What I Would Tell My 22 Year Old Self

Hi there!

Today I have a fun, short article for you. A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a 22 year old guy asking what guidance I can give him on his journey of spiritual self-discovery. Of course, I didn’t write back because that’s how I roll…

Seriously though, I was just getting back from vacation and had a huge email back log, so I didn’t reply. Then a week or so later he wrote in again with a little more information, and his energy was very open and sincere, so I decided to write back to him at some point.

A week later, it finally happened! I had just finished a session and I replied to him from a wonderful, universally-connected flow state. By the end of the email, I felt I should share with you as well.

How about you, though? If you could give advice to your 22 year old self, what would it be? Please leave a comment below.

Hi there (name withheld),

I’m glad you wrote in again, as I have too many emails to handle, and very few get a reply.

I do encourage you to do Self-Clearing System Level 2, then Level 3.  After level 3, follow your intuition for whether you want to do the Manifest Clearly Master Class or Level 4.

Technically, you could jump right to Manifest Clearly at any time, because I organized it to be accessible to anyone at any point in their journey.

You’re at a great age, in a great time in human history to contribute to the awakening of many people over the course of your life.  So here are some things that I would have dearly liked to know at age 22.

1:  Avoid all channeled information, and definitely don’t open yourself up to channeling

You will of course be presented with some good truths in channeled materials, but they will be limited, distorted and organized in a way to keep you locked in a slightly larger box than you were in before.  More details can be found in my two “No Longer a Lightworker” articles from 2013.

I still get questions from people asking if I think this or that channeled source is valid.  My answer is always the same:  NOPE!

2:  Delusional positivity is never useful.  Do not suppress any “negative emotions” 

Don’t hide from your own shadow content or try to cover it up with positive thinking.  When the darkness is welling up from the depths of your subconscious, dive in and get to work.

3:  The best teachers have been through at least one “dark night of the soul” 

They may not always talk about their dark night experiences, but you can hear and feel it in the depth of their communication and their ability to have compassion and understanding for people who are currently struggling with their own shadow content.

My first “dark night” was when I was 12, with three more at ages 17, 21 and 32.  They were incredibly difficult, but I am grateful for the growth that came from them.

4:  Make sure that whoever you are learning from lives according to their teachings

I believe that all spiritual information has to be tested in the laboratory of “real life” so that it’s not just philosophy without any practical application.  Many people are teaching philosophy that they have not tested, nor have they themselves been tested as to the strength of their resolve.

5:  Be patient with your journey.  Share and teach when you feel the deep desire to do so, and not one minute sooner

Spend the time necessary to learn useful tools and use them to work on yourself.  Realize that your journey may take years to mature to a level where you are ready to lend guidance to others.

Give yourself plenty of space to enjoy your life, too!  You don’t have to work on yourself every single day and deny yourself new experiences.

Be curious, explore, travel, meet new people, fall in love, experience heartbreak, make mistakes, apologize, take responsibility for all of your actions, share your experiences with those who have the ears to hear.

One day you will “just know” that you are ready to take on the responsibility of teaching what you know to others.  At the same time, don’t delay unnecessarily.  You don’t have to be perfect to be a great help to others.  In fact…

6:  You will never be perfect, so stop trying to be

Focus on being your most authentic self, even if people in your life tell you that you “should” be something else.  Those people are probably not authentic themselves, so don’t let them control you.

7:  Live your life in integrity and authenticity, and take care of yourself before you attempt to help someone else solve their problems

Do not compromise yourself in order to make someone else feel better about themselves.  Insecure people will try to keep you down at their level, and you will probably need to walk away from them so that you can rise to the level of your own highest potential.

There is a lot more I could say, of course, but I divulge just about everything that I know in my various classes, which are all available online.

Much Love,
Cameron Day


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  • Aloha Cameron.
    So I have been channeling or what I like to call receiving guidance, love and humor
    From the Goddess Isis for a while now. She is loving and compassionate and feisty.
    I am just now feeling that she is my higher self. Or at least a part of my history.
    Can you reply to this. Thank you

  • Heather J

    Thanks for this gem Cameron☺

  • sonya

    eey! i usually avoid giving advice : )
    but given that it would be to my 22 year old self to start with,, here it goooes…

    Develop a healthy and truthful sense of humour so that you can have fun with almost anything that happens to you in life, regardless of wether it is coming from metaphorically swallowing the blue or the red pill,, and try to avoid taking things at heart – develop an open mind, not everyone lives by our own standars or should anyways (boooring,,)

    Be careful, alert and discerning as you experience life, but avoid falling into the trap of fear frequency. Independently of what is happening, be brave and sure of yourself, refuse to be scared! fear is a very low frequency, very cherished by negative forces and leaves you tremendously vulnerable to their influence.

