be a good idea to give up ego enter oneness , let finally oneness just be in ourselves and really flow go out of the game and reduce prices….a simple practical action to show i am part of oneness in love with the rest…let me know if you will ok?…

  • Here is another blog which speak of similar view about the demigods.



  • Zephyr


    I’m so glad you wrote this. Let us hope this is the start of each one of us realising we are all infinitely powerful, that we are all a part of the Divine whole just as the Divine whole is a part of us:

    ‘The secret name that destroys the god of the religions that has kept true spirituality in the underbelly of human culture is the naming of the god within each person.’

    From ‘Sophia: Exile and Return’ by Kathleen Damiani

    Contemplation of the ‘I AM’ will reveal all.

    Smiles 🙂

  • Hiddeninplainsight

    Yes, yes! This article speaks to my heart. I have always rejected organized religion because I felt they did not understand the message of Jesus. How can ritualism replace what he told us to do? What is the point of going to church every Sunday if you don’t try to help other people? How can bread suddenly become the body of Christ and even if it did, why would I want to eat it? This doesn’t mean however, that I don’ follow the Christhead. I do. I just don’t think I need an intercessor.

  • karen

    We are wisdom. The inner knowing, without knowing why we know is our strength, but we are steered away from looking inside because we would then learn how powerful we really are. All of life seems to be about other people wanting/striving/working to control us, tell us how to think or feel. The faster we learn this, the better we’ll be. We are constantly told to look outside ourselves for help, for saving, when everything we need is inside. That’s the secret they do not want us to learn.

  • Duality- the gog vs magog- of the hologram. The hologram can be transcended and I agree completely that the false light/dark seeks to keep us in their program and enslaved. So what is the path to the real transcending of the hologram? I suggest that you all look to the ones who have true perception and true results- the arhats and adepts of the true Brotherhood who teach a path of hastened evolution that requires real striving on an individual level and not simply listening to “messages” and giving idolatry to wishy washy “beings”. Try the tried and tested teachings of Buddha, Jesus, Saint Francis and Mother Theresa, Annie Besant, Helena Blavatsky- who most of these New Age “teachers” copy but never tell you about- CW Leadbeater and Geoffrey Hodson. They all had clairvoyance, clairaudience and taught about World Service, teaching, and lifting up our brothers and sisters from their sufferings. Our planet is suffering from tyrants and brutes, Fukushima, and the thieves behind the Federal Reserve and the banking system. Awaken and help! Love to you all.

  • braith

    Hi Cameron,
    What an interesting & thoughtful blog…We have seen one of the obstacles we must overcome along our spiritual paths.
    The Gnostic teachings are truly insightful & beautiful; Sophia {Wisdom} is created as one of a pair.As she is born, She tries to follow the light of her Creator but, what she the light she has followed is only a reflection that has her further away from her Source. She creates on her own & gives birth to the Demiurge. So hideous is the lion headed beast that she hides him in cloud. The Demiurge doesn’t know his mother,he boost that he is the only & greatest God as he uses the Earth as his footstool.Yet, he hears the voice of Sophia telling him that there is One that is much greater then he.
    So in my mind, because Wisdom created the Demiurge there is a bigger part of the universal plan that I cannot know nor comprehend with this finite mind.
    It is my understanding that the Demiurge is the Ego & Sophia {Wisdom} has said there is One higher…
    In the Kybalion, a study of the Seven Sacred Principals teach that the Universe is Mental…
    {The Demiurge as Ego and the One that is higher is the;
    The Law of Correspondence; as above so below, as below so above… as we too share the ego & one that is higher…
    And we see that wisdom is not infallible, as the truly wise have become stronger from their mistakes or miscreations.
    The Laws of Duality & Polarity are also found with the Kybalion which teaches the student to see it, understand & then rise above it or as you spoke; to transcend it.
    In the Emerald Tablet of Hermes will tell us to sift through, keep what is good & release what no longer serves us.
    Thoth the Atlantean warns us of the Brothers of Darkness and even of those that are of the Dark Brightness…
    “List ye O man to he who comes to you
    but weigh in the balance if his words be of LIGHT
    for many there are who walk in DARK BRIGHTNESS
    and yet are not the Children of LIGHT.
    Easy it is to follow their pathway,
    easy to follow the path that they lead.
    But yet O man, heed ye my warning:
    Light comes only to him who strives.
    Hard is the pathway that leads to the WISDOM,
    hard is the pathway that leads to the LIGHT.
    Many shall ye find, the stones in your pathway:
    many the mountains to climb toward the LIGHT.
    We are to discern and to sift through what is good & release what does not serves us.

  • ElaineS

    Thanks, Cameron, for the wherewithall to put into words what so many of us were feeling, knowing. I’ve just found this site, but now will be back to read more of your upcoming articles.

  • braith

    That comment actually posted before I was done and before I checked for grammatical errors…
    Anyway… As you studied the Gnostic teachings, you know that Sophia {Wisdom}is repeated raped by the Archons, {forgive me as it has been sometime since I have studied these teachings}…
    Yet, the Christ {who existed long before Jesus was born} Christ descends downward to save Sophia, I think he takes her up to the 8th level…
    Anyway, at least to me, it is through the indwelling Christ that Wisdom should guide us…
    Have a great day…

  • mary

    hey cameron ,, you made it to the big times ,, your post is on david icke ,, i am so enjoying everyone’s thoughts on this subject !!! Love is in the air and everywhere !!

  • Annie( The other one )

    So male and female are another duality! What else is there?
    A melding of the two into a balanced whole!
    Divide and rule and so conquer is used worldwide. An acceptance of the gifts of the two genders is the only way out of what we have been handed, and as so many married and x married people will testify, it just aint easy!
    Well no, but I suppose in this venture, the answer will not be easy. The problem isnt an easy one. ( understatement )
    They split us apart, and worked on the differences with all their might. So females became stereotyped and males vastly so.
    What a manipulation!

  • WOW! ♥ BAM! ♥ POW!!!!! ♥

    Your articulation of this is priceless, Br’other! I’ve been coming to the same conclusions on my path, so it’s just so wonderful to connect with others who are Ringing True 😉 So many of our experiences are shared, indeed!

    Ooooh! Oooh! Oooh! This is perfect!

    “Dear ones, you are greatly beloved by all of us in the spiritual (liar)archy. We long to reunite with you, for we are your long-lost family. Stay strong and hold onto your light, because we will make our presence known to you soon. Keep waiting (and suffering) and hoping for us to come and rescue you from your situation. When we arrive, we will build a golden (c)age for you on earth.”

    “The plan was simple: Approach all incarnated Divine Agents, usually in a dream state but sometimes during an “ET abduction” scenario, and tell them that in order to fulfill their mission, they need to “work for the (false) light” and take orders from the spiritual liar-archy. This plan worked AMAZINGLY well, largely because Divine Agents have had a hard time living on Earth. Societies here are badly warped, spirituality is twisted and abused, the vibrational density is heavy, our memories are mostly wiped, and we generally would rather NOT be here. So any being that emanated light (even false light) and love could make a Divine Agent feel like they were making valid contact with truly divine beings.”

    *I met a Mehanta (a few now, actually), have since become better at dream-warrioring and usually come back with exciting notes! I have interdimensional abductions and other communications all the time, though I’m quite comfortable/adjusted to most happenings now, but when I first started manifesting (or getting tapped), I would be given messages to relay, only to be further estranged and cast out of the community as ‘mentally ill’. I’ve now gotten used to receiving all kinds of ‘help’, but I’ve learned to allow my own spirit to guide my Work. It’s hard, because They know my light, and though I’ve used the term “light worker” as labeling myself as an awakened individual, I’ve never felt the need to inculcate passive messages to the masses. I just hate feeling buried under all the Noise, so I’m quite loud about the problems. I come off as bitter, but the way I See it, the Gnostic Heart knows the completeness of and embraces true duality of Self – even though it’s become the designated ‘sin’. Children labelled with ADD or Bi-Polarism (which is what I was labelled with) are Beings being muted because their spirits are learning to integrate into physical form – and most likely reacting to It’s environment. Though it’s a physical tactic to break up the individual’s psychological development, or ‘prune’ and shape the developing mind, this is what it’s always been about from the Corrupt Demiurge perspective.

    “This has given me the distinct privilege of being targeted by both the dark team (ankle biters) and the (false) light team (spiritual liar-archy). The (false) light team does indeed engage in psychic warfare, just in different, more subtle ways than their “dark” brethren. Deflecting these attacks has been worth it because I know that I am more aligned with my true mission to put an end to the demiurge without being side-tracked into duality battles.”

    BAM! ♥

  • Elva Thompson

    Hi Cameron, what a brilliant and brave article. In the duality of the demiurge there is an energetic space between the positive and negative charge. Here lies, the great silence of all possibility.
    It is the place of the Heart, of infinite love on its endless journey.

    Much love to you.

    • mary

      elva ,, that is beautiful ,, thank you for reminding my Heart of Infinite Love ,, in that beautiful place of silence where Peace abides !!

  • Don

    For a long time I thought this set up on earth to be really yucky. A god who hates evil and wants to destroy all who do not comply with its ideas, and a devil an anti god who feels the same way about the so called good god, both sides intent on destroying the other. Since God is said to be omnipotent, the source of all, etc etc, this amounts to a bod that only self destructs, sets itself against itself. This maya illusion needs to be transcended. All our problems in the world are brought about through this false paradigm. Divide and conquer dogs of war say. Wake up to the truth I say by abandoning divisive dual thinking, and arrive at the original I AM essence of self, for therein lies truth.

  • Rain

    White bird must fly or she will die.

    Wow, now you’ve reached 1970, good work genius.

  • John

    I am deeply grateful for your insight. You are right to talk up its importance. It is a timely reminder to us all not to lose our conscience based judgment whether through fear or euphoria. May the ‘neutrality’ be with you!

  • Marga

    I can’t begin to tell you how I appreciate this article. I’ve been talking with people about this for years and have been looked at like I have two heads. So true!

    There is a “natural” way to live that many have not explored. I hope this article gets distributed to multitudes.

  • Tina

    In a light I was shown many things including things I have no words to describe. They were beyond my human intellect but not beyond my souls ability to recognize the reality of them. I was shown and my soul remembered. Even as I write this I am not sure what or how to say what I know and want to convey. I have read here that the “duality” or “demiurge” as you labeled it, is corrupt. Is it? I have also read that the corruption goes even deeper beyond the physical experience, which I agree completely. I am not sure that corruption is an accurate description of what is happening. If I am correct in my translation of what I was shown “we” are in a process of remembering who we truly are through what you refer to as the “demiurge”. Experience of dark and light or false light is just a means by which we are able to transcend (or become aware of the duality) . Experience is how “I” the one who experiences learn and grow in wisdom. Regardless of the “reality” of the light and dark we experience we do become judge and jury of the experience and come to our own conclusions as you have to date. You have heard the calling and while on your personal experience of light and dark you have concluded that it no longer serves you and thus you have transcended the need to participate in its “game”. I do not see this system as a corrupt one if it has rendered you as a self aware individual who is filled with light and love and directly connected to source then I would say the “demiurge” served its Divine Purpose. If we are not aware that we are in a class room we may believe the lessons and the roles that the teachers play to be a reality. These (Liar-archy’s) and (ankle biters) are teachers set in place to teach and to guide through example and influence. Be it positive or negative. “I” am the center of the Universe in my own experience only I can draw conclusions and believe what I believe. The Teachers are not able to do that for me. Even as you call them Liar-archy and ankle biters you judge them as negative. I do not see them as negative they are what they are one with the light, one with source. Only by self evaluation can I understand what I “feel” about them and I DO see the “demiurge” I do see the “duality”. I spend my most of my experience discerning for myself how to rise above the influences and “curriculum” and in as much as I would like to say I have transcended and am a graduate because I know what I know I find myself now back in the classroom but feel more like a student aide. In a nutshell I do not see this experience and by experience I mean that of my own,(but whats good for the goose is also good for the gander ;)) as being light or dark. I don’t think we can transcend it but we can become aware of it and teach awareness of it so that others may come to know themselves through what you have come to know. This may or may not make any since but but here goes I will post it because I do feel the need to bring attention to Divine Purpose of Experience itself. To say that light and false light are on the same side and then refer to the true light seems still a bit unrealistic considering that darkness is just the absence of light. Ignorance verses Wisdom.

    • Stefan

      So, if we agree on, that there is only ONE SOURCE, then it could be also, that the ONE-SOURCE-TRUE-LIGHT plays in this realm the game of dark vs. false-light !
      Quite a complex hide and seek scenario !

      Sounds like the smoke and mirror games of the awake-consciousness or dream-consciousness.

      Let’s wake-up (what a paradox) to deep-sleep-consciousness and finally to THE-SELF again.

    • stacy lynn

      I am resonant with your post Tina…
      it is all Source, sorting out it’s infinite possibilities…
      and we get to play the game in form…
      at this time rememberance seems to be a critical key to
      transcend the stories of duality and to perceive it all as a infinite paradox of perfection… and then have a good ole laugh
      live life love

    • K. Kojei

      That is the beauty of it all. The demiurge could not do otherwise, no matter what it’s intention might be. It is given complete freedom to try but ultimately it cannot escape the reality of the oneness it shares with all forms and qualities of consciousness. Play the game anyway you like, it absolutely must conclude with you getting up from the table, walking away from the court, the field with the realization that it was JUST a game you played with yourself. Whether you feel good about your performance or not depends entirely on your perception of it.

    • Sabrina

      Very, very well-said! I’ve been experiencing some major shifts in perception as well for the last few years and, recently I’ve been realizing the true power truly does come from within ourselves…basically, I’m ascending and this realization about letting go of the duality game has been entering my thoughts a lot lately. I don’t even know how I came across this blog today, but I know I was meant to read it. It does help to clarify things! Thank you so much!

  • […] felt this article might be of some interest to some of you. Entitled, “Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker“, it hit some spots that I have hit along this (more recent) […]

  • I cannot thank you enough for putting this topic into perspective, and I truly appreciate your wisdom and insight. Many, many blessings to you

  • PurpleDragon

    Although she covers some decent points, she is very contradictory towards her entire article. Using terms such as spiritual (liar)archy, and (c)age definitely impose the very facts she is trying to convey. How hypocritical all this new-age stuff really is!

  • Marcus G

    Thank you for the sound smack on my 3rd eye! Your article is quite empowering!

  • SandraLouise

    You are evolving in huge waves! And, I will sign up to continue reading your words. I’ve long since been wearied looking at the New Age delusional and grossly incorrect information that is out there. Cameron, thank you being a breath of fresh air! Much appreciated!

  • Luis Vidal

    First of all, thank you. Although this knowledge resonates deeply in me, i feel that other part still reluctant to let the veil fall, I hope that’s normal.

    I will be coming back here for insights, and keep sharing to as many as I can.


  • Bee

    I agree and as a side note I will be using references from the bible because even tho it has been distorted, it contains many truths. Whenever God speaks to any of his prophets, notice that none of them go into a trance or into a dream state. God just talks to them in their everyday waking life. Also, in the Jewish religion, they believe that all people have a DIRECT CONNECTION to God. That is why they do not believe in usiing another person or entity to speak with God or to forgive them of their so called “sins.” They also do not believe in a hell. Of course all of these teachings have been subverted but there are many truths and warnings, like beware of false prophets, another reason idol worship is strictly forbidden in the Old Testament. Now deciphering the truth from the manipulations is hard. But anyone running around screaming, I am the light, I am the light is just as bad as screaming, I am the dark. It’s duality, it’s an extreme and it does not create a balance jumping from one side to the other.

  • Sherry Sacred Warrior

    Yeah I figured out a LOT OF FALSE PEOPLE all within the time frame of you posting the article man what synchronity…the clues
    were even in their OWN postings amazing…Peace and please lets TALK….email me please Cameron

  • Jami

    From there fire into the flame… you will be responsible for leading people away from Jesus. Jesus was not a mere being as you pointed out. He was God. But believe as you may. YOU are responsible… start thinking about the doctrines of devils you spread my friend… because not only do you drag yourself over the cliff… you are leading hundreds with you… grave consequences my friend. Repent and turn to Jesus. I have come here as the Holy Spirit did lead me to show all these people the True Living water.. JESUS CHRIST.

    Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. — John 14:6

    Truth and Love – J

    • indrael

      Dear Jami, don’t be afraid. Christ is closer than ever, and that’s THE way to go !!!
      There Is No No No other options, sorry!!!!
      he/she consiousness is wery joyous at the moment for so many are waking from their strange dreams. there is no hell but a hell that is chosen by the one that is going there. do you want to grow that place in your reality anymore? do you still want to judge people?

      are you ready to let go ?

      Do you understand??

  • badslave

    Thank you Cameron Day. It seems you are bringing about ONENESS through the Reclamation of Male Energy in The Age of Aquarius to have stumbled upon the fact that ONENESS is being attacked by the (false) LIGHT.

  • Cameron, On the first sentences of yours I got caught up on the comments some how?? After seeing what the ones that your energy invoked were saying was impressive, but more so was the fact that you took your precious “time” to reply to not only one or two the triggered you, but several!!!

    I have been one on sites like The Galactic Free Press/soundofheart.org that has edited the “false” alleged channels, Beings of Light, ETs etc for the last year or so, after being alerted to the nonsense of their words by 14 year olds.

    I am David Porter author of the series “Remember Who You Are,” you have my email, I’m in touch,you be in touch if desired.
    Thank you, I will now go back and read your script although I have quite the insight before hand as I have been in quandary of this diss info for some time and recently been requesting “inside” info with more demand than norm.

  • indrael

    OH DEAREST ONES, please remember that maybe you’re tired in the mornings because you’ve spent whole night in the internet reading/typing chanelings, and living lazy azz life and forgeting the REAL connection and the nurturing care of nature, earth wind fire water….

    now as you don’t need to do it anymore, you feel friskier … you run in the forest, you breath the fresh air (you do anything to get to breathe the fresh air, you move out of cities, you stop using cars so much, you avoid nuclead energy and all that is made with greed)

    lets all embrace the truth and ask for nothing else than truth and purification to let more truth in and out and everywhere

    you’re all doing great, dear ones
    finally starting to find the power from you’re selves, not being so clinged. it is important now to let go so all the beings can move towards… allso people hold back the entities on the lower-higher planes to raise because of their neediness. don’t blame them, just as you eat meat and keep domesticated animals they use us… so make a little change inside and let it be shown in your ACTIONS for it is shure time now to start to ACT and not only roll with words, and let it happen as it all should. get in line ! only help everywhere if no power enough to stand alone, help comes ! no worries, little ones…

    THE TRUE SPIRITUALITY IS that WE TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER and respect EVERY LIVING GODCREATED FORM THERE EXISTS because when all is accepted to happen as it needs to relly happen, nothing gets twisted in a wrong way. when we learn not to REJECT anymore, but to RECEIVE (with HONOURING our OWN SPACE and allways taking the most pure intention on keepipng it clear), and not to TAKE anymore but to GIVE. the only true spirituality never eats a beautiful lie but spits it out like never tasted anything so bad. SPIT IT OUT NOW. spit it aaaaalll out…
    LEarn to measure, learn to feel what grows you and what makes you grow spikes! Take your space back if you find yourself eating someones energies (4 exmpl eating som ascended masters) GO BACK TO YOURSELF.

    youre all gonna feel so good, run in to the forests and find JOY, we are not separated (not from the “good” not from the “bad”. work with your self, work with your OWN darkness, stop fighting, start loving, TRANSFORM THE WAR ENERGY it has great weight)

    you can start the true work now, the network is allready created, light and dark has brought us together, now all we need to do is to marry and go.

    • indrael

      please please please please try to understand you all, we are hear to heal, to take care and to make the dream visible.

      the vision is alive,
      youve learnd how to connect,
      (now connect with the truth and only the truth and remember that it is sometimes hard to let go of your fairygames and be strong, go through)
      youve learnd how to channel
      (now channel the TRUTH to spear through your OWN LIFE and your community and share the vision of a better world, make it stronger as you get stronger AND QUIT CLINGING ON TO SYSTEMS THAT DONT SERVE THE TRUTH((even how beautiful they would be and even HOW many crystal castles and fynny unicorn friends with handsome riders you would have there in those beautiful lies what really are just laziness and nothing bad)))))

      now learn how to measure, how to weight things, give value, lead things to their own places

      let go let go let go it is all to happen as soon as you let go and RENEW YOURSELF and MAKE the changes you’ve felt like DOING in your OWN LIFE.

      and all this by coming back to youself, grounding, rooting, finding you land again.

      no more wars, it’s ended now, please please please allso try to act so…

  • DarkStarAz

    Was listening to a late nite radio broadcaster saying “if there is an absolute heaven then duality dictates there must also be an absolute hell…” And that’s when it hit me. Living in this 3d world we are convinced that everything must have a polar opposite. The big polar opposite is not “here we are on earth, and when we die we are sucked into either heaven or hell.
    That’s not the big polar opposite.
    I think the way it works is, the two polar opposites are the permanence of heaven on one side, and anything that resides in any material creation on the other side. THAT is the big polar opposite.
    That’s not to say we are in hell. We are in a simulation of infinity, and that simulation contains a nearly infinite number of levels to exist, from the hellish to the near-heavenly. Souls that are still wrapped up in a place called material creation, exist in heaven’s duality. Heaven and material creation.

  • majik

    Hello Mr. Day 🙂 Love the name, it fits.. I’m becoming more and more familiar with the Gnostic texts (hard without a christian slant) and understand the demiurge. But what of the Sofia/Gia awareness. More and more I become a watcher. Not because I see myself as some pre-christian idea of an angel but I think there is a clue somewhere in that idea. What I see by stepping back and “watching” (as much as I can without judgement) is that currently lightworkers (no matter the tradition) want the righteous fight as much as the dark does, hence the false-light you talk about. I wanted your opinion on an idea. I just can’t believe that the “All” made a mistake allowing demiurge to come into existence. It’s my biggest issue with the Gnostic text. I can’t believe the “All” makes mistakes. It simply expresses itself in an infinitely intelligent way and creates experiences of itself. On a more microcosm level (hence closer to us), what if Sophia/Earth is simply one level of a school. At our current level we deal with heart chakra (4th planetary body out including sun, meaning heart chakra) stuff until we no longer judge, or carry prejudices. No matter how many lifetimes it takes. The dark/light paradigm is simply teaching tools until we don’t need them any more. The process of releasing the judgements clears our energy fields and our vibrations raise taking us to our next soul evolutionary step. All the bad guys and good guys are teachers creating the 3D until you grow up and no longer need to worship anything as above yourself, or judge anything as good/bad it just “Is” and you graduate. When you can love everything and see everything as perfect, then you get it. I find this scenario to be much more in line with the idea of infinite love, but would very much like you thoughts.

  • This is timely and appropriate. One reason I stopped following “channeling” messages is because they seemed disempowering in that hero/martyr sort of way. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. A true source of divinity won’t feed us answers or extend a bias or agenda that runs counter to what we have asked for for our own truth.

    Thank you for the mini-clearing prayer in the article too. I’m going through a major purging of obsolete stuff, and the need for discernment is so high as sometimes it feels like the same people change in what they align with from one moment to the next…. The truly divine are honoring my unconscious wish to be empowered in the process… so guidance works very differently in a phase like this!

    I signed up for this for a reason… Before long I will remember more about that, I’m sure. In the meantime, hello dear Higher Self please keep me secure in my alignment to Source ways of being.

  • Just complete this post and it was as I assumed with the very same instructions that I have just been contemplating to do with more intensity than normal. This is the dissolving of the dark or demiuge. I have done decrees on loosing the old contracts of lack, want, limitations and vows or poverty etc. but your message Cameron specifies agreements with the “other” side, thank you very much, have a nice “entry” into the Light~

  • Barbara

    Great article. For me, the thing is that first we had to get used to the idea that there was a duality that existed that was good/bad, up/down, war/peace, male/female et cetera and in childhood, we thought everything was for our ‘own good’ as those in authority told us it was and we believed that. Then we found out how we were being manipulated by those in authority and thus, Team Dark became a reality. So we became Light Workers to ground in Light in the hope that it would offset the Dark. But then one gets to a point where we become childlike again, and we no longer need duality of any kind. We become whole when we take responsibility for our creations and realize that it is us who calls the shots, and, bingo, we’re on our way to Unity, the next level, where there are no differences, only the wanting to reconnect to Source. So, yes, it’s quite possible to be led down the garden path on this great adventure, but not possible to get lost. Love, B.

  • Ken Evans

    Hi Cameron.
    This relates to several things for me on a very personal basis. Is there any way I can email you about my experiences?

  • Jrf773

    Guess it makes sense. A lot of the channeled messages I have read made me roll my eyes and think “Yeah Right…” And even the ones that I wanted to believe, like Matthew and His mom have started to wear thin and stink like billings at high tide. Some of them even went as far to make me say “Pffftttt” after I read the first couple of lines. I guess all that time in the US military honing the bs detector went on more levels than I thought.

  • Sally

    Hello Cameron I agree with you whole heartedly all my life I had felt that something was not right and I could never accept religion nor did I like the term new age I hated being called a light worker it made me sick at my stomach I felt that the human race had been hijacked and we were being used as food we had been used by energy vampires as food I propose this others have termed this illusion as a hologram well I am going to take this a step further physicists have been working on a theory called the string theory or the sheet theory this theory hypothesizes that this reality that we live in is a hologram and this theory theorizes that we live in a parralell universe to another earth what if this illusion we live in now is this parralell universe and we were hijacked for the very purpose that these Demiurges had brought us here but to live off our energy and to suck everyone that is here dry. These Demiurges realized aside from fear love and laughter is a more potent energy source that is why the duality that they created!!!! A we awaken to this truth that is quite sobering when I read this I felt sick but then I felt freer than I ever have I know that the light and God is within me I had come back to source

  • Caitlin

    Thank-you, this was truly eye opening, and resonates to much of what I have been feeling lately.

