My New 6-Week Master Class is Finally Here

I am very pleased to finally unveil my new 6-week online class to you.

More than just an online class, it is a Master Class that is the culmination of 20 years of work and study in the real-world applications of consciousness, and I can tell you with full honesty that it is my best work to date.

The title of this Master Class is:  Manifest Clearly

Yes, this is a class that is focused on manifesting, and it does not resemble anything you have heard about this topic in the past.

This is because the vast majority of what is being taught in the realm manifesting either does not work for most people, or produces inconsistent results.

I have uncovered 20 principles of manifestation and a series of powerful techniques for imprinting a new experience of reality into the subconscious mind, which when combined and applied consistently, produce tremendous results.

This isn’t a promise of a perfect life, because life will still have its challenges, but it is the promise of greater levels of everything that you truly desire in life.

True to my style, this class is focused on releasing blockages and developing your consciousness to a level where manifestations are a natural part of life instead of something to struggle for.

You can find out more at the website that I have created for the Manifest Clearly Master Class:

Online classes begin on Sunday, January 7th at Noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern / 8pm GMT.  Registration is now open, and spaces are limited! 

Registration will be closed once all the spaces have been taken, so I urge you to act quickly to secure your spot.

Much Love,
Cameron Day

p.s. I am still not taking on any new clients at this time, so for the foreseeable future the best way to access my work is through online classes.



28 comments to My New 6-Week Master Class is Finally Here

  • Usanda

    Is the $399 in US dollars?
    What country are you in to help me work out time zone?
    I read the coupon code but now I cannot find it. Where do I go to get the correct code?

    • $377 USD. No coupon code, but there is a 2 payment option.

      The Manifest Clearly Master Class will start on Sunday, January 7th, 2018 at Noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern / 8pm GMT for those in Europe.

      Live online classes will be held on Sundays at the same time on Jan 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th, Feb 4th & 11th.

  • John

    So being a trucker with an uncertain schedule if I miss a class is it archived for review

  • Yes! You will have lifetime access to all of the classes.

  • Karrie

    It’s interesting to me that I was so excited for the unveiling of your new class. Yet, taken a back that it is about manifestation-maybe I have some judgements around that? Your work and energy is awesome, very profound. However,it seems that you’ve worked with a business coach and polished your image and marketing, which is fine. However, I loved the vibes prior to this that seemed so authentic. Maybe it’s my ego reacting? I was so drawn to your work. I know that everyone (and especially someone with such transformational energy) should be able to make a successful living. That’s a good thing. Maybe I’m just so over the manifestation jargon (I know your approach is unique). Yet, I supppose it really is what it is all about, this life, manifesting. I willingly take a new perspective on this and am open that this culmination of your work is an integral and valuable part of spiritual development. As Tom Robbins said: “There is a buddhistic calm to money in the bank.” I can agree with that! I know manifestation goes beyond bank account as well. I am exploring my initial judgements around this manifestation course. I thank you deeply for your work in this world and perhaps I’ll be able to join your new offering. Thank you for letting me process that. All the best!

  • Neil

    This is really amazing,
    I am very excited to be a part of a great new understanding. After reading through the unveiling of ‘Manifest Clearly’, I received a very brief realization of how all this information will eventually tie into where I am at right presently.

    I am very greatful to you,
    Thanks Cameron.

  • Leela

    Hi Cameron!

    Sounds interesting and I did read on what the course offers. I just wanted to know will you also be teaching your clearing techniques in this as well ? or is that offered in the previous courses. Just wanted clarification. Thanks.

  • Mario

    Namaste Cameron,

    spot secured!!! What I can tell from years of own experience to the audience who are hesitating to join this seminar: if you are (really really) willing to work on yourself, then take advantage of this (and other) ancient knowledge Cameron offers. It is sooo unique in its approach and sooo effective if done continually. There is no way to escape a change for betterness in your life.

    Rgds from Germany

  • Rheaah

    Oh dang, no money tree next to my apartment window :(.

  • Andrea Kmetty

    Dear Cameron, Thank you for your work! I’m sure we all find something new and helpful in your manifestation class. I’m looking forward to it. One question … are you not taking PayPal for this? I need to wait about one week with my credit card to be able to enroll. xoxo Andrea

    • PayPal doesn’t integrate with the platform I’m using on, but if you prefer to pay via PayPal, please email me and I will send you instructions on how to do it.

