Quick Update, and Things to Come

It’s been far too long since my last blog post, and for that I apologize.  Rest assured, I have not been idle and I will be rolling out some goodness over the next few months.

Some of you have written me wondering what I am doing.  In addition to managing a busy session schedule for my clients, I spent 2015 preparing for and teaching the Level 3 Self-Clearing System seminars, which went extremely well.

Most of you probably know about Level 3 if you’re getting my emails, but what you may not know is that in 2016 I also did a series of 9 seminars for Level 4.

Because level 4 picked up right where Level 3 left off, I only offered it to those who had taken Level 3, which meant that in 2016 a lot of you wondered where I had disappeared to.

(By the way, if you have finished Level 3 and you’re wondering how to get access to Level 4, please log into your Level 3 download area where you will find a link to the Level 4 sign-up page just above the download links.)

About that Dormancy

I was very quiet in 2016 due to the reasons above, along with the fact that I am really just done with the silliness that is so prevalent in the New (c)Age movement.  I didn’t do any interviews, and I didn’t bother to comment on “the latest predictions” of massive, externally-driven change that were being promoted.

My view, which I have stated in past interviews, is that the process of humanity ascending to a higher level of consciousness is going to take multiple generations.

It’s not going to happen all at once because of a new wave of galactic energy hitting the planet.  Galactic energies are available to people who align with them and work toward making positive contributions to others, but they will not transform evil people into benevolent beings. 

Yet every year, a new “guru, ” “doctor” or “expert” will make the rounds to sell people on the idea that a “great wave of change” is just around the corner, and that we need do nothing but sit and wait and hope.

In my experience, sitting and waiting only produces more of the same, because there are people actively working to mold this reality to their liking, whether we like it or not.

Action Is Always Rewarded

This reality and the universe at large rewards ACTION, not idle hope, and those who have taken the most action in the world have molded this reality to their advantage, over and over again.  If we want to see a different world, we will need to take the actions necessary to bring about meaningful change.

Some of the actions we must take are internal in nature:  Resolving emotional pain, clearing blockages, creating a new mindset, etc.  Those internal actions lead us to taking more effective action in our external world.  Both inner and outer action are necessary for change to occur.

It is with this action-oriented mindset that I will be rolling out at least one, and possibly two new classes in 2017.  They are still under development, so any formal announcements would be premature at this time.

What I can say is that the new classes will be independent of anything I have previously done, so that those completely new to my works as well as seasoned veterans of the Self-Clearing System will all be able to enjoy these classes.

I also plan to write to you more often with helpful blog posts 🙂

Much Love,
Cameron Day

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