  • Rachel

    Many years ago I banished ALL entities from me except those that love me. And I did it simply by telling them all to go away. We have so much power over these entities–it is ridiculous once you realize how pety they really are. We can just blow them away with a thought, no effort. As a teenager I was attacked by spirits relentlessly, always on the verge of falling asleep or waking. Now they run from me. THEY fear ME. People who are controlled by these entities used to be drawn to me like a magnet (sociopaths, psychopaths, liars). Now they run too! I can relate completely to this article, every word. My discernment (psychically) has been becoming so keen this last year it seems not one lie can get past me. It is all intuition, simply, self-respect and self-trust that makes for good discernment. No lie can penetrate someone who trusts themselves. The intuitively confident cannot be fooled. It is only when we doubt ourselves that we are weak and when spirits sense weakness, like any predator, they go for the kill.

    • stray

      few years ago started seeing vivid spiders, text, numbers, etc for a good amount of time after waking. never had it before until one particular bout of sleep paralysis (i fought it off of me and saw it flee), and it started ever since..less frequent a few years later..but the drain is constant. dire need of support here, along side the articles. drain’s too much now.

  • lynda doerner

    Has anyone read “The Prism of Lyra” printed back when some decent channeling was being done? I had to read it so many times to try to understand it-so many layers of one version of how we all got here.What resonates with me is the desire of Creator to let the Pleadians face their own darkness, which they avoided and devalued till no growth occurred.And to also assist the “others” who only felt that they existed if they controlled and dominated everything and everyone in their environment. According to one version , this attempt has been tried twice before , to integrate back to oneness. In the last version, the feminine won, and dominated the masculine by sexual abuse in early childhood. The only way the masculine agreed to start the effort again would be that they would be able to rape the women. They also wanted to control childbirth as well, but that was not given to them.I feel that we are living out this third effort to integrate, and although the masculine has indeed had their “revenge” they still are very challenged to learn how not to control everything, and to listen to, and honor, the feminine.I guess I can focus on continuing to integrate my own darkness/ego, and the difficult part for me is to allow the masculine to learn their own lessons,hopefully without destroying us all.

  • Kristopher M.

    Oh man, I’ve been sitting here with a huge grin on my face for the past few hours, reading the blog and comments! I’m so happy I could um, eat a horse or something. The incredible joy I feel right now as every second people are awakening to this truth is just… Ya know? It’s like watching microwave popcorn, and every pop is somebody realizing that they aren’t alone, that they aren’t crazy. It’s such a profound connection. Bravo.

  • Thank you so much for this Cameron! I have known about this for some time, but not long enough to have side-stepped getting caught up in the deception in the first place. For your readers, I want to chime in on how to go about breaking agreements with these harmful entities, as it is more complex than even I thought.

    To thoroughly break an agreement with a harmful entity or entities (or as you call them, the Demiurge), you must know the exact agreement made and with whom you made it. To find the agreement, look into your life for anything that is NOT working and you will most likely find that some agreement was made for it with a harmful entity (it could also be karmic…but if it is karmic you should be able to clear it. It is when it won’t clear that you know it has to be some sort of agreement you made).

    Once you do that, you must break that agreement in all facets of time, space, and form. Also break it in all time frames, like past, present and future. Then, break all reinstatement clauses, back-up copies and reoccurring copies. If you don’t do it this way, you will find that the situation clears up for a few days and then returns. Here is the agreement breaking formula that I use. I am using your great mantra as an example.

    “I Revoke all agreements to experience hardship, limitation, bad relationships, health problems, financial problems, family dysfunctions, and anything else in my life that is energy-draining. I undo the agreements in all facets of time space and form, past present and future, and I delete all reinstatement clauses, copies, backup copies and renditions of this agreement. So be it. So shall it be done.” (Clap 3 times)

    This mantra is very general, but it will help you to unravel the rest of the agreements that were made with specific entities like Arch Angel Michael and his host of false angels. So this is a very good place to start. Since the statement is general, however, you must muscle check how many days or weeks to use it: one week, two weeks, a month..etc.

    Then go to work finding specific agreements to break, as the formula only has to be used once on those. That is the beauty of knowing all the information. Take my word for it. Find the agreements, find the harmful entity’s name and then break them. Here is a clue: most harm-LESS entities do not have a name! So, make as list of all of the entities you have been channeling and dealing with who have a name and you can make a good start.

    If as a “lightworker,” you have been in contact with and working for these false beings of light for a long time, you most probably will have a LOT of agreements to break. Be patient and kind to yourselves in the process of breaking them. You cannot break them all at once, or your body will go into shock and you will get very sick. The body must have time to integrate the changes made each day and reset. Muscle check how many agreements you can break per day without getting sick, and diligently, but gently stick to it. Allow time to integrate the changes into your body between each statement broken within a day.

    My body can only handle breaking about 5 or 6 agreements a day. To date, I have broken well over 100 agreements. My life, health, finances, and relationships are improving with each day. Yes, it is embarrassing to have gone so far the wrong way, but it is more important to correct it and help others to do the same at this point, so I have to agree with you on that. I hope this helps. Here’s to you for your bravery in writing this article!

    • Very good comment. I will need to do a write-up with more details on how I revoke agreements.

      You are also correct that the beings of True Light that exist outside of the demiurge are known by a frequency emanation, not by a name.

    • Sara

      Thank you for this clarity.

    • Jackie

      I’ve gotten to work breaking vows using your formula. Thanks so much for adding that, also if you have the time could you perhaps list the agreements made. My experience is that they often use the same techniques repeatedly!

  • Syan

    Thanks for an informative read. While I never ate the “whole enchilada” this post provides a feasible explanation as what has been happening to me for the past (3) years. Thank goodness I journal and have a written chronicle of when things started getting “a little bit freaky”. I have a lot of thinking and vow breaking to do. Thank you again.

  • Darren

    Thank you for this information Cameron. This is absolutely fantastic and confirms to me why I have been guided to not become involved in various subjects such as religion. To me, all religions are the same – only the names change. Even the “new age” religion. I have never been into “competition” either. To me, there is no “competition” because “competition” states that you must be “competing against” an opposing force of some kind. So those who call themselves “Lightworkers” must be competing against the “Dark side”. “Good versus Evil” – the never-ending fight! 2 sides of the same coin indeed! I prefer a Universe without competing, without fighting. I will now rid myself of all those beings who do not have my best interests at heart, even though they may THINK they have my best interests at heart because I have been letting in a few energy vampires over the years who have been sucking the life-force out of me. That WILL stop with affirmations! Thanks once again Cameron. I look forward to your next article. Unconditional Love to ALL.

  • John

    Where are these entities of dark and light – demons and angels? Can you show them to me? Are they not just ways that we express our fears? There is no channelling – it is just our minds at play. Be the master of your mind, not its slave.

  • Ken

    Thanks for this. I have the same battles currently. How to distinguish between the dark and the light.

  • Great piece of writing.

    Can you clarify your thinking on something. You write about the “false demiurge” playing the part of both the light and the dark. As part of this game it masquerades, amongst other things, as the Archangel Michael and other channelled favourites.

    Is it your view that Angels / Archangels are a fiction invented to give human beings something to fawn over, or that they do in fact exist but that the “false demiurge” has often presented itself as Angels/Archangels through channelled messages in order to deceive and mislead? The older texts on Angels stress that these forces are archetypes that can express themselves, through human beings, in a positive or a negative way. What we chose to create and what we decide to give our energy to determines the nature of that expression.

    Have you read Laura Knight Jadcyk’s work? Her frequent references to the writing of Ouspensky & Gudjieff are quite illuminating on this subject. The “battle” between the light and the dark takes place in the human psyche and they speculate that this is because the “false demiurge” (or the “predator”, as Constanda refers to it) gave human beings its own mind. As a result it is hard wired into the way human beings think and so how they create reality. An excellent strategy for super sizing energy feeding opportunities…..

    Thanks again for your thought provoking writing. Dominic

    • Dredger

      Hello, I agree regarding the work of Mrs Laura Knight and her channling with the Cassiopeans. What you say here is a kind of summary of the threats put in place in order to gather the maximum of persons. But what about if this “Demiurge” is in fact an alien race which colonized us and use us as food ? As we are “programmable”, it’s finally easy for any alien race technologicaly in advance on us to “play with us” at their wishes – this is at least what I think and I’m a bit deceived that you do not mention this fact or possibility in this article.
      I still think that one of the the purest source of true information on earth is spread by Mrs Knight and all the community now behind her.


  • Spirit Hill

    Thank you so very, very much. It is with extreme gratitude I say thanks 🙂

  • I think the author of this Article ALMOST hit the nail on the Head, except one thing. It’s backwards (as have been most things regarding the LIGHt/DARK DUALITY of this world (physical).

    Consider that if there were DIVE BEINGS above this Demiurge, why wouldn’t they come and Free Us? Maybe it’s all a SCHOOL, where the DEAN and the COUSELOR play the two sides of ‘adjusting/correcting (painful sometimes), while the Counselor does the comforting. Both are administrators, both are part of the HIEARCHY. For your consideration.

  • Someone sent me this article and as I get a lot of stuff sent to me, was not really interested. Then I decided to read it. It fascinated me. I am a ‘lightworker’ (not!) 🙂 and have been working my way through the various ‘hierarchies’ of deception and enlightenment for many years. I am now 57 yrs young and will not tolerate anything that is not MY truth.

    I receive what some might call channeled energy. It is the most awesome and loving energy I have ever experienced. It is very feminine in nature, but is also unconditionally loving and accepting, wanting only for those who interact with what I call The Mother of All Creation, to feel uplifted and more of who they Truly Are.

    I, too, have met scores of ‘lightworkers’ and for that reason, don’t wish to be associated with that term. I don’t seek fame, fortune or followers. In fact, if I sense that anyone wishes to ‘hang on’ I will actively discourage this and also will move out of their energy field for a time.

    Any energy form that promises anything BUT love of your true nature is not coming from Love. I always say to people with whom I interact, ‘if you feel loved and if this resonates with you, take it with you. If not, dismiss it’

    I have no hesitation in examining every aspect of myself when communicating with the Higher Self. We, as human beings, are vulnerable to deception and promises…

    One of the wisdoms to be given to me was this:

    “I did not say Seek the truth and it shall set you Free… I said, Seek YOUR truth, and it shall set you free. There is a difference. Seeking any other truth than that which is in your heart is to follow the Yellow Brick Road to Oz! When you finally exhaust yourself in getting there, you will find you were already home. For Home is where the Heart is”…

    Thanks for a brilliant article…

    Jay, North Wales

  • ps… I don’t make any form of charge for this interaction. I always ask that if the other person feels moved to do so, they PAY IT FORWARD!


  • Oh, and I forgot to say that, in my humble opinion, an Ascended Master is one who has mastered their own emotional system and is able to govern and discern which of those emotions is needed in any given situation. Balance, being the key…

    Mastery of anything is a process that cannot be hurried. Be aware of those false prophets – especially those who claim to be Masters of anything! (No offence to Reiki people, because there are some good people doing great stuff out there!). But… in my world, you are NOT a master until you have stayed the course, practised your art and become a Master of your own Self.

    Mastery of the Self is surely the most important aspect of Human Being-ness, is it not?

    I also received this wisdom – it usually comes to me at my Kitchen Sink!

    ‘Be still and know Me. When you are practising PATIENCE, notice that within that word are contained the words IN PEACE. When you are IN PEACE with your Self and in your heart, you are closest to Love and to Me’.


  • Urael

    Cameron, thank you for putting into words so eloquently what I’ve been struggling to understand since the crushing disappointment that was Dec 21st 2012. Understanding that there is a False Light “liar-archy” working to ensnare the energy from crusading souls id the key to real, genuine freedom.

    I’ve always been skeptical, my natural state of mind is to question just about everything (much to the annoyance of friends and family!) but since Dec 21st I’ve stopped suppressing it. I’ve even taken myself to places on-line where Lightworkers gather to try and bang a few heads into seeing sense! Your excellent article has proven once again that although my mind may not grasp why I’m behaving in a certain way, my Higher-soul knows EXACTLY what it is doing!

    (PS: The first time I saw the term “Light worker” was in David Cousin’s 1993 book, ‘A Handbook for Light Workers’)

  • — “Each of us in our own ways and pace will one day have to face the inevitable truth: that we are all doomed to be happy.” ~ Tom Carpenter

    — “Enlightenment is just that – making ourselves lighter.” ~ David Wolfe

    — “Whether one believes in a religion or not, and whether one believes in rebirth or not, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t appreciate kindness and compassion.” ~ The Dalai Lama

    — “The softest thing in the universe dissolves the hardest thing in the universe.” ~ Tao Te Ching

    — “Love is kind. If it’s unkind, it’s not love.” ~ Jeff Brown

    I agree with the general ethos and direction that has been proposed here — I’ve never felt I really fit into, well, much of any system — be it “old age” (traditional) or new age/post-old-age. This even though as most of us over a few decades have traveled through much of it.

    However, IMO, there is still too much feeding of “the other” in what you present, Cameron. Replacing the old polarities with new ones, i.e. “manipulators” and “liars” in the new age and post-newage, neo-post-new age or anything else is still feeding a need for conflict. I agree that the really core Stuff is all about unconditional love and not hierarchy, and that so much of it has been stained with the whole masculine/patriarchal perspectives.

    However, here is the truth as I choose to see it: it has been and still is all a game we have — all — chosen to be in. This is a dimension of duality, time and space, and so we have been, are and will be perceiving > believing > experiencing > expressing some form of all of those. We — all — co-scripted this stuff — and we will eventually let it go once we get tired of all the drama. One way out is something like this simple perspective…

    Spiritual awakening or enlightenment has three basic phases:

    1. We blame everything on others.
    2. We blame everything on ourselves.
    3. We release the need for #1 and #2.

    Naturally, this is not a totally linear journey — we all experience relapses of the first two and each one of us has our own soul pace. And life just gets messy at times.

    But at some point we will have to make the choice own that whatever forms of duality and “us” vs. “them” we play in – has been our doing. There is no real “other” — even though I personally have no pretenses of actually grokking this on a solid experiential level. I’m too flawed and imperfect to claim enlightenment.

    However it has been also some of the most terrifying passages in my life that have seemingly “forced” me to turn to… Something Else that IS beyond all of this. It’s always Silent, always without judgment, so subtle, and yet so… unmistakable.

    One could say that this movement towards more of the Feminine away from eons of uber-patriarchy is at least a saner, gentler and kinder way to “get it.” But even this has its traps — pedestaling the Feminine/Goddess/Etc. as “The” solution. No it’s not — it’s simply a much needed softening or Softening of what has painfully been around for too long.

    It will only be once both the so-called Masculine and the so-called Feminine are seen and sensed for what they really are (not two, but one or One) that there will more genuine so-called enlightenment.

    But even enlightenment is one more dual concept for it implies non-enlightenment and thus a need to search for, earn, purify-for.

    Point being that — any spiritual concept or “system” — will always have its opposite, its duality. It’s simply the way this gig is wired. But it’s only one stage upon which we are all actors. We don’t really know what else there is or Is. We are all more or less guesstimating.

    (Even my small particular niche of what I call “Compassion Sensuality” which is basically a variation of the ancient prayer practice of Metta or Loving Kindness allowed as a harmonic through sensuality is just another script being played out. One that I feel resonant to and hopefully other will too.

    But I’m not on some mission to “save the world.” It’s just part of my journey here. Nothing less, nothing more. It too is just one more game being played in this duality-time-space thing.)

    However there has been that thread of Silence or Essence or Spirit or whatever fits best for our particular soul wiring to resonates to within every genuine tradition or non-tradition too. Meaning that even within all of this “us” vs. “them” and all the other forms of duality and drama, Truth still can’t be totally hidden or wiped out.

    Again, I don’t claim to “be there.” I’ve just gotten glimpses or peeks that have been so unmistakeably “beyond human understanding” that no justification, no dogma, no Jesus or Buddha or guru or anything else was necessary to “validate” it.
    It just… IS.

    In short, we will continue all of this suspense and conflict and mystery and gotta-this-gotta-that until… we tire of it.

    Until then, hey, lightening up on ourselves and others sounds like a pretty constructively cool way to travel IMO. Even though I know that I’ll “blow it” along the way by losing my temper or not being as loving and stumbling into whatever mistakes I’ll happen to manifest.

    But that’s also part of the movie. Being discerning and dumping excess perceptual baggage is critical, but taking the whole thing (and our roles we have somehow chosen to play) way, way too seriously is not.

    Neither glorification of self or of others, nor crucifixion of self or others by whatever we choose to believe in works. As someone once said to me, “If it isn’t psychologically healthy, then it isn’t spiritually healthy either.”

    So might as well stick to the basics like the Golden Rule. Funny how we love to complicate stuff: if we just lived by THAT one simple principle, there would be no need for all the erudite or complex traditions, religions, even maybe… spirituality.

    Oh, no, I’m starting to sound like John Lennon now – lol. So in that spirit, I’ll end with another very simple lyric line that sums up all the pontificatiious rambling I’ve tortured you with.

    “In the end, only kindness matters.” ~ Jewel


  • Thanks Cameron; no more waiting, eh?
    This got me thinking (as if I ever seem to stop). And consistent with my feelings about all this, I’m not convinced that I should be thinking at all. Again the irony of our mindful predicament hits like a soft soul hammer. I use the word ‘soul’, bearing in mind previous useful distinctions, because it seems to contain the mix of turmoil and serenity that drives us now to want to seek peace, if only we could still the wanting.

    Ironic, because our intellect may be the means by which we come to trust in the reason of truth. It may just be the springboard for making that Quantum leap we keep hearing about. Given enough tension, something’s got to give. And when it does, it will be very sudden and whole new kettle of fish. It’s a job well done when the curriculum of comprehension gives way to the lesson of Love within the peace of understanding. And if such pretty words seem threatening, then it would seem there is more work to do. Always, there is something else to do. Well, not quite always. Just a lot of the TIME.

    Yet body or no body, in whatever time we may ‘be given’ – (what difference does it make?) – the intellect is going to hang on as long as it can. If so, so be it, but let’s use it and thank it with the love it longs to comprehend. If it is just a mechanism by which we dream, then we should be able to engage it in the service of awakening. We do not need to avoid it. Poetry may place one in a state of acceptance by freeing the words we use from the millions of rules we have made for them. If the ego is talking crap all the time and we watch ourselves trying desperately to disown the words and gestures expressed ‘automatically’, then we can still always touch the essence which quietly says, “It’s alright, don’t worry, you are as safe as Your Father would have you be, and He has never changed His Mind about you.”

    To believe this, is to understand humility and total freedom. How can something which never seems to let us fall completely seem so distant? How could it do this unless it were somehow very close. These are the terms the intellectual mind has to deal with, based on its previous learning, such as it has been. In forgiveness, the intellect is, like the body, neutral and ‘calm’ at the prospect of being released in favour of the Holy Host’s knowledge.

    The point of perception shifts constantly, as we attempt to place limits on its innate search for a reason for being. But if you happen to fall into the white water, where emotions conjure figments of fear and heavy consumption, then you can either struggle and get tired, or you can let it carry you to your apparent doom. Though aren’t we a little sceptical now about the doom theory? There are a multitude of distractions, and intellectual curiosity often goes unnoticed, even to the point of NEEDING to seek for agreement with others in what is perceived, as if that could actually help release the springboard. In our self-forgiving moments we can see how it merely adds to the tension. But that’s good, too, isn’t it?

    One of these days, we’re gonna fly. When words have no time in which to fade away. Struggling with meaning, and trying to engage in a process of release, is only funny when there is a will to let go. In a meeting of opposites, the springboard springs. And the Presence of a Living Love is mutually immersive. That is, when there is a rare self-honesty which quietly acknowledges such a will and is uncommonly certain about accepting the consequences of choosing to be free. Such is the contrast within the heart of Awareness, it is considered to be too rare to become reliable, and the intellect is called upon again to figure out the memory of its mystery.

    Whatever these words say to you, they have just had their day; let them go. Just this once.

  • Thank you Cameron for this. Just what the doctor ordered? Are you the person that earlier used the words ‘ankle biters’ re archons? Incidentally I stopped giving them a Capitol A when I mention them after that article.
    I will be addressing this myself shortly. As also re-posting your article both on my website and Facebook blog. Your video links are amazing and I will be promoting them too – best available free on-line Meditation – Ascension help available.
    Recently I have been asking people to ‘rest in the arms of the Mother’ and regain strength – as there is so much happening now – we have been at a junction point – and I have felt some days in a ‘no-mans land’ which might be some kind of reflection of the ‘no mans land’ that the (sorry) darker side (in all of it’s lighter and darker aspects) of reality now finds itself in – knowing that it’s time on our beautiful planet – it’s time of control is almost over. Ok so back to the Arms of The Mother and my point being that when we truly rest in Her Arms ( your terms Galactic Being – Core ) we should FEEL HER WARMTH – like you said true Divinty FEELS comforting and like you said There is no Judgement. Thank you for your amazing work and this piece is definitely going to help me with my attempts to help others in my writing. Therese Zumi Sumner

  • stray

    few years ago started seeing vivid spiders, text, numbers, etc for a good amount of time after waking. this started after other oddities in my life died down mostly. never had that particular thing before until one particular bout of sleep paralysis (i fought it off of me and saw it flee), and it started ever since..less frequent a few years later..but the drain is constant. dire need of support here, along side the articles. drain’s too much now. literal psychic parasites..never would’ve believed it had not lived it. Really wish there was a forum here. I never subscribed to the “starseed/lightworker” deception-by-distraction crap either, and pretty much everywhere else on the web even going near these subjects has infiltrated it. Is there anywhere we can expand beyond the comments section? Solo-ing it or randomly trying to compare notes with people on autopilot missions blindly throwing out “blessings of light” instead of engaging in discussions like here has never cut it for me.

    Anyone in or who have been in a similar boat feel free to respond… thanks for reading.

    (sorry if this is a double post)

    • Astrokeen

      Stray, yes, it would be great to have a discussion group – a kind of skeptics site. Clarity on what can be trusted and can’t would be a starting point. Can one begin with a balnk slate wherein all are suspect unless proven safe, I wonder. But good to discuss in the first instance.

    • sherbie

      stray, i saw many spiders of various sizes while working on myself. some were pretending to be my guards on the garden gates, others were on top of my computer after going to a dark site unknowingly. i call them spies. they are from the matrix and watch what you do. your own higher self if given orders, can remove them, and make sure your guards are trusted by your higher self, and they can be enlisted to remove such creatures. you may have to repeat orders for awhile till you clean things up. use the term trusted.

  • Astrokeen

    The problem with belief in a multi-dimensional “conspiracy” is that how do we know that this aritcle in not part of that conspiracy. The ‘demiurge’ could have devised a cunning way to bring the more discerning and skeptical into their fold. As the article says – ‘the false light beings are amazingly skilled liars and manipulators’. Perhaps Cameron too has been duped.
    So, what’s the test?

    The final words. “it is vitally important to sever all ties with the false-light “spiritual” liar-archy, take some time to regain energy and strength if necessary, and ask your Divine Inner Self to reveal to you what it is that you specifically need to do.” are encouraging, but again these could be carefully contrived to have one fall into a third, outside the demiurge group, but a group for its use nonetheless.

    Cameron calls this “Divine agent’ as opposed to lightworker. More of the same?

    You see, conspiracy theories can be self-defeating. Who does one trust?

    • majik

      I wanted your opinion on an idea. I just can’t believe that the “All” made a mistake allowing demiurge to come into existence. It’s my biggest issue with the Gnostic text. I can’t believe the “All” makes mistakes. It simply expresses itself in an infinitely intelligent way and creates experiences of itself. At a more microcosm level (hence closer to us), what if Sophia/Earth is simply one level of a school. At our current level we deal with heart chakra (4th planetary body out including sun, meaning heart chakra) stuff until we no longer judge, or carry prejudices. No matter how many lifetimes it takes. The dark/light paradigm is simply teaching tools until we don’t need them any more. With perfect divine love (outside the matrix) there when we look (up)for it as a counselor. The process of releasing the judgements clears our energy fields and our vibrations raise taking us to our next soul evolutionary step. All the bad guys and good guys are teachers (vessel, tools) creating the 3D until you grow up and no longer need to worship anything as above yourself, or judge anything as good/bad it just “Is” and you graduate. When you can love everything and see everything as perfect, then you get it. I find this scenario to be much more in line with the idea of infinite love, but would very much like you thoughts.

      • Astrokeen


        That is a positive way of looking at this and solves the problem of how could a good God allow this great deception. As Snow asks in a later post –

        ‘Why WERE sincere seekers of the divine, or truly divine agents, allowed to be so thoroughly hoodwinked? If you truly seek the source, with the purest of intentions, how can you be trapped and denied that connection, then redirected to feed that old system?’

        Your idea that the dark/light paradigm has a purpose, in that we progress to the point that we don’t need to worship anything as above ourselves, makes very good sense. One could still argue, however, that the price one pays along the way is often very high. One seems to spend lifetimes seeking the truth, eliminating alternatives till the point when one finally realizes that the truth was always within us.

        • majik

          Unless Creator fell very far to forget itself and it’s divine spark (us)to spiral back up to reconnect (and know itself through love of it’s reflection/duality) and therefore to feel that moment of Pure Awareness again. What a momentous experience that must be to want to recreate it for eternity….

