Controversial World Situation Update

Back in March I promised you a follow up to my controversial blog post about the virus that has the world’s economy in flames, the man who makes some people insane, and the anonymous group who shall not be named… lest the internet’s censorship police delete the content.

Instead of writing another article, I decided to record a video so that you can feel my vibrations as I talk about these topics. This also avoids the multiple passes of editing an article so that it flows “just right” and feels well polished.

Instead of polish, with this video you get a direct transmission of energy, information and well-informed opinion. I wanted to keep this short, but it still ended up being 83 minutes long…

Haters are going to melt down with this one, just like they did in March, but I feel that most of you will appreciate my perspective.

I’m leaving all comments closed on the blog as well as on the video so that I don’t have to spend time deleting B.S. from trolls.

Direct link to the video:

Much Love,
Cameron Day



24 comments to Controversial World Situation Update

  • Phillip

    Thank you for the video Cameron, loved it, and more appropriately thanks for putting yourself out there. Something I should have stated in my March post reply, and something I’m not willing to do (aside from this blog) to be perfectly honest. Anyway, I’ve been waiting patiently for this moment and welcome to my last 4 years, lol. I was never political prior either but had a feeling he would win. IMHO you’ve done an outstanding job catching yourself up in a short period of time, but this is not surprising… And thanks for taking the time to address “that letter” more in depth, specifically the HRC arrest claims. I’ll reluctantly have to jump back into the fray and delve into their drops. Finally, I like your pitbull anology, completely agree, and to quote a popular radio host whose last name starts with an L, they elected a BRAWLER.

  • Linda Baker

    Excellent! Excellent! Bravo,Cameron! I agree with everything. Amazing. You help those of us who are also aware and full of love in our heart spaces. These times are tough but we have the tools to persevere. Thank you so much for your honesty and courage.
    Linda Baker in Georgia.

  • Heather

    Thank you. Well articulated, well researched. Resonant with my own findings, a vast change and giant educational trail from where I stood even 2 years ago. Appreciate your share. And I’m also glad you reminded about your meditations. They are fantastic and I’m looking forward to revisiting them. 🙏🏽✨✨
    Blessings to all

  • Lisa

    Hey Cameron, I’d love to know your perspective on how you ‘deal with’ radio/em frequencies? Also, how you plan to deal with this when it hits our skies? Admittedly I was surprised you didn’t mention it in your video. I am a ‘hard wired technology’ human who has grave concerns for the latest ‘smart’ milimetre wave technology (especially in consideration of the impact it had in Italy and Wuhan) that’s rapidly being erected around the world. I understand Hawaii is bearing the brunt of major installation processes, but then again with the approval of sky-based transmitters it is going to very interesting to feel the effects of this mm wave extermination-of-life weapon. I believe Arthur Firstenberg’s research findings, as I believe the incredible guests on Josh Del Sols up coming summit (a repeat of last years)…I guess I’m asking you (because you didn’t appear to make the link) to please check it out…

    • I haven’t looked into 5g deeply enough to give an informed perspective on it, other than it looks pretty bad. I’m very much not a fan of wireless tech, although given what I do know, I imagine that it is possible to have wireless tech that actually helps our bodies instead of harms them. Some quannins 😉 think that Trump’s EO on wireless tech is about coming up with a non-harmful version of 5g, but I haven’t looked into it.

      I deal with EMFs by keeping my phone in airplane mode, turning off the wireless in my router, living in areas with lots of trees, spending time in the ocean and especially grounding.

  • Rob

    Thank you Cameron for taking the time to create this. I really appreciate your considered remarks and research. All aligned with my own thinking. Stay well.

  • Carmen M

    Thank you Cameron,
    I’m glad to see you recovering well from your accident. I appreciate your courage for sharing. The first time you drop the bomb, back in March, It took me 3 days to watch the whole video. I took one day off in between to ground and center my self. “ Out of shadows” is mild compared to “The end of the world as we know it”. When I lived in Dallas, I listened to a lot of the theories around JFK. Like you, I dislike politics and tend to stay as far away as possible, but sometimes it is impossible to keep ignoring what is going on. In an odd way knowing that there is a purpose to the current madness brought me more calm and less stress dealing with the lock down. I’m also 50/50 about 45. I gave him a lot of credit when he ended the war. even though he didn’t promise that, for me that was a red flag with Obama. I also noticed when he was running for President that he was saying something and the media was changing his words, even if I wanted Bernie to win, I didn’t like the media twist, that is not Journalism. I watched 2 videos that are pretty amusing, both before he won and those videos shows he is actually eloquent.
    Trump Roasts Clinton at Smith Charity dinner. (My fav part is when HRC says: “Pardon me” and he says: “I’ll think about it”
    and his speech on October 13, 2016 West Palm beach Florida.
    Once again Cameron, Thank you. Wishing you much love and bliss. – Carmen M