    Walk away from sheep mode and step into your own individualtity. Relating with others from there is not being selfish – as you may very easily be wrongly informed by plenty of ‘scare box’ advocates – but being a healthy human. And it enriches your relationships with others tremendously as you share your uniqueness and inspire each other from there,,, That means, dont be scared of thinking differently, dont be scared to be on your own, live and celebrate your individualtity.

    Cultivate perception, become a magnet for it ! it will serve you well, dont fall into the trap of believing that being ignorant is bliss.. too many have bought a spot into this week state of mind … in fact, it is tremendously dangerous, and from there you dont even live a life.

    Finally and most importantly! be careful with the ‘dog pet trap’ thing…(sorry, sorry i do have to say it!) they are whistleblowers and used by the system to keep things at bay, sooo… part of the control trip,,,.. first hand experience! : ) as always, there are some lovely souls inside doggy bodies!
    soooo,, be discerning… lol

    (on a side note, i do have to confess that i had a big urge to hit the reply button and email mr Cameron.. sorry, sorry,,,

    • Ana

      What do you mean by ‘dog pet trap’, Sonya?

      • sonya

        It´s half my personal joke, doesnt mean to offend anyone,,
        I love all animals but personally prefer wild animals in their essence as they are free and non ‘conditioned’ in the same way weee are.
        I do think that the very nature of dogs in particular is being exploited because it serves an agenda, that´s all.
        Personally as much wild and free a dog is, the nicer and the better i get on with them.

    • Sarah

      I’d like to hear more about the dog pet trap too…

  • Jen Cabral

    So grateful for this.

  • Phillip

    Neat blog post. Agreed on all points. Glad to see channeling is #1. I fell into the new “cage” trap via Cayce many years ago. My big breakthrough was the realization that he was NOT working in our best interest. It seems very obvious now being on the other side, but worth noting as many channelers today are pushing much of the same.

    Anyway, as this young man did not ask me, or anyone else visiting/commenting on this site for that matter, for our guidance, I feel this reply may be a bit ego induced, but I’ll indulge. This may sound harsh or overly critical, but it is the brutal and honest truth, and of course comes from someone who wants to see things improve.

    The most important advice I could give my 22 year self (I’m 44 now) would be don’t give others around you the benefit of the doubt… Realize the vast majority you come in contact with are not like you. They have out of control egos, think they have it all figured out, and feel the need to dispense their “wisdom” onto you. They’re irrational, yet somehow rationalize their actions/behaviors, lie to themselves and believe it, and this all directly feeds the chaos in our world, politics, etc.

    All that said, understand why the situation is what it is (Cameron of course explains very well). If someone lashes out at you, don’t take it personally, realize we’re all living in our own chasm of turmoil, forgive, don’t judge, and be compassionate.

  • Patricia

    Hhhmmm… I usually don’t leave a reply but cannot skip this one. I am 67 yrs young and I would tell my 22 yr old self to “Trust your own instincts, follow your heart, use your talents that are available to you.” And yes, being young, enjoy life, fall in love, & keep an open mind. Realize that “advice givers” are just that. Many advice-givers operate from their own ego. When I got a divorce at 45 they all came out in full force. It was as if I had a sign around my neck that said “ Give me I unasked for advice”. Lol! I did not listen to any of them. Remind yourself that you are a “spark of God”. We are all here to learn & to Love. Forgive yourself. Don’t be harsh or judgmental w/yourself. What I wrote is to my to my 22 yr old self. To the young man who wrote to Cameron: I wish you the best in this life! Remember that God is Love & calls us to Himself/Herself. Stay authentic in who you are. You will find your way. Do not trust all channeled messages or mediums, etc. Run everything through your own guidance. I believe many of us send you Divine Love on your way. Patricia

  • Jane

    I have a 22 year old daughter at this time, another 25. I say to them – don’t listen to your mother anymore, you already have my love and approval! Whatever you do/feel/desire that is right or wrong, it is always right about you! Learn to see yourSELF in action, step back and consider your actions/words. If you want a peaceful resolution/feeling about it, you need to ask why the ‘un-peaceful’ action took place. You have to have faith in the good and find it, seek it and be it. Faith is knowing the sun will rise in the morning. Have faith there is in you the ability to do good for yourself, for others, your life and the planet. And, come home to be embraced with my love as you move through it! We can talk about it, feel it – whatever it is and dissolve it’s presence. You have to feel it to loose it. And, I am the kind of mother who minds her business but loves it when they want my help!