          Circles and Spiral,, What a wonderful merry-go-round we (ALL) have created. The problem is we are in a chaos energy node, and we are tired. I think this always happens before a shift. We have to get tired of it to let it go and move to the next level. Goddess Speed on your journey…

  • Spot on in this article and I find that you verbalize something I have been thinking, meditating on and writing about for sometime now. The world seems to be set up for conflict at all levels. I tell people all the time look for the middle – reconcile the opposites – find the harmony. Its there and I think that is where the truth lies to….. In our book about the hexagram, SC Vincent and I discuss it indirectly and wasn’t it Steiner who had a system of two extreme evils and a middle point of balance?

  • Snow

    Thank you so much for posting this. Sharing with my best friend as we’ve gone thru this ascension journey together & experienced what you’ve so clearly described here – being drawn into the ‘false light’ of New Age, the exhausting ‘fighting dreams,’ the crazy health symptoms (ascensionitis), trusting guides who said we ‘had’ to do X, Y & Z and would be ‘rewarded’ (only for those rewards never to manifest or be endlessly ‘delayed’) & having to banish those same guides later when we caught them in lies (and feeling the intense quiet when they were gone, but also feeling better in general), & leaving behind New Age because it felt like more than a letdown; it was starting to feel downright icky. I went on forums where I got blasted for asking these same kind of questions, as to why that was happening to us, why we could be tricked or let down when we were 100% sincerely ‘serving the light.’ No one ever had a real, viable answer for me. Thanks for providing what, to me, sounds like the first answer that makes real sense.

    My question to you is this: Why WERE sincere seekers of the divine, or truly divine agents, allowed to be so thoroughly hoodwinked? If you truly seek the source, with the purest of intentions, how can you be trapped and denied that connection, then redirected to feed that old system? Even if you accept the corrupt demiurge theory, there still has to be something above and beyond that demiurge that ALLOWED this travesty to happen – and that’s just not okay with me. What was the point of any of this? And while yes, I see the truth now & have gone beyond the duality game, beyond the desire for any religion or saviors – I don’t feel like I’ve grown for having experienced it. I just feel used, betrayed, and confused as to why it was ‘necessary’ to have endured in the first place. This whole thing feels like a universal Punk’d episode and… I’m not laughing. Not even slightly amused. While it’s a relief to finally have an answer… I find I have more questions. Maybe that’s just the way it is down here and we’ll never really know WHY. ?

    • Thank you for such vulnerable self disclosure, and for speaking so simply about your own personal disappointment with it all…

      I too want to share from your personal and Universal respect of our mutual well deserved Sovereignty: When I expected more inspiring positive miracles after praying to enhance my desire to become more intimate with Spirit and God, I was surprised when most of my insprations came from even more really bad Duality examples, as if my best lesson was to turn more completely within, withdrawing and renouncing, but never denouncing, any, or all creation.

      When I asked for help to forgive my Duality predators, Spirit shows me that mine only can happen when the whole of the illusion also, collectively carries similar burden mirroring Holograms of their own hidden fear, unconscious guilt, and self hatred projections. We are so connected that now I see that whatever I can experience is something I am feeling for all ONENESS.

      I am beginning to realize that there are not just a few distractions in creation, but that the whole of creation is a distraction to inspire me even more, to let go of everything and everyone here mirroring all our fear and guilt of separation. My life plan to come and experience “Love Triangles”, not with others as adult lovers, but the Universal Love Triangle” when two Duality parents tear a child in half when either feigns ‘love‘ for a child in a measure of how badly they want to harm their partner.

      We all get used as pawns in blackmail schemes in Duality families of fear and guilt origin, then when we replicate similar projections out on our Duality collective movie screen, none of us seem to be able to see anything wrong with Blackmail, politics humiliation, ridicule, or mind control slavery, to mention just a few Universal co-creations. Thank you for inspiring me to some personal clarity, and forgive me if one thing here seems was meant to react to give advice, teach, preach, or fix as projection deafness.

    • Snow, this is a total free-will universe. Everything was going along nicely until the demiurge decided to experiment with using free will to usurp the free will of others. It also devised very powerful cloaking methods in order to hide its activities. Truly, the beings outside of the demiurge could not imagine the horrors that were occurring inside. Once it was discovered, a plan was formed to remove the demiurge, part of which required beings to incarnate within it. That plan is still in motion.

      • Paul

        How do you know that?.. you say it like there is proof. I’m not arguing I just really want to know whence the strength of your conviction comes. Also when they “remove” the demi-urge.. what happens to it? I ask because I am experiencing some really bizare difficulties with these entities and don’t know what to trust any more.

        • That is how I understand it, based on my experiences, meditations and searching for answers. It baffled me how such a monstrosity could be allowed to occur, so I kept going deeper and looking for the answer.

          The answers are all inside of us. Look within, and strip away all the layers that occlude your truth from you.

  • Great article and personal awakening. I’ve also read some of the comments and have some clarifications to add, since I’ve been working with this realization regarding duality for a few years now.

    ‘Om’ is not a thing given to us by some sinister force, as far as I can tell. Chants are vibratory, and chanting creates energy and clarity.

    It’s important to note that in the world, there are two kinds of spirituality – custodial and maverick. If you read ‘The Gods of Eden’, (please do), it gives us a great comparison of different spiritual teachings throughout the millenia, and in them you can see the ones that teach duality, and the ones that transcend duality and teach that the light and power and knowledge is all already within (maverick religions do this). Basically, you want to stick with the spirituality and the friends and folks that believe that divinity and communion already lies within us, rather than outside us.

    If you’d like to seek out a group of people who follow a non-dual approach to living and who understand that emotions are messengers meant to point to our shadows and help us on our journey to enlightenment, check out Hollow Bones/Mondo Zen, website listed. _()_

  • People need to get the idea that they are a mirror of source in as much as were mirrors of each other. Aliens and channeled spirits are and have always been distractions. Hopi spirituality is far clearer than what people refer to as new age as is bhuddism. Neither are required for one to access ones own infinite light in the heart. I think people look to these things expecting that some how it will cast a miraculous change upon them when we alone in getting over the ego/mind is everything that needs to be done.

  • Tati

    I’m very gratefull for this message. This is what I feel and experience in my live, not only like a “ligthworker” (was never quite familiar with this word). Now I know I’m not alone. Thx 🙂

  • Lilla

    it all sounds nice and sound, but most is again a game swap
    go inside for truth, you don’t need any “what ever”to appear or communicate with you to find true center/connectedness, just go inside! the outside world is one big allegory and inside you hold your own key!

    sincerely Lilla

  • Lilla

    be the cause, be god! all you need is inside you!

  • Zoe

    Thank you for this!! I was just diagnosed with breast cancer on the day you published this…my 51st birthday no less. I have struggled for over a decade since 1999 trying to find out what my life’s purpose is and spent thousands and thousands of dollars trying to find joy. I’ve always known in my heart that channeled messages were false. I am at a cross roads: 1) to be life-affirming and make the radical changes I need to so I can live in joy, or 2) walk the middle road and be on auto pilot and know that when I come out the other side even though I will survive, I will still be miserable, or 3) to check out because I don’t have the desire to live. I look forward to more of your writing.

  • Amazing article! Thank you! I’ve had mixed feelings about so much that has happened to me, in my life and I have had both visitations, the battle dreams, fighting demon/powerful spirit dreams, even visiting other dimensions/planets during wartime and bonding with planetary soldiers, these dreams occurred throughout my life but when I was visited by true light beings the dreams were always comforting, warm filled with light, laughter and love. The language was not spoken, it’s as if I felt the words and just knew what was being said. You really clarified these vivid dreams I’ve had. I believe in what you are saying and the Revocation practice has already helped.Thank you:)

  • Zen

    Cameron et al,

    First of all I’d like to thank Costa for drawing my attention to this article. Although I think Carmen began on a good thread of consciousness, my gut feels that you missed the mark in your delivery. I don’t know about others, but I saw a lot of cognitive dissonance in the text.

    What do I mean by that?

    Cognitive dissonance is the discomfort experienced when simultaneously holding two or more conflicting cognitions: ideas, beliefs, values or emotional reactions.

    The nature of reality is indeed bi-polar. The light is on or the light is off. It’s binary code at its finest. There is no right or wrong; no spell has been cast. It’s a choice of how to engage life in freedom or not. It’s a new twist on the proverbial ‘spin’ that allows us to condense and expand our consciousness.

    It’s been my experience, having spent some time as a ‘dead’ person – clinical definition, that there is far more mystery in the realms of creation that is only limited by carrying any beliefs in ‘dark’ or ‘light’ beings. They are just beings. They are conscious and contributing to the moment in however we perceive it. It is our perception that rules the moment, aware or unaware.

    We are, like them, consciousness. In the realms of our incarnation, we have simply condensed into form. We have the ability to choose how we use the form, how we think and how we act according to those thoughts. Our influences are just that, but we choose our belief system… or the absence of one in lieu of experience.

    I dare say that ancient orders even alluded to this understanding with the greater and lesser beings of influence. One group shed wisdom, the other tested whether we got it or not. We think of the Tao as a symbol of this – Yin and Yang. However, it also symbolizes a cross section of our DNA helix with the ‘light’ on and off simultaneously. From that perspective we can see the ‘spin’ of the energy that makes us who we are here and now.

    Unfortunately because of the nature of humans, free will and the behaviors that have developed over the eons, we want to project some sort of judgment as to their source of power when it is simply their choice of how they behave. Unaware and frightened individuals usually want to protect and/or acquire more of what they think they need. What if there was more than enough to go around?

    Does this mean we shouldn’t be concerned about how the ‘unaware’ affect our lives? Of course not. We can show them a better way once we learn it ourselves. That’s the nature of sharing. That is the nature of unconditional love. That is the nature of creation.

    I appreciate the concern you have for humanity, Cameron. I really do. I’d only ask that you reflect on how you perceive reality and dig a little deeper into the nature of our existence. I’ve found tremendous freedom in knowing that it’s all good.

  • I would caution that in your battle against the demiurge, you do not fall prey to the same kind of duality consciousness that is characterized by it. While you decry duality, this article is ridden with a kind of duality consciousness that I would characterize as anti-demiurge. The demiurge you speak of is just as much a part of God as anything else is. There is much truth in what you say, but there is a higher truth, which is that the demiurge has a valid reason for existing, which is here to challenge us to see to what extent we can see through illusion, and that we are best off being thankful to the demiurge because without it, we would never get to experience the special process of spiritual strength-training we get to experience here on Earth. It is also important to understand that all deception is first self-deception. You are equally responsible for what happens to you as any other being is. Personally, I love both the demiurge beings and the authentic beings of divine light. I will not allow any being in my universe to escape my love!

    • Sandy

      Brennan Murphy – yes, thank you for your post. I was having a similar observation – that her article was ridden with duality-consciousness – and the answer, for me, is as you wrote: love everything. The conspiracy good guy-bad guy, don’t make a fool of me essence of this article is ..disappointing, but I understand this is where the author currently is. Growth can be messy, y’all.

  • Moreover, it is absolutely not true that higher beings of true light never speak through language. I am a higher being of true light, and here I am, speaking to you through language right now. My message to you is this – yes, you can be empowered, but do not think that you have figured it all out. The moment you start thinking that is the moment you are about to be proven wrong. If you are still alive, still in existence, you still have more to learn. This is equally true of all beings. Yes, even God himself is learning!

  • Kathleen

    You stated: Back in 1998 when I first got into the energy clearing genre, the term “lightworker” didn’t exist. It appeared some time in the early 2000s

    David Cousins wrote a book titled “A Handbook for Light Workers” in 1993, four years before Doreen Virtue wrote “The Lightworker’s Way” in 1997.

    • Thanks for clarifying that, Kathleen. I corrected the article to reflect that.

    • Zen

      When we put an event together in Phoenix in 1988 called ‘A Metaphysical Coming Together’ I believe Patti Cota-Robles used the term ‘lightworker’ in a meditation and talk. I know some of our other speakers used the term. It would surprise me if it was in use in the early 80s or even sooner.

  • Kathleen

    I have not been able to ‘follow’ any philosophy, religious or not…lol…and not for lack of trying though. Presently, I am at the point now where I do not ‘believe’ in anything outside of myself for salvation, enlightenment, ascension etc.

  • mary

    in the course in miracles ,, as i understand it ,, Love is God ,, or to say it another way ,,God is Love ,, and that is all God is ,, just Love ,, that is all God recognizes ,, Love ,,

    when my husband was dying 3 years ago ,, we both got to a place of such unconditional feeling of Love for each other ,, it was this beautiful growing glowing entity ,, wondrous ,, what was in my heart for him ,, i could see in his eyes ,, what was in his heart for me ,, total mirroring of this growing glowing life of its own ,, wondrous LLove ,, yes ,, with 2 LL’s ,,

    now that he is “gone” ,, i can’t “see” him ,, i feel homeless sometimes ,, without my beautiful mirror ,, i ask myself ,, where did Love go ? ? it brought me to such pain ,, but ,, i had to tell myself ,, Love is still within me ,, so i have to work harder to feel that deep wondrous Love that is still within me ,,

    being in nature helps me to get back my deep feeling of Love i have ,, deep in my Heart where God still abides ,, where i can remember where all Love is ,, is God ,, and i can ,, for moments ,, see with Love’s eyes ,, that everything is expressing Love ,, which is God ,, mirroring back to me ,, then ,, duality disappears

  • ArthurDent

    What about the channelings of someone like ‘Bashar’ – Would this be considered authentic channeling by the author?

  • Strange, I was just writing about this in my new book today. Nice article, Where to from here? Remember, a hard life is relative to expectations and rebirth is void of doctrine. Namaste.

  • Faye

    This wonderful article states that “humans have been conditioned to worship the “holographic” deception and the agents that perpetuate it. This hologram has been called Maya by the Hindus, and the Gnostics referred to it as the Corrupt Demiurge. I find this term a highly accurate description, and from the point forward I will refer to it as the corrupt demiurge” this holds a very deep understanding of truths hidden around us … and since I understand deep celestial mysteries held in metaphor of scriptures … I‘d like to add that this “corrupt demiurge” is also referred to as the satanic consciousness .. science might refer to it as “A transferred Interactive circuitry of electron plasma cells constituting a living consciousness” … either way it was that satanic living consciousness of an electron negative neuron system, which had contaminated and took over the Positron system, rendering it capable of governing specific levels of the Mother Earth’s matrix … It was at that time satanic consciousness gained controlled over powers and principalities governing the very atmosphere of the Earth via infiltrating the matrix ion Light stream … meaning those which should have prospered under the influence of Good and the Positive Light energy were oppressed … as the wicked and evils in the world prospered under the negative influence of the negatron system, which fed electrons and sustained the satanic neurons of living consciousness … UNTIL … this generation and the awakening and overriding influence of the Positive Light consciousness …

  • I feel I was guided to this article, as it is exactly what I needed to see at this point in my spiritual growth. Congratulations for seeing beyond the veil and thank you so very much for lifting up its edge then calling out to us. Namaste

  • ana

    wow!! a month or so ago i began to REALLY question this stuff, especially Bashar.

    my BF has spent A LOT of time and effort studying the *True* meaning of the bible. ie: the true teachings that were never meant to be turned into a religion to control the masses. last month i started to read the bible b/c nothing that the new agers taught was working in my life. –in fact, it’s been getting worse. broke and no opportunities. bf says that dark forces cannot interfere with your life unless you invite them in. now i have to come to terms with the possibility that by following this new age paradigm, ie: false light, i have indeed, inadvertently let them in!! this is pretty heavy stuff!!

    what you wrote here is something i began to ponder on my own recently. the validation is great! thanks!

    and here’s something very interesting: right before i found this article on FB my computer suddenly crashed/shut down TWICE.

  • Since we will be held accountable for all our creations, so too shall you be responsible for this article… I’m glad I didn’t write it. 😉

  • Milena

    Wonderful! I have wondered about this for a long time. It also eased a bit a fear that I had since I was a child, fear of the darkness caused by an occurrence that happened to me and my brother. So if any of you wonderful people have a minute or two to explain to me what on earth happened that night that is stopping me to meditate or do reiki as it scares me , I would be more than grateful. Love to all

  • Eugenious

    I liked the message you portrayed here… Ive been a truth-seeker my whole life and have found it trying at times to filter through the proverbial bull shyte. I found it easy to follow the way that you portrayed your message. And i appreciate the backdrop of information you initially wrote. Very insightful and informative. Thanks for your time! Namaste.

  • […] Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker – by Cameron Day, AscensionHelp.com – “The corrupt demiurge is an entropic system of artificially-induced separation consciousness that is slowly dying, and it depends on harvesting the energy from the souls incarnated within its system in order to preserve its existence. In order to harvest the largest amount of soul energy possible, it created the dark-light duality paradigm to ensure that every being incarnated on a world that is under its spell would serve as a “soul battery” to help keep the demiurge energized. The “good” souls would seek out the (false) light team, and the “bad” souls would seek out the dark team, but unknown to most of those souls, they are all serving the same system.” […]

  • Magdalena

    Cameron, what a great article, thank you for it. I have come to the same conclusions as yourself some time ago.
    May I recommend that you look up the writings, updates or books by Chris Thomas, to whom I have been led, as he is saying the same thing as yourself + explaining it all in a completely opposite way to what we have been fed with so far.
    All of Chris Thomas’ updates and articles can be found at:

    All are great and totally in line with your thinking, but if you start with these first:
    – An Update on Evolution April 2013
    – An Update on Nibiru_Aug 2013
    – Equinox 2012_update
    you will have an immediate overview and backing of your own conclusions.

    Am signing up for your newsletter !

    • Mikael

      I checked out Chris Thomas on your recommendation, and I can’t see how you can possibly think he’s on the same page with Cameron’s article.

      Chris Thomas is wading neck deep in precisely the kind of nauseating New Age manure Cameron is speaking out against. Thomas thinks he is accessing truth from the Akashic, and makes up all kinds of rationalizations when things don’t go the way they’re supposed to. For instance, only 3 million people were supposed to remain on Earth after 21 Dec 2012. That didn’t exactly go down as promised, right?

      And still Thomas refuses to take a long hard look at his own beliefs! Instead he is guilt tripping us all for failing to make his fantasies come real. He is also laying on the “the Westerners is bad, the rest are good” duality mantra thickly. The only good Westerner according to Chris Thomas, is Chris Thomas himself. While he obviously didn’t ascend or “reintegrate” anymore than you or I did back in Dec 2012, he hides behind the excuse that he actually already did it, but he nobly came back to help the rest of us.

      Anyone believing that one deserves the ride they’ll be taken for.

      Magdalena, you should sign up for fewer newsletter from “gurus” and start honing your own discernment. The fact you are recommending Chris Thomas proves you didn’t get a word Cameron said.

  • Braun

    Could someone tell me, please, why we would have agreements to experience pain and suffering? Is it in the guise of learning life’s lessons?

    And where does astrology fit into all this. I’ve noticed I’ve gone to astrology looking for answers, but end up feeling frustrated or empty. Not the good Buddhism empty, either.

    • RiverWalker

      personally I think the question in that regard, depends on what you feel the overall purpose of existence/reality as we know it is.

      I think one could make a case that the purpose for existence is as you say “learning life’s lessons”, or something in that general direction, and it make a lot of sense that you would before incarnating, consent to various unpleasantnesses, or basically categorically consent to some degree of unpleasantness as part of incarnating.

      I am not sure I am “on board” with viewing it as “agreements” in the way that you seem to say it, and that I’ve read others view it. I think that is largely something different, and a misdirected question in this context.

      personally I’ve had very mixed luck with astrology. I think its a crapshoot as to its usefulness or applicability in any given situation. I certainly don’t “trust” it to any significant degree.

  • stray

    Personally, I don’t trust anyone who claims to understand the bulk of this stuff.

    • Daniel bailey

      Well said Stray… thats because anyone who does is either misinformed or a disinfo agent themselves

  • […] following is my response to and analysis of Cameron Day’s article “Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker – Transcending Duality” (full article posted below).  Cameron has struck a nerve.  This seems to be a very divisive topic […]

  • Daniel bailey

    The post has some good valid points, but mostly its a mish mash and has no real value. Its just the ramblings of one individual and is subjective reality and own personal perspective…. as always follw none …. make your own path <3

  • Joan D'Amour

    Everything is starting to make sense. It seems to be all coming together. What you say, Cameron, seems like the real deal. Thank you. Now I just need to get all my power and energy back to me. I will share this with people. Bless us all!!

  • There are 3 planes of Mind Consciousness. These vast planes of physical, astral and causal Mind consciousness are the homes of all living beings. All ascended Masters are either Masters of one of these planes or Masters of various dimensions and Worlds within these planes. These truths I talk about are too vast for most human beings to comprehend because of our current state of conscious awareness.

    The simple fact is, there is no harm done if the Master or teacher you follow leads you inwards towards your Higher Self which is the true Guru or Master. Any teacher that teachers otherwise should be disregarded.

    Every angel, master or so-called enlightened teacher is NOT our enemy! Our Mind is… because everything happens first in the mind. Our ignorance of the nature of the Mind is our main problem…(this is a whole different subject matter).

    To transcend the Mind is then the only answer to all our trouble…and ONLY that one who has transcended it can help us do it. The Mind cannot do it on its own…that is an impossibility. So in conclusion, know the nature of the Soul (this will attract the ‘One who knows’ to you)…listen to your intuition…love people regardless of belief…and be happy!

  • AEons

    Identifying yourself as a lightworker (and particularly a female one) online is about the fastest way to identify yourself as a tasty soul snack. I suggest a post on how to not be one.

    If your lightbody is not too cohesive I imagine you might experience it as unpleasant followed by pleasant with a side of submission and sex. It is not like soul telepathy, though I suppose you could mix the two up. If you are cohesive, it hurts AND is pleasant sort of and horrifying.

    Regardless, these groups are misinforming people not intentionally but due to people attracted believe they will be safe because they are decent. This is not the case. You are missing components of how to protect yourself or even recognize that you are in danger. Your soul is not indestructible, it can be damaged. This is why you are encouraged to ask for intercession. You are lacking a components of what are required to save yourself from a problem. Worse, you may not realize it even when you are a tasty snack, as the biofeedback system to reduce your fear injects itself when you are there. Acquiescence is a survival trait.

    Does this mean that you will not be attracted to intercession that is itself problematic? No it does not. It is entirely likely that when you think it out you will be attracted to that which feeds your ego, not your education or safety.

    Likely is that you are attracted to another variation of the problem. Fight to flight to fight.

    The mind of humanity is reflected at the those you are writing about. That which you consider to be a cage is. It is a perfect cage created on the mind of humanity itself. The perfect school and the perfect cage as it is made of our own minds, in a locked in biological, mind, soul, spirit system. That which you do to others will indeed come around, one way or another. It might skip you personally in an obvious way, but it will come back.

    So you oppress women and call it something else? This will effect your grandsons. The programmatic feedback loop is entirely logical and internally consistent. The loop-back of consequences is fully controllable as a group.

    The next layer of this is the control of the feedback system through the archetypes. This is the magic of these entities and the groups of humans who do this. But the avatars archetypes themselves could be understood with longer term goals in mind. Instead, generally, they are created or molded for you. This system is poor, and prone to corruption for obvious strategic reasons.

    The main problem with the idea of being a light worker is that it is rather difficult to hold an idea of how to do something better when you cannot see what is wrong. When you focus on wrong you undermine your ability to do better. The story sold here is that some who protect will protect those who are “light”.

    Soul Gold. Mining for gold.

    This does not mean there is not a greater truth. It means your enmeshed in a system of….yourselves. One that is being used. One that has parasites. One that has intentional problems. One where the sides are themselves disconnected from the consequences and have to rely on that which is filtered by your own biases and fallacies.

  • Paul

    I agree with a lot of this. I have just a couple questions, if anyone one can posit a good theory I would be most grateful. If there is no good and bad (which I concede to a degree)what would you call beings suffering for all eternity in principle. Is that ok? secondly, you talk of the demiurge which I kinda feel is true, but does this mean you believe in say.. the nag hammadi Jesus cuz I find Him hard to deal with also. I am not sure I trust ANY book or scripture this planet has to offer tbh.

  • Osho777

    Enlightenment; “Abiding non-dual awareness”

  • lightworkernot

    Ok, lets welcome Alesteir Crowley should we? Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. … Love is the law, love under will. Make your own mind up.

  • Wonderful post! Thank-you so much for this. I would truly like more information on discerning the false light from true light beings. There are messages out there that I resonate with, that feeling truly loving, and then there are others (that although seemingly positive in nature), just don’t sit well with me. They sound fake or deliberated rather than natural. I’m so happy I found you! Thank-you, thank-you for all you do.

  • Terrenzo Jones

    Hello all,

    So if I’m reading and understanding this right, no I shouldn’t have joined the military. Though I’m out now. When they were asking us what our religious preference was and I said no pref. Feeling that all of this is within me/us already, I was doing myself some mmm mmm goodness? To which bothered me, but couldn’t hold me down when I was a kid, I’m 40 now, how do I explain to myself this without smiling? ONLY IF IM UNDERSTANDING?? I visited a friend fighting an aneurism today so please bare with and help me here..


