I Will Have a New Class Ready Soon

Hello there!

It has been a long time since you heard from me, but that’s pretty normal for how I operate.  🙂

Rest assured that I have not been idle during this time. Quite the opposite: my life has been incredibly vibrant with fulfilling work, amazing manifestations and wonderful life-changes, to the point where I can already say that 2017 has been the greatest year of my life.

Much of this greatness has been fueled by the content of the new online class that I have been putting together for most of this year, and this class will be ready to launch very soon. It will not be a “Level 5” class, but rather it will be something entirely new and different from anything I have taught before.

This new class will have no requirements to have taken any of my other online seminars. It is completely self-contained and anyone will be able to take it whether they have taken my other classes, or whether they have never heard of me before.

I am still keeping the topic and details of this class a secret for the moment. (Even my mother doesn’t know the details yet…)

It is a huge topic with a massive amount of content, and it will be a game-changer in its genre. It is so big that it requires its own website, and building that new site along with a new content delivery system is a time consuming task.

When the class and its new site are ready to launch, you will be the first to know.

Thank you so much for your interest and support of my works. I am extremely grateful for your presence.

Much Love,
Cameron Day

p.s. If you missed last year’s Level 4 classes, you can access the recorded seminars from your Level 3 download area.

p.p.s. I am still not taking on any new clients at this time, so for the foreseeable future the best way to access my work is through online classes.


47 comments to I Will Have a New Class Ready Soon

  • I love level 4 so I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us Cameron!

  • Nancy

    Looking forward to ‘the game changer’, and whatever it is that you are planning to present soon.

  • Kathy m

    Looking forward to this!

  • Neil

    Hi Cameron!
    I have been working with your material for close to a year now, and to say that my life has dramatically changed, is an understatement. I would like to take this opportunity and send much gratitude for being a part of my amazing transformation. Thank you for helping make 2017 the best year of my life:)

    I am super excited and patiently awaiting details on this new “secret class”!

  • Amanda

    Nice! ThankYou 🙂

  • nova miller




    • Mario Valenzuela

      I’ve found that after finishing level 3 a year ago the astral attacks are coming back around. I’m not sure why they are coming back now but they had stoped for about a year. I guess it’s just ongoing never ending work?

      • Hollowlife

        Life feeds on life… and the attacks will be ongoing and permanent as long as we continue to Be…no matter whether in physical or spiritual, the fact remains and can never be solved within the field of being and becoming. The only resolution is to drop mind, to drop ego, to drop self, and eventually to drop the body and rest as empty space. Let me know if you get the meaning.

      • Hi Mario,

        Just read about what is happening to you. Hey are you utilizing the level 3 part 1 clearing meditatikn and employing the 4th fourth mudra everyday? You can also hold the 4th with yoir intent before going to sleep too.

  • Annette Piggott

    Good news.

  • Saralise

    Blessings brother! So happy for you! ??

  • Julia

    It’ll be nice to hear your voice again and see what you’ve been up to.

  • Kam

    Ooh…how super exciting indeed…can’t wait!

  • Norma

    Wonderful! I look forward to this ?and it’s lovely to hear you have had a great year?

  • Millisa

    Excellent Look forward to it.

  • Julianna

    Yes please and thank you!

  • Looking forward to hearing more. I like mysteries but it will still be good to know when you unveil it 🙂

  • Can’t wait! Looking forward to meeting you online.

  • Angela

    I’m really intrigued! I can’t wait to hear some more about this. I need something new and inspiring.

  • Andrew

    Hi. Wishing you truly every success with the new project. For many years you worked convinced you were guided by the light, in reality you were unfortunately guided by the darkness. Therefore, how can you be sure that the light guiding you currently is the true light, and not further darkness pretending once again to be the light? Just a thought! Best Wishes

    • Hollowlife

      Within the territory of mind and consciousness one finds mixture of light and darkness, the yin/yen, in a perpetual play, while the beyond is the immovable and out of time altogether…the background and the source, the void that no one cans and wants to touch.

  • Suzanna Marlow

    Sounds exciting! Wishing you the best in your endeavors.

  • Latifah A. Akram

    Greetings Cameron!
    I have been patiently awaiting your return:-) This indeed has been an eventful year for me also. I am totally excited to hear that you are launching a new class, and also to hear that there is no prerequisite required. I have so many friends and family whom I know will benefit from such a course designed by you. Your work has produced miracles in my life and I look forward to continuing to grow and to have my life transformed in ways that I can only imagine. May you continue to grow and share your light with the world. I wish you peace, blessings, happiness, good health and prosperity in all of your ventures.

  • Hola cameron soy mexicana y me gustaría saber si me inscribo me los podrás mandar en español, porque yo no le entiendo deseo con todo el alma hacer sus cursos y hacer un cambio en mi vida,le mando saludos arte Ana Maria tiznado

  • Mario

    Very synchronistic the timing of your eMail as if you had answered a request of new assistance – looking forward to your new work results!

