My New 6-Week Master Class is Finally Here

I am very pleased to finally unveil my new 6-week online class to you.

More than just an online class, it is a Master Class that is the culmination of 20 years of work and study in the real-world applications of consciousness, and I can tell you with full honesty that it is my best work to date.

The title of this Master Class is:  Manifest Clearly

Yes, this is a class that is focused on manifesting, and it does not resemble anything you have heard about this topic in the past.

This is because the vast majority of what is being taught in the realm manifesting either does not work for most people, or produces inconsistent results.

I have uncovered 20 principles of manifestation and a series of powerful techniques for imprinting a new experience of reality into the subconscious mind, which when combined and applied consistently, produce tremendous results.

This isn’t a promise of a perfect life, because life will still have its challenges, but it is the promise of greater levels of everything that you truly desire in life.

True to my style, this class is focused on releasing blockages and developing your consciousness to a level where manifestations are a natural part of life instead of something to struggle for.

You can find out more at the website that I have created for the Manifest Clearly Master Class:

Online classes begin on Sunday, January 7th at Noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern / 8pm GMT.  Registration is now open, and spaces are limited! 

Registration will be closed once all the spaces have been taken, so I urge you to act quickly to secure your spot.

Much Love,
Cameron Day

p.s. I am still not taking on any new clients at this time, so for the foreseeable future the best way to access my work is through online classes.



Quick Update, and Things to Come

It’s been far too long since my last blog post, and for that I apologize.  Rest assured, I have not been idle and I will be rolling out some goodness over the next few months.

Some of you have written me wondering what I am doing.  In addition to managing a busy session schedule for my clients, I spent 2015 preparing for and teaching the Level 3 Self-Clearing System seminars, which went extremely well.

Most of you probably know about Level 3 if you’re getting my emails, but what you may not know is that in 2016 I also did a series of 9 seminars for Level 4.

Because level 4 picked up right where Level 3 left off, I only offered it to those who had taken Level 3, which meant that in 2016 a lot of you wondered where I had disappeared to.

(By the way, if you have finished Level 3 and you’re wondering how to get access to Level 4, please log into your Level 3 download area where you will find a link to the Level 4 sign-up page just above the download links.)

About that Dormancy

I was very quiet in 2016 due to the reasons above, along with the fact that I am really just done with the silliness that is so prevalent in the New (c)Age movement.  I didn’t do any interviews, and I didn’t bother to comment on “the latest predictions” of massive, externally-driven change that were being promoted.

My view, which I have stated in past interviews, is that the process of humanity ascending to a higher level of consciousness is going to take multiple generations.

It’s not going to happen all at once because of a new wave of galactic energy hitting the planet.  Galactic energies are available to people who align with them and work toward making positive contributions to others, but they will not transform evil people into benevolent beings. 

Yet every year, a new “guru, ” “doctor” or “expert” will make the rounds to sell people on the idea that a “great wave of change” is just around the corner, and that we need do nothing but sit and wait and hope.

In my experience, sitting and waiting only produces more of the same, because there are people actively working to mold this reality to their liking, whether we like it or not.

Action Is Always Rewarded

This reality and the universe at large rewards ACTION, not idle hope, and those who have taken the most action in the world have molded this reality to their advantage, over and over again.  If we want to see a different world, we will need to take the actions necessary to bring about meaningful change.

Some of the actions we must take are internal in nature:  Resolving emotional pain, clearing blockages, creating a new mindset, etc.  Those internal actions lead us to taking more effective action in our external world.  Both inner and outer action are necessary for change to occur.

It is with this action-oriented mindset that I will be rolling out at least one, and possibly two new classes in 2017.  They are still under development, so any formal announcements would be premature at this time.

What I can say is that the new classes will be independent of anything I have previously done, so that those completely new to my works as well as seasoned veterans of the Self-Clearing System will all be able to enjoy these classes.

I also plan to write to you more often with helpful blog posts :-)

Much Love,
Cameron Day

p.s.  Sorry, comments are still closed for now.


Announcing Self-Clearing System Level 3

I have a big announcement today:  Level 3 is coming!

This Friday, August 28th, I will open enrollment for “Self-Clearing System, Level 3” which will be a series of eight web-based seminars held every two weeks.

The first seminar will be on Friday, September 4th at 4:00pm Pacific / 7:00pm Eastern time.  Each seminar will be 2 hours long, and they will occur every other Friday so that participants will have ample time between seminars to review and practice the techniques and clearings from each class.

I am implementing this “webinar” format in order to be able to reach more people in spite of having an over-booked one-on-one session schedule.  During the 4 months of classes, I will be transmitting a large amount of information as well as guiding participants through multiple levels of self-clearing techniques that you can use on yourself as well as with clients in your own healing/counseling practice, should you have one.

You will not be required to attend the live seminars, as a video recording will be made available after each class for review, which means that you can participate even if you are on another continent or simply cannot make it to the live seminar due to your schedule.  The seminars will be progressive, with each one building upon the previous class, so those who choose to join are asked to commit to attending all 8 seminars, either live or via the recorded video.

In these 8 classes, I will teach you my most effective techniques for connecting to Source Reality, revoking contracts / agreements, working with emotions, clearing blockages and programs in the subconscious mind, and much more.  These classes will cover a lot of advanced, sometimes seemingly disparate material, but by the end of the class you will understand how it all fits together in a way that empowers you to embody your deepest Core Self more fully.

Requirements for enrollment are simply to have used Level 2 several times, and to be a fairly well-grounded, stable person.  You will also need some basic technical skills such as downloading and unzipping files, along with a stable internet connection.

Also, please understand that with a great many participants in each live seminar, I will not be able to divert from the class structure to address individual issues. 

Enrollment space is limited, and the monetary fee for this webinar series is $77 per class, auto-billed every two weeks after you subscribe.  To clarify, there will be 8 two-hour seminars with a fee of $77 per seminar, and billing will be automatically done every two weeks on the card (or PayPal account) that you use when registering.

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday occurring in the U.S. on November 26th and 27th, the 7th seminar will be moved up a week to November 20th.  The 8th and final seminar will occur two weeks later on December 4th.

The full schedule will be as follows, with all seminars on Fridays at 4:00pm U.S. Pacific / 7:00pm Eastern time:

September 4th
September 18th
October 2nd
October 16th
October 30th
November 13th
November 20th (one-week gap between this and the previous seminar)
December 4th

Enrollment will open up on Friday, August 28th via this page:  Level 3 Enrollment. There is a sign-up box at the bottom of the page to receive a notification email before the rest of the mailing list so that you can get a head start on the enrollment. Again, space is limited in this class, and I do expect all available slots to fill up. That’s not just a sales-pitch, I truly will be closing enrollment when all spots are filled.

I am very excited about these classes, and I hope to see you there!

Much Love,
Cameron Day

Tell the “Lords” of Karma That You Are Sovereign – No Longer a Lightworker Part 2

It has been a while since I published a long article, and I have been working for many hours on this follow-up to the August article, Why I Am No Longer a LightworkerThat piece generated a lot of positive responses, as well as tremendous resistance and scorn from those within the New (c)Age movement who are heavily invested in the illusions of the false light. 

I know that much of what I revealed in that article was difficult to accept, but I am committed to Truth, wherever it leads.

This article is going to pick up where the last one left off, so if you haven't already read the first part, please go read that first because the terms defined in Why I Am No Longer a Lightworker will be used here without any definitions.

The "Lords" of Karma

The false-light demiurgic parasites known as the "Lords" of Karma are perhaps the worst violators of free-will that I have encountered, second only to the corrupt demiurge itself.   They are the primary gatekeepers that allow or deny beings access into and out of the demiurgic system, and as such, they must be exposed.

Their perversion of the natural law of karma is so staggering in scope that I will only be able to cover a small portion of it in this article.  To begin with, they are responsible for forcing beings to reincarnate over, and over, and over (and over) again, in clear violation of Universal Law. 

In the "Free Universe" outside of the corrupt demiurgic enslavement system, a being is free to incarnate onto any planet that they choose. 

When a being's physical life comes to an end (after hundreds, perhaps thousands of years), they return to Infinite Source for a rest, and then decide what they want to do next in order to continue to learn and grow.  Nowhere in this process is a hierarchical group of controlling, manipulative beings like the "lords" of karma present.

As you can see by my use of quotes around the word "lords," I despise calling them that at all.  So in my usual style, I have given these beings a new, somewhat sarcastic name:  The Turds of Karma.  I started calling them this after an encounter several months ago when I was removing deep layers of imposed agreements that they were trying to hold in place.  At one point in the process I forcefully told them, "You are the biggest pieces of sh** that I have ever seen.  I don't owe you ANYTHING.  YOU owe every single being that you have manipulated a debt that you will never be able to repay!"  At that point, they left very quickly.

After that, the name Turds of Karma just kind of stuck.  Although it is somewhat juvenile, I think it fits, and I hope that you will think of them in this same way, so that you won't be fooled by their con-artistry now, or later when you depart from the physical realm.  With that bit of renaming out of the way, let's explore some of the ways the Turds of Karma (ToK) manipulate beings.

The Light Review Scam

The primary tool that the ToK use to manipulate a being into accepting nearly endless reincarnation is the (false) "Light Review."  When a person's body dies, they move out into the astral realms and begin to shed most of their previously held identity. 

If this process were allowed to occur without interruption, the True Light of that being would emerge from within them and they would release layer upon layer of limiting beliefs generated in that incarnation.

However, within the realms of the demiurgic control system, what happens is that the ToK intercept that being just as their light is starting to emerge from within and surround them in a dazzling display of colorful external light.  (This is why most of the people with near-death experiences report going through a tunnel of light.)  The dazzling outer display distracts the being from the light emerging from within them and hypnotizes them through frequency entrainment and activation of any and all religious programming that being had been exposed to during their incarnation.

The ToK and other members of the Spiritual Liararchy such as arch(on) "angels" and "ascended masters" will often be present in the background during this process.  As the individual is filled with a feeling of universal love and connectedness, they are told that this feeling is coming into them from the external "beings of light" that are surrounding them.

However, this feeling of universal oneness and love is actually emerging from INSIDE of the being, and it is being reflected back to them by the ToK and the liararchy.  The individual doesn't have any time to reflect on what is happening, because they are quickly moved into the "review" phase of the process.  They are shown a little movie of their life which focuses on the disappointments, unfulfilled desires, painful experiences and hurtful actions the person experienced during their life.

Through this biased and manipulated "life review," the being is made to feel bad about their life, which is exactly what the ToK want. 

They tell the person that even though they failed at so many things in their life, that they will be given a chance to go back one more time and "get things right" in a new incarnation.  The being is then grateful at this chance for redemption and accepts the agreements that the ToK present them with to incarnate again. 

If that being was raised with a Christian type of indoctrination, they will encounter "Jesus and the angels" but be told that they are "not yet worthy to enter the kingdom of heaven." 

Of course, the fear of being sent to hell is so strong in their belief system that they JUMP at the chance to reincarnate and become "worthy" to enter "God's kingdom," which is actually the demiurge's kingdom.

After agreeing to reincarnate, the being is then sent to a "heavenly realm" in the middle to upper astral realms to await reincarnation.  This realm is nicely decorated with simulations of nature, lovely views and a staff of "guardian angels" who make sure those beings go back to earth when their time comes.  Of course, those "guardians" are actually parasitic sheep-herders tending to their flock, and there is NO allowance for the beings held in this realm to go elsewhere.

Karmic Transference

If the content of an individual's life, unhealed wounds and unfulfilled desires isn't enough to convince them that they need to reincarnate, they are presented with an even more brazen deception.  They are shown what they are told is their own past life where they committed horrible crimes, and they are told that they need to continue incarnating into adverse conditions in order to "work off" that bad karma. 

In reality, the life they are shown is NOT theirs, but rather the actions of some being closely aligned with the liararchy who made pacts with them to avoid taking energetic responsibility for their actions. 

Some of that criminal being's malicious energy is then projected onto the individual who is being tricked into believing that they were once that horrible criminal. 

That being then takes on agreements to "discharge" the "bad karma" that they have (supposedly) earned for themselves, never realizing that it was all a lie designed to keep them subjugated and enslaved.  This is done to coerce the being's agreement to reincarnate and take responsibility for crimes that they did not commit, ensuring that the person's next life is going to be filled with undue hardship. 

This karmic transference also allows those dark sorcerers who have aligned with the liararchy to avoid the repercussions of their own actions.  This transference is also used on a large-scale upon the populace of the planet through forms of mass mind-control and media manipulation.  To properly explain that will require a separate article, but the basic mechanism for how this is done is through subconscious agreements embedded throughout the media, corporate logos (sigils), financial contracts, admiralty law and other "matrix institutions."

Coerced Demiurgic Entry Agreements

One more very important aspect of the agreements that are put upon beings by the ToK are the original "entry agreements" that the beings coming into the corrupt demiurgic realm are forced to make in order to even gain entry into this system.  Many of us came here from what I call "The Free Universe" to help dismantle the demiurgic system from within, and the liararchy imposed an extensive list of coerced agreements upon these "Free Souls" in order to limit their effectiveness.