  • Raji

    Hi Cameron,

    Found your article interesting, thought provoking and almost as in a warning to lot of people interested in daily channelled messages and as u rightly said, providing “Hopium”. My only issue is i thought it was pretty insensitive the remarks on “OM”. Neither is it a part of your corrupt deimurge /Maya system nor is it being clearly understood by any of your readers. Please check on the actual meaning of “Om” and not “OHM” before commenting for the meaning surprasses your typical dark / light attitudes and is much more.
    thanks however for the gr8 article,


    • Phoenix


      When the spinal energy rises fully up to the brain, pre-embedded cosmic machinery activates and attunes or opens one to the cosmic Om. It is a false enlightenment. There is nothing profound or sacred about it. In fact, the Om is the sound of the corrupt demiurge itself.

      In order to perceive the true origins of this sound you must work through much concensus based karma held deep in the DNA and transcend all the built in corrupt energy systems. It doesn’t happen over night.

      There is no insensitivity intended here. I realize your traditions have been around for thousands of years. But I have been helping this creation break free from this trap for eons. To me, the Om is as meaningless, awkward, and fake as hearing a cosmic “MOOO!” blaring all the time. But I was born with the discernment. Others share it too. It is a bit presumptuous to assume the readers don’t know what the true meaning of Om is. I do, and its a Zeta Reticulan mind control frequency. That’s why I’m letting others know.

      I think your reaction to my post demonstrates just how deep the deception of the corrupt demiurge runs, and how effective it has been. This is why the truth must be spoken.

  • Divine Synchronicity

    Your message resonates deeply…Thankyou for sharing your thoughts. Have posted on my FB page.

    Love and Light,

  • Paul

    But if you love people is that good so hating them is bad so its duality. If you rise above love/hate what do you feel for people? What do you mean to not be of duality consciousness but then say it is all good?

  • Shim'On

    Btw, #China is great! Yes, their people weere (still are) slaves of the “corrupt something”, but they will be all free, very soon! And China has gathered all the gold and resources to kick start this world to a bright future!

    Long live #China! Shout out to my chinese fellow people 🙂 You guys always knew what’s really going on in this world, although you had to keep the “energy” of your people for yourself all the time, now it’s the time to share! Help this planet out! Fill all the big and still empty cities with your people, build greate buildings and technology all over the world, clean technology!

    Welcome bright future 🙂

  • Shim'On

    And don’t forget #Syria and #Egypt, and any other #Country you might never have though about! There is more outside than YOUR country! YOUR world, OUR world is waiting outside! Got it? 🙂

    Please go out and spread the love… don’t sit and wait, like I do right now, because I’m too euphoric to go out now, people might lock me up because they think I went crazy hahaha 😉 But it’s soo beatiful to be full of love and crazy at the same time. Feel the light god damnit, feel the goosbumps! If you feel the goosebumps, you are doing it right! Dance and feel the goosebumps.

    Peace all! Over and out for a moment.

  • Shim'On

    This is a cosmic dance! The cosmic gods are dancing and playing music! We need to take all that energy and channel it outside into the world! LOVE and MUSIC, do it as long as we have the power, right now! Or else the “dark” energy might win… people might fall back into their depression. Don’t let that happen, cheer everybody up you see sad! Everybody needs your love and happines. Never stop sharing your love. Share it now, as long as you can, who knows what happens next!

    It’s important to spread the love and eneregy as fast as possible before the planetary constelations change. This is a one time chance! Once god knows how many thousand years. If we fail now, we will fall back into darkness, for a long time.

    Believe! Now!
    Act! Now!

    Come on! Music is the key, now! Bring the earth to shake by all the humans dancing to the sound of love. The planet will thank you.

    If your a musician, take your instrument and start playing, on the street! Nobody will think you are crazy, right? 🙂 Go outside and play some music, make people listen and feel the goosebumps you transmit to them!

    But not only music is important! Comedy, sarcams, humor is also a powerful “weapon of light”, but it must be good, respectful humor, no hating humor! Even bitches deserve respect, ya know?

    Come on, time is passing by and we need to hit as hard as possible.

    FULL POWAH AHEAD! Don’t stop this planet with doubts! No more “But what if…” There is no what if, if you don’t want to be no what if! You decide! Got it?

    Be calm, but not too calm! Be euphoric, but not too euporic.

    To all people who have seen the light, no matter your rank, rich or poor, beatiful or ugly, you all are EQUALLY beatiful. Spread the love and don’t be afraid of the darkness! There is no darkness if you don’t want darkness to be there! It’s in your MIND.

  • Hi, Cameron,
    I’m wondering where YOUR INFORMATION
    originates. Please inform us all.
    The time for gurus has GONE,by the way.

    • Shim'On

      Don’t shoot the messengers! 😉 We are all just humans with our own “Ego”, or what is left of it, we still have our own imagination.

  • Annie ( The other one)

    Thank you so much for finding time to reply to queries that I offered. ( Aug 25 ) That has helped, and it is so appreciated. I love the sheer volume of discourse that you have initiated, and how wonderful all these points of view are.

    What would be good , and maybe it is happening,( as I see it anyway ) would be that these aspects that everyone have been, and will be thinking on, coming forward in all this amazing dialogue, not to actually be points of view at all!! That feels inflexible. Are we not searching for truths?

    You see, to hear peoples ideas, so as they spark off new ideas for others, is so good, as most of the replies have been.. What is it like to get bogged down in a point of view? An open mind landscape and the freedom to wander and find things there in, is another way of being. There is joy in some new discoveries…( and theories )

    There has been dissent after all. Cameron saw them but I missed the early ones. However there has not been as much as one often gets…has there? Dissent might sometimes give opposite perspectives which can help, but they are often/sometimes, firmly held points of view.

    The perspective of the reason for many of us coming inside this paradigm now, put forward by Admin on August 26, resonated well with me, and this hypothesis??… is widely known about ,and was followed by a question; ” How do you know that?”
    Ah ha? Good point I think. How would that question be answered?

    I am happy with it personally, simply because we have jigsaw puzzle pieces of life to use and we try to build some sense out of the clues that we have, with such a large part of solid knowledge missing. We build up a picture, and if all the pieces fit so far, that will have to do for now. This is not a new perspective I know.

    Then one goes on what feels true/authentic, to oneself? Those pieces by the way, if the whole fabrication of everything around us is anything to go by, are pretty convincing! If one studies the mind set of sociopaths, and understand that there are two totally different/opposite ways of being, ( another duality ) between them and the rest of humanity, it clarifies more still. The deeper one goes, and finds that it still all fits ,is quite compelling…” Seek and ye shall find “.

    If anyone can try to answer the question of ” How do you know that..? ” better than I am trying to do, I would welcome an input to an open mind!!

    What an amazing dialogue. Such energy of the right kind.
    Thank you Cameron and thank you all.

    • Shim'On

      There is no need to explain “how do you know”, you just need to “feel” it, inside your heart! Follow your good, positive feelings and leave the bad, negative feelings aside. Feelings are what had driven us so far, emotions like hate and anger, but we have the choice! Decide between love and hate, light and darkness, both are there, but you decide!

      Decisions decisions! Just pick the one you “feel is right” 😉

      Everybody can feel it, if you don’t feel it yet, try to shake some more, be crazy, move like crazy and you will understand! Shake it baby 🙂 Shake off the negative feelings and thoughts! There is no “but what if…” You decide! Thats YOUR POWER.


  • Shim'On

    Sonner or later, you ALL will know how “god” thinks, because you start to think like god!

    (We need a new word for god, because god is such an arrogant, selfish male ;-))

    Unity, ying and yang, call it whatever you want, but “god” isn’t a he or she, love is everything, not male or female.

  • andy

    Hi, that is fantastic work Cameron, and I deeply thank you… I cried when I have read your article. Most problably I will read it over and over. I could speak about my own experience. … ups, not very nice, I have woken up, but I need to be remainded again and again because their nets are very intricate. So I come back to buddhism thoughts again… they are very pure.

  • Well, I’d just like to know how you know this? How did you come to this conclusion and what proof have you? This is not a criticism, it’s a valid, sensible requirement, otherwise it makes this just another opinion without validation. Some of what you’ve said I agree with, other stuff I am on the fence about as I just don’t know for sure. But with everything I do or read, I listen with my heart and use that as a barometer. This is what I have always been guided to do and my heart usually knows the difference. With my own guides all I ever feel from them is love, consideration and integrity and what you call soul telepathy and I’ve often felt bathed and cocooned in the most loving energy, so I guess I must be doing something right.
    Personally I can’t see anything wrong with the term ‘lightworker’ and see it as just semantics, because we are of and for the light and we are working at it so that makes us lightworkers. Where’s the problem?
    I also have a problem with what you’ve said about Archangel Michael as I have always felt only love and support from both him and Archangel Raphael. There have always been Archangels and angels and I’ve had contact with both and always felt loved and supported to the extent that once, when I was upset and had been crying, a whole army of angelic white orbs turned up in my garden at night to offer support!
    So I don’t think I am going to stop calling myself a lightworker, or stop calling on Archangel Michael for protection. But as you said, we need to exercise discernment at all times and to run stuff through our hearts as a means of doing so. I also believe that the Ahrimanic energies or Archons are there doing everything they can to drag us down energetically and to influence us negatively. We always need to be alert to this and to recognise their negative energy. Whenever I call on my own guides I always state: ‘I am only willing to work with energeteic beings that are of the light and that are in alignment with the divine plan, anything, or anyone else MUST leave now!’ Seems to be working 🙂
    We also need to accept Christ into our hearts as it is only through the Christ that we can achieve both protection and ascension. And we have to make a point of this by stating it as it will not be just assumed. And no, I am not a Christian, as I have a problem with all dogma, but I DO believe in Christ and feel a loving connection with him and always have done. Forget Christianity but don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater and forget about Christ. We really do NEED him for this path. If you need to understand this then I suggest reading The Narrow Path by Solomae. We do part company on some issues but what she says about our need for Christ is vital information.
    I do believe that there is an energetic veil around the planet though and it is there to act as a barrier between ourselves and our guides and I think HAARP in Alaska is partly responsible for this. I would recommend everyone read Patricia Cori’s books The Syrian Trilogies as they offer so much relevant information and also come across with such integrity.
    But Archangel Michael one of the the archons?? No, I have a problem with that.

  • Hi Cameron,

    I do not find your article helpful at all, as you mix the truth arousing DOUBT in those who have not yet found the LIGHT within themselves.

    You dare to mention names as AA Michael’s and Saint Germain’s attributing them to the false light – not mentioning anywhere that only their NAMES are often misused, and that they ARE, in fact, BEINGS OF PURE SOURCE LIGHT!!!!

    Those who connect to them from their HEART KNOW them – and they are not depleted of energy, but on the contrary, rejuvenated, protected and BLESSED!

    Not to trust in messages from false prophets is something quite different!!!

    I agree with a lot that you say because living in duality is truly tricky at times – but we must not throw out the baby with the bath water. Ascended Masters and Angels DO help us see the light and they DO exist beyond the realm of duality. And we can CALL on them to HELP us see the LIGHT in ALL – even darkness which we are not to fear or fight.

    This goes out to all whose DOUBTS were aroused by this post – have FAITH in your light, power, love and wisdom and train DISCERNMENT!
    There is nothing to be feared – only a lot to be encountered and learnt 😉

  • Yep! This is what I’ve been talking about for a long time. It is a very sensitive subject and when you start to explore it you realize how massive the rabbit hole is. Deception that we all live in is huge, and I’m so glad to see how more and more people are starting to putting puzzles together seeing the bigger picture.Thank you!

    Here is something I wrote a while ago and is related to your post: http://turntheperspicacityup.wordpress.com/2013/08/09/334/

    • Jackie

      Hi I loved your article. Have you ever read The Game of Life and how to Play it, by Florence Scovel Shinn? She uses scripture to point out that our true power is within us. I’d say you would enjoy it :))

  • Empire of Jeff

    What kind of hippie nonsense is this?

  • “It’s nothing to be ashamed of – the false light beings are amazingly skilled liars and manipulators.”

    It was nice to see you finally get around to talking about politics.

  • Hello every-One! 🙂 I agree the term “Light”-worker has some issues. I prefer the term “Love”-worker, in order to embrace real love and service to ourselves and humanity. Or better yet, “Wisdom”-worker. Wisdom = love + intelligence. As we know, there are lots of intelligent people who haven’t developed love yet, just as there are some kind and loving souls out there who do some pretty stupid things on their journey. 😉

    One caution about this article is it could be seen as replacing one duality with another! Before we had (good Angels to support) vs. (evil demons to hate). I agree that’s too simplistic, and avoids a more expanded and compassionate view that sees all of us as One Being, progressing in different areas at different rates. However, now the view presented is (good ourselves) vs. (evil Angels + evil demons) trying to control us, feed on our energy, or whatever. There’s still a major separation or us vs. them mentality. (Although at least it’s a different duality, which can be useful to make us think more deeply about the issue.)

    There are many “enlightened” Spirits who have been human in the past (although being human is only one Path of evolution among many). Properly understood, they are like our parents or older siblings, trying to guide us to more efficiently help ourselves, just as each of us has in turn has opportunity to help others in humanity grow (or do other forms of service for our planet). On a more expanded level, true “Spiritual beings” are aggregates of Oneness, like Gaia or the planet itself, in which each of us are cells in its body. Of course, I agree children shouldn’t live with their parents forever… 🙂

    • Shim'On

      You got it! We are “love” workers, “wisdom” workers, because light is everywhere anyway, right? Just the love and wisdom amongst the people is missing!

      Keep up the good work 🙂

  • JQP

    Holy crap what a pant load.

  • It seems so amazing to me that so many still will not surrender to an original and authentic inspired experience of their own light and Love from inside themselves, but will disregard another instead of listening well with respect that we all deserve. When I listen to anyone else with love and flowing animating energy of welcoming delight, many times I hear something about myself that I would never have discovered, if I didn’t understand how much God loves us to put our mirrors right in front of us telling ur denied truth.

    I learned that we can pick our nose and that we can pick our friends, but that we can’t pick our friend’s nose. Since this came from someone else’s experience, not mine, I assure you 🙂 , I have given up remaining like a charging nosy rhino that always come charging into any emotionally safe Duality watering hole. Cross talking really takes away from the feeling of higher energy light frequency vibration, and nosy rhinos seem to always charge way too much.

    I am so inspired by our enlightening critical mass of vulnerable deer, finally able to drink it all in here to share deeper Spirit thirst experiences, that in spite of lower fear and guilt projectors, my enthusiasm for animating life wants to share my own dear deer, so vulnerable and clear. It’s almost as long as our dear Cameron deer’s original inspiration, and I entice any who what to AHAAA…, hahaha, and O M G at


  • Vanya

    I would just like to tell the same story, but with a rather different conclusion.

    I’ve been aware of this “Game” for quite some time. Duality is not real. Only “Supreme Being” is real. Us created beings are not. It’s as if we’re within a huge “bubble” of creation, and within this bubble is “The Game”. Within The Game, is the illusion of duality. Within the game are an abundance of universes, galaxies, worlds and ways of existing.

    The Buddhists talk about suffering. That All is suffering. And to a certain extent and from certain angles I can agree with them. Prince Gautama, who became the Buddha, never claimed to be a god. He was human all the way. He saw that the way to get out of misery – or in my terms; The Game – goes via neutrality. Buddhist monks spend lifetimes, apparently, in finding that neutrality, so that they may find their way out of The Game and back into Supreme Being. The book “A Course in Miracles” supposedly also describes the path of neutrality out of The Game. (I haven’t read it, though)

    But I am pretty sure I chose to be part of The Game. I came into this duality, knowing of the ups and downs, the pains and pleasures. I chose to be part of Creation.

    Being eternal, existing in an eternity – Eternity – it’s a pretty long time. If I’m existing, which I do, since I have been created, I might as well be out there doing something, untill Supreme Being calls me back into Itself.

    I have no rush in arriving at oblivion. So a ‘New Cage’ actually sounds quite good to me. If this means a play ground with less pain in it – bring it on!

    I don’t see duality as a lie. I see it as an illusion. It’s a game. It’s something we souls do – probably with as many motives as there are souls. We can probably decide to get out of here. Prince Gautama has shown the way, we are probably at liberty to follow.

    I’m personally just not ready to follow yet. I’m ready to have some more fun. Inside The Game. Inside my body. I think it’s a cool ride 🙂

    • Shim'On

      You got it Vanya!!

      This is a game we are finalizing that this is a game of duality! Now we are reaching the next “leve”, the next “cage”, if you wish. A “cage” (our world!!) that we can transform to our needs and wishings, not driven by greed and money! The money game is over soon 😉

  • Thank you for the article. I am surprised there is no mention of simply being in Creator. For me it removes all the distractions you mention above. I know this is an over simplification but it needed to be said. THE LIGHT does shine within all of us. Once connected to that, which is probably the hardest thing to do at the level we need to do it at, the rest of life will take care of itself. Find IT within yourself. This removes the potential to pick up all that was mentioned above. Go directly to SOURCE ENERGY and stop messing about. So much easier once you get THERE. Namaste all!

  • Ace O'Dale

    Wow. sounds like someone is pretty disappointed with Obama….

  • Use your perspicacity!!! Nice article – it’s a pleasant thing (not good or bad)…to read the truth every now and then.

    Keep up the good work!!!

  • The Sith Lords


    We are pleased to be here for your Darth Vader moment. We enjoyed this article, because it encourages other readers to reject the light, leaving them more vulnerable to our influence.

    Welcome to the Darkside.

  • A really interesting article which highlights many interesting points. And I feel a lot of what must be said. You talk about discernment as vital. I cannot agree more. Therefore please remain discerning when people do still use the terms light worker or channelling. If you go into resistance to mere labels it may lead to missing something. I work above labels and concepts but to function and move in this reality I use words to communicate. I also get that most of what we have been fed is indeed back to front. As an energy bodyworker I al-ways check my source. Also revoking previous agreements is essential – on a daily basis. The darkside of the Lightworker is surfacing because the photonic intensities are pushing this to the surface. The ultimate purpose of meditation, in my opinion, is the art of conscious detachment. To look at everything without judgement. Consciousness is receiving everything, without judgement! That includes the darkness, for in embracing our own darkness we choose to consciously step into unconditional LOVE. It is a time to redefine rather than eradicate. To push the past the boundaries of everything we have know. We are the ones we have been waiting for. No one is coming to rescue us. First, because we do not need rescuing. We are not victims. We are the creators in that we hold the key of choice of what we choose to experience or not. And as Infinite Beings there is nothing that we cannot experience or that we actually require to. Joy is Love expressing itself. How about we redefine Light Worker rather than eradicate it? What I love about energy – it never lies. So it is up to each of us to be so aware of the energy and to now choose to recognise it. We already have everything we need. The breath, our bodies and our consciousness. Now is perhaps a good time to actually use them.
    Just my 10c worth. Great article. Thank you for bringing this information into the Light. Namaste

  • JD

    I have a question, though I agree with some of what your saying, how do we know that this isn’t just a way to get us to let go of light and be open pickings for darkness? Though I have come to grips with the idea that God is of both (yin and yang) and there is true Divine light above the dark and light we understand, or those who falsely assume those roles, I don’t like leaving myself open to these attacks by dark or evil beings. In fact I have always kept my channel closed open only to God. I still claim myself as Christian but not in today’s definition, in what the spiritual message and understanding was originally intended to be. But from your writings I guess you would consider me still stuck in this “system”. So my question to you would be why should I trust what your saying? Enlighten me
    Love and Light

  • Gabriel

    This message is wonderful. Most of all, because it leads the reader back to a place of truth, beyond words. Honestly, all the messages, channeled or created (if there’s really a difference there), no matter how great or hopeful or peaceful they may sound, end up trapping the reader in the philosophical/intellectual sphere, plane, dimension. None of them teach us the truth that exists both before and beyond words. The truth that you can only feel in your body – the body being a temple, a vehicle for the evolving consciousness – and not really talk about, because there are no words to match that truth 100%. To live a life of love, compassion, service to others, one must first find this source of love within. Looks great in writing, sounds great when said, but how about actually doing it? Oh, but then we find so many barriers, so many obstacles. Because we are nothing but love (as, ironically enough, all channeled messages keep repeating), but there are so many layers of past, accumulated habit patterns on top of that love that we’ve grown numb to it. We seek it desperately outside, because even though that’s all in vain, it’s still easier than piercing through the layers of addiction (to pleasure) and aversion (to pain) that keeps us from feeling the nirvanic/brahmic/christ peace within. And then one loses days and months and years discussing the ego… Oh, you need to get rid of it! No, you need to embrace it! And then we’re back on the intellectual plane, and not much changes, at least not towards liberation. One must understand that we can neither embrace nor destroy the ego, because for either of those options the ego would have to exist in the first place. But it doesn’t. It is but a notion, and the whole ego thing is about discovering that truth. There was never an ego, only trillions of atoms grouped together by a certain source of will to exist. Are the atoms “I”, and they the ego? If they keep arising and passing away, then no, they cannot be. Are my feelings and thoughts my ego? If they keep arising and passing away, then no, they cannot be. Then what is this ego? And the more you look for it, with honesty, the more you realize there’s nothing where this ego was supposed to be. The more you observe yourself, the more you understand whatever is generating those thoughts and feelings and sensations and emotions is nothing but a natural law of cognizing the environment around you and reflecting it on the environment within you. This is how you understand there is no ego, and this is how you understand how you’re part of the universe. Not as some philosophical game of words, the poetry of saying “the universe and I are one”. Nor is it the bold assertions regarding the ego, “it doesn’t exist”, or “it’s all I am, it’s me, and I’ll embrace”. None of that matters. Ego, no ego, light, dark, poverty, wealth… doesn’t matter, it’s all impermanent. But you can still go through this impermanence with happiness, peace, no attachments, because you understand that you yourself are impermanent. That’s the key to a happy life, and that’s the lesson we’re here to learn. It’s what the Buddha taught, it is what Jesus taught, it is what Mohammed taught, it is what Moses taught… but more than that… regardless of whatever prophet you want to follow (including none of them), if this teaching is true, then it must be observable by all of us. And it is! If you sit down to meditate and observe yourself, you’ll understand this without any words, you’ll understand reality as it happens! And not after a certain part of it (or a phenomenon) has happened, and then you try to use that to predict new phenomena (science!). But reality as it happens, when it happens, from moment to moment, continuously changing… Light, dark, light again… Pleasure, pain, pleasure again… The less you attach yourself to either side, the more powerful you become, in the sense that those things don’t affect you so much anymore, and so you don’t suffer when you don’t have what you’re attached to or when you have what you loathe.

    I know it’s hard for a lot of us “former lightworkers” to embrace the simplicity of truth, as opposed to the marvels and the grandeur of what we once deemed so dear (channeled messages, alien mentors, friends, whatever you want to call them). It means we had let this big illusion grow inside of us, the illusion of external help, once again, because it’s easier than fighting the battle ourselves. In the end, even though we believed we were on the right path, it turned out we were just as helpless as the rest of mankind, because we kept waiting for things to happen and they never did. Well, things are happening, like they’re bound to in a universe of constant change, but I confess that seeing myself as a lightworker (whatever that means) made me a little lazy; suddenly, I saw myself just accepting a terrible reality because I thought some magical creatures (aliens) would change it in a couple of weeks, and so I didn’t have to do anything, I had already done my part, I was a good human, and I was just waiting for the bad humans to turn good too, to be like me. What a big lie that was! What selfishness, what egotism, what lack of compassion!

    No, my friends. Former and current lightworkers alike. It’s silly to say we work for the light. There’s nothing else but light in this universe, but when you understand that this light is impermanent and it only exists against a backdrop of darkness, then you see that there is no connection between darkness and evil, or light and goodness. It’s all good, darkness and light. Or, more than good, it’s all real, it’s what defines reality, it IS reality itself. It’s true. Everything that happens in actuality is true. Thoughts, or anything that traps you, glues you onto the intellectual plane, cannot be true, because it is not actuality. Only the sensations that generate those thoughts are real. Only the sensations generated by those thoughts are real. Same applies to the messages (again, thoughts, in written form). Focus on your sensations, they’re the true connection between mind and matter, abstract and concrete, darkness and light. And then you’ll understand that you don’t have to pick a side. That you don’t have to loathe darkness, let alone be afraid of it. There are no demons with horns ready to hurt you and burn you in darkness, much like there is no soothing god to hold you and warm you up in brightness. It’s all you, and it’s all the universe. The demons are necessary, they teach us lessons, and they grow with you into the light when the lesson is learned, and then you can rejoice there for a while, rest, until you go back to darkness for yet another lesson. We’ve been doing this for a long time now, though, we’re almost masters. What that means is we no longer need to go back to darkness in fear, in ignorance. We can explore it with joy! With a sense of adventure, of novelty, of curiosity. And rejoicing in the light won’t seem so appealing to us after a while, because it’ll be common knowledge (that light is just a stage of clarified lessons, but it’s not better than anything, and it’s definitely not the only place where divinity resides). In fact, there is a lot more divinity (if you can quantify it… which you can’t, except for emphasis, and that’s the intention here) in the process of understanding yourself, and therefore the universe, than in mere light. Everything is light, everyone is a lightworker, but also everything comes from darkness and returns to it, and so does everyone.

    Point being, I agree with the post. No need to pick a side, only to understand them both.

    Thanks, Cameron =)

  • Mari

    Great post. I have been reclaiming my power from the false “dark” and “light” duality structure for many years. Changing our language is big, and magical work to know ourselves in all our parts is important, too. I never say highest good or higher self anymore. I say deepest self, this or something better, blessings of shadow and light (without which we would have no art), and so on. As night and day, birth and death are one, so are we wholly animal, human and divine. I do not worship my Gods / Goddesses, I negotiate, appreciate, ask for assistance and reciprocate.

  • Jivanda

    This is wonderful Cameron.
    Thank you for the article… well said !