  • Lenie

    Glad that 2017 have been a great year for you Cameron, Here it was a year lucky to survive! 😉 Looking forward to join your class, Thank you doing the work.

  • Ali

    Yay! Love you Cameron! I am working on level 2 & have been able to access my frozen emotions – it looks like an iceberg & I go with my ice pick hacking away. Letting go of every one of them creates space for more love. When I feel drained I call in more divine love & light – I feel it instantly & share it with everyone I see. Level 3 is next – I can’t wait to dive in. What will you come up with next? I’m sure it’s amazing!

  • Love

    Dear Cameron,
    What a perfect timing! I was thinking about where you have been just two Days ago! 😀
    So looking forward to learn about your new project.
    Many Blessings to you and ro all!

  • Hi Cameron, Very good to hearfrom you and really looking forward to your newcourse. Your work has helped me to assist a friend in repelling her psychic attacks

  • Thank you for “saving” me about 4 years ago with the self-clearing system. After a very strong psychic attack, I asked for the truth and bam your youtube video “Are you posessed,” came to me! I became a bit unpopular amongst my Lightworker group and since have detoxed from many people and situations. The result is more groundedness, more authentic life and joy for myself and daughter. I have not done number 3 & 4 yet due to budget but I look forward to your new course. Thank you Cameron!

  • t

    i’ve done absolutely nothing when it comes to levels, so still new to all this, but my heart as always for some reason unknownst to me, loves to here from you. Looking forward to investigating your latest venture a bit more, with thanks for the update …..peace & joy… tom (éire)

  • Laurie Solisz

    Love your work, Cameron. I have incorporated it into my spiritual healing processes. Thank you so much for being on The Path

  • Jen Cabral

    Dear Cameron, the authenticity of your voice and heart are unparalleled. Forever humbled by your kindness towards us all. And looking forward towards the next chapter.

  • Yelena

    Hi Cameron! Yeesss!)) It is like a breath of fresh air for me now. I’m so much looking forward for your class.

  • Henrik

    Hello Cameron
    So pleased to hear the news. I have been doing your levels and this has helped me a lot in my life. it has been a big game changer and I still use your recordings a lot so your new material is very welcome.
    Thanks so much…

  • Mona Scotia

    Cameron, I wish you all the best. Keep in touch whenever your scheduale allows, no worries. So glad you’re offering another class. Sounds exciting. I love and appreciate all of your information. You have helped me deal with the ankle biters. Thank you ~ Mona

  • Andrea Kmetty

    Hi Cameron, Great news, looking forward to it! Andrea

  • Susanne K.

    So excited! Looking forward to it!

  • Elisabeth Theune

    Dear Cameron, I ve heart from you through George Kavasillas.
    then lost sight of you, now I am very happy to receive this great news and I will sign up for the class. I love to hear that there are no prerequisites nessessary, thats wunderful as I havent studied with you till now.
    My question is: Will you be speaking, or is the text to read?
    Thanks for answering!
    Wish all the best for you!and lots of that love

  • Anne Smida-Gibiser

    Alone reading your mail has opened my heart with gratitude and happiness ! I’m so thankful to live in this moment and be the possibility to bring the ORIGIN to unfold a perfect way in the NOW. Thank you! Anne

  • Nick

    Hey Cameron,
    I like your level 3 stuff on Youtube, it makes me feel lighter when I do those techniques, using the color Violet keeps coming into my mind. Isn’t the Violet Flame another matrix trap tho? So I would be interested in doing a class no that my finances are no longer under attack.

    • Hollowlife

      Within mind and consciousness is where the matrix being payed, all colors shapes and forms, visions and spiritual worlds are being manifested…you can have all the fun.