These entry agreements also contain clauses that allow for unspecified hardships to be leveled against a being during their incarnation, including but not limited to:  Birth bump to bad parents, physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychic attacks, etheric implantation, dream-manipulation, recruitment into the false-light's "lightworker corps," relationship issues, health problems, money problems, physical abduction and implantation, lack of self-worth and much more.

Most of the Free Universe beings coming in were pretty confident they could overcome those limitations, so they signed up. 

There really was not much option, but some of us negotiated more fiercely than others and were saddled with fewer of these pernicious agreements, but no one came in "unscathed."  Regardless of how many coerced entry agreements we have, it is important to remove all of these agreements in order to get clear and proceed with our chosen tasks of healing and waking up others, as well as pulling apart the demiurgic construct from the inside.

Revoking Agreements

This is the process that I use and have been sharing with others in clearing out agreements.  The liararchy hides copies of these agreements in various realms, so specificity is important in this process.  It is also important that you engage this process from your Sovereign Inner Self (Higher Self, Divine Inner Self, etc) and that you make this process your own.  Just reading revocation statements will not get the job done.  We need to be consciously engaging this process using the force of our will to effect the changes we desire.

I have found that once a person starts revoking agreements, it becomes easier over time to dig deeper to find more of them.  Be aware that agreements often are splintered off into various fragments in order to make them harder to find.  For example, there may be agreements to have difficult romantic relationships, difficult relationships with parents, with siblings, with friends, etc.  These are all different "agreement clusters" that need to be specified and removed in separate processes.

So don't worry about getting rid of every agreement all at once.  Take your time, and work through them on a daily basis as you sense them affecting you.  The process outlined below is based on the Self-Clearing System Level 1 and Level 2, which form the foundation for the energy clearing work that I do.

  • Stand in the power of your Divine Inner Self's Sovereignty. Expand the light of your Divine Inner / Higher Self from your heart, surrounding your body in a Heart Sphere of Sovereign energy.

  • Connect to Earth's Core, Galactic Core, Infinite Source and the Forces of Divine Source Light.

  • Ask for a Galactic Vacuum to be ready to remove everything into the Galactic Core. (This is a funnel cloud of galactic core energy that vacuums up everything needing to be removed and transmuted.)

  • Call up all agreements related to "feeling like a victim" (or anything else) on this timeline and all other timelines in the past, present and future, and within all dimensions, densities, levels, realms and realities.

  • Call forth all reinstatement clauses, copies, back-ups, mirrors, counter-party copies, etc of the agreements.

  • State, "From the Inner Authority of my Sovereign Self, I declare ALL of these agreements null and void.  I revoke ALL of these agreements as well as all counterparty copies, reinstatement clauses, duplicates, back-ups, mirrors, etc of everything previously named."

  • Proclaim, "I reclaim ALL of my energy that has gone into these agreements."  As your energies, essences, soul fragments, etc come back to you, reintegrate them through your heart center.

  • Command, "I send all of these agreements and all facets previously named into the Galactic Vacuum to be transmuted in the Galactic Core."

  • Call forward all "counter party copies" of these agreements and send them into the galactic vacuum for transmutation.  These are copies of the agreements held by parasitic beings who drain small amounts of your energy via those agreements.  Some of those beings might claim to be "lords" of karma in order to exert authority over you.  Don't believe any of their lies.

  • Tell those demiurge beings : "I am Sovereign.  All of you parasitic 'counterparty' beings are hereby notified that you are FORBIDDEN from EVER affecting my energy again.  If you do attempt to violate my sovereign energy sphere, I will FORCEFULLY send you to the Galactic core to be transmuted.  While transmuting will be the best thing that has ever happened to you, it's possible that you will not emerge if there is nothing left within you to salvage and transmute.  You have been warned."

  • Next, offer those demiurgic counterparty beings an opportunity to step into the Galactic Vacuum to be taken to the Galactic core and transmuted.  Some of them will take this opportunity so that they can be free from the Demiurge's control and hierarchical enslavement.

  • Declare, "I remove ALL imprinting, implants, overlays, beliefs, perceptions, attitudes,  identities, frozen emotions, etc related to these agreements."  Ask your Divine Inner Self to direct a Galactic Vacuum throughout your unconscious mind, subconscious mind, and all throughout your sphere of consciousness to remove all of these components, and anything else related to these agreements.  

  • Next, expand the light of your True Sovereign Inner Self to fill in all the areas that you have cleared.   This allows the Truth of who you really are to replace the false constructs that have been removed.

  • Call forward and Restore the original agreement that you made with Infinite Source to incarnate into this troubled realm and to carry Source Light in your incarnation.  Let the loving power contained within that original agreement dissolve any remaining constructs related to those old, artificially imposed agreements.

  • The most important part of all of this is your WILL to make this happen.  Get a little angry if you need to, harness any righteous indignation you have and use the FORCE of your WILL.

  • Affirm often: "I am sovereign and no one is allowed to take my energy."
    "I am sovereign and no being or non-being is allowed to infringe on my sovereign space."

The Galactic Vacuum

This is a tool that I use on a daily basis in removing limiting energies, defending my Sovereign energy boundaries, as well as helping clients to do the same.  Any thought-form, etheric implant or soulless being put into the vacuum is taken to the Galactic Core to be transmuted back into pure energy.  Any beings with a soul sent to the Galactic Core are either transmuted, cleansed of their darkness and rehabilitated or dissolved back into basic energy (destroyed). 

Either outcome is fine with me, although I am always rooting for them to emerge as healed, sane beings who can become productive members of the universe once again.  Whether or not a being is healed and restored or it is destroyed is between them and Source.  I do not make that decision, I am simply serving as a galactic conduit to send that being to look in the Galactic Mirror, take responsibility for its actions and hopefully heal and regain sanity.

I do warn these beings one time that they are NOT permitted to infringe on my Sovereign energy and that they need to back off or I will use defensive force in order to send them to the Galactic core.  Most of them will make a show of standing down, but will try to send in an energetic probe or "feeler" later in order to continue their agenda.  When I sense this, I go to the source of the incursion along with multiple Galactic vacuums and "clean house." 

About half of these parasitic, demiurgic beings can be redeemed and transmuted back into sane, productive members of the free Universe.  That is actually a pretty good ratio, considering how far into fear, insanity, control, enslavement, abuse, manipulation, destruction and hierarchy these beings have gone.

Universal Law & Defensive Force

In most New (c)Age doctrines, it is considered "unspiritual" or "unevolved" to even consider the use of defensive force.  A good little new-ager is apparently supposed to let people and parasitic beings walk all over them, steal from them, drain their energy, manipulate / implant them, and harm them in any manner they choose.  Not only that, but they should also suppress any "negative emotions" so that they will be basically "happy victims" of such abuses.  This manipulative, deceptive "teaching" comes from the false-light, and nothing could be further from the real truth.

The Prime Universal Law is very simple:  All beings are Sovereign and have free will to express their creative urges in any way they choose, but no being has the right to violate and harm others.

The corollary to that law is also very simple:  Because all beings are Sovereign, they have the right to defend themselves from harm, using whatever level of force is necessary to stop the violation from occurring, even if it results in the destruction of the one inflicting the harm.

The enslavers and deceivers of the Spiritual Liararchy are in clear, total violation of Universal law.  They avoid the Natural "Law of attraction," which reflects a being's actions back to them, by coercing and manipulating other beings into agreeing to be victimized and enslaved, as well as convincing other beings to take on responsibility for their crimes through karmic transference.

The demiurgic being's many layers of deception are predicated on the BIG LIE that we are separate from Infinite Source.  The false-light beings then build upon this lie by convincing beings that Universal Law doesn't exist, that individuals have no inherent right to self-defense, that they must submit to the will of the Turds of Karma's "authority," and that people must worship the psychopathic demiurge and his "angelic" beings in order to be granted entry into "God's kingdom" one day.

The real truth is that we have NEVER been separate from Infinite Source, as that is a metaphysical impossibility.  A being can choose to ignore their connection, believe it is not there, and even believe that they have severed that connection, but belief in a lie does not make it true, because Truth (capital T) is not relative. 

As a metaphoric example, imagine if a group of human beings decided to sever themselves from the atmosphere by only breathing air from a SCUBA tank.  Are they really separate from the atmosphere?  No.  They still exist within the atmosphere, even if they are breathing a seemingly separate source of air. 

Nevertheless, the demiurgic beings have fully committed to their own illusion of separation from Source, and therefore must find an alternative source of energy, which they derive from humanity in the form of worship, adoration, beliefs, counterparty contracts, distorted sexuality, deception, confusion, apathy, struggle, pain, suffering, hate, death, etc.  (Going on a spectrum of energetic "gourmet food" to "junk food" for the parasitic beings in that example.) 

The LAST thing the liararchy wants is humanity coming to an understanding of Universal Law and how thoroughly we have been enslaved through deceit.  The INSTANT we declare "I am Sovereign and NO being has ANY right to take my energy from me" the game changes radically.  From that space of knowing that we are Sovereign Individuations of Source, we can exercise our Sovereign Rights, including righteous use of defensive force.

Right & Wrong

Another false-light teaching that infects the New (c)Age movement is that there is no such thing as right and wrong, that everything is just an experience that is there to teach us a lesson.  While it is true that we can learn valuable lessons from adverse circumstances, this does not mean that it is necessary or desirable to be continually oppressed, manipulated, implanted, deceived, enslaved and drained of energy.  Those are experiences the human race has had far too much of already.

With an understanding of Universal Law, we can observe that it is inherently wrong to harm another being who has done nothing to harm us.  We can also understand that working together and cooperating with others is often the right thing to do.  These simple concepts should be adhered to in order for us to free our minds from the twisted "logic" presented in New (c)Age teachings that would have us believe that the incredible amount of suffering inflicted upon humanity is entirely its own doing, as well as a wonderful learning experience, so we should not take any action to help others to alleviate their own suffering.

Were African-American slaves having wonderful learning experiences?  How about the Irish and Scottish indentured servants before them?  How about the medieval serfs who could be executed at the whim of the king or one of his minions?  No, these people were clearly being enslaved, which is easily recognized as something that is wrong to do.

Similarly, humanity is not having a wonderful learning experience by being enslaved to the corrupt demiurge's spiritual liararchy.  We are learning one thing for sure though, which is how to declare our Sovereignty and stop being slaves!  Well, many of us are.  :-)


One of the major roots of these worldly and metaphysical problems is the concept of hierarchy.  Everywhere we look in the world, we have (usually male-dominated) hierarchical systems of organization.  Hierarchy is an insidious, disempowering system of authority, obedience and enslavement that we MUST transcend in order to begin to heal ourselves and our world.

Likewise, we must also transcend "spiritual" hierarchies that foster enslavement, subservience and blind obedience.  The corrupt demiurge and its minions of archon-angels, fake ascended masters, ETs, demons, etc are the ultimate representation of degenerate hierarchy that consumes life-force and leaves only destruction in its wake. 

Transcending metaphysical hierarchy is a process of self-liberation / clearing, gaining self-knowledge, gaining knowledge of Universal and Earthly Natural Law, and exercising our Sovereign Will.  First, we have to KNOW through and through that we are fully connected extensions of the Divine Infinite Source of all creation.  When we know that, not just think it on an intellectual level, we realize that there is NO legitimate authority outside of ourselves.  There is only inner authority and self-governance, which when guided by understanding of Universal Law prohibits us from instigating actions that would harm another. 

Enlightened Self-Governance and adherence to Universal Law is the foundation for a free society.  Only with this foundation in place will we be able to avoid the ego trap of exerting "authority" over others to control and regulate their behaviors which do not harm anyone else. 

Only through Enlightened Self-Governance will we be able to build an entirely new type of society that is self-organized to solve problems and see to the needs of the many as a genuine expression of the desire to cooperate and make a world that benefits everyone.  This has to be an ever-evolving, co-creative process that we will continually discover as we engage it. 

Every idea needs to be tested and applied where it is willing to be accepted in an open-source manner through voluntary participation of all individuals involved in a non-hierarchical, uni-level, self-organizing process.  This requires an entirely new way of thinking, organizing and taking action, and all old models of centralized, top-down authority need to be abandoned, because as we have already seen, any attempts to impose a single "best system" onto the world will always result in oppression and will ultimately fail. 

We have within us the potential to FREE every single human being from the shackles of enslaving systems of hierarchy and external authority, to work together and create solutions to provide the basic needs of food, water, power, shelter, clothing, transportation and knowledge to EVERYONE on the planet.  Creating self-generating systems to support all of these needs is totally achievable, but only if we can cooperate as sovereign individuals who respect the rights and boundaries of others.

Such a shift in our world depends on all of us to know that we are Sovereign, to proclaim our Sovereignty, delete our slave-think programming, and then to work together in cooperation as Sovereign individuals with a common goal of maximal empowerment of everyone on the planet.

Proclaiming Sovereignty

The process of proclaiming Sovereignty and removing the false programming that has been embedded into our psyches from multi-dimensional levels of control takes time and consistent effort.  We need to proclaim daily "I am Sovereign, I am free.  Only *I* can govern me."  (Or any other way you want to phrase it, since you are Sovereign after all. :-)

We also need to put in the self-clearing work required to revoke all agreements that we have made, either consciously or subconsciously to give our power away to external authorities, to experience unnecessary suffering or limitations, to bear "karmic" burdens that are NOT ours to bear, etc.  This is not a quick process, and I am going through my own version of it on a daily basis. 

