More Details About My Upcoming New Class

Hello there!

I am grateful to you and everyone who expressed interest and support for the new online class that I will be teaching soon.  It’s going to be a great class, for sure.

In this short email I want to clear up some misunderstandings that I saw in comments and emails to me about the new class after I sent out this email / blog post about it.

This new class is not a sequential continuation of any of my previous works.

The new class is not a “level 5” class.  (Please read that again)

Energy clearing will not be the primary focus of this new class.

While I will teach some very effective techniques for releasing blockages and limitations in the new class, these clearing processes are secondary, and are included to support the major focus of the class.

This new class will stand completely on its own, and it will have its own dedicated website.

I will reveal the class and the new website, as well as open up class enrollment at the end of November.

The classes will begin in early January and will last for 6 weeks, with one class per week.

I am working diligently on organizing the materials for this new class as well as building the website for it, and I am excited to be able to present it to you soon.

Thank you so much for your support.

Much Love,
Cameron Day

p.s. I am still not taking on any new clients at this time, so for the foreseeable future the best way to access my work is through online classes.

p.p.s. If you missed last year’s Level 4 seminars, you can access Level 4 from your Level 3 download area.


17 comments to More Details About My Upcoming New Class

  • Donna

    Hi Cameron, I can’t wait to see what the new class is about. Thank you for updating us!

  • Neil

    Awesome Cameron!
    I am super excited about your new class launching shortly. I really believe that your massive new creation having its own web site, is going to be quite a leap forward from the previous version.
    Looking very to reading all the details in your upcoming presentation.

  • Naomi

    I am super stoked. Looking forward to all you will be presenting.


  • Jackie

    Hello Cameron lovely hearing from you again. I’m just wondering if your new class will involve working with beings or guides?

  • Barbara

    Hi Cameron, very interested in your new class. Count me in. That’s all what I can say at the moment. The class comes for me at a right time. Thanks. Greetings Barbara

  • Pam

    Hi Cameron, please add me to the list for your new course. Can’t wait to see what its about. Pam

  • Darlene

    Hi Cameron, thanks for the update, look forward to hearing about the new class!

  • Yes, count me in as well ?

  • Darrell

    Very much looking forward to this class. I have never responded to one of your posts before but I will say that your work has completely changed the direction of my life over the past 3 years. It was your work that led me to leave an intentional community that I was highly involved in over a 5 year period. This place has a very strong leader that claims to be directly working with AA Michael and has about 30 plus loyal students, some that have been there over 20 plus years and have fallen for this scam hook line and sinker. I fell into this place after a divorce and it hooked my in deeply as well. I thought I was completely on a “Mission” called by the high Angels. It was your work with breaking vows and commitments that ultimately allowed me to break free. Not only did I break through after working with your material, I’ve also opened my eyes and heart up to the deception abound in the world of metaphysics’s and religion. I just wanted to say thank you and to let you know that you are having an impact in the world. I still have many questions but I’ve grown a lot in the process and can’t wait for your next teaching. Thanks again Cameron.

  • amer

    Too many marketing words we’ve seem from so many. Honesty before marketing even if you mean good but being always completely honest is the least to be expected from people who are born spiritually more able than others.

  • Linda

    enrollment at the end of November
    Please include me Cameron Day.

    I would love to be part of the six week classes in January.

  • Barbara

    Enjoy reading the comments. As you can see nothing else to do…..ha
    Working on my discipline….looking forward to January. Greetings to all. Barbara

  • Susan Currie

    Can’t wait Cameron, as always love love ???

  • Heather J

    FLAWSOME:the salty sweet rawness of feeling a deep emotional need???

  • Gladys

    Hi I am wondering if it going to be very expensive?
    I am broke now with all the money i have spent here and all over there trying to change my life. and as my whole family says: I am still in the same situation. I have listened to the videos online and I am interested and amazed at what i hear. how we have been hoodwink for years and years.. i di make progress for some time, and it was really amzaing but after 1996 my life took a dive, to say the least!!
    I have struggle to survice in this life time, no money, no good relations with family, loves ones or relationship, peers and so on.
    my meditation a challenge, and self-steem etc, fights never ending with this one and that one.
    though i am feeling changes over the last 3 years… for the better but my life profession never taken off. i am interested in this course but wondering about financially how much it will cost …can i afford it? could i make small payments? been unemployed most of my life, i am in my early fifties..
    my young 12 year old and have non bonding at all… she is controlling part my fault but i think this is due to those things i wont say the name!!
    thank you

  • sonya

    Hi, me too! very interested in knowing about it all and wondering what the new class will be about : )
    I would love to dive into it directly, for sure it will be interesting and helpful, but as the previous post says i need to have into consideration money!
    Due to all of the fairly recent and non-stop changes in my life, huge ones! my life is not easy at all at the moment.. considering money, specially,,for the rest i am fairly peaceful and quiet with my emotions flowing.. yeah,, and i am ready for more material and work done for good.

    The smelly ones that have been targeting my every aspect all my life dont stop it, and now they have me without needed support. My ass out of the picture obviously they want lol..nooooo way
    So please take into consideration this while you put the finishing touches to it.. either way, thanks for your work : )