  • Hollowlife

    It comes to mind and the question really arises whether the universe, god, demigods, ghosts, spirits the world that we live in, you and me, actually have any reality. Since all things are in a state of flux, the whole universe and all its inhabitants are in a state of transformation without any permanent self identification whether is god or a dog. So we are here on our own and whosoever has confirmed to his emptiness strives for realization and truth.
    Since all things evolve, reach to a point in evolution through repetition of increased and sustained knowledge, intelligence also arises within the industrial field, likewise the medical science and so on, and also spirituality, just for the purpose of living and enjoying sensual activities…and why should god be of any difference? and what is god realization may I ask? why is the truth so difficult to be realized if there is any? can god hide the truth beyond this matrix? what can the priests offer to mankind other then being a prison camp for the unwary?… and then I deepen my intelligence in thought further in asking questions to satisfy my being and whether I am being misled by the god delusion consciousness in being a slave and to serve a purpose within the cosmic matrix without my consent; so I dig out my entire being through its roots and realize that without the world and beyond matrix I have no being, I am uprooted and disestablished, annihilated to the point where my mind trembles, but I still insist and since death will overtake me and destroy me completely, whats the use in living a shallow, life of fun, while I can be snatched out and destroyed at any moment?… so I must say that there´s no saving neither for god, and that is the final realization; the truth remains and no one can touch it through the sensual mind, through groups and get together, through churches and priests, through money and power, but in the darkness and through the worst miseries, where life has become too unbearable to want to live it any longer, where nothing is of any value, where there´s no support and neither cure, but the only remedy which death can bring in solving this biological mistake that has established self and identification, so must be aware not to give too much importance to the things and the world around us, must face the naked truth and constantly bear in mind that in actuality we have no being.
    People look after sensual enjoyments and never ever think of their death its actually a bad burden on our souls to be so dependent on the system and not wanting to age and actually die with a satisfaction to be no more…to reach the END of all things…NIRVANA:

    ALSO: The way I see and visualize things:
    There´s no such thing as evolution neither and if there is any must be after death to evolve back to the original source… Here we are just hanging upside/down and inside/out. Imagine this life as a cancerous cell throughout the universe that feeds on its own excrement, and all the assumed beings are just germs and the so called God must be the biggest germ that feeds on everybody and everything. Here there´s only evolvement with dying,…but how otherwise are we going to be deceived unless we are fed up with false information and remain as slaves within the matrix and feed up the system? It´s a screen pulled over our eyes that we cannot SEE nor TASTE…and no ONE wants to be unplugged.

    Also: Gathering experiences and awareness of how deceptive living or being in any system can be, perhaps will give us a shake up and find ways to renounce.

  • Heather J

    I’m looking forward to it Cameron. ☺

  • Usanda

    Hollowlife, Although I tend to agree with you here in this long post, I feel that we are here, in the soul, for an ever and ever. How that plays out can only be experienced and up to the soul choice. That there is no END except things as the matrix.
    I see that there is beyond however, I also see on many levels of existence, way too many wars, fighting, oppositions that only rest in fighting. That is what I am not looking forward to. To reach a 7th dimension and beyond just to see waring on these levels? Or is this just because of the matrix here that I see that? Is it something within myself, the waring, that I can tend to to release? Maybe. I do see a world where we live in harmony, that we accept divergent opinions and that can be here and now, whilst releasing what I no longer need to hold on to.
    I also see that coming to the Earth plain was to experience our soul presence in the physical form but that we were hijacked along the way. So instead of being able to ‘BE’ we are constantly unlayering ourselves in order to get to the reason for being here in the first place.
    There is so much on us as humans but we are so able and capable of shifting that we can move from the shackles we believed to be holding us back and to move forward into the reasons for being here.
    Some are here to ‘save’ humans and the planet. Others wanting to experience the soul’s journey deeper and others through the slavery that has been set up.
    There is going to be a time where we are free, and we are free now. But only through works such as yours that we can release and move on.
    Recently, after many talks, a friend of mine passed on. She told me that I was indeed correct that you do NOT need to ‘go to the light at the end of the tunnel’ as you are the light and you have that time to choose. She chose to go away from that light and follow where she intuitively felt to be right. I have not ‘heard’ from her since. Usually after people pass over the veil they ‘chat’ with me for some time. She hasn’t. Similar thing with my mother when she passed 20 years ago. She came to me and told me that religion was a lie. That she was stuck in limbo. she was scared. A friend died the day mum was buried. He was into spiritual realisations etc. So I asked him to help mum. He was able to take her out of limbo. She was scared being there. So full of regret in being so dogmatic with religion in body. Anyway, I hadn’t heard from her after a couple of weeks. So these two people have not ‘come back’ as far as the energy I can feel goes. Hope all that made sense?
    I have found that since using levels 1 and 2 that I am presented with people who are have been getting out of the ‘system’ and slavery by releasing their registrations etc. I am feeling so much more aligned with self. I am experiencing more manifestations, and almost instantly. I tell people to read your first blog “why I no longer call myself a lightwkrker” as it is truth and raw and a shack up for many. I was quite interested in that article as for a few years before I saw it, I had been feeling the exact thing. That light workers was simply another form of religion to keep us in control.
    Thanks again for all your work. I look forward to your up and coming new work and more. Keep being the being you are and thank you for following your knowing.

  • Hollowlife

    Usanda, note that you should write in another section for the author, Mr. Cameron.
    …Well, if there was ever a Christ I am sure He must have felt for the lost, and His message must have been to awaken humanity, starting of course with those who really had eyes to see. Buddha was already on the journey´s path, renunciation of the world, of beauty and charms.
    …Cameron certainly has the vision and the eyes.
    …Best regards.