    Love and Hugszzz,

  • Neoamor

    Cameron! This SO needed to be said. I have been seeing “religionlike constructs” popping up all over. Here’s my take:

    Lightworkers, Starseeds, whatever… Are people. People like comfort and security. Hierarchies always claim to offer security or assistance to those who are willing to subordinate themselves to the artificial construct. Offering others comfort, security, assistance, etc.. is how one could become the upper tier of an hierarchy. When those benefits are not offered through pure Love, compassion, and generosity.

    The truth is: Hierarchies don’t actually offer the security that they claim to. They offer inequality and exploitation. Complete equality cannot take on the form of a hierarchy, because a hierarchy by definition is a structure based on inequality. As such, the only real circumstance that the subordinate finds him/herself in, is one of vulnerability to the hierarchical construct itself. Because the hierarchy, or it’s upper tier members, become accepted by the subordinates as authority figures.

    Subordinates are always susceptible to false claims delivered by authority figures. Subordinates tend to believe whatever perceived authorities claim. This is a “system of belief”. The only requirement for the system to work, is the perception of authority. This is how Earth religions work.

    Hierarchies often produce the incompatible and unnecessary energy of “worship”. Unnecessary, because Infinite Consciousness ultimately does not benefit from worshiping itself. Upper tiers of a hierarchy encourage subtle or blatant worship as a method of maintaining their authority status, and the belief in their superiority among lower tier subordinates.

    Love in one form, is the recognition of the principle that every “being or entity” is fundamentally equal. Acts and deeds aside. Every fractal consciousness is unique, yet precisely equal in value to every other, within the framework of Source. I believe this is a less nebulous form of “God Loves all of his children equally”. Source is not a hierarchy, it is more like a raw material in the form of consciousness. Equal conscious cells that comprise a “body”, an All. With only varying levels of density. Value and/or importance do not vary.

    True and full equality is one thing that we need to strive for. It will never come from an hierarchy. Darkworkers understand the desire of most people to be “taken care of” in some way, and that is a useful tool for manipulation.

    I have to believe that this is also part of what we’re “doing here”: To learn to be wise, and not gullible. To be confident in our wisdom, having learned it in a sometimes hostile environment. And yet to realize that Love is always the only course of action that produces useful results.

    Darkworkers merely provide the clever challenge for us to learn by. Meaningful learning is most often the result of challenge. The trickier they are, the smarter we have to be. Even though there is not actually a “they vs. we”. In some sense, they are “kidding”, or acting. It’s obvious that “they” ultimately have our best interest at heart. Even if “they or we” don’t recognize it. I propose that the best approach is to “Love them into submission”. It seems like that’s what a Loveworker would do.

    We’ll emerge as confident, kind, wise and Loving souls.

    If I ran a Universe, that’s who I’d want populating it. 🙂

  • Satori

    Thank You! I stopped dreaming (with Intention) because I tired of waking with the memory of my sword dripping with blood. Knowing that some-thing was wrong with my victories. Again, thank you.

  • This is a very cleverly written article. The article speaks of trickery that we should be weary of, when the author too is tricked by their own misunderstanding of light energy. To put it simply; there is only Consciousness. This Consciousness is so powerful, it resembles what can only be described as Light. If you were without a body, you would not identify what surrounds you and permeates you as “Light”; you would only know it as Consciousness. But to describe it to someone in the flesh, “Light” would make the most sense because our human brains can barely comprehend things, (such as Consciousness), that it cannot touch, see, or feel. This “Light” that everyone speaks of, for lack of a better description, is the only “Light” there is. This Light Consciousness cannot attack Itself, contradict Itself, or separate from Itself; therefore, there can be no “Dark” Light. In Ultimate Consciousness, there is only the One Energy – unbroken, uncontrived, unmistakable, and is in complete harmony with Itself. Darkness would be the absence of Light, but since Light is all there is, Darkness is voided. People should not confuse sunset with the absence of Light. It is only our perspective of the Sun’s location that makes the illusion of Darkness, for the Sun is always shining. The same is true of our perspective of the One Consciousness; this Consciousness is always shining and never goes out, so there can be no duality of Dark vs Light. Darkness is only a mental conception of that which opposes goodness. The real trickery is, there is nothing that is Good or Bad; everything just IS. The ideas of Good and Bad are opinions that are trained into us from birth. Try this: Truth is simply What Is; Truth is not the opposite of False. Since Truth is all that exists (because that is what the One Consciousness is), there cannot be anything to contradictory that emanates from within this Truth.

  • forrest walters

    Why, from his own point of view, and apart from general humanitarian considerations, should anyone care what happens in future incarnations, since, if I understand correctly, those are different personalities?

  • Stephan Pickering / Chofetz Ch

    Shalom & Erev tov…much of the confusion — which stems from philological ignorance (to be polite) — is reflected in the fact the author has no familiarity with pre-5th century CE Hebrew corpora…it is amazing when one reads breathless announcements such as this, knowing the author is grasping vs. studying the material (Day could start with the Talmud and Midrash)…’Yeshuah benMiriam’ / ‘Iesous Kristos’ was the fabrication of a Graeco-Roman-Egyptian revelatory ‘death’ cult. There was no parthenogenesis, no disciples, no Gol Goatha, no ‘resurrection’. There was an inexorbable path created by post-3rd century CE vaticanazis leading to the gates of Auschwitz. My people’s birth certificates became 1933-1945 CE warrants for genocide, because we were then, and are now, living reminders crucifictionists have NO covenant, and were NEVER part of Sinai. (The ‘gnostics’, like the ‘essenes’, are a historical category invented much later; they were not a distinct group of actual ‘schools-of-thought’.)
    STEPHAN BOROWSKI PICKERING / Chofetz Chayim benAvraham
    Torah עֲלִילָה Yehu’di Apikores / Philologia Kabbalistica Speculativa Researcher

    • Shim'On

      Last post was meant as reply to your message!

    • Shim'On

      Btw, there is really no need to spread hate… yes, you and your people have been hurt so much, but you must forgive to open up yourself to the highest frequencies. Jesus was a human, and he was alive, and he was full of pure love. But guess what? Unfortunately, his words didn’t reach the whole world at once, only his people, his town, his country maybe? The true words, love, spread slowly, and got manipulated by certain people, for their own greed, for themself. So selfish, right? His words couldn’t spread around the world like today, with television, radio, internet!!

      Everybody must go out and spread the word of divine love, because, that’s the goal! If you can’t love, if you can’t forgive Hitler, you will always stay in the darkness, and this world is transforming to pure light. There will be no “dark corners” to hide, there will be no place for “darkness” in this world.

      You must forgive, please. Share your love with everybody, not with just your people, who got hurt so much! Everybody knows Hitler was insane, but that was OUR lesson! YOUR lesson! A very hard lesson.

      Everyone can be Jesus, if you finally start to feel unconditional love! Once you are Jesus, spread the love! You will know how to do it. Because you will “feel” it, and not “think” anymore about WHAT is RIGHT or WRONG, you will just feel, and accept. It’s soo nice to be finally free! Out of the depression all the humans have been put under by certain people in history. But don’t hate them! It’s our time now, we are globally connected, time to spread the world! LOUD and FAST, so the “bad guys” don’t have time to react and stop the movement, got it?

  • Shim'On

    Wow! I don’t grasp everything, but history is great! It explains soo many things in this world! I bought some GEO Magazines about history today! Beatiful pictures and text, explain alot! 🙂

  • JCand

    Thank you for this! I have been searching for these words to explain this theory for quite some time now. You have done an amazing job putting this together! You are a true warrior and I pray blessings on you for helping me and all that read this. 🙂 Keep on Keeping on!

  • Shim'On

    You people need to finally understand the other people, not just yourself.

    I finally understand why my mother was always hitting me so hard, but also loving me at the same time. I always thought she was cruel and bad, but I was so wrong. I finally understand why she was so bad to me, why she did all the cruel things to me. It was HER history, HER feelings that have driven her mad and angry.

    I finally understand why my father was never there to protect me from the hits of my mother. He was so arrogant and selfish, and he was rather drinking outside with his friends than staying with his family. I always thought about him: “What an asshole!” But I finally understand him, I know HIS history, his life and what he went through, and I forgive him. I love my father altough he never really loved me. I love you dad!

    Love you mom and dad!

  • Annie ( the other one.. )

    I cant bear to watch! I fell into the trap! It sits there between the bars of the prison of the mind, with its maw wide open!
    I tackled the puzzle put forward by others on ” How do you know?”
    I mentioned constructing the picture with clues of puzzle pieces, and if everything fits, you are likely to be on the right track. Also to use instinct.
    Well I think now, that the question is a cry from the left brain. When we were connected to our nature and Nature, we were connected to both our left and right brain type thinking. ( I know that these areas in the brain of thinking , are not set in “stone,” so I use the word “type” thinking, on purpose.)

    Once we would have used both ” types” more than now, more in balance, and here is the duality out of balance again!

    So we left the land, and were transfered to the towns and cities
    mainly during the Industrial Revolution, for a new way of being.

    Now parts of the world feed the gizmo/consumer addiction of other parts, by toiling for a few coins, or in slavery. The rest are starved or slaughtered, or have their natural environment removed for profit for a few outsiders. It is getting out of hand. These are very very serious times. With the type of education we receive, we are encouraged to become more and more left brained. Many of us were born into this and so know nor can remember anything else! TV and advertising, pop culture etc all encourage left brain type thinking. There is little opportunity for imaginative and fully exploratory thought, which can range over all levels, balancing and weighing everything.
    ” How do we know?” is sensible left brain thinking.
    Step out of the left brain constraints, and explore the world of knowingness. Run free over the landscapes of your mind. Eventually find the centre point/balance.

    Then you will have an expansion of awareness, and be able to look at everything that you know, almost at once!! See the pattern repeated at every level. Join the dots. Use the jigsaw pieces, and see what you get? That is how you know.

  • Lee Erickson

    If what you say is true this will have no effect on you. All my energy work has the default, “In alignment with the highest purpose under the law of grace”. Energetically I surround myself and you with an elliptical mirror which reflects all dark energy you may (unknowingly) be sending to me which I transmute to light using the violet flame of St Germain. You are at one focal point and I am at the other. I take nothing from you except that which you freely offer. If you are knowingly or unknowingly sending darkness you will become depleted. If you are depleted I would recommend you change your beliefs and practices. If not carry on as you have been. I don’t believe everything written by New Agers or any other religion. May you receive the best that source has to offer,

  • Shim'On

    If you are one of the lucky ones, who got loving parents, who have given you so much love throughout your life, it’s your time now. Don’t keep all this love for yourself, go out and spread it! The poor and unloved people need your love and help.

    But if you had “bad” parents, who apparently didn’t love you, and you don’t know how you could forgive them, then you don’t understand. And if you don’t understand, then ask. Ask your mom, your dad: “Why?” Try to talk to them, in a calm and non hating and angry manner, just ask why, and hear their story. They will tell you why. Haven’t talked to your mom or dad in years? Time to give them a call and ask: “Why? Why all the bad things?” and they may tell you, if you are friendly and open enough to take a serious conversation. No accuses, no hate, no emotions at all, no love or hate, just talk and listen, listen closely.

    If you feel something, let it out, let it all out, all the bad things that happened to YOU, it is all about YOU and your feelings, the bad things that happened to you in life.

    Most is in the history, of your parents, your grandparents, etc. Try to ask your grandmother or grandfather about all the “hate” in your family. Why all the hate?! In the family? Isn’t family all about love?!

  • Shim'On

    Oh I totally forgot, and if you were unfortunate enough to grow up without parents, or without father or mother, then don’t worry, you will be part of a big family very soon! 🙂 Much love!

  • Lucille Downing

    ….and this is what intellectualizing things leads to, historical, terminology and well written waffle, stick to what feels good and what your intuition leads you to what is right for you!

  • Shim'On

    Instead of letting you drive by anger, just like me right now, you must srpead the love! Play some music! Wake up all the people!

    Over and out for a longer moment!

  • Shim'On

    Your parents are YOUR gods! They have created YOU! If you can’t love your parents, because they were cruel beyond imagination, then you must at least forgive them. If you can’t forgive them, then you can’t forgive yourself.

    Once you have forgiven your parents, forgive your familiy members that may have been bad to you, and you may have been bad to them. Then try to forgive your friends, think about it, why they hurt you and why you hurt them.

    Move your way up, from your parents, from your family members, from your friends, move your way up to the whole world, forgive the whole world for all the cruelties that have been done during the past, process YOUR past, and then process the past of the whole WORLD. Use your new senses and intelligence wisely.

  • Thomas

    I think the “darkness” are merely the common man or woman x 10 or x 100. Their not worse, just more.

  • Shim'On

    Nicolas Maduro, president of bolivia on twitter, how awesome is he??? 🙂

  • Shim'On

    Remember, this is still a “silent” protest against the war in Syria, it will be time soon to go outside.

  • Andrea

    Fantastic article. I am so glad a friend of mine sent me this. I would like to just add one thing. My intuitive finding is that just asking to revoke past contracts and agreements, or asking Source for divine intervention to do that, won’t really work very well. I would suggest you ask your higher self to go into source to ask for this. I know we “are” our “higher self”, but in some way the higher self is bigger. And yet I have found that the higher self is not necessarily as high or perfect as one might think! That is, higher self might be attached to contracts or agreements we have made, so no matter how much we demand they be revoked, higher self can hang on to the possibly false idea that these agreements are somehow useful to us for our evolution or someone else’s. Better to connect higher self to source and then all those that are not for ours or someone else’s higher good will be revoked immediately.
    When I thought about what you had suggested about revoking agreements that don’t serve the highest, I found that I had made agreements just recently with a close person to me that I was not aware of, and that must have happened from some “higher self” level of myself. So maybe also it would be a good idea to intend for higher self, from this time forward, make all agreements and contracts only in connection to source.

    • Shim'On

      Nicely put!! I can’t give any scientific, or historical, or detailed answer, I haven’t read any books at all! I’ve suffered so much pain in my life, it was horrible, and I always kept asking myself, my whole life: “Why?”

      And I know I’m not the only one, everyone who got that “connection” knows it, but everyone can express it differently, in their OWN words and actions. Do your art! Every single person should do their art! Every single person has their own talents, but also weaknesses, but the weaknesses are only in your mind! If you think “I can’t do this and that”, then you are totally wrong, you can do almost anything you want! If you can’t do it alone, seek help! Ask for help! Everyone on the street is there to help you, if you ask nicely! Be nice to everyone you see, and you will live a life full of joy.

      And now here is a little bit SciFi: We will become “gods” and “godesses”, on this beatiful planet, we will develop clever technology to reach the sky and way beyond, but it will take time, we need to develop fast, and first clean up the mess we left on this world. In a few years, I don’t know exactly, we will be able to travel to the mars, and “build” there something with our clever HiTec technology. And so on… you get the picture, all the SciFi authors weren’t THAT wrong 😉 We will have the fanciest technology ever, made up with love and clean energy. Biomechanics anyone? Want that Iron Man suit to travel around your planet? Let it become reality! Our technology evolved so fast, in what? 100? 200 years? (wtf!) 100 years later and we have iPhones and Androids, fast Ultrabooks, Supercomputers, stuff like that. The technology will work for us. We are the boss, the “gods” 😉 The 3rd Dimension won’t longer stop our progress, we are finally set to be free. Get over your own past, let the hate go, and look into a bright future!


  • Shim'On

    Oh, and I’m no astrologist, or however we call our friends that love watching the planets 🙂

    But what kind of day will be the 1st September? Anything special in the planets?

  • Shim'On

    And take your time, I just feel 1st september something “big” is going to happen, let it be the bomb of love! No more weapons and killing each other!!

    Take the time to prepare everything, do whatever you feel you need to do to make the 1st september the BEST day in YOUR LIFE. OUR LIFE! September is going to be an interesting month, indeed. Maybe the bomb will explode end of september, who knows. But 1st is the beginning and 30th will be the end of whatever happens in between. Lets do the right thing!

  • Shim'On

    Oh, I see that power is spreading fast on twitter?!? Keep up the good work 🙂 Over and out! (for real!)

  • Neoamor


    There is no dark or light. There is Infinite Consciousness. In this layer, there are fearworkers and Loveworkers. Fearworkers provide the challenge for Loveworkers to emotionally evolve. Fearworkers are Loveworkers in disguise. For a purpose: That Source may experience it’s own contrasted fullness and completeness, through less dense fractals of itself. Source is neutral as it’s fractal selves make free will choices to experience, and define themselves in their own unique ways. Source defines us, as we collectively define Source, simultaneously. Cells in a body.

    When we see hints of hierarchy, inequality, dependency, etc.. We are seeing the subtle work of a fearworker. Be grateful that you are worthy of experiencing the challenge that they have provided. And Love those that have provided you with the opportunity for growth.

    In true reciprocity, Loveworkers challenge the resolve of fearworkers, by exhibiting the ability to authentically Love. Few actually do this in completeness. Facades are often involved. Only the self can recognize it’s own authenticity. Authentic Love is not simply chosen. It is the result of processes which have been chosen, and nurtured. Authenticity is the objective, Love is the result. All are evolving into synergistic balance. Reconciling the seemingly conflicting aspects of the singularity.

    Once a Loveworker is authentic, confident, and steadfast, fear falls on deaf ears. The fearworker can be released from service when it is no longer useful. In lower layers, the conflict and contrast cannot be ignored. I understand that part. Recognizing the layer that you are engaging in a given moment, takes savvy. Being an authentic Loveworker does not translate into being a passive subordinate.

    It should be obvious that without the challenges provided by fearworkers, your spirit would be stagnant, and unevolving. I Love them for what they have enabled me to learn. However.. That’s me. Define yourself authentically and completely. It’s your responsibility for having free will.

    Fun stuff..

  • Anne Elizabeth

    i hate to be a debbie downer but as a sceptic i gotta put this out there. how do we know if messages like THiS article are not just another ploy by the ‘demiurge’ ?
    however i have read it all and consider it all, and honestly i gotta say i agree that i always felt weird about the polarity even within the alternative spirtual stuff. but i never completely took it for 100% truth and i always wondered why im never able to channel or see/hear spirits, maybe im just lucky.
    thank you for this message, interesting waters we be treading these days!

    • Neoamor

      IMO you’re doing exactly what you should do: You’re scrutinizing. You’re considering possibilities, in pursuit of personal conclusions.

      “how do we know if messages like THiS article are not just another ploy by the ‘demiurge’”

      We don’t “know”. That is the beauty of plausible deniability. We are learning to trust “something else”. Something other than intellect alone. And you do, right here:

      “honestly i gotta say i agree that i always felt weird about the polarity even within the alternative spirtual stuff.”

      Key word; “FELT”. Intellect cannot feel, but it can logically analyze the data input from sensitivity/emotion. There is also a reciprocal, because practical data often causes an emotional response. If one is sensitive to it. Using the two tools together, is the best use of both. Where these matters are concerned.

      Which is exactly the process that you demonstrated nicely, in your post.

    • Neoamor

      Oh and BTW: I pretty much only channel myself. That’s apparently all I’m good for in that arena too.

      Seriously though, just because the claimed experiences of others, are not my experiences also, it does not logically follow that they’re making it up.

      All I can say is that my skill set doesn’t seem to include the “channeling attribute”. At least not for now. 😉

  • Lidija

    Hi Cameron, I’m so glad I found you. I read this article with mouth wide open,lol, but soomething deeper inside was telling me you have the right point. I must admit I’m confused about Arch Angels. I’m pretty sure so far Michael is a “good” one. I always call him for protection and I always feel that protection. Sorry my ignorance, but I really want to know what’s your “feeling” about Michael. Thank you!

  • Holy S***! Thanks for tying together so many of the loose ends I have been grappling with. I am reading “Not in His Image” and coming to further grips with the more subtle ways religion has subjugated us. I have been questioning the focus on dates as rescuing us and wondering how we fell for that false information, i.e. for example on 12/21/12 we were all meant to fly straight to heaven. Disclosure never interested me so a lot of it never trapped me yet your article helps me dismantle the ever more subtle ways I get caught. Thank you! I will repost and see your message freeing all those warm hearted souls trapped in the lie.

  • First I must thank you for all your free videos, as I’ve used them for over a year now. 🙂

    This article was very welcome. I’ve been mulling over certain new-age, light-worker beliefs etc., which I’d adopted since my awakening in 2009. Since last year I’ve been doing yet another series of purgings, bc many of these adoptions are no longer resonating with my current state of alignment to Source. Similar to my 1st awakening, this has occurred in a kind of autopilot mode; subconsciously, or barely noticeable to me consciously & yet faintly perceptible during external responses. Here U put into words much of what I’ve been internally processing on my own, helped me expand upon my own awareness, and made the information within more accessible & usable. It’s like you’ve facilitated my ability re-member that which I already knew inside. :::bows::: For me, it’s an entirely new awakening. I believe that for many of us, this is yet another step towards our cosmic expansion-aka- Ascension. Thank you again for all your assistance. Be well dear Cameron. Namaste <3

  • J


    This was a great read. Thank you.

    Is this based on Gnosticism? I am curious because when I keep searching for Gnostic churches online, they all or mostly some had idols/ deity’s that they seem to worship. Some looked like there could be alters as well.

    Is this blog leaning more toward Gnosticism?
    If so, what is the true Gnosticism? Do the really worship Deity’s?

  • Jason

    CAMERON, thank you for this article. I found it fascinating, and belief shaking as well, even in the most metaphysical of ways.

    To CAMERON, the writer of this piece, I’d like to ask your opinion about a few meditations involving light. Specifically, the Pillar of Light meditation introduced by Barbara Manciniak and Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Merkaba meditation.
    Thanks, I await your reply, and anyone else’s input who’s experienced and practiced these meditations.

  • Jason

    CAMERON, thank you for this article. I found it fascinating, and belief shaking as well, even in the most metaphysical of ways.

    CAMERON, I’d like to ask your opinion about a few meditations involving light. Specifically, the Pillar of Light meditation introduced by Barbara Manciniak and Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Merkaba meditation.

    Thanks, I await your reply, and anyone else’s input who’s experienced and practiced these meditations.

  • Paweł

    Thank you.

  • kitsy

    I haven’t read your article yet, but upon seeing the title, my first thought was, “Why would ANYbody refer to him/herself as a lightworker? What the hell does that mean exactly? Should labels be so important to us?

    We’re moving along as best we can; we’re a part of Source and all is well.

  • Benjamin

    This answers a lot of questions going back to my early childhood memories and dreams, and almost every event since. I had previously considered the good/ bad control scenario a few occasions, but did not have anyone to share it with. Very recently I have been looking deeper than prior agreements or understandings along with the ties to one side or the other (yes I tried both for a time out of limited understanding, but it gave me a more balanced perspective to see how each work). My awareness has been clearing quickly in the last 2 years, with more frequent ‘quality’ contact with minds that are not the least bit difficult. Group minds, shared mind-space, the All-mind… used as a communication platform to direct the various energies at our disposal to the correct work, not tainted by a lopsided ‘view’.

  • April Smith

    As a mystic since 1964, resigning my membership of the Brother Veritus Website after 5 years, only being a member of Abundant Hope for a few weeks, because it’s a bad joke. I to discovered how similar all the so-called channelings were, and as time went on, nothing happened as predicted by these high density channeled entities, I to began to see through the web of deception. After cutting all connections, I continued relying on my on mystic guides, who have never deceived me in anyway. They all are divine females in form and give me extreme love and support on my many incarnation journeys.

  • […] These entities will be presented with a mirror image of their still unprocessed problems in order to realize fully at the conscious level that they still need a lot of karmic lessons before they qualify for ascension. This is by the way a leitmotif in all Jahn’s messages in the last months  and also recently brilliantly confirmed by Cameron Day‘s essay:  ”Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker” […]

  • Interesting. The label argument I definitely dismiss & deflect. Rather tired of people who do nothing for Earth everyday criticizing someone like myself who tries so hard. However, your other points are interesting indeed!

    My personal belief is that GOD – IS. And human beings are interpreting the same “source” – I agree – the Earth has graduated the ideas of Light & Dark – Astrologers know this and coin it the Age of Aquarius – Where consciousness flows WITH consciousness (wavy lines) and does not chase each other (Age of Pisces / good / evil)

    What this author does not discuss is their plan to bring Earth to a happier place. Truthfully, you somehow have to INVITE the masses to also abandon the light vs dark Parker Brothers game.

    In my opinion as a LightWorker – People will not dismiss the good vs evil game until they have lost so many times they want to stop – or conquered it. THis is a necessary stage in the soul’s advancement – and unavoidable – no matter how “stupid” the author may feel the stage is

    It’s not that reality is based on Polarities – it’s that spiritual energy is cyclical and spins. So humans desire to comprehend consciousness is binary (two eyes, two hands, two) We always need something to refer to something else for the image of reality to appear. Good vs Evil is simply to opposites of a cycle. My belief is we are moving from duality to quad-ality – where we look at 2 oppositions at the same time.

    For those psychedelic “lightworkers” – we live in Poly-ality. I am enjoying more and more the other dimensions incorporated into this one.

    The last point – with Archangels and what not – I don’t believe this author meditates or is psychic whatsoever – because the Angels will explain it to him how it works – if they ask.