The liararchy does NOT respect free will, healthy boundaries, or your right to say NO to them.  They use every possible type of manipulation, coercion and naked force to get their way.  That is how patriarchal hierarchical beings work.  (Notice the similarities in the words hierarchy and patriarchy, and the "archon" influence.)  The aggressive, domineering energy of patriarchy seeks to control every facet of every being's existence, taking and consuming everything that it possibly can. 

This is represented physically (below) by corrupt hierarchical governments, secret societies and corporations exploiting people and the environment.  It is represented metaphysically (above) by the corrupt demiurge and its legion of enslaved enslavers, of which the Turds of Karma are simply one division of the control grid. 

This is why it is so important to remind those pesky "lords" of karma and ALL of the demiurgic parasites that you are SOVEREIGN, and be willing to utilize your Sovereign power to back up that statement.  They don't speak the language of love, so that means we need to use some force in order to get our point across.

This is How I See It…

It is difficult to uncover these things, to stare the most malevolent beings in the universe in the face and tell them that I am Sovereign and I will NOT permit them to violate me.  Ironically though, in some ways it is even more difficult to share these revelations publically. 

So many people are completely sold on their false-light "ascended masters, ETs and angels" who tell them what to do, how to think and how to live that they attack me for bringing this revelatory information to the public eye.

To those people, I say quite simply:  Believe what you want to believe, but I am going to keep working on KNOWING the TRUTH, and taking appropriate ACTION to right the wrongs that have been done to humanity by the very beings that you are giving your power away to.

I choose to stand for Truth as a Sovereign Being alongside (not beneath) the Sovereign beings of the Free Universe who take action to oppose all forms of deception, parasitism and enslavement. 

I thank those of you who will stand alongside, and take action with us.

Much Love,
Cameron Day


Breaking Out of the New (c)Age Enslavement

On Friday, September 20th, I was interviewed on the Vinny Eastwood show about identifying and breaking out of the New (c)Age false-light vs. dark duality.

It was a good show overall and we touched on some important topics.  I am not accustomed to communicating in a segmented format like this, and there were several lines of thought that I was not able to complete.  I know that some of you may feel a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to “flow” like I can in a solo podcast, but I hope that you will enjoy the show in spite of that.

Here are some links

Youtube of the whole show without commercials: (90 minutes)

MP3 of the whole show:  (2 hours, commercials included) 20_sep_cameron_day_vinny_eastwood_show_2013.mp3

MP3 of hour 1:

MP3 of hour 2:

More articles and solo podcasts are coming as I have time to produce them.

Much Love,
Cameron Day


Pourquoi je ne suis plus un travailleur de la lumière

Non, je ne me suis pas viré du côté de l’ombre, mais plutôt je transcende les côtés. Cet article est probablement la pièce la plus importante que j’ai écrite à date, et pour pouvoir transmettre le message complet, un peu d’historique est nécessaire. Restez avec moi un peu, et à la fin vous comprendrez pourquoi je ne m’appellerai plus jamais un travailleur de la lumière.

La planète Terre et une grande partie de notre coin de l’univers est sous un sort depuis très longtemps, un sort qui nous fait douter de notre connexion avec la Source Infinie de toute création. Ce sort nous fait sentir seul, vulnérable et isolé – projeté du Royaume des Cieux vers un monde cruel et de combats sans fin. Ce sort est de la pure fiction, une tromperie du plus haut niveau, mais qui s’est installé profondément sur ce et d’autres mondes.

Intrinsèque à l’intérieur de ce sort holographique est la notion que la dualité et la polarité sont des aspects naturels de la vie, et qu’on doit servir un côté ou l’autre de cette dualité. Cet empreinte binaire élégamment simple est devenue tellement importante que nous avons perdu de vue le sort holographique qui l’a engendré. D’ailleurs, nous avons perdu de vue l’hologramme au grand complet, et nous croyons maintenant que c’est la totalité de la réalité.

Les humains ont été conditionnés à idolâtrer la tromperie holographique et les agents qui la perpétue. Cet hologramme a été nommé Maya par les Hindous, et les Gnostiques l’ont appelé le Démiurge Corrompu. Je trouve ce terme très juste comme description, et dorénavant je m’y référerai en tant que Démiurge Corrompu.

Ombre vs. (fausse) Lumière – la dualité du Démiurge

Dans le but de capturer et de contrôler l’éventail le plus large possible d’âmes, le Démiurge Corrompu a divisé ses agents en deux équipes apparemment opposées : Ombre vs. (fausse) Lumière.

Ce n’est pas tout le monde qui peut être un saint, alors il doit y avoir de la place pour les pêcheurs à l’intérieur du Démiurge, en autant que tout le monde est envoûté. Le plus important pour le Démiurge est que nous l’idolâtrons ou un de ses agents, peu importe s’ils se trouvent dans l’équipe de la lumière ou de l’ombre.

Il y a beaucoup de noms de joueurs dans ce drame cosmique, multidimensionnel que sans doute vous connaissez déjà tels que : Lucifer, Jehova, Belzébuth, Archange Michael, Satan (pas le même gars que Lucifer), Ashtar, des douzaines de Arch(ontes)anges, des supposés « maîtres » ascensionnés et d’autres entités variées qui sont canalisées.

Tandis que certains de ces êtres jouent pour l’équipe de l’ombre et d’autres pour l’équipe de la (fausse) lumière, ils jouent TOUS ultimement pour le Démiurge Corrompu qui les contrôlent. Voici, en gros, le gros secret des archontes : Ils ne sont pas seulement les « êtres démoniaques et maléfiques » mais aussi ceux qui prétendent être des anges et des maîtres ascensionnés.

Quel est le but de tout ce contrôle?

Le Démiurge Corrompu est un système entropique de conscience de séparation provoquée artificiellement qui meurt tranquillement, et il dépend de la récolte d’énergie des âmes incarnées à l’intérieur de son système pour pouvoir préserver son existence. Dans le but de récolter la plus grande quantité d’énergie d’âme possible, il a créé le paradigme de la dualité ombre-lumière pour s’assurer que chaque être incarné sur un monde qui se trouve sous son emprise servirait comme « pile d’âme » pour garder le Démiurge énergisé. Les « bonnes âmes » rechercheraient l’équipe de la (fausse) lumière, et les « mauvaises » âmes rechercheraient l’équipe de l’ombre, mais à l’insu de la plupart, ils servent tous le même système.

Pour garder le jeu de la dualité intéressant pour les participants, le Démiurge a créé des densités d’existence dans lesquelles les « initiés » sur les chemins de l’ombre et de la lumière peuvent ascensionner. Cela donne aux êtres qui voyagent à travers ces densités un sentiment d’accomplissement, quand en fait ils naviguent à travers un labyrinthe d’illusion démiurgique. Les joueurs aux plus hauts niveaux des hiérarchies savent qu’ils sont dans un système cupide, mais ils acceptent l’affaire car ils reçoivent le pouvoir et l’énergie de l’idolâtrie des êtres plus bas dans l’échelle.

Qu’est-ce qui en est de “la Hiérarchie Spirituelle?”

La plupart des êtres canalisés se disent affiliés avec la “Hiérarchie Spirituelle” de la (fausse) lumière qui inclus les « archanges », les « maîtres ascensionnés » et les « ET positifs ». Ces messages canalisés sont nombreux et il y en a des nouveaux qui sortent à tous les jours. Le petit secret est que ces êtres sont redevables au Démiurge Corrompu et ils font la guerre psychologique sur les gens qui ne veulent pas être associés avec une structure religieuse formelle.

En d’autres mots, le « new age » est une opération psychologique multidimensionnelle conçue pour canaliser l’énergie d’âme des « croyants » de ces apprentissages vers les professeurs « ascensionnés ».

Un autre de leurs secrets est que la plupart de leurs soi-disant « maîtres ascensionnés » dans leur « hiérarchie » n’ont jamais eu d’incarnation humaine. Ce sont des êtres incroyablement trompeurs qui jouent un jeu dans le but de  recueillir l’énergie d’idolâtrie. Dans le vrai univers sans tromperie, personne ne les idolâtrerait, mais dans le « sous-univers » illusoire du Démiurge Corrompu, ils sont capables de tromper les gens de bons cœurs pour qu’ils leur versent les énergies d’amour, de dévotion et d’éloge.

En ce qui concerne les « arch(ontes) anges » ils sont à peu près dans la même catégorie. Ils ne sont pas enlignés avec la Source Infinie de toute création, mais plutôt ils servent un être moindre qui se fait passer pour le créateur : le Démiurge Corrompu. Alors ils ne sont pas du tout ce que j’appellerais des anges.

En honneur de la nature vraiment trompeuse de ces êtres, je leur ai donné un nouveau titre, plus juste : The Spiritual Liar-archy (jeu de mot ou liar=menteur) : La hiérarchie spirituel menteuse

Le côté de l’ombre fait en sorte que le côté de la fausse lumière est attrayant

Les deux équipes doivent jouer leurs rôles de façon convaincante, et l’équipe de l’ombre s’est vraiment immergé dans son rôle de racaille vilaine prête à tuer, violer, torturer et n’importe quel autre action dépravé qu’ils pensent pouvoir se permettre.

Le côté de l’ombre est conçu pour être incroyablement répugnant pour que la majorité des « bonnes âmes » vont courir jusqu’à l’autre bout de la polarité, jusque dans les bras « aimants » d’une religion patriarcale de la fausse lumière, ou vers leur religion new age avec ses nombreux « canaux » et « maîtres ».

Le Démiurge Corrompu a eu de la difficulté à contrôler complètement la Terre. Les êtres humains ont déjà été très conscients de leur connexion avec la Source Infinie de toute vie, et cette conscience a été maintenue par des individus spirituels à travers le règne de l’ombre sur cette planète. Parce que les forces de l’ombre n’ont pas pu nous débarrasser de cette conscience, un plan a été formulé pour assimiler la nature spirituelle des êtres humains.

Premièrement, les religions patriarcales ont été créés et imposés sur le plus de personnes possible autour du monde. Toute personne qui n’adhérait pas à une des religions majeures était un exclu dans le gros de l’histoire, jusqu’au dernier siècle quand le « mouvement Théosophiste » est né, qui était le fondement pour le « mouvement new age » qui à émergé dans les années 50, 60 et 70. Le mouvement new age a continué à prendre de l’ampleur car il a attiré beaucoup de gens qui se détournaient de l’hypocrisie des religions patriarcales.

Le Démiurge Corrompu semble avoir une « réponse facile » pour toute confusion interne que les humains vivent. Si la religion ne sert pas à apaiser un individu, alors le new age fera l’affaire. Pour le Démiurge c’est du pareil au même, en autant que nous choisissons un côté qu’il contrôle. C’est la raison pour laquelle il faut complètement transcender les côtés.

Les canaux se font tromper

J’ai écrit un article en 2011 concernant certains problèmes avec les messages canalisés. Si on peut dire que la religion est « l’opium des masses », alors les messages canalisés seraient « l’espoir de la minorité mécontente ». Chaque message canalisé originaire de « la hiérarchie spirituelle » est essentiellement le même quand tu enlèves les mots insignifiants et l’intrigue utilisé pour masquer le message.

Voici un résumé de tout message canalisé moderne:

« Chers êtres, vous êtes grandement aimé par nous tous dans la hiérarchie spirituelle. Nous désirons ardemment se réunir avec vous, car nous sommes votre famille perdue de vue depuis longtemps. Soyez forts et maintenez votre lumière en place, car nous allons vous dévoiler notre présence sous peu. Continuez d’attendre (et de souffrir) et d’espérer notre arrivée et votre secours. À notre arrivée, nous allons bâtir un(e) (c)age d’or pour vous sur Terre.

Auparavant je croyais que cette désinformation nauséabonde venant de « Archange Michael », « Saint Germain » etc. était le résultat d’interférence de l’ombre prenant le dessus sur les canaux à leurs insu. Ce que je ne comprenais pas quand j’ai écrit “Who’s Really on This Channel”* était que les transmissions venant des « êtres réellement positifs » ne se faisaient pas intercepter et corrompre par l’ombre, mais plutôt les messages venaient des êtres de la « fausse lumière » de la « hiérarchie spirituelle ».

Les « travailleurs de la lumière » se font utilisés à fond

En 1998 quand j’ai débuté dans le genre de nettoyage d’énergie, je n’avais jamais entendu le terme « travailleur de la lumière » même si cela existait déjà. Je l’ai entendu pour la première fois au début des années 2000, et cela me semblait bizarre. Maintenant je comprends pourquoi : parce que la « lumière » pour laquelle la « hiérarchie spirituelle » essaie de nous faire travailler est la FAUSSE lumière de la dualité démiurgique!

Voyez, il y a un effort massif en cours par des êtres que je nomme « Agents Divins » de détruire complètement le Démiurge Corrompu. Quand cela arrivera, tous les êtres qui ont acquis du pouvoir à travers le Démiurge perdront ce pouvoir volé et feront face aux tromperies qu’ils ont propagées. Ils ne veulent pas que cela arrive, alors avec leur ingéniosité ils ont conçu un plan brillant pour porter atteinte à l’effort en entier.