    I only once listened to a channel (I won the 30 minutes) tell me I was in a past life in prison for not being able to pay my debts. Debtor prison a few hundred years ago – and my family was starving! I apparently died on the dirt floor. The feeling surrounding this ‘idea’ were true to my dis-ease, malaise. I was told to forgive myself. Ok. I look into my eyes and forgive myself. Now what? This story lingered with me because the feeling of that story resonated with my feelings of despair, anguish, gloom, ineptitude, guilt, resentment, etc, etc. It is these feelings that need to be resolved. I could talk about that story…but how do I learn to feel balanced, better, happier? That was 12 years ago, I raised two daughters. If there is a story, I look to what they are feeling to resolve that to a better state. These are the tools we need. Remedies for past wounds and expectant thought procedures that promote better being. Something like that…Maybe I need to take the course!!!

  • Raphael Perales

    I’m not sure I could give myself any advice as my 22 year old self as journey and it’s mistakes have been necessary to my present state. The articles written (specifically the turds of karma) by Cameron Day have challenged my “spiritual activities” for the last 18 years. I have been involved with a group that has those personages involved (I have not yet ascertained if we are talking about the same people)
    I have asked for some clarification from one deep self, higher self but the only thing I get is a dream basically refusing to answer (obviously makes me suspicious)
    I would really like to have a session with Cameron to really get at the truth of what I’m involved with. I’ve met several of these personages and never felt anything but encouragement on this path. I can’t ask my guardian angel or guides like in the past as they very well be part of the “controlled system”.
    I’m at a loss what to do and I need perhaps to speak with the proverbial “horses mouth”.
    Can you spare a half hour session or an hour to help me with this?
    Yours sincerely

  • sonya

    Weather patterns have been ‘weird’ here in Sierra Nevada for up to a month by now, i do know i did experience this before ? it is the tactic that seemlngly works best,,

    I would add, ‘young lad’

    learn to exercise your middle finger , you are going to need it in this planet… right hand? left hand ? it doesnt really matter, as long as you get the essence out of it,,

    Trust your intuition, that´s your inner guidance and it is rarely wrong (unless maybe you have over indulged in parranda). Do take Synchronicities, number sightings, deja vus, ear ringings and the lot as sign posts, but do know that they can also be artificially generated to manipulate your path,,,
    so use the feedback just when it validates your intuition and third sense or leave it for the lovely hand exercising .

    Be in contact with nature, get your feet on the ground and walk the mountains regularly, it makes you smarter and increases your perception.

    Be aware of what is happening at night time and become ‘lucid’ as much as you can,, – when you are sleeping your room may be busier than las Ramblas de Barcelona at peak time,,,

    Most importantly, … avoid public transport in E u r ooope! with the lot of air conditioner, wifi, high levels of radiation and ‘blacked out crystals’…. most likely is you will get sick. Do know that these conditions are placed there for human energy harvesting and invasive purposes,,,
    Be discerning with whom you talk about all of this though, as much as people are into ‘mainstream’ they wont see what they are not ‘meant’ to see and you may regret opening your mouth.

    Leave it for yawning instead,,

  • Zain

    To my 22 year old self : Evolve your knowledge and spiritual realisation on first hand experience and heart awareness over beliefs. Associate and study only with others that emphasise this most of all.

  • Jasmine

    The *feeling* you’ve done the right thing, having the need to be right can lead you astray like nothing else can. Don’t draw power and guidance from the *feeling* of being right and in the know. When it comes over you dismiss it and reconnect with the part of you that *knows* without vanity, pride, indignation..

  • M.

    I’m so glad Cameron wrote another post, as I always wait with impatience for any new pieces of information he offers.

    After wasting years on false-light teachings, which always offer you the longest and hardest way to clear this world from the dark forces, I would tell my 22-year old self to always look for the simplest and shortest ways and only within yourself. And here they are, (but came to me after visiting Cameron’s blog):

    1. People of the earth need to ask not only for the lost energy and potential refund, after dark/archonic forces sucked us dry during our incarnations, but need to demand a compensation for the damages endured in every lifetime. For example, you can ask triple of the lost potential. After you ask for yourself, you can ask for all other human beings, that ever lived on this planet as well.