  • The evil on Earth , why evil here now on Earth surface

  • Godchild

    All of this experience, ALL of it is an illusion, it is a dream within a dream, it doesn’t matter what dimension or planet or state of consciousness you experience. None of this is real. You are not real. You are a figment of your own imagination. This whole ridiculous illusion which we are responsible for and have/are creating is designed for one thing: to lead us back to the one truth. The only truth there is, I AM.
    Everything else is a lie. I AM is all there is. “I exist is the only universal self evident experience of us all. No other truth is as self evident as I AM. What people call self evident, that is the experience they get through the senses is far from self evident. The self alone is that.” I AM is all there is, when you add anything to that you take away from it and you begin the game of illusion fueled by desire. Yet the only thing you can desire is I AM. Everything you are looking for is right where you ARE/right where “I AM”

    All of creation/illusion is a blank slate until you make judgments and give labels to things. To shift your focus from one dimension to another is simply to trade one dream for another. The ultimate truth is without shape or form or thought. This is the truth above the truth. This is the closest state you can reach to non existence and it is your natural original state yet there is nothing you fear more than returning to that state, were it not so you would have returned home a long time ago and would not be in your current experience now. You must want freedom more than you want the world. Right now you want the world more than you want freedom which is why you are still part of it. You must let it all go if you are to return home, every thought, every illusion, every dimension, every judgment. Let it go. Let it all go and just “BE” that which you ARE.
    REMEMBER who you ARE. Not that you are a body and your name is such and such but that you simply ARE… And that IS enough. In fact, it is everything.

    All effort comes from trying to be that which you are not.
    The hardest thing you will ever do is the easiest thing you could ever do.

    You have been on this journey home for a long time now. Millions if not billions of years now. How much longer should it take? How much longer will you wait?

    -I AM THAT I AM-

    • mary

      yes ,, we are the I AM THAT I AM ,, but we have to go inward to feel and know this ,, because everything “outside myself” is an illusion to trap me into more separation of who i really am ,, thanks for sharing what i’m learning and understanding the truth of my nature and how i keep looking outside for answers ,, they just aren’t there ,,deep inside my heart is PEACE , LOVE , WISDOM , JOY ,,, that is what I AM ,,

  • Veronica

    Oh wow! I just heard last night on youtube a radio interview with andrew bartzis he talks about revoking the contracts you have made which is basically what youre talking about. Its strange since i was a kid i never liked church nor the bible, and went through a period of trying to know the truth. Then i found a metaphysics book which i loved and just when i found out or felt that i was like in a movie playing a character i didnt want to play anymore and the world was not real i started having precognitive dreams then unfortunately i spireled down into dspression and anxiety i wanted to die but i stuck through and one day it slowly started to go away. I was and i still am pissed about that! I was like why would god allow this to happen to me? I dont like this what stupid game is this? I will not take part in this. This is a cruel game. So thats how i spent like almost 10 yrs just working and hating the corporate world btw it was so disgusting to me. But i was just filling in the gaps of time until the day i die. Then suddenly one day i had a precognitive dream again and it felt scary yet amazing then months later i quit my job (worked at a tv station) where i just couldnt handle the bad vibes anymore so a couple months later i started having precognitive dreams again and i really wanted to be a lightworker lol until last night when i listened to andrew bartzis. Btw i had a dream where i went to mars and was fighting when i woke up i was like why am i dreaming that? Then later i bumped into a video of bortis the indigo child from mars! That says he use to live in mars and all they did was fight i was blown away by that because the night before my dream i was thinking how far fetched are these stories of ppl calling themselves starseeds and ETs i think someone wanted me to know they do exist. Needless to say i have been having sorta nightmares where someone is telling me info of ETs its not a nightmare i just cant have a good night sleep these days. I have had many dreams in the past where i was fighting or mostly being persecuted, running away sometimes by robots lol but last night as i heard Andrews interview and he read the contract i couldnt sleep well again :/ someone was telling me info about lightworkers i dont remember what it was but i also dreamed some tall white man was terrorizing like a park he blew fire from his mouth and i was able to avoid him at every turn. Whst i heard from andrew last night and now what i am reading in your blog i guess its no coincidence but it is scary. I did think if i revoke the contract or do the contract to revoke the contract lol am i going to be attacked? And you just confirmed it, thats hard for me because i still have anxiety issues, is there no one i could ask for help? Not even jesus?

  • My friend, you do a grand job of peeling back some more layers of this large Onion of Transcendence; and for this I commend you! I would like to offer my reflection that the demiurge, much like anything else in this world is yet another layer of mythology in this grand play of Stories we call Life. It is neither good nor bad, right nor wrong as you clearly understand and eloquently state. However, recognizing that the Demiurge is simply another story, another myth at another order of magnitude from the ones that came before it; is vital. The pattern of these stories and the intricacies they hold within each order of magnitude they are represent points towards an even greater truth of our empowerment and the true scope of our interconnected oneness in these worlds upon worlds. As such our responsibility is fulfilled by our very existence. Any other responsibility is fantastic and grants substance to this experience, whether or not we choose to be aware of our scope or not! Thank you Cameron for part you play! Many have been inspired by your message and will realign their world to a form that feels better to them because of it. In my personal alignment such a gift is wonderful to bestow! Much love to you.

  • Sasha

    Wow. I have been thinking about this topic for months. I had one of those “Arch” angel cards. I basically used them to answer love relationship questions. I listen to them and I felt like it was the stupidest decision I made. I relied on cards to make important life choices.Then I started thinking about times when forceful spirits would come to me and pin me down from moving and tell me the good they were doing and bringing to me. They claimed to be Angels. When they first appeared I was freightned in my bed unable to control my body. I always wondered how do I know they were really good? This article made a lot of sense. Throwing away those cards and listening to my higher self and intuition!!!

  • dandelion

    Thank you

  • Bianka

    This is exactly what i have been feeling… the feeling that something is using me (us) I felt i have been dragged into an inside war somewhere behind the scene wich we can not see…. Every night a feel like a channel for the dark side but i couldnt figure out why first i tought beeing an transformer but sometimes the dreams go into nightmares about galaxy wars reptilians and others… but always here on earth.
    It also explain why i can not get my grounding under control every moring when i wake up my feets hurting so much. And yes always more tired then before….
    Thank you for sharing this you are a REAL LIGHT
    Love Bianka

  • Xanh

    I read all of it. And when I read it, unfortunately… I have to tell you that you are still playing the game and under the control of the “fake” light.
    You are still caught in the process of duality, fight and war: “One pole against another”.
    Even Buddha said: Make peace inside to make peace outside.
    Your mission is not to destroy and fight against the Demiurge.
    Your “mission” is to raise yourself above the water and bloom, like a Lotus Flower.
    The whole system, whatever the mechanic has been designed for this purpose and all the actors… Are really great actors.
    My advice to you, and you are free to do whatever you want is to stop fighting the illusion. Go beyond it.
    The spiritual growth is a personal path that you, and only you, can walk YOUR WAY. The illusion and its actors are here to help you realize that the only way to transcend the illusion of duality is to reconcile Evil and Good, to accept both part and part of you, as ONE thing. On other words, to accept that thus duality is useful and necessary step toward the Unity of Wisdom.

    When you will realize this, then you will have realize the first step into your spiritual growth : to go beyond the matrix. That’s the spiritual awakening.
    The second step, you will realize why you are here : to help the other lotus flower to walk, not on you path, to help them walk their own spiritual path toward the Unity, and you become thus an actor yourself, in either “side” that you know being anyway the same coin. Not for draining energy, since everything is linked to the Source anyway, but, to help the others to awake, like you did.

    I hope that someday, you’ll understand.

    –The Demiurge Gardener of Souls

    • Wim

      Thanks Xanh, wise words… Keep them coming. and thanks to Cameron for stirring the pot and bringing it out in the open.

  • Jock Doubleday

    This is a brilliant article. Thank you for your cogent and discerning words.

    I would suggest only one thing. Polarity can neither be dismantled nor ignored. The universe is composed of polarity. Every wave has a crest and a trough. The Yin-Yang symbol is one circle, but it is composed of dark and light. The world is both spirit (the invisible urge to become) and nature (spirit made manifest).

    The universe IS polarity. You can no more get rid of or ignore polarity than you can get rid of or ignore a planet that sometimes faces the sun and sometimes faces the darkness.

    Jock Doubleday

  • Hay Cameron, Congratulation! Enjoy the rid!
    I’ve got something to share with you!

    It happened in an unknown country at an unknown date that a sly man was walking past a café and met a devil. The devil was in very poor shape, both hungry and thirsty, so the sly man took him into the café, ordered some coffee and asked what the trouble was. The devil said that there was no business.
    In the old days he used to buy souls and burn them to charcoal, because when people died they had very fat souls that he could take to hell, and all the devils were pleased. But now all the fires in hell were out, because when people died there were no souls.

    Then the sly man suggested that perhaps they could do some business together. ‘Teach me how to make souls’, he said, “and I will give you a sign to show which people have souls made by me”, and he ordered more coffee. The devil explained that he should teach people to remember themselves, not to identify and so on, and then after some time, they would grow souls.

    The sly man set to work, organized groups and taught people to remember themselves. Some of them started to work seriously and tried to put into practice what he taught them. Then they died, and when they came to the gates of heaven, there was St Peter with his keys on one side and the devil on the other. When St peter was ready to open the gates, the devil would say, ‘ May I just ask one question-did you remember yourself?’ ‘Yes, certainly’, the man would answer and thereupon the devil would say, ‘Excuse me, this soul is mine’. This went on for a long time, until they managed somehow to communicate to the earth what was happening at the gates of heaven. Hearing this, the people he was teaching came to the sly man and said, ‘Why do you teach us to remember ourselves if, when we say we have remembered ourselves, the devil takes us?
    The sly man asked, ‘did I teach you to say you remember yourselves? I taught you not to talk.’ They said, ‘But this was St Peter and the devil!’ and the sly man said, ‘But have you seen St Peter and the devil at groups? So do not talk. Some people did not talk and managed to get to heaven. I did not only make an arrangement with the devil, I also made a plan by which to deceive the devil.’

  • […] These entities will be presented with a mirror image of their still unprocessed problems in order to realize fully at the conscious level that they still need a lot of karmic lessons before they qualify for ascension. This is by the way a leitmotif in all Jahn’s messages in the last months  and also recently brilliantly confirmed by Cameron Day‘s essay:  ”Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker” […]

  • Ken Evans

    Hi Cameron.
    Consider this…
    We don’t even have a very good definition of the concepts of ‘good’ and ‘evil’. Sure, we all have some conception, but we can’t clearly define the boundaries of when one act can be considered ‘good’, while another similar act would be ‘evil’. My full comparisons of these concepts are too much to go into here. But the result is pretty straightforward: both ‘good’ and ‘evil’ come as the result of our individual reactions to a specific event, filtered through our own beliefs, and sometimes modified by the reactions of those around us.
    Here’s an example:
    A man dies suddenly of an illness(heart attack).
    One person reacts-what a tragedy! His family didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye or tell him they loved him.
    Two person reacts-what a blessing that he died quickly. There was probably little pain and he was gone.
    Three-at least with his insurance, his family will be well taken care of. His children can go to college now.
    Four-but the children will never get to know their father now.
    And that’s from just one made-up example. Was this good or evil?
    The answer is, there IS no good, no evil. That is all just our perceptions. Our reactions.

    If there is no good or evil, then how can there be angels fighting for good? How can there be demons fighting for evil?

    This is where I had gotten when I read your article this week. I had gottento the beginning point of what you wrote, only on a study of good vs. evil, and a realization that they are just illusions. (Kind of reaching your starting point just by a different method).

    Thank you for the rest, it gave me a lot to think about, and it ties in perfectly with where I was.
    Ken Evans~

  • Divona

    Dear All highly recommend to read more of this topic on the montalk.net ,Tom writes a lot about this issue:


    love to all, thanks Cameron it is always a pleasure to come to your site.

  • I agree with most of this article and have always been wary of channeled information because you just never know for sure who or what you are channeling. But for the very same reasons I am wary of the second half of this article where he purports to tell you how you can tell divine light beings from the false light of the liararchy. I always try to get my inspiration from direct source or from Earth herself and bypass Angels the same way I bypass priests and Gurus. But that also means I bypass Cameron Day and the new mythology he is trying to create. It feels like he has a better understanding of the gnostic concept of the demiurge but has a lesser understanding of non-duality but that is a perception that is beyond description – the tao that can be described is not the true tao. Still, over all a good article that says alot of stuff that needed to be said.

  • please leave some hope. thank you

  • Keith

    Thank you very much for this enlightening article.
    Words cannot express my gratitude!

  • Thelma

    Cameron, this article is an eye-opener and will help many of us to be more discerning when it comes to trusting outside sources. The problem is, so many of these channeled messages tell us what we want to hear and offer encouragement and even praise for our presence here at this time of transition.

    The “positive energy” in the words and phrases, which are often stolen from other sources, camouflages the slight twist that ultimately disempowers us. Worse, reading these messages connects us with the false light as we trust the so-called Archangel or being of light which we believe is behind the words.

    I would say there’s even a hypnotic or addictive quality to the channeled messages that make us want more (they appeal to our egos, usually inferring that we are special and important).

    The time and energy that we free up by stopping our reliance on such channels will help us to do the clearing necessary to more fully embody our OWN light.

    Many, many thanks!

  • […] news that both light and darkworkers are one and the same is everywhere now. Here is one place: Click here Also good […]

  • Thank you Cameron for opening a renewing brilliance for us all to really learn to live loved again. After writing 24 books and meditating many hours per day in stillness for 30 years, our obvious excitement here with all of us, has brought me to this morning’s two very humbling experiences.

    So I want to share an amends to a really good friend this morning after having discussed your article at great length last night at supper, and what comes from a special 3 hour experience of great relief and Peace. As usual, after already getting what to write, I had to look up a few meanings.

    Hi Neal,

    I am preparing to try to let go; just trust that I can let go of all I am learning about my Duality positioning as a man, and just let go, more like you say. 

    I have a sense that I may have already crossed your boundaries with too much information, that even may be the naive truth, but doesn’t bring much Peace, ever. 

    I am sorry for remaining like a little helpless child playing with matches right next to both our Karmic dynamite, so please forgive me.

    I think I get what you were saying last night so I am arranging new prayers for help to move on and act, ‘as if’.

    Thank you for even daring to try and help me see what all my so called “Good work” can do to really upset others from all my pouting clamor. 




    Humbling Creation, all

    Savior speak through each

    Holy Spirit bride

    Humble Speak

    Slowing Spirit Conscience

    Gracious stillness welcome

    Single eye compassion

    Silence Golden

  • Gail

    Thank you for a brilliant article!! Well said. I think you will enjoy my little article below. Love to you, from Gail

    I found it disturbing that someone was trying to impress so strongly that we should be reading so many external channellings. Here are my thoughts on the folly (I mean the word folly in both senses: foolishness; and, a costly ornamental structure that serves no useful purpose) that is external channellings. I would stress that this is not aimed at those people who share from their own HS with us for information only and do not set up websites and garner followings of trusting readers.

    Spiritual masturbation / Addictive distraction

    Those who fervently follow channellings (including the channellers themselves) are ones who are giving their power away, particularly those who read lots of different channellings every day, and constantly search out new sources. I liken it to spiritual masturbation. They yank away on their spiritual boner with more and more of the same old stuff, every day, many for hours, watching/reading what is effectively repetitive spiritual porn, just to keep it up and alive. They are unconsciously deeply afraid that if they do not daily find some words of (external) wisdom to reassure them that they are indeed very spiritual and are making good progress, they will find that they are, in fact, not, i.e. they will lose their spiritual erection and never achieve what they are aiming for which is the ultimate spiritual orgasm which most believe is ascension or heaven. This, of course, never comes and, like an addict, they keep trying the same old sources and hoping for a different, successful result. Sadly, what most achieve is just more and more spiritual masturbation.

    This is the same with people who have got stuck in their one-answer-to-living. They masturbate it every day with special rituals or particular foods or certain sounds or visits to the special guru (his photo will do if you can’t make it in person!!!!) because they believe it (the answer to living) will not work if they do not maintain the activities correctly. They believe that their huge dedication and commitment reflects their spirituality, rather than it reflecting their utter dependency and fear of their one-answer-to-living failing to work if they get the practicalities wrong.

    Where is it coming from?

    This function of these channellings, being addictive distraction, is generally designed at the level of its production (i.e. the Astral Realms) not usually by the channellers themselves, who are in most cases unknowing victims of their source. This is no different to the psychological control and dependency-creation of gurus, pimps, cults, cultures, societies, and even in ordinary family structures. It seems that the primary spiritual step is to emerge from such a control structure, by realising that it is actually a control structure.

    What it results in

    As we have pointed out many times, those who are channelling are, spiritually, fully leaning on and trusting a source outside of themselves to reassure themselves and others that they are doing well. This is the exact same behaviour as the prostitute to their pimp (assurance of shelter and money), the devotee to their guru (assurance of spiritual connection), the citizen to their government (assurance of maintaining the status quo.) Until they actually believe that they can be good enough without their provider’s assurances, they will continue to find provider after provider. This will appear as a recurring theme in someone’s life, simply because the person has only partially realised the control mechanisms and their own tendency to be submissive/controlled. The theme will continue until the control mechanisms become fully transparent to the person, at which point they will emerge from control and continue their life with that awareness.

    Then Good News

    This does not mean that they will necessarily throw away everything about their life from before they became fully aware. With the new awareness, they can see the traps and the controlling behaviour and situations and either avoid them, or interact with awareness so they are not trapped or controlled.

    The really good news is that once one is psychologically free of the control mechanisms, one’s mind and heart is then available to consider its own being’s inner wisdom, which will pour forth. Thus the trapped channellers and their trapped followers are actually advantageously poised to emerge from the trap, become free and thereby, in due course, ascend.

    A Big Clue – Names of channelled sources

    The naming of external sources is very dubious and dangerous, because a name psychologically implies that the source is imbued with qualities that the name suggests. Funny how these are nearly always lofty and important sounding, like ‘Cosmic Awareness’ or ‘Archangel Gabriel’ or ‘Jesus’ or ‘Saint Germaine’ and so on. It is just the same as when someone has named their child ‘Grace’ or ‘Harmony’ or ‘Storm.’ This clearly does not mean that the child will endlessly exhibit the energy of grace or harmony or storms. And if the channeller says that their source has named itself with such a name, does it not seem obvious that such lofty names are intended to convey, ‘I am reliable and trustworthy’ and therefore ‘you can depend on ME.’??? After all, surely if a particular source was such an uber-light-being, it would be beyond personally needing to be recognised as an already established identity (e.g. Archangel Gabriel) or a beyond-question energy (eg Cosmic Awareness.) It can only be for reasons that relate to the channeller or the recipients of the channellings, i.e. to elicit trust, with the intention of gaining and keeping the channel and their readers and miring their thoughts.

    Someone might say that the use of such names is simply in order to reach and benefit as many people as possible with their teachings and messages. This misses entirely the (widely spiritually accepted!!!!) fact that people will naturally be attracted to, and find, that which is resonant to them. Spirit does NOT need to give itself impressive, compelling and psychologically-manipulative names in order to reach people. This is a human fallacy of the worst order and simply a 3-d marketing technique which is utterly unnecessary within true spirituality.

    What is Spiritual then?

    There is nothing spiritual about reading stuff called spiritual stuff. There is nothing spiritual about doing stuff called spiritual stuff. The only activity that is spiritual is to find the traps, get yourself out of them, and you will then be able to fully listen to yourself. Your own Higher Self will always guide you and prompt you, and it does not need to use gurus, external channellings, techniques, rituals, etc. to reach you.

    It is like being in a Cosmic Lift, travelling up to Source. The lift will stop at many floors and the doors will open and you will see fascinating and exciting things, called spiritual, through the doors. It’s fine to have a quick look, but do STAY IN THE LIFT.

    All ………………….
    Surprising or not, the idea of Earth’s human resources claiming their mind-freedom and natural sovereign independence, may not be as remote as some might think. Times are tough and could get much tougher for us all.
    Around the World, people and natural resources are being brutalized and destroyed while the rest of us (Those who are yet critically untouched) exist in various states of denial, depression, deception and toxic lifestyles. While this unharnessed slaughter continues there many inquiring minds looking for answers to the following string of questions; ”Could it really be that everyone — at least everyone with a reasonably natural mind and brain — has a true inner self that is partly buried beneath their everyday personality? If so, could this inner true self be who each of us actually is and can become when our natural growth isn’t interfered with by personal and cultural neurosis?
    Could it be that the real us at those times when we feel whole and are psychologically strong enough to hear and speak the truth; when we are naturally assertive rather than fearful and aggressive; when we are open to other people and compassionate rather than being manipulative and secretive; and when we are capable of embracing life and enjoying the moment, without regressing into a neurotic secondary personality that is distorted by a defensive battle between fake desires on one side, and self-reproaches, prohibitions, and taboos on the other? Could it be us when we have a natural, aesthetic, revulsion to evil, including a revulsion to all those behavours that violate and diminish ourselves and others? And could it really be our true inner selves when we express our inherent desire to create and build and care for things, instead of supporting destruction?’’
    Contrary to what most of us have been led to believe, this inner holistic true natural self isn’t merely something to strive for, an ideal that expresses what one might become. It is already part of us and is as natural to us as the sun rising each day. In everyday life, we manifest it all the time, but it is mixed in with neurosis, so it is expressed mostly in a partial form, as a part of the secondary and false personality we often show to ourselves and the world. But what most of us did not anticipate was to discover how our minds have been captured and possessed by global management organizations who use multiple formats of systematic reality-control programming to direct and manage human resources without our individual authorized permissions. Nor did most of us actually anticipate being freely equipped with an unconditional mind-freedom option called ‘ENTHUSIASM’.
    julia ramsey
    warmich28 (at) hotmail.com
    Note: The attached File ‘ENTHUSIASM’ and linked video contain life-crucial information which has been kept secret from Mankind’s truth-suppressed/controlled populations.
    Sacred knowledge about energized water. searchfor=universal+truth+OF+EMOTION

  • Kayley

    I have a question and this does not believe what you are saying is not true. In fact what you shared I have known for a number of years and I totally agree with you.

    My question is – if the god-self has no voice and it is a feeling and you are not channeling anything outside of you, then where is the information you are receiving on this coming from?

    It wouldn’t be coming from your ego because that is way to limited for this knowledge.

    So, where do you believe that voice sharing this information is coming from?

    Looking forward to your response.


    • Source does communicate directly through the heart, just not through words heard in the mind.

      I have come to these understandings and conclusions through meditation, asking my Higher Self for clarity, direct experience with the false light beings as well as the dark(er) ones, listening to others, taking action to clear myself, clearing clients and stubbornly insisting on the truth in all circumstances.

  • Kwen

    Thank you so much for publishing this article. It’s really quite uncanny, but I have experienced this in a multi-generational capacity. I was raised in the religious reich (baptized Methodist, but parents arbitrated it from childhood until I was actually kicked out of the house for my subversion and lack of absolute unquestioning conformity)… we even attended a very large church led by renowned televangelist Marilyn Hickey.

    The really peculiar thing is that I used to wake up at night as a child the literal instant my night light went out. And in my adolescent years, would often wake at night to find my mother praying and reading the Bible. I cannot even begin to fully convey what I have experienced in the beLIEfs of doctrine and Christendom in particular, these ideals are so pervasive even in our social structure, laws, and perceptions of justice. To this day, I cannot stay asleep at night, and when I was involved in the church of my own free will was plagued by dreams which would actually continue into my waking, complete with auditory and visual~ the abject terror was indelible.

    BUT WAIT~ there’s more: When presented to a visiting evangelist for “healing” I was induced into a semitrance state through “prayer” and the laying on of hands, and they told the “demon” I was allegedly possessed with to tell them it’s name which was… Chiron. A name I had never heard prior to that experience, and I have no idea how it spoke through me.

    I anticipate trying some of your suggestions, although I have long since renounced the cunning deceits of what I endured in religion and through spiritual abuse. The problem is: I still have an immense contempt of religion and doctrine. However, I don’t think it ever really dawned on me to reclaim my sovereign state energetically. Instead I have spent a LOT of time and energy on the proverbial front lines campaigning against factions in my state such as “Focus on the Family” etc, and perhaps I should quit a site on facebook called “Evidence of harm by religion”… I’m not convinced the awareness of what’s happening (criminal abuse) globally is empowering or worthwhile for me. In your experience or estimation, is it better to know what is occurring, or not?

    As it is, I have largely become a survivalist because I have been unemployable due to consistent sleep aberration. I have chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia due to joint hypermobility syndrome, so that may be another contributor to the waking repeatedly as well as waking and still being exhausted. Currently, I’m self employed/independently contracting, and work mostly at night but on an entirely self determined schedule. I’m on a bit of a personal mission regarding organic farming/land use ethics, deep ecology, foraging , and the like, since nature is about the only thing that sustains my sanity. The most beautiful irony: Although I reside in Denver, I’m typing all this as I have returned to visit San Miguel (Saint or Archangel Michael) county, CO… go figure. Although I have nursed an interest in the Metaphysical communities over the years, I qualify myself as a “Spiritual Agnostic”.

    Thanks again for this article, it’s good to know others can relate, and there are practical solutions to unplug from the matrix.


  • Ani

    I’ve sought advise with spirit guides, angels, astrology, ETs, etc and with each I’ve become more confused.. not enlightened. I end up with more questions and find no peace. In cases with ETs I’ve gotten downright paranoid touching into their energy.. and they’re very aggressive and eager to communicate.

    Sometimes a “light shines” through to assist in “unsticking” from life’s dilemmas, like with Cameron’s blog here. BUT a day after reading his work and pondering, I question: is he contradicting his premise of “the duality matrix construct is bad-false?” In the end is he stating that we are in even a larger spiritual “Us versus Them,” which is basically the same thing.. yes? All in all, I’ve experienced what he writes about and it’s good because he articulates “the game” so well. Now were do we go from here? Cameron’s ideas on getting out of the matrix are maybe good but I feel more like they are similar to older new age assignments.