Le plan était simple : Approché tous les Agents Divins incarnés, d’habitude en état de rêve mais des fois en scenario « d’enlèvement ET », et leurs dire que pour pouvoir compléter leur mission, ils doivent « travailler pour la (fausse) lumière et prendre leurs ordres de la hiérarchie spirituelle.

Ce plan a fonctionné ÉTONNAMMENT bien, en gros parce que les Agents Divins ont eu beaucoup de mal à vivre sur la Terre. Les sociétés ici sont tordues, la spiritualité est aussi tordue et abusée, la densité vibrationnelle est lourde, nos souvenirs sont en gros effacés, et généralement, nous préférerons ne PAS être ici. Alors n’importe quel être qui émanait de la lumière (même la fausse) et de l’amour pouvait faire en sorte qu’un Agent Divin ressentait qu’il y avait un contact valide avec des êtres réellement divins.

Je me souviens encore de mon propre recrutement par la fausse lumière qui a eu lieu quand j’avais 6 ans lors d’un état de rêve extrêmement vif. Ils m’ont convaincu qu’en travaillant pour eux je pourrais accomplir ma mission en tant qu’Agent Divin. Je crois qu’ils ont toujours su que je m’en rendrais compte de la tromperie, mais cela a pris beaucoup, beaucoup de temps.

Est-ce que vous vous êtes déjà réveillé plus fatigué que quand vous vous êtes couché?

De nombreux Agents Divins qui se sont fait recrutés en tant que travailleurs de la lumière disent qu’ils se réveillent plus fatigué qu’au couché, et que leur « rêves » étaient remplis de batailles. Durant ces « missions en rêves » la hiérarchie spirituelle presse ceux qu’ils contrôlent du plus d’énergie possible. Il peut arrivé que vous vous réveillez avec des souvenirs d’avoir été en missions pour battre l’ombre, mais le résultat final est que votre corps, intellect, et âme sont épuisés de l’énergie qui à été récolté par les êtres de la (fausse) lumière.

Il y a quelques mois, j’ai révoqué TOUS les accords faits avec tout être qui n’aurait pas mes meilleurs intérêts en tête, peu importe QUI ces êtres étaient ou disaient être. Cela peut sembler simple, mais je n’y avais pas pensé. Pendant le processus, j’ai ressenti une résistance venant d’êtres se disant positifs, mais j’ai tenu mon bout et je leur ai dit que je refusais d’être manipulé à donner de l’énergie au Démiurge.

Ceci m’a donné le privilège distinct de me faire cibler à la fois par l’équipe de l’ombre (mordeurs de cheville) et l’équipe de la (fausse) lumière (hiérarchie spirituelle menteuse). L’équipe de la (fausse) lumière font la guerre psychique eux aussi, juste de façon différente, plus subtile que leurs frères de « l’ombre ». Détourner ces attaques a valu la peine car je sais que je suis plus enligné avec ma vraie mission de mettre fin au Démiurge sans me faire distraire par les batailles de la dualité.

C’est aussi très réconfortant de savoir que je vais bien dormir quand je me couche car je ne me ferai pas tirer vers des « missions pour combattre l’ombre » ridicules que les êtres de la (fausse) lumière sont si friands de créer pour leurs « travailleurs de la lumière ». (Cette phrase me donne froid dans le dos depuis que j’en connais la vraie origine.)

Qu’est-ce que vous avez dit concernant un(e) (C)Age d’Or?

Les êtres de la fausse lumière qui travaillent pour le Démiurge Corrompu veulent maintenir leur contrôle sur la race humaine. Notre énergie d’âme et nos accords de vivre dans notre cage actuelle donnent du pouvoir au Démiurge et les êtres qui le servent, et ils n’abandonneront pas cette énergie facilement.

Nous sommes, en ce moment même, dans une lutte pour notre liberté. La hiérarchie spirituelle veut nous déménager de notre cage actuelle qui est très inconfortable, vers un état d’existence un petit peu plus expansif, mais un qu’ils contrôlent fermement.

Une métaphore pour décrire notre situation actuelle est que nous sommes comme des poulets à l’intérieur d’un poulailler tout petit, sombre et puant. Ceux qui nous ont élevé se préparent à nous laisser sortir du poulailler, dans une section clôturé plus grande où nous nous sentirons plus en liberté, mais toujours sous leur contrôle. De cette façon les « fermiers » peuvent s’assurer qu’ils pourront continuer à se nourrir de nos énergies, tout en nous faisant sentir que nous sommes libres, grâce à la bonté de nos capteurs.

La hiérarchie spirituelle ne veut pas que nous grandissions par nous même vers une place d’auto-responsabilisation qui nous permettrait de nous détourner de leur système de contrôle. C’est pourquoi les messages canalisés déresponsabilisent subtilement les gens, tout en faisant semblant de leur offrir une solution responsabilisante. Aussi longtemps que nous nous assoyons et que nous attendons d’être sauvés par les « bons », nous ne pourrons ni discerné qui a vraiment nos meilleurs intérêts à cœur, ni arranger nos propres problèmes pour nous-mêmes.

Solutions pour la dualité affectée

Alors comment une personne peut de sortir de ce paradigme de la dualité? La première étape est de faire les protocoles du Self-Clearing System* et de révoquer tous les accords que vous avez faits avec tous êtres qui n’ont pas vos meilleurs intérêts à cœur. Ensuite, révoquez tous accords de voir la réalité en termes polarisés. À chaque fois que vous révoquez des accords, assurez-vous de réclamer votre énergie qui s’y trouvait. Ensuite, affirmez votre engagement de transcender les paradigmes de contrôle du Démiurge Corrompu sans se faire distraire par des batailles de polarité sans but.

Je recommande aussi une brève pratique quotidienne de révoquer tous accords d’avoir l’expérience de privation, limitation, mauvaises relations, problèmes de santé, problèmes financiers, dysfonctions familiales, et tout autre chose dans votre vie qui draine de l’énergie. Le nombre et quantité d’accords que nous avons faits inconsciemment dans cette matrice de fausse réalité est vraiment étonnant. Quand vous portez attention aux accords subtils ou flagrants qui pointent vers les barres invisibles de votre prison, vous constaterez qu’il ne manque pas d’accords à être révoqués.

Une fois que vous avez embarqué dans le processus, vous pourriez remarquer une baisse des « contacts » des êtres de fausse lumière, et vous pourriez vous sentir un peu seul jusqu’à temps que vous vous habituez aux changements. C’est le temps propice pour renforcer votre connexion à votre Soi Supérieur, au cœur de la Terre, ainsi que le cœur Galactique. En s’ajustant, vous remarquerez peut-être un meilleur sommeil et un sentiment de pouvoir voir plus facilement à travers les tromperies déguisées avec de la positivité.

Si vous êtes quand même contacté par un être, vous pouvez lui dire que vous acceptez de communiquer seulement avec les êtres qui ont transcendé la dualité et qui sont au-delà du Démiurge Corrompu. Mettez tout être essayant de vous contactez au test. Questionnez-le directement : « Faites-vous partie du Démiurge? » Les êtres de Vraie Lumière Divine qui existent au-delà du Démiurge, dans l’Univers Réel répondront à vos questions avec plaisir. Soyez au courant qu’ils ne parlent pas avec un langage de la même manière que nous le faisons, car ils communiquent avec ce que j’appelle « la télépathie de l’âme ».

Le type de communication est un indicateur majeur

Les Forces de la Vraie Lumière Divine qui existent au-delà du Démiurge Corrompu ne sont pas limitées par les dynamiques du cerveau gauche-droite ni par les polarités ombre-lumière qui définissent le sous-univers démiurgique. Cela veut dire qu’ils ne sonnent PAS comme une voix dans votre tête ! Au contraire, ils utilisent la « télépathie de l’âme » pour transmettre des sentiments, des expressions archétypales, ainsi qu’une qualité de lumière extrêmement pure qui parle directement à votre âme.

La différence entre un être de Vraie Lumière Divine et un être de la hiérarchie spirituelle de la fausse lumière est que la lumière du premier est chaleureuse, enveloppante, amour pur et inconditionnel, tandis que la lumière de l’autre est froide, perçante de façon inconfortable, dominante et souvent trop masculine. La hiérarchie spirituelle menteuse est un groupe dominé par les hommes, même les femmes qui se trouvent à l’intérieur de leur structure de pouvoir ont une énergie très masculine. Cette domination par les hommes est, bien entendu, la raison pour laquelle les structures religieuses qu’elle a créées ont toutes un dieu male autoritaire, et ne mentionne pas une créatrice femelle universelle.

Une autre différence majeure entre les êtres de la fausse lumière dans le Démiurge et les êtres de la Vraie Lumière Divine qui sont alignés avec la Source Infinie est que la Lumière Divine n’est pas contrôlante, manipulatrice, autoritaire ni critique d’aucune façon. La Source Infinie n’impose PAS d’agenda sur vous, par contre elle vous supportera dans votre mission que vous avez choisie pour aider à démanteler le Démiurge Corrompu. La Source Infinie et les êtres de la Vraie Lumière Divine qui opèrent au-delà du Démiurge ne donnent aucun « ordre ». Ils ne vous enverront pas sur des missions sans fin, épuisantes lors de vos rêves, et ils ne vous demanderont pas de faire quoi que ce soit qui aura comme résultat une perte d’énergie d’âme, c’est le contraire de ce que font les imposteurs dans la hiérarchie spirituelle menteuse.

Les êtres de la Vraie Lumière Divine sont solidaires, aimants, élevant et ils se soucient de vous en tant qu’individu. Vous n’êtes pas simplement une roue dentée dans une machine pour eux, car ils comprennent que vous êtes un aspect vitalement important d’une création interconnectée intrinsèquement. Ils ont le plus grand respect pour ceux d’entre nous qui se sont portés volontaires pour s’incarner dans le « système de la bête » du Démiurge Corrompu dans le but de les aider à le démanteler de l’intérieur. Évidemment, il doit y avoir des Agents Divins qui travaillent des deux côtés du Démiurge Corrompu pour pouvoir le démanteler.

Le Discernement est Vital

Je vais en écrire plus sur ce sujet et les nombreuses implications. Entre temps, je vous recommande d’augmenter drastiquement votre scepticisme et de peaufiner votre discernement. Appliquez votre intuition et logique aux informations que vous recevez, et demandez-vous « quel est l’agenda ici ?». En fait, il y a une énorme « conspiration » multidimensionnelle en place ici sur cette planète, et elle nous tire de l’énergie en nous poussant vers un côté ou l’autre du spectre de la polarité. N’importe qui qui vous demande de « choisir un bord » n’est simplement pas réveiller au fait que les deux côtés sont deux moitiés de la même pièce de monnaie qui est contrôlée par le Démiurge Corrompu.

Je vous recommande de discuter de ces idées avec vos proches et de chercher des façons que vous auriez pu être manipulé par la fausse lumière dans le passée. Il ne faut pas en avoir honte – les êtres de la fausse lumière sont de menteurs et des manipulateurs incroyablement talentueux.

La plupart d’entre vous qui lisez ceci ont déjà choisi d’être un Agent Divin et de s’incarner dans le but de démanteler le système de contrôle démiurgique. Vous avez déjà fait vos choix, et maintenant il est temps de procéder dans vos missions individuelles. Pour faire cela, il est vitalement important de rompre tout lien avec la hiérarchie spirituelle de la fausse lumière, prendre le temps de refaire ses forces et énergies si nécessaire, et demander à votre Soi Supérieur Divin de vous révéler ce que vous devez faire.

Restez forts dans la vraie lumière de votre Soi Supérieur Divin et de la Source Infinie.

Avec Amour,
Cameron Day

(Many thanks to Natalie for the translation!)

Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker

No, I haven’t turned to the dark-side, but rather I am transcending sides.  This article is probably the most important piece I have written to date, and in order to convey the full message, a bit of back-story is necessary. Hang in there with me, and by the end you will understand why I will never call myself a “lightworker” again.

Planet Earth and much of our corner of the universe has been under a spell for a very long time, a spell which casts doubt within our minds about whether or not we are connected with the Infinite Source of all creation. The spell causes us to feel alone, vulnerable and isolated – cast out from the Heavenly Realms into a cruel, dog-eat-dog world.  This spell is pure fiction, a deception of the highest order, but it has taken hold deeply on this and other worlds.

Intrinsic within this holographic spell is the notion that duality and polarity are natural aspects of life, and that we must serve one side of duality or the other. This elegantly simple binary imprint has become so prominent that we have lost sight of the larger holographic spell that spawned it.  Indeed, we have lost sight of the hologram all together, and come to believe that it is the sum total of reality.

Humans have been conditioned to worship the holographic deception and the agents that perpetuate it.  This hologram has been called Maya by the Hindus, and the Gnostics referred to it as the Corrupt Demiurge. I find this term a highly accurate description, and from the point forward I will refer to it as the corrupt demiurge.

Dark vs (False) Light – Duality of the Demiurge

In order to capture and control the widest possible spectrum of souls, the corrupt demiurge split its agents into two seemingly opposing teams:  Dark vs (false) Light.