    2. Demand your birthrights. But first, you need to know them and here they are: every human on this planet has a right for the everlasting and unconditional love, peace, harmony, freedom, creativity, best protection from any harm, food and home and adequate living conditions. Don’t ask for it, for you most probably will be fobbed off by some lame beings. You have to demand it from the Initial Source, Universe, Galactic Being and Mother Earth. “As above, so below” – burocracy is not only on Earth, but above as well. If you would ask your government nicely for some important things, that you have a right to, you will most often be fobbed off first. If you make a written claim – they will have to provide it to you.

    3. Just “as above, so below”, you have a right for the democracy and vote. Send your energetic vote to clear this world of the dark forces to the Initial Source, Universe, Galactic Being and Mother Earth in the most efficient, fast and simplest way possible. Ask the True Light Forces to ask every human of Earth, whether they want to vote for it as well. When we gain more than 50% votes – no lame, burocratic beings above will be able to stop it.

    This is the fastest, easiest and shortest way to bankrupt the dark/archonic system. Because transmuting the trillions of the dark beings one by one – is a work, that can last centuries, as legions of the artificial inteIIigence and simulacrum are created every day new. And every light worker, that ever fought darkness, has always been manipulated into believing, that the victory is near.

    I must say, after these things became clear to me, I was inundated with psychic attacks and my life went rapidly downhill. I therefore kindly ask the True Light Beings for protection.



    P. S. Cameron, it would be great, if you could share your opinion on this issue. I think, you would understand, what I mean, because your “Why I’m no longer a lightworker” articles also contained new and sort of a revolutionary information, that first were countered or ignored by many.

    • M.

      Sorry, I have to add a few clarifications. In order to bankrupt the dark/archonic systems we need to demand the compensation for the damages endured in all incarnations from these systems. I think, the best way to claim it through the Initial Source, so it will come in clean, pure, high-vibrational form.

      We also need to demand the immediate transmutation of ALL dark/archonic beings, that harmed us, their “bosses”, who sent them and other culpable parties/systems during all lifetimes and our entire existence. That includes the false Demiurge himself.

      These beings are guilty beyond measure for the harm they inflicted on you even by lying to you and manipulating into accepting harmful soul contract conditions without truly informing you about their oftentimes lethal consequences. On earth they would be doing a jail time for fraud and a first degree felony, for any contractual agreements, that against the law are not valid. Above – they have broken the “no harm” law too. Why would you let them roam free and not demand justice, by at least claiming all your lost potential, compensation for damages from their systems and their isolation, if not transmutation? Demand their whole system to be disintegrated and brought to the justice. The more people demand it – the faster we are done with with clearing Earth.

      The shadow government, along with the elite (and by the way, just regular sociopaths and psychopaths, according the the Dr. Eve Lorgen) are hosted by the dark beings and some are hosted by the whole army of these beings. We need to demand, for all of their hosts (and dark beings, that made them this way), to be transmuted immediately as well. And once and for all – we need to realize the power of a CLAIM. Forget the practice of prayers and being nice, if you claim your rights and your birthrights. Prayers is an archonic manipulation to leave the backdoor to fob you off, because no one is obliged to fulfill your wishes. Demand your rights and close them all karmic doors to refuse.

      I don’t believe, that Initial Source has a policy of non-interference. If you demand it’s interference – it must do. If dark forces can produce new dark AI, why can’t True Light Forces produce True Light AI? Or why the True Light Forces from all the other Galaxies not enough to clear this planet?

      Very important aspect, that I forgot to mention about your birthrights, it that if you have a birthright for the unconditional and everlasting peace on this (hijacked) planet – you have a birthright to live on this planet without interference from any dark forces. I.e. demand the immediate and full clearance and not buy into the crap, that it’s not possible, not possible that fast… We were buying into that for millions of years and many still do. Enough is enough. Your free will provides that you don’t have to believe anything.

      By saying, that transmuting individual dark beings may take too long, I did not mean, that we need to abandon this practice. I just meant, that we need to work in more ways and more global ways and not take this one as a single and major way to clear this planet from the dark forces. Because this single way is only one step forward from the good old useless New Age “catch and release” techniques. We need to make bigger steps. The whole systems that produce dark beings, AI and simulacra must be bankrupted and then transmuted.