  • Mary Caldwell

    Hello Cameron! Thanks for putting this class together. I am very excited about it.
    Question, when will the second payment be needed? I was glad to save my spot and now want to make sure all is paid before the class starts. Heart Gratitude! Mary

  • Rose Lynn

    Hi Cameron and everyone reading, The ‘life online class’, can one follow this only with sound or does one need video as well? I ask this since I have limited internet access due to mobile connection. And second, what is Camerons take on protection for interference of AI of the process when online? And third, I don’t have credit card, but i saw Cameron answering that paypal is possible on request. And fourth, yes concerning comment on money, I see a trend with some consciousness explorers in relation to money and their ‘new’ approach. More have changed their approach, So i am wondering; is this ‘mind-control’ going on? My remark is: one needs to be extremely careful not get caught in its ‘unseen’ programs, especially what/who one serves if one is not aware. But I quess C knows about this and know how to neutralise the spell. And if this is not the case, this might be an interesting subject in the course. Looking forward to manifest a reality in which humanity thrives, Caring love and clarity of mind, Rose

    • For the live classes it is a video stream using the “Go to Meeting” platform. An audio only MP3 recording will be available afterward.

      The tech side will go smoothly, and I urge you to take much of what you hear in the realm of AI stories with a big dose of “maybe.”

  • Elisabeth

    Hi Cameron,
    I succsessfully sign up for the class, but still have to pay. Could you please send payment link? Thanks so much!! Elisabeth

  • Sara

    I am super excited for your Class Cameron!

    | Creative Imaginal Rewilding |

    Clear that deck! 😛

  • Sanya Charles-Herrera

    Radiant Greetings Cameron! I have been following your work for about 3 yrs now and you have contributed significanty to the refinement and deepening of my Awareness and Re-membering process wrt to the nature of reality, tbe self, and the inorganic vs organic matrix. To date I have not had the privilege and honour to work with u bc u have also been booked, and now, no longsr accepting new clients, so imagine my absolute pleasure when I checked up on what was up with you these days at the beginning of November to find this impending opportunity! I promised myself that I would take advantage of this auspicious opportunity to work with you. I am most pleased with fhe perspective and content of this new course. I have registered for the two pgmnt option, but I do have a question around the methid of pymnt. If possible, coukd I pkse this question i. a more private forum? If so, would you mind giving me your email or directingvme to where I can find it? Many thanks. Infinite Gratitude for You and All that you do in the service of Love, Truth, and Sovereignity!

  • NewAgeKid52

    Hi Cameron.

    In these manifestation classes, will there be safety built into the system? What I mean is that in this manifestation system you built, will there be safeguards to prevent harmful manifestations from occurring? I’ve heard of people who tried to manifest things such as money before and he got what he wished, but it (literally) caused him to get seriously injured as a result of that. Will that type of horrible thing happen when you manifest using this class whereby someone manifests something like money but in doing so, the way which it manifests causes grave physical harm or other bad things? Also, what happens if some person tries to directly manifest harm upon themselves or others using the manifestation that you are teaching in the class?

    I still am very interested in the class and you have done a lot of great work with the classes you had so far and I’ve learned a lot from you. Thank you very much for all that you’ve done to help people get out of the power of the Archons and make people’s lives and spiritual life better.

    • Yes, the system is totally different than anything you have seen before. It is about regenerating your subconscious landscape so that manifestation is natural instead of forced, which is what can sometimes produce the kind of “anti-manifestation” that you described, which is often a result of a conflicting belief within the individual that they don’t deserve what they have manifested.

      Manifesting harm is impossible with these methods, and in fact, wishing good upon others is a cornerstone of the system.

      • NewAgeKid52

        Hi Cameron. Thank you very much for clearing up that for me. I feel glad that manifesting harm is impossible using your method. I do have one more question.

        If someone were to try to purposely manifest harm to themselves or someone else, it won’t work using your method. But will from using this method, the person trying manifest harm, will they receive some sort of “punishment” as a result for trying to manifest harm to someone else?

        I understand that no being can be harmed by someone using this method of manifesting. But I would like to know if the person trying to manifest harm to someone or themselves using this method will receive “punishment” or “retribution” from “divine” forces or karmic forces or anything else for even attempting to use this method to cause harm to oneself or another.

        I am thinking that Archons deal heavily with that, and I once saw a woman who is into witchcraft sold spellcasting services to bring “justice” upon people so I am wary of anything that causes harm to people, even if it is only done to people who wish harm on someone else.

        Thanks again. Hope you have a good holiday season.

  • Micah Simon

    Hello Cameron:
    Are there still spaces left? I know classes like this can fill up quickly. I’ve taken level 3 and level 4 of your classes. I know these classes are different, but I appreciate your work and how I’ve been able to use them to grow and be more of the true me. Thanks.

  • Rose Lynn

    Hello Cameron, see above, on 02 december I used my ability to respond to your invitation to post questions or remarks on your offer of the online masterclass. Every day I was looking for the manifestation of your answers, since the answers contain for me ingredients in my decision making process for this course. Looking forward Cameron for your answers/response. Caring supportive greetings from Rose