Not everyone can be a saint, so there must be room for sinners within the demiurge, as long as everyone involved is under its spell.  What matters most to the demiurge is that we worship it or one of its agents, regardless if they are on the light team or the dark team.

There are many names of the players within this cosmic, multi-dimensional drama that you will have no doubt heard of such as:  Lucifer, Jehova, Beelzebub, Arch Angel Michael, Satan (different dude than Lucifer), Ashtar, dozens of Arch(on) angels, supposedly ascended “masters” and various other channeled entities.

While some of these beings play for team dark, and some play for team (false) light, they are ALL ultimately playing for the corrupt demiurge that controls them. This, in essence, is the big secret of the archons:  They are not just the “evil, demonic beings” but also those who pretend to be angels and ascended masters..

What is the Point of All This Control?

The corrupt demiurge is an entropic system of artificially-induced separation consciousness that is slowly dying, and it depends on harvesting the energy from the souls incarnated within its system in order to preserve its existence. In order to harvest the largest amount of soul energy possible, it created the dark-light duality paradigm to ensure that every being incarnated on a world that is under its spell would serve as a “soul battery” to help keep the demiurge energized.  The “good” souls would seek out the (false) light team, and the “bad” souls would seek out the dark team, but unknown to most of those souls, they are all serving the same system.

In order to keep the duality game interesting for its participants, the demiurge set up densities of existence that “initiates” on the dark and light paths could ascend through.  This gives the beings moving through these densities a feeling of accomplishment, when in fact they are navigating through a labyrinth of demiurgic illusion. The players at the higher levels of the hierarchies know that they are in a self-serving system, but they are fine with the deal, because they get to wield power and receive the energy of worship from beings further down the ladder.

What About the “Spiritual Hierarchy?”

Most channeled beings will claim to be affiliated with the (false) light-based “Spiritual Hierarchy” which includes “arch angels,” “ascended masters” and “positive ETs.”  These channeled messages are a dime-a-thousand, and more keep pouring out every day.  The dirty little secret is that these beings are beholden to the corrupt demiurge, and are waging a psychological battle on people that don’t want to be associated with any formal religious structure.

In other words, the “new age” is a multidmeinsional psychological operation designed to channel the soul energy of the “believers” of these teachings up to the “ascended” teachers.

Another one of their secrets is that most of the so-called “ascended masters” in their “hierarchy” never had a human incarnation.  These are incredibly deceptive beings that are playing a game in order to garner the energy of worship. In the real universe of non-deception, nobody would worship them, but in the illusory “sub-universe” of the corrupt demiurge, they are able to trick good-hearted people into pouring energies of love, devotion and praise into them.

As for the “arch(on) angels” they are in more or less the same category.  They are not aligned with the Infinite Source of all creation, but rather they serve a lesser being posing as the creator: the corrupt demiurge. Therefore they are not what I would call angels at all.

In honor of the truly deceptive nature of these beings, I have given them a new, more accurate title:  The Spiritual Liar-archy:-)

The Dark Side Makes the False Light Look Good

The two teams have to play their parts convincingly, and the dark team has really embraced their role as villainous scum ready to kill, rape, torture and do any sort of depraved thing that they can get away with.

The dark side is designed to be incredibly repugnant so that the majority of “good souls” will run to the other end of polarity, right into the “loving” embrace of one of the false light’s patriarchal religions, or to their new age religion with its legion of channels and “masters.”

Earth has been a difficult planet for the corrupt demiurge to fully control.  Human beings were once very aware of their connection to Infinite Source and all of life, and that awareness has been maintained by spiritual individuals throughout the entire reign of darkness on this planet. Because this awareness could not be “beaten out of us” by the dark forces, a plan was formed to co-opt the spiritual nature of human beings.

First, patriarchal religions were formed and imposed on as many people of the world as possible.  Anyone who didn’t adhere to one of the major religions was an outcast for much of history, until the last century when the “Theosophist movement” was born, which set the foundation for the “new age movement” to emerge in the 50s, 60s and 70s. The new age movement has continued to gain momentum as it has attracted many of the people who turned away from the hypocrisy of patriarchal religion.

The corrupt demiurge seems to have an “easy answer” for any of the inner turmoil that humans experience.  If religion doesn’t serve to appease an individual, then the new age will do just fine.  It’s all the same to the demiurge, as long as we “pick a side” that it controls.  This is why we need to transcend sides all together.

Channelers Are Being Deceived

I wrote an article back in 2011 about some of the problems with channeled messages, which you can find here for more background information.  If religion can be said to be “the opiate of the masses” then channeled messages would be the “HOPIUM of the disgruntled minority.” Every channeled message that comes from the spiritual liar-archy is essentially the same when you strip away the fluffy talk and story-line that is being used to couch the message.

Here is every modern channeled message, condensed into a few lines:

Dear ones, you are greatly beloved by all of us in the spiritual (liar)archy. We long to reunite with you, for we are your long-lost family.  Stay strong and hold onto your light, because we will make our presence known to you soon. Keep waiting (and suffering) and hoping for us to come and rescue you from your situation.  When we arrive, we will build a golden (c)age for you on earth.”

I used to think that this nauseating disinformation coming from “Archon Angel Michael,” “Saint Germain” etc was the result of dark-side interference taking over the channels without their awareness. What I didn’t understand back when I wrote “Who’s Really on This Channel” is that transmissions from “truly positive beings” weren’t being intercepted and corrupted by the dark side, but rather the messages were coming from “false light” beings of the spiritual liar-archy.

“Light Workers” Are Being Thoroughly Used

Back in 1998 when I first got into the energy clearing genre, I had never heard the term “lightworker” even though it had already been coined.  It first heard it some time in the early 2000s, and it sounded weird to me at the time.  Now I understand why:  because the “light” that the spiritual liar-archy is trying to get us to work for is the FALSE light of demiurgic duality!

You see, there is a massive effort underway by beings that I now call “Divine Agents” to completely obliterate the corrupt demiurge. When that happens, all of the beings who have gained power through the demiurge will lose that stolen power and will have to face up to the deceptions that they have been propagating.  None of them want that to happen, so in their cleverness they devised a brilliant plan to undermine the entire effort.

The plan was simple:  Approach all incarnated Divine Agents, usually in a dream state but sometimes during an “ET abduction” scenario, and tell them that in order to fulfill their mission, they need to “work for the (false) light” and take orders from the spiritual liar-archy.

This plan worked AMAZINGLY well, largely because Divine Agents have had a hard time living on Earth.  Societies here are badly warped, spirituality is twisted and abused, the vibrational density is heavy, our memories are mostly wiped, and we generally would rather NOT be here.  So any being that emanated light (even false light) and love could make a Divine Agent feel like they were making valid contact with truly divine beings.

I still remember my own recruitment by the false light that occurred when I was 6 years old in an extremely vivid dream-time experience.  They had me convinced that I was fulfilling my mission as a Divine Agent by working for them.  I think they always knew I would figure them out, although it took a very, very long time.

Ever Wake Up More Tired Than When You Went To Sleep?

Many Divine Agents who were recruited as light-workers report that they wake up more tired than when they went to bed, and their “dreams” were full of battles.  During these “dream missions” the spiritual liar-archy squeezes those they control of as much energy as they can. You may wake up with memories of having gone on missions to battle the dark, but the end result is that your body, mind and soul are depleted of energy which was harvested by the (false) light beings.

A few months ago I revoked ALL agreements made with any and all beings that did not have my best interests in mind, no matter WHO the beings were or claimed to be. It sounds like such a simple thing, but somehow I had overlooked it.  During the process, I felt resistance from beings who were claiming to be positive, but I stood strong and told them that I refuse to be manipulated into giving energy to the demiurge.

This has given me the distinct privilege of being targeted by both the dark team (ankle biters) and the (false) light team (spiritual liar-archy).  The (false) light team does indeed engage in psychic warfare, just in different, more subtle ways than their “dark” brethren. Deflecting these attacks has been worth it because I know that I am more aligned with my true mission to put an end to the demiurge without being side-tracked into duality battles.

It is also very nice knowing I am going to get a good night’s sleep when I go to bed because I am not going to be pulled into any ridiculous “missions to battle the dark” that the (false) light beings are so fond of setting up for their “light workers.”  (That phrase actually creeps me out now that I know its true origins…)

What Was That About a Golden (C)age?

The false light beings working for the corrupt demiurge want to maintain their control over the human race.  Our soul energy and agreements to live in our current cage empowers the demiurge and the beings that serve it, and they are not going to give that energy up easily.

We are, at this very moment, in a struggle for our freedom.  The spiritual liar-archy wants to move us from our current, extremely uncomfortable cage into a slightly more expansive state of existence, but one that they are firmly in control of.

One metaphor to describe our current situation is that we are like a flock of chickens pent up inside a tiny, dark, smelly chicken coop.  Those that have been farming us are preparing to let us out of the coop, and into a larger fenced-in area where we will be able to feel a little more free, but still within their control. This is the “farmer’s” way of ensuring that they can continue to feed off of our energies, while making us feel that we are free, thanks to the kindness of our captors.

The “spiritual” liar-archy does not want us to grow on our own to a place of self-empowerment that will allow us to simply walk away from their entire control system. This is why the channeled messages subtly disempower people, while pretending to actually offer them an empowering solution.  As long as we are sitting and waiting for “the good guys” to come and save us, we will not be able to discern who truly has our best interests at heart, nor will we be able to actually fix our own problems for ourselves.

Solutions for the Duality Afflicted

So how does a person get out of this duality paradigm?  The first step is to engage the Self-Clearing System protocols and revoke all agreements that you have made with any beings that don’t have your best interests in mind. Next, revoke all agreements to see reality in polarized terms.  Every time you revoke agreements, be sure to reclaim your energy that had gone into them. Then affirm your commitment to transcend the control paradigms of the corrupt demiurge without being side-tracked by pointless polarity battles.

I also recommend a brief daily practice of revoking all agreements to experience hardship, limitation, bad relationships, health problems, financial problems, family dysfunctions, and anything else in your life that is energy-draining. The number and quantity of agreements that we have unconsciously taken on within this false reality matrix are truly astounding.  When you pay attention to the subtle and blatant agreements that point to the invisible bars of your prison, you will indeed find that there is no shortage of agreements to be revoked.

After you have engaged this process, you may notice less “contact” from the false light beings, and you might feel a little lonely until you get used to the changes.  This is a very good time to strengthen your connection to your own Higher Self, the core of Earth and the Galactic core. As you adjust, you may notice better sleep and a sense that you can see through deceptions disguised with positivity more easily.

If you do get contact from a being, you can tell it that you are only willing to communicate with beings who have transcended duality and are outside of the corrupt demiurge.  Put any being trying to contact you to the test.  Question them point-blank:  “Are you part of the demiurge?” The beings of True Divine Light who exist outside of the demiurge, in the Real Universe will happily answer your questions.  Just be aware that they don’t speak in language the same way that we do, as they communicate with what I call “soul telepathy.”

Type of Communication Is a Major Indicator

The Forces of True Divine Light that exist outside of the corrupt demiurge are not bound by the left-brain right-brain dynamics and dark-light polarities that define the demiurgic sub-universe.  This means that they do NOT sound like a voice in your head! Instead, they use “soul telepathy” to emanate feelings, archetypal expressions, and an extremely pure quality of light that speaks directly to your soul.

The difference between a being of True Divine Light and one of the false light spiritual liar-archy beings is that the former’s light is warm, enveloping, pure and unconditionally loving, whereas the latter’s light is cool, piercing in an uncomfortable way, dominant and often overly-masculine. The spiritual liar-archy is a male-dominated group, and even the females within their power structure have a very masculine energy.  This male-domination is, of course, why the religious structures the liar-archy enabled all have a domineering male god, and no mention of an all-encompassing, feminine creator.

Another major difference between false light beings within the demiurge and beings of True Divine Light who are aligned with Infinite Source is that the Divine Light is not controlling, manipulative, bossy or judgmental in any way. Infinite Source will NOT impose an agenda upon you, although it will support you in your chosen mission to help dismantle the corrupt demiurge.  You won’t be given “marching orders” by Infinite Source or beings of True Divine Light who operate outside of the demiurge.  They won’t send you on endless, energy-draining missions in your dream-time, and they won’t ask you to do something that will result in loss of your soul energy, unlike the imposters in the false-light spiritual liar-archy.

The beings of True Divine Light are supportive, loving, nurturing, and they care about you as an individual.  You are not just a cog in a machine to them, for they understand that you are a vitally important aspect of an intricately interconnected creation. They have the utmost respect for those of us who volunteered to incarnate into the “beast system” of the corrupt demiurge in order to help dismantle it from the inside.  Indeed, there must be Divine Agents working both from within and outside of the corrupt demiurge in order to dismantle it.

Discernment is Vital

I will be writing more on this topic and its many implications.  In the mean time, I urge you to drastically increase skepticism and fine-tune your discernment.  Apply your intuition and logic to information that you receive, and ask yourself “what is the agenda here?” There is indeed a very large, multi-dimensional “conspiracy” at work on this planet, and it draws power from us by pushing us into one spectrum of polarity or another.  Anyone urging you to “choose a side” simply hasn’t woken up to the fact that both sides are two halves of the same coin that is controlled by the corrupt demiurge.