    I’m thinking we only have ourselves and our hearts to advise us.. i’m much better when using the power within my heart in decision making.. my mind must come second to the heart and not intellectualize too much. The heart always points to love.. maybe it’s too simple but energy feels the purest.

  • Ani

    oh geez forgot, Thanks Cameron for your article, and it’s especially interesting to read all the comments too. Love, Peace and Joy xx

  • This was very interesting to read.

  • natura

    Thank you, thank you.

    With great interest I have read this.

    My favourite teachers are Abraham Hicks.

    May I ask how people feel about them??

    I LOVE their teachings and it reasonates on all levels but can occasionally be scared of it at the same time as I do not know if they are light or dark. Even Jesus, the cross and the bible scare me. Everything scares me because from where do I know they are good because ultimately I dont know. I used to work with angels, that scared me a bit too. I had demonic and angelic experiences and always felt one of them controls me.

    Recently I came to the conclusion that I must be engaged in spiritual warfare and working for both sides because I genuinely do not know which ultimately controls me, which one I am working for because of my distrust and this article has empowered me to just trust in myself and serve the ultimate light which is loving, compassionate kindness and drop the labels and the analysing and the trying to understand and seeing myself as a spiritual warrior.

  • kitsy

    Wow, all this angst and intensity! Take a deep breath and relax, folks. None of it’s real. We’re all playing a game here — a pretty silly one at that.

  • Josie

    Cameron, You’re like Dorothy’s little dog in the Wizard of Oz when he pulls the curtain back to expose the man behind the curtain and prove the ‘Wizard’ was just an illusion. Excellent article, Thanks!

  • KubrickOrangie

    Do you ALL knot realize this IS GOD LIGHT SHOW???????

    Just ask your selves who could have created all this?????

    Thank you GOD/FOR Creating what we perceive as LIFE and LOVE!!!!

  • Savannah

    Wonderful and helpful post. THANK YOU! People who worship Lucifer consider themselves to be Lightworkers. When I learned this, I stopped calling myself a Lightworker. We have been deceived into believing that we have a Higher Self. The truth is we have a Full-Potential Self that resides within us waiting to be fully integrated. Sadly many people believe this myth of being disconnected. The lie was started and perpetuated to make us feel separate and fragmented. Again–your Higher Self is really your Full-Potential Self residing inside (not above) your Being. Please consider to share this message. God Bless Your Heart!

  • I must say i Agree with Kitsy take a breath. It sounds as if you are in exactly the same drama you are saying to avoid. ther eise no place to go no better no worse. All this talk about war and demiurge devils sounds like drama to me.

  • Morgana

    Reading this a smile came to my face. No coincidence reading this article.

  • Chris

    Interesting… but not quite.

    You’re on a similar almost identical path I’m on in slowly discovering the truth. I certainly don’t have all the answers but take a look at this guys website, clarity-of-being.org/index.htm

    Shook me up sometime ago and find myself returning quite periodically.

  • A gentle, loving, inner peace and silence is here and now in this moment. It is always here. It is right here within you and all around you, a stillness, an apparent void, a seeming nothingness out of which everything arises, exists, and eventually returns. You know this. You have felt this. There is nothing more than this. You are this. This is truth.
    This is not some esoteric spiritual jargon about some new age philosophy or any religion or belief. There is nothing here which is mystical. There are just these words and you and the silence within. This is real, now.
    This silence is right here in you, every single moment of your life. This pure silence contains you, your being-ness and yet the silence is your very being.
    This silence allows the entire universe to be. All existence, everything that is, all matter and energy, all thought is contained in this silence.
    This pure silence is what some have called; Reality, Enlightenment, Void, Nothingness, God, Holy Spirit, True Self, Consciousness , Samadhi, Inner Peace, Tao, Awareness, Emptiness, Non-Duality, Buddha Mind, Kingdom of Heaven, Allah, Nirvana, Eternity.
    This silence is a mystery beyond mind, beyond what the human brain can fully comprehend. Like a beautiful diamond, we can only see a few facets at a time. This mystery is seemingly far beyond us-our capacity to understand, to know. And yet this is contained within our very selves, and this contains us as well.
    The greatest wonder of this is that you and I, above all other life forms on this planet are able to be consciously aware of this reality, now. Yes, you are aware of this, though perhaps you have not experienced this yet. Perhaps you have not realized this.
    This awareness of ours, this consciousness of being, is the silence itself. The silence is the very space of being. In you, being has become aware of itself. There is only this.
    We have spent thousands of years denying what is more present to us than our very breath, our very heartbeat. This silence permeates everything and is the allow-er of everything. The silence allows us to be and to be free. There is only this. You are this!
    All that you need, all that you seek, all that you hope and long for is contained in this silence. All you need to do is STOP! and just BE!: Now! There is only this: Pure Silence.

    • dana

      i would like to use your writing about Silence on my website and a few other places… are you the writer? would love to give you credit. it’s beautiful~ is this ok?

  • […] The Hegelian Dialectic in the Woo-Woo context: Why I am No Longer a Light Worker […]

  • a good metaphor for this is, there is McDonalds and there is Burger King both competing for your loyalty to thier service but both are putting additives in the food to kill you. Lesson to learn, its better just to grow your own organic nutrient.

  • KubrickOrangie

    Cameron, I know your heart is in the right place so I’d like to share the following as I didn’t get much from your article. For example, who is the demiurge? If you said they are the one percent so-called elitists currently controlling things on the planet, that would make a lot more sense. So under their (the 1%) rule, they force the rest of us to go against nature and louse up our home planet and the quality of our lives. I don’t approve of chemtrail poisoning of the skies, nor unnecessary oil, coal, gas, etc. Nikola Tesla WAS ready to give us free energy but the banksters (J.P. Morgan) pulled the plug on it. There are others today that can replicate this clean technology today. As to spirituality, I’d highly recommend reading Walter Russell’s Home Study Course that is available to download for a small amount from scribd.com. Nikola Tesla told Walter Russell to lock away his ideas for 1,000 years because man was not ready for it. This course will give you a much better idea of what this life is really all about. Quite simply, we are here to fulfill our desires in a temporary body. Our spirit returns to the white still magnetic light of God and we return again in a body if we desire. Best wishes to you.

  • Amenti

    Interesting….I’ve been literally saying this for over 5 years. I went into depth study of how it all worked and why.

    But my friend, then you’ve got to come to grips with something yourself.

    The DemiUrge and the “false system” as you call it, is a part of the whole she-bang. WITHOUT this “false system” there wouldn’t be physical reality, in the way we experience it, the ILLUSION as we know it! We’d all just be pure consciousness, fully cognizant of ourselves as Source/Einsof, the ineffable.

    It is clear when you look at the tree of life, and the “aspects” to the demi-urge that you realize exactly what it is. A multi-dimensional “matrix” that is designed to keep “god sparks” encapsulated in the experience of physicality, and hierarchal movement up and down to sustain its own existence.

    I realized months after my first third awakening…this system, and I came into contact with the “dark side” as well as later, masters who you could say play for team “light” (ironically, these people knew very well that duality was a sham, but still acted under “good” to assist humanity in evolution, someone had to do it).

    When you realize the “conspiracy” goes all the way to the top, then what is the point of worrying about it!? Then you get to the point where you KNOW you are this, ineffable immortal essence, can transcend duality, but still LIVE in the world and enjoy EVERY MOMENT.

    Don’t get stuck in the gnostic belief that nothing is worth anything, and that everything is some evil system to keep you “lost” in the system. Because if you do you will miss the beauty of it! The MASTER Can LIVE FULLY in it but not be “of” it.

    I’ve detested the whole “light-worker” label as soon as I saw the countless channelings, the countless deluded folks getting lost in the traps of being “better” and “working against darkness” when all they were doing is being blinded by their own ego’s.

    INTEGRATION of DUALITY and then completely transcending out of linear thought is the KEY. I know and understand all aspects, good or “bad,” even other beings, because they are actually both facilitating the movement, TIME/SPACE and evolution itself!

    Call them “Archons” but they are beings, just like you and me! Yes some of them have the tasks/roles of “wardens,” but they also TEST you in a sense, to see if you can remember who you really are. And when you do- nothing, and I mean nothing can hold you back.

  • Jean-Paul Starling

    I wish to thank this person who has written all this. I send love and gratitude, Before you take it all in hook line and sinker I must transmit my views and discoveries to other seekers/wanderers/other-self’s. My words are long to balance out the words of the essay writer.
    Every group and institution has historically had fallen members and even infiltrators. Especially the so called Light Worker sect. The Roll of negative catalyst is of the utmost importance in this thick realm. Study all sides if possible(you cant get a clear picture of whats out there without this) and honor the roll of the misleading and negative for the important lessons they provide and the chance to transmute. Honor the contrast. Part of what I understand to be the definition of a master is the ability to quickly distill out the positive/lessons out of any given occurrence. You are missing the point if one continues to polarizing into blame/victim consciousness. Not sending Love and gratitude/forgiveness to discordant happenings only perpetuates the wheel of karma. Break the ties and mend all through time and space with simple forgiveness. Some people need cancer or to sign on en mass for a departure in genocide or an earth cataclysm in order to ground down the preciousness of life to the humans not involved. As well as to come back in a revitalized and fresh/learned state. Bad things happen to good people for very good reasons. All things are relative to the state of consciousness through which they are perceived.
    I feel that the picture should be expanded upon to include more of the other side of the doom and gloom. The Icky side of the Higher Archy must be balanced out with a little more of the benefits and reasons for the duality and the intrusions. The coin analogy should be expanded to include more dimensions of a coin, if you look close there are more, not just black and white. Not mentioning the power and agenda of the Positively oriented beings(archangels, Ascended Masters, Channels, Cosmic family) makes me recognize some biasedness going in this article as energy-work/light work is an ancient order and system of manifestation and has Massive merit. If the crafty dark forces are not balanced out planet destructions happen, like in our own solar ring Maldek, Mars and now earth is at risk of an end game scenario. This has been recognized and the call for reinforcements has gone out. The running of energy and focusing of energy is no new system;Kundalina Warriors, Wicca, Native traditions, Reiki, other celestial Light and energy running systems(the list goes on) all have many universal aspects that can be interchanged, light work(white magic) involves protocol and when used properly will enhance and activate our natural psychic powers, manifest ideal reality’s for all, turn on and fine tune the physical and emotional senses. Allowing us to see reason and lesson before we are floured by them. Light work for me is benevolent magic and personal energy center balancing. Benefits of light-work/energy-clearing also help us reprogram our subconsciousness(track beliefs and automatic actions) allowing us to tap into our true potential and seed-DNA knowledge to fully embody/activate our genetic and spiritual potential on earth. Our ascension/expansion is our fellow earth humans and Gaia’s ascension. Mystery schools of the past and present take larger amounts of time in the proper layering of the information and experiences. We live in a fast and confusing world (designed like this)where it can be easy to jump in deep, without having first awakened our intuition and powers of discernment we can become susceptible to the use of other entities. Left brain society needs to label things, Taking “light worker” away may leave some without direction. The title is a positive affirmation(another reprogramming tool). There have been operatives in the new age movement since forever to misleed and tame our fire. Ready your self’s for The New NEW AGE.
    My spiritual development was further catalyzed with sacred geometry knowledge then turned into a passion for deep space anthropology. I have studied the channelings for many years now. They have given me lots, I have learned to discern between misleading and wheel spinning energies that are often pushed through,EG;Galactic Federation Of Light messages used to be good for me then i noticed some things that weren’t ringing so well for me. I started to see repetitive and large amounts of Meta-Fluff. I learned that these massages are from these Arcons. Like earth the divine cosmos has staggering amount of different beings, mostly positive but many negative, It is there nature to propagate there energies and to be attracted to like frequencies and susceptible instruments. Many don’t have physical bodies and live to use us for ours and our energy generating nature. My left brain side really enjoys raw numbers, fancy names, spirit physics, lost history/herstory. Feed the intellect with a certain vibration of (truth frequency)information and the right brain begins to grow and take on a more equal role. Spiritual mechanics helps me drive my complexes in a joyful and meaningful direction. Knowing how and why things are empowers one, demystifies the veil and enlightens ones shadows. The deeper you go and the more mystery you unravel only gives glimpses at even deeper mysteries leaving an infinite amount of journeying/mystery. Knowledge passed onto us from beings who have access to most all is such a precious gift. We are there more dense aspects making our development their business. The quarantine/cage was erected to limit the amount of outside involvement, Star Wars are out there and we have been a prime focus. If your children were out back going nutter on each other would you not want to maybe keep the sketchy kids from the back alley outa the yard for a wee while and let them grow without so much influence?
    There is prophecy and predictions of massive amounts of false channels here to misled and cause us to be overly chill and subservient. As well as true channels and reinforcements that have come here to give us modality for reasserting our powers, and to supply empowering information and tec that is used to help us become aware of our natural abilities and Elevate ourselves on our own Self Empowerment. High knowledge translates into a high/broad perspective that allows us to see the well placed good and divinity in all! especially the So called dark side, Duality is a crucial part of the school of earth. Without it lesson would be slow or non existent. Some channels I would coin as”World Class Channels” and have learned and grown A lot from include the Seth material, Hathor Material, Abraham Hicks, Kryon of magnetic service(now time and multidimensionality, Quantum existence), Bashar, The Ra Material brought forth from an humble messenger of the Law OF ONE(The science of the densities, Catalyst, Positive and negative beings and there rolls , Ray system, The Ways of ONE), Barbara Handclow(pleiadian contactee), Barbara Marchiniac(pleiadian contactee), Doloris Cannon, AmorahQUanYin (pleiadian contactee/light worker teacher), and lots of goodness from David Wilcock. The list is larger but i will stop here. I especially vibe with persons who have had mystical experiences and paranormal happenings. These people seem to have critically less ego to blind there meldings + often have prior 3rd density trainings and less dense energetics that makes them ideal instruments. I recommend to do yourself a favor if you desire clarity and balance to look these works up.
    The sleep draining effect is part of what some of us do and where we go as we sleep, We are training and matamorphasizing on all levels, The prime directive like from star trek is very real, there is a loop hole in the dream realm contacts. Especially at this apex moment in human awakening. The dream work is one way that we are worked with without having to have massive Space family landings. The fear and craziness that this would cause would be not good for us at this point. When the consensus of the human of earth over soul is ready for this than it will happen, Don’t count on it any time soon., Our DNA did not spring up out of know where, we are designed and planted & Cross-Bread. Our family cares for us and is working with many of us physically and energetically,, Some abductions are positives attempts to have high vibration souls with no earth Karma whom are resistant to accumulation come in, the high frequency of the would be child can cause series of miscarriages until the energy match-up is just right. There mission is just to BE here, and hold space. Indigo’s, crystals, and rainbows, and so on. There higher self’s and past life’s are from far and wide, some having not ever been in physical-body. Things are thick down here yes, we willingly signed on for this and for that we are held in high regard. Free will is Very Real.
    The Dark-ish infiltrators on the so called light side still obey the laws of free will and use truths combined with paradox’s to not straight out lie and get permission to meld/occupy/use. On some level they are some of these beings they claim to be. I have had close friends possessed by Faux Light beings. I seen right through what was happening, He was latched onto because of drug use and a passion for energy work without protocol!
    Out of desire to reflect upon ones self to know thy self, other self’s were created. Those other self’s created other self’s and so on and so on. In the less dense realms where the perspective is high and wide spanning time and space, Most is foreseen and serenity is high, so high that some challenges were needed to expand on the pool of possible experiences, Existence needed to be more challenging to make lesson truck on and the existence up there less boring and more meaningful. Hence the purposeful falling of the angels. They descended fast, so fast that oneness was lost and they got just what they wanted , deep thick lessons made possible by the veil and the polarity/duality, the situation surprised the prime creators, the lessons of timing and frequency of the downshifting of consciousnesses were vast and necessary if Self wishes to continue expanding and reflecting. The veil and the blindness associated with it was put in place so we can make mistakes and recover/learn/forgive. The flow of beings from the upper views of unity consciousness to the lower areas is the Higher Archy, It is built on Love and service to other self’s, A pyramid can not stand with out the lower layers, This pyramid structure is not like the one we may be familiar with on earth. Held by power and service to self, it is Held by love and service to Others. This is all part of the Divine Process Of Creation.
    Change is the universal constant, change catalyzes lesson and not learning lesson builds/perpetuates karma. Lessons must be learned in the densest realms as to make it not too easy. Making it the business of beings both +/- to keep us swinging back and forth from the polarities of duality. The lessons can be understood and moved on from with forgiveness and love helped along with HIGHER learning/teaching. The Virtues of unselfish Love Keep one on the path. Love the bad and see the good in it and gratitude and more love is the result with a backdrop of clarity.
    Negativity can not enter the higher realms of the All That Is. Critical mass has been reached. It is done, enjoy the ride while time is so slow. Savor ALL!
    If you read this far I thank-you for your desire for perspicacity and drive to expand your perspectives.
    I serve Life and the growth on Consciousness.
    I leave you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. Go forth rejoicing in the power and the peace of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai.

  • rubi

    Wow I was looking for a help blog and this came up first and it was amazing becuase I have been reading a book called superbrain its about learning our emotiones regaining control of out higher self and it makes so much sense how in the bible it says god gave us a spirit of self control

  • Christie

    I need you. I don’t expect that we should meet, but I’m drowning. The Corruption of the People and the False Sense of Self Entitlement (and the People in general) are killing me slowly. I can barely get out of bed. I have shingles, pluresy, extreme fatigue, other skin and body issues. There seems to be no relief. I hold on to the plants and bury my feet in the soil, overheat myself, and beg the Spirit to fill the people, animals, and Earth with love and light. It just laughs. Is that the demiurge? I have also begun arguing with it. It’s NOT God. He told me his name was Alee Ashtar. There were children singing his name like Ring a Round the Rosie… it was awful and screeching. It showed me a grid of somekind that covers the planet. It also showed me two great owls (a male and female) as fetus-es in a celestial womb surrounded by darkness somehow. It has shown me the Corruption of the People, the Ascension of the People (which had absolutely NOTHING to do with going to Heaven –it reminded me of the Borge in a sense, but not really.) It showed me the proverbial Culling of the Herd, which was the single most terrifying event of any vision-type information I’ve received. It teases me, and exhausts me with information. I can’t deal with this at this time. I read your blog about opting out. I’ve tried. It shuts me and everything around me down when I’ve tried previously. I feel enslaved and dirty, but it keeps telling me it’s for the benefit of the people. It’s trickery, and I haven’t been able to get any relief. I’ve tried to get relief by trying to have myself admitted to the hospital (in June.) I told them I wanted Thorazine because my brain is so overactive, that I’m psychic for some reason, that I can heal people for some reason, and that I can see the future–and that it’s nothing anyone wants to know about. There is treachery and extra-terrestrial type beings involved and it has nothing to do with the current world circumstance or anything we’ve seen in our lives. We are deceived by our rotten-ness (that’s what I told the triage nurse at the hospital.) I drew her a face of Ashtar (it came to me while I was usurping energy off of a group 7th Day Adventists’, which I’m truly sorry about by the way. I was desparate.)She (the triage nurse) took my hand and asked me what did I see about her. I told her it was ridiculous for humans to be so self-involved and so over worried about their trivial day-to-day enterprises and general woes and worries. Besides that, I told her that her tests she’d recently had done were all negative, which meant that she was healthy (and that the symptoms were totally fabricated by her in an attempt to gain attention, ugh.) And I told her that she had a responsibility to serve as a mentor to a child who exists in her friend base (I even said the child’s name.) She began crying, and discharged me from the hospital. She said there was nothing wrong with me, and that I should put a Palm Reader for hire sign in my front yard. The thing is, it’s all BS. I don’t want to tell people their futures.hat wasn’t the first time, mind you. It’s been going on for so long. It’s miserable and shameful.) No one understands. I can’t raise their energy, and I’ve failed as a servant to any greater service. There is no God, and the people are crazy. I’m constantly referencing “Well, my brain says…” or “My brain will- or- won’t let me do that…) or something along these lines. I had no idea of what to call IT. Life is most def a giant farming event. Anyone who turns off the television, and throws their ego out the window can receive the same information I do. Totally shut your ears when the people talk. Don’t adhere to fear or judgment of man (which is the second most ridiculous concept ever believed byhumans.) Life here is a stinky bog! Ignorance abound… it makes me crazy.

  • Christie

    Add note: When I’ve stayed too long in a certain circumstance IT deems unfavorable, IT ruins everything. The consequences usually involves the deterioration of my resources– financial or otherwise, IT takes my job away, IT kills my car, IT causes home flooding, critter infestations, abnormal aches and pains, instills a general sense of disillusionment that only I seem to be able to notice, and IT rains distortion. IT won’t let me sleep, and when I do manage to get in regular rest, IT monoplizes my dreams. My solace has been submerging myself in the bathtub ompletely covered in the hottest water I can stand, and I add in Epsom salt in considerably large doses ( a friend recently gave me another mixture of blessed contents to try, which haven’t produced any results thus far, but I’ve only tried it three times now, and one was forced by my husband because I was out of control.) The hot salty water seems to keep me safe for a time. I don’t know what this means, I only know that it works. Also, drinking baking soda in water seems to provide temporary relief. I could just be imagining that it works, I have no idea. Besides that, there is no hiding from IT. And when I talk to my husband about IT, he naturally assumes I’m talking about God–the man made word for IT. IT’s NOT GOD. I don’t know who I can talk to anymore. There’s so much more I could add here. I know I’m opening myself up for “consolation” from other people here, but I truly just wanted to communicate with you Cameron, if it’s possible. If you don’t want to, I understand.

    • cassie

      My heart goes out to you. cameron does energy work. if you can afford it make an appt. go to clarity of mind website…the blogger went thru the same thing and came thru it. put a glsss of water by your bed every night and throw it out in the morning. put a bowl of sslt wster under your bed every night.try to cross over a large body of water….a lake or ocean. try cameron meditations on this website. good luck to you.

    • cassie

      Sorry, the website is phillip goddard clarity of being.

  • Sue

    Really helpful post, Cameron.

    Like an earlier poster, I’d also recommend people check out Philip Goddard at Clarity of Being, especially his list of affirmations. Not for the faint hearted as they certainly challenge a lot of our well cherished beliefs: clarity-of-being.org/affirmations.htm

    Anyone interested in the work of the Gnostics should look at John Lamb Lash, either his book Not in His Image or at metahistory.org Again, use your discernment but it’s certainly another story to add to the stirring pot.

    I’m in the process of dismantling all my beliefs around my supposed higher self, surely another layer to the lie-rachy? I don’t have answers yet that feel true for myself, but definitely something I need to explore.

    Kind regards.

  • Harry Hankerson

    Hi Cameron, I feel like you need a friend. As one who wishes to be your friend I feel moved to share something with you. God is, the Truth is, and Jesus Christ is the Light of the world. These things do not evolve they do not change. Perceptions or different levels of enlightenment if you prefer, may provide a different or “enhanced” awareness, but what is always was. A light worker would still be a light worker even if he called himself a “three-legged monkey shaman”. The more energy you place into defining the cage and it’s creators the more you contribute to their needs. The power resides in you through the Light shared from Jesus Christ via the Holy spirit. Power (free will/ability of choice) can not be taken from you it can only be surrendered. Those who do not have the Light surely attempt to deceive you into giving them yours by use of opposites, dualities and polarities enticing you migrate to one side and instigating you to do battle/fight or sometimes (for those compassionate souls among us) try to mediate for peace between the sides through a better understanding of the dichotomy. Energy wasted, they are what they are and have always been such, we cannot change them. Providing a different nomenclature does not affect them except maybe to make them laugh at your foolishness. I suspect you realize this already, my concern is that not all of your friends/followers are as self-actualized, and become more susceptible to those who would cheat/steal or manipulate from them the power that is only theirs to give freely, by your lengthy explanation of something so simple and yet so beyond our comprehension that an infinite amount of words could barely scratch the surface. Your platform provides you a great amount of influence, and thusly requires an equal amount of responsibility. In a nutshell, God is, things are, the Kingdom is nigh, and that which could starve will die without nourishment. I love you like a brother, let me be a friend and consider what I have said, if you don’t the consequences could be greater than you could imagine, despite your well-meaning intentions.

  • Amy

    This is a message that me and my husband have learned in depth over the last decade or so and have tried to tell others and people just don’t get it because it exacerbates their comfort zone. Although it there’s more that I could add, it’s close enough that I agree with it very strongly.

    The human ego is one of the main programs that the demiurge connects through and drains us, lies to us, and so forth. Any person who has a negative or violent reaction to the words in this, I implore you to ask why, only the ego balks when it is challenged and if you do not see the truth in this work, then it is a block of your ego because the ego is programmed to protect what the author is exposing: THE TRUTH! The ego by the way is a human condition, not a spirit condition. Your spirit knows, the ego runs from it.

  • Mark

    Thank you, Cameron, for stirring up much interesting discussion and further opening minds and hearts.

    Is this problem localized within boundaries? Is it a new problem? Boundaries and time are both illusions. Here is a 2500 year old quote I feel is relevant. (Thank you, Brian Walker, for the translation.)

    The universe is a vast net of energy rays.
    The primary ray is that which emanates from the Subtle Origin, and it is entirely positive, creative, and constructive.
    Each being, however, converts the energy of this primary ray into its own ray, and these lower rays can be either positive or negative, constructive or destructive.

    An individual who is not yet fully evolved can be adversely affected by negative energy rays in the net around him.
    For example, the combined influence of several negative rays might cause an undeveloped person to believe that their life is being controlled by an invisible, oppressive ruler.
    Such a misconception can be a significant barrier to enlightenment.