  • Carmen M

    One more thing.. He said during a Press Conference: “ If I wasn’t your president, you would be in war with Korea, it is true, so true.”
    The information and perspective from the Q videos and their followers gives me a better understanding when Trump speaks as he tends to speak in clues.
    Thanks again Cameron for all your work.

  • Cameron,

    You are a beautiful soul incarnated into a human body. It is an honor to be on Earth at this time with someone like you! Please keep up your work…it is Appreciated so much!

    Thank you,

  • Judith

    Good timing on this video for me. I’ve been questioning everything for ages and have struggled with the douchyness and apparent insensitivity of the President since the election. I said as much in my comment on your previous post. But so much has changed since then and I have been filtering much more info through my system since being locked down. I appreciate your take. I will continue to do my research and feel as well as think my way to as much truth as I can find. I’m glad I subscribed to your channel way back in the day. Will continue to read and watch your updated info as you provide it. Thanks!

  • Hat Bailey

    One of the best and most honest videos I have seen this year and I watch a lot of them. It moved me deeply and increased my already high regard for your awareness intelligence and wisdom. Like Mia said it’s an honor and an inspiration to know you are here with us. May the Divine Presence continue to foster and make smooth your path and your mission.

  • Robin

    So much validation for me in this video. I’m so very grateful that you have taken the time to follow up. I’m hoping many more people are able to research without bias. It will change the world if they do. Sending you love and know you are tremendously appreciated, Cameron.
    Love, Robin

  • jos rat

    67 year old female walks 5 miles a day. Am healthy all my life. I got sick back in March with this respiratory illness. Took 7 weeks still some coughing. But we here in Calif are bombarded with chem trail. I call it fumigation. And 5G is directed at us from satellite. I have experienced unexplained falls so fast and hard. I believe its 5G. I have watched the forests oaks and all different life forms die. for the last 12 years. Also I know others that have experienced falls like myself. Like a brain short. 5g is the same frequency as our bodies. And as for Pres Trump he is human and for sure can be led in the wrong direction by these Military people. He is a strategist and sometimes you do have to hang with the enemy? And now I do not walk guard your lungs.

  • Thank you everyone who commented!

    The comment section was open by default, but I’m going to turn them off soon.

    Much Love,

  • Gary

    Very good push in the right direction. Trumps business dealings has show him what (IS) in America. He sees the take down of America and how they work it. Trump is a Patriot, make NO mistake about it and in (fact?) I see nothing that stands in their way but Trump and most of the other GREAT people he surrounds him self with. You know as well as I do these things are a fact. There are others as patriotic as he but they need to have a opening to be able to work and are ready as well. I wonder if you have seen any of videos of PHD Scientist Judy Mikovits ? or read any of her books??? We are getting to the point where we will have to Act or we will lose every thing and I mean EVERYTHING.. I love the BILL of RIGHTS and will stand and die for them and even for the people who dont and are lost. Its a chance for us all to get back what has been taken from us and to get back to what life is all about. I do not want this to fail because that is our purpose. Much Love

  • Milanka Comfort

    Brilliant, Thank you so much.

  • Jack

    I have been guided in this direction as well. Human trafficking/SRA (satanic ritual abuse) and the veil is lifted. It’s beyond horrifying. Reddit/pedogate offers investigations and interviews. Also connects the dots.

  • JR

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for this video! I so needed an update on many things (I stopped watching TV News, Radio etc about 6 months ago) and it feels validating that I see things currently happening from almost exactly the same perspective. I admit though I am not very informed on things re: ‘ ‘annon so thanks again for sharing that information.