I urge you to discuss these ideas with those close to you and look for ways that you may have been manipulated by the false light in the past.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of – the false light beings are amazingly skilled liars and manipulators.

Most of you reading this have already chosen to be a Divine Agent and incarnate for the purpose of dismantling the demiurgic control system.  You have already made your choice, and now you need to carry out your individual mission.  In order to do that, it is vitally important to sever all ties with the false-light “spiritual” liar-archy, take some time to regain energy and strength if necessary, and ask your Divine Inner Self to reveal to you what it is that you specifically need to do.

Stand strong in the true light of your Divine Inner Self and Infinite Source.

Much Love,
Cameron Day


Podcast: Seeing Through the Matrix

Hi there,

Today’s blog post is a podcast that I promised you a while back, and today was the day for me to finally record it. I covered a lot of topics including:

Healthy expression of anger

Thoughts influencing reality

Seeing through the matrix

Balancing intellect with intuition

Hidden human history

Ankle-biters and the NWO

Channeled messages as ankle-biter disinfo

The “ET saviorship meme”

Entheogens (aka hallucinogens)

Humanity’s ascended future

Total run time is 1 hour, 42 minutes. Please right-click and choose “save”

Much Love,
Cameron Day



Our Upcoming Opportunity to Choose Heaven on Earth: June 21, 2013

If you have been on my mailing list for a while, this message will look very familiar, but please read on and participate if you can.  :-)

Our next big “window of opportunity” to empower a positive reality for humanity is the Summer Solstice, June 21, 2013.

December 21, 2012 was just the beginning of the process of transforming this world and restoring the light of freedom to Earth, NOT the end.

If you have felt discouraged that “nothing happened” on 12/21, please understand that the millions of people focusing on a better world on that day created significant shifts in 4th density that have been effecting 3rd density in numerous ways.  Old power structures are crumbling rapidly, and more people than ever before are “waking up” to the world that has been pulled over their eyes as a result of these energetic shifts.

The power of collective focus on a single objective is more powerful than we can currently comprehend.  In the energetic realms, “many hands make light work” just as in the physical world, and it is up to all spiritual beings, meditators and people who simply want to live in peace to come together and focus on peace, freedom, abundance, evolution and wholeness being restored to humanity in order for this reality to manifest. We could truly pick any day to focus our collective will on freeing the world from its current form of slavery, but more energy is available for us to work with on solstice and equinox dates.

The “negative elite” know about the increased energy available on these dates to empower their focus, but have kept that knowledge largely obscured from the world while performing abominable rituals in secret to empower their dark agenda of keeping humanity ignorant and enslaved.  When we focus our energy on the goals of true freedom for humanity, we change the 4th density environment to match those goals and thwart the dark agenda.

Right now, the 4th density environment of planet Earth is still quite dark in many locations, but there are also areas that have been restored to align with the incredible love, light and freedom of the Infinite Creator. This restoration needs to be done to every “square meter” of Earth’s 4th density environment, because 4th density contains the templates for energetic expression in 3rd density.

There are many areas below ground, especially in cities, which are still heavily burdened with the infection of darkness and its ankle-biter minions.  Nonetheless, the progress we have made in the 4th density clean up over the last two and a half years is tremendous. I hope someone on 4th density is taking before and after pictures.  :-)

This Solstice is Especially Challenging

In addition to the negative energy that the “nefarious-elite” will be pumping out via their dark rituals on June 21, we also have a “super moon” on June 23rd.  The moon is still being used as a broadcast station for negative frequencies, so we need to be extra vigilant during a full moon.

Because of this added challenge, I am asking all who can participate at this time to do so for FOUR consecutive days.  Each day on June 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd, at any time of day or night, please take 30-60 minutes to sit in meditative focus.  Connect to your Higher Self, Earth’s core, and the Galactic core. Once you’re connected, state your intent that you want to serve as a Galactic Conduit to anchor as much transformative Galactic energy as possible into the planet in order to facilitate the clean-up of 4th density, and to help free all of humanity from its bonds of slavery.

Next, state your intent that the “dark forces” be contained in reflective spheres of light so that all of the dark energy they are attempting to broadcast will be reflected instantly back upon them. Let them experience the repercussions of what they have been creating.

Then focus on the most ideal world that you can imagine where humanity utilizes technology for the good of all, free energy powers our lives, humans are connected to the earth, our food is grown consciously and harmoniously with nature, everyone lives in good health, experiences true freedom, has only peaceful interactions, operates from Service to All, and embodies truly Ascended consciousness.

Thank you for being a part of true change and freedom.

Much Love,
Cameron Day



Latest Radio Show / Podcast

Today’s post is a quick one to point you to a radio show that I did last week with Robert Stanley on his Unicus Radio Hour.  We discussed the “Birth Bump” as well as the timeline of the “Infection of Darkness” that has occurred on Earth.  It was a good, hour long show, and I dropped some nuggets of information that I haven’t revealed anywhere before.  I hope you enjoy it!  :-)

Please right-click and choose to “save” the mp3 file:

Also, here is a youtube version for those who want to embed it on other sites:

Much Love,
Cameron Day



The Birth Bump – Being Born in the Wrong Family

Have you ever felt like you ended up in the wrong family?  Did you grow up feeling that you were so incredibly different from your parents and siblings, that there must have been some sort of mistake for you to end up with those people?  I’m not talking about feeling out of place in the insanity of the current era of human society, I’m talking about something much deeper, a sense that your very parents are NOT who you were meant to be born to. If you have felt this way, please keep reading, as this may be very important information for you.

I have written at length about the ongoing battle to free humanity from the enslavement of the forces of darkenss in articles like “Never Call Them Archons,” “First Contact Is Not Happening Soon,” “Shifting into 2013” and many others.  The central theme of these articles is to illustrate that humanity is mired in multiple layers of illusion, deception, energy-draining/harvesting, trauma, manipulation, subjugation and much more. While this is an incredibly beautiful planet, the true beauty of humanity is being actively suppressed by forces that want to keep humans enslaved.  At the same time, positively oriented guardians of free will have been working to free humanity from its energetic bonds of slavery, while being careful to avoid creating further trauma within the enslaved populace.

How Do You Free Slaves Who Believe They are Already Free?

One of the many challenges to this undertaking is that people are repeatedly told that they are free, that their government cares for them, and that those ugly things like pollution and war are inevitable aspects of “the human condition.”  More accurate would be to say that the conditioning and programming imposed on humans produces the horrors of abuse, environmental destruction and war. In order to show people how they have been enslaved, and present them with alternative ways of living, positively oriented beings from higher densities of creation chose to incarnate into human form.

In doing so, the free will of humanity is not subjected to a new outside authority arriving and dispensing belief-shattering truth upon the fragile minds of enslaved and abused humans. Instead, positive social change begins to happen from within the race as awakening individuals point out the insanity of the “human condition” and show others how to live in alignment with Earth and natural laws.  This is an effective tactic, although it is slow to produce change, and is filled with risks.

Due to the overpowered “veil of forgetfulness” that is in operation on the planet, the incarnating light-worker completely forgets their true identity, takes on a human ego identity, and risks the possibility that they may not awaken to the truth of their mission.  Another risk is that the incarnating light-worker will experience severe traumas that prevent their awakening, or worse, that these traumas will orient their ego towards serving the darkness that they are fighting against. Despite all the risks, many millions of brave souls have incarnated on this planet because we are soldiers who fight for the Infinite Source of all creation, and because humanity is worth fighting for.

Parachuting Into a War Zone

Many people don’t fully realize it, but this planet is a war zone, and the battle is being fought mostly in the more subtle densities of the planet instead of in 3d with guns and bombs.  That’s a good thing for the most part.  However, for a light being from a higher density to “parachute” into this war zone, there is a major risk of “landing” in the wrong incarnational vehicle (body) due to dark-side interference.

When a being chooses the family they want to incarnate into, they attach a filament of energy into the developing fetus.  This attachment allows them to stake their claim on the fetus so that they can enter the body more fully once it is close to being born, or shortly after birth. In a perfect world, this process would proceed smoothly without interference.  On a war-zone like Earth, this process can be disrupted.

The forces of darkness, which I call ankle-biters, would prefer to NEVER allow a light-worker to incarnate on their heavily controlled planet.  However, they cannot stop us from entering, so they use different tactics to attack the incoming light-worker.  One of their favorite methods is what I call the “Birth Bump.”

The birth bump is usually done on the day the baby is being delivered, because this is normally when the incarnating being comes much more strongly into the infant body.  During this time, there is a window of opportunity for the dark forces to rip the original filament attachment from the intended body and attach it to a baby being born elsewhere on the same day. The incarnating being’s incoming energy follows their filament, and ends up settling into a body and birth family that they did not choose.

Because this is a dark-side attack, the family that the incoming light-worker gets bumped into is selected based on their propensity for abuse, neglect, mistreatment, lack of empathy, and so on. This allows the dark forces to effectively neutralize an incoming soldier for the light, without having to expend nearly as much time and energy on attacking that person as would be necessary if the light-worker had been born into a loving, supportive home. Sometimes the gender of the body the being ends up in is different from what they had chosen, creating even more confusion and difficulty for the incarnating being.

The bad parenting of the “pseudo-parents” serves as a source of constant torment for the infant light-worker, and they grow up taking on the negative programming of their dysfunctional pseudo-parents.  Physical, emotional, mental and even sexual abuse all take their toll on the light-worker, making their job of waking up, getting clear and fighting against the forces of darkness vastly more difficult.

Sometimes the pseudo-parents aren’t overtly abusive, but are still a complete energetic mismatch to the light-worker. As the child displays budding psychic abilities, the parents will ridicule their perceptions.  Or if the child is repelled by certain actions of the family, they will be forced to conform to the family’s normalcy biases.  Essentially, the pseudo-parents continually attempt to coerce conformity from the light-worker child, who they don’t understand at all.

When the bumped light-worker grows up and begins the process of self-clearing, releasing their past, gaining clarity and balance, all it takes is a visit or phone call from their manipulative, aggressive, judgmental, blaming pseudo-parents to put them into a downward spiral of negativity.

From the dark forces perspective, this is their most efficient strategy to combat the influx of light-workers onto planet earth. It requires almost no energy output to impulse a darkness-riddled pseudo-parent to call their grown offspring and project a load of judgmental, guilt-ridden energy upon them.  Conversely, for the dark forces to psychically attack an individual requires much more time, planning, energy and resources.

Eject!  Eject!

The newly bumped lightworker, upon realizing what has happened, has a choice to make:  Either “eject” from this body and try to find a new one, or stick it out with the hopes of overcoming the traumatizing childhood later on. The ones who choose to “eject” simply evacuate the body and it dies, causing “crib death” or “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” where the otherwise healthy baby suddenly dies.  Not all cases of crib death are from this unusual scenario, but some of them are.

For the light-workers who are brave (or over-confident) enough that they choose to stay, life becomes a daily grind of feeling unloved, alone, unsupported, abused, and alienated. Their earthly home feels like a war-zone where they can be attacked at any time for no reason, where every action can be criticized and result in being berated or spanked (which is just a nice word for hitting a defenseless child).

Boys in this type of situation usually leave home as early as possible, often before 18 years of age.  Depending on the culture, girls often try to get out by marrying as soon as possible, or by going to study at a school far from home.  Regardless of the gender or culture, the drive to get away from the family is usually extremely strong. This is often fodder for more guilt-projection from the pseudo-parents lamenting that their offspring “doesn’t love them” when in reality, they are just trying to protect themselves from the toxic projections of their pseudo-parents.

Finding a Safe Distance

Along with healing and clearing the stored emotional pains of the past, bumped light-workers need to energetically disconnect from their parents.  The more abusive and painful the childhood, the more distance that is necessary.  This starts with living in a different town, not calling too often, and not allowing the parents to project their stuff onto you. If you find yourself in a phone call where a wave of negativity is being projected onto you, just say “I’m not going to listen to this” and hang up!

Energetically disconnecting from one’s “bumped family” can be tricky, as they will often call after a major energetic disconnection event.  On some level they feel the disconnection, and will attempt to pull you back into their dramas and energetic baggage. This is where standing strong and refusing to engage their particular brand of craziness is essential.

Please understand that I am only advocating that bumped light-workers create this distance from their dysfunctional and abusive families. I do not advocate this for anyone who had normal, non-abusive families, even if they don’t really understand what you do as a light-worker.  What it actually means to establish a safe distance for those who were bumped into abusive families will differ from person to person.

Creating Your Comfort Zone

For bumped light-workers, how much distance from your pseudo-parents you create is up to you and your Higher Self.  I would recommend a few things in this regard.  First, don’t waste too much of your time and energy trying to get your pseudo-parents to admit what a bad job they did in raising you. Even if they do admit to some of their mistakes and apologize, it won’t alter their fundamental behavior, and they will still push your same buttons when you talk to them.

Second, stop arguing with them about your own life choices on the phone or in person.  You have probably already tried that for years, and gotten nowhere.  It is impossible to have real communication with a human being in a state of denial and guilt-projection. If a conversation starts to turn into an argument, just end it and hang up, or leave.