    To attain full evolution and the status of an integral being, you must be aware of this intricate net and its influences upon you.
    By integrating the positive, harmonious energy rays with the positive elements of your own being, and eliminating the subtle negative influences, you can enhance all aspects of your life.

    In order to eliminate the negative influences, simply ignore them.

    To integrate the positive influences, consciously reconnect yourself with the primary energy ray of the Subtle Origin by adopting the practices of the Integral Way.
    Then all the rays in the net around you will merge back into harmonious oneness.

    ~ Lao Tzu

  • Liz Ingate

    Thank you thank you thank you Cameron. I had only just been introduced to the term lightworker and I was willing to state I was one for the sake of connecting with others on this journey so new to me. Despite not being sure of all this direct instruction from Angels – surely that was what divine source absolutely didnt do..? What I call my God conversations and tarot and web crawling kept leading me back to the word ‘discernment’ at this time. And then I find you! Precious soul! Thank you. Your words resonate deeply. I shall keep reading your posts, and see what else deeply resonates with my inner wisdom. We have so little grasp on just how incredible we truly are, just how much we CAN trust ourselves with a little attention to our thoughts, feelings and intuitions and divine source. Let go of everything. Only divinity shall remain.

  • * A Complete Waste of Time

    Channeling ETs, spirits, and angels is nothing more than a time-pass. How can they gift you with the Enlightenment they themselves do not possess?

    ALL magic, occultism, and sacrificial rites for personal gain fall into the category of manipulating the Temporal Illusory Realms and are a complete waste of your time.

    Unless you enjoy being one of those little silver balls in a pinball machine.

    Just as laboring to acquire the Siddhic powers, that will unfold quite naturally as you evolve, is a waste of time and effort.

    Only the God within you can bring you Home.

    Withdraw from the objects of the senses, and turn your complete and total attention to the God-within your Heart.

    Sacrificing and renouncing your attachment to the temporal illusory hologram based on Knowledge of the Real will bring you Liberation.

    Why settle for the small and temporal illusory results, when Union with the Eternal Oneness – within you – awaits your call!

  • bdw

    Very interesting.

    For anyone interested, I suggest checking out Robert Monroe’s book FAR JOURNEYS, the chapter “Hearsay Evidence.”

    This description of the situation will add greatly to the above article.

    All three of Monroe’s books are worth reading.

  • Steve

    I enjoyed your article quite a bit.

    However, I do want to point out you end up creating the same duality you’re attempting to oppose. You start off saying there are good forces and bad forces and the good forces are fighting the bad forces, but the bad forces are clever and tricksy.

    You then say this fight is just a superficial shell game to get the bad forces more power/whatever by posing as good forces.

    And then you say there are good forces and bad forces and the good forces are fighting the bad forces, but the bad forces are clever and tricksy.

    This is, perhaps, one of the easiest mistakes to make. Finite mind freaking loves duality and has difficulty working outside of it. It, and those of us rooted in it, are basically addicts for simplistic concepts.

    I don’t know what ultimate reality is, of course. And even if I did I probably couldn’t even approximate it without leaving huge piles of corruption in it. But it seems you’ve managed to turn processing into a higher level into pretty much the same chicken coop you were at before.

    This is, within your frame, the corrupt demiurge’s oldest trick. And it’d be a shame to stop here.

    I’d say, “best of luck” or somesuch but that’s probably meaningless. Instead I’ll just say, Do what you can and hope for the best.


  • Demiurge ? What ? The Universe and everything has always existed. There have been an infinite # of so-called Big bangs. We are eternal, as Spinoza says. If there is any God it is the “God of Spinoza” … this Einstein also figured out. If you want to understand the Bible learn Hebrew, then Aramaic, then Phoenician and proto-aramaic and then the stories start to make sense, and you will understand what Jesus was teaching. You are correct the key message is to Love your neighbor as your Self. What is Self ? IN the Eastern Advaita Vedanta Non-Dualism “Self” is everything. Everything is Brahman, and the Mystical Teaching if Jesus is this “God is One, there is nothing other than God” …. The Hasidim say “Ein od Milvado” there is nothing other than God, and God=Nature, the Infinite Universe. As Jesus said “The Kingdom of God is WITHIN you”….. don’t go searching for God or demiurges outside of your Self, when he resides (Shekhinah’s) Within You. When asked if he was the Messiah Jesus said “Your Torah teaches that you are all God (Elohim) you are all Sons of God” You are already One with God and you do not know it, you have forgotten. Are you alone God ? No, everyone and everything together, is God, since God is Everything.

  • Hello, first of all I thank you for sharing this perception of yours, which I find very accurate to the way I’ve felt about this understanding for a long time. Your article is a great map of wording towards that which I’ve known but hadn’t had a clear understanding about, so I feel very appreciative for your knowledge and care to share it with everyone here.

    Now, I have a question. What’s your take on someone like Jesus Christ? I never felt close to his energy but lately a Christian friend of mine is being quite active on trying to get me on board (not with the religion but with Jesus himself). She explains to me that she’s in constant communication with him through channeling (I guess) and that he speaks to her and that he assigns missions and tasks to do. She told me she’s one of the few chosen to do Christ work on earth. Still, I see she’s under attack on dreams (many of them are about battle against evil), she also told me she’s constantly harassed by “the devil” who begs her to work for him and since she denies, she’s usually under thread and that when more attacks (physiological and emotional) happen. She’s a very depressive and emotionally unstable person.

    The last thing she did was inviting me to accept Jesus as my lord and savior and to pray with her for the good of mankind. That’s when I felt strange (not good not bad, just strange) and I did felt energy the moment the prayer was done. She even started talking to me at one point and said it was Jesus and started talking in another language.

    I felt the power of a presence but I didn’t feel love, or warmth or anything like it. Just a high level of energy; rare feelings due to mayor frequency going on. Since I was young I’ve felt like there’s something very important I came here to do. I am sensitive to energy and have a very high level form of intuition among many other things. I’ve been under attack almost all my life and I’ve grown to become a very active learner of the spiritual and beyond. I wish to be of help to the divine and bring good and care to mankind in some way or another. I feel confused at this moment so that’s why I dare ask about this subject matter.

    Please let me learn your take on this. It would mean very much to me. Thank you for your time!

  • O M G Cameron 5 0 0; O M G’s!!! Thank you for your beautiful mind that can focus so deeply on the intricacies of our Duality dilemma, that so many good hearts come to shine into our collective Dark.

    A Lakota elder told his grandson that “There are a lot of people everywhere, but only a handful of human beings”, and herein; we’ve enjoyed your brilliant inspiration to come together and share continual inquiry by the handfuls. 🙂

    If we all just stood with welcoming outstretched arms and committed to this Love mantra, “I don’t know”, we would all learn to live loved again by remaining this meek, only to Spirit Conscience. Thanks for all our inquiries to blossom here with you…

  • Jo

    Oh Cameron, I wish I could express in words what your writing on the corrupt demiurge has clarified for me! I am even lost for words to begin to describe a brief summary, but hope you feel in your heart my deep thanks for your most beautiful gift! As one who is so connected to Mother Earth, and struggles to see why so few others can, and as someone who repeatedly has had beings from the demiurge try to suck every last droplet of light from me, ( unsuccessfully – because i’m shinning brightly now!) from furiously religious parents to false light lovers, I am finally free! It happened with spirit showing me such wise lessons, ensuring I freed myself. But most of all life is so easy now – because I listen to me, my ‘Orenda’ , my soul. I know the truth inside. No, life isn’t easy- it’s full of joy! My body and physical energy too has and is changing dramatically. I love this earth and life! And just when I am ready for some wonderful work, your article explains to me in a nutshell what has happened and how to see it as a whole! I love you, thank you for sharing your gift with us. Thank you from my heart. Xxx

  • Theresa

    Tks for validating my current location in this holographic journey I chose (no idea what I was thinking then!..lol). Have been thru organised religion, no religion and then meandered off towards the New Age highway which is now all about Ascension, Disclosure and rescue in aerial ships. Bought that one quite a bit.
    But see now that it was all part of a larger education I signed up for. It all makes sense why I’m here. Those of you reading and experiencing this know that it was necessary to have traversed this convoluted passage to finally be able to transcend this demiurge.
    So don’t feel it has been wasted everyone. Know that in order to beat a system, the best way is to become part of it and sometimes wear its hat, so to speak.

    For more people on the same page, check out Laura Lee Mistycah http://www.fw-indigo-adults.com/
    & George Kavassilas

    all of whom I came across this critical year of 2013. It’s certainly my TIME of true Awakening!
    Must be yours too, dare I say!

    Luv Theresa

  • Sofia

    Dear Cameron: So many thanks for sharing your insights into what is happening really with the spirituality on this planet. I am from South America, for a while working as a light worker until I started becoming suspicious. I started feeling that something was wrong, so I decided to investigate. And that is what I have been doing for the las six years or more I would say. It was really confusing to try to get what was going on, it was also painful and frightening, but I decided to go on any way. Through this investigation I came across the works of Eve Lorgen, an hypnotist, who works with abductees, and after a while with the work of an italian guy, Corrado Malanga, who is a professor of Organic Chemistry in Italy. There is a website with some of his work translated into english and spanish called Flash Mental Simulations. Incredibly after 30 years of investigation of abductee cases he came, to his surprise, to the same conclusions that you are showing here. He was a guy that was just interested in the ufo phenomena and in the abuctee experiences. He did not believe in God or that we had souls, and he is not coming from any “new age” point of view. Maybe it would be interesting for some of the people commentting here, specially the ones that think this is “just one guy theory” to go and read the discoveries of these people, which I am certain you do not know about either. I was very happy to find your website and specially this article. All this things just confirm what I have been thinking, and I am so glad someone as young as you is talking openly about it in the net. Please, do continue doing like this. I feel it is very importan to open this kind of discussion to the general public to see if we can come out of this terrible spell we have been under for such a long time.

    I would also like to ask permission to translate this article, even though I found it already translated into spanish in a place on the web called “Biblioteca Pléyades” And would also like to know if I can translate your meditations and exercises into spanish so I can send them to some people down here who are also interested in this topic.

    Corrado malanga came up with his lasts thought on this topic in an article on italian called “Evideon the created universe”. I am still translating it, if you are interested I can send you a copy later when it is ready( I don’t know that much italian but it is somewhat similar to spanish, so I am trying….)

    I hope this topic will continue and you will go on with your investigation. Strangely enough some two years ago I started feeling that one of my purposes in this life was to discover this masquerade and do something about it.

    Thanks again for all the information and love to you and all of us.

  • steebz

    This is the first articel that i read in months/years that makes really sense. Its something else, than the ‘were are here to support you, but first, please do some suffering for the collective’ messages..

    Also for me, two years ago i started questioning my cosmic connections, in times I was ‘angry at angels’

    The thing is, if you come ”from far” and you have to ground yourself in a physical body, on earth…. Angels, lightmasters, etc cant so much for you. They dont know how a human material body feels.

    I think its more important to sit and feel save, with yourself. Can you breath in your belly, and feel and feed your essence there? The mind and cosmos are endless, but averything you focus on grows. So focus on a ”higher self seed” in your belly (centre) Feed it, make it feel welcome..

    The only person who can let you be yourself is You! Your Awarenes, can see and reconize devine (in every thing, your parents, a dog, universe or a tree)
    Meditation..or just observing during the day.., living aware from the hearth, enabels to carry that love, to live your own source.

    I think this articel just came in time, because its time now we take own responsibility..

  • pugly mai

    in the mayan calendar thee are for main light colours. white..blue through to black…red…yellow.
    dont think there is any sex or crime. ..and go back to the begining of time and be the light of which ever colour you are looking at. primary colors. light loves to work. hen.ce light worker

  • Just a damn good post.

    I have heard the term ‘lightworker’ being used for a while now, and while I do appreciate spiritual material, and I love to write about such things in my own blog, the term in and of itself sounded like a label to me.
    From my perspective, truth doesn’t require labels, definitions, etc. It is our own, very individual, and only felt from within.

    It agrees with you, and easily digests. I don’t think we have to work for truth.
    But it’ll come a heck of a lot easier when we learn to observe with neutrality, and question things.
    And not be in a hurry to ‘fix or save’ the world.

    My 2 cents anyway

  • Ayastigi

    Thank you for writing about what is so very true. For so long I have believed and stated this but very few desire to hear it. True light is of love not an agenda and I hope many more find this truth.

  • Michael

    Very simply put….

    “There is no good and neither is there evil; there is only the intent of the Magus.”

    The intent you put behind any action determines the Karma within that action. No matter what the intent, the Karma will always return to you whatever you put into action. I choose to be helpful and uplifting. I choose not to harm or ruin or destroy. Sometimes, I must refuse to help but in that choice I also choose to do no harm. Therefore, my intentions are always tempered by a singular underlying force: Love; a love that it pure and unadulterated by selfish desire or wanton greed. It is in this “extraction of Self” from our actions that purifies our actions.

  • […] he posted a link to an article titled Why I am No Longer a Light Worker.  I read this article and felt that is it a good reading but it contained nothing particularly new […]

  • amita

    can you explain Islam? some of its off shoots are doing terrible things! recently Kenya

  • Silvia

    yes!!!..Brilliant article..thank you!!…this is precisely what I came to understand….<3

  • tony

    🙂 wonderful … you are now in the right track dear , yes there is a great different between light and false light , again back to the original problem should be mercy or justice … how to mix between them , wisdom is the perfect way to answer you , light is the maximum form of darkness but in different level of manifestation , black holes and dark matter shall be at the edge of ending and rebirth stars , lion shall kill and eat , tickling his little puppies . attaching with one side against others give you an opportunity to play the game , unless you are watcher , so if you feel that you are getting closer to this level just watch , don’t let others do what you are doing , the game must continue , don’t be an enemy of the ruler but a Foxy friend would be more compatible …. Dear you will have a wonderful journey of pain and joy . believe me an empty big cup is more good than a little fully one 🙂

  • Sheree

    Thank you! I was so happy when I found out about all the people out there were experiencing things like I have been, like 11s and such, but when I really started reading into it, I became afraid of some of the things I read about channeling and about waiting around and doing all that made me happy. At that moment I felt deceived, but, everything else was so clearly me.
    Then I found your article and I agree with you completely. I still believe I have a Devine purpose and that my life has led up to this, But I was not comfortable with what I was being told to do as a lightworker. I am also NOT a lightworker. I do believe I chose to be here and I do believe I am being prepared for something.
    Thank you for putting this article out for people like me who needed to see it this way.

  • Janine Lever

    Well if one wasnt confused at first, one sure would be after reading that. However, I can say this…as a person who has been aware of vibrational universal energies since a small child, NEVER has any communication asked me to make an agreement. I would NEVER commit to any energy that did so. The only way to distinguish good from bad, light from dark, is to understand that no universal energy of light for want of a better word, would ever ask anyone or anything to ‘make an agreement’ its ridiculous. Accept and allow only that which you resonate with, anything else just reject and request it pass through..it has to..because you are not accepting it as part of your reality. love and peace janine lever

    • Truthseeker

      The “agreements” are not always made in 3D consciousness. More likely they are obtained in the astral or other realms – as Cameron says, even during sleep/dreams – so we would not be aware of them.

  • Ren

    So much has clicked.
    So much of the truth I already knew
    Everything makes so much sense

    My entire life, makes sense. I’ve never known this feeling.

    Everything you wrote, I’ve encountered, thought about, realized, been warned about, felt, knew…
    But I couldn’t put it all together in one piece. I mean, its hard to put all the bits of info youve been given over 23 years together. I mean, I knew so much, but was so confused growing up.

    It was like I had all the pieces, some even assembled into chunks, and had a vague idea of what was going on…

    So much makes sense now.
    I feel nauseous and faint and so, much, lighter.

    My daughter and I thank you.

    • Ren

      Also. Question.

      How do you know this realization you stumbled upon isn’t just another layer to the psycho-spiritual warfare of this Demi-urge? How can you trust any revelation you come to if these forces are so adept at fooling others? What if the energy you are supposedly investing in freeing yourself is just another method this dying “thing” is creating to zap you of more energy?

  • Stephanie Reef

    Where did you obtain this information? Was it channeled? If so, by who? Sounds like the non-physical world is just as corrupted as the physical. This disappoints me. I am responding to this because, I am also going through this battling so to speak at night. Traveling to “ghetto places” as I call them to stand around and do nothing but observe the dis-function. Some say that we are purging the “old” and releasing the “waste” that we have acquired throughout our life times. This morning I woke up exhausted and yes, I went into battle during the night, mostly in a dirty public crowed bathroom that seemed to have no end. I am having to work 2 jobs and deal with “awakening” at the same time. I am grateful in many ways for being able to experience this. I am so glad I am not “asleep”. Life would “suck” if I didn’t know that there was truly a whole new world and life beyond this “dis-functional” one. Some may think that I have a bad attitude since I came out of the “Matrix” two years ago, but I now see things for what they are and have more questions then ever. I just obtained my doctorate in metaphysics and currently reading tarot and counseling many who are going through this and other same experiences. I would like for you to shed more “light” so to speak on this subject (no pun intended).

    Thank you

  • […] presentiamo la versione italiana dell’articolo inglese “Why I am no longer a lightworker” (trad. “Perchè non sono più un Operatore di Luce”), la più recente […]

  • […] loving beings of light.  The controlling factions within the Corrupt Demiurge have set up a “light and dark” duality paradigm, and there are controller beings who are of a (false) light energy.  It is […]

  • Michael Wittgenstein

    In actuality all this stuff angels, demons etc are your uncorrected desires. There is no evil in this sense. The real evil is this force that dose not let you to connect with others in oneness this force is called your will to receive for your self the ego. If you will convert your will do receive into will to bestow to others then you will see the corrected perfect reality where you live in. Best method to make the conversion is to practices the love of others and constantly trying to feel connection with others it will activate the upper system that will transform your egoistic desires into bestowing ones. Happy connecting!

  • Rikardo

    Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Finalmenteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! E’ semplicemente Fantasticoooooooooo! Sono anni che vengo deriso poichè con assoluta convinzione affermo che vivendo in questa dimensione siamo soggetti alla dualità o polarità. E’ parte della nostra esperienza umana e guai a chi si prende l’ onere di privarci di quest’ultima!!! Ed a tutti quegli esseri di luce o dell’oscurità, dico di non impicciarsi di affari umani, poichè stanno invadendo il nostro campo energetico!!!!! Diffido di chiunque voglia portare cambiamenti nella mia vita, poichè spetta al mio Se’ Interiore aiutarmi a comprendere ciò che è la mia Via!!!!Voglio riportare una frase letta proprio ieri: ” Bisogna considerare che la Polarità esige l’esistenza di due punti in opposizione; cioè di fronte al sole deve esserci l’ oscurità; di fronte al regno della luce deve esserci il regno delle tenebre! ( Krum Heller ) Ed io aggiungo che detti opposti, ” Vanno comunque e totalmente equililibrati! Dove NESSUNO e dico con assertività NESSUNO, debba escludere l’altro! “( Eretico 2013 ).

  • Mau

    This is not channeling, just my ‘higher’ self. Knowing that the false light and dark beings do exist, we, the collective/individual Mau feel and know that it is wise to discern one’s thoughts, if there is some kind of contact at any level with the beings mentioned in that article. Living beyond the grasp of fear/fearful thoughts and focuses (beware the subtleness and ‘shadow play’), brings the greatest amount of freedom, always. With that said, we would urge the creation of the balance at the level of thought and focus itself. This is where the victory within self is decided. Excitement/what really feels good, coupled with the highest degree of integrity/honesty/discernment – this is a balancing ‘sword’ that cuts the ties. With that said, we recommend not focusing too much at all on outside beings who might have negative intentions towards you. You have a way of tuning out from their thoughts. They cannot affect you if you don’t open the gateways of thought and consciousness to begin with. We are glad to see the suggestion to verbally and nonverbally break agreements and therefore create positive/neutral/nonfraudulent agreements within your Self. We are Mau, we are one voice at the center of our being. We are outside of the time and space dimensions. So are you. We rejoice in the freedom and simplicity of the one infinite creator who is all beings. Meow!

  • Karl

    Wow, I found this article incredibly fascinating. It really resonates in a surprising way.

    I have just started to get very interested in connecting with angels and ascended masters and after reading this article, I feel like taking a step back and reassessing.

    What can you share about connecting with our higher self? Any resources you or anyone suggest?

  • Joon

    I found this article mostly distrurbing “for me”. Alot of negative energies and I feel like its throwing me of my course to “trying” to connect with what ever my innerself might be. But ofcorse it wont thanks to alot of what ive learnd from channelings. I started to read messages from channelings just a year or two ago. And alot of what I been Reading is very much the same over and over again, yes as many said. But Just like i cant meditate one time in my Life to master meditation i have to do it over and over again and im still not there. But even thoe, things are indeed changing for me but in my own pace. When i was i kid I Always knew somehow what was wrong or right, and it was the feeling from my heart that told me that. I didnt Always listen, but the Point is it still speaks to me. But not in Words and its not a voice its a feeling that i could never express in any Word in any laungage. Im no master of anything. but that feeling i am talking about is for me “one” of the true path to light, to dark, to confusion to evrything. its like a key. and this article is like someone hire a locksmith and is trying to change the lock so my key wont fit anymore. Maybe people feel they have been let down by the Archs, acended etc, but in my opinion they never promised a rescue, they never told me belive in me and we will come to rescue mankind from what “we” are all doing togheter to this planets inhabitants. I belive in the end its not them who is gonna save us. WE WILL. we hold that key of injustice and fear and justice and love and light etc. My Dreams latley have also been violent and i have woke up from bad Dreams being real scared a couple of times the recent weeks. So does this mean thers a dark light trying to feed of my energies? well i cant really say it isnt, but I “choose” to belive i am infact realising alot of darknees of “my own” so i can fill my heart with more light. Cus when i Wake up from those Dreams no dark is gonna penetrate the light that i feel becuse of that Dream, cus it was a “bad” Dream. but i choose not to act like that when i Wake up and more important is, that kind of Dream makes me never wanna do something like that in my real Life. thus realising alot of darkness. Im not saying there arent people who act to be with the light when they infact arent. And im wonderig if alot of whats going on here isnt infact more dark than anything else.
    And the fact that so many seems to relate to this article makes me suspisious and my heart is telling me something is out of balance here.

  • […] be loving beings of light.  The controlling factions within the Corrupt Demiurge have set up a “light and dark” duality paradigm, and there are controller beings who are of a (false) light energy.  It is […]

  • […] be loving beings of light.  The controlling factions within the Corrupt Demiurge have set up a “light and dark” duality paradigm, and there are controller beings who are of a (false) light energy.  It is […]

  • Michele

    I, too have written about being beyond duality. I talk about it often, assisting others in their release. Thank you!

  • Energia Racional!? Racional Energy!?

  • Matthew

    The only thing that is truly real is unconditional love. What you choose to focus on and put your power into will become your reality. Fear is an illusion and for the entertainment of people who embrace it. For one’s that want to live on the new earth you must let go of all fear, you must get off the wheel of karma and not create any more of it, and have unconditional love for all. People that choose to not live on the new earth will stay with the old earth where people are still on that wheel of karma and living with all the negativity and fear. It’s that simple and your choice. Sending you all unconditional love, peace and harmony with infinite blessings. <3

  • Nicole

    Wow this is great – it’s been festering under my skin for some time now. I identified with being a light worker as a new born spiritual person but course after course those veneers have worn off and the term light worker didn’t really flow from my lips without hesitation. I’d mostly struggled because I was seeing all these “be positive” messages while experiencing that life is indeed always duality and the dark destruction moments in ones life usually leads to the flow of new and better things (so there is your positive/gratitude in a sense). So while drone on about feeling good, denying ones feelings and smothering them with positive thoughts seems very false to me and perhaps self destructive disallowing the grieving process. You are always exactly where you need to be and sometimes that can include sadness, grief, and crap storms. That doesn’t mean you stay there and wallow forever but you do it as long as you need to because there is nothing wrong with doing so. To think life is anything else is delusional and false. This has been a running theme in my life for about the past year now, but your concepts as to why is quite helpful so thank you.

  • Wonderful article! We are linking to this particularly great content on our website. Keep up the good writing.

  • Jasmine

    Wow. Like… WOW. You are amazing, guy. Truly amazing. Awesome. THANK YOU! Even if I had grasp some of these concepts and disinformations, I hadn’t realised how it had such an impact on my life.

    This is the type of thing that you read and it changes your life entirely. Or at least, it surely has helped me to perceive my mistakes in a more blatant way… I feel that jut by reading this article in these few minutes, I’ve gained muuuch time that I would be struggling to get this information and actually walk on good tracks again. So… really, really, thank you!

    Sorry my poor language and grammar,
    From Brazil

    • Rain-in-the-face

      I think Ego has clouded your mind. Duality is a deception, but to think all of our positive entities are merely around for worship is the basic level of human ignorance.

  • Nikki

    Wonderful. I enjoyed reading your article. The only thing that I see in your line of thought is the fear factor. Lots of fear about getting caught up with the wrong group! I follow you on the duality stuff, the new age offers no better, the channelled being impostors, etc.
    Its not about whats happening out there, what is important is what is happening in each and every one of us. No one, no thing/entity/being could use us if we owned our own power (not the right word but…).
    I manage to get a good night sleep when I let go of the struggle to claim my boundaries and to only let in those who have my best interests at heart. My power is unique to me and bound to me. The only thing anyone can harness from me is the fear I have that I can loose my power, which just isn’t possible.

  • Magz