Manifest Clearly is On Sale Now

Hi there! 

It seems like forever since I posted to my blog. 

It’s not because of adversities, but because I have been busy with client work and manifesting increasingly more and more wonderful life experiences.  I know that sounds pretty boastful, but I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t straight-forwardly honest.

There have been ups and downs along the way, because that’s how life goes, but an important part of manifesting is how we handle adversities, and I stayed in presence and acceptance with the lows while enjoying the highs.  (In other words, I’ve been practicing what I teach…)

Rather than regale you with long stories about manifesting, I’ll jump to the punch line:  I moved to Hawaii on January 1 2019, which was a beautiful manifestation, as well as one of the best decisions of my life.  Every part of my being is more deeply nourished here, and I am healthier, happier and more whole than ever as I transition into my 44th year of this life.

To celebrate all of this goodness and give back to you a little bit, I am putting my potent 6-week master class, Manifest Clearly, on sale for a huge 20% discount. 

I encourage you to take advantage of this discount, because in about 8 weeks, I will be teaching two LIVE follow-up classes for Manifest Clearly.  (The exact timeline is still yet to be determined)

These advanced classes will build on all of the concepts that I teach in the 6-week master class, diving deeper into the nuances of my practical, no-nonsense methods of manifesting through self-development. 

Everyone who took the live Manifest Clearly Master Class has been waiting for these follow-ups for over a year, but if you enroll now, you’ll be able to take these live classes shortly after you finish the main master class.

Come to, click the Register Now button, select one or two payments, fill in your registration info, choose your payment type, then copy / paste this coupon code on the payment page:  ALOHA20 — Your discount will show on the final payment page.

This discount will only be available until May 23rd at Midnight Pacific time.

I hope you’ll join me on this manifesting adventure!

Much Love,
Cameron Day


1 comment to Manifest Clearly is On Sale Now

  • Caroline S

    Congratulations Cameron!!
    So happy to see higher and higher levels of beauty and abundance manifesting in your life.
    Looking forward to those live classes in a couple months.

    Much love,