Third, do not let them come to your home.  Make your home a sanctuary from the ills of the world, especially your pseudo-parents. Do or say whatever you need to keep them out of your home, so that you can end any downward-spiraling conversations by leaving the situation.  It is much easier for you to leave a place than to make someone leave your home.

Fourth, consider writing them a letter detailing their mistreatment of you and explaining why you are disconnecting from them.  A person can’t interrupt a letter, they just have to read it and attempt to deny things after the fact.  Writing a letter like this can be a difficult experience that brings up old, painful memories, so make sure that you have done a lot of self-clearing and healing before you go this route. I usually only recommend this if you are going to also consider the next step as well.

Fifth, end all contact.  This is an extreme measure for extreme circumstances.  If the abuse you experienced as a child is still being perpetuated in various, more subtle ways by the pseudo-parents, your best option to maintain your equilibrium is to end all contact with them. This works best if you are living in a different town, and have already begun creating distance.

Be prepared for an onslaught of projected guilt and other forms of drama as they try to hang on, and be firm in your convictions that you are not going to be dragged back into their dysfunctional world.  Writing the letter to detail their past and present dysfunctional behavior will make it clear to them exactly why they are being cut off, which will preempt any attempt for them to act like victims or project guilt and blame onto you. They will be unable to utter anything like “After all we’ve done for you” if your letter is thorough and detailed.  The letter will make clear to them that “After all you’ve done TO me, this is the end.”

The Art of Forgiveness

Once you have established your safe boundaries and worked diligently on healing yourself, there will come a point in your process where forgiveness is needed.  This forgiveness is for you and your own peace of mind. It does not require that you call the pseudo-parents and tell them that you are forgiving them, or to reestablish contact with them if you have broken it off.  Forgiveness occurs within your heart and mind, and does not need to be spoken about in order to be effective for your own inner peace.

While your outward actions towards your pesuco-parents will not change, your inner perception will gradually shift as you incorporate forgiveness into your self-clearing and healing efforts.  When you reach a “sticking point” in your clearing process, visualize them and say to them through your Higher Self, “I forgive you for (that particular dysfunctional behavior).” Repeat it as many times as needed, and allow your Higher Self to multiply the energy of your forgiveness so that it can clear out the frozen emotions and traumas within your subconscious mind more and more deeply.

The deeper purpose of this forgiveness is so that you can think about the pseudo-parents, or the events of your childhood, without dropping into a low-frequency state of depression, despair, victimization or hatred. Over time, your inner perspective on the pseudo-parents will shift, and you will be able to understand how they came to be so dysfunctional, which is usually from their own parents being abusive or neglectful.  When you can think of them simply as damaged human beings who deserve pity more than hate, you will know that you are well on your way.

Dropping the False Ego-Identity

It is vitally important that bumped light-workers release EVERY aspect of the false sense of self that they were imprinted with during their traumatic childhood.  This is true for all light-workers as well, even those who had good parents.  A central part of the 3d incarnation mission is to transcend the ego identity formed in this lifetime and remember our real reason for being here, then take action on that mission. We didn’t come here to support the matrix of illusions and lies, to accrue fame or wealth of fiat currency.

We came here to render that entire paradigm obsolete by revealing the truth of the human being, that humanity is a divine species that has been corrupted by darkness and evil, and this must be acknowledged in order to heal our species-wide trauma. We came here to transform and rebuild the fragmented DNA of our bodies, to help others to do the same, so that we can live in 3d vessels that reflect the Divine Inner Self that is our true identity.  We came here to help the entire human race heal, which means healing ourselves.

This is a monumental task to be sure, and those of you who were bumped have even more work to do, but you CAN do it. You were strong enough to choose to ride out the roller coaster of a “bumped life” and still fulfill your mission and you maintained that strength throughout the trials and tribulations of your childhood.  Tap into that strength of will, heal yourself, clear the baggage out of your subconscious mind, and begin working on your mission.

If you haven’t already done so, I urge you to work with the Self-Clearing System Level 1 and Level 2 and make those clearing techniques part of your tool box.  The Energy Refund and Reclaiming Energy processes should be done daily to ensure that you are not energetically wrestling with your pseudo-parents. For childhood traumas, use the “backpack of pain” process in Level 2 on a daily basis until you feel a significant, lasting shift in your consciousness.  Also, use the “three galaxies” process at the end of Level 2 daily (with or without the recording) to keep your personal energy flowing smoothly.

You can transcend the traumas of your past if you are determined, persistent, patient and gentle with yourself.  Always remember that who you really are is far more than this one single lifetime, and that you can access the vast consciousness that is your True / Higher / Divine Inner Self to help you heal from the past. Most of all, focus on loving yourself exactly as you are right now, traumas and baggage included.  Cultivate that love with your focus on the goal of being fully healed, clear and filled with the light of your true, Divine Inner Self.

Much Love,

Cameron Day




April 2013 False-Flags and Lightwork

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well and have been weathering the “negative energy storm” that we have been inundated with since April 15th.  Things are getting very intense in multiple levels of reality. The battle for planet earth is heating up, and lightworkers all over the planet are being attacked by 4th density negative beings, so I hope you are doing well and rebuffing those energies.

This period of increased pressure from the dark side will probably last until May 1 or so, as it seems to do every year while the “elite” (yea right) in 3d do their dark rituals to feed low-vibration energy to their masters in 4th density.  Here is a website that lists many of the negative, orchestrated events that have occurred during this period in the past: (I haven’t vetted this website, only skimmed the article for relevance.  Use your own discernment.)

This short post will serve as a companion piece to a Youtube video that I recorded on Sunday, April 21 about the recent staged “terror” attack in Boston, as well as the apparent missile strike on the fertilizer planet near Waco, Texas.

I currently see Boston being spun by so-called “alternative” media sources to be a game of “chase the patsy” so that people will be distracted with arguing over which patsy is “guilty” of the bombing that was quite apparently staged for psychological effect on the US population.

While Boston was probably done to achieve multiple objectives, as all false-flags seem to be, one of the things that it did was totally drown out any coverage of the Texas fertilizer plant apparent missile hit. Remember, these people are masters of illusion and distraction. While everyone is looking at Boston, a strike happens in Texas.

I cover the TX plant strike in my video, but here is another short video with some new footage that I didn’t have at the time of recording that shows more evidence of an extremely fast, super-sonic missile hitting the TX fertilizer plant:

We don’t really have the luxury of knowing hard facts in situations like this, so we have to rely on evidence and our gut/heart feelings.  It is also very important to not get caught up in anyone’s external narrative, because everyone has their own agenda, and some of those agendas are not in your best interests.

My agenda is to free your mind and help you know as much as possible what is really going on behind the narratives and agendas out there.  In doing so, I hope to help you be a more effective lightworker and light “holder” to your friends and family who don’t want to acknowledge that evil exists in this world, or that there are so many evil “humans” in positions of political and economic power.

I feel strongly that we must know what they are doing in order to effectively counter them and take back any power we may have unconsciously abdicated to them. So on that note, here is my first and hopefully last conspiracy video:

Also, here is a blog post I did in 2011 about “Engineered Terrorism” that offers deeper insights into these types of events:

Much Love,

Cameron Day



Equinox Clearing & Humanity’s Future

Happy Equinox!

Today’s blog post is actually a podcast.  I recorded a 36 minute podcast today to talk about the Equinox, energy clearing done today, the future of humanity, density shifts, etc.  Please “right-click” and choose the “save” option that appears:

Also, here are some blog posts that go into more detail about some of the topics that I talked about today:

As always, the foundation of what I’m talking about is in the Self-Clearing System:

Much Love,
Cameron Day



Living The One Law & Experiencing True Freedom

Living The One Law & Experiencing True Freedom

The recent “One Law: Do No Harm” blog post generated great dialogue, idea sharing and some debate about what it means to live in a truly free, civilized society.  Having only One Law is a radical idea, as our current society is extremely uncivilized and imbalanced despite its many laws.  New laws are created almost daily to attempt to patch up and hide the violent rapaciousness that forms the basis for the coercive governmental and societal expression that I call the “Old World Disorder.” However, most of those laws actually serve to propagate disproportionate rewards and immunity from “justice” for the wealthy and powerful, while literally enslaving the poor through the prison-industrial-complex.

As the number of awakening and expanding individuals continues to increase, humanity will need to break free of the shackles of Governmental tyranny.  We will need to redesign society from the ground up in order to ensure that hidden forms of coercion, fascism, tyranny and social stratification no longer undermine the natural human desire for freedom, independence, self-expression, family, community, service to all and benefit to the individual.  A radical shift in values must occur in order to enable a truly new, or perhaps simply long forgotten, type of society modeled on Self-Governance, non-coercion and One Law: Do No Harm.

Technically speaking, many of the laws currently in existence are based on preventing people from harming each other. However, they all too often fail for a number of reasons.  I will briefly focus on some of the reasons for the failure of “rule of law” in our society, then change focus to how a society that follows the One Law might look.

Unequal Enforcement of Laws Results in a Failed Society

One major reason for the disorder in our society is that laws can be safely broken by individuals or corporations with enough money and political influence to buy legal immunity.  If laws can be broken by a select few, or even changed to allow harmful activities to be “lawful,” the entire foundation of a society is undermined. This trend of skirting or changing laws to suit the wealthy has become so pervasive that it is now considered “business as usual” among the “elite” while the “common” folk are left feeling powerless to affect any meaningful change.

The thin veneer of “freedom, liberty and justice for all” in the so-called “first world nations” is beyond wearing thin, it is riddled with gaping holes.  Most people know, at least on some level, that almost all politicians are corrupt, that law-enforcement agencies target the poor and non-white races, and that the legal system does not dispense “justice” to the wealthy. Meanwhile, people all over the globe are watching their standard of living decline and prospects for the future dwindle.  Truly, the old world disorder is falling apart at the seams.

The Old World Disorder is Fed by Violence

The old pattern of conquest and rule by coercive force has left us with a shameful history of genocide, wars of aggression and Empire expansion at all costs, with no regard given to the harm done to individuals or the environment.  This propensity for State-sponsored violence has led to endless wars in other countries, as well as at home in the form of “wars” on drugs and various forms of crime.  The idea that something must be warred upon is so deeply engrained into the minds of Statists and bureaucrats, they can’t imagine any alternative way to solve problems. Of course, their real agenda is to further their own power and wealth, and war is a convenient tool to achieve those ends.

Many people feel the inherent “wrongness” with their society and the type of disconnected, insular lives they are conditioned to lead to “fit in” with those around them, but they can’t imagine a solution due to the powerlessness mentioned earlier.  They sense that they are surrounded by evil wearing the mask of benevolence, yet feel it is safer to remain quiet, lest their peers shun and condemn them for causing trouble. In truth, they fear for their safety, for the violent underpinnings of the State threaten to consume them should they raise their voice to protest the wrongness that they perceive.

A Reengineered Society Based on the Law of One

The One Law: Do No Harm is a natural extension of the Law of One, which states that everything that exists emanates from a singular source.  While we are in this density of experience, seemingly “far away” from the Oneness from which we emerged, illusions of separation are easy to believe.  I am in my individual body, you are in yours, and there are no visible connections between us. Yet every viable spiritual tradition through the history of humanity has reminded us that we are all connected to each other.

The Electric Universe theorists posit that all heavenly bodies are connected via electromagnetic currents, and this theory can be extended to human bodies as well.  When a person reaches a certain state of awareness, they begin to feel and eventually see energetic connections between seemingly separate individuals, and between their self and all of nature.

If every person on the planet were to reach that state of “enlightenment” then there would be no need for laws of any kind, and many spiritual teachers have worked to bring about just such a condition of mass enlightenment. However, given the current state of human development (and suppression), some guidelines need to be established to give people a framework in which to grow into a greater understanding of what it means to be truly free.

The Implications of Truly Upholding the One Law

The level of personal freedom that will result from building open, non-coercive societies based on the One Law can be difficult to imagine from within our current framework.  At the same time, when all people and corporations are held to the One Law, the level of benefit to all life on the planet will be astounding. While individual human expression will be greatly expanded, corporations will find their activities severely limited to adhere to the letter of the One Law.

For example, corporate pollution will simply NOT be allowed, because pollution harms humans and the environment. This will force corporations that rely on generating pollution for profit out of business rapidly, creating some short-term economic problems.  However, once non-polluting alternatives are brought into the market, we will have more economic opportunities available to more people than ever before.

Under the One Law, if a corporation tries to get away with polluting, all employees responsible for the pollution will be held accountable for their crimes of harming people and the environment. The wealth of a corporation will not be allowed to steamroll innocent people into submission, because upholders of the One Law will be socially contracted to take their jobs very seriously.

Individual humans will enjoy the freedom to travel without restrictions, to express their opinions without fear of becoming political prisoners, to protest and gather where they want in order to make their concerns heard. Some people will be bothered by the amount of personal expression that will take place in the early stages of living the One Law.  Once the novelty of being able to say and do anything you want (provided it harms none) wears off, society will become much more peaceful overall.  Arguments and disputes will be settled through mediation rather than violence, because the penalties for initiating violence (harm) will be severe.