    If they extend this Medical Marshall Law in the Bay area of California, while I don’t want to get arrested, I do wish to exercise my 1st Amendment Rights to protest this ‘Shutdown’ and loss of Constitutional Rights. The point you made about this Lock Down Psychologically and Biologically making people more sick and stressed as they also get hurt financially, is right on point! This Psyc-Op must be stopped!

    To your continual Inner-Peace, Healing, & Abundance!

    Much Gratitude Mr. Day!


  • Peggylynn

    Thank you for sharing through heart resonance, so many aspects of what is happening. This is the time to take steps into perhaps unfamiliar territories by those of us who have been more aware of energy and light work, as this is truly so much more than it appears to be. This plandemic is truly shaking things up enough to stir the unconscious out of complacency and towards the awakening desperately needed for humanity.

  • gyan bohannon

    Thank you Cameron. Sifting and sorting through all this info…. weaving together the many levels known and imagined is an ongoing process.
    Your calm, centered opened minded and intuitive approach as the coming days unfold helps us all walk through these times as more will be revealed. Maintaining neutrality in the midst of this global event and its progression is vital. Bless us all.

  • Kevin

    As we say in England top man,thanks Cameron for all your efforts much appreciated.

  • Claire

    I have to echo the sentiments of ‘jos rat’ 67 y.o. female… But it is beyond merely the installation of new 5G towers…which IS relevant, sure.
    For many of us, our physical bodies have already been violated in many ways for many years!–implanted with experimental chips & nano tech by various means. In my case it started with a routine tonsillectomy when I was 5 yrs old. They implanted a chip behind my sphenoid cavity under the pretenses of “removing my adenoids”. Then my mom took me to an experimental lab (unbeknown to my father) when they had an open cattle call for volunteer kids for “medical research”. This was in the Midwest in the 70s. During that “treatment” I was taken to an operating theater and put on a metal table where they went in through my urethra and private area with god knows what. I have spent my whole life with a buzzing in my head, interference of my dreams at night, rape and torture on the etheric and astral plane by dark entities (of terrestrial origin, NOT “extra-terrestrial”!) and now, for the past 20 years living as a Targeted Individual subject to EMF microwave torture, radiation & electromagnetic interferences, gaslighting and sabotage of every aspect of my otherwise perfectly “normal”, healthy, spiritual reality. Our majesty and freedom as a sovereign autonomous Divine Being–stolen!
    Whether or not people believe this or not, doesn’t make it UN-true. I am not the only TI in the world. There are tens of thousands of us and WE ARE NOT CRAZY! I’ll believe that the White Hats are truly rallying and fighting for us when I have evidence that they are putting a stop to this silent modern holocaust. Talk about crimes against humanity! Human trafficking is being finally talked about and remedied–great! It is also time for the world to know the truth about the immeasurable suffering of T.I.’s.–literally on every continent. There is NO WAY that Trump is unaware of the horrors DARPA HAARP MKUltra has unleashed on innocent citizens since the end of WWII. It is time to liberate EVERYONE. Most TIs are highly evolved souls who would have otherwise made a MAJOR IMPACT on keeping the frequency and vibration of the planet clear. Most of us are “first wave beings from a Future Consciousness” here to correct the corruption. They’ve messed with our DNA, our 5 senses, our ability to assimilate nutrition. Now they are hacking animals to turn against people. Like the mutant cyborg mutts in the Hunger Games. If we don’t rally NOW and take back our world, people have no idea what nightmare awaits. Watch Terminator 2 – Judgement Day… “Skynet” predicted and displayed it all–blockchain Artificial Intelligence!Except the “kill” is not a nuclear war (that was never the plan). It’s the opposite of an atomic warhead–its microbiology, nanotech, chem trails, radio frequencies and Directed Energy Weapons. It was also spelled out in the form of “Hydra” in Winter Soldier with the attacks coming from Satellites and in Spiderman with the source being drones. It was portrayed as mind control and implants in Kingsman, and mass dispersal of aerosol drugs (psychosis and/or passivity-inducing) in various other films and literature.
    WAKE UP!!!

  • gabriella

    thank you from my hart, for your time, really appreciate your message,
    stay well and safe. much love Gabriella

  • Jeff Evans

    much love and respect brother natural change is a coming as Gaia enters new areas of the galactic plane and the end of a great cycle. Compression into the zero point and rebirth into the new paradigm awaits us all.

    JeffE 🙂