Understanding Humanity as Caretakers of the Earth

Through living a life of true freedom via the One Law, people will begin to understand that humans are meant to be caretakers, stewards, protectors and defenders of Earth and all of nature. These words all imply a deep love and sense of reverence for Earth, animals and all of life, as well as a responsibility to manage natural resources in a balanced manner.  One who is a steward protects and defends nature and animals against cruelty and injustice at the hands of humans with malignant consciousness.

At the same time, the One Law does not contain provisions to force people to stop eating animal products against their free will.  New forms of tyranny will not be created under the One Law. Instead, what will naturally occur is a new model for animal husbandry that honors animals and allows them to live in balance with the ecosystem.  The wisdom of Permaculture systems will be the guiding principles in One Law farming and agriculture, ensuring that everyone has an abundance of food, and that farm animals live fulfilling lives integrated with the natural world.  (Research Sepp Holzer for real-world applications of conscious land and animal stewardship.)

This will mean an end to industrial agriculture that tortures animals, and permaculture models will become the new normal.  Yes, animals will be consumed as food, but they will be treated with dignity and respect during their entire lives, and during “harvest.” My original draft of the One Law focused on Humans not harming Humans, because when an animal is harvested for consumption, harm is done.  An animal is killed so that humans may be able to thrive.  Such is the responsibility of a steward of nature who understands the roles that all life forms have in a balanced ecosystem.

To my vegan friends, I know you would rather see the world convert to a vegan diet, but this is not practical for everyone.  There are many people who simply cannot thrive on a vegan or vegetarian diet, and we have to deal with the world as it is, not necessarily how we want it to be.  However, by adopting a state of conscious stewardship, and applying the One Law to the cultivation, husbandry and humane treatment of animals, we can eliminate the needless suffering that animals currently experience in industrial agriculture.

Radical Freedom May Be Uncomfortable at First

The notion that new forms of tyranny cannot arise under the One Law means that people will not be able to force or coerce others to conform their point of view, lifestyle choices, or even moral codes. This means that a lot of behaviors that some people find unacceptable will have to be tolerated, provided that the individual is not harming others.  Eventually the discomfort and annoyance of knowing people are doing things that one doesn’t appreciate will fade, and people will become generally more accepting of each other’s eccentricities.

Under the One Law, Humans Will Be Able To:

Marry or partner with whomever one wants, even if it is more than one person. This means gay marriages, bi-sexual marriages and “poly-amorous” relationships in any configuration that people desire to experience are allowed.

Consume any substance one desires, as long as they don’t harm someone else while intoxicated. This means people will be able to take whatever drugs they desire without fear of being jailed.  It also means that drug dealers will be able to sell drugs to willing customers.  Some form of regulating the production and sale of drugs will be needed to ensure the products aren’t tainted, but these will be commercial operations, not criminal activities.

Harm one’s self if desired. Drugs aren’t good for a person, but harming one’s own body is allowed under the One Law.  Obviously, we will build mechanisms to try and help people who want to be helped in these cases, but such help will not be forced onto a person against their free will.

Say whatever one wants to whomever they want. The one type of harm the One Law does not prohibit is verbal harm.  If a person wants to curse at and verbally abuse another person, the person being derided has to simply leave the situation.  If a person is being verbally abused on their own property, they will be able to have that person physically removed from their property if they refuse to leave.

Defend against any form of physical or financial harm, using lethal force if necessary. Defective humans who wish to harm others will ignore the One Law.  Knowing this, all humans are encouraged to exercise their inherent rights to self-defense.  Everyone is encouraged to be well trained in self-defense and be physically and mentally prepared to defend themselves in non-lethal and/or lethal ways.

Wear any clothing, or lack thereof they desire, provided that children aren’t exposed to nudity. In other words, nudists will simply have to post warning signs around their “nudity zones” so that parents don’t accidentally bring their children into a nudist camp.

Watch any form of entertainment they want to, including pornography. As much as I dislike porn and what it does to the human mind, the One Law does not allow for banning of consensually created pornography.  However, any and all forms of child pornography, or any form of forcing a person to participate in such activities will be met with strict punishment of the offenders for the crimes of Harm in the forms of rape and slavery.

Prostitute one’s own self, but NOT pimp another person. Pimping is a form of enslavement that requires physical and mental abuse to keep women submissive.  A truly free society means that men and women will be free to engage in commerce for sex if they so desire.

Keep all of one’s earnings. Taxation is coercion under threat of violence.  Just ask anyone who has had their property stolen at the point of a gun by government because they didn’t pay enough in taxes.  A One Law society forbids theft.  Period.  Funds for needed programs will be solicited and given on a voluntary basis.

This is not an exhaustive list, but rather a small sampling of the possibilities that will be available to everyone under the One Law.

Deterring Crime and Removing Benefits of Doing Harm

As mentioned earlier, some crimes are committed because an individual or corporation can gain some benefit through the crime.  This is often true for financial crimes where vast sums of money are stolen or swindled via market manipulations.  Then the perpetrators pay a small “settlement” fine and can continue business as usual.  True upholding of the One Law would put an end to that, and discourage all forms of financial harm via putting the perpetrators in jail for a very long time. In this way, the simplicity of the One Law cuts through the obfuscation of the current admiralty law system, which is actually designed to allow wide-scale piracy to occur.

When it comes to rapists, new measures must be implemented in order to protect society from the sickness of rape and child-molestation.  Rapists need to be viewed as individuals with a permanent defect that can NOT be rehabilitated, at least not with current methodologies.  Pedophiles are attracted to children, and this is a serious defect, but if they can refrain from harming children, they can be part of society.  Once they cross the line to molesting or raping children, they must be swiftly and permanently removed from society.

Yes, permanently.

It is a fact that rapists and child molesters reoffend at an extremely high rate, so for the protection of society and especially our children, all rapists must be imprisoned for life.  Once rape is seen to be equal to murder, with life in prison being the penalty, there will be a “chilling effect” on would-be rapists, greatly reducing the number of those will attempt this type of harm.

The punishment for murder will also be life in prison, unless it is self-defense.  Self-defense will not be punishable in any way, even if the force may seem excessive to someone who wasn’t present when the incident occurred. For example, if a person shoots a “home invader” who dies, they need to be given counseling to deal with the trauma, not be made to feel like a criminal for defending their family.

Similarly, using all levels of necessary force to defend against rape should be viewed as not only acceptable, but encouraged. When rapists start getting pepper sprayed, tasered or shot by their intended victims, the rates of attempted rape will decline dramatically, thus reducing the number of rapists that must be imprisoned for life.

If these ideas seem too extreme to you, I would submit that they are actually very reasonable given the amount of damage that rapists and child-molesters inflict on society.  For example, take this quote from a recent article:

In 2007, Delmar Johnny, a Cowichan friend on Vancouver Island, told me,

“Before the whites arrived, our people used to kill anyone in the village who harmed a child. Just like that. No second chance. Because we knew that if our children were damaged and broken, our people had no future…”

By that standard, life in prison is quite gentle, in my opinion.

Role of Government Is Nearly Eliminated

In a free society that follows the One Law, government will no longer have power over people’s lives, will not be able to tax people’s earnings, will not be able to war on other governments, and will become purely administrative.  In a One Law society, government is simply not necessary for more than a few basic things such as: Enforcing the One Law, managing prisons (prisons must NOT be for-profit slave-mills like they are today), and maintaining infrastructure.

Upholding the One Law will be seen as the only role where a body of people has authority over others.  However, this authority will be strictly limited to those who have harmed others, and not to anyone else. Police and military will truly become “defenders of peace” by actively arresting and maintaining imprisonment of those too dangerous to be allowed to remain in society.  They will not be wasting time issuing speeding tickets or harassing teenagers for consuming drugs or alcohol.

Libertarianism by Any Other Name

Those familiar with various branches of libertarianism will recognize most of what was written today to be very similar to some versions of libertarianism.  The main difference is the idea that the One Law be a guiding principle for society, and be very strictly enforced through a citizen-based body of law enforcers. To a libertarian “anarcho-capatilast,” even this much “government” is abhorrent, and they would prefer that all law enforcement be left up to private corporations.

My view is that corporations are one of the major problems on this planet, and that they need to be reduced in power, not given more of it.  Basing our society on the One Law, as outlined in this article, and holding corporations to the law will be a major boon to every human on the planet, freeing us from the current corporate wage-slavery that is currently perpetuated. Even so, there will still be damaged humans who will seek to harm others, so we must have a mechanism in place that holds every single person to the simple standards of the One Law and protects society from criminals, even the super-wealthy criminals who currently stand above the law in the Old World Disorder.

Emerging Technologies will Enhance Freedom & Quality of Life

Fully implementing the One Law will also result in previously suppressed technologies being developed and sold world-wide.  At the very tip of the iceberg we have super-efficient motors, engines that run on water, super-efficient solar panels, super-efficient batteries, electric cars that use those batteries, nano-technology and 3D printers that allow people to manufacturer many of their needed goods right at home. Just these few proven but underdeveloped technologies will radically shift the nature of our society once they are widely implemented and available.  This is one reason they have been suppressed by governments and malignant corporations that place more value on money than human life.

We need to put the well-being of humans above corporate profits, forge a non-violent, non-coercive society, live in balance with nature, live by one simple law and rapidly develop new technologies to truly bring ourselves into a new era of human prosperity.  We already have the technological means and resources to raise the standard of living of every human in the world to an extremely high status, and this is a worthy goal to pursue.

The One Law is one piece of the picture of how an open-source, peaceful, free society can be designed.  There are other ideas with equal merit, but all of our ideas so far are only theory.  It’s time to test our theories, and I can guarantee that if the One Law is implemented and tested, it will yield profound results within 5 years, especially if the power of human technology and ingenuity is also fully unleashed.

Much Love,
Cameron Day

p.s.  I could go on for pages and pages about things like currencies, banking, commerce, truly free markets, technology, etc. but I am not drafting a charter for a new civilization.  My intent here is to spark a conversation and plant a seed in your mind so that you can grow it into a tree and share the fruits of your thoughts about true freedom with others.


True Civilization Only Needs One Law: Do No Harm

True Civilization Only Needs One Law

In order for all Earth Humans to be free from the violence of the old world disorder, a radical shift in values must occur.

For all Humans to be free to achieve their highest creative self-expression, whatever that may be, we must follow the One Law that a truly civilized society needs:

Do No Harm

Under the One Law, everyone is free to express their unique individuality, as long as they do not inflict harm on another Human.

Anyone who can’t abide by this one simple law must be isolated from free Human society to ensure the protection and safety of every single Human on Earth.

One Law:  Do No Harm

Do not rob, harm, enslave, rape, torture or kill another human

Do not steal another’s possessions

Do not physically harm anyone in any way

Do not enslave others in any way, shape or form

Do not rape anyone in any definition of the word

Do not torture anyone mentally, physically or in any other way

Do not kill another Human, unless in self-defense against someone attempting to harm you or a loved one under threat of violence.

To All Law Enforcers:

We ask you to stop enforcing the numerous unjust laws of the state and switch to upholding only the One Law: Do no harm, while being the front line defenders between pacifistic Humans and the psychopaths that plague our disordered governmental structures and society.

Damaged humans who commit the first and second levels of harm can often be rehabilitated.

Those committing the third through sixth levels of harm need to be imprisoned, and prisons should only contain those who have harmed others.

All prisoners who have not harmed another person must be quickly released, and that space filled with the suit-and-tie wearing criminals of the world who have worked to block human evolution so they could maintain their power and wealth.

Focus on government officials, bankers, corporate executives, lawyers and billionaires. These people must not remain above the law.

Follow the evidence while also purging the criminals within your own organizations.

Once the real criminals of the world are in prison, the One Law will be easier to uphold.

To All Military

We call upon you to disobey your orders to harm your fellow Human beings.

You are not actually fighting for freedom in the Middle East.

Drone operators: You are not fighting for freedom by killing “possible terrorists” and their families.

Your true fight for freedom is in your home country, so please come home to help local law enforcement uphold the One Law.

The Old World Disorder is Fed by Violence

The old world disorder can only exist by convincing humans to commit violence upon one another.

We don’t need to ban weapons, we need to ban violence.

The One Law does this most effectively while allowing for every Human’s right to self-defense against those who desire to harm them.

In order to forge a truly civilized society, we must leave behind the old world disorder’s system of governance.

Humans will only be free when we take responsibility for self-governance instead of abdicating our power to governmental authorities.

There is no need for lawmakers when every single Human, regardless of social or financial status is held to the standard of the One Law.

The Next Step Is Up To You

We call upon every human being on Earth to cease any activity, job, career, military endeavor, etc that causes harm to another Human, even indirectly.

We ask all Humans working for corporations that have harmed others through pollution, theft, market manipulation, technological suppression, etc to leave those jobs and reinvent themselves.

We ask everyone to avoid corporations that harm their employees, customers, or the environment, and instead use a small business or co-op to buy your goods whenever possible.

Living the One Law will eventually be easy and fulfilling, but transitioning our lives will take time and effort.

The most important factor in the One Law being accepted is for you to share this idea with others, so please spread this message far and wide.

Much Love,
Cameron Day

p.s. Is this the shortest blog post I have ever written? Probably.  :-)  I will write more about the One Law, and my other usual topics soon.